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Darkstar forex order flow trading software

Gold mineralization at Dark Star has been identified within a decalcified and silicified Pennsylvanian-Permian carbonate unit, consisting of debris flow conglomerate, bioclastic limestone, calcarenite, calcisiltite and minor silty mudstone. All of this evidence supports the formation of North Bullion during a very dynamic, focused Eocene event with synchronous extension, intrusion and Carlin-style mineralization.

The Permit has a five 5 year duration. The domes are cored by igneous intrusions that uplift and expose Paleozoic rocks that are favorable for the formation of Carlin-style gold deposits Jackson and Koehler, The Pinion Deposit comprises two discrete zones of mineralization Main Zone and North Pod with the majority of can i deduct a loss on my retirement brokerage account most traded sp etf historic drilling having been completed at the Main Zone including the jasperoid breccia outcrops located near the southern boundary of section 22 T30N, R53E.

The summary provided in Table 6. Winter snow and spring runoff may temporarily limit binary option strategi best forex signal app with respect to drilling and other geological fieldwork activities between November and April each year, but are not considered to be significant issues. The geology of the Pinion Project and the mineralization encountered at the Dark Star Prospect is discussed in bittrex login every time card payment fees within Section 7 of this report.

The North Bullion mineralized zone remains open in a number of directions and warrants further drilling. Dark Star has vertically extensive, pervasive oxidization from the surface to a depth of meters. Last No. Additional geophysical surveying, including seismic lines, is recommended in the North Bullion area where thick volcanic rock sequences or colluvium conceal target opportunities.

Take a look at Tom Williams "Master the markets" book Thus, the Project boundaries are not to be confused with the actual Property boundary, as illustrated in Figure 4. In this setting, spotted hornfels is developed in Paleozoic siliciclastic and carbonate rocks. Modern exploration began in when American Selco optioned the claims from Aladdin Sweepstake Consolidated Mining launching a year period of surface sampling, geophysics, geological mapping, and surface drilling.

Kuhl produced the first historical estimate of the gold for POD discussed further in Section 6. Continued drilling on the Bald Mountain and Sylvania Central Bullion targets is also recommended based upon early-stage drill results. Steven Koehler, B. Quoting Scotty B. Additional cautionary language pertaining to the disclosure of historical resource estimates has been added to the original text. Detailed collar locations along with summary gold intercepts for historic drilling are located in Shaddrick and Kohler et al.

Northwest and west-northwest striking faults occur across the Project. To improve and standardize the earlier work, Gold Standard geologists have implemented a factual-based format of geological mapping Anaconda Style using multiple map layers to record, illustrate and synthesize geological data at a common scale. The results of gravity and CSAMT surveys completed to date at the Railroad Project are encouraging and the continued use of these techniques is strongly recommended.

The first documented drill program at the Dixie Creek prospect was conducted by Freeport McMoran in and during which time 25 holes were drilled in a Joint Venture with Crown Resources. The filing is complete. Beacon Peak Dolomite Member. I mean, obviusly if they turn the market with low liquidity, they must act on a psychological level.

When they've traded with an informed trader, they themselves will often immediately speculate on that very information The mineralization intersected at Dixie Creek is hosted in rocks that are similar in nature to the host rocks for the Dark Star gold mineralization. The approved PoO covers 3, acres 2, acres of public land and acres of private land; a total of 1, ha with 1, ha of public land and ha of private land located in sections 28, 32, 33, and 34, Township 31N, Range 53E and portions of section 3, and most of section 4 in Township 30N, Range 53E Figure 4.

Average Au Grade. A westward-thickening wedge of sediments was deposited at and west of the continental margin, in which the eastern facies tend to be coarse-grained and carbonate-rich shelf and slope deposits, carbonate platform deposits while the western facies are primarily fine-grained siliciclastic sediments deeper basin deposits.

Intrusive relationships and tilting of units indicate the deposit formed during an Eocene event with synchronous intrusion, hydrothermal activity and extensional movement on graben-bounding faults. The historic mineral resource estimates discussed in this section, and summarized in Table 6.

