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Investment management sap overview course congrong investment management co ltd

Investment management sap overview course

Select your partner determination procedure and click on Partner roles in schema. Enter roles 1, 2 and 3. Set the Mandatory and Unique indicators for all partner functions. A project should result from this appropriation request later. Enter a key 1, see above for the meaning of the pound symbol. Enter partner functions 1 and 2 as Mail recipients applicant and person responsible for the approval workflow.

Use the standard tab layout, SAP, as a reference. Confirm the message that appears. Change one of the tab page titles. Now select one of the tab pages and choose Position of groups on the tab page. Check your entries. Return to the IMG display. Now you have to enter your tab layout in your appropriation request type. Create a new number range interval. Select your appropriation request type Choose element.

Also select your number range group in the same way. Choose the Influencing function. Select the Appropriation request type influencing field by double clicking on it. Enter your appropriation request type in the Contents field. Set the Required indicator for the modifiable Position ID field.

It should contain three statuses: not checked, interim check, and final check. Goto the detail screen for your status selection profile by double clicking. Choose Specify Status Authorizations. Choose Edit New entries. Request Type. Assign your status profile to appropriation request type 1. Add approval level 1 with approver 3. Enter the following data: Prog. If the system requests you to enter a controlling area, enter Enter the description "New Administration building" and other master data for your appropriation request.

Enter the following partners: Description Partner Applicant Group to your left Person responsible Group to your right Approver Your own user ACXX On the Control data tab page, you see that the assignment to investment program position field is a required field as you set up. Enter the variant number 1.

As description enter "New Administration Building. Enter the following plan values on the Plan values tab page: Investment costs Overhead Revenue Overall 1. Make a note of your appropriation request number. Enter your appropriation request. Choose the Control data tab page. In the Status group box, set the status to For approval.

Execute the workflow task that is displayed and approve your appropriation request by choosing the pushbutton for that purpose. Go to Customizing for appropriation requests. The pound symbol stands for one of the following characters: Enter the following data: Funct.

Select your new tab layout ZXX and choose Tab page titles. Change one of the names. Using New entries, enter the key TXX and a description for your authorization key. Budgeting Invoices Planning Int. Construction: Asset hist. Instead they are represented in the system using special internal orders or WBS elements of a project and an accompanying asset under construction. Measures can be used for projects that primarily involve costs, such as research and development projects.

However, measures are most commonly used for processing capital investments that are not capitalized directly, due to their extensive proportions or the large percentage of in-house production involved. In that case, they are called investment measures and have an asset under construction in the background.

Investment measures become relevant to asset accounting at period-end or at fiscal year closing. Therefore they have extra functions, in addition to the master data and values that are important for management accounting on the order or project. These functions include: Data of an asset under construction for correct representation in the balance sheet of those parts of the investment that will be capitalized Depreciation terms for special depreciation and investment support calculations during the under- construction phase You should be aware that you can assign measures to an investment program even if they do not have an investment profile or an asset under construction.

The asset under construction that belongs to the investment measure cannot be posted directly exception: investment support. The split of those costs requiring capitalization from costs not requiring capitalization takes place during the periodic settlement. The periodic settlement credits the order or WBS element and moves the amounts that require capitalization from costs expense to the balance sheet fixed assets or assets under construction. The amounts requiring capitalization are thereby shown in management accounting only temporarily as primary costs, until the period-end closing takes place.

Costs that do not require capitalization can be settled to CO receivers such as cost centers. Asset 1 Asset u. The system carries this out automatically for the most part, using settlement rules you have entered. There are two ways of settling investment measures: Periodic settlement at the close of the period Full settlement or partial capitalization of the investment measure at its completion During periodic settlement, the system automatically settles all debits to the asset under construction that belongs to the measure unless you entered a settlement rule that settles differently.

You do not have to create separate settlement rules for this process. Often the allocation price for internal activity and the price of stock from the warehouse also include overhead. Usually tax regulations or other legal restrictions forbid capitalizing these overhead costs. To meet this need, you can specify that amounts from certain cost elements or cost element groups are capitalized only in certain depreciation areas of the asset under construction.

