predictive sports betting analytics

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Predictive sports betting analytics betting raja film heroine india

Predictive sports betting analytics

Introducing a revolutionized way to predict sport betting outcomes. We cut through the noise of bogus betting information to provide truly valuable, authoritative, predictive sports analytics. By empowering sports bettors with sophisticated betting models and advanced software, the ability to handicap the true value of a betting opportunity is finally here.

Each betting model is designed to accurately forecast the probability of a specific betting outcome, with accuracy continuously validated by back tests against historical odds. Our intuitive software platform allows you to quickly sort, search, and filter the markets, easily identifying inefficiencies. Our expert team includes mathematicians, data scientists, sabermetrician, sports analysts, and professional gamblers, each providing an extra layer of sophistication to optimize our models.

Identify Market Inefficiencies Now. Real-Time Odds. Betting Models. Betting Stats. This blog will show you how to setup and run a small automated data pipeline in AWS, which extracts all stats from Understat. But that has been because of a specific reason: I participated at the 2nd DFB Hackathon, which consumed a huge amount of my freetime, which I normally spent creating some content for my blog.

The Hackathon was again a great experience as all this deep data science stuff is still a challenge for me. In one of my older posts I described the data architecture , I am using for all my examples. As the database I use the Exasol Community Edition. From time to time it is necessary to update your software to the current version because of new features. This post will describe, how to migrate a Exasol community edition to anther one. These steps can also be used, to migrate nearly every database to an Exasol.

I have decided to take a look at the current development of Borussia Moenchengladbach in the Bundesliga. Even if RB Leipzig took over now the first place, the development of Gladbach in comparison to the last seasons is impressive. Before I started analyzing data for sports betting I have worked as a Business Intelligence BI consultant in different industries. During this time I learned how Business Analytics helps you to improve your business performance by analyzing data.

In the next step in the process of testing the predictive power of xG, I need to get some data. This part will focus on getting the team expected goals statistics.


What is skill-based and what is random? Prospective sports bettors in a regulated U. The high number of websites now offering it for free or for a fee seems to foreshadow a groundswell of interest in sports wagering. Many new players are predicted to quickly dive in and enjoy the process for fun, profit and, hopefully, both. Gambling problem? About Contact. This site contains commercial content. March 27, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Share 19 Tweet Share. Related Posts.

Load More. Problem Gambling. Search Sports Handle. I was watching the match between Arsenal and Manchester United last weekend, one in which the home side was generally regarded as an underdog. It really could have gone either way. United hit the woodwork twice in the first half.

And did I mention that Tottenham Hotspur was beaten by Southampton the same weekend? As another round of surprising results from the Premier League unfolded, I kept thinking about the algorithm I developed. Would it be able to correctly predict the results on a consistent basis? There is some inherent randomness in the model, but is it enough to factor for the tantalizing poised nature of the PL, where relegation-zoned Southampton clinched a victory against all-star Tottenham?

So I decided to bring it back and back-test. One of the difficulties of testing an algorithm is to find a good benchmark for its performance. How about comparing my results to professional football pundits? So I found out that every week, SkySports website published a prediction for that week fixtures by Paul Merson [1] , an ex-Arsenal-player-turned-pundit who had won several titles. Just listen to what Arsenal former manager, Wenger had to say about him:.

These debates that I hear are a joke, a farce. People [Merson] who have managed zero games, they teach everybody how you should behave. No matter what your opinion about him, the prediction of an ex-Arsenal player for the Arsenal-Man United match will surely be more dependable than an obscure model that runs on randomly spitting out numbers. Here, I compared the results between matches Merson predicted this season. He achieved a The result startled me. And I did not even have to do much besides asking the beloved Poisson processes to chunk out numbers.

This is when I started looking into sports betting. If you ever think that the terms and quoted APR on your credit cards are complicated, try venturing into those betting websites once. They are just plain crazy. Take the US Odds for example. This is fine, but then they have negative odds , like an odds. I mean, they are still using Feet and Fahrenheit anyway. For the purpose of this project, we will use a nicer system: the European Odds. For example, Bet gives an odds of 2.

But things are not always nice and simple. In reality, to maximize profit, bookmakers employ teams of data scientists to analyze decades of sports data and develop highly accurate models for predicting the outcome of sports events and giving odds to their advantage. That extra 2. To get the real probabilities, we need to correct for the profit by dividing through by For a perfectly efficient bookmaker, these are the probabilities of each outcome.

The expected profit is the same if I had betted for Man United:. And — you guessed it — if I bet on a draw, I expect to get back 97 cents. This understanding does not stop me from trying to exploit any potential inefficiencies in the market. At first, I devise the general bet strategies. Implementing the Kelly Criterion is quite simple in R:. However, if we aggregate all the odds from many different betting houses, we should get a better reflection of how bookmakers view the probability of an event, Arsenal defeating Man United for example:.

Obviously, there are inherent risks in this optimal Poisson model. Both Merson and the Poisson-process model and me!!! All in the same weekend!!! Before you clone my Github repo and raise capital for your sports hedge fund, I should make it clear that there are no guarantees.

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Predicting Football Matches Using Data With Jordan Tigani - Strata Europe 2014

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STATS award-winning predictive analytics through A.I. will be a boon to the legal sports gambling market in light of the U.S. Supreme Court's recent ruling. Predictive sports betting analytics tools are the closest thing you can get to Biff's all-knowing Sports Almanac from Back to the Future 2. In-Depth Analysis. 'Making big bucks' with a data-driven sports betting strategy correctly predicting the results for 7/10 matches in the first Matchweek (3 of.