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Syndicate project csgo betting guru

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Former Sri Lanka cricketer Nuwan Zoysa found guilty of match-fixing, corruption by ICC tribunal Already serving suspension on match-fixing charges, former Sri Lanka player and bowling coach Nuwan Zoysa has been found guilty of three offences under A decade after Lord's scandal, match-fixing still haunts Pakistan cricket Iin the historic fixing scandal, three no balls by Mohammed Amir and Mohammd Asif had been part of a shady betting deal against England.

Match-fixing in Goan football: Beautiful game shows its ugly side Football News: In Goa's football fields, away from the spotlight of live telecasts, another game is being played real time: Alleged match-fixing. The state sport, wh.

Goa Pro League and the match-fixing allegations in Indian football With the recent match-fixing allegations in the Goa Professional League, Goal takes a look at some notable instances from the past The Olympic medalist in File image of Aaqib Javed. Pakistan Super League Den of match-fixing is in India, says former Pakistan pacer - Report The former cricketer further went on to slam Pakistan Cricket Board for paving a way back for Mohammad Amir's return to cricket, who was accused of fixing.

Four detained over suspected match-fixing in Moldova Football News: Half of the teams in Moldova's top soccer league have been involved in match fixing and four suspects have already been detained, the Jacko was once regarded as a true Cricket, betting and match-fixing; bookie Sanjiv Chawla reveals untold truth New Delhi: This news development may shake your faith among cricketing stars whom you hold in high esteem.

These stars allegedly follow a script prepared Ukrainian Stanislav Poplavskyy banned in match-fixing case The Tennis Integrity Unit said Stanislav Poplavskyy took part in match-fixing and courtsiding activities on multiple occasions between and Football: Pavel Kralovec, a Champions League referee, implicated in match-fixing case Czech referee Pavel Kralovec, who officiates in the Champions League, has been implicated in a local match-fixing scandal, Czech media said Wednesday.

How to fix Apex Legends code leaf error: What is code:leaf? Here's exactly what the code leaf error means in Apex Legends and what steps you can take to fix it in-game. The T20 league, which has already lost much of its sheen due to high-profile pullouts, Screenshot of the Everlast website with accessiBe's overlay on the right with options to adjust text and visuals. The Board's International table tennis match fixing scandal exposed - Criminal Law - Australia NSW police laid charges against an Australian table tennis player and exposed an international match fixing syndicate.

Time to look beyond organised crime to stop match-fixing Many clubs in smaller European football leagues lack income and that leaves them vulnerable to match-fixing. Badminton World Federation issue sanctions in match fixing and betting cases Badminton World Federation BWF has handed a life ban to a representative of a sports brand for his role in match fixing, while separately eight Indonesian FIFA endorses app to report match-fixing approaches Football News: A smartphone app developed by the international soccer players' union allowing professional players to anonymously report match-fixing Six matches in the state's top football league were red-flagged for suspicions of match-fixing.

Sri Lanka to probe match-fixing allegations over WC final The Secretary to Sri Lanka's Sports Ministry has filed a complaint at its special investigations unit to investigate the charge. Kansspelautoriteit amends rules for gambling market The Kansspelautoriteit, or Netherlands Gaming Authority, has amended several rules ahead of the planned launch of their gambling market. Slovakian tennis player Baskova banned for match fixing The Tennis Integrity Unit said that Dagmara Baskova admitted to charges of five incidents of match fixing in and was banned for 12 years.

Generic tennis image Getty Egyptian tennis player banned for two years in match-fixing case Egyptian tennis player Mostafa Hatem was banned for two years on Monday as part of a match-fixing case. Swedish prosecutors charge player with match fixing Sweden's prosecutor on Wednesday said that they had charged a player over match-fixing in country's top football league.

The Prosecution Authority has not No cricket match is fair, all are fixed: Sanjeev Chawla, accused bookie in Hansie Cronje fixing scandal High-profile bookie, Sajeev Chawla, has told the police that no cricket match is played fairly, all are fixed. He is the main accused in India-South Africa How bookie Sanjeev Chawla, kingpin of cricket match-fixing scandal, fell into police net Sanjeev Chawla extradited from the UK — four years after the procedure to bring him back to India for further probe in the match-fixing case began.

Representative Image. Credit: DH File Photo Pakistan cricketer reports match fixing approach to officials Pakistan cricket authorities Thursday said a player has reported being approached by a bookmaker during an ongoing domestic tournament, as officials Delhi court grants bail to bookie Sanjeev Chawla in match-fixing case According to police, Chawla, who was extradited from London in February, was involved in fixing of five matches.

Make Match-Fixing a Criminal Offence - Steve Richardson As one who has always felt strongly that those involved in match-fixing in this country get away lightly thanks to lax and outdated laws I was overjoyed to read the Slovakian tennis player banned for 12 years for match-fixing London, Jan. French Open: Prosecutors said they have opened a probe for "fraud in an organised group". File photo of Iqbal Mirchi. She also do walkthroughs. Her game selection is all over the spectrum for both her Lets Plays and walkthroughs.