The system separates out costs that are not capitalized valuation differences between depreciation areas and treats them as nonoperating expense. Full settlement takes place when the investment measure is completed. During full settlement, the system automatically settles the amounts on the asset under construction to completed fixed assets. By assigning an investment profile to a WBS element, or actually to its project profile, you identify the WBS element as an investment measure.

The following can be specified in the investment profile: Automatic creation of an asset under construction when the order or WBS element is released Asset class to be used when the asset under construction is created Asset class that supplies the depreciation terms for the depreciation simulation If the default asset class can be changed when you create the order or WBS element Asset under construction per source structure and source assignment - This function is not relevant unless you want to have an asset under construction for each source assignment in the source structure, rather than just one asset under construction overall.

If you do choose this method, the system debits a separate asset under construction for each cost element that belongs to the source assignment. This can occur when an investment measure is created, and the system could not automatically supply all the necessary default values from the asset class for the required entry fields of the asset under construction.

Activate the event-linkage for the standard tasks. Another option for processing incomplete assets is to use the special report for this purpose in Asset Accounting FI-AA. Using availability control, you can prevent budget overruns before they occur. In order to use active availability control, you have to specify the following in the budget profiles of the WBS elements: Activation type for the availability control automatic or in background using usage Availability control of overall or annual values Availability control of total distributed budget or released budget In addition, you have to set the tolerance limits for the availability control for each budget profile.

In the tolerance limits, you specify the action that the system should take when availability is exceeded. For example, the system could issue a warning or an error message. You make the actions dependent on the degree to which the budget has been used. Investment Purch. However, you may want management accounting information at the same time. Therefore, it is possible to post asset transactions directly to assets, while the system automatically posts these transactions as statistics to an internal order or a WBS element.

The conditions below are necessary for automatic statistical updating of orders or WBS elements: The CO object order or WBS element has to be entered in the asset master record as investment account assignment not as a maintenance order or cost order in the time-dependent data. The indicator for statistical updating of the order or WBS element has to be set in the definition of the transaction types used for asset transactions indicator: relevant to budget. This indicator is already set appropriately in the standard transaction types.

The asset control accounts for the APC of the assets have to be entered in the CO component as cost elements cost element type There is a special report to assist you here. The same applies for the Investment account assignments field group in the screen layout rule of the asset class. Electro, Ltd. As a result, the system can provide an exact proof of origin for each line item from the completed fixed asset back to the original debit on on the investment measure.

When you choose line item management for an investment measure, you can enter a blanket settlement rule in addition to the line item settlement rules. The system then uses this blanket settlement rule for all line items, to which you have not assigned their own separate settlement rule.

Using this method, you can make use of blanket settlement, and at the same time settle individual line items using a specific settlement rule. However, summary settlement can only provide proof of origin according to cost elements. Cost elem. Type Cost elem. External procurement CTR Sec. When you use settlement by cost element, you settle under the source cost element. A settlement structure consists of one or more settlement assignments. A settlement assignment specifies which costs source: cost element group of debit cost elements should be settled under which settlement cost element to which receiver category for example, cost center, order, and so on.

You have two alternatives in the settlement assignment: You assign a settlement cost element to the debit cost element groups. This is required especially for secondary cost elements, since they can only be settled to fixed assets with a primary cost element. This method is particularly useful when you wish to carefully monitor the required investments for an in-house produced asset. At the end of the period, or when the asset is complete, these costs are settled by cost element to a balance sheet account in Asset Accounting.

The balance on the cost element is thereby zero after settlement takes place. A source structure contains a number of source assignments. A source assignment groups together the debit cost element groups or cost element intervals that should be settled using the same distribution rules. In the settlement rule of the sender, you can define a distribution rule for each source assignment. You just have to enter the distribution and the receiver of the costs.

