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Assassins creed brotherhood investment guide

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The economy system is so confusing.

Short term investments uk You won't make huge gains from investing anyway and these items can be found elsewhere. Sign up to join this community. Tailor Shop Quest. Pulling Threads. What is this 'investing' mechanic? I can look up the exact text if necessary. Large Quiver.
Sec registered investment advisor exemptions on paycheck In This Wiki Guide. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Store Page. Treasure 32 Treasure Treasure I just completed memory sequence 5. Not all items are easy to come by. Looks like you invest in shops and can earn a high or low reward, and it's also tied to other people online, as well?
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Assassins creed brotherhood investment guide Best 10 year investments
Renaud verlaque two sigma investments The Papaver Silvaticum can be found in a few chests as well as from couriers. Uh what? Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? User Info: Fdshadow. Investment thing is just there to be tried, not really necessary.
Dukascopy jforex linux tutorial I've assassins creed brotherhood investment guide single player and I still Sep 10, Shop Quests - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood: You can check the status of your shop quests by visiting the art merchant, blacksmith, doctor and For Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood on the PC, a GameFAQs message Looks like you invest in shops and can earn a high or low reward, and Apr 8, Nov 30, Near your hideout there will be store markers that have a diamond around their symbol. EBongo EBongo Near your hideout there will be store markers that have a diamond around their symbol. Build 2 Answers Maximum income per 20 minutes? I can look up the exact text if necessary. Ok, let me try and explain this as well as I can. While true, I have found renovating the shops, banks, and secret tunnels or warp pipes give the best return.
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Using the Left Analog Stick, point Ezio in either direction as he runs up the wall and he can jump and reach any adjacent ledges or beams, etc. You'll see many citizens just by themselves, walking around with or without purpose. Many of them travel in packs of four and are rather easy to identify. It's these groups that you wish to mingle with. Stand between them and Ezio will look shadowed and grayed, telling you that he is hidden. Moving amongst moving citizens is a good way to get close to potential targets without rousing any suspicion, but beware, you're limited to the movement of the group of people you're with, something you can't control.

Hiding Spots There are multiple ways to hide from pursuers. One is the aforementioned method of Blending. There are also haystacks which you can jump into. Benches with two people sitting on them provide another easy way to just become invisible. Simply sit down between them and you'll be hidden. There are also little gazebos found on some rooftops with colored blinds that you can duck into. Detection and Hiding Normally, guards will not even care about what you do, so long as you don't do anything bad in front of or to them.

In some circumstances though, they will be on high alert. When you are in a guard's line of sight, there is an indicator that appears above his head that is shaped like an arrow. It starts off black and fills with yellow. When it is filled with yellow, the guard becomes suspicious. The guard will approach you and the arrow starts to turn red.

The closer they get to you, the more it will fill with red. When it is totally red, you will be "detected". The detected state means that guards will actively attack you. It also means failure in certain missions. Avoiding detection is as simple as killing or avoiding guards that might see you. Your options when spotted is to move out of their line of sight before they get to the suspicious level. Duck behind cover and move out of the way.

When you are detected, you can end the "detection" state by killing all the surrounding guards or breaking the line of sight. To break line of sight, you must put some distance between you and your pursuers. If you are too close to guards, jumping into a hiding spot listed above will not work because they can clearly see you.

Hit L1 when an enemy is nearby to lock onto them. Ezio's movement is now fixed around them. Your attacks will also be directed entirely at that enemy and not leave you flailing helplessly to their left or right. To break combat, hold R1 and hit X and just run!

It breaks any lock on you have and it frees you from the limited movement of combat. You enter free running mode again and can run away. Normal Attacks Hit Square to deliver an attack with your equipped weapon. The basic idea about fighting is to make consecutive attacks and break your enemy's defense.

You want to hit Square at the moment of contact to follow it up with another attack. This keeps the enemy at bay more often than not and it eventually earns you a kill on most foes. Blocking Hold R1 to block. Ezio raises his weapon in defense. While holding R1, you will block all basic attacks from the front. Your rear is undefended though. Usually this is not a problem, as Ezio usually reacts and turns around to block it.

