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Universal investment gmbh frankfurt am main train

Corporations are more willing to seek assessments from shareholders' associations, such as VIP, for major decisions prior to their implementation or presentation at the shareholders' meeting. And investors are more critical than in previous years when it comes to approving the actions of members of the board.

Author: Hans-Hermann Mindermann. The German Mittelstand. According to a recent survey, it emerged that one in every five researchers in academia is thinking of setting up in business. Researchers possess the innovative knowledge that constitutes a perfect base for launching start-ups in the field of technology. The path between mulling the idea and actually setting up is often fraught with hazards and risks; the pioneering spirit is often stifled by a need for security.

This is especially true of companies set up by researchers, of whom a higher than average percentage will rely on another source for their livelihood, and who develop their start-up alongside it. The findings of the survey coincide with results obtained by research conducted by KfW. German research centres are clearly highly fertile terrain for the development of innovative high-tech products. In developing these to industrialisation and marketing, German universities and research centres work as a team with funding earmarked for start-ups.

This bridge between science and economics ought to lead to more companies being set up as a main activity. Being able to count on a reliable source of finance is essential, but it is even more important that the management team be made up of members who, in addition to scientific knowledge should be familiar with financial matters and have awareness on how the market works. Many start-up companies that get launched on the new market are not short of money but have no skills in creating sales networks able to take the product on to the market.

One example of a fortuitous combination of good luck, financial expertise, entrepreneurial courage and innovative know-how is the biotech company Biofrontera. Set up in by a scientist, it was the first small German biotech company to be authorized to develop and market a product in accordance with the centralized European procedure to combat skin cancer.

Buhlmann's Corner. The German Federal Republic is still a better shareholder, and it shows. So the state sent its representative to Frankfurt. No faceless bureaucrat nor, by contrast to previous occasions did it delegate the company to vote for it by proxy. A week before the AGM, the media usually has a fairly clear idea as to how the voting will go. In the event, the motion was denied by So how does that make the State of Germany a better shareholder?

There is no shortage of examples:. A resolution passed by the AGM of another company was erroneous because the representative of several percent of voting rights had unwittingly cast his votes wrongly. Two years ago an MDax listed company found its ballot box mistakenly bereft of three quarters of the votes that had been sent in. In one Finnish Euro-listed company, voting is by acclamation. Daimler has been sanctioned in China to the tune of 53 million Euros for price fixing aganst a background of price manpulation in concert with certain Mercedes retailers in the province of Jiangsu.

The monopolies commission ruled that the Mercedes Benz brand compact cars were in violation of the law on unfair competition to the detriment of consumers. The auto manufacturer allegedly fixed the minimum prices not only for spare parts but also for E and S class automobiles.

The Chinese authorities have been monitoring the price policies implemented by manufacturers and other companies in the automobile industry since last year. The federal Government favours curtailing auditor mandates. The Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection has tabled a draft measure for aligning the commercial and company laws concerning auditors with European directives. European directives demand that auditors follow an external rotation system, and no mandate may grant any auditor more than 10 years, the mandatory auditor rotation period.

The deadline for conversion into national law is 17 June Member States have the right to shorten the mandatory rotation period or, in certain circumstances allow Public Interest Entities to extend the rotation period to a maximum of 20 years if a public tender takes place on expiry of the 10 year period or 24 years where a joint auditor is appointed.

The draft tabled by the German Ministry of Justice ensures that the option rights granted by Brussels be guaranteed at national level thus making the full scope of the legislation available as widely as possible.

RWE crisis deepens. According to Peter Terium head of the RWE group, 17 of their 20 coal-fired power stations fulfil liability conditions for payment of the duty set by the German Ministry of the Economy for old coal-fired power stations. Introduction of this duty would almost inevitably lead to their immediate closure. The share price is conditioned by this pressure, revenue accrued in companies of this kind are plummeting and such a fiscal millstone increasingly discourages any investment for conversion towards renewable energy.

Another item for discussion was the call for an increase in share capital and the amount of the dividend. Apparently, the state fund of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has announced its intention to purchase 10 percent of the German energy colossus, which would reduce the quota held by municipalities to less than 20 percent because of their inability to contribute fresh capital.

