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Ath ad700x csgo betting

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Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Latest Thread Images. Home Forums Misc. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Mad Lust Envy Start date Jan 17, Tags akg-kpro-reference-studio-headphones akg-kpro akg-qpremium-class-reference-headphones-quincy-jones-signature-line astro-aaudio-system-white audeze audio-technica-ath-ad audio-technica-ath-mstudio-monitor-headphones beyerdynamic-dtproclosed-studio-headphones hd hds headphones over-ear philips-shpfull-size-headphone-with-volume-control sennheiser-hd shure-srhheadphones sony-mdr-maover-the-head-style-headphones sony-mdr-xbmm-xb-diaphragm-driver-extra-bass-headphones soundmagic-hp Prev 1 … Go to page.

Go to page. First Prev of Go to page. Post 40, of 46, Yethal Headphoneus Supremus. AxelCloris said:. Yeah, I ran into that last night when I did the update. I can't comment on the other STAX models for gaming, sorry. From memory HD gave me the largest soundstage and the excellent positional accuracy. My Ether Flow always gives me a highly immersive experience with a medium sized soundstage presentation.

The SR was an absolute beast for detail retrieval and pinpointing sounds, likely helped by the sheer speed of its electrostatic drivers. It took me a minute to figure out why I was getting no surround audio, but the PS4 switched to audio output via the dongle rather than optical.

Once I switched that setting, everything seems to be working smoothly. The X7 continues to impress with its versatility, but man there are just so many features on it I don't end up using. Jornel said:. Should i pick 5. You think i shoud trade my SHP for the se? Share This Post. May 11, at AM. Jornel Head-Fier. Thanks for the help guys. I changed for 5. Now i can say the gsx is working prety good. Audiophile headphones are the best things you could have for gaming-in-general, PC gaming especially.

As far as sound quality goes, the best studio headphones for gaming like the Takstar Pro 80s blow most high-end gaming headsets out of the water — Except the HyperX Cloud II. Our number one spot goes to the AudioTechnica ADx because it boasts the best price vs performance and they look and feel great to wear. Having boosted bass or treble can be good, but at the end of the day, you want strong mids for gaming. Not to mention a very wide sound stage for closed back which is essential for FPS games.

The lows are great, the mids are solid, but the highs are a little lacking here and there. If I had to describe the sound, it would be transparent and very spacious. The s come with 3 different cables to be used for different ohm levels. The AudioTechnica ATH M50x are an extremely popular set of closed back headphones which put out an extremely crisp, bass heavy sound. But nothing bad like Beats. The overall sound is rich and vivid, which makes the M50x ideal for gaming.

The cable is detachable, and they come with your pick of 3 cables in the box, 1 that is 3m long and straight, a coiled 3m cable, and finally a shorter 2m cable which is straight. As an added bonus, they also come in your choice of 4 color schemes, black, white, blue, and dark green.

When compared to the aforementioned Sennheiser HD , the only major differences are that one is open back, the other is closed back, one has slightly boosted treble, the other has slightly boosted bass. Take your pick!

The Sennheiser HD s are incredible open backed headphones with an extremely wide sound stage, allowing you to pinpoint gunshots and footsteps with ease. Not only for you but those around you. The Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro headphones are absolutely amazing. This is an awesome feature if you go from noisy to quiet environments often.

This simple feature also puts the Custom One Pros ahead of the M50x. The build quality is extremely durable, and almost every element about the headset can be customized, from the headband to the side inserts, and even an in-line mic. After everything is said and done, the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro headphones are an extremely versatile set which is never going to let you down. When it comes to gaming, experiencing the audio is almost as important as the visuals, so it makes sense to want a high-quality pair of headphones to make your experience that much better.

These are good for solo gaming sessions in quieter areas, and for those times when you need to hear everything going on around you. Closed back headphones are going to produce a lot more bass, will sometimes deliver a decent sound stage, and should keep the vast majority of sound from leaking, as well as keep you from hearing things going on around you. These are what you want for LAN parties, and generally noise-polluted areas.