Follow-up work at some of the targets has validated the geophysical interpretation; however, not all targets have been investigated Dufresne and Koehler, The North Bullion Target drilling highlights include:. Multi-stage, heterolithic, matrix and clast supported hydrothermal breccias are common.

Primary access to the Project area is by a series of paved and gravel roads from Elko, Nevada population 18, Samples collected from hole PIN northwest of main Pinion Deposit area did not return any significant gold assays. Since that time fifteen companies reliable price action option binary options preceded GSV with district-wide exploration; completing fairly extensive surface mapping, geochemical sampling and drilling including the collection of 3, rock samples, 6, soil samples and index arbitrage trading how to day trade for income completion of drillholes at the Railroad Project Hunsaker,a,b; Shaddrick, ; Koehler et al.

Recently, an additional zone of mineralization has been identified at the Pinion Deposit hosted within the Sentinel Mountain dolomite and the top of the underlying Oxyoke sandstone below the Devils Gate Limestone. Historic drillhole locations for the Railroad and Pinion Project are illustrated in Figure 6.

Calloway, a. Geological modelling and resource estimation is recommended for the North Bullion mineralized zones along with additional metallurgical investigations and, possibly, preliminary engineering studies. When he cancels out his asks, other bank's trade robots will see this etoro vs xtb day trading formula follow suit, and the waters of liquidity thinkorswim high of day study what does low volume trade indicate parted like Moses and the Red Sea.

Early-stage results from several other target areas at the Railroad portion of the Project area indicate that additional geologic work and drilling is also warranted. The greater Pinion 2. It is the opinion of the authors of this Technical Report that all of the recommended work is warranted at this time and none is contingent upon the results of any other part of the program. The disequilibrium in distribution of liquidity means that there are traders out there who demand liquidity and traders who are willing to supply liquidity, but they haven't found each other, yet.

Work by Gold Standard at the Pinion Project area in comprised the compilation and review of historic data from the Pinion and Dark Star prospects and included a significant re-logging effort of archived Pinion core along with Pinion and Dark Star RC chip samples. At Sylvania, silver, copper, lead, zinc and minor amounts of gold occur within skarn along the west-northwest-striking, dike-filled Standing Elk fault near the margin of the Bullion Stock Koehler et al.

The CSAMT survey comprised nine east-west lines, with variable spacing from m to m, that were intended to examine, and were therefore oriented perpendicular to, the dominant north-south structural trend in the area. What you can expect in more than pages and 30 images. North Bullion tectono-stratigraphic column after Jackson et al.

The extent of the airborne survey allows the regional context of the Projects locally understood geology. In addition to introductory knowledge on the crypto market, I also want to address questions, fears and doubts by providing education.

The resource estimate utilized GEMCOM mining software and although not clearly stated it is thought that the Inverse Distance Squared ID2 grade estimation algorithm was used to apply grade to a 50 ft x 50 ft x 20 ft block model. Exploration over the last three years has resulted in the identification of significant maiden NI mineral resource estimates for gold at the Pinion and Dark Star deposits.

When they've traded with an informed trader, they themselves will often immediately speculate on that very information Alternately, the structure could be a fault developed along the steeper limb of a NNE-verging asymmetric fold. Exploration activity at Pinion Project area dates back to the discovery of the Pinion Prospect in by Newmont with the majority of the historic work being conducted in the late s and early to mids. The DSST is bounded on the east and west by high angle normal faults forming a north-south trending horst block.

The third party claims agreement fills two small gaps in Sections 24 and 26 which were not previously controlled by the Company. Currently, the Railroad—Pinion Project includes a variety of mineralization types: 1 classic Carlin-style disseminated gold in carbonate dissolution collapse breccia at the contact between Devonian carbonates and Mississippian siliciclastics at the Pinion and North Bullion deposits; 2 Carlin-style disseminated gold in silicified Pennsylvanian siliciclastic and carbonate rocks at the Dark Star Deposit; 3 stacked, tabular oxide gold and copper zones in quartz hornfels breccia at the Bald Mountain Target; and 4 skarn-hosted silver, copper, lead and zinc mineralization at the Central Bullion Target Jackson and Koehler, ; Koehler et al.

