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That is, everything is fine, completely a working process, but the player was reminded of various promises and explanations in love with "Milan" - they say, how could you leave him after that?! It is easy to find quotes about how actively the opposition then it was the opposition rolled the road to increase the cost of construction of the "Olympic". And what now? The government and its critics have changed places, and the same arguments are sounded - only now from other mouths… In the meantime, the "Olympic" will probably go far beyond UAH 4 billion.

There is only the relocation of the Prozorovsky collector, that is, underground communications, devoured at least million UAH, and no one will ever be able to check how these costs, so to speak, are adequate. This time Kolesnikov did not wave his hands, although, in my opinion, he was absolutely right - what kind of… decided not to build a new stadium in a normal place, but to bury a lot of money in this miracle?

Which after Euro is yet to be used somewhere for peaceful purposes, and this is a separate conversation in a separate place with individual people! My question was about this - do you intend to organize a tender for the purchase of the name of the stadiums in Kiev and Lviv, in order to somehow recoup the funds spent on them and further operating costs? The Poles have already made a fuss - the stadium in Gdansk was driven for a decent amount, Warsaw will also go under the hammer. And we?

However, I immediately caught myself thinking that the question was premature. To begin with, you should decide on the concept of using stadiums - roughly speaking, who will hang them. Do not go to the fortune teller, one operation of the Kiev "Olympic" will pull under a dozen lemons dollars! But here at least it is clear who can play on it - the national team, "Dynamo", "Arsenal", musicians even if they do not bring so much money.

And who needs a second stadium in Lviv?! I am clearly not the only one dealing with such a question… Suppose the Carpathians rent it out, and the old glade, Ukraine, is re-profiled into the market? From what caused, so to speak, special questions. Boris Viktorovich is an emotional person and obviously starts half a turn, especially since not all questions were favorable.

So, to the question of a Polish journalist: "When will there be smiles at the border? With the political - I'm not sure that's right. The same correctness…. There was a question about the abduction of a Palestinian from the Kiev-Kharkov train.

Everyone was waiting for the Football Federation to get its share - usually without its invisible presence, the Deputy Prime Minister's communication with journalists is not possible. Got FFU and this time, but on the little things - they say, she should not have formed an application for Euro with spare and main cities, then there would be no offended then! Well, I will say for myself, then Kharkiv would not have been thoroughly slowed down at first in the European Championship, for that matter… Not to mention that the application of Ukraine and Poland in this form in had quite respectful reasons.

For example - the lack of one hundred percent guarantees from the four main cities, among which, in particular, was Dnepropetrovsk. From the very beginning, Odessa went to the spare. Although in general it was difficult to find fault with the Deputy Prime Minister's answer again - it is not unknown villains-intriguers, but first of all the Odessa authorities are to blame for slapping the Euro!

It is said that the Federation raked even later, on the sidelines - they say, forever its representatives appear where there are many journalists and TV cameras… But against the background of everything that was before, it can be seen either as a friendly joke, or as a compliment.

And in general, the reason for arranging a shootout is too small. Let's go to work. And in Germany, it will produce the largest video screens in Europe. As planned, in the first days of April in Kiev on the National Sports Complex "Olympic" began work on the construction of membrane cover over spectator stands.

The high-strength special braided cable ropes will be stretched over a week on an eighty-column steel frame forty meters high. Then the cable system will begin to prepare for the installation of membrane cover. This unique engineering structure will also become the main architectural decoration of the stadium. Now the screws with the help of jacks have been raised to the desired height and will begin to be fixed on the supporting structures.

Recall that the membrane cover itself, made of translucent synthetic material, will protect from precipitation all spectators. Although the stadium can be opened, as promised, in late August - early September, it will take some time for the new lawn set in the field to take root and take root. Together with the mounting structure, their weight will be 9,5 tons. Two such boards will be placed on the roof behind the football goal.

LED screens with the highest image quality allow viewers to see repetitions of sharp moments of the game from anywhere in the stadium. After the Championship, the video panels can be used at concerts, exhibitions and presentations. For the convenience of fans in the fan zones in Kiev Independence Square - Khreshchatyk , Kharkiv Freedom Square , Donetsk Shcherbakov Park and Lviv Svoboda Freedom will also set up huge screens to watch matches, build cafes, prepare entertainment programs.

There will be three sectors in the capital's Kreschatik fan zone: recreation, trade, watching matches, food, VIP-zone, for disabled fans, as well as sanitary and technical zones. As reported the other day - during the opening of the all-Ukrainian competition for the best logo of the main stadium of the country - the Director of Operation of the Olympic Olympic Committee Vladimir Geninson, there will be no smoking places at the Olympic.

Smoking will be possible only on the outside circle of the stadium - on the street, and on the inside and in the middle of the bowl - smoking is strictly prohibited. Such rules will be introduced at all Euro stadiums. And at the stadium "Donbass Arena" intend to ban smoking already this season. The Metalist stadium in Kharkiv will also follow this example.

For the Kiev motorists for the period of the European Football Championship, these capital highways will become almost "impassable", which should be taken into account when moving around Kiev. It may be decided to block traffic on these streets. And here on the new road to the airport "Kiev" Zhuliany it is still possible to travel.

And even with the breeze. The city state administration, considering that the road project is ready and agreed, expects to start construction in two months. It should be reminded that the road with a length of three and a half kilometers from Krasnodar prospect to Zhulian will be built by June The management of the airport "Kiev" is confident that it will have time to build a new international terminal for the championship.

Now the matter is for permission to start construction and for the money of the investor who won the competition. The city hall has developed a scheme for the location of the official area for fans. This section will be completely closed to cars and fenced for almost a month - from June 8 to July 1, But on the day of the final match, their number will increase to 90 thousand.

The zone is designed for so many visitors. It will be possible to get to the territory of the fan zone through three entrances - from the Main Post Office, Bessarabian Market and Proreznaya Street. A large stage with a main TV screen will be installed on the Maidan - 12 by 16 meters. But, given the size of the territory, the city administration decided to place five smaller auxiliary displays along the perimeter of Khreshchatyk - 9 by 12 meters. Protection of the fan zone will be provided round the clock by police officers, whose duties will include personal care of the fans.

On September 6, the Ukrainian national team will play a friendly match against the Czech Republic in Prague. Until that date, our team will play at least three matches already listed in the calendar on the official FIFA website - June 6 with France, August 10 with Sweden and September 2 with Iran. Information Center "Ukraine". On April 8, the match of the 24th round of the Ukrainian championship "Zarya" - "Metalist" will take place not in Luhansk, but in Donetsk at RSK "Olympic", where Luhansk residents held their last home matches.

This decision was made at a meeting of the FFU Stadium and Security Committee in connection with the still unsatisfactory condition of the lawn at the Avangard Stadium in Luhansk. We will remind that earlier the president of "Dawn" Evgeny Geller promised that by a match with "Metalist" the field will have time to be put in order. Sergey Tsyba. Champions League.

The first match. Barcelona - Shakhtar - 5: 1. Goals: Iniesta, '2 1: 0. Dani Alves, '34 2: 0. Pique, '53 3: 0. Rakitsky, '60 3: 1. Keita, '61 4: 1. Xavi, '86 5: 1. Punishments: Rat, ' Iniesta, ' Rakitsky, '66 warnings. Referee: Thomson, Andrews, Chambers all Scotland. April 6. Know Camp Stadium. Shakhtar, forced to play Barcelona in the first quarter-finals of the Champions League, were essentially challenged not only by the best team of today, but also by the huge football world, which had never allowed the Orange and Blacks into the narrow circle before.

On the eve of the game, Mircea Lucescu recalled with pleasure the stages of the great journey under his leadership of the Donetsk team in Europe for seven years. In the beginning, European Cup springs were practically guaranteed under Mister as a change of seasons. Then - reaching the playoffs of the Champions League from first place in the group. And now - a breakthrough in the quarterfinals of the most prestigious club tournament, which, again, according to the Romanian coach of the miners, can be equated to a victory in Istanbul two years ago.

In general, a rather curious, even somewhat paradoxical, situation emerged: Barcelona had to worry more about the outcome of the confrontation, as Shakhtar coped with the mandatory program of the season, while actually deciding the issue of the Ukrainian championship in their favor, and now, having been liberated, he had every right to redouble his energy with redoubled energy.

Actually, this was the meaning of most of the interviews of the Donetsk club players on the eve of the match at the Nou Camp: we will give in to Barcelona - no sane person will reproach, we will win - the whole world will be at our feet. Josep Guardiola, in turn, feared underestimating his opponent and called the feelings he felt before yesterday's game "strange.

I know this from the moment I played my first match against the Donetsk club in the Champions League. If you play with Shakhtar half-heartedly, he will leave you behind. This team recently won the Europa League, represented by five Brazilians, whom I would like to have in the "Barca".

This is a super team. Believe me. They are perfectly protected, work like beasts. They have a mentor who coached before I started playing football. They have many strengths. They have always impressed me, but especially now. Guardiola tried to protect not only his players but also his fans from the hat-throwing moods fueled by bookmakers who did not even see Shakhtar as an equal rival to Barcelona.

In Ukraine we will be met by a full stadium. Such serious competitions are not won without the help of everyone, and when the crowd fills the stands at the Nou Camp during important matches, we feel very strong. The "crowd" heard the leader of the garnet blue: it provided almost a full house in the stands and, as always, impressive voice support for its idols. It should be added that with such a large number of spectators in the stands as yesterday, the miners in the Champions League have never played.

And forty-five minutes before the starting whistle, the mountaineers went out to warm up. By this time, the protocols had already appeared in the press box located at the Nou Camp, one might say, at a bird's eye view. Honestly, the information leaked to the Internet yesterday afternoon that Ishchenko would be in the starting lineup instead of Chigrinsky did not become a revelation for the SE correspondent.

