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Dieter weber investments seit 1979 dollar

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Skelton, Robin. The Acquisition of Literary Archives. Prepared by Harold Naugler. Whyte, Doug. The Acquisition of Lawyers' Private Papers. Wrona, Eugene A. Zavala, Silvio. Principles of Archival Inventory Construction. Schmidt planned to study without interruption, therefore volunteered at age 18 for military service in He began serving with an anti-aircraft battery of Luftwaffe at Vegesack near Bremen.

Upon graduating from the University of Hamburg , where he read Economics, he worked for the government of the city-state of Hamburg, working in the department of Economic Policy. He was elected to the Bundestag in , and in he became a member of the SPD parliamentary party executive.

A vocal critic of conservative government policy, his outspoken rhetoric in parliament earned him the nickname Schmidt-Schnauze "Schmidt the Lip". He alarmed some in his party by taking part in manoeuveres as a reserve officer in the newly formed Bundeswehr. In , he gave up his seat in parliament to concentrate on his tasks in Hamburg. The government of the city-state of Hamburg is known as the Senate of Hamburg , and from to , Schmidt was the Innensenator : the senator of the interior.

Schmidt used all means at his disposal to alleviate the situation, even when that meant overstepping his legal authority, including employing the federal police and army units ignoring the German constitution 's prohibition on using the army for "internal affairs"; a clause excluding disasters was not added until Describing his actions, Schmidt said, "I wasn't put in charge of these units — I took charge of them!

In , he was re-elected to the Bundestag. In , he was elected deputy party chairman, a post that he held until In October , he entered the government of Willy Brandt as defense minister. Schmidt remained Minister of Finances and faced the prospect of rising inflation. He remained in charge of finance until May Schmidt became Chancellor of West Germany on 16 May , after Brandt's resignation in the wake of an espionage scandal.

The worldwide economic recession was the main problem his administration faced, and Schmidt took a tough and disciplined line, in reduction of public spending. In October , he ordered an anti-terrorist unit of Bundesgrenzschutz policemen to end the Palestinian terrorist hijacking of a Lufthansa aircraft named Landshut , staged to secure the release of imprisoned RAF leaders, after it landed in Mogadishu , Somalia. Three of the four kidnappers were killed during the assault on the plane, but all 86 passengers were rescued unharmed.

Schmidt was re-elected as Chancellor in November This decision was unpopular with the German public. A mass demonstration against the deployment mobilised , people in October At the beginning of his period as chancellor, Schmidt was a proponent of Keynesian economics , and pursued expansionary monetary and fiscal policies during his tenure. Between , the Schmidt administration pursued such policies in an effort to reduce unemployment.

These were moderately successful, as the fiscal measures introduced after , with reductions in income and wealth taxes and an increase in the medium-term public investment programme, were estimated to have created , additional jobs in —79, or , if additional public sector employment was included in the figure. During the s, West Germany was able to weather the global financial storm far better than almost all the other developed countries, with unemployment and inflation kept at comparatively low levels.

Whilst visiting Saudi Arabia in April , Schmidt made some unguarded remarks about the Israel-Palestine conflict that succeeded in aggravating the delicate relations between Israel and West Germany. Asked by a reporter about the moral aspect of German-Israeli relations, he stated that Israel was not in a position to criticise Germany due to its handling of Palestinians, and "That won't do.

And in particular, it won't do for a German living in a divided nation and laying moral claim to the right of self-determination for the German people. One must then recognize the moral claim of the Palestinian people to the right of self-determination.

On his flight home from Riyadh , Schmidt told his advisers that war guilt could not continue to affect Germany's foreign relations. The two found themselves in "complete agreement" on foreign policy matters and relations with the United States and the Soviet Union , but differed on trade and economic issues.

By the end of his term, however, Schmidt had turned away from deficit spending , due to a deteriorating economic situation, and a number of welfare cuts were carried out, [38] including smaller increases in child benefits and higher unemployment and health contributions. While representatives of the left-wing of the Social Democratic Party opposed reduction of the state expenditures, the FDP began proposing a monetarist economic policy.

In February , Schmidt won a motion of confidence ; however on 17 September , the coalition broke apart, with the four FDP ministers leaving his cabinet. During this time, Schmidt also headed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On 1 October , parliament approved a constructive vote of no confidence and elected CDU chairman Helmut Kohl as the new chancellor. This was the only time in the history of the Federal Republic that a chancellor was removed from office in this way.

He retired from the Bundestag in Contrary to the line of his party, Schmidt was a determined opponent of Turkey's bid to join the EU. He was particularly concerned about the superficiality of communication on the web. On 16 May , Schmidt said the situation in Ukraine was dangerous, because "Europe, the Americans and also Russia are behaving in a way that Christopher Clark , described in his book The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in that's very much worth reading, as the beginning of World War I: like sleepwalkers.

