what does a line mean in sports betting

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What does a line mean in sports betting fixed odds betting ladbrokes games

What does a line mean in sports betting

You can bet at one of the sportsbooks in their casinos. As more and more states pass laws to legalize sports betting, you will also be able to place wagers at local casinos in your area. You could also find a local bookie to bet through, but we recommend betting online. We have an excellent list of the top places to bet online that take U. If you are looking to maximize your first deposit, we also have a great comparison of the best sportsbooks signup bonuses for you.

Betting sports in Vegas is likely going to be the option with the biggest learning curve. You will understand the odds after reading this article, but there are a few other rules and common practices you want to be familiar with that are specific to Vegas. There are nearly infinite ways to bet sports. If you can think of something to bet on, there is a good chance you can find somewhere to bet on it.

One of the first and most important aspects of sports betting every new player must learn is what the different symbols mean. A plus or a minus can mean different things in different situations. This is explained in more detail below, but the most important thing to be aware of is that negative numbers represent favorites, while positive numbers represent underdogs. The same is true whether you are looking at a spread or a moneyline, but how these numbers are used is very different.

Read on for the complete explanation of each of these concepts. The point spread is the projected number of points that separate two teams. A game with a spread will have a favorite the team expected to win and an underdog the team expected to lose. In the example above, the point spread is 7 points. Patriots are favored by 7 points against the Jets.

If they lose by exactly 7 points, the bet is considered a push and is canceled. If you bet on the Patriots -7, they must win the game outright by more than 7 points. The 3-digit numbers to the far right are the listed prices for these bets. This is also called the odds, vig, or juice. We will cover those in more depth when we talk about money lines. The price of the bet has no impact on which team is favored.

The point spread is sometimes known as an equalizer for sportsbook operators. In a way, the point spread will even the field for both teams. The point spread gives a reason for bettors to risk money on both teams.

The better team playing in the game is considered favorite. They have to win by the point spread offered by the sportsbook. The favorite in a game is listed as being minus - the point spread. The worse of the teams playing in the game is called the underdog. The bettor wins if this team wins the game outright or loses by an amount smaller than the point spread.

Using this example, the Chiefs were 3-point favorites over the Buccaneers. The Chiefs needed to win by 4 or more points to cover the spread. Likewise, the Buccaneers were 3-point underdogs. That means the Buccaneers needed to win the game outright or not lose the contest by 4 points or more.

Point spreads are usually set with odds , but pricing often fluctuates at online sportsbooks. The odds guarantee the sportsbook operator will see a little money over time. A spread of minus-seven -7 means that a is favored to win the game by a touchdown technically, a touchdown and the extra point.

A team favored by -7 must win the game by eight or more points to win the bet. A loss by seven would result in a push. A -3 spread means that the favorite must win by more than a field goal to win the wager. A three-point win would result in a push and the sportsbook would refund the wager.


You determine a winning or losing point spread by adding or subtracting 7. When you see a line with a full number instead of a number with a half point, your wager could end up as a push. In our example, if the line were 7 instead of 7.

Most of the time, these two numbers will be the same, because oddsmakers want to set lines so that they get as much action on the underdog as on the favorite, guaranteeing them a profit. The last number in the top two rows of our sports line example is known as the money line. The final line of information in our example line is the over-under. Wagers placed on the over-under have nothing to do with which team wins or the difference between the points they score, but rather the combined number of points both teams will score in the game.

The first number It could be Dallas 54, New York 3, or any other point combination that adds up to 57 or more and your bet will win. Betting the under means that the two teams cannot score more than 56 points combined, or else you lose your bet. Reading sports betting lines becomes easier with practice and experience with different sporting events.

What looks like a jumble of letters and numbers actually gives a lot of information in a tiny amount of space. Different sports have different types of wagers available, such as the run line in baseball or the puck line in hockey, both of which replace the money line found in our football example. How to Read Betting Lines If your sports betting experience consists mostly of office pools during March Madness or a casual wager between you and a friend while you watch the Super Bowl, the transition to serious sports betting means learning how to read betting lines.

A -3 spread means that the favorite must win by more than a field goal to win the wager. A three-point win would result in a push and the sportsbook would refund the wager. A three-point loss would be graded as a push by the sportsbook and the bet would be refunded.

Even Kansas City— known for their explosive offense— had an average point differential in of just 9. The net point differential in the NFL is Basically, the talent differential in the NFL is so minute that even mismatched teams often draw games within a score of each other. NFL spreads are most commonly between one point and four, with six being a heavy favorite and extremes coming out around point favors. Sportsbook operators often aim to have equal money on both sides of a point spread.

When the money is exactly split the sportsbook operator will see the exact vigorish as their profit margin. If all things are equal over time this will maximize how much money the sportsbook operator can make. The odds for a point spread might change before the actual point spread. There are certain point spread numbers, like 3 and 7 in football, the sportsbook operators would like to avoid moving away from since the final score margin falls on these two numbers most often.

For example, if a lot more money is wagered on the New England Patriots -3, the vig may shift from to and before the line moves to Football and basketball games are mostly bet using a point spread. The less popular major sports, baseball and hockey, are mostly bet using a moneyline.

In an effort to make baseball and hockey more appealing to point spread bettors, the sportsbook operators offer run and puck lines, respectively. These alternative lines give point spread bettors a chance to wager on other sports using a more familiar method of betting. What Is A Point Spread? Betting Odds And Strategy.

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theforexgurublog.com › puntingline-betting. Another term for “point spread.” It is the betting “line” or gambling odds used to determine the parameters for wagering on either the favorite or. How do you read NBA betting lines? · What is the hardest sport to bet on? · How do point spreads work? · What does + mean in sports betting? · What does 0 point.