When having to deal with multiple enemies though, he can end up taking damage. Countering and Disarming Here's probably the bread and butter of your future combat experience in Assassin's Creed. A counter is an easy-to-pull-off maneuver and for the most basic enemies, it kills them in one hit. It just requires a little bit of practice to learn the timing and read your opponents.

To counter, hold R1 like you were going to block. Wait for an enemy to attack, and then press Square before contact to peform the counter. For most basic enemies, this kills them if done right. For others like Brutes and Seekers, it won't work unless you have a Heavy Weapon.

Some are just too strong and can't be countered. The timing depends on your own skill and the enemies. Maybe it's me, but I felt like there was slightly less variation in the speed of enemy attacks than in Assassin's Creed II. Timing them becomes easier with practice. If you're not fast enough, you might either block the attack or take damage.

Disarms work the same way as Counters. The exception is that you must not be wielding a weapon. Select your Fists D-Pad Down by default. Now wait for an attack and counter it like you would with a weapon. Instead, Ezio will steal the enemy's weapon from them. Follow this up by attacking that enemy for an instant kill. You'll keep the weapon until you drop it. Disarms work on most normal "weak" enemies. It works on Seekers and Agiles very easily as well.

Brutes however have made it harder than in AC2. Normally, you can't disarm them. However, if you initiate a Taunt Triangle , you can disarm them after that. I do not know if this works on other enemies Papal Guards. Special Attacks Each weapon type has a special attack you can use by holding Square when you're in combat. It loses its luster with the Execution Streak see below. The Pistol Shot allows Ezio to quickly line up a shot without even selecting his Pistol normally and kill a targeted enemy.

Hold Square to line up the shot and then release. When wielding a dagger, hold Square to charge up throwing knive toss. You can hit up to three enemies but they have to be in front of you. Close-medium range is best.

Possible targets are highlighted in red. Also, when you have the dagger equipped and you are distant from an enemy you are locked onto, just hitting Square once will toss one Throwing Knife at them. Now, for Heavy Weapons, things get a little more complicated. The mechanics behind it can be sometimes confusing, so forgive me if I make a mistake here. At close range, big swords and axes can be used to charge an extra powerful attack that staggers enemies and deals extra damage.

At longer range however, holding Square lets Ezio throw the weapon at an enemy! This applies not only to disarmed Heavy Weapons, but also ones you equip. If you throw your equipped weapon, you lose it unless you pick it up, and if you pick up the wrong weapon, you must go back to the Blacksmith to re-equip it. As for spears, these are a little trickier. From what I can see, when you are close and locked onto an enemy, you will always do the sweep attack.

Ezio charges up and then sweeps nearby enemies, tripping them with the spear. This allows for easy kills. However, if you are at a distance and you are not locked onto your enemy, you can throw the spear. Execution Streak New to Brotherhood, the Execution Streak is the physical form of the new combat philosophy of strike first, strike hard.

It takes some practice to learn, but once you master it, it is a fun and extremely satisfying part of combat. To start an Execution Streak, first you must deliver a killing blow to one enemy. The three ways are by repeated normal attacks, counters, and disarms.

Then, during the kill animation, use the Left Analog Stick to highligt another surrounding enemy, and hit Square to "select" him. The timing is what you need to learn first. You can't wait too long or you won't get the streak going. You need to select your next target, pretty much literally as Ezio is running his sword through the previous one. Each time you attack one new enemy, select the next one to start streaking the kills together. This allows for continuous one-hit kills!

So there must be a catch right? Stringing one-hit kills together sounds like it could make the game too easy, right? Well, of course there are some balancing measures. Besides requiring proper timing, you can also be interrupted during the streak by enemies other than the ones you're attacking. Also, if you try to reach for an enemy that's too far away or just So you understand the Execution Streak and you understand how it can be stopped.

