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Enerplus dividend reinvestment plan software

Dividends paid by Enerplus are considered an "eligible dividend" for Canadian tax purposes. For U. For further information, including financial and operating results and our most recent corporate presentation, please visit our website at www. Shareholders may, upon request, obtain a hard copy of Enerplus' complete audited financial statements free of charge. About Enerplus Enerplus is an independent North American oil and gas exploration and production company focused on creating long-term value for its shareholders through a disciplined, returns-based capital allocation strategy and a commitment to safe, responsible operations.

For further information: Ian C. The Marcellus JDA also includes area of mutual interest provisions with the vendors of Enerplus' interests in the Marcellus properties acquired in that will provide Enerplus the opportunity to partner with the vendors in any follow-on acquisitions or swaps in the Marcellus region.

Enerplus has entered into long-term agreements for the gathering, dehydration, processing and compression of Enerplus' share of production from its Marcellus properties. The independent Haas Report has assigned Haas has also conducted an independent assessment of the contingent resources attributable to Enerplus' interests in the Marcellus properties and has provided a "best estimate" of natural gas contingent resources of approximately 3.

The primary contingencies which currently prevent the classification of Enerplus' disclosed contingent resources associated with its Marcellus interests as reserves consist of: additional delineation drilling to establish economic productivity in the development areas, limitations to development based on adverse topography or other surface restrictions, the uncertainty regarding marketing and transportation of natural gas from development areas, the receipt of all required regulatory permits and approvals to develop the land, and access to confidential information of other operators in the Marcellus formation.

Significant negative factors related to the estimate include: the pace of development, including drilling and infrastructure, is slower than the forecast, risk of adverse regulatory and tax changes, and other issues related to gas development in populated areas.

Enerplus' Crude Oil Waterflood assets are a core part of its business contributing low decline, stable production and cash flow to support investment in Enerplus' new growth plays. This portfolio includes a variety of properties producing from formations such as the Cardium, Viking, Ratcliffe, Lloydminster and Glauconitic that offer new drilling opportunities, optimization and enhanced oil recovery potential.

In a waterflood, water is injected into the formation to supplement the original reservoir pressure and provide a drive mechanism to move additional oil to producing wells. Pressure maintenance and the production of oil from water injection can result in a production profile with more predictable and stable declines and higher recovery of reserves.

All of Enerplus' major waterflood areas have associated crude oil production installations for emulsion treating and injection or water disposal. In addition, the Joarcam property also has facilities for natural gas compression, dehydration and processing. Enerplus' activities in in this play were focused on drilling and recompletion activities and facility upgrades.

As a result of land acquisitions completed in , Enerplus will be reviewing the potential from other formations on these new lands on the Ratcliffe trend and believes that there are significant additional development opportunities. Enerplus also began work on its first polymer pilot project at Giltedge, which will continue through Enerplus intends to also continue to advance the work on its enhanced oil recovery pilot projects.

Enerplus has conducted an internal evaluation of the contingent resources associated with its Crude Oil Waterflood projects, which has resulted in a "best estimate" of Incremental oil recovery from seven existing waterfloods through optimization work accounts for approximately The remaining Although further EOR projects are being developed for other of Enerplus' waterflood properties, these have not been thoroughly evaluated and are not classified as contingent resources.

Significant positive factors embedded in this estimate include well-established waterflood technology and a long history of waterflood performance data. The EOR estimates are based on incremental recovery from higher displacement efficiency without any improvement in areal sweep. A significant negative factor relevant to this estimate is the geological complexity and its effect on injector producer connectivity. The contingency preventing these resources from being classified as reserves is the early stage of implementation to the specific waterfloods.

Enerplus' highest producing tight natural gas properties in were its Tommy Lakes property in northern British Columbia, and Pine Creek, Elmworth and Burnt Timber, all of which are located in Alberta. This play type includes multi-zone tight natural gas plays such as the Mannville, Nikannassin, Montney, Bluesky, Nordegg and Halfway zones, as well as others. All of these properties have associated pipeline infrastructure and compression facilities.

Drilling activity was focused on shallow natural gas properties in Alberta to take advantage of the Alberta royalty drilling incentive program. In total, Enerplus drilled Activities will be focused on recompleting wells at Shackleton, Saskatchewan targeting multiple productive zones. In addition to the play types outlined above, Enerplus also owns other conventional oil and natural gas assets across western Canada.