As the work progressed in the Railroad District new geologic interpretations plus base- and precious-metal surface sample results were combined with favorable drill results; expanding the target types being explored for and widening the range of commodities being explored. The Railroad—Pinion Project is located along the Carlin Trend, a northwest-southeast alignment of sedimentary rock-hosted gold deposits and mineralization.

The exploration history for the Pinion Project overlaps somewhat with that of the adjacent Railroad Project area as portions of the two project areas have been operated by the same company in the past. The Pinion acquisition was part of an on-going effort to consolidate the mineral rights for the greater Railroad District.

The driller then sets the inclination of the drill that Gold Standard geological staff check prior to drilling. A total of density measurements made during on diamond drill core samples were used to establish an average nominal density of 2.

The following description of the Railroad Fault target is taken from Hunsaker b :. Schematic example tradingview dash btc profitable renko strategy of the geology and gold mineralization along with locations of the cross-sections are provided in Figures 7.

Carlin-type mineralization mineralization at the Pinion Deposit is hosted swing trading log book how to get forex prices google sheets dissolution collapse breccia developed along the contact between the underlying Devonian Devils Gate Limestone Formation Ddg and the overlying Mississippian Webb Formation Mw fine grained clastic sediments and Tripon Pass Formation silty micrite DeMatties, ; Norby et al.

Tiws: Weak normal magnetization in basin sediments derived from other units;. Tertiary sedimentary rocks deposited in shallow, fresh water lakes and overlying intermediate to felsic Tertiary volcanic rocks are present on the flanks of the range and within surrounding grabens Table 7. The historic resources described below have been included simply to demonstrate the mineral potential of certain target areas at the Railroad Project.

Additional results from the drill program highlighted the gold potential of the entire Dark Star Structural Corridor. There has been insufficient exploration to define the inferred resources as an indicated or measured mineral resource, however, it is reasonably expected that the majority of the Inferred Mineral Resources could be upgraded buy bitcoin on iphone buying bitcoin on wave Indicated Mineral Resources with continued exploration. Exploration Mirandor Inc. Gold Standard personnel, in conjunction with APEX personnel, have conducted a comprehensive data verification and validation program for the Dark Star drillhole database, which was assisted by a Project-wide drillhole re-logging program.

Cross-cutting relationships are consistent between the two areas. The BDH drill series produced the first significant results in the area. Alternately, the structure could be a fault developed along the steeper limb of a NNE-verging asymmetric fold.

Approximately one fifth of the Dark Star sample assays 2, assays are situated within the gold mineralized lodes and a statistical analysis indicates that the assays represent a single population of data. The gold system remains open in all directions and spans an area of m by 1, m. Within the area of the PoO, exploration-related disturbance and reclamation bonding can be conducted in two phases of up to 50 acres in phase I and an additional acres in phase II.

The identification of these geologic patterns at the Railroad-Pinion Project lends credence to the mineralization models that are being used on the Project. In , completed metallurgy work through drilling 10 RC holes and trenching.

Exploration results throughout the Project area continue to demonstrate significant mineral potential and work designed to expand the current mineral resources and identify new zones of mineralization is ongoing. The Project has sufficient and appropriate sites to accommodate exploration and potential mining facilities, including waste rock disposal, and processing infrastructure.

Drilling by Gold Standard Ventures and historic drilling has demonstrated the presence of Carlin-style gold-bearing mineralization. The reader should develop both justified skepticism and reasonable optimism. Prior toexploration activities by Gold Standard focused on the Railroad Project while work completed in largely focused on the Pinion Project after its acquisition in An initial phase of drilling at the Pinion Deposit comprising 13 holes confirmed historic drilling assay results and the geological model for the deposit, which were utilized for a maiden NI compliant mineral resource estimate that was completed in September, Dufresne et al.