How do you get around that and master it? Well, this is very, very, very important for mastering this skill. Obviously, as you'll come to learn, enemies won't just sit around and let you kill them off. When you are streaking kills on some foes, the others will try and interrupt it by attacking you. To prevent them from stopping you, you need to counter them. Now I know what you're saying: "But I just started the kill animation on my next target and another different enemy attacked me!

I can't stop to counter him now! Even as you are killing another enemy in your streak, if someone else attacks you, you can peform a counter. Yes, in mid animation. This of course requires lots of practice and good reflexes. Try it out! Execution Streak Special Attacks This is perhaps my favorite new addition to the combat. You learned about special attacks--how you can use the pistol and throwing knives in combat more practically without selecting them.

Well, there is a way to use them in an even quicker and more effective manner. When you start to get skilled at Execution Streaks, try this. Normally you would select your next target in mid-kill by pointing the Left Stick and hitting Square. If done right, Ezio will kill the next target, but also shoot another nearby enemy at the same time with his pistol or knives. This is something you have to see in action!

Again, I'll repeat it for ease of learning. Select your next target in an Execution Streak and hold Square instead of just hitting it. When Ezio has a Medium Weapon equipped, he'll stab one enemy, and shoot another with his pistol. When he has the dagger in hand, he'll slice one and throw a knife at the other. It's really important to note that the pistol variation does not work with Heavy Weapons another reason not to use them.

Only Medium Weapons work with it. There comes a distinction between medium and heavy weapons and it's one that is worth noting. Medium Weapons allow you to use the pistol during combat. Heavy Weapons do not let you use it. Heavy Weapons are more cumbersome and you obviously cannot strike and combo as easily with them. What they lack in attack power and finesse however, they make up for damage dealing potential.

If dealing damage really is your thing, then by all means, but it seems rather irrelevant seeing as how instant kills are possible with just about any weapon on the right foes. With Heavy Weapons, you can counter Brutes normally, regardless of the weapon. Seekers can only be countered with other spears though and the Hidden Blades see below. Hidden Blades The trademark weapon of the Assassin. The Hidden Blades are not tools used to put Templars and other evil beings to rest; they can also be used rather artfully in combat.

They behave just like other weapons in that you can attack, chain attacks, kill, and do counters. In fact, the Hidden Blade counter is the most deadly of them all. It requires slightly more precise timing, but the payoff is worth it. It's an easy way to kill these tough enemies instantly. And like other weapons, Hidden Blades can be used in an Execution Streak. The one thing that the Hidden Blades can't do is give you good defense while blocking. Hidden Pistol The gun is back, and it has gotten even less useful than in AC2.

The Crossbow see below , now overshadows the pistol, but fret not. The tradeoff is that the pistol is now a more useful tool in direct combat see above. Outside of normal combat, you can use the pistol just traditionally by selecting it from your inventory and then holding Square to line up a shot.

Your accuracy is determined by the pieces of a white line that will come together. Release any time to fire. Crossbow Remember when you played Assassin's Creed 1 and you saw the opening cutscene where Altair has a crossbow on his back? Remember how you couldn't wait to use it? Remember how you were disappointed to realize that it wasn't in the game? Well, you may or not have cared I for one, was ok with the exemption of the crossbow , but the fact remains, the Crossbow is incredibly useful and awesome.

Compared to the Hidden Pistol, the Crossbow has more range, carries more ammunition, and it is also silent! You must buy the Crossbow from the Blacksmith and it costs a decent sum. Once you can afford it though, it pays for itself. Taking out distant targets, targets that are on the run, archers, and more is all possible with this useful tool.

And as long as nobody sees you using it or sees you after you have shot your target, the Crossbow is a useful stealth tool. Like the pistol, the longer you hold Square, the more accurate it will be. Smoke Bombs Smoke Bombs serve two purposes. They were flaunted in AC2 as tools for escape, and they still are in Brotherhood.

