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Betting gods horse racing guru peyarchi

If you are facing a difficult law suit and you feel sincerely that you have bee wronged and need justice, you may feel the need for the. You could also write it on copper plates or Steel plates. The Bagalamukhi Yantra is a highly effective mantra to be prepared at a particular time when the maximum power is generated from the planet Mars. It is used as a means to attain victory over ones adversaries, especially during law suits.

This yantra also offers protection from scars, wounds and during operation and accidents. The photo of the Goddess is given. Wear it around your neck to get easy and quick relief from debts. Remember these are spells, which do not mean , you dont take any efforts on your own, they help you achieve your goal a little more easily than it actually is. This is a widely tested Yantra and can be used in shops, business establishments and offices, where the business is not up to the persons expectations.

This yantra should be carved or written on copper or gold plate. After the pooja, the yantra should be fixed at the place of the business. The following mantra should be recited for 45 days atleast times in a day to energize the yantra and boost the sales. Hindu Mantra Chanting. Bagalamukhi mantra, tantra and yantra. Comments SV Patel says. August 7, at PM. I am very fond of playing 21 card rummy. Will you give any advise for winning? September 20, at PM.

Manish says. October 22, at AM. March 8, at PM. It is proficient in business and the artistic Jobs but is also the lord of the place that is vacant. Mercury is not able to do anything by itself, it is useless and powerless when seated alone. It strengthens the planet with which it is seated. If a planet is unfavourably placed, then its evil effect will be enhanced.

If there is a favourable planet then its effects shall be enhanced. Mercury is very favourable if it is placed with Sun provided there is no other enemy planet seated with it or else the effect shall become unfavourable. Mercury is the lord of teeth, nerves and veins in a person's body. An ordinary remedy to please Mercury is to pierce a hole in a copper piece and drop it in flowing water.

House of Mercury The house shall be a wide one on all four sides, i. There will be trees around the house with broad leaves. Jupiter Jupiter is the largest planet; its diameter is roughly about 1. It is located approximately at the distance of 78 crore kilometers from the Sun.

Jupiter moves around the Sun approximately at a speed of 13 kilometer per second and completes its round in 12 years. It takes 10 hours to revolve on its axis. It has 14 satellites. According to mythology Jupiter is the son of saint Angira.

In Rig Veda he is depicted as having seven faces, beautiful tongue and carries a bow and arrow in one hand and holds golden animal in the other. He is very intelligent and eloquent. He has 12 rays and possesses a golden chariot which is drawn by 8 swift horses of red and white colour.

In hierchy he is placed above Mars; Saturn is placed below him. Jupiter is the symbol of knowledge and wisdom. It is the lord of a person's destiny and morality. It dispels ignorance in the heart. Characteristics Jupiter is tall, yellow complexioned and heavily built. It has surplus of flesh on body. Hair and eyes are brownish, chest broad and stomach large. A person under the influence of Jupiter will have a short forehead and a sharp, long nose. The voice shall be distinct and impressive.

He is predominantly affected by cough. He is virtuous, possesses good intellect and a distinguished thinking capability. He is neither very much attached to anyone nor does he remain absolutely aloof. But he is prepared to go to any extreme for his own conviction. In general, he is a careless person but enjoys royal comforts. He is a great scholar, well equipped in knowledge of warfare. If Jupiter is favourable then the natal becomes a proud person.

He tries to influence others even though he has hardly any knowledge about the concerned subject. Such people are responsible for scams in well placed institutions. Jupiter affects lungs, neck, nose and skin in the human body. It regulates knowledge about the job, patience, farsightedness, morality, pride, etc. Relation with zodiac and other planets Jupiter is the lord of the sign Aquarius and Pisces.

It holds an exalted position with Cancer and a debilitated position with Capricorn. A man is born with his destiny enclosed in his fist. Jupiter has the record of a person's previous life and treasures. It becomes the cause of birth and death.

It is the lord of the world as well as of heaven. It emanates itself in the moving air which moves around the man everywhere. It is the driving force behind the other planets. It urges Rahu and Ketu to act. Sun, Moon and Mars start giving favourable results when associated with Jupiter. But it is inimical to Mercury. Mercury has the power to turn the gold of Jupiter into dust.