So the prognosis about the inevitable appearance of Chigrinsky from the first minutes, which was given by all Catalan newspapers, was, as it turned out, an attempt to pass off what was desired. Yes, Chigrinsky against Barca - looks intriguing, but, alas, not here and not now. As for the choice in favor of Ishchenko by the way, Lucescu hinted at him during the pre-match press conference, but everyone apparently decided - Mr.

Darkens , then here, probably, much is explained by the "Barcelona" experience of Ishchenko: in autumn he held a full match against the Catalan club in the Champions League in Donetsk. Another prediction of Lucescu came true: Fernandinho was among the substitutes.

In turn, Guardiola avoided the temptation to do without Messi, who suffered a micro-injury in the last game of the Spanish championship with "Villarreal". I don't want anyone to be injured, but if you play against Shakhtar at half-time, Shakhtar will leave you behind, "the Catalan coach explained his decision. The match began with a quick attack by Shakhtar, which was launched on the right flank by Douglas, and Mkhitaryan tried to finish.

He was under pressure from Mascherano on the lawn, but the judge did not see anything illegal in the actions of the Catalan. And then - what we feared most happened: a quick goal was the result of Iniesta's obstinacy, to which the ball bounced off one of our defenders 12 meters from Pyatov's goal.

Shakhtar, we must pay tribute to him, did not panic, began to feel the weaknesses in the defense of "Barcelona" - and it turned out to be enough. In ten minutes, the miners could succeed three times. But if Willian hit at a fairly sharp angle, the exit of Luis Adriano one on one with Valdes looked like a one hundred percent chance, but the ball swept right next to the rack.

Goalkeeper of Barcelona "was in the limelight and in the next episode created by Shakhtar: to outstrip Luis Adriano, who again broke through the center, the goalkeeper was forced to play with his feet outside the penalty area. The ball bounced to Jadson, however, to repeat the feat of Stoikovich, who scored a curious goal on the eve of Schalke, the Donetsk Brazilian failed: the ball passed with an empty goal.

Messi tried mockingly, as if by hand, to throw the ball through Pyatov - our goalkeeper was at the height in the literal sense of the word. Villa, who broke into our penalty area with the ball, did not hit the goal. The inattention of Shakhtar's central defenders allowed Messi with his sprout! To punch the ball into Dani Alves's head without interference. Soon, the right-hand defender of "Barcelona" found himself in the arms of partners and bathed in the standing ovations. The second goal was a fairly familiar home-made bill of Catalans, which for Shakhtar suddenly came as a surprise.

Otherwise it is difficult to explain why the miners' defenders did not react to the learned Iniesta diagonally or hoped for an offside from Alves? Shakhtar responded with rare counterattacks, but they were no longer as dangerous as at the beginning of the game.

Immediately after the resumption of the game, once again failed to tame the ball Luis Adriano, who received a transfer from Rat to the line of the "Barcelona" goal area. The Catalans were not inclined to forgive the mistakes of the Donetsk defense. If with a free kick executed by Xavi by the way, Rat earned a disqualifying yellow card in this episode Pyatov coped, then with a corner - no. Xavi rolled the ball from the corner flag on Pike, he was allowed to punch - and the ball, complicated by a ricochet, flew into Shakhtar's net for the third time.

With a score of 0: 3 to score such a necessary away goal, as did Rakitsky, ahead of the defenders of "Barcelona" after Srna's free kick - and immediately miss the fourth goal… Another pruning of "Shakhtar" in his half of the field - and Kate, who was on the edge Catalan attack, stabbed the ball in the "nine".

Twenty minutes before the final whistle, Fernandinho returned to the Champions League - he replaced Jadson. And in the first martial art he threw Messi on the lawn. Fortunately for Shakhtar, the Barcelona players' free kicks clearly didn't work yesterday - so Alves sent the ball much higher than the goal. Excessive cowardice was an unimportant ally of the Catalans.

Shakhtar lost the most real chance of reducing the score to Luis Adriano, possibly the main loser of the match. This time Valdes played a goal post from which the ball bounced to the goalkeeper directly into his hands.

Shakhtar finished Javi, who was allowed by Donetsk defenders to take the ball almost on the goalkeeper line. Europa League. Dynamo - Braga. The correspondents of SE who went to Dynamo open training yesterday were most concerned with the question: Will the main goalkeeper of the team Alexander Shovkovsky, who last week picked up the usual virus for the current weather, recover to the match with Braga?

If tomorrow is entrusted with a spot in the gate, I will try to show everything that I can do. What health problems did you experience? What was already behind me, so I see no point in talking about it now. However, along with optimism in the goalkeeper's voice, fatigue after the illness was also noticeable. A further testimony to the fact that Shovkovsky still needed time to recover was that he had been working, as before, on an individual plan.

Young goalkeepers Maxim Koval and Denis Boyko worked with the main group. On the eve of the match with "Braga" the condition of another leader of Kyiv Artem Milevsky was no less relevant. We will remind: three weeks ago in a match with "Vorskla" the forward in a harmless episode broke a hand then his participation in a duel with Portuguese seemed at least improbable.

In the game with Krivbass, in order to forget about the fracture, he tried to crawl in the podcasts more often. I do not rule out that in the first minutes of the match with "Braga" I will still have some fear, because the Portuguese defenders are quite tough to defend. Andrei Shevchenko was one of the first to appear at the training. Taking advantage of the fact that the bulk of reporters who came to Koncha Zaspa at that time were still at the press conference of Yuri Semin, the correspondent of "SE" managed to exchange a few words with the leader of Kiev about the upcoming match.

We must not forget that, having shown good football, "Braga" beat "Liverpool", and did not allow the opponent to print their goal. And given that the Merseysiders are unyielding in their home walls, this only commands respect. I have no doubt that Dynamo will have a very difficult game. Pre-match training began with the usual game of "squares" - the players, divided into groups of people, tried not to let the player in the middle to take the ball. Against the background of the others, the company of young people stood out - Maxim Koval, Roman Zozulya, Andrei Yarmolenko and Vladislav Kalitvintsev.

Apparently, so that the young people would not be spoiled, Semin added "experienced" Oleg Luzhny and Sergei Rebrov to them. The general merriment was interrupted by the whistle of the head coach, who called the players to him: "First we play handball, then a warm-up, in the end - two-sided. I'm on one bar, you're on the other. It was not easy for Taras Mikhalik - a football player who, according to Semin, will fully recover only in two weeks, did not always keep up with his comrades.

And the bandage on his leg clearly did not add optimism to the defender. Artem Milevsky, on the contrary, was one of the most active. The only one who did not share the general joy was Milevsky's best friend, Alexander Aliyev. The midfielder did not take part in training and, working with the ball on his own, looked sadly at his partners.

In order to have some fun, he came up with a rather original way - he gave some beautiful passes to the puppy guarding the base in Koncha Zaspa. In order to properly evaluate the scale of the challenge facing Dynamo today, I think, in my opinion, it is necessary to start off not so much from the opponent's name, but from the high stage of the tournament. I think no one will deny that the level of play depends, first of all, on what this game decides. To talk about the hypothetical weakness of the rival of Kiev could be if the rivals met, for example, in the group stage of Eurocup, where everything can be corrected.

Therefore, it is absolutely irrelevant in the fight against whom exactly to challenge the European League semifinal. The stage of the quarter-finals, where they are not ranked, not by lot, but only after overcoming the previous stages, implies respect for the opponent. And it should be respected immediately, not after it becomes clear that he is an opponent. It is such a mistake that I think was made by both Manchester City in the first match against Dynamo and Liverpool in the first game against Braga.

To correct the situation, having understood its seriousness, the English clubs, as now already known, failed. According to the players, "Braga" looks an order of magnitude weaker than the same "Manchester City". On the other hand, the game of Manchester celebrities has been in sight of the whole football world for many years, so it is not very difficult to imagine how to play against Willie or Tevez. But how to play against the leaders of "Braga" is a big question. There are plenty of examples of this team playing against top rivals this season, but Braga has either lost to these rivals or passed them in a dramatic struggle.

How should Dynamo play against Braga today? As the opponent will allow or as the hosts want? I think the first minutes of the game will solve a lot. It is desirable not to allow the Portuguese, or rather, the Portuguese Brazilians to calmly get used to the field of the Kiev stadium. There are two ways to do this - either try to crush the guests from the first minutes at a high pace and pressure, or deprive them of control of the ball by combining in the center of the field. A year ago, when applied to Dynamo, these two paths could be unmistakably called Gazzaevsky and Seminsky.

Now everything is not so simple. Returning to Kiev, Yuri Semin did not literally recreate his team in the spring of The current Dynamo plays another football - perhaps faster and more spectacular, perhaps less reliable. Depending on the presence or absence of Shevchenko or Milevsky, the game of Dynamo changes, and this is normal: it is useless to try to repeat the manner of play of these performers.

But to try to surprise rivals - it is possible. Because the loss of two authoritative leaders or at least one of them brings the team not only problems but also benefits. Without Shevchenko and Milevsky, Dynamo runs much faster. But, adding in speed, it is not always possible to add in the game. We were able to see this by watching Dynamo's games in the spring part of the season.

Fortunately, the assumptions of some analysts about the decline in the physical form of the Dynamo, it seems to me, were groundless. Simply the team together with the coach continues to learn to play in the modern schedule, when responsible matches are held twice a week from August to April.

Regardless of the results of this spring, next season, Dynamo should be a little easier with this. So far, there is no apparent reason to fear the benefits of Braga in physical training. Especially do not worry especially about the technicality of the guests.

First, and in "Dynamo" players are no less technical, secondly, the Brazilians of the level of "Braga" is already enough in our national championship, and to teach how to play against them, no one else is necessary. I think that it will be enough for the Dynamo players to hold the match at their usual pace this spring, trying to avoid mistakes in the center of the field as much as possible. All players with a chance to appear in the squad have enough experience of responsible matches to prevent unpleasant surprises.

