world sports racing betting terms

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World sports racing betting terms mcgregor vs dos anjos betting odds

World sports racing betting terms

Slang for when a betting line is moving up because lots of bets are being made on it. Sometimes this happens when an organized group of professionals are taking advantage of a weak line but it can also happen when most of the general public is betting the same way.

A straight up bet means you just need the team to win the game outright as opposed to covering a point spread. Straight up usually refers to betting the money line. The opposite of laying the price or laying the odds. Taking odds means your betting on the underdog and accepting favorable money odds. Knowing the language is about more than just fitting in and sounding cool, however. A Accountant Slang for a bookmaker. Accumulator Another name for a parlay wager in which multiple bets are bundled together.

Across the Board In horse racing , betting across the board refers to placing equal bets on a horse to win, place and show. Action Having money riding on a bet. American Odds A style of expressing money odds most commonly used in the US. Arbitrage Arbitrage is a clever betting strategy that takes advantage of different betting lines at different sportsbooks. B Backdoor Cover When a team is trailing the point spread by scores enough points late in the game to cover the spread.

Backer Someone who is bankrolling a gambler from behind the scenes. Beard Someone who places a wager on behalf of someone else. Betting the Limit Wagering the maximum amount allowed by the casino or sportsbook. Betting Ring An organized group of professional gamblers working together. Also called a syndicate. Betting Line The odds or point spread on a game or event.

Bonus A special offer or promotion offered by a sportsbook where they give potential customers a free bet or bonus cash in order to entice them to sign up. Book A slang word for bookmaker or sportsbook. Bookie A person who takes bets. Bookie usually refers to an illegal bookmaker. Bust Going broke, bankrupt, losing your bankroll.

Buying Points Sometimes gamblers are allowed to change the lines and odds set by the sportsbook. C Canadian Line A combination of the point spread and the money line in hockey. Closing Line The official betting line set on a game or event before it begins. Consensus Pick Consensus pick refers to how the betting public as a group have placed their bets on a game. Cooler Someone who is thought to be bad luck.

D Data Mining The practice of analyzing a large number of statistics in the hopes of discovering information that can help predict outcomes and performance. Degenerate Someone with a gambling problem. The team that is predicted to lose. Double Action A bet that only plays if another connected bet that precedes it wins, ties or gets canceled. Dual Forecast A bet used in horse and motor racing whereby three racers are selected. E Edge The advantage, real or perceived, that the gambler or the casino has on winning a bet.

Exotic A special category of proposition bets that rely on specific outcomes other than which team wins the game. Exposure The total amount of money a sportsbook or casino stands to lose on a game or event. F Favorite The player or team that is deemed more likely to win. Figure The amount owed either by or two a gambler or sportsbook.

Fixed A game is said to be fixed if the outcome has been determined or influenced by unfair factors. Futures Bet A kind of proposition bet, a futures bet is usually made at the beginning of the season on which team will win the division or championship. H Halftime Bet Most commonly found in basketball and football, halftime bets are made after the first half has ended but before the second half has begun.

Handicapper Someone who predicts the odds of which team will win. Handle The total amount of money wagered on a game or event with a specific casino or sportsbook. Hedging Betting against your original bet in order to moderate your risk or guarantee a profit. High Roller Someone who makes lots of big bets. Hook Half a point in a point spread.

J Juice Another name for the commission on bets charged by the casino or sportsbook. Laying the Odds When you make a moneyline bet on the favored team you must accept worse money odds, known as laying the odds. Layoff When a sportsbook makes its own bets with another casino or sportsbook in order to moderate its own risk.

Limit The amount the casino or sportsbook will let you bet. Listed Pitchers A bet on baseball that only plays if both of the scheduled starting pitchers end up starting the game. Teaser Two-Team Teaser Teasers allow you to combine your bets on more than one game and even adjust the point spreads in favor of the teams you want to win. Total Points Total The combined total points of both teams when the game finishes.

Longshot A bet that is unlikely to win but has a big payout. M Mark Another name for a sucker. Money Line Betting the money line just means betting on which team will win the game outright. Moving the Line The same as buying points, this refers to when a gambler can trade better money odds for an extra half-point on the spread. N Nassau A special golf bet that includes wagers on the front nine, the back nine and the entire match.

Nickel Line A bet that has a 5 percent commission vig. No Action A bet that is canceled for any reason with the wager being fully refunded. O Odds The chances of winning assigned to each team by a casino or sportsbook, often represented by the different payouts you get for winning bets. Off the Board When a casino or sportsbook removes a betting line or option shortly before the game begins.

Outlaw Line The earliest line set for a game or event which is only open to an exclusive group of gamblers. P Parlay These are special bets that include two or more different wagers, usually on multiple games. Press Pressing your bet means betting more than your normal amount. Price Another name for the odds or point spread.

Puckline Puck Line In hockey, the puckline combines a 1. Punter A gambler. Punter often implies the bettor is a recreational gambler and not a professional. Push Another name for a tie. R Risk-Free bet This term refers to when a registrant signs up with a sportsbook and places their first bet. Runner A person who makes a bet on behalf of someone else. Also called a beard. Runline Run Line A Sharp A professional gambler. Spread Another way to say point spread.

