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Chimera investment corporation wiki texas jiqin investment banking

Chimera investment corporation wiki texas

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This is one crazy nun you want on your squad Just don't get on her nerves. The extended range can provide some crowd control and allow for protection. As a bodyguard for a gang leader, Broca trained himself to maintain a sinister expression at all times in order to look intimidating.

I accidentally broke your office door with my horns Because Estelle can attack multiple targets, she can rack up multiple kills at once and heal herself for a large chunk of HP. Like other AoE Guards, in order to really shine, she desperately needs to be promoted to E2 so she can Block-3 and attack 3 targets at once. However, because of her self-sustain and AoE strikes, a skilled Doctor can rely on Estelle to hold off hordes of weaker enemies virtually indefinitely.

And it's super strong? When I want to stop my friends from fighting, I use my power, and lose control, and then forget everything that happened? Wow, okay, I get it now. I can't let this power go to waste! Guard - Arts Guard A. If this is the end of everything, I should start doing something meaningful.

Such as? Well, do you mind me waking you up every morning, Doctor? However, her confidence was shattered when she and her sister were infected with Oripathy and had to be sent to Rhodes Island for treatment — something she had not seen in her predictions. Her Skill 1 takes longer to charge, but also has a longer duration, making it better for keeping Astesia alive against a single strong opponent.

Despite this, she is simply stellar for countering difficult, high-DEF enemies. If you deploy her in the right time and place and perhaps check her horoscope for good luck , Astesia can soar among the stars as an unstoppable goddess of battle.

Meanwhile, her two Skills both increase her offensive and defensive capabilities. Despite this, Mousse is still an excellent Guard with a useful niche, especially when you need Arts damage in a battle where Casters are disadvantaged for one reason or another. Guard - Brawler A. Increased ATK for first attack after a successful Dodge. This girl's got an empty belly to fill! However, her loyalty to her leader Siege and the rest of the Glasgow Gang is second to none.

Brawler Guards are unique for their very high attack speed and low DP Costs. Her S2, in particular, pays for its power with high SP cost and mediocre up-time. When her Skills are on cooldown, Indra may struggle to make an impact due to her low base ATK and only being able to Block With her low DP cost, potent offensive presence, and fun-loving attitude, Indra is a great Operator to have around. Boss, you know a winner when you see her!

You got the world's strongest underground fighter, me, Beehunter! Both of her Skills are designed to allow her to go toe-to-toe against a strong enemy and come out the victor. She has a low ATK stat, but an extremely fast attack speed. Guard - Dualstrike Guard S. This can be used solo or stacked with other SP-gain abilities to allow more frequent Skill use. Just call her the SP Energizer Bunny though maybe not within her hearing.

Her role in battle changes based on the Skill she uses, and she is solid at all of them. Use it and watch low-Defense bosses melt before your eyes! Given the chance, her skillful swordplay can completely dominate the battlefield. The really impressive thing about both these Skills is how fast they charge. She also benefits from being an Event Operator, which makes it easier to max out her Potential buffs.

Guard - Duelist Guard S. This Skill is perfect for assassinating unarmored targets. Drop Skadi on top of the most dangerous enemy as they advance and her increased Attack will shred them into fish food. This Skill makes Skadi virtually invincible: your enemies will break upon her like waves upon the shore.

She is more on the fragile side when it comes to taking hits, despite her huge health pool. To look into the face of Skadi is to look into the face of death. Hah, just kidding! He has a mysterious past, only smiles on the battlefield, and spends his spare time taking care of flowers probably so he can make speeches about how ephemeral the life of a flower is before he shanks somebody. Given the chance to massacre some weaklings early in a fight, Flamebringer can survive hits that would flatten most other Operators.

I just start cutting through enemies one by one with a blank expression on my face? Sounds hella badass! Wish I could watch myself out there. And of course, her lack of DEF is no problem at all when it comes to killing enemy Casters. It's just that I don't know what to do Her kit lacks the utility that many higher-rarity Guards bring to the table, and her lack of an E2 promotion limits her potential in the long run.