Schmidt was the author of numerous books on his political life, on foreign policy, and political ethics. He made appearances in numerous television talk shows, and remained one of the most renowned political publicists in Germany until his death.

His circle also included former U. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger , who went on record as stating that he wished to predecease Helmut Schmidt, because he would not wish to live in a world without him. At the 4th G7 summit in , the two discussed strategies for the upcoming Canadian federal election , and Schmidt gave him advice on economic policy.

Schmidt admired the philosopher Karl Popper , and contributed a foreword to the Festschrift in Popper's honor. Schmidt was a talented pianist, and recorded piano concertos of both Mozart and Bach with German pianist and conductor Christoph Eschenbach. Schmidt recorded Mozart's piano concerto for three pianos , K.

In that recording, according to the CD's liner notes , Schmidt played the part written for Countess Antonia Lodron's youngest daughter Giuseppina, "almost a beginner" who commissioned the work. The part brilliantly "enables any reasonably practiced amateur to participate in a performance".

The same musical notes also indicate that Schmidt and Frantz had played duets during Frantz's student days. All his adult life, Schmidt was a heavy smoker. He was well known for lighting up during TV interviews and talk shows.

On 13 October , Schmidt was fitted with a cardiac pacemaker. On 25 January , German police launched an inquiry after an anti-smoking initiative charged that Schmidt was defying the recently introduced smoking ban. The initiative claimed that the ex-chancellor had been flagrantly ignoring anti-smoking laws.

Despite pictures in the press, the case was subsequently dropped after the public prosecutor's office ruled that Schmidt's actions had not been a threat to public health. On 6 April , with a lifespan of 33, days, he surpassed Konrad Adenauer in terms of longevity, and at the time of his death was the oldest former chancellor in German history.

His wife of 68 years, Loki Schmidt , died on 21 October , aged At the beginning of August , Schmidt gave an interview on German television and revealed that at 93 years of age, he had fallen in love again. His new life-partner was his over 57 years long-standing associate Ruth Loah 27 September — 23 February On 2 September , Schmidt underwent surgery for a vascular occlusion in his right leg. Michael's Church, Hamburg , where Loki Schmidt's funeral had been held.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel , in remarks to mourners, said, "He will be missed. He was an astute observer and commentator, and it was with good reason that he had a reputation for dependability. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Speaking in German, he lauded Schmidt for "vision and courage," based on the principles of "reason, law, peace and faith," and said Schmidt had been "a kind of world conscience.

Michael's to Ohlsdorf Cemetery for a private interment ceremony. Helmut Schmidt received a number of accolades, among them was the Grand Cross Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany , which he chose not to accept in Hanseatic tradition in line with the history of independence of this city. The Bundeskanzler-Helmut-Schmidt-Stiftung was established in by the German Bundestag as one of six non-partisan foundations commemorating politicians.

Although the photo is now displayed again, the initial decision has caused a debate over Schmidt's service in the Wehrmacht. According to Der Spiegel , von der Leyen initially distanced herself from this decision, yet after a few days, she explained that Schmidt, as Minister of Defense and later Chancellor, was important in the formation of the Bundeswehr as a democratic army, but his time in the Wehrmacht had nothing to do with this.

He recommends that the photo be displayed again, but with explanations. According to Sommer, Schmidt had always been frank about his service on the Eastern Front: while he denied that he had ever seen or known about mass extermination of Jews in Russia, Schmidt admitted he often had to shoot at villages and then recognized the smell of burnt flesh.

Schmidt said the troops were never taught about the Geneva Conventions , and by standards of today, he would have to go to court "a dozen times. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people named Helmut Schmidt, see Helmut Schmidt disambiguation. Loki Glaser. A Rising Middle Power? Palgrave Macmillan.

Retrieved 10 September Lebendiges Museum Online in German. Stiftung Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Retrieved 10 November Der Spiegel. Wannsee house and the Holocaust. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved 25 September Der Spiegel in German. Sozialisation in der Hitlerjugend in German.

Retrieved 12 December Helmut Schmidt und der Scheisskrieg: die Biografie bis in German. Retrieved 5 January The Local. Retrieved 6 January Die Welt in German. Stern in German. Juli " PDF in German. Retrieved 20 March Bundeskanzler Schmidt wurde in Hamburg als Sohn eines Lehrers geboren. Retrieved 12 November Aufl ed. Berlin: Rowohlt. In the early years of the Bundestag, it was commonplace to announce a speaker's name followed by his or her electoral district, so Schmidt-Schnauze is also interpreted as a play on words.

Die Zeit in German. Archived from the original on 6 November Der Tagesspiegel in German. Spiegel TV. Deutscher Bundestag. Responses to Poverty: Lessons from Europe. Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press. Retrieved 5 February Former Leaders in Modern Democracies.


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