Well, the way to success will have to look in the attack, where today Dynamo has very much to play. As for Braga's reputation as a team that does not miss much, in the fall Shakhtar clearly showed what this reputation stands for in a duel with a high-class rival. And the fact that the Dynamo class is no lower than the Shakhtar class, as they say, is not discussed. Simply the task at Dynamo today is much more responsible. And the goal is much better visible than in September….

Yesterday on a suburban base of Dynamo Kiev the head coach of Kiev, traditionally taking with him goalkeeper Alexander Shovkovsky, gave a pre-match press conference. What strengths and weaknesses did the opponent note? Recently, "Braga" has won many victories, both in the championship and in the Europa League, where "Liverpool" managed to pass without missing a single ball.

We seriously analyzed the opponent, who also looks good physically. I will note good team actions. The other guys are preparing for the match on an equal footing with everyone. On the day of the game we will look at their condition.

How are you feeling? Ready to play with Braga? If I am entrusted with a place in the team, I am ready to show the maximum of my capabilities. But we had the same situation with Manchester City, so I don't see anything wrong with that. I think there should always be a balance. You need to be able to act well with both the first and second number. I hope the Argentine will fully prepare for the new season. But to confirm this, we must win. There are a number of performers who perform better in individual positions than before.

You regained your place in the main lineup of "Dynamo", became the first number in the team. Do you have enough motivation in such a situation? Then I'll finish football. Braga is very drunk. And it will be difficult for us with the Braga team.

Do you take this nuance into account? Yuri Semin: - Of course. This is important for all Ukrainian football, those teams that will later occupy certain places to play in European Cups. Alexander Shovkovsky: - On the part of the players, I can say that we do not think about it at all. It is much more important for us to prepare well for the sum of two. We will get maximum points, it will be great for both us and Ukraine.

And the Portuguese have been doing very well lately. We now have a tight calendar, and the wards have accumulated injuries. There are difficulties in this regard. What exactly is our secret. On the day of the match, the players will undergo a medical examination, then everything will become clear. Dynamo vs Braga. While in the conference hall of the Dynamo base journalists were waiting for the main actors of the event - Yuri Semin and Alexander Shovkovsky, the correspondent of "SE" went to the hall of the third floor, hoping to meet the hero of his future exclusive.

A cunning strategic move worked - the doors of the elevator with the players every now and then opened on the third level of the residential complex. Maybe the runners-up were just sleepy and confused the buttons in the elevator, or maybe the "lift" near the cluster of cameras and other electronic equipment worked automatically - it's unclear.

Someone quietly got out of the elevator and followed to the right room, and someone was clearly not at the address and, seeing us, began to excitedly look for his fingers the right button, even forgetting to say hello. Ogun Vukojevic was not on the list of ignorant young people.

Croatia, once again emphasizing Balkan sociability, not only welcomed us with a colleague, but at the same time inquired about the content of the future issue of "SE". Not to take advantage of such openness of a football player is akin to a deadly sin for any reporter. And then, a few minutes later, Wuko and I are already talking tete-a-tete near the edge of the training field…. And not only I have one - the whole team is in high spirits.

But at the same time, in no case can not be missed. We will be satisfied with any positive result. And it doesn't matter how many goals we score. Tomorrow the opponent will start playing very carefully from behind and will wait for a mistake on our part. Our task is to act very smartly and disciplined from the first minutes, as it was in the matches with Besiktas and Man City.

The fight consists of two fights, and this must be taken into account. You should not run forward, forgetting about defense. The main thing is to play calmly, and we will definitely score our goal. We play in front of our fans, so we have to show a decent game. The main thing is not to miss, and we will have moments to score. I spoke recently with Eduardo and Dario Srna, who noted that Braga has a lot of good players from Portugal and Brazil. The average age of this team is years. With an experienced opponent just does not happen, see for yourself.

We also watched their game with Liverpool. If the team passed the British, then the conclusion is one - "Braga" is a serious team. And secondly, Dynamo has more experience in the European arena. However, on the field all trumps are canceled… Chances are all the same 50 on All are equal. We only have to think about winning this confrontation.

There should be no other thoughts. The first match in Paris ended 0: 0, and the home team won 3: 0. I hope we will successfully reach the semifinals of the Europa League. Are you setting up to become one of the heroes again?

It is necessary to solve the problem consistently. So, if we win, we will definitely drink braga. In terms of information, the press conference of the head coach of "Braga" and one of his wards Miguel Garcia, can argue with the worst counterparts over the past few years. Once again, the translator failed, who, it seems, knows Portuguese about as much as many Ukrainians know English. That is, the essence catches, but can not translate anything in detail.

Therefore, after the press conference, the SE correspondent had to turn to a visiting journalist, who clarified some of the points mentioned by Domingos Pascienza. Unfortunately, my Portuguese colleague simply did not have time to translate the words of a player, so the author of these lines had to limit himself to standard phrases, because, by and large, nothing was translated, by and large.

Did you talk to him about the upcoming game? Moreover, Matheus is now in the hotel where we live. He is still strong in attack. Also, Miguel Garcia, again, according to the translator, said that he did not consider Dynamo weaker than Shakhtar, and also assured that he was not afraid of possible disqualification for a return match if he received a yellow card in Kiev.

At this, the player declined and left to prepare for training, and began to answer the questions of journalists Solitaire. The eight goals they scored in total against Besiktas probably speak for themselves. Of course, it will not be easy for us in Kyiv, but we must remember that there will also be a return game. And in order for us to have a chance to reach the semifinals at home, we need to play well here. In general, we played well, just some mistakes ended up in not quite a good result.

But Dynamo is different from Shakhtar. In Donetsk, a more running, attacking team, while the people of Kiev play more calculatedly, are able to calculate their moves. Therefore, they should be very feared. Yes, he did share some information with us, because he knows this team better than we do. Moreover, according to him, he argued with some players of "Dnipro" that "Braga" will go further. The injured players mentioned in one of Pasciense's questions are two defenders - Alberto Rodriguez and Elderson.

And the injury of the first of them is a serious loss for the team. In the main lineup, as in the last few matches, it seems that Kaka will replace him. In general, a change compared to the last round of the Portuguese championship is expected only one thing - the central midfielder Ukr, who, apparently, is not declared for the Europa League, will replace Leandra Salina.

According to my colleague, in Braga, before the match, there are roughly similar sentiments. Everyone is convinced that the game will be very difficult, and they say that it is very important to score the ball on the field. In this case, of course, not to miss a lot. The fans of the team are, in principle, already satisfied with the victory over Liverpool and entering the quarterfinals of the tournament, so a possible departure from it will not become such a tragedy.

About Portuguese football, the rival of Yuri Semin's team and the chances of Dynamo, the correspondent of "SE" learned from two students of Ukrainian football, who played at different times in Portugal - Sergei Atelkin and Sergei Shcherbakov. Sergei Atelkin: "Brazilians in Portugal are a natural factor".

How do you remember that period? All this does not go unnoticed, but is remembered for many years. Even despite the fact that in the matches of the championship and the Portuguese Cup as part of "Boavista", I rarely appeared on the field. However, that season the team took second place, which was my first European success.

What can you say about the Italian period of my career, during which my club "Lecce" flew into Serie B. There are three greats in Portugal - the well-known "Porto", "Benfica" and "Sporting", which have been fighting with each other for many seasons. In the first three clubs the salary is paid more than in the others.

In the same "Boaviste" during my performances, the players were paid the average salary by Portuguese standards, but stable. But the clubs, not related to the leaders, had delays with a salary of months. Even based on this, I would not say that the level of the Portuguese championship is very high. They differ in the speed of the game, which is somewhat reminiscent of the style of our Shakhtar. Playing with the miners in the same group of the Champions League, "Braga" was a little lacking in experience.

It is not surprising that at some point the Portuguese, who were playing in the main club tournament for the first time, simply "burned out". Nevertheless, "Braga" is a strong solid team, which in no way can be underestimated. But at the same time there is no need to be afraid. If Dynamo approach the home meeting with Domingus Paciencia's wards with a sense of respect for the opponent and with all responsibility and I have no doubt about that , then they will be able to pass "Braga".

Among the advantages of the Portuguese team, I would attribute the rapid transition from defense to attack. Bragi's fast players this season are showing both the speed of working with the ball and the speed of thinking. And now about the cons. This is due to the organization of the game in the defense of the whole team. In contrast to the Ukrainian championship, which, according to South American players, is considered quite tough, in Portuguese football they give time to take the ball, turn around and make a pass.

The fact is that they are not considered foreigners in this country. They have one language, similar temperament. For many reasons, many Brazilian legionnaires start their journey to Europe primarily by trying to find work in Portugal. Having done this, they quickly adapt to new conditions and feel like fish in water. And this is a natural factor not only for Braga, but for all Portuguese football.

Is Dynamo able to play so successfully with the Portuguese? And even if Dynamo fails to score five - not so important. The main thing is that the sum of two meetings in the baggage of Kiev was one goal more than "Braga" - I really want to see the Ukrainian club in the semifinals.

By the way, I was at the return match between the Russians and the Portuguese in Braga. In it, the hosts won 1: 0, but it was not enough for them - in the first match in Moscow, the railways won 3: 1. It seems to me that this time, too, success will be on the side of Semin's wards. I estimate the chances of rivals as 60 to 40 in favor of Dynamo. At that time, "Braga" stood out?

Back then, Braga was a very weak team, but now a lot has changed and it has become stronger. But you can't call it "top" either. As you know, these include only three clubs - "Benfica", "Porto" and "Sporting". The last of them is now experiencing some inexplicable discord, but the first two still look strong. Yuri Semin's team rival also looks good in the Portuguese championship.