Example: Both direct costs and overhead were charged to a measure. You create a source structure with two source assignments: One for the cost elements for direct costs 01 and one for the overhead cost elements For the direct costs, you do not have to create a settlement rule, since settlement to the asset under construction is automatic. Asset u. Capitalization vers. Of dep. FI-AA Capitaliz. In the capitalization key you can specify that certain cost elements are not capitalized, or are only partially capitalized, in certain depreciation areas of the asset under construction.

The system clears the costs that are not capitalized as nonoperating expense. The acquisition and production costs requiring capitalization are debited to the asset under construciton. You define the capitalization percentage rates of your capitalization key in capitalization versions. The number of capitalization versions is not limited.

You can assign a separate capitalization version to each depreciation area in the chart of depreciation you are using in Asset Accounting. The system uses the capitalization version assigned to the given depreciation area when it determines the percentage amount to be capitalized.

In this way, you can capitalize differing amounts in each depreciation area. These parameters, along with the settlement rules entered in the given measure, control the entire settlement process for the investment measure. You define these parameters in Customizing, and assign them to the investment measure by means of the order type or model order, or the project profile used for the measure. It is also possible to change these parameters directly in the master record of the investment measure.

The settlement profile contains the most important control indicators for settlement. Of particular importance, you can specify the allowed receiver types for the settlment there. In addition, the settlement profile contains the default values for the allocation structure and for the source structure. In the investment profile, you specify if you want line item settlement or summary settlement.

At the same time, you can specify in the investment profile that the system create an asset under construction for each source assignment in the source structure, rather than just a single asset under construction. The capitalization version is only significant in this context if you have different capitalization rules for different depreciation areas in Asset Accounting for example, for book depreciation, group depreciation and cost-accounting depreciation.

This interest then has to be either wholly or partially capitalized. Therefore, the system enables you to calculate interest and capitalize it on the asset under construction automatically. However, you can only calculate interest on investment measures that are managed as projects, not orders. You specify the conditions for calculating interest in each interest indicator.

For the interest indicator, you can also enter general conditions such as calendar type and a reference interest rate. It may sometimes be necessary to calculate different kinds of interest with different conditions in parallel on one project.

For this purpose, you can use an interest profile, in which you specify the different interest indicators to be used. The key of this interest profile is entered in the WBS element, with a default value proposed from the project definition or the project profile. You also have to specify the cost elements that are relevant for interest calculation. To this end, you can group cost elements together into value categories. Then assign the value category to an interest profile to designate that it is relevant for interest calculation.

Network Processing You only need to enter the selection criteria once, and then you can use the selection variant each time you start the collective processing. In the IM component, you can settle investment measures with the help of selection variants. A selection variant consists of values for the selection, and of attributes of the selection values.

You can assign the following field attributes for the selection values: Protected The value you have defined for this field cannot be overwritten in the application. Invisible The field is suppressed in the display of the selection variant. Variable Using this indicator, you can define a variable for a field. For example, the variable could be a selection rule you defined. At runtime, the system enters this values in the field. For internal orders, you find part of the system settings in the order type, the rest in the model order, which is also assigned to an order type.

You cannot calculate interest for orders they do not have an interest profile. When deciding whether to manage your investments as internal orders or projects, keep in mind the following: Only projects can offer a hierarchical structure of the objects carrying costs.

Orders are always one-dimensional, meaning, for example, that is not possible to distribute budget amounts from the top down to a number of orders. Integration with networks and with logistics functions is only possible for projects. Therefore, capacity and resource planning, for example, are not possible on internal orders. The central control parameter for maintenance orders is the order type not model orders.

For blanket cost planning, you need cost estimate versions. Detailed cost planning is made on the basis of maintenance task lists. This further processing takes place in the form of investment projects. At the same time, you want to include these investments in your investment planning and budgeting. Periodic settlement of investment measures, and final settlement at completion, should both take place automatically, as for as possible.

First make the necessary settings in Customizing, and then create an appropriate investment measure in the system. You create the project from within the appropriation request. Then settle your investment measure. Follow these steps in Customizing: First you define an asset class for assets under construction that are created automatically. Use the existing asset class as a reference.