So, which headphones do you need? Did I overlook a potentially great set of cans that should have made the list? Let me know in the comment section! Hey there! Since our launch in , we've helped thousands upon thousands of gamers build their dream desktops, find the perfect peripherals, and more. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to get in tough! I also wish that he would of specified if an amplifier is needed or not.

Hi branton I played alot Moba games while playing music Which headset would you like to recommend to me? Ok now i see i did something wrong a few hours ago when i tried to post my comment lol. After a lot of research, i am aware that open back are far better than closed back for FPS games. I want to buy a good headphones and get rid off my headset.

Mainly i play CS GO at home, but i go regularly play tournaments at Lan Houses where sometimes has 4 teams playing at the same time in the same room. Can ADx handle well in this circustances? Another question: I have an external sound card, creative blaster G1 that cand handle up to ohms. Wether i buy ADx or Pro should i use this sound card with them? I mean, if i use it, the sound would be even better? In creative sound card software of course i have stereo and EQ disabled. Thank you and keep going with this good content!

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Conclusively, this headset is best for a long realistic gaming experience. Dying constantly and never knowing where that bullet came from? With its degree sound field and LED light, you get to hear what you would normally not be able to hear with an ordinary headphone. Are you looking for a headset with amazing sound quality and high definition voice? Logitech G35 6. With its great sound field and customized G-keys, you will have better access to different sounds.

It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista and XP. However, for those of you who have 8. The high sound quality. Headband fitting can become a problem for some users. However, this headphone comes equipped with not one, but three swappable headbands that let you choose the best fitting and comfort for yourself.

Since there are three customizable G keys in this headphone, you can easily switch between music, chat and much more. This one-touch command gives you so much control over what you are hearing. Logitech G35 7. Not only is the microphone adjustable, it efficiently reduces the background noise so that only your voice is focused. For all the music lovers and gamers out there, this two-in-one purpose headset provides the one of the best gaming and music experiences.

With its omni-directional microphone and lightweight design, you can get an outstanding headset with amazing features. Technology is advancing and so is the need of realism in graphics and sound. This headphone ups the game by providing you more natural sounds which are far superior to the traditional stereo.

Isolation pads not only provide better comfort, but also block out any noises in almost all of the environments. The omnidirectional microphone tilts and has a retractable arm. Thereby, this is optimum for anyone who games on a regular basis. With its long 2 meters extension cable, it is very user friendly.

Moreover, the headphone is extreme durability and strength with high robustness so high that it looks great even after. The memory foam padding is ideal for Skype-ing as well. There is also a built-in vibration unit. So, if you prefer audio gaming, this headphone might do the trick for you.

With outstanding mids and bass and 40 mm drivers backed by neodymium, it is ideal for musicians. Confused about which wireless headphone to get? Well, you might want to consider this one due to the fact that it gives you superhuman hearing with excellent microphone monitoring with 15 hours long battery life.

This headphone lets you experience crystal clear and free of in-game and chat interference with easy connectivity to PC. With the superhuman hearing, you will be able to gain an upper hand from your enemies by knowing all their moves. So you can hear all the guns being reloaded and grenades being thrown.

Tired of shouting? Face that problem no more! The microphone is so amazing that you can even hear the sound of your own voice. Moreover, the sound quality is incredible and accurate. The battery life is long enough to support your long hours of gaming.

Hear the rustling of the wind, the crunching of the grass underneath the boots and drawing of the sword. It not only cancels noises effectively, it does so through as Inline Sound Card. Moreover, it also gets rid of that annoying echo which is, obviously, always undesirable. With its kHz frequency response, you will have a wider range of audible sounds. You will be hearing even the faintest of the faintest sounds without compromising the quality.

The memory foam ear pads gives you a comfortable fit and with extra set of Velour ear pads, you are guaranteed an outstanding gaming experience. The microphone is detachable so you can easily take it off if you are not in the mood to chat while gaming or just casually want to listen to songs. It is TeamSpeak Certified so the voice chat is optimized, giving you an excellent sound quality that is unparalleled with no audible echoes. The background noises and voice distortions are almost non existent.

The stereo is also compatible with PS4 and Xbox One. However, you will be needing a stereo adapter for this. It has a high sound quality with great comfort and durability. There is little chance of going wrong with this headset. Immerse yourself into the true spirit of gaming with this amazingly comfortable pc gaming headset. After hours of playing, you will barely even remember you had them on in the first place.

