spread betting strategies ftse 100 quote

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Bernard W. Dempsey, S. In a centralized economy, currency is issued by a central bank at a rate that is supposed to match the growth of the amount of goods that are exchanged so that these goods can be traded with stable prices. The monetary base is controlled by a central bank.

Spread betting strategies ftse 100 quote sports betting jobs in las vegas

Spread betting strategies ftse 100 quote

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The real exchange FTSE future price is usually 0. The important thing is, that the spread bet FTSE cash index reflect the movement of the underlying asset, not necessarily that the quoted price is the same as the index. Let's take the case of a spread betting provider; Capital Spreads , Capital Spreads do not quote the 'cash' price i. The rolling daily is quoted a set difference from the Future and this is calculated from the 'cost of carry' plus and dividends which are due to go 'ex-div' between NOW and the expiry of the Future.

This is commonly called the 'fair value'. Sometimes the fair value can move a little bit during a session but generally not more than a couple of points. This is because the cash index only updates once every 15 seconds count it If anyone quoted from the cash index they would be picked off all day long as traders watched the futures move and just bought or sold the cash in the knowledge that the price will move to take into account the LIFFE market.

This takes a little bit of time to do, but for those of us who have sharescope or similar it's fairly easy to do. If you do this, you will see that if both the banks and the miners are up it is almost impossible for the FTSE to be down. It will take an afternoon to do but once done is easy to maintain forever. This simple task enables you to look behind the market and see what is really happening.

The less well known Nasdaq Composite is also worth a look. Be aware that the USA being the world's largest economy there is a strong 'feeling' i. If the markets have been depressed within the US, you can expect the same sentiment to be reflected in the FTSE over at least the first few hours of trading the following day from within the UK markets.

If that spikes higher, I usually reduce my stakes to a quarter of the normal sizes, and I don't go against the prevailing intraday trend. The markets run purely on speculation then settle down to the price they should be trading at. This is mostly true in most circumstances. Be aware of the possible trading ranges of the any instruments you plan to trade in.

Couple of pointers from personal experience - especially if you are just starting out - if spread betting the indices do consider setting a guaranteed stop but keep in mind that the indices can swing on a 1 minute candle say by as much as 50 points so if you trade an index and say set a 30 point stop you could be stopped out more or less instantly so you get the feeling you are losing quite often.

Starters - what are you going to trade? It does not well, sometimes it does move a great deal before the Wall Street opens. You may think it too quiet but, once you get some practice with that, you'll have plenty of time and, hopefully, have made more money, to go ballistic with something more lively. I became attracted to trading the indices because they are only two horse races. They go up or down. But in case the support came in just ahead of the tramline, I decided to set 5, as my target, and entered a resting buy order there to cover my trade.

In the meantime, I lowered my protective stop to break-even using my break-even rule. I didn't have long to wait. My order was filled around mid-morning for a very quick and clean trade:. I am finding that recently, I am seeing a lot of very reliable tramline set-ups in all timeframes in the large markets that I follow primarily, stock indices, gold, silver, and currencies. I would encourage any spread betting trader to regularly search the charts for them.

If you can draw at least two parallel tramlines using a pivot point from a previous period, as I did here, so much the better, as it adds more confidence to the validity of your line. Incidentally, the shortest timeframe I like to trade with is the minute.

This gives me room to think. I know that many day-traders go down to the one-minute and two-minute charts. That is a little too intense for me! But by all means, explore these timeframes, and I'm sure you will be amazed at what you will find in your charts. The FTSE is set for a makeover with an influx of new tech stocks.

DoorDash won't deliver for investors. Here's how to short it. A simple way to profit from the next big trend change in the markets. How to buy into the next big commodities bull market. Tesla just bought a load of bitcoin — get ready for executive FOMO.

Skip to Content Skip to Footer. Features Home Features. Early on Monday, I was plotting the hourly FTSE chart and I saw that I could draw a very nice pair of tramlines: The purple boxes show the points already made by the chart before my trade, through which I drew my lines. I then entered a resting sell order at 5, That's a very tight stop, in most situations. But this was not a normal situation.

Stop 5, Remember, the tramlines represent barriers to the market. The change is long overdue, say…. Spread betting. Perhaps you should too. Here's how to short it Trading. Matthew Partridge explains the best way to short it. A simple way to profit from the next big trend change in the markets Investment strategy.