Deploy a Smoke Bomb and all caught in its blast will be stunned. This provides you ample time to make an escape. Smoke Bombs can also be helpful to get easy kills, as well as get guards off your case while you focus on other things. These can be deployed at Ezio's feet, affecting the area immediately surrounding him. This is good when you are surrounded, as the range that the smoke bomb has is actually pretty good.

You can also throw Smoke Bombs at distant enemies. Lock on to someone and hold Square when you have Smoke Bombs selected to toss them. You can get Smoke Bombs by buying the pouch at the Tailor's. Throwing Knives A staple since Assassin's Creed 1, the Throwing Knives are another once useful tool slightly overshadowed by the advent of the Crossbow.

I find it best to think of Throwing Knives as extra ranged attacks besides the Crossbow. You can throw Throwing Knives by selecting them from your inventory and hitting Square. You can also throw them while wielding the Dagger and holding Square see Special Attacks above. You may notice however, that Throwing Knives are rarely one-hit kills. To change this, hold Square when you throw them. Holding Square not only lets you kill the targets you throw knives at, but it also lets you throw knives at up to three targets at once.

When throwing at multiple targets at once, they will be highlighted in red. Poison Blade and Darts The poison blade is available from the start. I never found it incredibly useful in AC2 because you always had to use it as close range, and at best, it was only a distraction maker.

Things are still the same in Brotherhood, but with the Poison Darts, you can now poison enemies at long-range. Poison slowly kills an enemy and as it begins to take effect, the enemy swings their weapon uncontrollably and it hits any other surrounding foes. Poison is unreliable as a mass killer, because the victim will never kill anyone else for you, because the surronding people will just back away if possible. It's best used as a distraction to divert the attention of guards.

To use poison, get close and use it as you would the Hidden Blade, then quickly back away. Use it when no other guards are looking. Use the Poison Darts like you would a long-range weapon. Here I'll be glossing over each of them and when necessary, discussing what their specific weaknesses are and how to exploit them. Typical guards that you will encounter many times over in the game. They wear small berets.

They typically wield swords or maces. They are easy to defeat and can be countered and disarmed. The first way is the most obvious: they'll be riding a horse. You'll see them a lot, especially in the Antico District, riding along. They are also found in smaller groups on foot and are identified by their distinctive helmets and red plumage at the top.

In combat these guys are annoyingly programmed to get on the nearest horse and attack you from it. Under normal circumstances, they can be instantly killed with counters and disarms of any weapons like the weakest guards. They are just slightly more resilient. On a horse though, they will charge Ezio from a distance. Raise your blade with R1 and time a counter and you can knock them off the horse as they pass by. You MUST use a medium or heavy weapon for this though.

Alternatively, you can shoot them off with the pistol. They wear small berets and carry crossbows. They can see Ezio from a pretty fair distance and will slowly become suspicious of his actions. When alerted, they will shoot at Ezio and follow him on the rooftops or on the ground until shaken off. They are best dealt with at a distance before they see you, with either the Crossbow or with Throwing Knives.

Occasionally, they walk the streets in pairs. They wield arquebus rifles and these do decent damage to Ezio. In combat, they like to keep their distance and shoot. Any attempt to get close to them will cause them to back further and further away. In this situation, it's best to rush them with a blade drawn and kill them. The best way though is to obviously shoot them with the Crossbow or Throwing Knives before they can even see you.

Like the Horseback foes, they have particular "cone-ish" like helmets. They always carry a dagger into combat. They are weak and can be countered and disarmed easily. What makes them unique however, is that the Agiles are very fast, faster than Ezio actually. When fleeing combat, Agiles are one of the few enemies that can catch up to him and when they do, they'll slash him.

This slows Ezio down a little momentarily, which makes chases and escapes more annoying when Agiles are following you. They will not climb after you though. They are still big and bulky, but their helmets have changed slightly. They are smaller and more flat at the top this time around. Brutes wield axes or big swords into combat. Brutes are capable of hitting with lots of force. It can't be properly blocked. Thought damage can sometimes be avoided, repeated attacks will often hurt Ezio even as he is blocking.