Its simple remedy is to rub saffron on the navel or keep it on the tongue and eat it. If Jupiter is not suitable to a person, gold shall be lost or stolen. He may loose his reputation. It is advised to wear gold on body and immerse almond, oil and coconut in flowing water. House of Jupiter The house of the person under the influence of Jupiter shall be related to wind. The courtyard shall be situated in a corner, left, right or in the end. It can never be situated in centre.

The main entrance of the house shall be in northsouth. A Peepal tree or some religious building like temple, Venus The approximate diameter of Venus is 12, kilometers. It is situated roughly at a distance of 11 crore kilometers from the Sun. It moves around the Sun at an approximate speed of 35 kilometers per second and completes the round in days. According to the mythology it is a glowing planet which is visible in the morning and evening.

It is the son of Kavi and is commonly known as Shukracharya who is also famous as guru of demons. It is an expert in Yoga. The name of its wife was Shatprabha. In hierchy it is superior to Mercury and is supported by Brahma and controls life by providing rains. It is the planet which causes fear and fearlessness among people. In Puranas Venus is depicted in a female form, i. Venus is the most beautiful and sparkling planet.

Hence it is regarded as symbolic of beauty. Moon stands for motherhood while Venus stands for a different form of female, i. But for that very reason it falls into bondage. Characteristic A person under the influence of Venus is beautiful, has glowing and attractive personality. All the parts of the body are proportional. Venus has dark, curly hair and large and round eyes. The person is primarily affected by problems related to gastric trouble and cough.

Such a person is virtuous, happy, cheerful, soft spoken and lives a luxurious and. The person is always conscious of his looks and physical appearance. If Venus is unfavourable, he has a loose character and does not enjoy a good reputation in society. It controls songs, sperms and private parts of the body.

It regulates lust, love, marriage, passions, etc. Relation with zodiac and other planets Venus is the lord of the sign Taurus and Libra It holds an exalted position when placed in the house of Pisces. Virgo is its debilitated sign. Venus controls a person's family life. In a man's horoscope it reflect,, his wife while in a female's horoscope it is symbolic of the husband. If Venus is placed alone in a house, it never brings evil effect to anyone.

But if it is placed with Sun, and Saturn, it gives unfavourable effects. As a remedy a person would be advised to donate a cow or give it its feed. It is also advisable to donate oil. Saturn The diameter of Saturn is approximately 1. It is located at an approximate distance of 1. It moves roughly at a speed of 10 kilometers per second and completes its round in 30 years. Owing to the rings around it, Saturn is regarded as the most beautiful planet of the universe.

In size it stands next to Jupiter; it revolves around its axis In 9 hours only. It has 10 satellites. According to the mythological refere nces Saturn is the son of the Sun from his wife Chhaya. It became a planet according to his father's command but became cruel because of a curse from wife.

One day Saturn was busy in his religious meditation when its wife approached it in a lustful mood. Saturn continued meditating and remained unmindful of her. This enraged her and cursed that the person at whom it would cast eyes would be destroyed. Saturn is generally believed to be giving ill effects to people.

It is very dark complexioned, i. Hawk and male buffalo are supposed to be its vehicle. Lord Ganesha was under the unfavourable influence of Saturn when his head was chopped off. Saturn is appeased by offering black flowers to the idol of Saturn made of iron on Saturday, especially if it is in the fourth, eighth or twelfth house. Saturn is generally believed to be casting evil effects. Soon after his birth its effect on father Sun made it suffer from leprosy and his coachman sarathi Arun became handicapped.

If we look at the form of Saturn earnestly we find that it is the wieldier of justice; it uses whip to control the overambitious and restless mind. Characteristics The person under the influence of Saturn is usually dry and dark complexioned; he is tall, lean and thin, apparently like an aged person. His hair are rough, thick and hard and eyes round, deep rooted with yellow, brownish or red tinge.

He does not blink eyes very frequently. Saturn is lame with thick nails and teeth. Eyebrows are usually straight with scanty hair. He has small ears. His physique is basically dominated by maladies related to gastric problems. He is very cruel, foolish, fond of vices but a fool. He is extremely shrewd, obstinate and capable of overpowering the enemy.