It seems to me that you can play with the current "Braga". If Dynamo beat such a serious club as Manchester City in the previous round of the Europa League, should it be afraid of the Portuguese who did not gain much fame? She was one of the middle-class people, which also included several veterans of the Portuguese championship, in particular, "Guimaraes". Agree, the Portuguese did not show anything amazing in the two-round duel with the miners.

As for the game handwriting, it is difficult for me to recall any features in the actions of the team of the year-old model. There is certainly a difference, especially considering the fact that at that time there were far fewer foreigners in Portuguese clubs than now. There used to be two or three legionnaires, but now there are more than ten.

In the same "Braga" only Brazilians this season, if I'm not mistaken, there were 12! This indicates that the level of Portuguese football has grown significantly. The fact is that when I played in Lisbon, he defended the colors of "Porto". Dominguez shone at the time, being a strong player.

For many years he successfully played for the Portuguese national team. It's one thing to play away, where you would have to defend a lot, quite another - in the home walls. It is unlikely that in Kiev, "Braga" will rush to attack with checkers naked. Judging by the matches with the same Shakhtar and Arsenal, which I had to watch on TV, the Portuguese play away on counterattacks and do not differ in creating a large number of goal moments at someone else's goal.

In addition, Dynamo has a goalkeeper Maxim Koval. I don't know why they don't trust him - he's a good goalkeeper. I paid attention to him when he performed in Zaporozhye. Able guy. To pass it - the task for white and blue is quite real. The Portuguese do not know how to play away, this is a home team. If "Dynamo" plays well in the first match, imposing its game on the opponent, and scores goals, then in the return match in Braga everything will be fine.

That's how Dynamo should act in a home match against Braga. I think Yuri Semin also watched the broadcast from Madrid and saw a lot of useful things in Real's game. Dynamo should show the same pressure and persistence on Thursday against Braga. Everyone is well aware that after overcoming a serious barrier in the face of one of the richest clubs in England, "Manchester City", it would be a shame to stumble on the Portuguese club. It's like going down two steps. The Dragons, of course, celebrated.

And not only in the darkness of the Estadio da Luz, where enemies from the defeated "Benfica" poured cold water on the newly emerged champions of Portugal from watering cans, while the light, on the contrary, was turned off. Too me, salted: immediately after the match - a cold shower. Here if hot He also celebrated Porto in his own city. Gulba in the night from Sunday to Monday stood until 5 in the morning, the people poured into the central square, the president of the club Pinto da Costa started flaming speeches, the team rested with everyone.

And this is Spartak's chance. If "Porto" celebrated the championship so as not to be ashamed of a pointless night, "Spartak" today should take the hosts warm, calm, relaxed from the goal. But there are doubts. In the degree of celebration, I mean. This information, consisting of the facts, as well as easy analytics and deductive conclusions, was shared with me by a Yuri waiter from Moldova, who was rarely spoken on Tuesday evening. President Pinto da Costa, so you know, is the head of everything.

This year-old uncle was arrested and suspected of corruption, and he has been running the club for almost three decades and has won titles: 17 Portuguese championships, 11 national cups, Champions Cup and Champions League, Intercontinental Cup, UEFA Cup, Super Cup. Andre Villas-Boas, the same coach-prodigy, is also a guy not a mistake. But he had to be appointed to the current post - very young and did not play football. Who but the Pope? Dad is old, but wildly progressive and unshaded.

He has a flair for people and for success. Dad buys players for three kopecks, sells for a hundred rubles. What kind of business does he have? And heck he knows. His main job is to be president of Porto, and he handles it awesomely. And to walk on Sunday before the fall - no, it was not. Yura knows he worked that day. He generally always works, except on Thursdays. In the most popular restaurant in the tourist area, on the banks of the Douro River, not far from the same square.

No, the Portuguese did not drink in our sense of the word. Not that the team - the people did not drink! I was having more and more fun on dry land. But for a long time. You can celebrate in different ways. Here are the guys sitting at two tables.

T-shirts were taken off, bellies were twisted, port wine was jammed from the neck. These arrived from Moscow, there is nothing to think about. Here they are celebrating. And the Portuguese - no, these are rarely to the green snot They are generally good, the Portuguese. And quiet. However, Jura has been working in this restaurant for over eleven years. And he is aware of who actually holds the area. And what happens if strangers invade a Portuguese monastery with their charter.

Bad then happens to strangers. Very bad. Because the Portuguese, when it is necessary, are able to be not quiet, but cruel in the bloodiest sense of the word. Under these conversations, yes, under the Portuguese ballads of fado performed by sidewalk singers, and under the violin of a Ukrainian girl who wandered into the labyrinth of tables to earn a little money for her studies, Yura served us with all her Moldovan soul.

And the knowledge in the memory is stuck, and the impression will not leave long. And the fact that more and more people were talking about the celebration of the championship "Porto" - so it's not for nothing. The topic and Portuguese journalists are very worried, apparently.

Otherwise, they would not have started yesterday's Villas-Boas press conference with a burning question about the consequences of Sunday's party. Will this affect the game with Spartak? We still have a case that we have not completed - participation in the Europa League. And we have a strong opponent - "Spartacus".

In style, and in level, too, I would equate the Muscovites to "Porto", so tomorrow's match will not be easy. And morally? The national championship and the European Cup are completely different tournaments, we understand that. And enough time to come to his senses after the victory over "Benfica". We are well set up for Spartak and will do everything to win.

This time the order of matches has changed. How much can this prevent Porto from passing Spartak? We will try to prove that it is another matter - in our strength and motivation. I know that "Spartak" lost two away matches in the Russian championship, but I saw his meetings with "Marseille", "Basel" and "Ajax", in which the Muscovites confirmed their high level. Can this factor affect? What matters to me is how we perform. What do footballers call you - "you" or "you"?

And is it a problem for a year-old specialist to be almost the same age as his players? So I do not see any problems. That is, reaching the top level, working in England and so on. Ready for it? Of course, I would like to try myself abroad in time. But where exactly - I do not think about it at all.

So far, I'm happy here in Porto. Which of the Spartacists do you think is the most dangerous? In confined spaces, the explosive Welliton, which has an excellent starting speed, is very dangerous. The Muscovites' midfield plays quite flexibly and ingeniously. And I can't say anything bad about the line of defense, although Spartak had a number of personnel problems in it. In addition, the Russians do not like to sit out in defense, and are always ready to attack.

After the coach, he added his five kopecks and Falcao - the best scorer of "Porto" in the Europa League, a handsome Colombian who looks like a young Banderas. And you have every chance to start next season at a richer European club, don't you? While I really like it here, I expect to finish this season as well as possible, and in the fall to take part in the Champions League.

But if there are offers - I'm ready, why not? We will sit at the negotiating table together with the club's management. Try to guess now the outcome of the confrontation with the Russians. And yet I will note Alex, Welliton and the guy on the right in the midfield, who has the original dribbling. Well, I want to believe that Alex, Welliton and the "guy on the right in midfield" are ready for today's game no worse than Falcao.

At least no injured among the 20 Spartak players who arrived in Porto - and on Tuesday and Wednesday, the whole team trained fruitfully. And the rest - and most importantly - we'll see on Thursday. Benfica - PSV. Da Luz Stadium. Referee: Tagliavento Italy. Villarreal - Twente. El Madrigal Stadium. Dynamo K - Braga. Their stadium.

Valery Lobanovsky. Referee: Kuipers Netherlands. On the eve of the game with "Porto" the head coach of "Spartacus" answered the questions of the special correspondent of "SE". The line of defense, which collapsed due to injuries…. Welliton and I were missing.

And the main goalkeeper. And Parehi with Parshivlyuk, of course. After all, no one has canceled the experience and ability to lead the defense, this is the most important thing for the gatekeeper. And the confidence of field players is completely different. And Zabolotny played great. The best player of the match, we can say. No claims to him.

This can not but affect the psychology of players. And what? Yes, there is no stability, but we did not even hold two meetings with one team. Hence the troubles. And this applies to protection in the first place. Everyone knows how important the team's defense is. And we always have different combinations of players there. And did not play percent. If people play great in one match, it is clear that they can play in another as well.

So we can. Then to Sheshukov. And I have no questions for Rodriguez. We can get together for one game, but there is no class as such. Not zamatereli yet. Experienced players are able to play points on a ten-point scale fifteen matches in a row, roughly speaking. And young people can play for "ten" today, tomorrow - for "three". Rosenborg was ahead at Saint Etienne in the first game of the group, but eventually had to settle for a draw — a very good result nonetheless.

They proved their worth in Europe as well, knocking out Romanian champions Steaua Bucharest aggregate and challenging Saint Etienne in France two weeks ago. Bet on Rosenborg vs. The visitors lost star midfielder Konoplyanka this summer, but are still on track for another 3rd place finish in Ukraine and are in decent form with two consecutive wins — albeit not in very convincing fashion. Both sides are very well organized, disciplined and hard working, the game is evenly matched and nobody can afford to lose in this tough group — the perfect ingredients for a tied result.

Neither team seem to have valid arguments to expect a victory. Both teams care a lot for the Europa League and will treat this encounter with full focus. Prediction: Rosenborg — Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk Pick: Draw Odds: 3. Rosenborg — Dnipro Rostick Oct. Born in ' Running betting tips websites since Launched Betdistrict in


Hell, they have the champions mentality and it shows all the time — even last match when year old stalwart Roar Strand came on for his first appearnance of the season and broke the deadlock with minutes remaining against a stubborn Sandefjord. The odds really should be much shorter here. Ljungskile are too good for Osters.

Levadia Tallinn vs Viljandi Tulevik 8 Brage vs Angelholm 5 Ljungskile vs Osters 8. We will send our latest tips straight to your email inbox. We typically send 5 free tips per week. Get free tips. Home Daily Tips Uruguay vs Germany. Other bets: Lay Germany at evens.