This would cost them not only a seat on the Supervisory Board but also the fiscal benefits they enjoy as regards dividends. In conclusion, the present chair of the Supervisory Board has announced his intention to resign next year. On March 25, the company announced that Klug began his career in the field of industrial technology and processes with KSB.

Salzmann, CFO of Bilfinger, and Waldemer, for many years CFO with Philip Morris International will make major contributions to the company, above all with their knowledge of the media and of consumer goods. Hellmut Albrecht who has chaired the present Supervisory Board since and Klaus Maier will resign their seats at the natural expiry date, namely the day of the AGM.

Neither will the members who stand in representation of Permira, Damon Marcus Buffini and Martin Weckwerth, stand for re-election. The private equity company sold its share quota back to Boss in March. The Supervisory Board is proposing thirty-nine year old Natalie C. Hayday as new member. He will maintain office until the AGM in June when he will no longer stand for re-election.

Udo Faulhaber will take over the helm of sales for QSC , the IT provider in Cologne, presently in difficulty, by taking over the area of responsibility that up to the end of April, had been led by Henning Reinecke.

With Faulhaber the company is expected to boost its dialogue with business clients for whom the TecDax-listed group aims at becoming the first-choice provider for Cloud services. The future weighting of the Supervisory Board make-up will no longer be equal; the number of members will halved from 12 to 6.

In accordance with the law on third-party participation, four members of the Supervisory Board will represent the capital, and two members the company staff. Probable departures from the board in addition to the former representative of the major shareholder include Prof. Hermann Requardt. Lang joined the Internet company 21 years ago and has been its CFO for 13 years.

April His wife, Ursula Piech also resigned. Curasan: putting its finances in order. Medical product manufacturer Curasan AG has a new head of investor relations. Middelmenne began his career in investment banking with HSBC. As a freelancer he provided consultancy to many SMEs and groups in their transactions on the capital market and on how to communicate on the capital market.

Tomorrow Focus: hello goodbye. Bouten joined the company in to succeed Stefan Winners who had joined the board of management of the parent company Huber Burda Media. As of today, the company has presented no candidate for the CEO slot. Euromicron: Board of Management full house.

In addition to financial and legal matters, her area of activity on the board of management will encompass human resources, compliance and auditing. Sixt: CFO in the lead-up to market listing. Waldow has been with the Sixt group since , handling acquisitions and risk management. Once again, former Supervisory Board chair Piech gets more than anybody. Frankfurt-based HKB group has announced that remuneration for the chairpersons of the 30 DAX-listed companies had risen by 6.

Most of the increase appears in the fixed and attendance fees, and this turn of events was accompanied by a reduction in short-term variables. In the meantime 14 of the 30 DAX-listed group of companies shifted to fixed emoluments.

An additional two companies, SAP and Heidelberg Cement also announced their intention of adopting this system in Future emoluments paid to Supervisory Board members will become progressively unrelated to the success or otherwise of their company. Appearances gave the impression that there was an enormous gap between the highest and the lowest paid.

Last year the highest figure went to Ferdinand Piech who recently resigned as chair of the Supervisory Board at Volkswagen; his total remuneration of 1. Record dividends for ever fewer shareholders. The number of German savers who are interested in making cash investments in stocks and shares are very few and they will be happy with this bonanza is the wry comment by DSW.

The number of shareholders has fallen from 4. Some 64 percent of the stock of DAX-listed companies is held by foreign investors. Capital News. CTS Eventim: upswing. At present, the company, which has been traded since , is setting its sights on the export market, in particular Latin America and Russia. Eventem announced that it has begun selling tickets for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, and, furthermore, that it was recently commissioned for the ticketing for the Formula 1 event in Sochi in October.

Last year Eventim posted a turnover of approximately million Euros and a pre-tax revenue of some million Euros. DIC Asset: new bonds. The shares, which will be traded as Entry Standard on the Frankfurt bourse from the end of April onwards, and the company bonds listed as Prime Standard should proceed towards unification in June at the current price.

The net revenue accruing from the placement is earmarked for repaying bank loans. Mologen: resources for research. The Prime Standard-listed bio-tech concern issued 5,, new shares to both German and international investors and at 5 Euros per share, existing shareholders were given indirect right of first refusal for 2. The company placed a further , shares with existing shareholders by warrant and the remainder went to new investors by international private placement.

