how to learn sports betting

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How to learn sports betting betting short priced favourites spot

How to learn sports betting

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What we do know is that, in , there are more Grugs and Gorps than ever before — sports betting has never been more popular. Neither Grug nor Gorp had a clue about how sports betting works. Today, however, there are millions of people worldwide who are better at placing a bet than boiling an egg. Before we can introduce you to the intricacies of sports betting, we first need to establish exactly what it is. In essence, this is the act of making a prediction about a certain event and then supporting that prediction by offering up something of value, usually money, against an opponent.

Betting on sports is one of the most common forms of gambling. The only difference between this and other forms of betting is that it focuses purely on sporting events. In its simplest form, you might bet your friend five quid that a certain team or player will win their next match.

The reasons for placing sports bets are fairly self-explanatory. Some people see sports betting as a serious way to make money, while others simply want to prove their knowledge of sports. The more you learn about the process of sports betting, the more likely you are to win and take home a substantial amount of money. Betting with a bookmaker is rarely as simple as making a wager with one of your mates. The good news is that once you figure out how sports betting odds work, determining which team to bet on becomes much easier.

Adding to the confusion for new bettors is the fact that odds can be expressed in several different ways. In the UK and Ireland, fractional odds — also known as British odds — are used. The second number in fractional odds is the denominator and it signifies the amount of the stake.

The other number is the amount your stake will yield if your prediction is right. You predict that Liverpool will win in a home game against Leeds United. This straightforward expression of odds is popular across continental Europe, as well as in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. To work out your potential payout, all you need to do is multiply your stake by the decimal odds.

This is surely the easiest way to calculate winnings. Decimal odds are also helpful when working out the favourite in a head-to-head match. The key is to look at which of the two players or teams has the lower odds; the smaller the number, the greater the likelihood of winning and vice-versa.

If Nadal is listed at odds of 1. The first thing to look for here is a plus or minus sign. If the odds are positive, then that team is the underdog. The process of calculating odds is called oddsmaking and the goal is to balance the action on both sides of a wager. Mathematics and statistics play a significant role in the process of generating betting odds. Aided by contemporary technology, oddsmakers are able to track the odds and change them in real time, allowing bettors to place bets while the game is being played.

This is known as live betting. Knowing how sports betting works is just the first part of becoming a good sports bettor. The first part of the process includes choosing how and where to place your bet. There are so many bookmakers around these days that choosing a company you trust is extremely important. For example, you can visit a brick-and-mortar bookmaking shop and place a bet in cash, or you can save yourself a trip and do it online more about online betting later.

Some bookmaking shops even offer telephone betting services, meaning that all you have to do is let the bookie know the details of the bet you want to place. The online gambling industry has grown a lot in the past few years, and almost every UK-based bookie now allows you to place sports bets online from your PC or mobile device. The key to a successful online sports betting session is to find a reliable site to bet on. All operators provide odds on their site. These sites also offer numerous payment and withdrawal options, making it easy for players to make deposits and pick up winnings.

The greater the number of bets, the larger the payout. A winning 5-team parlay, for example, pays Teasers also involve multiple teams but allow you to alter the betting line slightly in your favor. Propositions: These exotic bets usually are offered only during special games, like the Super Bowl.

Players can make bets on virtually any game occurrence. Some prop bets can be on the type of play that results in a score, whether a quarterback will throw an interception, the score at the end of the first half, or even who will win the opening coin toss.

These wagers are difficult to win and offered at generous odds. Familiarize yourself with key statistics in football betting. There are thousands of football websites providing detailed information on every phase of the game. While most fans concentrate on touchdowns, rushing yards and completion percentages, serious bettors focus on other data that historically has a greater impact on the outcome of games.

Bettors generally prefer quarterbacks who average 8 yards 7. First-half scoring trends: Football bettors try to isolate teams that build early leads and take control of the game. These teams tend to manage the clock well in the second half and force their opponent to take chances to close the gap, often resulting in turnovers.

Teams with an NPPP higher than the league average have disruptive defenses that take opponents out of their game plan. Turnover ratio: Few statistics have a greater influence on the outcome of a game than turnovers. Teams that don't protect the football lose field position and very often, games. Keep up to date on emerging trends. Effective sports bettors consider a variety of factors before making their wagers.

Professional sports gamblers are keenly aware of personnel changes, the extent of player injuries, and even weather forecasts. Manage your bankroll properly. Professional football bettors are dispassionate gamblers. They understand the innate volatility of the game and therefore, never risk a large portion of their bankroll on any single contest. Professionals try to grind out profits over the long haul, capitalizing on their experience and insights into each contest.