Goto Customizing for projects as investment measures. Enter the key T0XX. In the Status of AuC group box, set the status of the asset under construction to Investment measure. Enter TXX as the key for your project profile. Remove capitalization key in the Results analysis key field on the Controlling tab page. Return to Customizing for investment projects.

Choose Define Investment Profile. Choose the New entries function and create investment profile TXX. In the same Customizing path, now assign your investment profile to your project profile TXX. Enter TXX as the key for your budget profile.

Choose Enter, adopting all other values. In the same Customizing path, assign your budget profile to your project profile. Go to Customizing for investment projects. Find out about the settlement cost elements in the allocation structure. Enter the number of your appropriation request.

Choose the Create WBS element function. Release your appropriation request. Distribute the budget to your project. Distribute the overall value and the annual values completely to the WBS element. Then release your WBS element. Post the document save. Enter your project. Create the completed asset, to which settlement will take place. Check to see if the newly created asset is entered as a receiver of overhead.

Go Return to the settlement rule. In the detail screen for your appropriation request type, enter your project profile TXX under the heading Allowed measures. Choose Choose Define Budget Profile. Select budget profile and choose Enter, adopting all other values. On the Control data tab page, release your appropriation request. Choose Execute. Release your WBS element. Confirm all messages that appear. Choose Back and save.

Then choose the Control Data tab page. Requests App. When defining drilldowns, you can use characteristics, key figures and forms. The drilldown outputs interactive lists, available at various different levels, that you can display onscreen. These reports can also be printed, transferred to Excel, or stored in a file.

The basis for all drilldown reports for investment programs is a Dictionary structure that defines the characteristics such as program positions, measures and key figures such as distributable overall values that are allowed. Using this Dictionary structure as a foundation, you can define your own specific drilldowns. When you define your own drilldowns, it is recommended that you use a similar standard drilldown as a reference.

At the minimum, you should copy the form belonging to a standard drilldown, and use this form as the basis for structuring your own drilldown. Drilldown definitions are client-specific. There is a special function provided in the Implementation Guide for investment programs under Information System for transporting drilldown reports between clients and between systems.

Note: For more detailed information, see the SAP library documentation on drilldowns. Level 1 includes the basic drilldown functions, as well as the link to SAP Mail. This level is for those users who do not need the full functions of drilldowns. Level 2 includes the remaining drilldown functions, the link to MS Excel, graphic functions and PC download.

All functions includes, in addition to the above, the functions for print formatting, saving reports, and defining exceptions. This level is for users who maintain drilldown reports and set up print formatting in addition to requiring the full drilldown functions. Each function level is subject to an authorization check. Budget xxx,xxx,xxx Column: Spec. The basic screen for the form corresponds to the detail screen of the later list output.

For each row and column of the form, you have to specify the key figure that should be output double click. You have to narrow down the key figure by entering characteristics and their characteristic values. In IM drilldowns you always need the value type charactericstic for further specifying the key figures. There you specify the rows and columns of the detail list that you want to display as columns in the drilldown list.

Do not change the standard forms. Instead, copy and modify a standard form in order to create your own drilldown. From this list, you can use navigation functions on each row to reach a detail list for that row. When you define new drilldowns, the system diplays the detail list in the initial screen as a default. In the drilldown list, you have an overview of the selected objects for example, program positions.

In the columns of the object rows, you are offered a selection of the key figures for the form for example, overall value. You select the drilldown characteristics that is, the characteristics whose characteristic values you want to use to navigate in the report when you define the report.

When there are several drilldown characteristics such as various organizational units the system first displays the drilldown characteristic with the highest sort number. From there you can analyze additional drilldown characteristics. In the detail list, you see the columns defined in the form. The detail list shows the selected key figures such as overall value for a given characteristic value for example, the characteristic value type with the characteristic value plan values.