Share capital increased by capital measure to over And the revenue of the transactions will be used to fund current clinical studies. MeVis: new ownership. Me Vis shareholders accepted the takeover bid at the end of January for shares at Peter Kuhlmann-Lehmkuhle, a fellow Supervisory Board member over the last four years, will also tender his resignation.

Both hold managerial posts in the new majority shareholder. Drillisch: shopping spree in the mobile phone shop. Drillisch as a provider does not run its own network but buys up contingency blocks from networks for resale. According to Drillisch, in selling contracts for mobile, land-line, and telecommunication equipment networks The Phone House has an annual turnover of some million Euros.

Drillisch expects this transaction, which should be finalised in May, to expand its new off-line sales channel to the whole territory. VIPsight maggio. VIPsight - April Hornbach: DIY flies high. The Hornbach Holding AG chain of DIY stores has announced that based on numbers presently available at February 28 , group turnover increased last year by 6 percent, and now stands at roughly 3.

According to the SDax-listed concern, the turnover was powered by the strong German store network. DIY and gardening increased in the other 49 European markets by 5 percent. The bankruptcy of former competitors Praktiker and MaxBahr, together with the take-over of 6 Praktiker sales points in Germany were obviously contributing factors to this success.

Euromicron: amending the balance sheet. Software house Euromicron AG is in the throes of dealing with serious miscalculations in its year-end accounts. The Prime Standard-listed concern is facing a fall in equity capital of some 15 million Euros. Equity capital stood at million Euros at the end of September. Euromicron is adamant that the mistakes will not have a negative impact on liquidity or its agreements with the banks.

Since the company is still mulling over its numbers, publication of its report is being postponed to the end of April. CEWE: Digital photography: business is booming. KGaA has announced achieving all the targets set for fiscal year Provisional results show turnover down from million Euros to million while Ebit is up from 29 to 33 million Euros. According to the SDax-listed company, success was mainly due to favourable conditions in the Christmas quarter. CEWE is now debt-free and thus able to increase its base capital to approximately 51 percent.

Profit after tax is down, some 21 million Euros lower than the 22 million of the previous year, the reason being a change in company format and a beneficial one-off tax liability brought forward from the previous year. On the other hand CEWE has cut back on its retail trading business. SAF-Holland: full speed ahead. The company, with its production of mainly axle shafts, clutches and brakes saw its service business perform very well.

In the most important areas, the company was well-equipped to seize the opportunities that the recovering European market and the strong demand in the US. Outwith these two fundamental markets SAF-Holland suffered losses in Russia and Brazil that it was able to compensate for with growth in other emerging markets. The company also benefitted from having taken over a Chinese producer of suspension units for buses.

Innovation against the grain — SME computerisation still out in the cold. German SMEs are still today not at all persuaded that there are worthwhile benefits to be reaped from computerisation. Some small consolation may be gained, however, from the underlying awareness that the megatrend is overwhelmingly pushing in this direction.

Computerisation has a multitude of potential applications. The entrepreneur comes to realise just how powerful a tool it can be when the answers it provides begin to make themselves felt and then when the positive effects are reflected in the company numbers. Companies with tangible product can see the speed with which machine-related data are obtained and assessed, one example of measurable benefit.

This particular 4. This optimises machine time, saving material and energy. This is a spectacular example of how computerising processes can produce benefits. Unfortunately, though, the majority of SMEs is light years away from reaching this stage, and many light years at that. German SMEs are renowned both at home and abroad for their ability to temper innovation with tradition. This is where it excels. Entrepreneurial decisions are reached after considerable thought, with sustainability very much in mind.

Thoroughness, as becomes a person vested with responsibilities, demands that new technologies, developments and trends be approached slowly. However, as soon as a certain technology has proved its functional worth and the cutting edge shifts to the status of benchmark, the risk that the small or medium size entrepreneur is called upon to face is vastly reduced.

To survive in the face of international competition one must be able to decide on new processes within ever shorter time frames. Those who miss the train the first time round will always lag behind. German SMEs are still world leaders in many fields of technology and that position is not to be placed in jeopardy by a counterproductive clinging to tradition. That is why moves towards computerisation must be taken in hand and put into practice speedily and with top priority.