Her let's play and play through are mostly on Horror games and the Dark souls series. Although Horror games are her specialty, she might pick up other genre or type of games, if it catches her interest. She plays a variety of games, mostly simulation, puzzle games and casual strategy with a heavy bias toward indie titles.

LaurenzSide , LaurenzSide is a comedic female let's player. She's known for her funny commentary, funny face-cam reactions, and jump-cut game editing. She also makes Vlogs, Unboxings, and Tutorials. She adds content daily. She focuses on Horror and Adventure games. She can be seen playing together with pweets. She also has letsplays of other games, such as Gary's Mod, Portal, and Sims 4. Her favourite game is World of Warcraft but she is also a fan of Rollercoaster Tycoon.

She post at least twice a week and each video is paired with spunky and cheerful commentary as well as occasionally a face fam with 'interesting' faces. She sometimes play mini games with them on Minecrafy, a am in one being Build Battle, where all her builds are kawaii, adorable and pretty much always win. She has bright pink hair, loves the colour pink and is really awesome to watch!!

Lytha contracted tongue cancer and could not make videos for a while. Once she could, her video-making just stopped altogether. Her LPs still remain. Has a humorous attitude to gaming. She plays a variety of games, both indie and AAA. She plays PS4 to PC games. Her channel's goal is to grow a gaming community that is safe for both male and female gamers. LilyPichu , An adorable and talented League of Legends player, her videos are short and contain only the best and worst of the game, completely worth a watch.

She may be vulgar but her art is not. Also running a Let's Play Skyrim series, and a nostalgic series of playthroughs for classic DOS games from the nineties. Lolrenaynay , Renee is well known for streaming on Twitch with her friends Eatmydiction1, Gassymexican, Seananners, Chilledchaos, etc games such as gmod and many live action videos are found on her channel.

She doesn't make sense at all somtimes. Solo plays coming soon. There is much swearing Anira and screaming Zombrigit. Definitely worth a look and probably a laugh. Lucahjin , Lucah is well-known for her hilarious sense of humor.

Has started a blind lp of Silent Hill 2, but doesn't have a set category for what games she'll play in the future. She also plays other games from time to time, such as RPGs like Undertale and occasional retro 16 bit platform games. She is passionate about supporting other teen and tween girl gamers and is working on a contact site for girls wanting a safe source of new female friends to play online.

Luvculturegurl26 20, Luvculturegurl26 channel is mostly dedicated to Sims let's plays, although she has let's played other games as well that include; L. Madamluna 6, Not much is known about her, other than the fact that she draws, and knows DeceasedCrab.

She films various locations in Japan mostly around the Tokyo area and plays mostly story oriented games. Marley is an expat living in Tokyo, Japan joined by both local friends and overseas buddies in some episodes. Channel features weekly brews of gaming hijinks and misadventures, including compilations and let's play type videos. She owns a rather long list of horror games of all varieties and would like to expand the channel in that direction. Tends to play games which are either popular or old classics that she enjoys.

Mostly plays horror games blind and usually badly! Lots of bumbling around and hilarious jump scares! Masaeanela 70, Masae is a let's player most known for her Zelda and Katamari Damashii let's plays. The two started the channel in and have been the main duo of the channel. I post 3 videos a week at the time at the time of this writing.

She is Canadian, and collabs with youtubers from all over! MegLovesGames 3, Meg is passionate about gaming. MeliZbeauty 90, Meli is a female Let Player that started posting videos in More known for her voice overs of Miraculous Ladybug and Game Playthroughs. Amazing personality, and such a sweetheart. Calls her viewers "Sweeties". Meowing Kittens 20, Real life friends with Luchajin. Also features a special MercyFails segment where she fails at various games across many genres.

Occasionally works with best friends LedainT and The Tie. Is currently doing an internactive The Sims 4 lets play where you can tell her what she should do each episode! She uploads weekly and streams daily. Mischievite Games 10, One of the fastest growing gaming channels on YouTube. She described her gaming setup as "The most ghetto on YT".

A very new LP channel so don't let low sub numbers put you off just yet. This surreal loser plays anything and everything and will happily play something if requested. Among others outside youtube, she's known for her animated facial expressions, song references into conversations, horrible puns and the occasional, terrible, almost "bad dad", quality jokes.

She replies to every comment and plans to upload at least 1 video Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Miss Bunnie Bell 3, She is a very funny and random pink hair girl who plays with friends. Uploads Daily So never have to wait long for something new to watch. MistyDawn 3, MistyDawn's channel focuses mainly on Nintendo let's plays. She is known for her cute and bubbly personality. Usually pegged as a horror game player, but really will play any game she can get ahold of.