Reason for Inv. Most standard drilldowns in Investment Management use only the object characteristic. As a result of using this characteristic, the entire program hierarchy including its measures is displayed in the drilldown list. If you enter several drilldown characteristics for example, three , the system selects a data cube. You can specify the sort sequence of the drilldown characteristics in the drilldown definition. You can navigate using these characteristics in the report display.

Budget xxx,xxx,xxx Meas. As the second step, you enter default values for global variables that you want to use in the form. All of the necessary variables for investment programs are predefined in the standard system for example, fiscal year. Using this method, you have the option of defining drilldowns that display annual values, without having to change the definition of their form each year. As the last step, you specify the drilldown characteristics of the drilldown.

These tasks are: calling drilldowns for investment programs, the fiscal year change for investment programs and the rollup of plan values from investment measures. When you enter a status selection profile, the system only carries out the task on investment measures that have the status specified. You can define any number of status selection profiles in Customizing.

In a status selection profile, you can include both system statuses as well as user statuses. Using Boolean logic, you can link together status settings that are defined in a status selection profile. You can also set a 'state' for the status. The system then selects according to this state. If you set the active state, the system searches only for objects in which the status entered is active at that moment. If you set inactive, the system searches only for objects in which the status entered is inactive at that moment.

If you set never active, the system searches only for objects in which the status entered was never active. There are the drilldown reports for the normal database of one system or client. Along with these, there are also drilldown reports that access a summarization database. The summarization database makes it possible for you to update and report on a summarized dataset for an investment program and its dependent appropriation requests and measures.

You specify in Customizing which characteristics should not be summarized. The summarization has the following advantages: The drilldown reports that access the summarized dataset have better performance than unsummarized reports. Data from multiple local systems can be imported into the summarization database.

You can manage different versions of the summarization database. You can thereby manage "snapshots" of the investment data of your enterprise. Using versions, you can create a sequence showing the data on the investments in your enterprise over time even if the objects to be reported on have already been deleted from the system. Using summarization databases within one client increases reporting performance and makes it possible to store "snapshots" of your data using summarization versions.

Then you can import the data to the central system and summarize it there import from file. In this case, there is a data retrieval program you can use to select data from the relevant projects. You can either assign the project directly, or by means of an appropriation request.

There are interfaces for updating data that comes from external, non-SAP systems. Detail Disp. Position Scales App. You can define any number of summarization versions in Customizing. When you start a drilldown report that evaluates data in a summarization database, you identify the summarization database by entering the summarization version.

The system achieves the summarization by summarizing using specific characteristics, rather than storing all characteristics and all characteristic values of the investment program. You specify in Customizing which characteristics the system should summarize in the summarization database, and which should be left unsummarized.

For example, if you want to create reports using the summarization database that only have to do with organizational units, you do not have to store investment data at the object level. Instead, you summarize using the characteristics "investment program position," "appropriation request," and "measure. Using this method, you can exclude measures and appropriation requests that have an insignificant value from summarization reporting.

At the same time you benefit from a detail display of more important measures and appropriation requests. You discover that down payments made are not shown in the list display for Budget Availability in Program. Therefore, you want to modify the standard drilldown accordingly. In addition, you are concerned that performance problems could arise during frequent calls of drilldowns, due to the large operative data volume in your enterprise.

Therefore, you wish to use a summarization database. Start the report using your investment program. Open a new session, and go to Customizing for investment programs. Enter TXX as the new name for the form. When you choose Enter, your copy is saved. In the first dialog box, select Place the cursor on the header row directly before the last column. Choose Characteristics, in the second dialog box Value type, and then value type 12 for down payment. Choose Save selections. Choose Enter and save.

Enter TXX as the report name. Enter a description and your form T- XX, and choose Create. In the transaction for creating the drilldown report, choose the Characteristics tab page. Select the Object and Person responsible characteristics found in characteristics list. Then adopt these characteristics by choosing the arrow pointing left.

On the Output type tab page, set the Classic drilldown indicator and the Basic List: D-down indicator. Enter key TXX and a short description and save. Here you can decide which characteristics should be considered during summarization: Deselect the Appropriation request and Measure fields.