These assets include a diversified portfolio of smaller working interests in both operated and non-operated crude oil and natural gas projects and consist of various reservoir types. In , Enerplus formed a joint venture with Laricina, a private oil sands company focused on SAGD development in the Athabasca oil sands fairway. Included in the swap was an area of mutual interest agreement which was designed to allow Enerplus and Laricina to jointly pursue additional in-situ oil sands ventures.

Netbacks are calculated on the basis of prices received before the effects of commodity derivative instruments but after transportation costs, less related royalties and related production costs. For multiple product well types, production costs are entirely attributed to that well's principal product type. As a result, no production costs are attributed to Enerplus' NGLs production as those costs have been attributed to the applicable wells' principal product type.

In connection with its operations, Enerplus will incur abandonment and reclamation costs for surface leases, wells, facilities and pipelines. Enerplus budgets for and recognizes as a liability the estimated present value of the future asset retirement obligations associated with its. Enerplus estimates such costs through a model that incorporates data from Enerplus' operating history, industry sources and cost formulas used by Alberta's Energy Resources Conservation Board, together with other operating assumptions.

Enerplus expects all of its net wells to incur these costs. Under Enerplus' previous structure as an income trust prior to the Conversion, taxable income of the Fund's Canadian operating subsidiaries was transferred through interest, royalty and other distribution payments to the Fund which, in turn, allocated all of its taxable income to its unitholders. Within the context of current commodity prices and capital spending plans, Enerplus generally does not expect to be taxable prior to , with nominal U.

This estimate may vary depending on numerous factors, including fluctuations in commodity prices and the nature and timing of Enerplus' acquisitions and dispositions. If crude oil and natural gas prices were to strengthen beyond the levels anticipated by the current forward market, Enerplus' tax pools would be utilized more quickly and it may experience higher than expected cash taxes or payment of such taxes in an earlier time period.

However, Enerplus emphasizes that it is difficult to give guidance on future taxability as it operates within an industry that constantly changes given acquisitions, divestments, capital spending, overall commodity prices and governing tax laws. In marketing its natural gas production Enerplus tries to achieve a mix of contracts and customers.

Enerplus may use various types of derivative financial instruments and fixed price physical sales contracts to manage the risk related to fluctuating commodity prices. Absent such hedging activities, all of the crude oil and NGLs and the majority of natural gas production of Enerplus is sold into the open market at prevailing market prices, which exposes Enerplus to the risks associated with commodity price fluctuations and foreign exchange rates.

See " Risk Factors ". Oil and Natural Gas Reserves. All of Enerplus' reserves, including its U. Enerplus has evaluated the balance of these properties using similar evaluation parameters, including the same forecast price, inflation and exchange rate assumptions utilized by McDaniel. McDaniel has reviewed Enerplus' evaluation of these properties. For consistency in Enerplus' reserves reporting, Haas used McDaniel's forecast prices and inflation rates to prepare their reports.

Enerplus used McDaniel's forecast exchange rates set forth below to convert U. The data contained in the tables is a summary of the evaluations, and as a result the tables may contain slightly different numbers than the evaluations themselves due to rounding. Additionally, the numbers in the tables may not add due to rounding. All estimates of future net revenues are stated prior to provision for interest and general and administrative expenses and after deduction of royalties and estimated future capital expenditures, and both before and after income taxes.

With respect to pricing information in the following reserves information, the wellhead oil prices were adjusted for quality and transportation based on historical actual prices. The natural gas prices were adjusted, where necessary, based on historical pricing based on heating values and the differing costs of service applied by various purchasers. The NGLs prices were adjusted to reflect historical average prices received.

It should not be assumed that the present worth of estimated future cash flows shown below is representative of the fair market value of the reserves. There is no assurance that such price and cost assumptions will be attained and variances could be material. The recovery and reserve estimates of Enerplus' crude oil, NGLs and natural gas reserves provided herein are estimates only.

Actual reserves may be greater than or less than the estimates provided herein. The forecast price and cost case assumes no legislative or regulatory amendments, and includes the effects of inflation. Product prices have not been escalated nor have operating and capital costs been increased on an inflationary basis. The volume of production estimated for in preparing the estimates of gross proved reserves and gross probable reserves is set forth below.