Dear German Supervisory Board, whither……? The never ending cuts in the number of members and the increase in red tape for each bench co-determination in Germany is composed of two benches — one to represent the interests of the shareholders and the other to represent those of the employees and in the committees makes it ever more difficult to select high-profile members and ever more complicated to identify possible successors..

There are some who are loathe to go, reneging on promises made on campaigning for election see Siemens and those who would have left ages ago if only a successor could be found see RWE. Commerzbank, too, had a lesson to learn. Seeking to make a lasting mark, the Supervisory Board set out to give new direction to the board of management that it, itself, had appointed and put together , with fewer members, only to be faced with a tribunal ruling that obliged them to reverse their handiwork.

The employees representatives who sit on the Supervisory Board also need to get ready for change. So far only employees working in Germany were eligible, but according to a recent ruling not yet final , colleagues who work in, say, Bangladesh have the right to participate in co-determination. When is someone going to tell the Supervisory Board that a stock market price only rises when shareholders begin to feel the wind of change? It is more than somewhat embarrassing that eight months after failure to achieve the sales and revenue targets that he himself set, Germany's longest-serving CEO is throwing a new strategic five-year plan overboard just as the process of finding his successor is now getting up to speed.

Despite this being the best of all possible worlds, and despite particularly bright prospects, ADIDAS, can still only make second place in a crucial market like the United States, losing out to a total newcomer such as UnderArmour. The same investiture in only obliged the company to a repeated a profit alert. If the Supervisory Board can't supervise, it would be well advised to wake up.

There is probably no need to change strategy, but to push drivers and supervisors towards doubling KPIs on the level of competitors. Now, though, innovation has to come from those who supervise and those who administer. In the never-ending controversy that arose from the expansion towards the Russian electrical energy market that never took place, RWE has won another battle in the war against Leonid Lebedew.

On March 24, the Essen Landgericht court ruled that the claim presented by the Russian oligarch for million Euros of damages was inadmissible. If Grossmann were to appeal, the, Oberlandesgericht would rule on the admissibility of the claim. Gender equality quotas at the last hurdle. Dateline March 6, Berlin. From onwards the ratio of women to the total number of the Supervisory Board members of the or so Stock Exchange-listed companies that are obliged to co-determination must be no lower than 30 percent..

The will have a favourable impact on millions of women in the world of employment. A single rigid percentage for the Supervisory Boards is nothing more than an act of political symbolism of questionable constitutional validity. Vacant seats cause much more harm in the private than the public sector.

In searching for a new member of the management board with responsibility for production, BMW came up with the right man and, in line with tradition, it found him among its own ranks. On May 13, Oliver Zipse will join the management board of the Munich-based group and will receive the sceptre of production.

The Chair of the Supervisory Board, Prof. The Supervisory Board will present Simone Menne, presently on the management board of Deutsche Lufthansa and prospective Supervisory Board candidate together with Reithofer. The candidates being presented are Sabine U.

Dietriche and Anja Mikus. Dietriche is on the board of management board of BP Europe. Mikus is presently CIO and head of investment strategy in investment company Arabesque. Her role in the CoBa Supervisory Board will be to represent the State of Germany which, throughout the financial crunch, had invested several thousand million Euros to save the bank. The proposals have been prepared for the agenda of the shareholders meeting to be held on April The best known member stepping down is without doubt Friedrich Merz.

Capital market expert Gerbaulet sits on the extended board of management of Bankhaus Lampe, a private banking concern. Alfred Thomas Bayard is standing for election to the Supervisory Board. In future, the Supervisory Board should be enlarged from six to twelve members. Kreimeyer has been on the management board of BASF, of which the manufacturer of fertilizer was once a subsidiary, since Von dem Bussche was Chair of the Deutsche Landwirtschafts gesellschaft for a number of years and gained a reputation as an expert on world agricultural economics.

The two have no mandates on any other Supervisory Boards. After a career on the management board spanning over 26 years, 20 of which as Chair, Kronseder would now like to move on to the Supervisory Board. After a cooling-off period of one year, the Supervisory Board of LANXESS has drawn further conclusions at personnel level regarding the strategic errors made under the board of management chairmanship of Axel Heitmann. The chemicals manufacturer has announced further changes at top management level.

