betting exacta boxes

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Betting exacta boxes when will sports betting be legal in new york

Betting exacta boxes

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Winnings on Exacta bets are unlimited and are determined by the pari-mutuel system where all the winning tickets share the pool of money collected. You still need to select the first and second horse in the correct order, but by boxing your selections, the two horses can finish in any order. Home racing betting-info horse-racing. What is an Exacta Bet? Exacta Definition and Overview The Exacta bet in horse racing is a great place to start learning about exotic bets.

This means you can win big for a small bet stake. The definition of an Exacta is to select the first two finishers in a horse race in exactly the right order. It also showed that you can make money betting favorites, if you do it the right way.

An alternate example of the Weighted Exacta would be if you like two horses that you think will run first and second. If your horses run one-two you win and if you are correct that the first horse is more likely to win then you will be rewarded accordingly with a better return. Unfortunately most horseplayers are taught to bet the Exacta inefficiently by either Boxing it or Wheeling their horse.

The former group may cash more tickets but the latter group will make larger profits. To recap here are the important points to remember:. He was the first player to finish in the top 10 twice. He cashed on the NHC Tour with a 19th overall finish. A former executive with Brisnet. Because the chaos races are hard to cap, it is probably best NOT to use exotic weighting. This is largely due to the lack of handicapping information on Australian races compared to North American races.

Total fraud. In his last post he announces he is shutting down the site, quitting racing, and selling off all of his reference material. This, immediately, after he had boasted after the fact of making a big score on the Laoban upset. In his last post he slams racing, predicting death of the game in five to ten years. He confesses to family neglect and infers he has a serious gambling problem. I have to say I saw it coming.

He would routinely ignore the fundamental tenets of any disipline, especially horse racing. One never calculates an roi based on one wager which Lenny loved to do. Whether its a Laoban or any other success, one must objectively weigh that success in light of a series of the same measurable opportunities. Otherwise, the wager is a gamble, not an investment. Gambling is losing, investing is winning. Finally, racing is structured on the parimutuel system, i.

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Looking strictly at exacta bets, depending on how much risk you want to face, there are various ways for you to place such a wager. While you might have to crunch the numbers, there is nothing to fear with exacta bets; it just takes a little knowledge to get the best out of them. The following are the three main types of exacta bet, with the requirements for each explained in detail. A straight exacta is exactly what the description above says. If you get the order wrong, you lose, even if they both win and place.

This means that you expect horse No. If the reverse happens, you win nothing. Exacta boxes are more flexible than straight exacta bets, which carry a higher amount of risk. These bets allow you to select more horses that you think will finish first or second. So, say you think horses 5 and 8 will win and place.

This will substantially increase the odds of getting a payout, with the downside of exponentially increasing your bet size. Here is a quick example of how the pricing scheme would work, as the cost scales exponentially with each horse you add to your betting pool:. Since the cost does not scale linearly, it rapidly reaches the point where the cost of adding more horses onto your bet does not overcome the increased odds of winning.

Figuring out the most effective cost-to-bet ratio is an exercise best left to veteran players who understand the math of probability and statistics inside and out. An exacta wheel bet involves bettors picking at least one horse that they think has what it takes to win reliably. This horse will serve as a common thread in a number of bets with different combinations of horses that you think will win. As an example, say you think horse 3 is the prime choice. You want to select horses 1, 2, 5 and 6 as well.

The lower bet size coupled with greater odds for success make this a prime option for bettors looking to maximize their odds of getting a payout. Exacta keys are a popular way to maximize your chances of winning. You might think that horse 5 is the best, but horses 2, 6 and 8 might also be good choices to place. You select horse 5 as your key, and add the other three horses to your tickets.

Horse 5 is selected to win, while all the other horses can place. As you have probably guessed already, there are some similarities between an exacta box wager and playing the exacta key. Exacta and exactor bets are two names for the same type of bet. These are bets in which you select two horses that you think will finish in the top two slots. Some people seem to feel that an exactor bet is something different entirely. We know, this is simple horse race betting for the most part, but there is a little more to it than that.

Because exacta bets vary so much even between races, scoreboards will commonly display the expected payouts for different kinds of exacta wagers. This gives you a prime opportunity to inspect for possible overlaps or advantageous combinations of horses. Alternatively, you can skip combinations that are less likely to pay out, and adjust your betting strategy accordingly. Due to the superficial similarities between the two bets, a lot of gamblers find themselves confused as to the difference between exacta and quinella bets.