You can close it whenever you wish. You may decide to take a quick profit and close the contract within a week of opening it. The original price quoted for the June expiry date will change on a daily basis. This will be due to responses from movements in the underlying FTSE Index and differing views on future prospects. If you trade longer contracts you must keep an eye on market movements frequently.

This will enable you to close a trade whenever you feel the time is right to take a profit or reduce losses. The June price quoted was In the example you bought at Unfortunately you misread the markets and the FTSE begins to fall. It may rise, or it may continue falling. You decide to close the position preventing any future losses. The dealer quotes for the June price. To close a position, you simply place a second bet of equal size in the opposite direction of your original opening bet.

You can also bet on the value of the FTSE on a daily basis. When trading daily, you need to be more certain of how the markets are going to behave. Generally, daily trading is also more suitable if you intend to use large stakes since the fall and rise of the index is likely to be much less than over a quarterly period.

Remember that in this case the market is quoted from 9. You telephone the trader at If you feel the markets will rise you place an up bet buy at For our example, the Bank of England announces a rise in interest rates. This news usually has a damaging effect on share prices and you fully expect share prices falling throughout the day.

Your predictions were correct and the FTSE has fallen to by 2. If share prices on Wall Street rise, UK share prices may start to make up losses and your profit could disappear within minutes. You decide to take the cautious route and close your trade while the FTSE stands at When you call back the dealer, they will quote you a different price to what the FTSE is currently standing at.

This price will depend on how the bookmaker feels the markets will act for the rest of the day. The dealer quotes To close a trade you need to place an identical bet in the opposite direction to your first bet. If, however, you decided not to close the trade and allowed it to stand throughout the day until close of markets at 4. You can see with this example that very quick profits can be made from dealing.

Obviously, if the markets went against you then you would have finished the day at a loss. However, with the information and help contained within this book, you will be experiencing very few losing trades. I personally know a colleague of mine who deals full-time. From this the FTSE only needs to move 8 points in his favour. He is very strict with himself and as soon as his target has been reached — he pulls out even though he could have made a few more thousand throughout the day.

When trading the FTSE index on a daily basis you need to be fairly sure of your expectancies of how the markets will trade. You may expect the markets to rise within the next few weeks and so go long on the FTSE. Gradually share prices rise and eventually you are in profit. Or that the Japanese stock market will beat the US market this year.

Or that the banking sector is long over due another crisis. Spread betting is one of the easiest and cheapest ways for a private investor to back their hunches with hard cash. And if you call the market right, you can make big profits, very rapidly. Spread betting simply allows you to speculate on whether the price of an asset will rise or fall.

You can gamble on everything from shares and commodities to stock market indices and house prices. The beauty is that you don't actually have to buy the underlying asset you want to trade. You just take a view on the prices offered by the spread betting provider as to whether the price will rise or fall.

Spread betting firms offer you a quote, which consists of a bid selling price and - slightly higher - offer buying price. Take the following example. If the FTSE stands at , the spread betting provider will likely offer you a bid price of and an offer price of Say the FTSE rises to by the day's close, and you decide to close out your bet. In contrast, if you think the market will fall, you "sell" at But there are risks as well as rewards in spread betting.

Although you can make a lot of money from wagering a small stake, you can lose money fast, too. Because you can quickly lose lots if your trade goes wrong, spread betting firms demand some protection that you'll eventually be able to settle up. This is a deposit called 'margin'.

If your losses on the trade threaten to exceed that margin, your provider will demand more money, known as a margin call. If you can't come up with this, the provider will close out your position at the current price. You'll go broke quite fast if you depend on margin calls to control your losses. So a much better way is to use stop losses.

These are orders to close out a trade at your specified level. There is a potential problem with ordinary stop losses however - "gapping". That's where the market is moving fast and lots of stop-loss orders are triggered together. Since they close at the market price closest to the specified price on a first-come, first-served basis, you may not get out at the level you expected.

The solution to this problem is slightly more expensive but well worth considering the guaranteed stop. Here you pay your broker a slightly wider spread to get you out at a preset price regardless of how many other stop orders are triggered alongside yours. In effect your broker is buying you out of the trade.

At times of high volatility in particular, that's insurance that's well worth paying for. One reason is the tax break. Under UK law, there are no taxes on your betting profits, either stamp duty or on capital gains. Another is that it can be an easy and cost effective way to trade. When you buy shares through a broker, you have to pay a fee. With spread betting you don't.