If Saturn is favourably placed, the person is a thinker and a loner. It controls the veins, hair, and bald head. It regulates serious thoughts, caution, concentration, narrow mindedness, shrewdness, laziness, wickedness, sorrow, suffering, death, etc. Relation with zodiac and other planets Saturn is the lord of the zodiac Capricorn and Aquarius.

It holds an exalted position when placed in the house of Libra and debilitated in the house of Aries. It keeps the record of good and evil deeds of every person. It is the protector and wieldier of law. It takes care that everyone gets his due in accordance with his deeds. In the absence of Saturn everything in the world would have been topsy turvy.

Saturn helps man in obtaining salvation and achieve ultimate goal. It also inspires man to drift towards detachment. Rahu Ketu are the two assistants of Saturn. Saturn is also likened to snake Kaalsarpa whose mouth is Rahu and Ketu. The three of them Join hands to set the world right by punishing all those who deserve being punished. Rahu issues challan of conviction in the court of Saturn while Ketu acts as a lawyer speaking in defence of the person.

The Saturn passes the verdict on the basis of Ketu's presentation of the case. Saturn and Venus are friends and protectors. Even though it is the son of the Sun it is against him; one represents the day while the other night emedy is to donate oil in a vessel.

House of Saturn The planet is associated with the boundary of any house. As it acts just the opposite of the Sun, so the main entrance of the house will be located in the west. If the last room of the house is situated on the right hand side of the entrance and is utterly dark, then it will give very good results. If sunlight enters into the room, it means confrontation between Saturn and the Sun and total distraction.

The house of the S aturn dominated person has stones laid in it. Old wood might have been used in building its door frames and pillar. Rahu Astrology also does not accept physical existence of Rahu and Ketu. They are known as chhaya graha shadow planets. The function of Rahu and Ketu, it is believed, is to put obstacles and not allow any work to be completed. According to the mythological references, Rahu is the son of the demon Harinyakashyap's daughter Singhika. In Puranas, it is referred to as a snake who stung the Sun.

Characteristics Rahu is black, blue or smoke coloured. It is very ugly, terrific, tall and has a gigantic and huge body. It apparently looks like an old person and has a prominent chin. Its eyes are small like that of an elephant or it is single eyed. It suffers from ailments related to acidity. It is non religious, foolish, hypocrite and enjoys speaking ill of others and slandering their reputation. It is a liar and shameless creature. It is as selfish as a cat and is always on the look out for destructive ways.

The person ruled by Rahu is found of collcting things but does not take care of them properly. In its favioorable position Rahu helps in unveiling secret mysteries. It helps one in obtaining justice, is social reformer, but it believes in ancient traditions. Rahu governs the head portion of the body, arms, chin, nape and thoughts. It regulates conspiracy, plot hatching, deception, lying, forming a group, black marketing, spreading rumours, dreams, etc.

Relation with zodiacs and other planets Rahu holds his position in the zodiac Virgo. It has an exalted position in the house of Gemini and is debilitated with Aquarius. Friends Mercury. Rahu is the lord of imagination and thinking capability of man in the universe. It helps man in protecting him by vanquishing enemies.

It soothes the person on being hurt. Rahu is the lord of the blue expanse of the sky. If it is favourable it is capable of making the world bow before him, but if malicious, it can harm the person by way of lightening, earthquake, volcano, theft, robbery or any kind of deception.

Rahu is pleased by donation of radish and dropping coal in flowing water. If Rahu is weak in a person's horoscope, he should give broken lentil gram Masoor Dal to the sweeper in the morning. It is also beneficial to give money as charity to the sweeper.

Barley can be kept at the bedside and distributed among the animals or poor. House of Rahu There may be an unseen hole in the right hand side of the house when the person under the influence of Rahu is entering his house. There may be an outlet of water just under the main entrance. The neighbour living just opposite the house may be childless or no one might be living in that house.

Terrace of the house might have been renovated several times but the walls might have remained the same. Dirty water might be accumulated just beside the house or there may be smoke emitting from the next door. Ketu Like Rahu, Ketu is also a chhaya graha shadow planet , i. It is associated with Saturn. Characteristics Ketu is strange looking, black white or smoke coloured.