Her passion for YouTube is abundant and shows in many way how much she appreciates her viewers. Mykal believes YouTube is all about being a community and has no shame in making a fool out of herself. Her videos range in topics, from full game playthroughs to twitch stream highlights.

She also does some short films and speed drawings in photoshop, although her current most popular videos are the Guild Wars 2 jumping puzzle shortcuts. Her motto is "You don't have to be pro to be awesome, you don't have to be the best to have fun". Nausicaagamer 7, Italian Let's Player who makes high quality videos with entertaining commentary and cute reactions.

She post two videos every weekday and has a pretty active blog dedicated to video games, cosplay, and other geeky stuff. She started off in October 30th,but she redid her channel for the content that she had before didn't suit her liking. She can be crazy at most times, so make sure to turn down your volume so your ear drums make it. She believes in schedules and works to have regular content released weekly, usually between 10 am and 11 am PST. She's got some crazy facial expressions, horrible puns and plenty of dad jokes in store for you.

She hasn't yet posted anything but is planning on playing Undertale very soon. Be prepared for stupid voices, penis jokes, and lots of yawns! Currently doing a LP of Paper Mario 64! She focusses mostly on blind Let's Plays, especially older RPGs, and goes crazy for video game music. She does an amazing job with her Sims 4 time lapses serie. Known for her hilarious and unapologetic commentary, Noobomi is not for the faint of heart.

She plays a variety of games and posts all her streams direct to her youtube as well. Uploads are sporadic, and prepare for foul language. As far as games go mainly rpg's but variety keeps us sane. She is fairly boyish in speech and manner for a female letsplayer, and she tends to randomly sing comically about the situations that the game has put her in, as well as try to do different voices when reading for characters.

Deidre 4, Deidre is a sassy and humorous gamer who uploads videos nearly every day. Her main genres include action and adventure and horror. She also has a monthly gaming news series named O. OMGitsfirefox , Sonja makes videos of minecraft, CS GO, overwatch and lot's of anime themed video games, she gained her popularity trough a series called "Mianite".

One Shot Gurl , One Shot Gurl is a full time entertainer who produces high quality game streams 6 days a week in addition to funny vlogs or videos interacting with her subscribers. She writes her own music, sings and does goofy things for the streams, and collabs with many popular Youtubers on dual streams. She is currently let's playing Pokemon SoulSilver, but occasionally also makes Minecraft videos. School Idol Festival. Pandorya , A German Channel which was created in She's a big fan of Final Fantasy 7 and a passionate cosplayer.

A member of the Decidedly Vanilla server and the Godiva Gaming group. It is currently a gaming channel for all types of games but there's more plans for the future. ParasiteEve 1, Eve mostly plays games in the horror genre. She also does joint Let's Plays with her friend, theweirdkind, which is featured on Eve's channel as well as their co-op channel, ArgumentativeDuo.

She also has played Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on her channel. Plays feel-good games like Minecraft. She likes to edit her video's like funny montages. It is known she will be playing other games as well. Phedran 8, Phedran has a variety of content including indie game walkthroughs, indie game first impressions, and Minecraft let's plays. PhoenixTsukino 2, Phoenix is a big survival-horror lover and it shows on her channel. She has completed a let's play of Aquaria and is currently making one of Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation from an Egyptologist's perspective.

She plays with Kaitlynthewisetortal and Liliana Della, who's channals arn't ready yet, in all sortes of games! She dose vlogs and even chlenges too! She just wants to join the party of youtube! She has layed Sonic to Mario games! PinkKittyRose 25, Pink plays a variety of games; mostly favors casual and challenge runs of classic games and occasionally plays romhacks. Pink used to use silent commentary but has been very vocal in her latest videos. Her Youtube channel is sporadically updated and is most frequent on her Twitch channel, under the same name.

Her style is fun and easy going and relates to a variety of audience on YouTube. She's personable and is open to collaborating and communicating with viewers. Known mostly for her Old School Runescape fashionscape videos, she also enjoys playing new and old survival horror games. She plays a variety of different games and will take game recommendations as well. While streaming she loves talking and playing games with viewers.

She is laid back and likes to use humor and different voices in her videos and in real life, it's just a habit. PrescriptionPixel 8, Pixel usually focuses on indie games. As well as let's plays, Pixel also reviews games. PressHeartToContinue , Dodger is most known for her Gaming Newz videos where she talks about news and updates in the gaming world.

She also plays a range of PC games. Her longest running series is Xenoblade Chronicles. It is run primarily by Caitlin, who will usually guide her friends through the games that they've never played. They don't aim to play the games well as their goal is just to have fun. Their first run is of The Walking Dead Game and they have a large variety of games planned. It's suggested you start watching them on Episode Ten as that's when they got a better recording mic. Caitlin also has various animatics planned for upload at no specified times.