Want to read more? It is worth noting that three goal passes by Uruguayan legionnaire Roberto Flores. After three rounds, Litex has seven points and third place. Unlike his colleagues, the coach of Bucharest "Dynamo" Liviu Chobotariu limited himself to only one change in the lineup - instead of Dragos Grigore, Laurentiu Rus played in defense, and even the same two players were replaced as in Poltava. And made the game the most valuable in the "Dynamo" Gabriel Torje, who once again felt like a full-fledged owner of the right flank and scared the defenders of "Sportula" with unusual actions.

When they were expecting another flank pass from the midfielder, he suddenly moved the ball under his left foot and twisted the ball in the direction of the goal, where Yonel Denculescu had already run. And already in the next situation he acted classically, jerking first on the eyebrow, after which he closed his serve with his right foot, almost flew with the ball into the net Liviu Ganya.

Four matches, 12 points, goal difference - 0. Dynamo started well in the Romanian championship! With the score of 8 the specialist won with confidence. We remind you of the scoring system: guess the outcome - 1 point, guess the difference in the score - 2 points, guess the result - 3 points. In recent years, Sergei Nagornyak, who has seen a lot in football, often acts as an expert in various TV programs and publications - so, without it, his great baggage of knowledge is enhanced by being in a constant "game tone.

By no means! On the contrary - it was nice and at the same time interesting to test your strength in the correspondence competition of forecasters with an experienced specialist. I have no choice but to take off my hat in front of Sergei or applaud. Zarya - Arsenal - 0: 3 forecast - 1: 1.

In this match, I clearly underestimated the capabilities of "Arsenal", which has already managed to win with a similar score away "Chernomorets". With the arrival of Leonid Kuchuk's "gunners" at the helm for the capital team, the factor of his own and someone else's field seems to have been completely leveled. My opponent felt it more, which helped him lead in the score after the first match. Alexandria - Obolon - 1: 0 forecast - 0: 0.

I thought that in a game of roughly equal class rivals, everything would end in a draw. However, the factor of home walls, together with the persistence of the owners, apparently played a decisive role. Just about 17 minutes before the final whistle, my hypothetical 3 points were transformed into zero, and Nagornyak, thanks to the goal of Taras Kabanov from Alexandria, earned 2 in his piggy bank.

Chernomorets - Volyn - 0: 0 forecast - 1: 1. My opponent and I were unanimous in the opinion that a draw should be expected in this match. Who knows, maybe Sergei Nagornyak and I would have been able to predict the result with absolute accuracy, if not for the crossbars, in which every now and then the rivals fell.

Nevertheless, we did not make a mistake in the outcome of the Odessa match. Vorskla - Dnipro - 0: 0 forecast - 1: 0. However, the Vorskla football player could not help me due to the old friendship. My opponent, who sympathized with the forecast of his former team - "Dnipro", did not score a single point. Shakhtar - Ilyichevets - 3: 0 forecast - 2: 0. For some reason, it seemed that the players of the Donetsk team would not do their best in the game with Ilyichevts, which did not shine with stability.

Therefore, they will limit themselves to a "dry" victory with a score of 2: 0. But it is very difficult to stop the onslaught of the Brazilians setting the tone in Shakhtar's actions. Before Evgeny Seleznev's goal in the 51st minute, I was still hoping for the accuracy of my prediction, but then I realized: my opponent was more successful in predicting. Tavriya - Carpathians - 1: 1 forecast - 1: 0. I confess honestly: at first I intended to bet just on a draw, 1: 1. However, he made a discount on the different functional condition of the rivals, because unlike the Carpathians who played in the Europa League on Thursday, the Simferopol team had a whole week to recover.

I specify the initial version - and would earn for the forecast of the match as many points as Nagornyak. Metalist - Metallurg - 2: 0 forecast - 2: 0. I had no doubt that the hosts would prevail in this match. I and my forecasting colleague managed to guess the score, which is not only the merit of the Argentine Cristaldo, but also the goalkeeper of "Metalist" Alexander Goryainov.

Dynamo - Kryvbas - 1: 0 forecast - 2: 1. Before the forecast, there were two options in my head: 2: 1 and 2: 0 in favor of Dynamo. Knowing the uncompromising nature of "Krivbass" and taking into account the strength spent in the away match against "Litex" team Yuri Semin, decided to take a risk and put on the first. And make no mistake, guessing the difference. This helped to earn two points and come to the finish line with a more or less decent result. Asked what the absence of some football players is related to.

Well, he plays when the salary: he will come, he runs for two or three days, and then he walks and laughs. Sitting quietly in the toilet, laughing at everyone, they say, as I deceived everyone. He does not see that he is deceiving himself. This money is rotting soon somewhere in his chest, not happiness. You give people a holiday! On the nose of the ball you take, pofinti, twist! And he hides on the field. You supposedly run around there, and I'll stand and laugh at you, you fools.

Quartz let it sweat there, too, the fool is bald, and I'm smarter than anyone. A herd of sheep ran around, it was even a shame to sit on a bench. When asked how much the absence of Ricardo Fernandes affected. It would be good to combine these two games. The fact that he was not allowed to play against Dynamo under the terms of the lease. I am not right to argue with the position of the Kiev leadership. Remember how Yevgeny Selin, a leased Vorskla, came out to play against his native Metalist and scored a victory ball at the goal of Kharkiv.

Aliyev, if I'm not mistaken, scored six times. If he hits, then he plays. About your goal. As a result, it flew even better than I had anticipated. Asked if Januzi was invited to the Wings of the Soviets. He goes there from Dahlku. Fists after fights and empty quests for blessing.

The events of Sunday's match between Anzhi and Dynamo gave cause for indignation on both sides. To begin with, I will mention the exact prediction caught on the Internet. A fan noticed the magic of numbers and based on his observations made a prediction: "The match of the 21st round, which takes place on August 21 and starts at 21 pm, should end with a score of 2: 1.

However, the second decisive goal of "Anzhi" was preceded by a controversial situation, and then a fight almost broke out near the field. Let me briefly remind you how it was. The captain of the white and blue Voronin threw the ball to himself on the move, and the assistant referee, seeing that Kuranyi is in an "out of position" position, hurried to raise the flag.

Meanwhile, the German did not touch the ball, and the offside clearly looked passive. While Dynamo were indignant, the hosts counterattacked and scored a goal. Voronin ran to prove the error to the reserve referee Eduard Maly, although it was too late to "wave his fists".

But they waved. As if on signal, both coaching benches jumped up and went against each other "wall to wall". There were attempts to get people out of someone else's camp in a boxing manner, although those who were too excited calmed down their own. It is not possible to identify the instigators of this crush rather than a brawl without a video recording.

It all happened too suddenly, there were too many actors. And everyone's attention at the first moment was still occupied by the goal just scored. If the ethics committee - and this is the case for him - wants to understand the details, it will probably get the videos. This episode, of course, does not go into any goal, - commented on the incident, the head coach of "Dynamo" Sergei Silkin.

Similarly, the RFU refereeing and inspection department headed by Roberto Rosetti has the right to evaluate the work of Vladislav Bezborodov's refereeing team, which previously played a match between Terek and Spartak and awarded a dubious meter goal to both teams. Silkin, by the way, did not complain about the refereeing, although he said that the decisive goal in the goal of "Dynamo" was scored in the counterattack after a referee's mistake.

Rosetti's office to analyze the work of the arbitrators. At the same time, he noted that, one way or another, Dynamo players are to blame for both conceded goals. After all, Samedov came running from the right. There should be no such refereeing in the Premier League. At the end of the match, the referee could not deal with the warnings. He thought that Granat had received a second card, although he had previously shown Lomich not to Granat.

It is abnormal that the arbitrator does not know to whom he has issued warnings and consults with assistants in this regard. We can't say that we lost solely because of the refereeing, but the referees contributed to the defeat, - Voronin continued. Of course, the opponent, who acted aggressively, had the advantage until the first goal scored.

But then we took the initiative into our own hands, played the football that we have been showing in recent months. Everything worked, created moments. I was sure we would press Anzhi. In turn, Alexander Samedov said that after the match Bezborodov apologized for the mistake. We played a responsible game with a direct competitor and wanted everything to be fair, to have football without any interference.

Although, of course, there are great footballers in Makhachkala, and it's hard for everyone to play here. In the camp of "Anzhi" meanwhile noted the regularity of the result and drew attention to the fact that "Dynamo" scored a goal, ignoring the principles of Fair Play. Then we had to make a replacement. There was a foul in that episode. Okay, the referee didn't notice, but how can you play and score goals in such a situation?! The coach was echoed by Ali Hajibeyov, who was the player lying on the lawn near the center of the field when Dynamo attacked through his left flank:.

Now the moment repeated itself. Fair Play should exist for everyone, - said the defender, who came out of the locker room with a bandaged ankle. I will note for my part that FIFA, whether you agree with it or not, has already announced: the game continues until the referee's whistle. And the coaches would not mind bringing this to the understanding of the players, so that after some important international match they did not have to shed tears and curse in vain rivals.

And in general, both goals, which caused gossip and a stormy reaction of the parties, are an extra reminder to the players: while the referee's whistle is silent, you can't wait for a merciful blow to the out, or find out who's right, who's to blame, forgetting in anger , continues in addition to your consciousness. The analysis of flights in the offices may take place, but no one will cancel the result.

The defeat in Makhachkala, the head coach of "Dynamo" was, of course, upset - but not discouraged. The April home match against Anzhi was the first that the white and blues played under Silkin. It turned out bright and ended in a draw - 2: 2. This time, in Makhachkala, Dynamo lost - 1: 2.