Enter your investment program, your approval year and your summarization version. Start the report. The system now replicates the current hierarchy in the summarization database. Enter your investment program and your approval year.

Select the entities that you want to replicate in the summarization database all entities except measures and appropriation requests. Now summarize the values. Select all plan value types for the summarization overall values and annual values. Enter a fiscal year up to which you wish to report. Enter your investment program, From the SAP Easy Access menu for investment programs choose Periodic your approval year and your summarization version.

In the initial screen of the drilldown, enter your summarization version. Enter your form and choose Create. Start a drilldown, entering your summarization version. Read IMG documentation. Read release notes. Related Papers. By Wisney Rodrigues. By Bharat Tippanawar. Verifying the inheritance of organizational units in an investment program. Maintaining plan values for an appropriate request and rolling up plan values from appropriate requests.

It also defines the important Master Data for Investment process. Planning possibilities for the investment measures are also explained for the students and others involved in the tutorial. Lesson 6 Budgeting and Budget Distribution This unit involves important and interesting topics of study which includes Plan and Budget values.

It explains the procedure for copying the plan values of investment program into program budget. Distribution of program budget to the investment measures is also explained in following lessons. Lesson 7 Realizing the Investment Measure The allotted funds to be posted in Investment measures forms the syllabus of this lesson.

Lesson 8 Settlement of Investment Measures In this lesson, the subject matter experts explain different options to settle investment measures. Lesson 9 Fiscal Year Change This part of the course describes the fiscal year change activities that are offered by the Investment Management application. Free Demos help you get an idea. Course fee is applicable for joining.

If you do not receive a message in 30 seconds use call me option to verify your number. List your Business. SMS Call. Live Online Inclass.


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AC Business Processes in Investment Management Online course and certification training offers rich view about how to work with the applications of Investment Management.

Investment management sap overview course Dow jones futures live forexpros economic calendar
1922 investment company llc IM is being predominantly used in maintenance and capital intensive industries for supporting the processes of Asset Lifecycle Management ALM ; along with successful applications in all other types of project lifecycles in various industry verticals and organizations. To reflect the organizational units in the German subsidiary, the investment program has nodes for the three departments: production, sales and marketing, and administration. Ecorptrainings is an interactive and innovative way of evangelizing us toward various courses. The amounts requiring capitalization are thereby shown in management accounting only temporarily as primary costs, until the period-end closing takes place. The person who holds this partner function is responsible for the approval at that level.
Investment management sap overview course Online InClass. Set the Required indicator for the modifiable Position ID field. You have a large degree of freedom in defining northwest commercial investments levels of the hierarchy with a maximum of 99 hierarchy levels. Another option for processing incomplete assets is to use the special report for this purpose in Asset Accounting FI-AA. Your Email required. In the investment profile, you specify if you want line item settlement or summary settlement.
Forex blog price action logical method Using this method, you have the option of defining drilldowns that display annual values, without having to change the definition of their form each year. They are dependent on the logon language. Get Responses. Now summarize the values. You can create any number of appropriation request variants for a given appropriation request. They can also represent projects that involve primarily expenses. The system represents the program structure in the form of a horizontal hierarchy structure in the master data maintenance transaction.
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Here is how it looks. The selection screen is straight forward. The documentation button just takes you to OSS note The report output is equally obvious. Another change that was released was the ability to automatically re-budget as the costs posted to the project exceed the budget. Lastly, while Fiori is being rapidly rolled out for fixed assets and project systems, there are currently no Fiori apps for IM. Skip to content. I love the Investment Management IM module.

Each specific certification comes with its own set of preparation tactics. We define them as "Topic Areas" and they can be found on each exam description. You can find the number of questions, the duration of the exam, what areas you will be tested on, and recommended course work and content you can reference. Certification exams might contain unscored items that are being tested for upcoming releases of the exam.

These unscored items are randomly distributed across the certification topics and are not counted towards the final score. The total number of items of an examination as advertised in the Training Shop is never exceeded when unscored items are used.