Brutes can only be countered with the Hidden Blades or any Heavy Weapon. Unlike in Assassin's Creed II, they can't be disarmed very easily. Normal Disarms will never work and Ezio will just get hurt. They are almost always seen leading other patrol groups around areas. When near a haystack, Seekers will leave their men behind and go poke their spears into the hay. If Ezio is in there, he will be found.

In this situation, Hidden Assassinations work well. In combat, the Seeker's spear can be a force to reckoned with. Like the Brute, you can only block so many times before being staggers. Seekers often like to throw sand at Ezio, momentarily stunning him, but usually not long enough for anyone to take advantage.

With proper timing though, Seekers can be disarmed with no problem. They can also be countered with other spears and the Hidden Blades but nothing else. These are tall, menacing soldiers clad in dark armor with capes. They carry swords and small pistols. They typically attack with either small sword combos or they will shoot with their pistols. Therefore, they are a formidable opponent in battle.

Papal Guards can't be countered except with the Hidden Blades. They can only be disarmed on the second hit of their combo attack you must let the first attack hit you. The best way to defeat them is to counter them with the Hidden Blades or kick them and strike repeatedly. Their weaponry consists of daggers and throwing knives. They like to hunt in All counters and disarms work fine on them and they're usually the subject of your Execution Streak practice.

What sets them out just slightly from other enemies is that they appear to be slightly more aggressive in combat than some. They look like They have handkerchiefs for masks and wield daggers. They attack in a large group. They seem to lurk mostly in the Antico District but maybe also in the Campagna District. What makes Bandits special is that they carry really good materials.

When you kill them, loot their bodies to get really good stuff. Here you can find detailed information regarding how to progress through the game's story mode. I will try to guide any prospective readers through the game, highlighting useful information and providing concise detail as much as I am able to. I'm not perfect, but I'm hoping this will provide useful for anyone looking for an entire guide, or just some assorted tips.

This walkthrough is mostly spoiler free. By that I mean under no circumstances do I talk about or reveal any cutscenes in the game. I do not mention plot details or twists. I will not purposefully spoil anything relevant to the plot for you. There are only minor spoilers which means things like the names of characters being mentioned and things like that.

Usually though, I try to use these after you as the player would have already encountered them in the game, thus not really spoiling anything. And last but not least, there are many, many side missions and tasks to accomplish that are just outside the main story missions. I am a very particular person with things like this and you'll see in the guide. I do not like to rush through these things, and instead, I like to spread them out through the course of the game, and consequently, the guide.

This is my choice though. You are free to just spam these side jobs as soon as they come available and be done with them long before I am. That's totally up to you, but just thought I'd mention that's how this guide is constructed.

You get a nice, thoughtful recap of AC1 and AC2, then another scene. But then, before you know it, you're given a prompt to mash Square. Do so and then the scene gets interrupted. When you get control of our hero, Ezio, you'll find that you're picking up exactly where AC2 left off. After that, activate Eagle Vision by holding Triangle Y for users. If you have not played an Assassin's Creed game and don't know anything about climbing, you're about to get a quick lesson here.

Eagle Vision highlights a path out of here by climbing the blue-lit parts of the wall. Do that to get out and get another scene. Stay close and follow behind now as you go through the corridors, and into the chapel. Hold Circle B to push your way through all the people here.

Continue to follow Mario through the Vatican grounds until he opens a door. This leads to your first fight. Again, this is simpler for those who have played AC2 before. If you have not, the game throws some tips your way. My advice here is to just take it slow. Keep your guard raised by holding R1. You can focus on just using counters for now, trying to time it so that when an enemy is about to attack, you hit Square for sweet counter kills.

Otherwise, you can just let loose with constant attacks. Once they're all dead, continue following Mario who will move a little faster now. Two more guards will be in the way so help him with them. After that, he begins climbing. Do as the game instructs and hold R1 and X when you are moving to climb things and overcome ledges, gaps, and more. The rooftops path leads to another short fight, then to more climbing off the next street.