This match was initially considered central in the tour and did not disappoint expectations: passions in the stands, the fight from the first minute to the last, the mistakes of players and referees, until the final - an unpredictable plot. Fan's dream! And what about the coach of the losers after all this? I don't see the point. After all, after each failure you still feel some bitterness and emptiness. And for what to blame yourself in the soul, the coach will always find.

But to be objective, we ourselves provoked this defeat with ridiculous mistakes. However, then the referee apologized for this to Samedov. But who is easier from this? Please note: our players were issued five warnings, while the hosts for the same violations - none. In general, the referees had enough mistakes. Not for nothing during the break Makhachkala residents in a rather sharp way expressed dissatisfaction with the decisions of the St.

Petersburg brigade. The first half was completely equal: both in terms of score and game. The advantage to the owners was created only by the spectators, who supported them with all their might. But after all, character and skill are manifested in such a tense situation. Any of them could kick the ball, but apparently they relied on each other. An accident. When Makhachkala scored the second goal, the principle of diagonal insurance did not work. Here Shunin had to tell his partners.

Although in this situation, I do not abdicate responsibility and Wilkshire. And if the Bosnian was more precise in the last minutes, the idea would work. But what she will add is obvious. And next to such masters, who are now selected in "Anzhi", you can grow if you want.

Do you agree that Dynamo's attack in Makhachkala was stronger than the other lines? All of them tried very hard on Sunday as well. It's a pity it didn't work out. But since Monday he has already started working on an equal footing with everyone. When they feel that the goalkeeper is calm, they act much more accurately. Personally, I have great sympathy for Volodya and I am very much counting on him.

You need to have two equal goalkeepers in the team. But he must decide his own future. Young goalkeepers Puzin, Generalov and Khalanchuk are capable guys. But they have not yet sniffed the gunpowder of Premier League matches. So today this is an open question. I never tire of repeating to the players: the stove from which you have to dance is the gate. This is a football axiom. But we also had dry series.

And if we use at least half of our moments, the results of lost matches could be different. Then the question of the permeability of protection would not be so acute. In the next match, Lomich will not play with Granat due to a bust of yellow cards. And Denis has a real chance. Are you going to get stronger? Until the end of the month, we will buy a couple more players and, I hope, close the problem of the left wing of the midfield.

Believe me, Dynamo has opportunities for this! Saint Exupery did not want to release football players. Yesterday a delegation of Lyon went to Kazan for tomorrow's match with Rubin. Chris was not on the list of Lyon players selected for the return match with Rubin. Like other central defender John Mensah, the team captain will gain conditioning at the club base after the injury. He is still recovering from his ankle surgery at midfielder Gourcuff. Among the 20 players who went to Russia yesterday, there are none of the seven players who participated in the Colombian U20 World Cup, in which France took fourth place.

And Lyon striker Lacazette with five goals scored there with two other players laurels the best scorer of the tournament. Lopez; defenders - Reveyer, Gassama, B. Kone, Lovren, A. Sissoko, Yumtiti; midfielders - Gonalon, Chelstrom, S. According to Jean-Michel Olas, Lyon President, "the match in Kazan will be the most important this week, but not in the season as a whole. Otherwise we will be in the Europa League - and some clubs prefer to participate in this tournament because there is a chance to win it.

The first act was left for us - 3: 1, but the return game remains, and we will have a hard time, because Kazan has a very, very good team. Along the way, the French did not go without adventure. Due to a malfunction of the liner, the departure scheduled for 10 o'clock in the morning was delayed.

The footballers first spent time at St. Exupery Airport. Many of them started playing poker, sitting directly on the carpet in the departure hall, which can be verified thanks to the photos posted on the official club website.

Later, the team moved to a hotel, but the players did not have time to disperse to the rooms, as they were reassembled: the Czech plane, chartered by the club, was finally ready to take off. As a result, the French set off with a five-hour delay. The coaching staff canceled the evening training in Kazan - instead, the team's plan included a walk around the capital of Tatarstan.

Curiously, after the first match at Gerlan, a similar story happened with Rubin. His departure was also delayed due to problems with an airplane at the airport, which bears the name of a famous French pilot and writer since , when the XNUMXth birthday of this Lyon native was celebrated. Arsenal head coach Arsene Wenger has been disqualified for 2 more European Cup matches and will not be able to be on the bench on Wednesday when his team will hold a retreat with Udinese.

UEFA's decision is due to the fact that Wenger failed to fulfill the conditions of the previous one-match disqualification during the first game with the Italian club, when he was in the podium while maintaining contact with his assistants.

In addition, Arsenal were fined 10 euros. Legia - Silesia - 1: 2 Lyuboya, 77 - Madey, 6. Zilina - Spartak Tr - 0: 1 P. Charnota, Spartak Tr is Lokomotiv's rival in the Europa League. Bolton - Manchester City - 2: 3 Klasnich, Davis, 63 - Silva, Barry, Dzeko, Last season, many criticized "Manchester City" for not too spectacular and expressive football, despite the fact that the team had a whole group of great attacking players.

However, in the two opening matches of this championship, the wards of Roberto Mancini scored seven goals, without realizing many good moments. In the meeting with "Bolton", the Italian coach released only one supporting midfielder on the field - Barry, and Milner, Silva and Yaya Toure actively supported the duo of forwards in the person of Jacko and Aguero.

The Bosnian, by the way, excelled in the third game in a row including the Super Cup , and also created two great moments for Aguero, but the Argentine both times did not hit the target. It is worth paying tribute to "Bolton" - the team showed character and fought to the end, even despite the noticeable advantage of the guests.

If the opponent is stronger, I always admit it, but my guys fought to the end and scored two amazing goals. So we can look to the future with optimism, "said Bolton head coach Owen Coyle. Wolverhampton - Fulham - 2: 0 Doyle, Along with Manchester City, Wolverhampton won two matches. This is the best start of the "wolves" in the season for the last 13 years, and not only in the Premier League.

Removal: Barnett Norwich , Everton have extended their contract with team captain Phil Neville. The new agreement with the year-old football player is calculated until the summer of Neville has been a member of Everton since , having moved to the Liverpool club from Manchester United. Since then, the defender has spent Premier League games for the Irises and has scored four goals. Air Force. Mainz - Schalke - 2: 4 Ivanschitz, 7.

Soto, 12 - Huntelaar, Hevedes, Matip, Fuchs, Before Sunday's match, coach Ralph Rangnik met four times in Bundesliga matches with his colleague from "Mainz" Thomas Tuchel and always lost - three times at the head of "Hoffenheim" and once in "Schalke". Ralph was especially offended because he, so to speak, raised the current coach of the Rhine team.

Tuhel once played for him at Ulm, then Rangnik, heading Stuttgart, invited Thomas to coach the youth team. It would seem that this time the student will surpass the teacher - in the first half especially at the beginning the hosts, acting aggressively, quickly, powerfully, applying pressure on the other half, literally crushed the guests. I don't know what Rangnik told his wards during the break, but in the second half they changed and already set unsolvable tasks for Mainz.

And, of course, there were substitutions: the Schalke coach renewed the flanks, releasing a young German Draxler and a Peruvian Farfan instead of Jurado and Moravec. The South American was especially good: after the corners, Hevedes and Matip excelled in his performance. Farfan also earned a penalty, from which Fuchs set the final score on the scoreboard.

Together with the youth of Gelsenkirchen, Raul plowed the field, which was recently rumored to be transferred to Malaga, PSG and Blackburn. To the delight of Schalke fans, the Spaniard announced before the match that he will not leave the team this season. Hannover - Hertha - 1: 1 Pinto, 33 - Lasogga, If Hannover had won, it would have topped the standings for the first time in years.

The team was close to the goal, but in the 42th minute, referee Hartmann canceled the goal from the "standard" of Hanover midfielder Pander, believing that his club partner forward J. Conan fouled against the Berlin defender Franz. Of course, after the final whistle, everyone in the home team was outraged by the referee's decision. Even Hertha's coach Babbel sympathized with the Hanoverians, who admitted after the game: "We were lucky that the goal was not scored.

The rights to the year-old footballer belong to Liverpool, but the English club does not need him. Aquilani spent last season on loan at Juventus. Milan are also expected to hire a buy-out player next summer. Football Italy. Marseille - Saint-Etienne - 0: 0. Removal: Minho Saint-Etienne , For the third time in a row, Marseille drew. The home team had a game advantage, but to overcome the tight defense, they lacked speed.

But there was enough technical marriage. If you have to stay with what you have, then so be it. There were no consequences. Three people were detained. Paris Saint-Germain - Valenciennes - 2: 1 Gameiro, Nene, 64, from the penalty spot - R. The renewed "PSG" won the championship for the first time, but the game did not convince.

The victory was brought by a blow from the meter mark of the Brazilian Nene, who played the th match in the tournament. The star Pastore, who made his debut for the team on Thursday in the Europa League match against Luxembourg's Differdange, played for the first time in the French championship, coming out in the 58th minute.

Montpellier - Rennes - 4: 0 Belanda, 31, from the penalty spot. Dernis, Camara, 72, Who would have thought that after three rounds Montpellier would be the only team that did not lose points? Nancy - Sochaux - 1: 2 Yu. Hadji, 67, from the penalty spot - Peybernes, Priva, Removal: Carlau Sochaux , PSG are ready to release striker Mevlut Erdinc if a replacement is found.

This was stated by the sports director of the Parisian club Leonardo after Sunday's victory over "Valenciennes". The transfer cost of a player of the Turkish national team is about 8 million euros. The possibility of acquiring Pablo Osvaldo from Espanyol is being considered. The Team, francefootball. Mattersburg - Reed - 2: 3. Rapid - Austria B - 0: 3. Salzburg - Sturm - 1: 1.

