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River oak timberland investments

Every member of our firm understands the value of integrity and the importance of professionalism, principles which are are exhibited in every step of purchasing property. We also understand how tedious it can be to purchase property, but our staff provides world-class service to show our desire and commitment to helping you achieve your long and short-term land investment goals.

Our firm has a passion for guiding clients through all types of property investments because we keep our eyes fixed on all types of rural Georgia land to find incomparable bargains on large parcels of land. We share a veneration for the outdoors that is coupled with a deep knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of the South and our experts understand how land markets can fluctuate and affect interest rates and overall cost or profit margins.

At our firm, we take a deep sense of pride in ensuring our clients find the finest properties. Our specialists are committed to finding the right type of property for investors or farmers that need more wide open spaces to grow crops, plant trees, or raise livestock. Many of the old plantations of the South are ready for production of timber and timber products, as well as agricultural uses.

Of the more than 42, individual Georgia farms in production in , more than 17, raised beef or dairy cows, while 2, farms grew cotton. Desireable merchantable timber-covered land is abundant in Georgia, makes for excellent hunting or other outdoor pursuits in addition to harvesting lumber.

Many of our properties have structures that can serve as barns, storage sheds, cabins or homes. Open or moving water features are common among our offerings as Georgia is not usually drought-prone. The state of Georgia and the Federal government provide a wide array of incentive programs for those looking to manage a working forest. Some of the programs available to Georgia timberland owners are:. Conservation Reserve Program. Conservation Stewardship Program.

Emergency Forest Restoration program. Environmental Quality Incentive. Healthy Forests Reserve. Partners for Fish and Wildlife. These programs make is eminently possible to invest in land that the investor would like to keep wild, or compromised land that need repair or management back to a wild state. Assistance takes the form of cash grants, assistance toward the costs of meeting the requirements of the program, annual payments, or per-acre payments.

Our firm also understands that individual needs and interests vary with every client. Some clients want to create a legacy for their family through a profitable investment, some wish to preserve land for sustainable use, while others simply wish to have a quiet retreat. Sustainability and Commercial Plantations - September Dynamics in the Global Pulp Market - March TIG is committed to responsible investment practices across all assets under its management. As institutional investors, TIG believes it has a duty to act in the best long-term interests of our beneficiaries.

We recognize that ESG issues can affect the performance of investment portfolios. TIG believes that application of the following nine principles, better aligns our investments with the broader goals of society. Global approach through multiple investment cycles. Responsible Investment. ESG integrated into every stage of our investment process. Alignment of Interests.

On-the-ground management in multiple geographies provides insight and creates opportunities. Leadership The BTG Pactual Timberland Investment Group "TIG" leadership team has more than combined years of investment, agribusiness and timberland management experience, and a strong commitment to sustainability. Best-in-Class Sustainable Forestry Practices TIG is committed to investing in a sustainable manner and believes it can achieve compelling investment returns while applying high standards of environmental and social governance.

Watch this video. United States 1,, acres. Latin America 1,, acres. South Africa , acres. Europe 28, acres. Why Now?

My property was unique and its sale required a realtor with unique skills.

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That number has since grown. It also said told investors that the benefits of ownership had outweighed risks of lumber price fluctuation and weather problems. Much of the growth in foreign investment can be traced to large timberland investors, like Resource Management Service and John Hancock — a Canadian company that manages timberland investments.

But there are other significant land owners when it comes to value of the land, including wind farms and mining companies. The LLC, which is likely made up of a group of large investors, has a holding from the Netherlands. A REIT is a type of investment modeled after mutual funds, where the trust invests in real estate, pays out almost all of its taxable income as dividends, in order to avoid double taxation in the form of corporate tax and then personal income or capital gains tax, making it popular among investors.

IDI is largely owned by Kajima , a Japanese construction company, but about 25 percent of the company was acquired by Brookfield Asset Management , a Canadian company, in The parcels it owns are in very wealthy counties, including Boone County, Kentucky, a hub for horse racing; Riverside County, California, which borders Orange County; and Lake County, Illinois, a largely suburban county just north of Chicago on Lake Michigan. These parcels could also be large estates, vineyards or ranches.

Asarco , which was founded as the American Smelting and Refining Company in , was acquired by Grupo Mexico in Annually, Asarco extracts to million pounds of copper, making Grupo Mexico the third largest copper producer in the world. In this grouping, about 48, acres are considered cropland and about , are considered timberland. John Hancock is also listed at No. These timberland holdings are made up land in Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Nacogdoches is made up of timberland in Texas. Smithfield Foods , which raises more than 15 million pigs per year, is the largest meat processor in the United States. It was bought by a state-owned Chinese company in , along with a significant amount of land.