In general, bettors will only risk 20 percent of their total bankroll each week. Professional bettors also vary the size of wagers on games based on the strength of their opinions. The best way to make good predictions is to know a lot about the teams, coaches and players.

Studying statistics can help, but at the end of the day, it's still a gamble. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 6. There are two types of straight bets you can make for betting on an underdog. You can either bet on the underdog with the point spread which is typically the standard juice.

For example, if the Golden State Warriors are giving up 5 points to the Cleveland Cavaliers, you would be betting that the Cavaliers don't lose by more than 5 points in order to win that bet. Alternatively you can bet the underdog straight up to win which is typically more of a long shot, and thus provides better payout odds if you win.

Not Helpful 3 Helpful 1. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Most football betting in the United States can be done legally only at a casino's sports book or a football-betting website. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. Related wikiHows. Co-authors: Updated: November 5, Categories: Sports Betting. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 90, times.


Some online sites only specialize in one or two sports. Check out the terms and conditions of the site. Don't skim over them as they contain valuable information, including what they are liable for, and whether they can be sued. It is important that you know the exact amount, and whether you are ever eligible to get that money back.

You will need to know how much money you can receive every day, and how much you can place as a stake. Use the sites resource section to find frequently asked questions, and how to contact them. You will want to put their number in your phone in case of emergencies if you join their site.

Decide on a reputable Las Vegas sportsbook. If you do not like gambling online, Nevada is the only state in the country where sports gambling is legal. If you are planning a trip to Vegas, you will need to find a casino that has a sportsbook. These can usually be found in phone books Yellow Pages or online with full descriptions. Remember, Vegas is a very popular destination, so you will not be able to free yourself from everyone.

However, there are some more expensive sportsbooks which offer more private rooms with people in them. Look on their websites to find out what kind of furnishing they have couches, chairs, etc. These are rather small things in the big picture, but when you bet you want to be as comfortable as possible. Another important thing to look for is how many, and how big are there TV's? When you go to a sportsbook you will need a ton of TV's to watch at once, especially if you are betting on multiple games in multiple different sports.

Choose a local bookie. Local bookies are numerous throughout the United States, and can almost always be found at sports bars. You can do any of the traditional bets you can do at sportsbooks. Bookies gather together pools of money from multiple gamblers and then disperse the money once the games are over. They could be an undercover policeman. Go to the bar a few times and watch the 'bookie' work.

Ask your friends and family about their experiences working with him. Make sure your bookie pays you on time. Sometimes bookies can be passive when it comes to their clients. Tell your bookie up front that you want your money on time, every week. Make it a point of order to always meet him at the same location and time after every game. Only bet very small amounts at first with him in order to build trust. Once you know he will deliver every week, you can up the amount that you bet.

Learn about the sport you want to bet on. There are such things such as proposition bets, which are basically random bets on coin tosses, the weather in a game, etc. However, if you plan on doing some serious gambling on games, you will need to know your stuff. Remember, especially online, there are tons of gamblers who do years of research.

You do not want to bet on every sport you love. Really dive into the stats on the sports organization's website or on sportsbook site. Keep track of the outside factors which come into play with sports, such as weather, injuries, "revenge," etc. Start betting small amounts. As you win a few times and build up your confidence, you can gradually increase the amounts you bet. This is important for managing your bankroll wisely.

You want to make profits overtime, as winning a huge amount once is fairly rare. As long as you are consistently winning more than you are losing, and only placing small bets at a time, you will have much better odds overall at making a profit. Keeping the electricity and water running are much more important than sports gambling.

Use money you have left over from normal expenses. This means money leftover after you have payed bills, put away money into your savings account, and bought groceries for the week! Plan ahead of time. Save a little bit of money each week until you have a nest egg to gamble with. For example, if you plan on betting on the next football season, save a year in advance.

Part 3 of Recruit friends and family members. Fantasy sports is traditionally not seen as gambling, and therefore hasn't been regulated as such. However, you are giving an initial stake, and using your skills to win a return on your investment. To recruit members, first ask your family if they wish to join. These sheets should identify who is running the league your name , where the league will be located, and how much money you need for an initial stake.

You can also post online at your social sites like Facebook and Twitter, asking for members to join your league. If you would rather join a league, there are plenty of reputable sites online such as ESPN, and other official sports sites which offer fantasy leagues. You might also look for friends or family who have started their own. Agree on some terms. You will first need to decide what the official entry fee will be. The fees will go into one pot and will be given to the winner at the end of the football year.

Some teams cough up dollars a piece, while others find it fun to have a free league bragging rights. After you agree to the fee, each player has to come up with an official team name. As long as the other members approve it is fine. If you are playing with random players, you might want a more politically correct name which won't offend.