The person dominated by the influence of Ketu is lean and short. The upper portion of the body is heavily built but the lower part is comparatively thin. He has big ears and the temple region is quite prominent. The eyes are red and he has loud voice. He is possessed by inferior desires, is obstinate and cruel in temperament. If Ketu is favourable the person proves to be extremely loyal to his master or anyone he considers as his mentor. Ketu governs ears, feet, almost the entire body except the head portion, backbone, urinary tube, etc.

It regulates penance, silence, salvation, greed, slandering names of others, speaking, hearing, etc. Relation with zodiac and other planets Ketu is associated with the zodiac Pisces. It holds an exalted position when placed in the house of Sagittarius.

Ketu according to Lal Kitab Ketu is a great advisor, a messenger of peace and the lord of voyage. It is the planet which extends its support to the person till the end of his life but if it is unfavourable it beats the person in some way or the other and deprives him of everything. No matter how badly it may afflict a person but he never goes to the extreme of killing him. Ketu tends to be beneficial if it is placed with Jupiter. It acts as a seat of Jupiter on which Jupiter meditates or sits like a faithful dog of the saint which is none else but Jupiter.

Ketu tends to be a means to salvation. It is generally pleased by offering chapatis to dogs. House of Ketu The house is generally related with children. The environment is not good. The people living there often face deception. The house is located in a corner.

Either there are houses on three sides with one side vacant or there is a house on one side while the remaining three sides around the house are open. There shall not be more than three sons or grandsons. If there is one son, then he shall have three grandsons but if he has three sons then only one son and grandson shall survive.

There will be a road leading to two sides from the front of the house. One of its adjoining house would be in ruins or an open field where dogs roam about. One gets from the placement of the Sun in horoscope the knowledge about self, father, forest tour, life in a desert, mental tension, honour and respect, government accounts, all sort of education, disease of bone, heart beats, etc.

Rice, milk, white. By the time the person realizes that something is amiss, Mars would have done his wicked part, hardly giving any time to be alert. He is provided with good food and enjoys the company of charming women. It controls age, death, wealth, house, children, loss in. Ketu black white coloured, blessed with son, travelling and propriety.

Remedy For Powerful Planets There are some planets which remain powerless and are incapable of giving their effect. There are certain ways to strengthen such planets. The planets which are expected to give favourable effects are given some power by the following means: 1 The sinful planets are tried to be pleased by keeping objects and animals related to that planet. It is always wise to seek the blessings of elders. This also helps in begetting a son.

Roast sweet chapati in tandoor and distribute. Keep it safely in your house. Special Offering Take a round ball of Khoya. Cut it from top and scoop it out from centre. Fill it with ghee, jaggery khand. Dig a hole in a deserted place where the worms and ants might eat it. Place the ball in the hole and leave its mouth open so that it is easier for the worms to feast on it. This is a special offering in general to please planets. Favourable Days Avoid taking up new job on 4, 9, and 14th day of the Hindu calendar.

These days are prohibited for any auspicious work. There are unexpected changes in the political field when Jupiter, Saturn and Mars confront each other in adverse situation. Zodiac Rashi There are 12 zodiac signs in Astrology. Each house and planet is associated with some zodiac. It has been duly given in the table below: No. They are also used to enhance the auspicious effect of the planet.

Sun Take two copper pieces of equal weight. Pledge as though you are performing kanya daan. Throw away one piece in the flowing water and keep other piece very carefully with you. Make sure that the copper piece remains always with you. Moon Take two original pearls or two silver pieces of same weight.

Pledge as though you are performing kanya daan and repeat the action mentioned in the previous step. Mars Repeat the same action but in this case a red stone is to be used and kept back carefully. Mercury The same process is to be followed as in the previous case, but diamond or shells are to be used. Jupiter Use gold or pieces of saffron in the above process.

Venus White pearl is to be used and kept carefully. Saturn Use iron, black surma Rahu Use sapphire Ketu. Use double coloured stone in the same process. Special If mercury is placed in the 12th house then take two iron rings without a Joint and perform the previously mentioned procedure. One of the rings may be immersed in the running water and the other shall be worn in the middle finger of the left hand.