The microphone has convenient design to let you mute it without having to disrupt your game. This feature is a plus point if you are one of those gamers who occasionally turn mic on and off. Moreover, if the boom arm gets raised, it will automatically mute itself.

For a crystal clear conversation and amazing noise cancellation, feel the ultimate gaming experience. The volume control is present on the right ear cup so you have easy access and maximum control over the sound intensity. If you game for a long time and your ears tend to get heavy or tired, this headphone might just solve this problem! The XXL ear pads are made of comfort-plus velvet that gives you an amazing feeling and extreme comfort.

There is little we can say about what not to like about this headphone. These are ideal for all the gamers as you will hear all the footsteps around you and the other noises that might just let you win the game. Audio quality is excellent so you can even have conference calls. Overall, this headphone is pretty amazing!

Specifically designed for gaming, this amazing PC gaming headphone delivers a great quality stereo sound which is great for long hours of gaming. This comfortable and lightweight headset has plenty of bass and good for fps games like CS:GO. Hear everything that happens around you, from a pin dropping to a bomb exploding! With the powerful 40mm neodymium driver, you will hear all the minute details in the sound which is not only clear, but also rich and refreshing.

Sound controls are on-cable, though this may not be a preferred feature for all, they are very easy to use and the mute switch is right next to it. The cable is long enough to let you position it to your own accord. Say bye to those distracting background noises! The earcups are soft and designed to give your ears maximum comfort. One of the best features about this great headset is its durable and washable covers that easily slip off for cleaning.

The headset which is both slim and lightweight is designed to give you a more natural fit. The ear-cups are flexible capable of 90 degree rotation for perfect fix. A great gaming headphone with fantastic sound quality and great design. The earpads are washable and durable. One of the biggest plus points is the ability of the microphone to stay away when not in use. So, if you play for a long time then you might want to consider this headphone. This is one of the professional headsets in our list.

The sounds are crisp with a wide range of frequency. Not only can you game with these on, you can also listen to all of your favorite music including classical and heavy base favorites. The amplifier provides high impedance. With an extended range of frequency, you will experience outstanding clarity. The responses are deep and accurate.

Realistic and cleanly reproduced mids and highs. Overall this headphone is astounding for all the music lovers out there. The build is amazing and there are no artificial flavors of sound. Every once in awhile you get a product that shocks the audience by being exceptionally great. This is one of them. On the first look you would think that this is just another pair of headset, but think again!

For a great exposure to real audio, you should really give this a shot. With the 50mm neodymium drivers, the bass sound reproduction is not only deep, but also clear and crisp. The earpads go around the ear providing great comfort. Pressure can be reduced by simply bending the bar across the top. Noise cancellation is great. The ring port structure provides a very high quality of dynamic sound.

The specially engineered acoustic lenses provides you with all the natural sounds. This has one of the best combo of headphone and mic. They work with all the genre of music. Some of you might even always keep them in your drawer for backup. The qualities of these headphones are by far superior to the normal ones.

Note: After this portion you can learn more about the headphones that are based suited to you based on your interest. Refer to the conclusion section. For someone who is always on the go or switching between various technologies, we highly recommend HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset. This comes highly recommended not just by us, but the elite gaming organizations. Moreover, some of the professional teams are supported by HyperX.

This is an extremely comfortable headset. You will be amazed! Ear cups are made of leatherette memory foam with an extra set of velour ear cups. Joined Jan 8, Messages 5 Reaction score 0. Joined Jan 8, Posts 5 Likes 0. Hello everyone, First I wanted to thank all the members of this forum for having put together such a huge mine of information about all things headphones, it's fantastic for newbies like me!

However, I still need some help. I narrowed my search to these two cans and I couldn't find anyone comparing them side by side so I'm hoping someone here owns them both and can help me! These cans would be used for competitive gaming mainly CSGO as well as listening to music, I listen to pretty much every kind of music if that matters and I guess it does From my understanding, neither of those cans needs to be amped, is that correct?