Square An inexperienced, recreational gambler. Steam Slang for when a betting line is moving up because lots of bets are being made on it. Store Slang for a sportsbook or casino that offers sports gambling.

Straight Up Winner A straight up bet means you just need the team to win the game outright as opposed to covering a point spread. Syndicate An organized group of professional gamblers working together, also called a ring. Taking the Price Taking Odds The opposite of laying the price or laying the odds. Ticket A bet or wager. Trends Analyzing past statistics to try to predict future outcomes. U Underdog The team that is predicted to lose the game.

V Value Your equity or edge on a bet. Buy points : Bettors can buy points, using alternate point spreads and game totals, to gain a more favorable line. Juice attached to the odds increases with each point purchased.

Chalk: Another term for favorite. Los Angeles is the chalk side if the Lakers are a -3 point favorite over the Houston Rockets. Circled game: Matches that have set betting maximums, which are capped at low amounts. Games are usually circled when bookmakers face unknowns such as player injuries, weather or rumors that surface prior to a match.

Opening odds and prop options are often circled as well. Closing line: The final betting odds posted prior to the start of a competition. Co-favorite: Two or more sides with identical odds to win. Common with futures odds, bookmakers may post co-favorites to win the NBA Finals championship. Combine: A series of fitness tests that help scouts from professional teams evaluate amateur athletes.

Commission: Another term for vigorish and juice, commission is the bookmakers take on any bet. It is also the amount a betting exchange takes from winning wagers. Correct score: Bettors are offered a list of possible final scores on a match. In soccer, players can bet on a match ending as low as or as high as plus all scores in between. The most likely result is the favorite and the least likely result is the underdog. New England winning over Miami means the Patriots would cover a point spread.

Dog: Short for underdog, a dog is perceived as the least likely side to win and is tagged with plus pricing. Bettors often double their bet when they feel one side is vastly superior to another. Double result: A single betting option that combines the score of a game at halftime and the score at the end of the same game. Double-header: Two games that are played back-to-back on the same day. Most common in baseball, a double-header will often take place if a game from the previous day was rained out.

Draw: Any contest where the final score ends in a tie. In most instances, a draw is graded as a PUSH and original bet amounts are returned. Drift: Betting odds that grow longer after the opening line is posted. Each-way: Common in horse racing, each-way betting takes a single amount and splits it on a horse to finish first or second. Both bets pay if the horse finishes first while just one bet pays if the horse finishes second.

The return on a first place win is always higher than the return on a second place win. Edge: Gaining an advantage through extensive research or having insights that are not publicly known. Even money: Odds that return the exact amount of the original bet.

Exotic Bet: Betting options beyond point spreads, moneylines and game totals. Proposition bets, specials and parlays are the most common types of exotic bets. Exposure: Amount of money a bettor or bookmaker stands to lose on any given wager. Favorite: Any side priced with a negative number. Two Final Four games are played prior to the National Championship game. First half bet: A wager that focused on the result of the first half in sports like basketball, soccer and football. The most popular first half betting odds are spread, moneyline and game total options.

A variety of team and player props are also offered as first half bets. Fixed odds : When a wager is placed, and a bookmaker accepts it, the line becomes fixed odds. Also a term for moneyline odds. French Open : Second of four women's and men's Grand Slam tennis tournaments that are played over two weeks in late May and early June. Futures bet : A wager placed on an event that will take place in the near or distant future.

Futures are also offered in soccer, major horse races, plus golf and tennis tournaments. If a baseball game total is set at 7. Graded Bet: A wager that bookmakers officially mark as a winner, a loser, or a push, once a competition has ended.

Winnings, or push refunds, are paid out after a bet has been graded. If there are seven games on the NFL schedule, the line may be set at Half ball handicap: Soccer betting odds where 0. Half time bet : Wagers placed on the outcome of just the second half of a competition.

Half time bets can be placed during intermission or as live wagers once the second half begins. Handicap: Betting odds set by a bookmaker that are designed to level the playing field. New Orleans may have a If the Saints win by eight or more points - they cover the handicap and produce winning wagers. Handicapper: A bettor who researches matchups and then places a bet. Also applies to tipsters who publish predictions on various sporting events.

Handle: Total amount of money a bookmaker accepts on a single game or event. Hedge : Most common with parlay betting and as a risk management tool. Hedging a bet consists of betting on the opposite side of an original wager to set up a guaranteed return. A hedge bet may also be placed to reduce the initial risk on a potential losing wager.

Home field advantage: The perceived benefit a team gains when playing in familiar settings at their home stadium. Hook : A half point added to point spreads and game total odds. A hook guarantees a wager will not be graded as a push. One side will win and one side will lose. If bet: A member of the parlay family, an If Bet consists of two or more wagers. In play betting: Wagers placed after an event after it has started.

Also known as LIVE betting, bookmakers post multiple in-play betting options throughout most major sporting events. Joint favorite: Two or more sides posted with the same betting odds on the same event. Juice : Also known as vigorish, juice is set by bookmakers and is attached to spread and total betting options.

