overbetting the pot poker games

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Overbetting the pot poker games rotherham by election betting odds

Overbetting the pot poker games

You want your opponents to act emotionally instead of going through the maths. They are more likely to make errors in this case. The negative thing about overbetting is that you really do not want to overbet into the nuts! If your bluff succeeds more than this it is profitable. I look at things a different way.

This is the key assumption for all hands where you might overbet. Somehow your opponent has lopped off the very top of their range and they cannot have the nuts. A lot of lines where you can successfully use overbetting is when an opponent has established that they have a medium strength hand. Once this is clear you can value bet some hands that you are pretty sure beat him. Of course, it will be difficult to have a better hand always but sometimes you basically know that you are ahead and can value bet.

But you can also bluff. It makes calling a lot easier. The bar for calling an overbet is a lot higher. A reg opens from the cutoff and you call in the big blind. The flop comes J with a flush draw and you both check. The turn is an offsuit 7. It is not important what you have. When he calls it solidifies that he has showdown value but also that his range is very limited because on two separate occasions he has failed to put in more money when he had the chance. He checked back the flop and then just flat-called the turn.

If he had a big hand like J-J or T-8 he must try to put some more money in the pot by now and most regs would know this. The river is an offsuit 4 so the board reads J with a busted flush draw. Your opponent has taken a pot-controlling line that indicates showdown value but denies real strength such as two pair or better. If you had J-9 here you would know that your opponent is weak and may feel like you should bet small to milk him out of a bit of money.

The problem comes in when we are bluffing. If you are just betting half pot you probably should not be bluffing very often because you are giving him a great price to call, when you know he has showdown value. It allows your opponent to snap off bluffs and get to showdown cheaply. Betting 2. If you bet this much you also get more value when you do have a hand.

First, it pulls your opponents way out of their comfort zones. They are just not used to dealing with these bets on a regular basis. It raises the stakes and does so on your terms. You are playing your own game for more money than your opponent wants to be doing.

And it forces your opponent to figure it out quick or risk making big mistakes for big money. Often they will just fold far too much! Once your opponent finally adjusts you should stop overbet bluffing to this degree. The catch to this strategy is that the play depends on the accuracy of your read.

You must have put your opponent on a limited hand range so that you are very rarely bluffing into the nuts. Remember Me. Lost your password? Username or E-mail:. Log in. CardRunners pro Ed Miller explains how you can use the overbet to your advantage in micro-stakes online cash games… If you are reading this strategy piece on overbetting you are probably okay at poker, but there are always plays you can add to your game.

What micro-stakes players learn There are certain things that all microstakes players learn if they are looking to get better at poker. Why do micro-stakes players learn these things? Overbetting This is the first possible weapon you can use out of dozens to help you try and storm the other micro-stakes regs. More things to know about overbetting The more emotional people get in pots, the less clearly they evaluate an overbet.

Example of when to overbet A reg opens from the cutoff and you call in the big blind. What overbetting achieves First, it pulls your opponents way out of their comfort zones. Beat low-stakes live tournaments like a pro. This is an interesting example of a flop that gives us a slight nut advantage. We do outperform our opponent in the number of sets. However, he has almost all of the two-pair and straight combinations, while we should have folded preflop with at least some of the offsuit combinations such as Q9o from the cutoff.

By betting only one-third of the pot with his entire range, he gives his opponent a good reason to check-raise at least some of his strongest hands to build the pot. Now that our range advantage is clear, Fried starts overbetting on the turn. I mean, just imagine overbetting on the turn with AT and seeing that jack peel on the river.

The river is not a Jack, though. It is a deuce, and the deuce on the river does what deuces on the river usually do — change nothing. With our JT we are looking to play for all the chips with an overbet of three times the pot. With that said, Fried points out that there are multiple sizings you can and should choose on both turn and river. A hand like KQ, for instance, may not be good enough to shove on the river with, but might still want to overbet to a smaller degree.

We start with another c-bet, which we can do with our entire range or close to it on the flop. When our opponent just calls, our nut advantage strengthens once again. We are, of course, the only player in the pot who can have these hands. That is a bucketload of value, to the point where we are actually going to struggle to find enough bluffs to balance this out.

To quote Fried:. We have so many strong hands that Villain does not have that we really have the incentive to jam a lot of our range. In general, you do not want to overbet hands that block a missed flush draw, but because this was such an amazing runout for us, I figured I have to bluff my T-8 here even though we hold the eight of hearts.

So, you can see that on occasion the nut advantage can be so significant that we get to bluff jam what would normally be a terrible bluffing hand. Overbetting is a fantastic way to maximize your winnings with really strong hands and put your opponents in truly hideous situations. The hand features a couple of interesting overbets. Note: Learn step-by-step how to become the best player at the table when you join the Upswing Lab training course.

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Recently, I have been experimenting with a weapon that most players in small stakes tournaments overlook, the overbet. This is a play that I personally have neglected for way too long. It makes perfect sense to use it in soft games because the primary mistake that these players make is that they love to call. The key to this play is choosing the best spots where you are more likely to get the desired outcome.

Here are the times when it has worked for me. The best spots to overbet for value are spots where you expect your normal big bet size to almost always get called and you have a hand that can beat most top pair combos. These usually occur preflop or on the flop. An example of this would be if you opened AA from early position, got called by a passive player in middle position, and the flop came something like JT5 with a flush draw.

Most players would bet anywhere from a third to two thirds pot and expect to get called by hands like Jx, Tx, KQ, and 98s. Would you be surprised if this passive player called you with these hands if you instead bet four thirds? In fact, many of us have tried this with a hand like AK hoping to get a fold from weak pairs to no avail.

Use this tendency of your opponent to get more value out of your big hands. The same thing applies on less dynamic flops in multi-way pots which are common in small stakes tournaments. You can probably still start with an overbet because these players are often incapable of folding top pair and there is a reasonable chance that someone has a Ten when there are that many people in the pot.

Preflop overbets are discussed so infrequently that many may not understand what I mean. Like postflop, I just mean any bet that is more than the size of the pot. This does not matter in soft small stakes tournaments because these players will still call with hands like AK or QQ. Sometimes, loose players will put you on AK and call with even worse pairs. This is also a good idea when facing aggression postflop in these games. Recently, I played a hand where I opened JJ and was called by an extremely loose player on the button.

I made an overbet on a JTT flop that contained a flush draw. My opponent made a small raise indicating he had better than top pair or a strong draw. Depending on the situation, an over-bet can be used as a powerful bluffing tool or as misinformation to make your opponent call you down with a losing hand. The problem is that when you get called, your enormous bet is going to cost you big.

Keep reading to find out how to over-bet the right way. Using big bets to push your opponents out of pots might seem like a crude show of brute strength, but it has to be more calculated than simply closing your eyes and pushing your chips in. Beginner Warning: A good thing to keep in mind is that a standard-size bet will usually accomplish the same thing as a bigger bet, but will save you money when your opponent calls you down.

Beginners tend to bet big when they have a big hand, making them predictable and easy to read. Against a weak, inexperienced player: Weak or inexperienced players will often fail to differentiate between a half-pot bet and a twice-pot bet. Extract maximum value from these opponents by betting and raising big when you have a monster.

In Chris Moneymaker pulled off one of the biggest bluffs in televised poker history. By moving all-in for more than twice the size of the pot Moneymaker was able to outsmart one of the wiliest poker veterans in the world. Play Here. How to Use the Over-Bet in Poker The What: At its most basic an over-bet refers to betting an unusually large amount of chips in relation to the size of the pot. By betting bigger you can put more pressure on your opponents.


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