Guard - Enmity Guard S. We're merely paying a price for survival. Her particular sphere of knowledge is fashion, but after she became infected with Oripathy on an ill-fated school trip, she decided to try something new: using her Originium-enhanced powers to help Rhodes Island.

This Skill allows Utage to heal up in between enemy waves, avoid enemies that are too much for her to handle, or act as an effective ranged physical damage soak. Not being able to be directly healed by other Operators severely limits the amount of damage Utage can safely handle. Once they pick up a weapon, you don't need permission to kill.

This is invaluable for challenging content and shutting down enemies with devastating specials. Also, bonus Arts damage is inflicted to enemies being blocked by nearby allies every time Ayerscarpe attacks. This impression might last until you saw Ayerscarpe eating salted edamame whole in the shell.

The point is, Ayerscarpe is a weirdo. He works especially well with his pal Leonhardt: Ayers helps Leon attack faster, Leon debuffs enemy RES, and with their combined Arts damage the two make fireworks all night long. The Freeze is unreliable with relatively low proc chance. Her Slows come from her two Skills.

That being said, Frostleaf can be deployed on ground tiles, while Supporters cannot, and she has a very different range pattern, which is sometimes important. While Midnight can deal both physical and Arts damage, he sacrifices power in both areas for his flexibility. That being said, on maps with a low Unit Limit or a particularly wide variety of enemies, you might be quite glad indeed that Midnight swings both ways. Guard - Robot Guard C.

Castle-3 is your best choice on the path of justice! He does not count against Unit Limit when deployed on the field, but he has an extremely long Redeploy Time. He cannot be promoted, and he has no Skills. Deploying Castle-3 at an opportune moment can allow your Operators to defeat waves that might otherwise overwhelm them.

He can also be used as bait for enemies like Bombtails or boss units, as delaying or distracting these opponents for even one attack can sometimes be critical. Castle-3 is a great candidate for these suicide missions because he is incredibly cheap to deploy and can be used even at full team deployment.

Guard - Support Guard C. It's cheaper that way! The fact that her Talent does not affect ranged Operators is also a drawback, since it limits the number of allies she can realistically buff. Medic - AoE Medic S-. When activated, Enkephalin increases the range and speed of her healing, allowing her to keep up with burst damage or sustained damage across a wide area.

Interesting job, right? Did you know it existed? Not currently available in gacha or recruitment. Oh my, you're asking me that even though you know I ran away from home? Doctor, are you perhaps socially awkward? Chafing under the stuffy rules of the upper crust, she ran away from home and has lived as a traveling doctor ever since. This buff reduces the duration of Stun, Chill, and Freeze debuffs, making it harder for enemy units to lock down your Operators. This Skill has pretty good uptime and still allows her to heal multiple allies, making it surprisingly strong.

Not only does this Skill allow Breeze to heal an entire team if they are clustered close enough together, but it also allows her to heal outside of her default attack range if she targets an Operator at the edge of her normal range. Medic - Robot Medic C. How would you like a cup of coffee, Doctor? I'd also like a sip of that coffee To make up for this, she has a very long redeployment time. However, bear in mind that her stats are some of the worst in the game by an enormous margin.

A single enemy attack will likely destroy her, and her abysmal ATK limits the impact of her healing. In some cases, you might prefer to retreat her and use her Talent again later in the fight. Either way, Lancet-2 brings more than enough utility to the field to be worth the negligible investment it takes to develop her.

Medic - ST Medic S-. You really underestimate me! I'm a trained professional, you know. Of course I can tell apart patients and food! However, Warfarin is not always the easiest unit to use because of the randomness of her targeting and the tricky conditions for her buffs. With proper battle strategy based around her needs, however, the fields will run red with the blood of your enemies.

Combined with her ability to quickly throw out very large heals, she excels at keeping frontline Operators alive. Her amazing abilities come at a cost, though--specifically, her DP cost, which is quite high. Despite this, having Skills for both sustained and burst healing makes Shining a great Medic in any mission. Doctor, have you fallen asleep? All right. Leave the rest of the work to me. The versatility provided by this Skill is invaluable, and can open up many novel approaches for difficult missions or situations.