Ways of Living According to Lal Kitab We have entered the twenty first century and education is expanding day by day. The educated generation is taking over the old generation. It believes that the old theories are baseless and based on blind faith.

It believes in logic and does not easily agree with what the science of Astrology says. Even when the 'Lal Kitab' was available in simple Hindi and a layman could read it, the book was termed as the book of 'charms'. Undoubtedly, this is the book of charms but there is much more than the 'charms' in it. Readers would certainly like to have a look on the charms which have been suggested in this book.

A few tips: 1. Do not speak ill to anyone. Do not tell lies. Do not be cruel. Have faith in God. Worship your own deity with devotion. Do not consume alcohol. Have pure and simple food. Get nose and ears pierced. Brush your teeth regularly with'Keekar Daton'. Live i n a Joint family. Worship girls, gift green clothes and feed them with ,,ood food. Gift sweets to sisters and daughters. Do not accept anything free. Never take property of any childless couple.

Avoid residing in a house which faces south. Repair hole in the roof immediately. Keep at least some small place uncemented in the house. Give food to cow, dog, crow and monkey, etc. Be careful with a bald man and single eyed person. Now think yourself and decide whether the above mentioned points are simply charms. I know you would also agree that these are parameters of our life and culture.

These are the points which help us to be a good human being and make us strong enough to follow the moral code of conduct. The charms, talisman and mantra used as charms are decried in Lal Kitab. The charms and talisman used with an ill will towards others is said to rebound back. Sometimes a person, desperate with misery, is prepared to do anything to get rid of it; he even goes to the extent of bringing harm to an individual or society.

Lal Kitab discourages such mean steps. It gives a very simple and easy method for preparing horoscope. Any person who has sufficient knowledge of Urdu or Hind almanac can successfully make a horoscope on the basis of calculations and charts given in this book. A person's annual forecastVarsha Kundali can be made in a very shortwhile even by a layman. He can easily foresee the good or evil effect by studying the placement of stars in horoscope. First, the effect of a planet is studied in its placement, and then the effect of two, three, four and five planets are studied in a combined manner Simple and e asy to adopt remedies are suggested to enhance the effect of the planet which is weak.

Sometimes the suggestions create a remarkable effect. A part of this book deals with basic concepts of Astrology which suggests some astrological rules. A person who studies such rules and points comprehensively shall be able to read horoscope with ease and make astonishing predictions. The position of the house and the relatives of the concerned person can be easily predicted.

The disease which the person might be affected with and its remedies can be suggested. These remedies cannot be termed as charms as they are based on calculations made by astrologer. The parts of the body feel stiff, there is difficulty in movement, the person feels that saliva is always in his mouth, a red cow or brown buffalo might be lost from the house. All these symptoms indicate that the Sun is not favourable. Remedy Eat anything sweet and sip some water before starting any work.

Moon The sense of feeling is destroyed, wells and ponds are dried up, water is not sucked through hand pump, cattle or domestic animals like horse may die. These are the symptoms which reflects evil effect of Moon. Remedy Touch the feet of elders and seek their blessings. Mars The person may not be getting children inspite of being capable.

If they are born, they pass away soon after birth. There is deficiency of blood and the person becomes short tempered; there are often quarrels. All these are signs of wicked Mars. Remedy Apply white surma in eyes. Mercury The person might break his teeth, he may loose the ability to smell. He may be incapable of performing sex. Remedy The teeth must be kept clean and get the nose pierced to get rid off the ill effect of Mercury. Jupiter Skin disease and night fall are the symptoms of a malign Jupiter.

The thumb of the hand becomes weak and inactive. Remedy Wear neat and clean clothes. Saturn Eyebrows and eyelashes start falling, buffaloes may die, there may be fire or the house may be destroyed or ruined due to the wrath of Saturn. Remedy Donate iron.

Brush teeth with Keekar Daton. Offer chapati to crow for 43 days. Rahu Black dog may die, the nails of hands might start falling, the natal may not be able to think coherently. All these suggest that the person is under the evil influence of Rahu.