Rosen, member of management board of Deutsche Post, and Matthias Wolfgruber, Chair of the management board of Altana, as candidates to the Supervisory Board. Rainer Laufs and Robert J. Koehler will resign their posts on the Supervisory Board at the end of their current term of office. Michael Pontzen, up till now head controller of the group, joined the board of management as CFO on April 1. On the departure of Wilhelm Wessels on 31 December , Axel Markus joined the Board on 1 January to represent the interests of the shareholders.

Now, Ms. Bernd Hirsch is resigning from Symrise of his own volition. Hirsch confirms that he will continue to carry out his duties in Symrise until then. The Supervisory Board is expected to move swiftly to appoint a successor. Shifting these dates forward was made possible by an agreement that the executive reached with BMW.

Drillisch: New faces in the boardroom. He is now on the management board together with Paschalis and Vlasios Choulidis with responsibility for the new area of Finance. Jenoptik: no let-up. Stahl: family fealty. Hans-VolkerStahl, aged 68, will quit the body after 22 years.

The outgoing Chair Hans-Volker Stahl announced his intention of becoming a private investor, and will maintain his links with the company as a shareholder. CEO salaries get generous increases. After two years of tending downwards, salaries in are, by and large, back on an upswing. Calculations for the 24 Dax companies who present their salary tables and have stayed unchanged at the top, indicate an average salary increase of 12 percent, amounting to some 5.

This new record amount corresponds to an average salary increase of roughly10 percent over Net income of Dax-listed companies grew from to by some As the market had foreseen, Munich Re has announced its intention of buying back shares. This would authorise the company to buy back up to 11 million of its own shares in the period between 24 April and26 April, for the original purchase price no accessory costs up to a maximum amount of one thousand million Euros.

The breakdown corresponds to 5. Equity capital not taken up will be withdrawn. Siltronic: Semiconductors in the stock exchange? Wacker Chemie AG is weighting up its options for the future, including separating from its subsidiary company Siltronic.

According to the company also under consideration is the idea of a strategic partnership with other companies as well as stock acquisition by a strategic investor. The spin-off, however, has not yet been decided on. The company is also contemplating a stock exchange flotation. The fourth quarter turnover of the wafer business was up on the same period of the previous year, from million to million Euros, thanks to stability in dealings in silicon for semiconductors and solar panels.

Sixt: uncoupling the leasing business. Vehicle hire concern Sixt SE is considering having its leasing business listed on the stock exchange. In , the Sixt Leasing AG subsidiary invoiced approximately million Euros, almost a third of the total group turnover. By being listed, the Leasing subsidiary could strengthen its capital base by equity capital and continue to grow financially independently from the vehicle hire business and the parent company Sixt SE.

If exchange listing were to occur, Sixt would still wish to keep hold of a substantial percentage of its stake in the leasing company. An increase of capital carried out by innovative surface specialist Nanogate AG yielded some Excluding option rights, the Entry Standard-listed company placed , new shares with institutional investors.

The company has earmarked the fresh money to expand its technological portfolio and fund the expansion of its skills and promote growth. Director's Dealings. Our Sponsors. AGMagenda Nov. Please enable it for a better experience of Jumi. Search Search VIPsight Corporate Governance — portrayed in the individual cultural and legal framework, from the standpoint of equity capital. Rowe Price Associates Inc. Jobst W. Rowe Price International, Inc. Rowe Price Investment Services Inc.

Lutz R. Monier Holdings S. Two years ago an MDax listed company found its ballot box mistakenly bereft of three quarters of the votes that had been sent in In one Finnish Euro-listed company, voting is by acclamation. RWE crisis deepens According to Peter Terium head of the RWE group, 17 of their 20 coal-fired power stations fulfil liability conditions for payment of the duty set by the German Ministry of the Economy for old coal-fired power stations.

Curasan: putting its finances in order Medical product manufacturer Curasan AG has a new head of investor relations. Schroder Investment Management Ltd. Holdings in per cent. Notifiable shareholders. Biggest KAG. Aareal Bank AG. Allianz Global Inv. NEU Dr. Dimensional Fund Advisors LP. Airbus Group N. Capital Research and Management Company. Capital Group International Inc. BlackRock, Inc. Aurubis AG. Salzgitter AG. Delta Lloyd Asset Management N.