On the surface, they appear to be the same — so why would a bettor choose one format over the other? One key reason is because the lowest bet you can make is fixed at different amounts. This happens when a favorite is paired with a longshot. A winning longshot followed by a heavy favorite would pay more than the reverse result. An Exacta Wheel bet is picking sets of horses to finish first and second.

Each set is called a key. Each key contains 1 or more horses. Exacta Full Wheel — Put one horse in the 1st key with all other horses in the 2nd key. Alternatively, wheel 1 horse in the 2nd with all others in the 1st. Exacta Part Wheel — Put one or more horses in the 1st key with your own set of horses in the 2nd key. The part wheel does not include all other horses. A horse can be included in multiple keys. This is common for heavy favorites. They are more likely to finish in the top 2 than a longshot.

An exacta wheel bet requires a specific finishing order from 2 sets of horses. Note that an exacta box bet requires any order of 3 or more horses. Your exacta wheel bet wins if a horse from the 1st key finishes first and a horse from the 2nd key finishes second. This calcuation is more complicated because the same horse can included in multiple keys. Racebooks will calculate your exacta wheel cost automatically. Racebooks will calculate exacta wheel cost for you.

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An Exacta Box bet is more versatile, allowing multiple bets on a single slip. This is actually multiple Exacta Bets and so the cost increases with each additional horse. Each additional horse increases the cost of the bet. You can actually put as many horses as you like on the Exacta Box, but be aware that the price will continue to rise with each horse added.

Playing an Exacta increases your chances of winning, while also increasing your cost of playing. To calculate the cost of an Exacta Bet, multiply the number of horses used on top, or the win position, of the exacta with the number of horses used in the second position less one if the same number is used on top in the exacta.

The more horses you add to an Exacta Bet, the more likely you are to lose money in the end. For this reason, Exacta Box horse racing betting is generally best left to experienced handicappers, or those who employ the services of a veteran handicapper. Payouts for these wagers are calculated using the pari-mutuel system. All of the money for Exacta Bets goes into one pool, that pool of money is distributed among the winning tickets. This means that if there is an upset in the race, you can win big — whereas if lots of people bet on the winners, the winning prize may be much smaller.

Even first time bettors will have no trouble navigating our platform. What Is An Exacta Bet? Exacta Bet Calculator Playing an Exacta increases your chances of winning, while also increasing your cost of playing. What is the Minimum Stake on an Exacta Bet?

The proceeds from those tickets form the prize pool. Each winning ticket receives an equal share of the prize pool. Well there you have it — an Exacta Bet! While exacta wheels and part-wheels are not quite as inefficient as boxes, they still leave room for improvement, which brings us to our preferred exacta betting strategy.

Your handicapping tells you that horse 5 has a 50 percent chance of winning the race, horse 6 has a 20 percent chance of winning and horse 7 has a 10 percent chance of winning. Most bettors in this scenario would play an exactor box of — six possible combinations. Other bettors might play an exactor part-wheel wheel of 5-with 6, 7 and an additional part-wheel of 6, 7 with 5 — four possible combinations.

The exactor box rates each possible combination as having the same probability of winning, which according to your handicapping is not correct. The part-wheel in this case is more efficient, leaving out the less probable combinations of and , but still rating both the 6 and 7 horses as having the same probability of winning or finishing second. The race ran exactly as your handicapping said it would — the 5 horse won and the 6 horse ran second. Lucky you! Depending on how you bet.

If you had bet the third option — exacta part-wheels correlated to winning probabilities as identified by your handicapping:. The final exacta wagering strategy, which places more money on the higher probability combinations as identified by your handicapping, produces the largest profit — which is the key to producing a positive return on investment over the long term.

While you might cash more tickets using the inefficient exacta box method, it is unlikely that this low-profit strategy will sustain itself over the long haul. Keeping in mind that combinations of favorites in exactas generally produce lower payoffs than they should, as do combinations of longshots, you can further increase you chances of achieving a positive return on investment by focusing your play on races in which your handicapping points to the high probability of two medium-priced horses completing the exacta.

The latter scenario often results in payoffs that are larger than they should be due to inefficiencies in the exacta betting pools. In summary, using solid handicapping fundamentals to determine your own set of probabilities, and then focusing your main exacta combinations on the most probable outcomes, rather than on boxes and wheels, is the key to making a long-term profit from exacta betting.

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