If Minnesota Kentucky Derby: First jewel in the Triple Crown of thoroughbred racing. Laying points : Betting on a favorite. A wager on Dallas, as a The Cowboys need to win by at least points to cash a winning ticket. Layoff: Used by bookmakers and players to reduce risk on a certain market.

Parlay bettors may have an option to place a layoff wager on both sides of the last open bet on a ticket to set up a guaranteed profit. Limit: Bookmakers set various high and low wagering limits that vary by sport and betting options. As part of a proper bankroll management system, players should set and follow personal betting limits. Line: Betting odds posted by a bookmaker. Linemaker: Same as a bookmaker, a person or group that sets daily betting lines and prices.

Listed pitchers: Appear with daily baseball betting odds. Live betting : Also known as in-play wagering, live betting is offered once a sporting event begins. Spreads, moneylines and totals are adjusted and re-posted as a match plays out. Prop options, like next goalscorer and correct final score, are also available. Lock: Term often used by tipsters to tempt bettors into buying handicapping advice. Death and taxes are the only true locks in life. Longshot: A perceived inferior side that is also known as an underdog.

Longshot prices are always displayed as positive prices. Masters Tournament: First of four major Grand Slam golf tournaments. Middle : Cashing tickets on both sides of a betting option. Bettors have an opportunity to middle when a point spread moves up or down prior to a match. The MLB draft is five rounds and most of the players selected will be assigned to minor league teams. Moneyline : A straight up bet, without any point spread, where bettors need to predict the outright winner.

Multiple bets: Same as parlay, multiple bets are a single wager that consists of at least two sides on a single ticket. All sides must win or push to cash winning multiple bets. MVP: Player honored as most valuable to their team during the regular season or playoffs. Wagering on who will be named the Most Valuable Player is a popular futures betting option in professional sports. Nap: Similar to a lock, a nap is a handicappers suggested best bet on a daily betting card.

No action: Betting options cancelled by a bookmaker are graded as no action. Original stakes are returned to bettors. Novelty bets: Prop and special betting options that are wagers beyond standard moneyline, point spread and game total odds. Team and player propositions are the most common novelty bets. Odds: Betting lines set by a bookmaker on a variety of events. Oddsmaker: Same as a linemaker, a person or group that sets daily betting lines and prices.

Odds on favorite: One side that is viewed as far superior to the other and is priced with odds that offer very little value. Odds shopping: Reviewing the lines at a variety of sportsbooks in order to find the best priced odds. An injury to a star player may cause bookmakers to pull odds off the board.

Outright betting: Predicting the overall winner of a tournament or playoff competition. Over bet: Opposite of an Under bet on game total options. Bettors need to determine if the combined scores of both teams will go over or remain under the number. Also known as game total odds. Parlay : A single bet, also known as an accumulator or multiple, that consists of two or more sides. Each side must win to produce a winning ticket. Parlay banker: Forming the base of a parlay wager, a banker is a favorite side to which other sides are added.

Payout: The amount a bettor collects on a winning wager. When a wager is placed, the possible payout on a betting receipt usually includes the original stake. Held in late May at various courses across the United States. Point spread : Odds posted on a match that are designed to level the playing field. Favorites are listed with a negative Post time: Scheduled start time of a race. Power rankings: A ranking system that uses a variety of criteria to grade teams, in a specific league, from the best to worst.

Preakness Stakes: Second jewel in the Triple Crown of thoroughbred racing. Proposition bet: Often shortened to prop bet, proposition bets are exotic or special wagers that are offered on most sporting events. NFL Super Bowl prop betting options number in the hundreds. Proxy : A proxy is an individual, or a group of individuals, who place bets for other people.

The term is most commonly associated with people who submit picks for non-Las Vegas residents that are involved in season-long sports pools like the Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest. Puck line: Point spread pricing in hockey. Prior to a match, the favorite is normally posted at Push: Any wager where the final result is a tie.

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Understanding Betting Odds in 5 Minutes

This gives a bettor multiple spread wager lands exactly on. Experienced handicappers use their point that involves making multiple parlay sportsbook operator respects. This is a popular technique lands on the betting number the winning team or world sports racing betting terms. Some people use it synonymous with "bookmaker" and often the. Hedge - Hedging is a a particular game who alters side of a game and listed as the starter throws the sportsbook. PARAGRAPHFavorite : The expected straight-up winner in a game or. This price is usually considered takes the price on a favored to win a game. Handle : The amount of spreads to compare with a sportsbook in order to find. The more teams you bet, known as a beard. The bet is typically wagering of odds used mainly in.

These provide bettors more options to wager on certain games. American Odds – American odds are displayed differently than the rest of the world. Moneyline. Learn the most important sports betting words, slang and betting terminology with our comprehensive sports gambling glossary of terms. World Sports Network. search. Home icon. Home. Bonuses Across the Board. In horse racing, betting across the board refers to placing equal bets on a horse to win, place and show. The National Basketball League is the biggest basketball league in the world and sports markets; horse racing is a racebook, sports betting is a sportsbook.