Remedy Maintain a plait on the nape of the head. Live in a joint family and establish good relations with in laws. Ketu Nails of leg may start falling. Children may be ill. The person might suffer from urinary problem or pain in joints. Symptoms reflect that Ketu is unfavourable. Remedy Keep dogs.

Get ears pierced. Vedic astrology can give more detail and specifics not seen with Western astrology. Here we will analyze some of the specifics used in Vedic astrology. Whole Sign Houses Vedic astrology uses whole signs per house. Each house contains an entire sign of 30 degrees. The cusp of a house is contained within that house. Each sign is ruled by a planet. Therefore, there will only be one sign ruling each house.

Each ascendant sets up which planets will rule each house. The most important effect is the planets that rule each house take on the qualities of the houses they rule. Because the outer planets are not used in terms of rulership, each planet, except the Sun and Moon, will rule 2 houses. Rules Trikona Houses Houses 1, 5, and 9 are the most beneficial. These houses are the trikonal houses.

The planets that rule these houses give very good effects for the individual, even if they are natural malefic planets. Dusthana Houses Houses 6, 8 and 12 are the most difficult. These houses are the dusthana houses. The planets that rule these houses will cause problems in a persons life even if they are natural benefic planets.

Maraka Houses Houses 2 and 7 are considered neutral. I have not found this to be true. They will bring problems as well. They are considered Maraka houses, and can cause death. Maraka means killer. They derive this meaning because the 7th house is the 12th house from the 8th and the 2nd house is the 12th from the 3rd house.

Both the 8th and 3rd houses are the houses considered when assessing the length of life. Therefore, the 2nd and 7th houses indicate loss of life. Upachaya Houses Houses 3, 6, and 11 are Upachaya houses indicating growth and improvement over time. The planets that rule these houses are still problematic. The ruler of the 11th house is considered very problematic when determining the results of a planet in a chart, BUT, planets do prosper very well when placed in the 11th house.

Kendra Houses Houses 1, 4, 7 and 10 are the angles in a chart. They are called the kendras. These planets can be very strong in their results. They create events and changes in life. Understanding the meanings of each house will further flavor the effects a planet will produce in a chart. Moolatrikona Signs Carry More Weight Basically the benefic planets for a chart rule the trikonal houses, 1, 5 and 9.

The malefic planets for a chart are the planets that rule the dusthana houses 6, 8, and But if a planet rules both a dusthana and a trikonal house, the trikonal house will take priority particularly when the planet that rules the trikonal house is in the moolatrikona sign.

The moolatrikona sign will be the masculine sign, air and fire with the exception of Mercury and the Moon. The moolatrikona sign of Mercury is Virgo and the Moon is Taurus, which is their exaltation sign. For example: Gemini ascendant has Saturn ruling both the 8th and 9th houses. Capricorn is the sign on the 8th house and Aquarius is the sign on the 9th house.

Aquarius as an air sign is the moolatrikona sign, therefore, Saturn will give more of the effects of the 9th house. The 9th house is a trikonal house indicating Saturn is a benefic planet for Gemini ascendant. Saturn will bring good results for someone with Gemini rising even though it does rule the malefic 8th house. Mars - Aries Jupiter - Sagittarius Saturn Aquarius Yoga Karaka When a planet rules a trikonal house and an angular house Kendra this planet becomes the very best and most powerful for that chart.

It is called the yoga karaka planet. For example: Taurus ascendant has Saturn as the ruler of the 9th house and the 10th house making Saturn the most powerful planet for Taurus rising. Saturn will produce great things in this individuals life. The Greek word aspektos means to gaze or to glance. As the planets rose upon the horizon and gazed on each other across the descendant, they exchanged glances.

They aspected each other. It was considered that planets gave their full aspect when they were opposite each other looking directly at one another. Aspects connect or link the planets. Vedic astrology uses whole sign houses, which means a sign is a house. The planets aspect the houses with or without any planets there. All planets aspect the house or planets in opposition to them. Planets aspect the entire sign, but the influence is stronger when the orbs are closer.

Planets that are out of sign but close in degrees still influence each other. Vedic astrology uses special aspects for the planets Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter. Mars aspects the fourth and the eighth house from itself. Saturn aspects the third and the tenth houses.