Operator Folinic took this medication as her codename because it was the first answer she got wrong on a test when she was being taught medicine by Dr. Once promoted to E2, it also reduces the damage Folinic takes from environmental effects like lava eruptions.

She will prioritize attacking enemies, but will target friendlies if no enemies are in range. First off, her DP cost is very high. If you like versatility in your Operator pool, Folinic might be just what the doctor ordered. It's simply horrifying! The Skill charges very quickly and has good duration, giving it amazing up-time, but has an interesting caveat: it can only be triggered twice per map, so you have to be careful about when you use it.

In addition, her Talent only works on a small percentage of Operators in Arknights and has no effect on Operators outside of that narrow pool, so she has to be fielded with specific team comps to unleash her full potential. Both Skills have the added benefit of recovering more HP to allies who are below half health. Perfumer suggested that I add some spices into my herbs and now they taste much better! I'm so glad I managed to summon the courage to ask her for advice This can be used as a panic survival button or a strategic support tool, saving her squad from a tight situation.

When a situation calls for her abilities, she is sure to spice up the battle. Let me help you out! Oh yeah, let's get Lava in here too! Her obsession with healthy, natural living even extends to her methods of healing: Hibiscus actually tries not to use her Originium Arts on her patients, preferring to prescribe herbal tinctures and science-proven drugs.

Not only does Hibiscus lack such an advantage, but she is also unable to E2-promote, which limits her overall growth potential. Her battlefield duties should eventually be replaced by more combat-ready Operators, but reliable Hibiscus is always there for you in case you need her. Doctor, you need to take care of yourself. Don't keep making us do it for you. Many players use Ansel for quite some time, and experienced Doctors can sustain some interesting formations with smart use of his Skill.

Medic - Wide-Range Medic A. Worry not, Doctor, I'm not that selfish. But please also know that Schwarz is dearest to my heart. However, their healing becomes weaker when targeting distant allies. This increases her ATK, allows her to heal 2 allies at a time, and gives all allies within range a rare buff that halves the duration of Stun, Chill, and Freeze, making it difficult for enemies to incapacitate your Operators Annihilation 3, anyone?!

While her increased range gives her opportunities that other Medics may lack, the conditionals on the rest of her kit limit her in other ways. Her stats especially ATK are noticeably lower than other ST Medics; her DP cost is quite high; the penalty she gets from distance healing can be a problem; and maps with water tiles are non-existent right now outside of Summer Events, hampering her Talent.

The rest of the time, Ceylon will be on her own. There are many wrinkles to her kit that Doctors must be aware of in order to leverage her powers successfully, but for a persistent Doctor, the benefits should well outweigh the cost. Sniper - Anti-Air Sniper S. Leader, what are we sending out today?

With a powerful SMG in her hand, she not only serves good looks but also significant firepower! Her specialty is dealing large amounts of damage through multi-hit attacks, which elevates her ability to take down low armor, high HP targets like most bosses. This allows players to save the skill for a stronger wave of enemies when higher damage is needed.

This skill is activated automatically, which means it could trigger when there are no enemies around, resulting in wasted damage potential. When my mother brought me to Rhodes Island, she had already gone crazy. I could not feel the pain of her turmoil, but I can relate with it, because I relied on that obsession to get me to where I am today.

Only now, I've found a new direction I want to find her, and I want to save her. The crit damage is high, but the activation chance is low. It can hold 3 charges, which gives her some amazing burst damage after a lull in the fighting. Not impressed? Be aware, however, that Reflow takes a long time to charge due to its [Attacking Enemy] SP charge, and its duration is quite short compared to its SP cost. With the barrage of bolts these Skills create, GreyThroat can easily fish for procs of her Talent, punching through her enemies as if they were made of paper.