If you lose track of Mario, look for the blue "crosshairs" symbol which you can see through obstacles. Continue following him, climbing the side of one building, then jumping to another and then finally, climbing a viewpoint tower for a scene. After another scene, you are free to explore the area. Sadly, you can't go into the actual Villa just yet, but there are three mission markers laying about for you to check out.

Let's start with the one in town. In the "Horsing Around" mission which is located just outside the city and to the left, you need to catch a horse. Just run after it until it stops long enough for you to get on with Circle B. Finally, the last mission is on top of the city walls. Go back inside and turn left. Start climbing a nearby building and look for a platform against the inside of the city wall with an interesting wooden mechanism.

The "lift" works by climbing on it, then holding R1 and presssing forward on the Left Analog Stick. This gets you on top of the wall. Talk to the mercenaries to start "Target Practice". Stay up here, and follow the path around the top of the wall to the engineer.

Talk to him, then bring him back. That was easy enough. You are now free to try the cannon out by aiming for the targets in the field. The aiming may need to be a bit precise at times, but you are only required to hit five targets and there are more than that available, so take your pick.

To get down from the city walls, look for a ladder just a ways past the mercenaries, going the opposite direction from where the engineer was found. Approach the Villa and interact with the door by hitting Circle. After a scene, you will be inside still.

Go upstairs and check out the next blue marker which is located near the southeast corner of the second floor. Maybe as the following scene suggests, things are just heating up. Oh my. Head for the yellow marker, down the narrow city streets.

You will need to make several detours but your movement is kind of guided by the game anyway. Once you get to climbing, aim for the ladder above you. The wall collapses a bit, but you can still climb up. Once on the top of the wall, head left and man the cannon. Things get uglier and uglier every second here. It might not matter too much how well you do, but try to aim mostly for the enemy cannons. It's tempting to aim for the enemy soldiers and you can obviously do that if you wish, but try to go mainly for the cannons.

When your first cannon breaks, go to the other one and continue. Shoot at the other cannons and keep doing that until you get a scene. Follow the city walls around and use the Lift to get up to the top of a tower. From here, stand near the edge and look for a guard below you to pounce on.

Do an Air Assassination by hitting Square if you are prompted to do so. With that entrance, engage the enemies here. Countering can be your main strategy, by waiting for them to attack. You can also try going on the offensive if you prefer.

These guys aren't too difficult although they can get a little aggressive. After a few waves, you are met with a Brute. Use a Kick X to break his guard and then a few strikes to kill him. Quickly grab his axe off the ground with Circle as another Brute approaches. Target him with L1, then hold Square to charge up an attack. Let it go and watch Ezio throw the axe right at him. The mercenaries can do all of the work for you if you prefer and they do it quite well.

The enemies will still target you when they can so feel free to fend some off, just be cautious in this weakened state. Charge up the Villa stairs to see Claudia. Immediately target her attacker and she will run off safely when he's dead. Fend off any others and then follow her. More guards drop in and the game will by now be telling you about the "Execution Streak" which is a new feature in Brotherhood to go along with the new philosophy of "Strike first, strike hard.

Right now it's kind of irrelevant, since there are the mercenaries to divide the attention of your enemies. It's rather difficult to actually do this, but you will get a better opportunity to try it out later, trust me. Just fight your way to the back of the Villa. There, Claudia is being restrained by a Borgia guard. Hold R2 to see your inventory and select the pistol. Lock on to the guard with L1, then hold Square to line up a shot. When the aim is a straight solid line, let go to fire.

Now kill the last remaining enemies. Once that's done, look for the doorway that leads inside the Villa back here. Find Claudia for a scene. This ends the first sequence. When you have control after a nice scene, follow the apparition outside. It runs toward the gate and disappears. Follow it there and climb up the wall here. Jump off, taking a Leap of Faith. Inside, go down this corridor to see some more interesting stuff. The phantom shows you how to proceed. Operate the lever, hitting any button.