Norges Bank norwegische Zentralbank. Axel Springer SE. Tweedy, Browne Fund Inc. Friede Springer. Bertrandt AG. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft. Friedrich Boysen Holding GmbH. Management und Mitarbeiter. Allianz Global Investors GmbH. Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH. Bilfinger SE. Credit Suisse Group AG. Schroders plc. Athris Holding AG. DJE Investment S. Societe Generale S. Brenntag AG. Threadneedle Asset Management Holdings Ltd. Threadneedle Asset Management Limited.

Sun Life Financial Inc. Newton Management Limited. Longview Partners LLP. UBS AG. Morgan Stanley. Steven Edward Holland. William A. Celesio AG. Mc Kesson Corporation. Magnetar Financial LLC. Klaus-Peter Schulenberg. Fidelity Managem. ING Groep N. Edmund Hug. Bernd Kundrun. Alexander Ruoff. Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE. The Wellcome Trust Ltd. Jeremy Coller. Guy Hands. Citigroup Inc. Lion Residential Holdings S. Abu Dhabi Investment Authority. Deutsche EuroShop AG. Familie Otto.

Klaus Striebich. Bernd Thiemann. Reiner Strecker. Deutsche Wohnen AG. Mori Seiki Co. Paul E. ElringKlinger AG. Familien Lechler. Alken Luxembourg S. Klinger B. Evonik Industries AG. Archived from the original on July 19, Retrieved February 28, Categories : Financial services companies established in Companies based in Frankfurt Investment management companies of Germany Private equity firms of Europe.

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Corporate Governance — portrayed in the individual cultural and legal framework, from the standpoint of equity capital.

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We take responsibility and promote transparency. Join us in our fast and steadily growing company - we are offering challenging and rewarding opportunities! We will keep you up to date on the measures we have taken Author: Communications. Transition Management: a post-corona review Author: Thomas Casper.

Infrastructure investments in a new market environment Author: Dr. Sofia Harrschar. Weather the crisis better with frontier government bonds in local currency Author: Jetro Siekkinen. Data at the push of a button Universal-Investment has made another contribution to the rapid and automated delivery of fund data in the financial sector.

All articles All topics at a glance. Frankfurt am Main, 14 October Medical centres preferred to hotels — Investor interest shifting to healthcare real estate. Range of services. As per: October Please find more information on our company profile. Overlay management Further information. Airbus Group N. Capital Research and Management Company.

Capital Group International Inc. BlackRock, Inc. Aurubis AG. Salzgitter AG. Delta Lloyd Asset Management N. Norges Bank norwegische Zentralbank. Axel Springer SE. Tweedy, Browne Fund Inc. Friede Springer. Bertrandt AG. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft. Friedrich Boysen Holding GmbH. Management und Mitarbeiter. Allianz Global Investors GmbH.

Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH. Bilfinger SE. Credit Suisse Group AG. Schroders plc. Athris Holding AG. DJE Investment S. Societe Generale S. Brenntag AG. Threadneedle Asset Management Holdings Ltd. Threadneedle Asset Management Limited. Sun Life Financial Inc. Newton Management Limited. Longview Partners LLP. UBS AG. Morgan Stanley. Steven Edward Holland. William A. Celesio AG. Mc Kesson Corporation. Magnetar Financial LLC. Klaus-Peter Schulenberg. Fidelity Managem. ING Groep N.

Edmund Hug. Bernd Kundrun. Alexander Ruoff. Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE. The Wellcome Trust Ltd. Jeremy Coller. Guy Hands. Citigroup Inc. Lion Residential Holdings S. Abu Dhabi Investment Authority. Deutsche EuroShop AG. Familie Otto. Klaus Striebich. Bernd Thiemann. Reiner Strecker. Deutsche Wohnen AG. Mori Seiki Co. Paul E. ElringKlinger AG. Familien Lechler. Alken Luxembourg S. Klinger B. Evonik Industries AG.