Blue Poison. She was recruited by Rhodes Island due to her natural talent in creating toxins. However, Blue Poison is not without downsides. And since she has no burst skill, she might have problems when dealing with stronger waves of enemies. I'm sorry, but victory is mine. Please cooperate with my investigation! I've got the wrong address?

I have evidence that proves that penguin is hiding here! Beware the geese in silly hats!! A wild Doctor appeared Oh, did I scare you? In combination with her A. Her Skills, meanwhile, give her and her teammates an edge against high-DEF targets. This Skill charges quickly enough to keep a single target permanently debuffed. Since every team member that deals physical damage can benefit from the debuff, it represents a potentially large increase in your team damage output. I really did it?

I managed to protect everyone by myself? However, many other Doctors swear by Kroos as a staple Sniper for the early- and mid-game of Arknights. With her naturally quick rate of fire and the constant extra shots from her Skill, Kroos activates her Talent quite frequently, punching through enemies at a terrifying rate. Promotion gives higher-rarity Operators access to more levels and additional Skills, giving them an advantage. So look out, drones!

It came from back when I snuck into a biolab, and Please, I'm joking around. He is also notable for gaining attack speed from his Potential buffs. Since Anti-Air Snipers have a fast attack interval by default, the extra attack speed really helps his arrows fly! However, with his cheap DP cost and rapid-fire arrows, Rangers is a solid early-game Sniper who can shoot down enemy drones as if they were pigeons.

I don't know why, but it seems to have deviated slightly. According to Dr. Kal'tsit, this is probably linked to my abnormal hippocampus. If you want to use Adnachiel, be sure to promote him quickly so he gains this ability. Sniper - AoE Sniper A. Sesa wants Blocking Operators to stay alive so that the team can keep taking advantage of his Talent, and reducing enemy attack speed can go a long way to helping them survive.

He struggles against high-DEF foes, since his kit lacks armor-piercing or Arts damage, and some enemies cannot be blocked, which neutralizes the bonus damage from his Talent. I'm a Sarkazian, as you can see.

You still wanna hire me in spite of that? She has a short fuse and will mercilessly blow up everything in her path to fulfill her duties. She boasts high physical attack, dishing enormous amounts of damage against groups of low armor targets. However, she can use her High-Explosive Shell to immediately shred through a significant portion of their armor, giving physical allies a boost.

What is her real purpose in Rhodes Island? And why does she carry around giant shuriken that are bigger than she is? In addition to their regular attacks dealing AoE splash damage, they tend to have high base ATK and a 3x5 attack range after E2 promotion.

Shirayuki delivers on these qualities in spades and uses her abilities to bolster the power of her attacks even further. The one quality she lacks is burst damage: neither her Skills nor her Talent give her the kind of damage spike you might want to handle waves of difficult enemies. However, her DPS is reliable, and being able to deal Arts damage allows her to tear through high-DEF enemies that other Snipers would struggle to dent armored drones, anybody?

They didn't step in any of them? No way! Since AoE Snipers are generally expensive to deploy, this may make her worth considering even over higher-rarity options for maps with tight DP restrictions. Different from other AoE Snipers that do splash. Judging from his paperwork, he leads a boring life, pursuing one legal matter after another. Flat DEF penetration is a rare ability, and it makes Executor a stronger counter to armored enemies than most Snipers.

He will have to get up-close and personal with his enemies, and not all maps have good spots for him to attack from. The finicky damage bonus from his Trait makes it even more important and even more complicated to place him well. Sniper - Close Range Sniper S. Killing and protecting people. Oh, and making tea. Don't be so shocked. After all, Lady Ceylon is Anyway, I'm good at that.

With its SP cost and duration, this skill has great up-time. This Skill also charges ridiculously quickly, has great up-time for how powerful it is, and packs a huge ATK buff in the bargain. As a Close Range Sniper, her DP cost is extremely high compared to standard Anti-Air Snipers, and choosing a good position for her is difficult due to her short default range and her very specific S3 range.

However, finding that perfect vantage point will all be worth it once Schwarz is disemboweling bosses and bathing in their blood. Hmm, why are you staring at me like that? Interested in my tail? Sniper - Heavyweight Sniper S. Rosa Poca.