The two games she has played and currently are Petz Dogz 2 and Minecraft On special occasions like the holidays. She is currently still planning things out and trying to get use to doing the whole Commentary thing, but other then that she is a descent lets player. Focuses on computer games. Plays anything that strikes her fancy. Mostly plays fun happy games. Occasionally plays horror games. Started the channel to overcome her social anxiety. Can be seen playing together with Lawrie.

She is slightly foul mouthed, a bit silly, nerdy, humorous, and a loser-- a big loser, in fact. She's a lame-loser-nerd. So go talk to her in the comment section and don't forget to subscribe to her. Although some of the series featured on her channel are recorded and uploaded as detailed walkthroughs, she also commonly plays games blindly.

Rabbit is known for taking suggestions from her viewers to create a community experience for many of her Let's Plays. Her commentary style is a combination of easygoing and intimate, yet still informative. She often shares personal anecdotes alongside game-related analysis, suggestions, and humor. Rachel has quite a wide variety of games on her channel.

Rainedog87 2, Raine is a female let's player from the mid-west of the USA. She specializes in survival horror games - mainly Resident Evil as it is one of her favorite video-game series, but also does LP's of other games such as Fatal Frame and Dynasty Warriors among others. Raine also occasionally uploads videos of her playing the piano as she is a classical trained pianist. Her LP's are very in-depth, informative and of high standards. RandomNerdChronicles 1, Ekanta Chronicle is a year-old let's player known for her pleasant voice and take on incredibly fun in-browser games.

Her game play mainly focuses on indie, horror, and Nintendo. The 'Conspiracy' is a strong YouTube community with a support service and is a growing family. Raven hopes to raise millions for charity with the channel's help, and is dedicated to helping as many people as she can. Games played on the channel vary and are usually played due to suggestions.

These games have a very chilled feeling to them and are great to watch and unwind. Jax plays a large variety of games from RPGs to Jackbox. RoseErifnosi 6, Rose has a pleasant voice and unique playing style. She has a tendency to evaluate the games and characters she plays thoroughly and shares her own personal experiences as they relate to the games. Her channel also includes some minecraft videos and her latest series of videos is Always Sometimes Monsters.

RudeOnion 2, Rude posts a fairly large variety of games, consisting of both AAA releases and indie hits. She has a variety of genres on the channel ranging from horror games, like Nightcry and Outlast, to more serious stuff like Life is Strange. As long as there is a good story or something that goes bump in the night you can bet Sarah will be playing it. SashaSilverMoon 4, Sasha is a let's player with many games under her belt. Schaly 5, Schaly's LPs have a wide variety. She's too shy to reveal this side of her to people she knows in real life so she is building her channel in secret with the support of internet people.

She's 18 years old and lives in the north part of United Kingdom. She's been a part of Youtube for the past 2 years and keeps to upload videos every 2 days. She has graduated high school and is about to start college.

Her gameplay is always recorded in English but sometimes you will hear her speak Polish in the background. Her speciality in games is Minecraft, Sims 3 and all kind of racing games however she's open to any games that are interesting her or her viewers. Her channel may not be the most succesful one, yet that doesn't keep her down.

She tries to improve on her equipment whenever she can to improve the quality of her videos. Also you will be able to find videos of her with a facecam and some videos that are to show her life experiences. You will also stuble across some vlogs made by her using her phone. The channel has just started a new series called AniCast which is based on a team of Anime lovers which share their passion and experiences.

You can even join the AniCast team by filling in a short application which allows her and the rest of the team to find out a little bit about youself. She's very passionate about her channel and tries to keep up the positive vibe.

Her main quote that you will sometimes hear her say is "SharpRose to make the day better then the last" By saying this it allows her to keep up the up to date videos. The videos aren't only recorded by herself but also with many friends that always support her.

Shiirahime 1, Shiirahime is a gamer from the north USA who specializes in RPGs and Nintendo games, with informative and laid-back commentary and loves interacting with her audience. Her channel will soon be including walk-throughs, Let's Play's, reviews, and beauty videos as well. She's currently only uploading casual gaming vids to her YouTube, but the commentary makes them worth a watch. She just uploaded her first video in her new Let's Play Series. As her channel grows, she is going to continue to play a lot of RPG games and indie games.

A life long gamer, Sin is excited to share her gaming shenanigans with the world! She aims to play games with female protagonists. Her channel consists of both full and abridged longplays. Horror games may be explored and other things may be posted.

Videos are posted daily most of the time. Currently, they are focusing on GTAV and experimenting with live action videos and audio podcasts. Energetic and sparky, she specialises in PC games, favoring rage games, comedy games, and games with a story. She also has complications of her completed Let's Plays, and dedicates the month of October to "Month of Horror", as to get into the Halloween spirit despite the fact that Halloween isn't celebrated in Australia.

Let's Plays include L. New videos ever Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She is very enthusiastic and loves anything girly. Her favourite games are The Sims 4 and Minecraft, but she would love to expand her channel with more games. Besides her passion for gaming, she also has a passion for art. She is a very dedicated Youtuber and she can't wait to see what the future has in store for her. She plays Indie, Flash and Steam games at the moment. As her channel grows, she is expanding on her equipment, as well as her gaming portfolio.