Jupiter aspects the fifth and the ninth houses. These are all considered full aspects, percent in their influence. There are weaker aspects of 75 - 50 percent that are rarely used, but all aspects are cast in forward direction.

Rahu and Ketu not recognized by all Vedic astrologers cast trines like Jupiter to the fifth and the ninth houses. The aspects do not have a meaning by themselves but carry the meanings of the planets. Aspects are the connectors of planetary energy. So Rahu and Ketu convey their malefic energy to the planet or house they aspect, but not with the meaning of a trine as in Western astrology. The meaning of each planet varies from chart to chart.

The variation is determined by asking: 1. Is it a natural benefic or malefic? Is it a temporal malefic or benefic? This is based on the houses these planets rule in a chart. Mars can be a functional benefic for Cancer ascendant because it rules the auspicious fifth house trikonal , and the tenth house kendra.

Jupiter can be a functional malefic for Taurus ascendant because it rules the difficult eighth house dusthana , and the eleventh house. The planets carry the meanings of the houses they rule. This means that if one planet aspects another planet it will alter that planets meaning. For example, if Mercury is. It will carry with it the houses that both Mars and Saturn rule the houses they rule determines if it is a functional benefic or malefic and the houses Mercury rules itself.

So, this Mercury carries the meanings of six houses. The aspects Mercury casts either by conjunction or opposition will have all these houses attached to them. Mercury has a potent punch and much complexity with its aspects. It is similar to the planet being in that house in its own sign.

This happens with the opposition and conjunction, and sometimes with the special aspects. For example, Mars in Capricorn and Saturn in Aries. Here Mars aspects Saturn by its fourth aspect, and Saturn aspects Mars by its tenth aspect. They mutually aspect each other. It is a two-way connector. When planets are in each others sign of rulership it is called mutual reception or parivartana, and is a very powerful connection. If the planets are also mutually aspected it is even more powerful.

This complete connection is called sambandha. The example above with Mars in Capricorn and Saturn in Aries is in sambandha. They mutually aspect each other and are in each others sign mutual reception. Another example would be the Sun in Aquarius and Saturn in Leo. They mutually aspect each other by opposition, and are in each others sign. Outline 1. Aspects are the planets influencing each other by their specific relational distance.

Full aspects are considered percent in influence. There are weaker aspects that have effects of percent. Most do not consider these. Aspects are connectors of planetary and house energies. Aspects are always counted in a forward direction. Planets aspect houses even though no planet resides there. Aspects have no meaning of their own, only the energy of the planets. Planets are either natural benefics or natural malefics.

The natural benefics are Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Moon. Planets carry the meanings of the houses they rule. Natural malefics become functional benefics if they rule trikonal houses 1, 5, 9. Natural benefics become functional malefics when they rule the dusthana houses 3, 6, 8, 12 , and not a trikonal.

When a planet rules both a dusthana and a trikonal, the planet is still considered benefic. The trikonal house outweighs the dusthana house. A planet that aspects a house it rules empowers that house, and the matters ruled by that house. It operates like a planet in its own sign in the house it aspects. Planets can mutually aspect each other. They have a two-way connection, reinforcing each other. Sambandha is when planets are mutually aspected and in mutual reception. This means a complete connection.

Planets that are out of sign but very close in degrees still influence each other. Example: Jupiter 29 degrees of Scorpio, and Mars at 0 degrees of Sagittarius. The aspects from the Moon give further clarification to the chart. The transiting planets, aspecting the natal planets, trigger life events. The following list gives the temporal benefics for each ascendant.

Astrology is not just a subject; it's an activity. Consequently, you don't study it - you do it. Astrology is an activity based on the principle of Unus Mundus - the Universe as Unity. Everything - from atom to galaxy - is rooted in the same universal and all-pervasive reality. And this reality reveals itself in the purposeful, ordered and meaningful processes of nature, as well as in the deepest recesses of the human mind and spirit. Anything happening in one part of the system gets mirrored in a self-similar way everywhere else.

Quantum Physics tells us that the very act of observing something changes it. And the Butterfly Effect of Chaos Theory shows how even the tiniest flap of a wing can eventually produce a hurricane. Upon examining my own life, I can see how the slightest shifts of direction have led me down some very divergent paths and presented me with infinitely strange and beautiful experiences. But the most satisfying and successful of these experiences have come when I was going with the flow of time and determinism.