Now I know that while it is true for most things, it is not for others. Those I can never get, not on my own. Though she tried her best to protect her peers as unrest and paranoia fomented, something terrible happened that Rosa was powerless to stop. This Talent is complemented by Rosa's unique Trait, which causes her to prioritize attacking the heaviest enemy in her archetype-unique attack range. The end result is that Rosa does a shocking amount of damage to heavy enemies, especially with her titanic base ATK stat.

Her focus on enemy weight can occasionally be problematic as well: some lighter-weight enemies are major threats that Rosa is not as well-equipped to handle. As one of the few Snipers who can reliably punch holes through armored enemies, Rosa can be a powerful asset on the battlefield.

Sniper - Long-range Sniper A. The only ones who mourned them were the trees, which gave unto them their leaves. When the player activates this Skill Firewatch will immediately drop bombs on enemies in her range, each dealing massive damage. Hey, doesn't that mean people see me as a killer?

Like I'd ever want a job like that, way too messy. In order to extend her reach and activate this Talent, she uses her two Skills. If the RNG is feeling cruel, Ambriel may not be able to accomplish much in terms of crowd-control. Of course, when luck is on her side, Ambriel can Stun and assassinate opponents from the other side of the screen, long before they even get a glimpse of your frontline.

Specialist - Controller A. Cannot be targeted or damaged while Invisible. Loses Invisibility and gains ATK buff on first hit. My power is to kill people silently Don't be afraid, you're not Furthermore, since Manticore does not block, melee enemies will never directly attack her. Umm, tell you what. I understand. I'll make sure to catch the culprit, mhm. Note that, despite his chameleon appearance, Ethan is not actually invisible to enemies—just less likely to be targeted.

Probably his biggest drawback is lacking actual Invisibility. It takes foresight and careful consideration to find Ethan a place where he can leverage his unique strengths without being put in too much danger. However, when Ethan finds a safe place to perform, his flying yo-yo should impress with both its flashiness and its results. Projekt Red. Wolves do not rest, neither do I. This is perfect for creating breathing room for a defensive line or disrupting troublesome channeling attacks from enemies such as the Sarkaz Caster or exploding spiders.

This disruption can be utilized several times in a single mission. Players need to be sure they are sending her on a mission she can complete successfully. Red may also suffer from quickly increasing DP costs as a result of her multiple redeployments, an issue only exacerbated due to the difficulty in maxing her potential as a result of her high rarity.

Waai Fu. I have to study hard to make sure I have a nice, normal future ahead of me. I am committed to keeping in touch with everyday society. Drop Waai Fu on their heads and worry no longer! Never underestimate a good Waai Fu: she will always be there for you when you need her most.

You won't need to worry about any ambushes or assassination attempts. Because I'll aaalways be here with you. Both Skills trigger on deployment and decay rapidly; once they wear off, call Gravel back so she can catch her breath and come back fresh when she is next needed. Specialist - Puller A. The drawback with Skill 2 is that it has a much longer cooldown than Skill 1, so which is better to use depends on the frequency and group size of enemy spawns. Snowsant accomplishes this task with both of her Skills, but in different ways.

However, in a way, this is also her weakness. If you have already built another Pull Specialist like Rope or Cliffheart, then building Snowsant just to Pull specific enemies may not be worth the investment. She also benefits from being a welfare Operator, which makes it easy to max her Potential. Why do I like my grappling hook so much, you ask? Well, duh However, Rope being relatively low rarity means it is cheaper to raise her Potential and Skill Levels than her higher-rarity counterparts.

Specialist - Pusher A. Guess I'll slack off for a bit too. Mmm, this couch is so fluffy! She has two Skills, both which knock the enemy back while applying Slow. Push force increases at certain Skill levels, allowing FEater to push heavier opponents.