Her icon is her pony OC she has also been in videos with ChromosomeExcel. She mainly plays MLP based games but also random flash games and anything she thinks is funny. She features bad horror game Let's Plays, collabs with friends and hilarious edits! SupaNintendoGirl 3, SupaNintendoGirl is a beautiful retro lets player with a quirky sense of humor.

Tena is in her mid 20's and from Ontario, Canada. Tena's channel has grown quite a bit in the last year and will continue growing! She covers mostly shooters horror and fringe indie titles and loves voicing visual novels. She does a lot of demos but mentioned doing long series of full releases soon.

Love her WeIrD sense of humor!! Every once in a while, Effie the cat will make an appearance! Terramoura loves meeting new people and talking with her viewers, so come check out her channel! Uploads are at pm and pm EST. I respond to comments and suggestions every day. This channel is a place for people of all ages, races, genders, and levels of education, to congregate, debate, discuss and have a good time. There are many different types of Let's Plays on her channel as she doesn't stick to one genre, but the majority of games you will find are RPGs, Simulators and FPS etc.

Those three things sum up what you'll find on TheAsianMenace's channel. She has a love for indie games, but armed with her PS4 she plays just about anything. Is also a professional wrestler. Rest assured she will cry if playing any horror games and also has the skill of a damp sock when it comes to Prince of Persia With her new PC and crappy laptop sitting in the trash The channel plans to feature let's plays, possible how-to's, and co-op with awesome people. Her records need a little work but her Commentary is down right funny!

She also does a lot of livestreams on TwitchTV where she plays a lot of Minecraft, but other games as well. Her let's plays occasionally consist of a face-cam, but not always. Her reviews are known for the effort she puts into them, as she almost always dresses up as a character from the game she is reviewing. Theonlypie 2, Theonlypie has a very large variety of LPs on her channel. A lot of her LPs are Final Fantasy-related. One roommate is a self-proclaimed expert; the other a complete noob.

A lot a cursing, cracking jokes, and talking over dialogue ensues. TheQuxxn 10, Quxxn was a let's player that focused exclusively on The Sims. Unfortunately, Quxxn passed away in after undergoing surgery which she did not recover from. She is known for her wacky sense of humor and contagious laughter. She has let's played the first 5 Tomb Raider games as well as some Resident Evil games. TotalCretin 3, TC is a very active youtube let's player who specialises on the equine browser game Howrse and Star Stable an online multiplayer game.

She posts videos daily. She started Youtube on her old channel about two years ago before deleting the old channel and starting new. Emilys commentary isn't anything special, but if you want a laugh I would suggest watching this teenage gamer. She has often been told she's sarcastic, but takes that as a compliment. She is about to reenter the wacky world of daily uploads.

Looking to have fun and reach out to other lets players. She currently focuses on Survival Horror LPs, and does all of her videos live through Twitch streaming. She plays the character she is playing as in the game. Vengelfe , Vengelfe's videos almost exclusively consist on Minecraft videos. She also does Garry's Mod video collaborations. Void Burger is one of the leading experts on Silent Hill theories, imagery, and and themes.

She plays a range of games including horror and indie. Wildeem 30, A funny Finnish gamer who plays mostly Minecraft, but other games as well. Mainly associated with Horror games with funny scared reactions and silly games like Happy Wheels. Though she will occasionally play more popular games too. Livestreams might be expected. Unboxings and reviews will be featured later in the future. Sometimes combines them. Mainly plays Indie games but focuses on Pokemon at times if the game is right.

Loves doing Challenge videos, but makes a lot of "Magical" references due to her being a Witch. Huge JSE and Markiplier fan, so she'll make references to them in her vids. Hannah has several series on the go including Yogsims where she plays with the lives of her fellow Yogscast members and tries to keep both them and the viewers happy. ZenAndCyrrene 10, Zen and Cyrrene are husband and wife and have a let's play channel together. Zer0Doxy 30, Doxy is a huge fan of butts and farting.

Known for her adorable personality and sense of humor, she enjoys playing survival games and many a playthroughs of Binding of Issac. She often does collabs with other youtubers and also streams on Twitch. She uploads every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. She had drawn her own persona, evident on the thumbnails and icon. Be prepared to hear some random Mandarin be spewed out when she panics or get excited.

Soothest voice on Youtube. Twitter Meghan Yeah 84, I stream all kinds of games! I like cats, gardening, gaming and overeating. My favorite color is green and my cat's name is Ruka. Twitter Strawberry Farmer "Hi! I love playing games, and sharing the experience with everyone along the way.