Please be aware that the professional- level certification also requires several years of practical on-the-job experience and addresses real-life scenarios. An increasing number of customers and partners are now looking towards certification as a reliable benchmark to safeguard their investments. Unfortunately, the increased demand for certification has brought with it a growing number of people who to try and attain SAP certification through unfair means.

This ongoing issue has prompted SAP Education to place a new focus on test security. Please take a look at our post to understand what you can do to help to protect the credibility of your certification status. Our Certification Test Security Guidelines will help you as test taker to understand the testing experience.

We are still open for business, with all of our physical courses available as virtual training. This certification exam is recommended as an entry level qualification. Notes To ensure success, SAP recommends combining education courses and hands-on experience to prepare for your certification exam as questions will test your ability to apply the knowledge you have gained in training.

You are not allowed to use any reference materials during the certification test no access to online documentation or to any SAP system.

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Describe and implement the process of internal and external refurbishment of spare parts. Describe and implement the process of breakdown maintenance using traditional and FIORI-based applications. Describe the different approaches to maintenance processing in conjunction with use of different user interfaces.

With CER — SAP Certification in the Cloud, you can take up to six exams attempts of your choice in one year — from wherever and whenever it suits you! Test dates can be chosen and booked individually. Each specific certification comes with its own set of preparation tactics.

We define them as "Topic Areas" and they can be found on each exam description. You can find the number of questions, the duration of the exam, what areas you will be tested on, and recommended course work and content you can reference.

Certification exams might contain unscored items that are being tested for upcoming releases of the exam. These unscored items are randomly distributed across the certification topics and are not counted towards the final score. The total number of items of an examination as advertised in the Training Shop is never exceeded when unscored items are used.

Please be aware that the professional- level certification also requires several years of practical on-the-job experience and addresses real-life scenarios. An increasing number of customers and partners are now looking towards certification as a reliable benchmark to safeguard their investments. Unfortunately, the increased demand for certification has brought with it a growing number of people who to try and attain SAP certification through unfair means.

This ongoing issue has prompted SAP Education to place a new focus on test security. Please take a look at our post to understand what you can do to help to protect the credibility of your certification status.

Instructor-led SAP training Browse our Web shop to discover the instructor-led courses available online or near you, search course codes, or get guidance on a specific training path. Learn more about training courses. Table Feature Comparison. Jump-start your learning Learning Journeys are interactive visual guides designed to help you navigate your learning path.

Browse all Learning Journeys. Take advantage of free training from openSAP. Browse podcasts. Microlearning With microlearning on openSAP, you can learn with self-contained, bite-sized content to get a flavor of a topic or simply to complement your existing knowledge. Current Courses.

Upcoming Courses. Visit openSAP. Find virtual and on-site instructor-led training by SAP. Find the format that fits your learning needs — and style SAP courses are delivered by expert instructors in traditional classrooms, SAP Live Class virtual training, or self-paced courses available anytime, anywhere.

Learn more about available training methods Browse the training course schedule. Get certifications designed for the digital world Validate your SAP expertise and experience and meet requirements for several roles and responsibilities with SAP Global Certification.

Read the information sheet. Read the infographic. Find answers to all your certification questions Navigate your path to SAP Global Certification with confidence and ease by finding answers to the most frequently asked questions. Read the FAQ. Subscribe now. Related Programs.

Get in touch! Call us at. Call me now. Instructor-led traditional classroom Virtual Customer-specific onsite training optional. Online access to interactive enablement Exam delivery at facilities worldwide and online with remote proctoring.


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SAP PPM: Leverage your SAP investment / Integration with SAP PS and HR

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Investment Management (IM) Investment Management (Overview). Purpose. The Investment Management (IM) component provides functions to support the planning, investment, and financing processes for: Capital Training & Certification. Overview of key concepts in SAP Intelligent Asset Management (IAM). IAM Product Portfolio; SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Leonardo IoT; Integration with SAP. SAP IM training tutorial for beginners and professional learners, learn how to configure SAP Investment Management module step by step with scenarios.