The symbol for Iron in the periodic table is Fe, hence the name FEater. Theytheythey're barbecuinginthedormagain. Canyouplease stopthemforme! Someoneswapped myfireextinguisher withIfrit'sflamethrower! Areyouokay, Chief? Despite the best efforts of pyromaniacs like Skyfire and Ifrit, Shaw uses her firefighting equipment to stop Rhodes Island from burning to the ground. It gets enemies away from your units, forcing them to walk back up before they can start attacking again.

Though it takes longer to recharge, it can send multiple heavier enemies flying when activated. However, when you need a Shift Operator i. Specialist - Sacrificial Specialist S-. Both of these Skills have a similar effect: Aak immediately attacks the nearest ally with his gun, dealing a staggering amount of damage. In return, Aak injects both himself and his victim if they survive with a massive buff for the remaining duration of the Skill. Aak is only interested in helping the best of the best become even better, turning DPS into juggernauts and tanks into unbreakable walls.

Supporter - Aura Supporter A. Let's see, I can do a cappella, lead vocals, choir singing, pop music, and I can even rap, yo! Though I guess that's not a very useful skill for an Operator If only I had a more practical skill Sleeping enemies cannot move, act, or take damage. Being unable to attack, she completely depends on her allies to directly affect the battlefield. Don't force all those rigid rules on me.

This is perfect for taking down tanky Elite and Boss enemies. However, she is limited by her low damage output. Even with her debuffs active, Pramanix needs her allies to finish off weakened targets. Some people find joy in filling their lives with these things, and tell others that it will bring joy to the high heavens. How truly sinful. By carefully observing the world around her, especially the mental and emotional reactions of others, Tsukinogi has learned how to apply a gentle touch to the world in order to shift it in the direction she chooses.

This buff can keep allies alive long enough for a Medic to heal them, especially against enemy Casters, since there are fewer options for mitigating Arts damage. Her Talent only triggers when allies are at low health, so if you have strong enough healing or are running a no-Blocking strategy, you may not see it activate at all. Supporter - Slower S. Actually, I don't blame Mom, but I worry more about how Mom will deal with those bad guys.

So I'm going to live a good life now, would this help her be less worried? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article. Main article: Real estate investment trust. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description matches Wikidata. Namespaces Article Talk.

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Our business objective is to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns to our shareholders over the long-term, predominantly through dividends and preservation of capital. We seek to maintain a diversified investment portfolio focusing on investing in residential mortgage loans, Non-Agency and Agency residential mortgage backed securities RMBS and Agency commercial mortgage backed securities CMBS.

Our income is generated primarily by the difference, or net spread, between the income we earn on our assets and our financing and hedging costs. We are commonly referred to as a hybrid mortgage REIT because we invest in both non-Agency and Agency mortgage assets. This model provides flexibility in portfolio asset allocation and liability management.

Residential Mortgage Loans: A significant part of our business and growth strategy is to engage in securitization transactions to finance the acquisition of residential mortgage loans. In those securitizations we retain the subordinate RMBS, which typically receive interest income but no principal until the securities senior to them are paid off. This helps mitigate reinvestment risk as principal may not be received for several years after the loan collateral is securitized.

We believe this portfolio will provide high risk-adjusted returns over the long-term. These securities provide dual portfolio functions by providing both spread income and a source of liquidity for the company. Performance Outlook Short Term. Mid Term. Long Term. Previous Close Volume 2,, Market Cap 2. Estimated return represents the projected annual return you might expect after purchasing shares in the company and holding them over the default time horizon of 5 years, based on the EPS growth rate that we have projected.

Research that delivers an independent perspective, consistent methodology and actionable insight. Press Releases. Business Wire. Simply Wall St. Motley Fool. Advertise With Us. All rights reserved. Data Disclaimer Help Suggestions. Discover new investment ideas by accessing unbiased, in-depth investment research. Day's Range.

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About Chimera. Chimera Investment Corporation (NYSE: CIM) is an internally managed Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), founded in and headquartered. The following is a list of notable publicly traded real estate investment trusts based in the United States: Company Name, REIT Type, Ticker Symbol. Chimera Investment Corp. operates as a real estate investment trust.