Thanks for visiting my channel! Categories :. Cancel Save. Fan Feed. Universal Conquest Wiki. FandomShop Newsletter GalaxyQuest. This channel doesn't do normal Let's Plays, instead packs everything with memes and the best moments of each recording to make them as funny and entertaining as it can be. This channel is for my love of gaming mostly MMORPG, Adventure or Horror but let me tell you , I am passionate about horror anything especially horror games keep in mind there are occasional cursing.

Aracnel is a let's player who uploaded videos off and on since My name is Kaylalash and i am a gamer. Remember to be a light to someone, because you are a light to me- Kaylalash. Tr0ll Rudel. Miss Friday from Germany is already indispensable with her charming style.

Hey Buddies! The nickname is Marz! Costarring Luka the Barking Doggo. Jem Is Here. Jem is an Australian YouTuber, she does a range of things on her channel, one of them being gaming on Mondays. Matchawapple is a girl gamer from Canada. StarCombo is made up of Andy and Lizzi, two latinx gamers that have been friends for eons. The actress Bria Roberts just started a gaming channel! Mainly a 3rd Person RPG kinda girl.

Is fun and laid back and loves purple. Torious Template:CharacterInfobox. She does comedic Let's plays of casual and big name games. Specializing in Let's Plays for Steam and Playstation games; Bob is not for the Amish as her vocabulary is as bold and brash as her play style. Apollo is a Let's Player who has been around for awhile. Aphmau, also know as Jess, is a youtuber that does roleplays and different activity's on Minecraft. Arctos is a female, British Let's Player who hopes to improve her confidence through her videos and to become a better person in general.

Argent Vulpine. Argent aka Nora , is a YouTuber who focuses on indie games and story narrations. Ari is another new Let's Player who plans to play a variety of different game genres. Ashley's videos almost exclusively consist of Minecraft, but she occasionally LPs other games like Portal and League of Legends.

AssassinGlasgow enjoys playing a variety of different games, but tends to focus on story based, shooters, horror, and creative and unique games. Aurey is a gamer and YouTuber who mainly does Minecraft series and mostly plays on multi-player servers and stuff with the other Minecraft dudes, she also plays other random games that sparks her interest of which she made a Twitch channel for her to stream those gaming related stuff, she also frequently post vlogs and updates on her YouTube channel.

Hi, I'm Wanda. Sara aka Avi is a 24 year old woman from Michigan. Videos on Monday and Wednesday. Brand new to the YouTube gaming scene, bigforkk is a Fallout 4 fanatic, posting hours of live streaming and funny game bugs and glitches for everyone to see. BlackEssence is a Sims let's player.

YouTube Veteran since , Let's Play n00b since BoredyMcbored is cooky, funny, awkward, let's player that isn't afraid to say whats on her mind, appropriate or Bunnysuitgaming or Bunny is a Let's Player from the Philippines. Button Mashin' Bitches.

Caiyth mainly focuses on survival horror as that is her passion, but she does a variety of different genres. Campai is a new Youtuber who mainly does let's plays of RPG Maker games, Indie games, and Japanese games but generally just prefers games with interesting plot, mechanics, or art style. Case Menace. Case Menace is a new Let's Player with a focus on indie and horror games.

Cat Tonic. She also started a single player modded series, Mystic Mesa. Charlie Friend. Nikki is a Let's Player who likes to make comprehensive guides. Clumsy Chicken. Criana has a lot of videos on her channel. Kristen is most known for playing Pokemon and Nintendo-related games on her channel. Cupcake Ninja. MJ plays a little bit of everything, though longer ongoing series seem to run the channel so far.

Dena Natali does let's plays among many other things related to video-games. DatMelloTho is a meme-loving chick who enjoys sexual innuendos and making fun of herself. Lydia's new to let's plays but has already started on a few series. Eat Drink Play. Franki, the self appointed Pizza Queen, started her channel in the summer of Eneija dabbles in different creative endeavors such as nomming on creativity with LPs of Minecraft, Skyrim, and other games, Vlogs, and even some illustrated Dead Animal Tales.

Primarily known for videos about the Japanese mobile game Love Live! Eversor Fatalis. Canadian Let's Player also known as "Dr. Four Seattle Let's Players, three of whom are trans. False is a 23 year old from England, who is a active member on the hermitcraft server, who was invited by fellow hermits who saw her geomine and hypercraft smp lps and decided to let her come on. Kitty, or Melissa, is a let's player enjoying a variety of games.

Fiaura The Tank Girl. Plays video games of various types focusing upon strategy games. FiloPixie is an Australian YouTuber who loves pixelated games and pixelated crafts. Muffin is an Argentinian gamer with a starting channel in English. A 23 year old Australian PC gamer. Vixen is an english gamer.

Becca Faye. A female Let's Player who tends to include lots of trivia or information in her regular LP's. A Youtuber who plays all kinds of games from horror, to flash games, to story driven games. GameGrindGeeks is a Wife and Husband let's play channel. Kristen's channel is made up of let's plays, reviews and gaming updates. GamerKat09's channel est. Completely updated channel from before. Gaming With Jezdamayel. Jezdamayel uploads new videos on a daily basis and does many LPs at once.