Zulte Waregem - Brugge - 1: 1. Anderlecht - Mons - 2: 2. Standard - Kortrijk - 3: 1. Truiden, Westerlo - 1. Heracles - Feyenoord - 1: 1. BBB-Venlo - Ajax - 2: 2. Midtjylland - Norschellan - 2: 1. HB Kege - Silkeborg - 3: 0. Aarhus - Brandby - 0: 0. Copenhagen - 16, Odense - 11, Aalborg - 11 5 , Horsens, Midtjylland - Beira Mar - Sporting - 0: 0. Marat Izmailov came on as a substitute in the 36th minute. Academica - Rio Ave - 1: 0.

Pasos de Ferreira - Leiria - 2: 1. Braga - Maritimo - 2: 0. Olympiacos P - Inter - 2: 2 Face, Modesto, 68 - Pazzini, 76, Milan - Juventus - 2: 1 Boateng, 9. Seedorf, 23 - Vucinic, Palermo - Fenerbahce - 2: 3 Zahavi, Hernandez, 45, from the penalty spot - Baroni, Kesimal, Boral, Qatar - Iraq - 0: 1. Trinidad and Tobago - India - 3: 0. At the weekend, the players gave the audience a full range of feelings.

Thanks to the return to the original place of the postponed match "Dynamo" - "Krivbass", the tournament in the Premier League approached the equator of the first round with a streamlined standings, in which, as expected, groups of "interests" are already clearly formed. The seventh game day did without any shocks and was quite low performance.

Only 12 goals were scored - 1,5 on average per match. Recently, a popular expert compared the emotions of watching a game of one of the leaders of our football with the aftertaste of the movie "Escape from Shawshank. Zarya and Arsenal staged the song on Friday. Here I remembered the movie "Battalions are asking for fire", the "gunners" looked so powerful.

It is clear that Leonid Kuchuk's wards are well prepared functionally, in addition, the performers act extremely collected and responsibly in each game episode. With such a spectacular game, the team will soon have more fans. After all, it is always harder for the players of the second team of a big city to find motivation, which is probably known in Donetsk "Metallurg".

But at Arsenal, it seems, at this stage such a problem is not worth it. But "Dawn" after two misfires in a row was three points from the relegation zone. However, it is difficult to expect progress from the team, which in the offseason loses a large group of players "basics". On the other hand, the next "great migration of peoples" in the Podonbas region does not help much so far and "Ilyichevets", where many recent Luhansk residents went.

Probably, it is difficult for coaches to conduct systematic work in conditions when every six months they have to play a new team. By the way, so far among the main losers of the season are those teams in which the biggest changes took place in the summer. This applies not only to "Zari" with "Ilyichevtsy", but also to such prosperous clubs as "Dnipro" and "Karpaty". On Saturday, there were two more fights with the participation of teams, before which particularly high tasks are not set yet. In Alexandria, something like another series of "Poor Nastya" took place - the bloodless "Obolon" did not resist the persistent hosts, who still seem to be helped by the emotional outburst after promotion.

But still, the "brewers" do not look as doomed outsiders now as the Zaporozhye "Metallurgist" was last year, and their revival, in spite of everything, is believed. Well, in Odessa "Chernomorets" - "Volyn" was a replication of the film "Wastes", the audience did not wait for the heads, although rivals twice checked the strength of the gate frame.

Vitaly Kvartsyany again erupted in an angry tirade against his wards. Well, maximalism is a commendable quality of a coach. When the coach of a team with modest capabilities, which shares the fifth and seventh places with competitors, is not happy with the performance of the team entrusted to him, it is time for players to think: if they get nuts after a draw, what will happen after the defeat?!

The main events of the tour took place on Sunday. Our representatives played in the European Cups, and their performance was considered primarily through the prism of the upcoming international battles. In Poltava, two ambassadors met at once and played something like "Swan Lake". Both clearly saved strength for the upcoming matches of the Europa League, although "Dnipro", it seems, in this tournament has to fight only for their own prestige.

Specialists now call Juande Ramos' wards not a team, but simply a "set of good players", but we can add - overestimated players. This time in the "Dnieper", however, in the "start" came only three legionnaires, but it did not add cohesion. Footballers from the banks of the Dnieper still spend a lot of energy talking to the referees, they also have fights with each other, which from the outside looks very ugly.

For the miners, the current period of the championship is an opportunity to get in shape before the start of the Champions League, but so far only Karpaty and Arsenal have managed to become worthy sparring partners for them. Metalist and Karpaty now also have a pre-stand period, and their immediate European Cup future will be decided on Thursday.

However, Miron Markevich claims that for him the number one tournament is the championship of Ukraine, and he does not intend to sacrifice it. Indeed, the Kharkiv team acted against Metallurg with a full calculation, at least until they secured a comfortable score for themselves. Tyson's strange antics surprised.

The Brazilian himself asked for a replacement, and then, leaving the field, took off his T-shirt, threw it on the ground and with a dissatisfied look went to the locker room. No self-respecting club can handle such behavior. Markevich promised to find out. Did Miron Bogdanovich have another "terrible child" after Zhazh Coelho?

The tour ended with the only match in the capital. Given the late start of Dynamo's match with Kryvbas, it was time to expect something like "Nightmare on Elm Street" from her, but the first half was more like "Good night, kids". The monotonous actions in the attack were diluted by the people of Kiev with numerous long-range strikes, the vast majority of which fell into the "milk".

It seemed that in order to come to life, the "white and blue" must either score or miss. The first happened after the break thanks to a masterpiece performed by Yarmolenko. It is hoped that this success will help Andrei finally startle - as well as his partners.

Meanwhile, by the end of the summer, the first coaching resignations loomed on the horizon. The main candidates are Pyatenko and Ramos. To decide, of course, the management, but it is worth thinking: if these specialists did not succeed and their predecessors did not succeed, then maybe the reason is not in their qualifications, but in something else? And what's next? Again, the search for the candidacy of another Viking? Our mentors can only dream of such a ladder, which exists, for example, in Italy, where the coach, making a name for himself with a modest team, gets a chance with the club more ambitious and if successful has the opportunity to grow to the grand Only seven legionnaires took part in the central match of the tour.

Vorskla failed to score in the third match of the championship in a row, while Dnipro conceded seven goals in three official matches on the eve of the reporting match. Such a sad series for the Dnipropetrovsk team was to be continued in Poltava, but at the end of the game the guests were twice forgiven by the midfielder of the "white and green" Pavel Rebenok. In the first case, the shot of the left winger of Vorskla was taken by the goal post of Jan Lashtuvka, and in the second the Child did not hit the target from a lethal position.

There were moments at Dnipro, but Alexander Gladky failed to beat Sergei Dolgansky in close combat, and after Sergei Kravchenko's shot the ball whistled over the crossbar. Although in general goal situations rivals created a little, thus generating a strange opinion, according to which the fight turned out boring.

It is possible that ordinary fans reacted to the events of the central match of the tour, but experts, as Valery Lobanovsky liked to repeat, can appreciate not only goals in football, but also the number of martial arts, the quality of podcasts and, ultimately, pressure on the other half. The hosts, by the way, did not play in the optimal composition - Alexei Kurilov was disqualified, and Jovan Markoski, who spent 45 minutes for the "double", remained in reserve, apparently, for pedagogical reasons.

As a result, Alexander Matveev played great in the center of defense, and the Serbian midfielder entered the game well from the bench and created the same moments for Pavel Rebenko. In the "basis" of "Dnipro" there were three changes in comparison with the previous match.

It is noteworthy that at the start there were eight performers with a Ukrainian passport and only three legionnaires the club's application lists 12 of them, with another half a dozen foreigners Dnieper leased to "Arsenal" and "Krivbass" …. As a result, the draw became a logical outcome of the fundamental confrontation.

It seemed that both teams were satisfied. Although in relation to the "Dnieper" it looks strange. The team's ambitions are completely different! And we scored four goals because of our mistakes in defense. This time there was a moment of Gladky - it was his individual skill, but we have a captain who helped out. It is worth saying that Pasha Rebenko also had two episodes, if he realized them, we could win.

But at times, I think, we did not concede to them, and in some episodes and surpassed. At the same time, we need to take into account how many matches we have played recently, and the number of players at Vorskla is not as large as at Dnipro. And it is very difficult to maintain this schedule. If we recall the fight against the Romanians, then in the first ten minutes we were to blame, because we gave the initiative to the Romanians. And after those ten minutes, when they scored four corners, they hit the post… here no team will come to their senses for a very long time.

We tried to take into account these mistakes in the match with "Dnipro", so at the start of the match there was a struggle, and dangerous moments came infrequently. I am glad that before the most important meeting for the three and a half years that we have been working together, everyone is healthy, we now have a positive mood. We feel a huge responsibility for the outcome of the game in Romania. We will try to do everything in our power to present such a gift to all residents of Poltava and the region.

As for the rumors about the sale of our players, they are untrue. As long as we continue to play in the Europa League, no one will go anywhere. I can say the same about Janusz. I would be the first to know about this, especially if we are talking about the Russian club "Wings of the Soviets". I used to play there!

So it's all speculation. Janusi is only invited to the Albanian national team. He's going there with Dallku. On the positive side, it is worth noting that we did not miss. After all, for a long time "Dnipro" failed to finish the match with zero in the column missed goals. We tried to score a goal throughout the match, but it didn't work out.

And in the second half and set the tone in the game. I think our team. We dominated, we had the initiative. Vorskla relied more on counterattacks. Overall, our game was aimed at winning. Problems on the right flank? We work with those performers that we have at the moment. Kulakov is not in the usual position. In the second half, we released Inkum, and we have more confidence.

Dynamo not without problems took three points in the match with "Krivbass" who played well in Kiev. It is difficult to remember when before the Premier League matches began at such an awkward time - At the same time, according to the regulations, the matches of the national championship have the right to start even later - at In Kiev "Dynamo", which, in fact, set the start time, refer to the fact that guided by the interests of television: they say, the meeting "Dynamo" - "Kryvbass", which was originally postponed to a later date, only at the last moment broadcast network on August 21, so she was given the most inconvenient TV "window".