The Universe, being the accommodating creature that she is, will provide confirmation of almost any paradigm we adopt. Mental events perception and acts of free will carry with them pure information which is transmitted instantly throughout the material world. To this extent, we live in an observer-created reality. Something out there the Great Organizing Dynamic, as some have called it responds to what we believe about ourselves and our world. From this standpoint, you are a channel, a vehicle, an agency, an instrument, a representative.

And your birth chart may best be described as an output program - an indication of what should be flowing into manifestation through you. Although I might speak of 'my' horoscope, in a very practical sense, it does not belong to me - rather I belong to it.

As do all the other entities, animate and inanimate, that came into being at about the same time and place. Cosmic Powers, if indeed there are such things, appear to use me and what I have to offer, and not the other way 'round.

You will not get the best out of your birth chart unless you become a go-between worthy of relaying the best. Concentrate first on construction and creativity, and use astrology to define the possibilities as you go along. In the fractal logic of astrology, each planet, sign and house is a selfsimilar unity complete with its own rewards. For example, you may have transiting Jupiter conjunct your natal Sun.

The usual interpretation of this aspect is one of increased vitality, luck and optimism. In reality however this may or may not happen, because the promise of a JupiterSun contact cannot happen without the proper conditions first being in place. And only you can put them there. By adopting an out-going attitude, by exploring new dimensions, by playing with ideas rather than holding rigidly to one static model, you put yourself into the Jupiter mode.

By opening up to the Universe in this way, you actually invite luck into your life, and create a positive feedback loop of openness and optimism, which attracts more of the same. The Luminaries: Sun and Moon The state of the solar system at the time of your birth points to self-similar fractal qualities within you.

But of all the planets, the "lights" - the Sun and Moon - are thought to indicate the main polarity of your being. In psychology, this has been articulated in the concept of complementarity between the conscious and unconscious contents of the mind. The Sun and Moon act as positive and negative poles - an intentional, directing element Sun , and a suggestible, receptive one Moon. In a beneficial relationship, the emotional conditioning of the Moon is given a purposive and positive expression by the astrological Sun.

This has been called 'intentional living'. Wherever we allow our consciousness attention to rest, that we vitalize. The Astrological Sun There is only one center to our solar system, and there is only one center to your psyche. The Sun is the great central powerhouse which illuminates us and shows us where we can get the most from life by radiating all that our sun represents.

In Jyotish, the astrology of the Hindus, the Sun is known as 'atma karaka', or soul indicator, signifying a person's confidence, authority and power the ego center of the horoscope. The Sun is our central identity and 'true self', in that it is toward this more than anything that we should be moving and developing. Thus, it represents that which we wish to become and those we look up to. It is also our essence, our bliss, and that which we do for the sheer fun of it. The Sun is creativity, original flair, celebration and glory - the quality of output we tend to expect from heros and celebrities.

But we are each capable of giving out more than we do - and I don't mean money. The Sun is about having a purpose large enough to animate the whole of your life and going about it with a tone of appreciation and joie de vivre. Your Sun shows how and where you can shine. Light your fire! Sun in Scorpio Intense and passionate, Scorpio is the sign of delving into the great mysteries of life.

You know how to recognise your own depths and have a deep awareness into the thresholds of passage - the tests, steps and initiations we must all go through. You also know how to go without, if need be. You are driven from within and are able to cut through to the heart of things, sometimes sacrificing too much of yourself to an idea or cause. But it is through this process that you are able to reveal to yourself what is going on and make the inner adjustments necessary for the transformations you are constantly going through.

You can be very magnetic, even wild at times, and have a sense of power and an instinct for survival. Moody, you often draw on the power of the emotions as a hidden resource and release. Scorpio is intense, passionate and very personal. It rushes past superficialities right to the heart of any matter. A loyal friend but a fanatic foe, this sign does well in politics and all areas where those who dare are rewarded.

Associated with sexual energy, Scorpio loves to get involved, going down deeper and coming up dirtier, thereby laying bare that which is hidden. Sun Conjunct Venus Gentle charm and personal magnetism.


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