Only the total volumes of tons mined and commodity produced were reported. This Technical Report is intended as an update to previous comprehensive Technical Reports completed on the Project including reports by Coinbase instant buy decreased tradingview btc usd bitmex and a,bShaddrickKoehler et al. Gold deposition is thought to have occurred contemporaneous with breccia development and with late silica flooding and quartz veining. Royal Standard Minerals Inc.

Section 22 encompasses the North Bullion target and the north to northeast extension of the Bullion Fault Corridor. And i thought that this thread darkstar forex order flow trading day trading monitor stand and size recommendations gonna vanish in nothingness Mineralization forms irregular bodies, chimneys, veins, and manto—style replacements typically within brecciated and metamorphosed Paleozoic carbonate rocks, along or proximal to high angle structures.

Gold Standard implements a factual-based format of geological mapping Anaconda Style. Eight prospects have been identified within the Pinion Project area including the Pinion and Dark Star deposits Figure 7. The domes are cored by igneous intrusions that uplift and expose Paleozoic rocks and certain stratigraphic contacts that are favorable for the formation of Carlin-style gold deposits.

Thicker and higher-grade dissolution collapse breccia occurs along the footwall of the steeply NNE-dipping Main Zone Iep stock dividend etrade tax details not shown, which apparently down-drops the section 40 to meters. Additional exploration in other outlying targets, including some in the Pinion Project, can also be addressed under separate Notice Level applications with lead times ranging from two to four weeks required to complete the applications and for the BLM to grant approval.

The CSAMT surveys were designed to assist in identifying faults and prospective host rocks for mineralization. Historic drillholes for the entire Pinion Project area, including holes in the area of Dark Star, are illustrated in Figures 6. The following section also includes a discussion of the Pinion Project geology as well coinbase altcoins add disclosure poloniex updated information pertaining to the geology of the various prospects located at the Railroad How much commission does plus take is it better to trade forex or options.

There is no current mineral production at the Project. Figure 9. A Carlin-style structural framework of north- northeast- and west northwest-striking faults, and quartz porphyry to dacite filled making money with small bitcoin buys and sell can i use bitcoin to buy anything cut through this target. Anomalous gold mineralization at Dark Star has been intersected over an area 2,ft m along a north-south trend by up to 1, ft m in width and to a depth of ft m below surface. The original dealer The project area covers a significant portion of the southernmost structural window within the Carlin Trend that exposes prospective Upper Paleozoic — Permian units that host gold mineralization often associated with multilithic collapse breccias elsewhere in the district and comprises a number of gold target areas.

Pinion Deposit cross section S2. The exploration data utilized and discussed in this report was obtained from GSV in paper and digital format. There has been insufficient exploration to define best metatrader what is fxpro ctrader inferred resources as an indicated or measured mineral resource, however, it is reasonably expected that the majority of the Inferred Mineral Resources could be upgraded to Indicated Mineral Resources with continued exploration.

Mrai, Mton, Mmel, Mc, Mtp. Drillholes DS, 26 and 38 were successful in expanding the known extents of the Dark Star Main Zone of mineralization m to the west. Elko, Nevada, USA. Summary of historic exploration in the area of the Dark Star Prospect. Exploration from this point forward was focused on gold on the Railroad Project. The budget presented below in Table 1. Interestingly, the north half of the DSST is characterized by northwest trending normal faults while the southern half has predominantly northeast trending normal faults.

So what can be done?? Mac Jackson, M. Immediately to the north, a North Dixie anomaly was identified that was characterized by similar chemistry elevated Hg, Au, As and Sb. Devils Gate Limestone. This is true only to the untrained eye. These results have led to the definition of additional resource potential at Dark Star, Pinion and the North Bullion deposits.

Post Quote Jan 15, pm Jan 15, pm. Large traders need it for liquidity as above described and bank dealers will also use it also to control their book better. I know there are stops above 50 and those will likely get the attention of predatory traders which will push price into the direction of stops.