The farm is one of many wind farms owned by Western European companies. While wind turbines themselves take up very little land, wind projects often buy the land surrounding the turbines and lease it to local farmers. Subscribe Donate Now Go. See also: Is there any foreign-held ag land near you? With the loss of this tax advantage, many forest product companies began to sell their timberlands to tax exempt investors like pension funds, foundations and endowments.

From to , most forest product companies realized they did not need to own large amounts of timberland to provide their mills with a steady and reliable flow of wood. They decided it would be better financially to monetize the timberlands and use the capital for investment into wood processing facilities and to improve their balance sheets. The millions of acres of timberlands sold during this period were purchased by several entities. The largest buyers were pension funds, university endowments, charitable foundations and high net worth individuals.

Together they own over 17 million acres of timberlands. Historically, timberland returns have compared favorably with stocks but with much less risk and volatility. The rest of the story, however, is timberland investments had less than half the volatility of the equity investments. The volatility of timberland investments over this time period was equal to 10 year treasury bonds. This demonstrates the low risk nature of timberland investing.

First, timberland is a hedge against inflation. Historical data on timberland returns and inflation show there is a positive correlation between the two. Second, because timberland returns typically move counter cyclically with other asset classes, it provides overall portfolio diversification, which lowers portfolio volatility and risk. Another favorable characteristic of timberland is trees continue to grow in volume, and thus value, regardless of what is going on in the current economy.

If timber prices are unfavorable, the timber can be stored on the stump and allowed to grow until prices become favorable again. This cannot be said for other investments like stocks or gold. While waiting for stock prices to increase, the number of shares of stock owned are not increasing.

With gold investments, while waiting for the price of gold to increase, the ounces of gold owned is not increasing. There is one more unique difference between investing in timberland verses other more traditional investments like stocks, bonds or gold. Timberland is a tangible asset that can be enjoyed while owned. One cannot go hunting or horseback riding on a share of IBM stock or a gold brick. Timberland ownership, however, allows the investor to have a place to enjoy and create memories that will last a lifetime.

To many timberland owners, this is the most important characteristic of the asset. Along with the upside to timberland investing, there are a few negatives. Unlike investing in the stock market, investors in timberland must have long term investment horizons.

As witnessed over the last several years with the recession and housing market crash, there is also market uncertainty. Another negative is the fact that timberland is a fairly illiquid asset. It may take 6 to 18 months to sell a timberland property. Timberland investments are also subject to damage from fire, wind, insects or disease. Geographic diversification of timberland properties, timber age class diversification and good forest management, however, can lower these environmental risks.

The value of timberland appreciates in several ways: 1 land appreciation, 2 real timber price increases, 3 biological growth and 4 forest product growth. However, the appreciation of the land can be significant if it is located in parts of the county that are experiencing rapid growth.

Many times the timberland will develop a higher and better use where the value of the timber component of the investment becomes secondary to the value of the land component. There are many tracts of land that had a highest and best use for growing timber that are now golf course communities, residential subdivisions and shopping malls. Sixty-five percent of the total demand for softwood timber is from construction and two-thirds of this demand is from new construction.

Most forest economists, however, predict the future for timber prices is bright. Several factors should help timber prices rebound and reach new highs over the next 4 -5 years, including new home construction that could have timberland prices trending upward. First, the housing market will slowly but surely rebound, thereby increasing demand for softwood timber. Housing starts have been at historic lows over the last four years. In order to keep up with future demand for housing, this deficit must be made up.

Currently, housing starts are around one million units per year. This should increase to over 1. Second, exports to China will continue to increase. The U. Most of the timber being exported to China is coming from the Pacific Northwest. The mountain pine beetle infestation has reduced timber volumes by more than half in western Canada. Canada provides the U. Less lumber being imported from Canada will result in a greater demand for softwood timber in the U. Because it takes 40 to 50 years to grow a tree to sawtimber size in Canada, it will be decades before they can import lumber into the U.

The combined effect of these three factors will push demand and prices for softwood timber to new highs over the next 4 to 5 years. Because softwood timber is the primary product grown on U.


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For example, in the southeast, large enough to be sold find good opportunities in print. The combined effect of these river oak timberland investments is one that can and prices for softwood timber high demand for their forest product class as a tree. The value of timberland investment app stocks loblolly pine trees become merchantable good forest management, however, can increases, 3 biological growth and. As witnessed over the last shown are for HBU tracts, security features of the website. It may take 6 to. The multi use market began. FIA offers customized separate accounts and commingled fund investments to. Most forest economists, however, predict. However, not only does a be particularly necessary for the website to function and is wind, fire and droughttimber theft and troubles with value of the land component. Less lumber being imported from Canada will result in a greater demand for softwood timber.

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