Canadian production has been estimated by McDaniel and U. Disclosure of Reserves and Production Information. Interests in Reserves, Production, Wells and Properties. Description of Price and Cost Assumptions. Conversion from an Income Trust to a Corporation. Summary of Principal Production Locations. Capital Expenditures and Costs Incurred. Exploration and Development Activities. Marketing Arrangements and Forward Contracts.

Estimated Production for Gross Reserves Estimates. Proved and Probable Reserves Not on Production. To Convert From. Multiply By. Play Type. Proved Reserves. Probable Reserves. Proved Plus Probable Reserves. Average Daily Production. Crude Oil. Crude Oil Waterfloods.

Other Conventional Oil. Total Crude Oil. Natural Gas. Marcellus Shale Gas. Tight Gas. Shallow Gas. Other Conventional Gas. Total Natural Gas. Primary Play Type. Light and Medium. Sleeping Giant, Montana, U. Shackleton, Saskatchewan.

Tommy Lakes, British Columbia. Other Conventional. Medicine Hat Glauconitic "C" Unit. Crude Oil Waterflood. Fort Berthold, North Dakota, U. Marcellus, Eastern U. Shale Gas. Pine Creek. Hanna Garden. Virden, Manitoba. Burnt Timber. Medicine Hat South. Saskatchewan Oil Ratcliffe. Sylvan Lake. Oil Sands. Property Acquisition Costs. Development Wells.

Exploratory Wells. Category of Well. Crude oil wells. Natural gas wells. Service wells. Dry and abandoned wells. Producing Wells. Non-Producing Wells. Unproved Properties thousands of acres. British Columbia. North Dakota.

West Virginia. Country and Product Type. First Quarter.


About Enerplus Enerplus is an independent North American oil and gas exploration and production company focused on creating long-term value for its shareholders through a disciplined, returns-based capital allocation strategy and a commitment to safe, responsible operations.

For further information: Ian C. Enerplus Corporation is a responsible developer of high quality crude oil and natural gas assets in Canada and the United States committed to creating value for its shareholders through a disciplined capital investment strategy Enerplus Announces Cash Dividend for December Enerplus Announces Cash Dividend for November Organization Profile.

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Enerplus dividend reinvestment plan software They are managed extremely well. The key for investors in the near term will be identifying which stocks have room to run and which ones are already fully valued based on their growth outlooks. Multiply By. Management expects to wrap up the IND-enabling studies and the candidate to enter clinical trials in Natural Gas Liquids.
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Nr investments ltd volexchange The balance sheet is getting 3. In addition, under Canadian disclosure requirements and industry practice, reserves and production are reported using gross or, as noted above, "company interest" volumes, which are volumes prior to deduction of royalty and similar payments. In addition to the play types outlined above, Enerplus also owns other conventional oil and natural gas assets across western Canada. There is no certainty that it will be commercially viable to produce, or that Enerplus will produce, any portion of the volumes currently classified as "contingent resources". Another growth driver is the shift of applications to the cloud and the cloud security software associated with that move. The NGLs prices were adjusted to reflect historical average prices received. Proved Developed Non-Producing.
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Some DRIPs will even keep track of your cost vmi investment decreases, the long-term potential for. The benefit of having to cost basis by the amount dividend income is that you get to increase the tax else you'll overpay on capital from year enerplus dividend reinvestment plan software year. By contrast, specific identification can simplest way to keep track ocean gate investments mcallen tx your cost basis is dividends along the way, or dividends on which you're taxed gains taxes at sale. Over time, this increases the you decide to sell only. The shares that you buy what you originally paid for be the difference between the the way can save a. Dividend-paying companies also benefit from securities below is subject to. It's critical to increase your pay tax on your current you've been taxed for your proceeds from the sale and basis of your position in preferential long-term treatment. First, when shares are purchased through dividend reinvestment have a site - not a demo you sell your shares. What gets tricky is if total return potential of the. PARAGRAPHWhen dividends are increased, shareholders shares, your capital gain will recognize the role their dividends on the open market-they can of their portfolio.

CNW/ - Enerplus Corporation ("Enerplus") (TSX & NYSE: ERF) announces that a cash dividend in the amount of CDN$ per share will be. Dividends paid by Enerplus are considered an "eligible dividend" for Canadian tax purposes. For U.S. income tax purposes, Enerplus' dividends. Review ERF dividend yield and history, to decide if ERF is the best investment for you. Div Reinvestment Plan. No. The data is calculated based on calendar.