Those traders determined that they want to get out of their short position at those rates and their demand will accelerate the move and trigger my offers. I provided liquidity to them, but I exploited the weaker side of the market and got into a position at a better rate. Even if you have the DOM for i. It can be speculators, model funds algos buying into short-term momentum or dealers who do it to manage their books.

I will cover this activity in a later article, but the key is that a larger cluster of stop loss orders will have the attention of other traders, especially when they are near. As price declined, there were traders who lowered their stops to protect their gains and in general, more buy stops were building above. First stops above 1. However, up momentum disappeared and price quickly dropped below. The 1. Do you see what happened? Stops above 1. As I covered in the previously, large traders cannot simply accumulate or distribute a large position whenever they wish.

They have to look for liquidity and stops are helping them in an indirect way, like I explained in the example above. That is why stop hunts tend to be quickly faded: The large bids or offers got filled and with the stops triggered, there are no buyers left in a buy stop-hunt scenario and no sellers in a sell stop-hunt scenario. There are also traders that anticipate such moves and look to take profit near the level where stops are rumored to be. While there are looking to make some profit from short-term trading, their main task is to provide clients with liquidity and get them filled with less as possible slippage.

This means those clients want to get out of their position once price breaks above the determined rate. If he does nothing and waits for price to break above 1. There will be stops from other market participants above 1. He would fill his clients at a bad rate, earn nothing from it and his reputation would be seriously hit if this would happen several times. He can gradually start to accumulate a long position and anticipate a break of 1.

Buy 20 million 1. So he will distribute his position as price breaks above 1. Again, banks do not open their order books directly to just any outsider, one would need good connections. So people claiming they have some software that shows the order books for the FX market are scammers. The one you maybe see in your trading platform is only the DOM of your broker and retail brokers have a small role in this huge market.

Those are people that have some connections in the trading industry, mostly as they worked as traders too in the past. Market participants always look for the weaker side of the market, so both buy and sell stops will be targeted. When using this, it is very important to keep in mind that this is additional information that may help you in your trading, but you should not trade off this information alone — that is, using them as trade signals.

There are always bids and offers, smaller and large ones, but in the end it depends on the power of the bulls or the bears. I therefore will only look for opportunities to sell the pair. Second, note key price levels. Third, watch for price action to give you a high probability opportunity to enter short. I will cover later some of the various Order Flow techniques I learnt. For now, I just want to note that you should always use flow information like bids and offers with caution. You want the market bias to be in your favor and wait to see a reaction to those levels, not enter ahead.

I hope I have emphasized enough how important it is not to use them as trade signals, so I will post now the resources I use for the flow information they are free :. If you decide to apply the stop hunt strategy, you can either enter on momentum e. Make sure you concentrate on the high probability opportunities. Clear sentiment i. The set up will give you the opportunity to use a tight stop, but here it is even more important to only apply it when sentiment is clear. Obviously, someone who would have applied the strategy here and went short, would have got stopped out.

Sometimes, more detailed flow info can be leaked i. I also agree with your 2nd statement and this is why I strongly advised against using such info as trading signals. Sentiment has always priority to order info and traders should wait for a reaction to the reported levels, not acting ahead. Before we dive further into the world of Order Flow Trading, we must be aware who participates in the FX market.

While not all groups have the same characteristics, there are some most have in common. I will split the groups up and explain them all in more detail. A dealer quotes his customers a bid and an ask price and the difference the Spread will be his profit. As a transaction with his customer takes place, he takes the other side of the trade and can either get rid of his exposure via the interbank market or he can hold the trade if he thinks it will benefit him.

Dealers therefore can hold trades for speculation, but they usually close them in a short time period. They mostly finish their trading day without any open positions. Dealers are well-informed traders and have a good sense for short-term market movements, so it only makes sense for the banks to let them also do some discretionary trading beside handling customer trades. They participate in stop hunts, as I explained earlier in the thread, because they look to manage their book.

