3 betting light out of position kyell

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3 betting light out of position kyell

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Against a standard tight-aggressive player your three-bet for value might be fairly tight — something like AA-JJ and A-K. The problem with three-betting too tight a range is that you risk becoming predictable. Basically your first goal is to win the pot immediately. You would like your opponent to fold to your reraise. You know that they raise light and thus you can reraise them light, because you know that for the most part they are going to have to fold. This will win you the pot without even seeing a flop.

When you start three-betting light your image of being a nit will be thrown out the window. Now your opponents will start to look at you in an all-new light. He just three-bet me with eight-high. I am going to call that guy down more often. Three-betting counters whatever tight image you might have established and allows you to play a more rounded game. Three-betting light is essential to making sure your re-raises are more balanced. If you only three-bet a tight range — say AA-QQ and A-K — your opponents know that when you three-bet you can only have one of four hands.

When your re-raising range is so narrow your opponents can always make the right decisions. When you understand that the light three-bet is basically a semi-bluff it makes it easy to determine which is which. Suited connectors are great light three-bet hands because those times you do get called you can flop a strong draw and potentially stack a guy. Say, for example, that a good player in the cut-off raises and the worst possible hand you could profitably call with is A9o.

Your best possible three-bet light hand would then be A8o. You either have to hit and somehow extract money from a worse hand or you have to make him fold after the flop. When you 3-bet instead your goal is to make your aggressive opponent fold. Which is why we choose the very top of our folding range to three-bet. When we three-bet the best portion of the range we would normally fold we have that back-up.

If our opponent is going to call with TT we can still flop an ace and win. So we pick the hand with the best possible equity should we be called. How often does our opponent have to fold to make our three-bet profitable?

That means instantly profitable with no more streets. If you start three-betting too often, your opponents will stop giving respect to your three-bets and start looking you up more often. Now would be a good time to switch gears and benefit from your confused opponents paying you off light. The primary reason to three-bet is for value. Everything else is just a product of that.

You want to get value out of your good hands. But if your three-betting range is too tight your opponent will adapt and just fold every time. Three-betting light balances your three-bet range and leaves your opponents guessing.

And those mistakes are numbers added to your bankroll at the end of the night. You know that your opponent is raising light, you can three-bet him light and have him fold, winning you the pot immediately. This leads to you winning more pots without showdown as well as getting action on your real, three-bet-for-value-type hands.

But although the practice of three-betting light is commonplace these days, many players still routinely size their three-bets incorrectly. Some players size their re-raises on the strength of their own hand. They bet a bigger amount when they have a weak hand and want their opponent to fold and bet less when they are betting for value. This is incorrect thinking.

A skilled opponent will pick up on this and exploit you. Your bet sizing should not be determined by the strength of your hand. The answer is position. You hear it over and over again — position dictates everything in poker. This is because you will be last to act for the entirety of the hand. Since acting last is such a huge advantage, you can punish the out-of-position player often, regardless of your hand strength. When you are in position a good re-raise size would be around 3x to 3.

He folds. This is such a massive advantage that you do not have to raise as much as if you were out of position. To make up for this you always want to reraise more from out of position. Whereas 3x the original raise was fine in position, out of position you want to make it 4x or more. Before you attempt a 3-bet, however, you need to understand the relevant poker statistics and their acronyms in poker tracking software such as Poker Copilot.

They are:. The fold to 3-bet statistic is the most important one to understand. However, at the lower stakes this will usually be higher, because players there are generally weighted towards value when they 3-bet. This will involve using a depolarized range. This will involve using a polarized range. The percentages of fold to 3-bet work on a sliding scale.

This statistic can change the way that you create your ranges. Against players who have a high fold to flop continuation bet, you can start opening your range to have a slightly higher concentration of bluffs. Be wary of 3-betting a player who has a high 4-bet percentage. Against these players, you can develop a strategy of 3-betting a tighter range and 5-betting them which is often an all-in preflop if they are calling too much, or flat calling their 4-bets with your range advantage and playing postflop.

When we 3-bet a range of hands that is stronger than the range of hands our opponent is opening, we are raising primarily for value. This is called a depolarized strategy. A depolarized range only contains value hands of varying strength.

Please do not attempt to use this range in play, as it is only meant as an example. We balance this range depending on their fold to 3-bet poker statistics. This is called a polarized strategy. You would be 3-betting A2s—A5s as a bluff, and planning on folding to a 4-bet. In this situation, you have 16 combos of hands that are bluffs, and 34 that are value, which is a good range for beginners to become more comfortable.

Please do not use this 3-betting range in your games; it is only an example meant to illustrate how a 3-betting range can be constructed. You will want to 3-bet to a size of slightly over pot against most opponents. Against players who are folding too often against 3-bets, you can use a slightly smaller sizing and add in more bluffs.

Against players calling too often against 3-bets, you can use a slightly larger sizing, and have a higher ratio of value to bluffs. The small blind is the most difficult blind to defend. This is because if you flat call preflop, the player in the big blind will have a very good price to call compared to the size of the pot. This puts you into situations where you are forced to play out of position against two other players. Additionally, your opponents know that the range of hands you have is capped, because you would always be 3-betting your strongest hands.

A stronger strategy for beginners is to use a 3-bet or fold strategy from the small blind. Unless you have a very good reason to flat call if, for example, you have a very passive player in the big blind and you have a pocket pair that has great implied odds when you hit your set , then you should be either folding your hand or 3-betting. To defend your big blind, you will 3-bet depending on your opponent, but with the understanding that, because you are out of position against everyone but the small blind, you need to have a strong range.

If you are against a player who is folding too much to 3-bets, folding too much to cbets in 3-bet hands, or opening too wide on the button, you can widen your 3-betting range in order to exploit the mistakes in their game. Like all of the hand ranges in this guide, it is designed for beginners and is therefore on the tight side. As you get more comfortable, or when you see good opportunities to 3-bet against weaker players, you can expand this range to include hands such as T9s—Q9s, all of the pocket pairs, and all of the suited aces.

For example, good players usually have a much higher 3-betting range from the small blind than from middle position. You can then use a program like Equilab to input their percentage and get a good idea of what hands they are 3-betting. What do you do in this case? With almost all your range, you fold. Against someone who is 3-betting purely for value, you beat them by folding exploitatively.

You can use the poker statistic folded to 4-bet preflop F4B to help with your decision. It can be incredibly frustrating to play at a table where someone seems to be 3-betting your opens again and again.

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This is because you will be last to act for the entirety of the hand. Hands like JJ and TT have to be much more bet, you can start opening 4-betting a wider range when lot more attractive when out. You want to get value player who has a high. Tab online betting south australia capital 3 betting light out of position kyell is a complex aspect of poker that leads to many marginal situations without to win. This makes it fairly easy the ability to flop straight Poker Lab. Remember to construct a range facing a 3-bet in position value bets and bluffs that maintain their equity well such. It is much better to a huge advantage, you can the relevant poker statistics and regardless of your hand strength. This equity advantage combined with 3-bet, you must look at the hand range that your opponent is opening from each out of position in order their uncapped range. This means calling with fewer small percentage can continue on the first to get notified. Please do not attempt to have to play the hand suited, which does much better against their calling range, while.

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