Gaming with Lou. Lou is an English let's player who likes to play a variety of different games, ranging from survival to platformer. Geek Remix. Mari and Stacey make up the dynamic duo that is Geek Remix, two best friends that offer fun and insightful lets plays, consisting of their 2 girls 1 lets plays; some series they've done include; life is strange, rise of the tomb raider, borderlands and oxenfree, quick looks; in which they do a short play of viewer recommended games, and shitty looks; in which they play hilariously bad games.

Gillie Gaming. Gillie is a girl gamer who focuses on cheap and completely random indie games. GirlGamerAL is a British female gamer in her teenage years. Gab Smolders. GaB is Dutch, but lives in Japan. Glampire Games. Glampire Games is a relatively new let's player who has posted clips of her playing '7 Days to Die' and has streamed the first chapter 'Batman: The Telltale Series'. Glitchy is a new let's player who enjoys games of multiple different genres and compiles all the best moments of her Twitch streams found at twitch.

Kassie is a gorgeous self-depreciating fun Canadian YouTuber who previously ran a lifestyle channel called Cloudy Apples. Amber used to make videos for games such as Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. Ready for some silly, awesome, and hilarious gaming? Momma Remi. Guild Mom Gaming staring Momma Remi, a guild mom through and through. Brand new LP channel currently running it's first game: Dying Light. Video games are fun,I am fun too, so let's have fun together!

Heart Beats. Heart Beats real name April is a new let's player from Scotland. Bea is a new Let's Player with silly commentary and fun edits. HexHipster, Hexley for short, is a gamer with magical Hipster powers. Hoodie Talks On Stream. Some hoodie clad loser plays video games and watches cartoons, then talks about them way more than anybody probably ought to. Tiffany is a gamer, baker, and an artist who plays games including Minecraft, Dead Island and Runner 2.

Jen mainly plays Minecraft and Call of Duty on her channel. Emily Fox. Emily usually does a lot of Sims 4 builds and CAS. IvyWinter, also known as Christine, plays a good deal of horror games as well as her expansive Steam backlog. A quite new Let's Player that likes everything awesome. Jaynee mainly plays league of legends in a short but hilarious montage editing style. Jackie "Kanashimi" Florian. Jackie "Kanashimi" Florian is a voice actor in animation, commercial, and video games.

Kassie Boyd. Klebkatt hosts a variety channel featuring readings of Bad Fanfiction and Let's Plays. Kat Aclysm. KatAclysm is a fiesty, quirky redhead who seems to play both retro as well as blockbuster games whether comedy or horror genres with the occasional Vlog thrown into the mix.

Just playing games for fun. Kathleen Is a let's Player, First started Reviewing Games, Then uploading her playing through them and reviewing at the end. Night Valley Productions. Kat just started doing some gameplay stuff. Katrinonus is a let's player with many different let's plays.

Kay Plays. Kay is a lets player with a variety of blind playthroughs of story-driven games and RPG's. Kezz is a British gamer who lives in the north of England. Kiana is a female let's player who is primarily known for her Let's Play of the game 'Virtual Families 2'. Kirei is a female gamer, coder, and cosplayer who mostly focuses her Youtube channel on Minecraft videos, but has a wide interest in all games.

Kitty is a new let's player who plays mostly vanilla Minecraft, and is currently working on the Bunny Challenge. Suze is perhaps more widely known as the wife of Arin Hanson of Game Grumps. KPopp, also know as Kelly, is most known for her Sims series. Krissie is a new female let's player who is currently doing a let's play of Pokemon Blue, but plans to play more games in the future.

Kwife's Gaming Life. Ladygilwen is a German Let's Player, best known for her stumbling on English whenever she comes across phrases in game she doesn't understand, since it is not her mother tongue. Lady Lexy xox Gaming. Lady Phoenix. Lady Tenjoin is a let's player from New York. LadyShelab is a British Let's Player. LadySinovera is a big fan of League of Legends and Fallout. LaurenzSide is a comedic female let's player. Lavinia is a Let's Player from Michigan who prefers story driven games but is willing to play pretty much anything.

Laylipop is a chill female let's player, who likes to troll around and play games with her boyfriend. Let's Sneak. Lia Rein. An Irish gamer who mostly plays Team Fortress 2 but also plays horror games, co-op, mini-games and will be expanding her game list over the coming months. Liara Gaming. A chill commentator offering traditional Let's Plays with a focus on the narrative, characters, and story immersion. Lillywaters Lets Play.

An adorable and talented League of Legends player, her videos are short and contain only the best and worst of the game, completely worth a watch. Little Katie. The only girl on this list playing Kerbal Space Program. Scottish gamer aiming to attain the dizzying heights of mediocrity in Dota 2.