Central banks operate in the FX market on a daily basis and when other participants become aware of their presence, they will pay a lot of attention to what they do. Asian Central Banks are one group within the Sovereigns that are often identified in the marketplace and news providers like Reuters are reporting about their business. Especially if things are rather quiet, they can have a strong influence, so keep that in mind! They are in this game for the profit and are the group with the greatest variety amongst members.

As they are leveraged players, they can feel the pain sooner when a squeeze is happening in the market. It is certainly not just the retail traders getting stopped out, large specs can be caught with a vulnerable stop loss too.

They are called that way because they do not use leverage. Included in this group are mutual funds, classical investment funds and sovereign wealth funds. They are conservative and will generally either look to manage their currency exposure or, if speculating, look for stable trends.

Hedge funds do too look for trends, but they have the ability to leverage up and switch to short-term trading if they wish to. Real Money will be usually a bit late in a move, but their presence is still worth noting, as they look to accumulate positions.

Their activities can have an impact on the markets if they are trading in a big size, but they are not participants one should follow, as they are not profit-motivated in the first place. The popularity of Technical Analysis TA led them to place their stops at predictable places and this can be exploited by Order Flow Traders.

Even as the number of proven trading strategies shared free has increased over time, most retail traders lack the consistency and discipline to make it in this business. You are competing against other traders in the market and some of them are powerful players with a lot of experience and capital. Without losers, there would be no winners. Start thinking about how could you exploit the characteristics of other participants.

Markets are all about fear and greed. As price moves, some will start to feel pain and will have to cover at some point. Hunting stops and initiating squeezes in the market place is not just about retail traders, professional traders also get stopped out or are forced to cover as the position moves against them. One of the most important thing is that Order Flow Trading is a mindset that teaches you to exploit the weaker side of the market.

What are the main factors driving current sentiment? Follow a news feed or get some headlines from either Reuters, Bloomberg or Financial Times website. Keep it short in form of notes. As prices moves further, compare it to your sentiment analysis. Think about the characteristics of other participants.

Think about what it means for bulls if a key support level holds. Will they be accumulating further? Eventually, I will cover this in more detail through the thread, but take some time to see the markets in a different way than you did before. When I just started with OFT, I thought about these themes and made a lot of notes and observed the markets.

Again, they have to be used with caution as orders can get cancelled or can have little or no impact. From the above mentioned info we could say that there is buying interest demand at 1. When trading of reported orders, I recommend waiting for a reaction and not putting a limit order ahead. We see price stops at the level and retraces back up. Does it seems that there is real momentum building to the upside or are rallies hitting quickly into fresh selling?

Reading the order flow directly is a bit tough in the beginning and it is hard to explain it in words. You have to monitor price action as it happens and take notes. Sentiment will give you the biggest advantage. Note key factors that are driving price action currently, analyze price action itself and keep track of how they correlate.

Sentiment is positive as the RBA indicated it will not cut rates in the near future and on better economic data. What really turned my trading into a profitable business was focusing on the high probability trades. You can anticipate a reaction to the reported levels and fade any rally or drop back to the mid range level. They taught you to place your buy stop above the big figure i. Demand at 1. Obviously, sell stops were building above 1. As we moved up, they came more and more to the attention of other traders and of dealers, so it was only a matter of time.

In my opinion, it is better to enter on momentum and push into the stops, than try pick a perfect entry when you have missed the chance. Obviously, some of those concepts will be familiar to you from some of the technical analysis concepts. It is a mindset that will give you a real advantage in the market as you focus on the core mechanism of the markets and on sentiment. I will be honest in saying that my capabilities in explaining some of those specific concepts are not that wide but I hope you get something from these.

Order Flow Trading can be applied in many ways and the above mentioned are just the basic examples. I have some more article coming soon, then I will try to make the concept more understandable through trade examples and similar. Price action patterns can be traded successfully without the knowledge about order flow, but knowing the OFT concepts will give you an advantage, as you are more aware why is it happening and you will understand better the factors driving PA.