I'm also open to suggestions if you have any Thanks! Share This Post. Jan 8, at AM. Post 2 of 9. Bumpity bump. Jan 8, at PM. Post 3 of 9. Joined Feb 26, Messages Reaction score Joined Feb 26, Posts Likes I'd have to A-B them again right now to be completely specific and have more details, but They're both from similar families.

Big globe soundstages, big ear pads, big open sound, neither are the bassiest headphones in the world. SHP soundstage is pretty big. ADx soundstage is bigger. Though SHP might have more height in the soundstage. I'd have to listen again or check my notes on that to be sure.

It's possible the ADx has equal height, pretty sure it doesn't, though it's still great , but I know it doesn't have more height since SHP height goes on forever. ADx has more grain in the sound. SHP sounds more "musical. SHP has detachable cable. ADx has ear pads you can replace without using glue. I think the pads are better, with bigger ear area that keeps them off the ear.

The pads might actually be too big for some people. But both pads are above average and fine. Both have things I wish they were a little better at, but there's not a lot of dealbreaker things, especially if not A-B'ing them and saying absolutely I prefer this difference over this, etc. Neither should need an amp, though an amp almost never hurts. If the main use is competitive gaming, they both would probably be great, but I guess the winner for that would have to be the ADx due to bigger soundstage.

It'd be an easier choice if your prices on them had a bigger spread. Post 4 of 9. Thanks for your reply, it sounds like the SHP are better overall. From what you recall at least. Thanks again for your insight, very helpful. Post 5 of 9. If I rated headphones on competitive gaming, I'd probably just be educated guessing.

But I am a soundstage junkie since I watch a lot of movies with headphones, as well as simply find such things interesting. I assume the ADx would be considered better for gaming, but the SHP is still pretty big, and both are globes, not just left-right. If the is a 10 for size, I guess the would be about 7.

It's certainly not a 2. And it has a 10 for soundstage height. For games that's probably less important. If I gave it a 6 instead of 7, would that be a big difference? Ratings like that are hard because someone might think one point is a huge difference, and maybe it is and maybe it isn't.

Part of me might be giving a bonus rating to the 's size due to its airy openness.

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Melbourne stars vs sydney thunder betting preview Avoid if your using it for movies, surround sound gaming, use it for fps games where footsteps is an important factor. Once I switched that setting, everything seems to be working smoothly. And also have had my eye on Phillips fidelio x2hr and if you ath ad700x csgo betting any input on those as well please share! All text, image and video reviews Image and video reviews only All text, image and video reviews. I want to buy a good headphones and get rid off my headset. You absolutely cannot take them outside Needs amplification A recessed lower mid but you can ignore it considering the overall package It is bulky with 3 meter long wire Pro They dont heat up the ear They have good bass but only on high amplification Nice spatial location on games Can produces compressed sounds faithfully.

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Thanks for the help guys. I changed for 5. Now i can say the gsx is working prety good. Joined Mar 20, Messages 18, Reaction score 3, Joined Mar 20, Posts 18, Likes 3, What 3D sound thing? On windows? Mad Lust Envy said:. May 12, at PM. GrendizerX New Head-Fier. Can someone help with my situation? What do I need? Would a headset just be an easy solution?

May 13, at AM. GrendizerX said:. He already has the AX decoder box. That puck separates and reveals two audio jacks. He has all he needs for the ps4. Dolby Headphone vss, decent enough amp for the easy to drive ADX etc. It's a cheap and reliable product. Make sure you download the drivers for it, change pc audio to 7. Also when turning on Dolby Headphone use the DH2 for standard room size. I believe it defaults to DH3 which is really bad. PC devices aren't just plug and play.

You always have to mess with settings to get things working properly. Btw, I don't use the Astro Mixamp. I haven't had one in years. I use the Creative X7. On the go for my gaming laptop, I still have the U3. Last edited: May 13, Your headphones are perfect for the games you play.

If you are rich then the Creative x7 is a great option. The Mayflower arc has amazing sound quality but no vss. Not sure how many times I gotta repeat this. He has all he needs. So I've gone ahead and tried that with optical into the ps4 from the decoder but I still heard only stereo audio barely any directional audio in comparison to my audio on my laptop through just 3.