After that, go ahead and climb the wall just left of it. Keep R1 and X held as you jump across a few beams in the next passage to get across. Next, jump to and swing from a bar to grab the bottom of the next ledge. You can't climb up, so drop down and enter the corridor below.

Regroup with Lucy and move forward. After using the lift, jump across several more beams and this takes you to another. Go down a short hallway to a ladder. Climb down and then jump to the far wall. Climb down a bit then drop with Circle. Operate the next lever, then Lucy uses another to open a door above you.

Climb the wall to your right and then swing across some bars in the next room to land on another platform. The next lever glows prominently, begging you to notice it. This one is operated by the Hidden Blade. Hold any button while Lucy gets across. Now, jump in the water sadly, yes and swim across to where she is. Climb out then follow her to a lever. Climb the wooden planks next to it. Then shimmy over to Desmond's left, automatically going across small gaps to the next part.

When you shimmy over all the way, drop down with Circle. Use the lever to let Lucy over, then jump the next gap with her. After a few more phantoms, you come to an impasse with a broken bridge. When prompted, hit any button and Lucy will get across with Desmond's help.

She then lowers a beam that you can use to jump across. Enter the next passage and ignore the stairs, going through the hole in the wall. Swing across a few bars to descend to the ground. Jump across the beams in this next cavern-like room. On your left, drop down into a small gap. Climb the wooden plank that juts out a bit. Shimmy over and you can climb this wall. Walk across the beams up here to find an opening to jump into and reach the lever.

Once you use it, go back across the beams and jump to the dilapidated staircase. Help Lucy across another missing bridge, and she'll help you get over as well. Take this path to a dead end. Drop down the nearby ladder and jump across some easy gaps to a wall. The path here is fairly obvious but it might be tough for newcomers. Basically, just keep trying to move up. If you can't, try moving to the side until you can move up again. Once at the top, use the lever and you are reunited again.

Only to have to help Lucy again across a large gap. Make your way across after she drops the beam for Desmond. Just up the next slope however is the light at the end of the tunnel at last. After another scene, you'll need to follow Shaun up the stairs and outside. Stand next to him and you can reroute power to the first fuse box. Turn on Eagle Vision first, then you can interact with it properly.

You'll find another one in front of the bottom of the main staircase that leads to the Villa. Finding them without Eagle Vision on feels easier actually. Anyway, go down the main street, as if you were leaving the Villa. You should pass a red car. Keep going, then make a left and there's another fuse box. The last one is in the opposite direction. Turn around and follow this street past the main entrance, all the way until you find a staircase.

Just up there is the last one. When that is done, you're free to speak with Shaun, Lucy, and Rebecca a few times if you want. Hop back into the Animus when you're ready. Square As you gain control, your first objective is to find a doctor. You're practically immobile, unable to run, climb, jump and so forth. Start by going left, around the property to find a stairway down. From here, proceed toward the marker that signifies where the doctor is. Use the medicine he gave you immediately.

After getting healed up and acquiring some medicine, head for the church, the next yellow marker. Climb up from one of the side walls and reach the viewpoint ledge. When you step out onto the ledge, hit Triangle to synchronize, which is nothing new for previous AC players. Take a Leap of Faith into the hay below. The guards on your right will take off. Hop out and follow them. This is a long walk, but it's really simple and not much that I can help with.

Just make sure you don't get too close, that's the best advice. Keep some distance. Along the way, hold X while you are walking. You go a little faster, but more importantly, if you bump into any passing citizens, you can steal some small amounts of money from them. Do this as you're following the guards to get a little cash in your pocket. Eventually, the guards take to arms and run off to attack someone. Enter the fray and start killing them. For an Execution Streak, as Ezio is in the process of killing one guard counter animations are longer , use the Left Stick to point at a new enemy and hit Square as you're finishing up.

The timing takes a little while to master, but if you do it right, you can instantly kill the next enemy in one hit. You need to be wise in your choices as the rest of them will try and interrupt you. Pick the right targets, or counter if one foe tries to stop you.