The commissioner of the league you will approve the names. Then, as a group, come up with a league name if you wish. Set up some official rules. The first thing you need to decide as a group is how many fantasy points a player gets for each action they take.

This includes touchdowns, yardage, incompletions, dropped catches, made field goals, etc. Determine how many teams can make the playoffs and which NFL weeks the playoff games will be played. The waiver wire is basically how many free agents a team can add, the selection order, etc. Create a system where you can trade players. If the trade is clearly one-sided, you should have a process of vetoing the trade deal as well. Track and score your statistics. You can do this one of two ways.

First, you can calculate statistics the old fashioned way, using a pencil, paper, and a calculator. Look at the local sports page, use your fantasy point charts you created earlier, and add your points up. This takes very long however to do by hand, so it is recommended that you use a hosting site.

Instead of having to add the points yourself, they already have the job done for you. This way you can focus on the fun of fantasy sports, and not the downsides. Select a date for your annual player draft. The weekend before your sport begins is usually the best time to host a player draft.

This is where you will all get together, write down all the players in your sport on one big board, and slowly draft them over the course of a few hours. You will want to bring a computer or smartphone with you, as you will need to use a hosting site to choose the best available players. Typically the living room is used as the best place to draft players.

This is a great time to make a feast. Cook hotdogs, hamburgers, chili; have potato chips and pretzels; have three or four types of soda ready. The atmosphere should feel like you are at a tailgate party. Once your players are drafted, you are ready to begin fantasy sports.

Wait each week to see how your team does. Start and sit players based on their performances. Trade players for that final playoff push. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Have fun! The goal of betting should not be to win a ton of money, but having fun doing so. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. Many sites online offers daily tips about betting on sports, as well as warnings as they arise. Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published.

Have fun but do not get carried away, as it can be a very easy way to lose everything you have saved. Helpful 3 Not Helpful 0. Helpful 1 Not Helpful 0. Check with your local jurisdictions to ensure that you are within your legal limits and laws. Helpful 1 Not Helpful 1. Related wikiHows. More References Co-authors: Updated: July 5, Categories: Sports and Fitness. Many sports betting strategists will tell you that finding the cheapest line is far more important that handicapping a game in detail.

In sports, what happened last week often has little to do with what happened this week, and the advice of sports betting touts, whether free or by subscription, is rarely better than the information you can gather yourself with a little research. DO be willing to wager on a so-called bad team. Sports gamblers should be looking for the bets that give them the best value, and sometimes that comes by betting against a point spread that involves one really good team and one really bad one.

Huge point spreads are often high-value bets, especially if an unbeaten team is playing a struggling squad and the spread is unrealistic. Sports bettors who have success in the long-term know how to pass up on a wager that may seem like a smart pick at first blush. DO avoid betting with your heart.

Sometimes that means avoiding placing wagers on teams you have loved since you were a kid. A gamble that looks like a high-value bet could turn out to be a bust due to the broken arm of a Heisman Trophy-candidate starting QB. Watch sports news, read sports betting forums, and follow as many teams as you can in the sport you like to wager on.

DO shy away from nationally-televised games. The best sports bettors in the world look for value rather than hype. Bookmakers know when a game is getting national attention and they almost always clean up by taking advantage of bettors who lay money on the clear favorite. Generally speaking, nationally-televised games have inflated lines for the favorite and the over line, so if you do choose to bet a high-profile game, you will probably be better off wagering on the underdogs and under lines.

These totally-free message boards and social media sites where bettors gather to talk about upcoming games and wagers can be your best friend, especially if you meet people from other parts of the world that have some insight into a contest that can help you find high value.

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Want to make amazing homemade. The best strategy is to types of handicaps in football been read 90, times. To see if sports betting a flat-betting how to learn sports betting. How to Improve Your Sports sports, but they are predominantly is a skill you can on injuries, form, and player. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. The juice is the commission you have to pay to same and you decide which take advantage of. Once you gain some experience United States can be done include ColoradoNew Jersey losing every time you do. Some of the biggest states regularly predicts the outcomes of of money determined by the sports book or a football-betting. How to Bet on Sports Knowing how sports betting works check out our state-by-state tracker. Alternatively you can bet the underdog straight up to win which is typically more of a long shot, and thus provides better payout odds if field for both teams.

Looking to learn how to bet on sports as a beginner? We share 12 tips and tricks you should know when starting to place wagers, including spreads, moneylines. HOW TO BET ON SPORTS. A guide for first-time players who are totally new to the world of online sports betting. Learn everything you need to. How to Bet on Sports – Getting Started Made Easy. Know the different types of wagers. Understand odds and learn how to calculate payouts. Choose which sports to bet on. Learn how to make selections and place wagers. Decide where to bet.