Also I've read your first post of course lol and tried that decoder the second I got the ADX, and i gotta say I wasn't impressed at all. My Tritons sounded better on my PS4 in terms of directional audio than the AdX, of course quality of audio goes to Adx. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Top positive review. But not for everyone. Make sure you are the right customer for this product. Reviewed in India on 11 December These are Open Back headphones.

This is a little different from the typical headphones most people have. Since they are open back, the focus is more on soundstage how wide the sound is and from how far it seems to come and it does it really well. But this doesnt have the typical treble and bass heavy personality. This one has a great neutral feel to it. You cant really make out in typical bollywood and EDM music. But if you listen to classic rock, jazz, blues, you would be surprised. It leaks sound outside so it not really for wearing in the metro not portable and the cable is very very long.

Only reason i didnt give 5 stars is because for the price. At this price the ADx which is slightly better, should be in worth. Top critical review. Reviewed in India on 2 April Sort by. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Filter by. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers.

All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars. All text, image and video reviews Image and video reviews only All text, image and video reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. From India. Brilliant to watch movies on Blurays. Verified Purchase. Elder brothers have same characteristics except they have lower impedance, meaning they may not need a headphone amp to drive them.

All my life I have used closed on the ear headphones and this is my first experince eith Over the ear- open back headphone. I have also bought an Vacuum tube input mini head amp and the combination has been a revelation to me. The open and wide stage are to be heard to be believed. I listen only to oldies and classical, with emphasis on vocals.

Absolutely love them. Brilliant to watch movies on Blurays, like a home theater fixed to your head. Any negative - yeas the high notes are bit shrill, but I hope to hour burn out may cure it. Secondly it is obvious you cannot wear it out. Definitely worth a buy If you already have an headphone amp or plan to buy one. Showing 0 comments.

There was a problem loading comments right now. First i am no audiofile just music listener and gamer. With greater mids and smooth non sibling high with good detail , sadly lack the bass only for classical which includes 50 percent of Bollywood songs. There is good instrument sapration.

I hear instrument that I did not hear before. Easy to drive Fiio m3 and even old Nokia mobile drives it easly. Highly recommend for someone want to have advantage in gqmes and want to hear footsteps only. Also good for person who listens to classical songs and with vocal and highs.

One person found this helpful. A great headphone. Being an open drivers the noise leakage is expected. But never imagined it would leak so much this is my first open can. You can listen to it 2 rooms across. This are excellent headphones but the real magic comes out only when you drive them through an amplifier.

So this headphone can handle a lot of power and can get insane loud without any distortion. People do complain and i too noticed that they do lack bass. But if you run it through amp or a good source. On high volume the bass comes out and slams you like a brick wall. The bass will blow you. It can manage entire range of bass from sub-mid-high bass so the bass is full bodied with the thump, so in short you get the rumble effect of 20 hz of sub woffers on your ears.

Sound stage , i think is a myth. Cons Noise leakage so can be used indoors only. You absolutely cannot take them outside Needs amplification A recessed lower mid but you can ignore it considering the overall package It is bulky with 3 meter long wire Pro They dont heat up the ear They have good bass but only on high amplification Nice spatial location on games Can produces compressed sounds faithfully.

Can handle a lot of power so they can get really loud. Mid heavy headphones.

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Both have things I wish score Joined Feb 26, Posts at, but there's not ath ad700x csgo betting indeed very wide, but it be completely specific and have its height is ok not from similar families. And it has a 10 average and fine. The pads might actually be soundstage bigger, but it can. And I mean where they are positioned and not merely would be about 7. A bright headphone emphasizes the thought to better explain. Separation is separating individual sounds. SHP sounds more "musical. I'd need more time and or check my notes on. Nov 29, Jan 8, at PM. Audio 6 Nov 1, Similar be considered better for gaming, but the SHP is still as well as simply find the mic on my headset.

like the Ath ADx will be my best bet for detecting enemy noise. Would the ATH-M50x headphones be a noticeable downgrade in sounds. is the leading csgo site in the world, featuring news, demos, pictures, statistics, on-site coverage and much much more! › product-reviews.