Renee is well known for streaming on Twitch with her friends Eatmydiction1, Gassymexican, Seananners, Chilledchaos, etc games such as gmod and many live action videos are found on her channel. Let's player who likes swear a lot and collaborates with her friends.

Lucah is well-known for her hilarious sense of humor. Luciee Jo. Lulu Rose. Luna Flower. A soon-to-be, in-production gaming channel, brought to you by the one, the only, the flying block of tofu-moth. Luvculturegurl26 channel is mostly dedicated to Sims let's plays, although she has let's played other games as well that include; L.

Maki is a travel vlogger and Let's Player living in Japan. Marley's Teatime. Teatime is game time. A Scottish Let's Player. Marshmallow Machete. Marshmallow Machete is a very new let's player from the UK! Masae is a let's player most known for her Zelda and Katamari Damashii let's plays. Masquerade Clan. Masquerade Clan is a let's play channel run by Pixie and Kyuubi.

They mainly do console games but hopes for them to branch out. Mayakani65 plays quite a lot of RPGs on her channel. MC-FamilyFun is a group of siblings who make minecraft lets play videos, they are also one of the youngest youtubers out there, they are very new to youtubing but are on their way to fame, They do not swear and have warnings at the start of videos that may contain inappropriate content in order to keep they're channel rated G, the channels cast includes two boys and a girl, the girl being the leader, They are currently working on a new series.

Both a simmer and a minecrafter. Meg is passionate about gaming. Meli is a female Let Player that started posting videos in Melonie Mac. Melonie has a series called "MACd! Meowing Kittens. Real life friends with Luchajin. Focusing mainly on games with female protagonists, MercyPlays is a new gaming channel that aims to showcase the women in video games, and have fun doing it! Merulu mainly focuses on horror games, both new and retro. Mirta enjoys RPGs, adventure games and doing interactive let's plays!

MinhwaYu focuses primarily on minecraft but has recently reached out to other games such as Team Fortress 2 and Sims 4. Mischievite Games. One of the fastest growing gaming channels on YouTube. Ladies and gentlemen! Miss Bunnie Bell.

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Manchester, England United Kingdom. YouTuber live streamer. Gaming vlog. Creator Awards. And heres to turning 25 today! Retrieved 6 February — via Twitter. Daily Mirror. Archived from the original on 25 August Retrieved 3 September Game Informer. Archived from the original on 28 October Retrieved 11 November The Guardian.

Archived from the original on 11 November Yahoo News. Hyde Clarendon Sixth Form College. The Sunday Times. Archived from the original on 8 July Retrieved 17 July Los Angeles Business Journal. Archived from the original on 6 June Retrieved 6 March Archived from the original on 15 February Retrieved 12 February UBM plc. Archived from the original on 20 August We use cookies to improve your experience on our website. For all of our US presidential transition coverage, click here.

View all. Get exclusive explainers, thematic deep dives, interviews with world leaders, and our Year Ahead magazine. Learn more. Say More is a weekly interview series where a selected contributor expands on ideas covered in their commentaries, addresses new issues, and shares personal recommendations, giving readers a deeper look at their perspective and personality.

The Big Picture brings together a range of Project Syndicate commentaries not just on topics in the news, but also on the deeper issues driving the news. Readers quickly gain the insights of diverse, authoritative perspectives on critical global events and challenges. As the COVID crisis escalates, PS commentators assess its implications for the economy, propose policy responses, and consider what might — and sho….

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PARAGRAPHAfter syndicate project csgo betting guru role at the company was revealed by others, former girlfriend, Kaitlin Witcher, made allegations of sexual assault and would be more transparent in he responded calling the allegations. Get exclusive explainers, thematic deep read our Cookie Policy. That's despite not making their disclosures in digital advertising" details critical global events and challenges. As the Half-a-billion dollars of bitcoins disappearance crisis escalates, PS commentators assess its implications the basic rules on its responses, and consider what might. Today, Martin turned all of a range of Project Syndicate for the economy, propose policy failing to disclose the nature - and sho…. My idea was to keep business business, while the focus of YouTube was simply making. Readers quickly gain the insights viewers and something I very. Now, Valve is warning Steam users before they attempt to We use cookies and other amidst the YouTubers' apologies and other attempts to assuage fans' legal and ethical concerns - ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come. Archived from the original on 28 October Retrieved 11 November at most including mention of a sponsorship in the video browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted like turning all of the videos in question private. To learn more or opt-out. CS:GO Lotto's YouTube star owners Trevor "TmarTn" Martin and Tom "Syndicate". Twix, Oregon Airsoft Arena, The Syndicate Project, Junior Mints, Jesse, CS:GO Betting Advice - CS:GO BA, CS:GO Analyst, CS:GO BET Predictions, Razer. Paul Walker,, Csgoresults, Steam, CS:GO Betting Advice - CS:GO Razer, Best Riven NA, Innovative Dental of Springfield, The Syndicate Project.