As I mentioned, it is part a collection of methods based on market microstructure, but also part a mindset. It might seem a bit complicated to some in the beginning, but IMO it is worth the effort. However, it is important to suit your trading strategy to yourself. When there is talk of sovereign i. Together with sentiment analysis, I can focus on the high probability opportunities and learning OFT also improved my skills in reading PA. There are a lot of inefficiencies one can exploit in the market once we get more familiar with market microstructure.

One could focus only on the technical stuff, but incorporating sentiment reading into your analysis will help you to focus on the higher probability trades. I do not in-depth analysis about the global economy or specific countries, but rather focus on the key themes in markets and follow news. This should not be too difficult to identify, as news services will report about them frequently. Currently, we have:. The long-term impact themes are the ones that are driving flows and even if you are day trading, going with the flow will give you an edge in the market.

I will always look for obvious sentiment like currently e. AUD-positive and keep track of the price action. If bias for a currency is positive, because of e. One of my favorite patterns is the counter-sentiment stop hunt, which I explained earlier in this thread. If we take again the example of the currency with positive sentiment, we want to look for a stop hunt down into sell stops and fade it.

Like I mentioned in one of my earlier articles and Minotaur wrote about a few posts above, price action also influences market bias. Once buying picked above 1. Guess what? We had reports of large offers sitting at 1. Finally, combine it with technical order flow key levels, stops and keep in mind that price action can influence sentiment too! Sentiment turned negative pretty quickly in FX markets, but US markets were still trading in a tight range. The choppy price action in the indices and my strong conviction about current negative sentiment in the markets gave me a good reason to stalk a short set-up in CL.

Why CL? Stops above While upside momentum was quickly regained on the previous move, this was not the case after it hit So, price action combined with my view of negative sentiment, made me short CL at If the option expires worthless, the option writer has earned the premium similar to a comission as you enter a trade and the option buyer has lost.

If the option is in-the-money, the option writer has to pay out the option buyer the specified amount. Knock-In Options — the option is worthless until the underlying asset hits the specified barrier price in the set time period. The option is worthless until it breaks above the 1.

Knock-Out Options — the option becomes worthless if the specified barrier level is hit. I think the pair is heading higher, but do not expect much volatility. However, if price breaks above 1. Double No-Touch Options -Just like the knock-out option, but it has two specified barrier levels. Example: DNT option for 1.

If price stays within the set range during the stated time period, the option writer has to pay me the specified amount. However, if price breaches any of these two barrier levels, the option will become worthless. Double One-Touch Option — Knock-in option with two set barrier levels. I will get paid on the option if it reaches either of the two set barrier levels during the specified time period. If it does not, it expires worthless.

Barrier options can trade in decent size, there are sometimes ones in the value range of million up to 1. This is why option desks will gun for these barriers and try to get them triggered. Similar to the FX spot dealer, you want establish a short position and increase downside momentum.

On the other side, there is the option buyer that has great interest to keep price away from the 1. He will try to buy ahead of the level and hope there will be also other bids in decent size. A good example is the 1. The option buyer was lucky yesterday, as there was decent demand from Asian Sovereign names and corporates that kept the pair above the barrier level. Example: There were 1. One could not have a more beautiful OF trade: Establish a short position and gun for the barrier and stops below.

But a good approach would also be to establish a position and take partial profits as each of the barrier gets triggered to your final target. In general, it is more preferable to go with the option writer and attack the knock-out barrier, especially when sentiment favors such price action.

However, in a market environment with little volatility and tight ranges, barrier protection can be stronger. Putting ourselves in the shoes of other traders is an effective way to get a better feeling for current market bias. Having a good understanding about market psychology can give you an additional edge in the markets.

However, after the ECB meeting, the Euro rallied. While there were fundamental reasons for the move, price action itself contributed to the shift in sentiment. As we broke above 1. When sentiment takes a turn again, the process will repeat. Even if it is lagging a bit, it is still useful, especially when positioning hits extreme levels.

For short-term positioning you can guess it pretty easily once you watch price action for a certain period and get some feel for the markets. In the previous sections, you have learned about other market participants characteristics and how to identify stop clusters.

Combine it with the above mentioned method.


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