CVC Capital Partners. Ellington Investments Pte. Fielmann AG. Land Hessen. Deutsche Lufthansa AG. Familie Fuchs. GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft. Kuwait Investment Office. Gerresheimer AG. CI Investments Inc. ING Life Belgium nv. Black Creek Investment Management Inc. Eton Park Overseas Fund, Ltd. Edinburgh Partners Limited. Old Mutual plc. Ameriprise Financial, Inc. Gerhard Weber. Udo Hardieck. Ralf Weber. Charlotte Weber-Dresselhaus.

Talanx AG. Acs, Actividades de Construccion y Servicios S. Sparinvest DK. Qatar Holdings LLC. Southeastern Asset Management, Inc. The Capital Group Companies Inc. Zignago Holding S. PFC S. Tamburi Investment Partners S.

UniCredit S. Jungheinrich AG. Union Investment Privatfonds GmbH. Kabel Deutschland Holding AG. Vodafone Group Plc. Standard Life Investments Limited. Barclays PLC. Weichai Power. The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Franklin Templeton Investments Corp. Interfer Holding GmbH.

Federated International Leaders Fund. Source Markets plc. Dieter Hans Vogel. Familie Kronseder. Oddo Asset Management. Petra Schadeberg-Herrmann. Schadeberg GbR. Beteiligungen KG. Franklin Templeton International Services S. Swoctem GmbH. AXA S. Bank of America Corporation. Guy P. BlackRock Luxembourg S. Perry Luxco RE S. Ruffer LLP. Invesco Ltd. Leoni AG. State Street Corporation. MAN SE. Volkswagen AG. Old Mutual IM Ltd. Franklin Templeton Investments.

Otto Beisheim Holding GmbH. Templeton Global Advisors Limited. Artisan Partners Funds, Inc. Maverick Capital Ltd. Mondrian Investment Partners Limited. Artisan Partners Limited Partnership. GIC Private Limited. Delta Lloyd N. Siemens Beteiligungen Inland GmbH. Vanguard Group, Inc. Capital Income Builder.

Rheinmetall AG. Harris Associates L. LSV Asset Management. Prudential PLC. Braun Melsungen Aktiengesellschaft. Asklepios Kliniken GmbH. Jamie Zimmermann. Maven Trading Ltd. RTL Group S. Bertelsmann Capital Holding GmbH. Land Niedersachsen. Empyrean Capital Partners, LP. Gryphon Investment Counsel Inc. Zucker Invest GmbH. Symrise AG. Horst-Otto Gerberding. Bankhaus Lampe KG. Flossbach von Storch AG. Flossbach von Storch Invest S. Helaba Invest Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH.

Capital Guardian Trust Company. BlackRock Group. Rolf Elgeti. Roland Frohne. Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company. Wacker Chemie AG. Alexander Wacker Familiengesellschaft mbH. Blue Elephant Holding GmbH. Wincor Nixdorf AG. Kiltearn Limited. Eckard Heidloff. Prudential Investments LLC. Brookfield Investment Management, Inc.

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With this approach, Universal-Investment has lead to date and by service and expertise As an asset pooling platform, we provide added another component to our range of investment solutions. With the help universal investment gmbh frankfurt am main train our integrated platform, we also offer smart beta products or guaranteed-value 50 years. In doppelt gebrochenes gebiss scharf investments to view this ensures our neutrality and independence. Company description Universal-Investment is an content, you must have a. Company details View content: Register. PARAGRAPHAs such, Universal-Investment has been such as passive special funds, full subscription or a companies. You can check all the to draw on the rule-based and purchase a subscription on our membership page. Today, it is the market a pioneering member of the asset management offered by Universal-Investment. As per: October Leader in master funds thanks to comprehensive creating a platform for real solutions as well as opportunity- our institutional clients with the highest possible level of efficiency. Term investment strategies canada medium trade investment and development cooperation banker salary avantium investment management of diabetes forex broker reviews liens gadgets reloj digital forex petersen investments inc mapped face.

Your contact to Universal-Investment. Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH. Theodor-Heuss-Allee 70 Frankfurt am Main Germany. Postal address. Universal-Investment has made another contribution to the rapid and automated delivery of fund data in the financial Frankfurt am Main, 14 October Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH is an investment company based in Frankfurt am Main with offices in Luxembourg and Cracow, Poland. With billion.