In general, a little more, and move on to the Spanish version, when the matches of "Barcelona" with "Real" become more like adult programs. On the eve of the game, the incomprehensible syndrome of injuries and illnesses, which has gripped Dynamo Kyiv in the last couple of weeks, has worsened even more. For example, Eremenko and Ninkovich joined Shevchenko, Gusev, Mikhalik and Almeida in the hospital - both were diagnosed with a virus after the match in Bulgaria with Litex.

By the way, returning from Lovech on Friday, Dynamo was preparing for the next calendar meeting of the championship in a not too tense mode, having conducted only one training session. And yet the same staff shortage, which is experiencing recently Yuri Semin, apparently, and explains only one replacement by the coaching staff of "Dynamo" campaign campaign.

Slovakian midfielder Vladimir Weiss Jr. Of course, they still had to wait for them to sign a contract with the Dynamo club. But attention was still focused on the Slovak's native right flank. It was there that Andrei Yarmolenko was sent this time, and the Ukrainian midfielder showed himself in the position entrusted to him in all its glory, returning the form, which, I remember, made a great impression on many in the spring months.

At the same time, as if obeying the law of energy distribution, the hosts had the left flank of the midfield, which did not have a full-fledged owner: Aruna, Popov, Aliyev appeared there only situationally. So the actions of "Dynamo" sometimes resembled a street with two-lane traffic, the left lane of which is blocked for repairs.

At the same time, Milevsky and Aliyev, who showed ingenuity as a gift, close friends know how and like to break prohibitions not only in real life , should be given credit, they brought some zest to this strict road code. Several times they had traditional walls, followed by the brand's long-range strikes by the former Lokomotiv midfielder.

However, this time Sasha and his partners had significant problems with accuracy, and one of the shots in the first half was transferred by the goalkeeper of the guests Shtanko to the corner with the tips of his gloves. Although the goalkeeper of "Kryvbass" was powerless in the 50th minute, when Yarmolenko did not, contrary to the usual manner, indulge in dribbling, and juicy punched, not reaching the corner of the penalty area.

As a result - a mini-masterpiece, which on the account of Andrew this year already a lot….. At the same time, Kryvbass in Kyiv confirmed its reputation as a very disciplined team. In the first half, the guests managed to fight on equal terms with rivals, far surpassing them in individual skill. It is this individual skill, it is worth noting, and provided Dynamo with the result.

However, in the end, Yuri Semin's wards experienced several exciting minutes: "Krivbass" had a few moments to take away a precious point, but Shovkovsky's skill and luck played into the hands of the "white and blue". And if the first one caused a lot of criticism, the second one turned out to be quite good. We scored a beautiful ball and are satisfied with this difficult victory.

Moreover, Krivbass played very well. Why was Eremenko and Ninkovich not in the application? They were poisoned, or picked up the infection and Milosz on Saturday, and Eremenko had a fever on Sunday. Naturally, there was no question of both of them participating in the match.

As a result, a total of eight people could not play for various reasons. There, the score — 1: 0 — is not in our favor. The game is forgotten, and the result remains… As for my team, they played quite well, even well. I am grateful to the guys for the fact that they are completely laid out on the field. Maybe something is missing - luck, skill, but, most importantly, you can see the desire.

It's a shame that there are people sitting on the bench who appear on the field to strengthen the game, but the opposite happens. And it's a pity for those eight people who try, but that's not enough. It is necessary to add ". After a rather convincing victory in Metallurg Donetsk, the fans of the Crimean club were entitled to expect the maximum result in a home match with the Carpathians.

However, the tutor of Lviv Oleg thought otherwise. But his colleague Semen Altman had some difficulties with the composition. Agree that such holes are not given to patch. The first half, however, proved that an experienced coach is on the right track.

His team immediately took the initiative. This became noticeable in the work of the front line, where Kalinichenko, Nazarenko and Feshchuk stood out. Feshchuk had a great chance to open the score when Schinder and Nazarenko organized a beautiful combination for the forward.

Bogatinov acted several times above all praise, repelling the cannon blows of the southerners. In general, in the first half it was possible to select goalkeepers. They took a competent position, did not take care of themselves when leaving their gates.

And yet it was the team from the Crimean capital that managed to open the account. After the most powerful blow, Kalinichenko scored the goal - 1: 0. After the break, it became clear that there was a serious conversation in the locker room of the Carpathians. The guests made the right conclusions - their attacks were more dangerous than the frequent raids of the Crimean people.

Kahriman, who acted confidently, took the lead roles. But in the 78th minute, his partners did not follow the exit to the gate of Lucas. It seemed that the assistant referee, who did not see the offside, made a mistake in this episode. The referee knew his opinion, and Karpaty equalized. The rest of the time, "Tavria" attacked, however, as in several previous matches, luck turned away from her again.

In the second half we had enough moments not only to equalize the score, but also to move forward. In general, the game turned out fast, with many martial arts and attacks. I would like more, but one point on the road - also a good result, the more we lost in the score.

And in general, I think we had a good match, and probably were closer to victory. The goal in our goal caused conflicting opinions - let the relevant authorities understand. At the same time, there was inconsistency in the actions of the arbitrators. I do not want to attribute the loss of points to this - and so there is a lot of talk and misinterpretation in this regard. We will improve the game to move forward.

The miners played themselves and did not interfere with the opponent, but he did not appreciate. To assign the category of "derby" to the meeting of these two Donbass teams, the language does not turn - the game potential of the clubs is too different.

The problems of Ilyichevets, which were identified at the start of the championship, were clear against the background of Shakhtar's surprisingly well-coordinated game. In the second half, especially after 3: 0, the wards of Mircea Lucescu did not leave a smile. They allowed themselves to squander goal moments and did not mind when the guests managed to do so. Mariupol would not be prevented by a goal of prestige. And the closest to this was the young Fedotov. Score a goal, would convince the coach of his right to a place in the "base".

I don't think there are any special claims against Tchaikovsky, newcomers Butko and Kozhanov, goalkeeper Shust. But others still need to prove their professional suitability, especially for both stoppers Nevmyvake and Putivtsev and Polyansky and Fomin, who have lost their talent. Ilyichevtsy needs replenishment, and it is no coincidence that after the match there was unofficial information that Shakhtar is ready to share its reserves with their compatriots.

Mircea Lucescu warned in advance that he would not try the most optimal lineup in the game. This did not scare away the spectators, who are already used to coming to DonbassArena for positive emotions, and they receive them on the eve of the work week. The unexpected tandem was a pair of supporting Mkhitaryans and Teixeira, whom Mister called the best in the match. And another unexpected duo, Seleznev - Eduardo, without much resistance from the defenders of the opponent scored goals.

The absence of the disqualified Fernandinho was not felt at all. Illichivets also varies composition in search of the optimal combination. While Valery Yaremchenko is still in search, but to the concern of team actions, about bringing players to the best readiness is added the problem of game discipline. Judge for yourself. In this match, lost by all indicators, his wards managed to receive yellow cards without any necessity, and Nevmyvak left the team for the next fight without a player at the key position.

The account was opened almost immediately after the start of the meeting. Srna from the flank passed to the goal area, where Putivtsev did not prevent Seleznev to drop the ball Eduardo 0. The Croatian Brazilian also excelled as an assistant, redirecting the ball to Teixeira. The stoppers of the guests only watched Shust being shot. The third ball was given to the hosts by Putivtsev. In a completely calm situation, he gave the sphere to Jadson. He, having played with passes with Seleznev, allowed his partner to send the ball into the net.

Obolon did not score again, Alexandria did not miss again. After Obolon could not score for five rounds, the club management promised the author of the first ball in the championship liters of beer. Sergei Kovalets's wards against Metalist hit four goals at once one, however, Evgeny Plastun, by the way, who received the same prize, also scored in his own.

Alexandria, which started the season with an unexpected victory over Vorskla , got a little "hooked". But where to score points for Alexandrians, as not in a home match with his wife, who occupies the last place? The defeat of one of the teams put her in a very difficult tournament position, which will not be easy to get out of.

The match did not become particularly spectacular. The viscous field, which got wet due to the rain that had been charging since the morning, did not allow the players to show their best qualities. Alexandrians on the rights of the owners of the field took the initiative. But until the dangerous moments it was neither at those nor at the other gate. The owners of the initiative have not been paid any dividends.

In short, the game was equal….. In the second half, the Alexandrians continued their offensive. Gradually entering the game, Taras Kabanov began to bring problems to the defenders of Kiev. However, Obolon did not hear the bell.

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The occasion was worthy and significant - a year in office.

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Rosenborg dnipro expert sports betting vs scottish fa cup betting


Ivan Tomecak Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk left after not being able to played some direct style of saved in the centre of. As it was already said, they are playing in good play, as well as other only trail by 1 point was crafting my selection. Foul by Roman Bezus Dnipro. He is also a passionate a prominent winners in this. Mike Jensen Rosenborg is shown shot from outside the box is blocked. Foul by Matheus Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk. Evgen Cheberyachko Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk wins the books, which means we'll get all 3 points against. Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk 3, Rosenborg 0. The MLB season is right the yellow card for a attacking half. This match comes at the wrong time for them, as they need some points quickly if they want to reach.

Betting Expert. 43 likes. Betting Expert / Football analysis. sesilije tips. FK Crvena Zvezda-Ludogorets Razgrad. HT / FT will end with. Odds Lost. APOEL Nicosia-Rosenborg. Rosenborg to win to nil. Odds Anderlecht vs Tottenham AZ vs Augsburg Monaco vs Qarabağ Lazio vs Rosenborg Basilea vs Belenenses Sporting vs KS Skënderbeu Dnipro vs St-​Étienne.