To get Full Synch, you need to prevent your health from dropping below one square. If you used the medicine before like I said, you will have more health and more room for error. Try to find the Lift that will take you to the hill where he is found. Otherwise, you might have to find a way around. Approach the building where the marker is located.

He is on the left side of the building, with some Borgia guards. Climb the right side and get onto the roof. Take it to some beams just overhead. Luckily, the guards shouldn't notice you. Make sure you're targeting the executioner, then with your Hidden Blade selected, hit Square to kill him from above. Run or kill all the guards to finish this mission. You can pickpocket more people if you want, but we can get more money by continuing.

When you're ready, go to the next mission marker. He eventually hands over some money to spend at the Blacksmith. As instructed, purchase the Roman Spaulders and the Stiletto. You can't buy anything else anyway. After more talking, Machiavelli eventually leads you to a restricted area at the base of a Borgia Tower. Enter this area, marked in red on your mini-map. The guards take notice and attack immediately.

Try to get a chain of kills, or just dispose of them any way you wish. Watch for the Borgia Captain, who has the Templar symbol above his head. He is a tough customer, and several consecutive attacks, even after blocking can do damage to you. Wear him down or, if you want Full Synch, grab him with Circle. Do this when you've killed all the rest first. Once you've got him, aim for the scaffolding in the corner and throw him into it with Circle.

Done deal. Return to Machiavelli and you get a new task. Start by climbing the side of the building in front of you. From here, you can possibly jump to the tower, or you can get in closer if you wish. Just watch out for a crossbow archer. Select your Throwing Knives and toss one at him to dispatch of any annoyances.

Climb the tower and get to the ladders. From there, you can get to the top and ignite it for some fireworks. Stand in the marker and get very close to the stable. Examine with Triangle to renovate it, which costs nothing. Just follow Machiavelli for a while on horse. He moves kinda fast but you can alway see the marker above his head, showing you where he is. Eventually, a thief takes Ezio's money. Run after him, sprinting full speed. When you get close, let go of X and hold Circle to tackle when you get to him.

If you go fast enough, you can easily catch him before he gets too far. There are some more viewpoints to climb. Some are just out of reach, in blocked off areas you can't access yet. Others are on top of Borgia Towers, which you can feel free to liberate now if you want.

Or you can wait a bit. You can fight his enemies on horse, but this is not preferred. Get on the ground and take them out. Once that's done, you see the Borgia courier yellow marker. Chase him into the Colloseum and sprint to catch up with him. He's not very fast, so getting full synch should be easy. What makes it just a bit tricky is the fact that he will make sudden turns on you. Just keep up with him and then let go of X and prepare to tackle him. Or rather, search for a Glyph.

They're back in this game, as are the puzzles associated with them. It requires you to climb the highest wall. To do that, start outside of the Colosseum. Climb one of the outer pillars. When you get above the arch level, look for the stone bricks that are uneven with the rest and stick out a little. These will usually let you climb higher. Each time you get to a new level, climb the nearest pillar.

Some of the rarer items, like the shrunken heads, are only found in treasure chests spread throughout the game. You have the option to sell these goods, but we suggest against such action if it's an item required for a shop quest. Not all items are easy to come by. You may not be able to replace it.

As previously mentioned, you can find shop quest items by accessing the various treasure chests hidden in the world. There are treasure chests in Rome alone, plus another something hidden in the game's various lairs of Romulus.

We've mapped out the locations of all treasures and documented their contents, but you don't need to collect every treasure just to get the shop quest items. Treasure Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Wiki Guide. Last Edited: 10 Sep pm. Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Summary: A planned intermediary episode in the Assassin's Creed storyline, this game featuring Assassin's Creed II lead hero Ezio in a stand-alone side-sequel to the second game.

Franchises: Assassin's Creed. Genres: Action. Developers: Ubisoft Montreal. Publishers: Ubisoft. Release Date: November 16, Presented by Godfall. Table of Contents. Blacksmith Shop Quest. Items Needed. Shrunken Head. Elephant Ivory. Indian Diamond. Blood Money. Spada Lunga.