who to bet on tonight in nba

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Who to bet on tonight in nba gericom x5 force msw betting

Who to bet on tonight in nba

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Make sure to check out our sportsbook review pages for more information on which books are legal in your state, which might be best for you as a bettor, the best promotions and deposit bonuses to take advantage of and more. The biggest factor is NBA injury news , which will be announced before a slate and change the betting odds on the spread , moneyline and total in a big way.

When you bet on a point spread , you are betting on the margin of victory on a game. For example, if the Los Angeles Lakers are favored by three points over the Boston Celtics -- displayed as -3 at a sportsbook -- you are betting they will win by more than 3 points. For example, if a game between the Philadelphia 76ers and Milwaukee Bucks has a total of points, you can bet either the over or under.

Sports Betting. Best Books. See All. Action Network Staff. Brandon Anderson. Raheem Palmer. Joe Dellera. Roberto Arguello. Matthew Trebby. Austin Wang. Betting Guides. Previous Bucks vs. Austin Wang Feb 10, Game Start: AM. Raptors vs. Roberto Arguello Feb 10, Hawks vs. Joe Dellera Feb 10, Pelicans vs.

Matthew Trebby Feb 10, Bucks vs. The spread on this contest has Chicago as 3. Please note that the NBA picks above for tonight's games are not computer based picks. All of these articles are written by our talented staff. If you have any comments or suggestions please email service docsports. The NBA is considered by many to be the best league for sports betting. Yes, the NFL is king in terms of popularity and wagering volume per game but nothing beats NBA basketball over the course of a season.

There are many opportunities to make NBA picks every night. NBA lines move more often and are not as sharp as football lines which are under the microscope all week. NBA odds have a much shorter lifespan meaning there are greater opportunities to find value. That gives Doc's basketball handicappers exponentially more opportunities to offer daily free NBA picks and be even more selective when offering expert NBA picks.

Check the video link on the top navigation. Sure, there are the days when the NBA card consists of only tanking teams competing for the right to draft the next Zion Williamson. These teams are bad and their competition for an audience is Seinfeld reruns or maybe getting an extra hour of sleep. At Doc's we don't see this as trash basketball, we see this as a huge opportunity to make money Each day during the basketball season is an opportunity to make valuable and profitable predictions.

Sportsbooks give each NBA team a handicap of X amount of points. That means if books think the Lakers are 4 points better than the Celtics they will offer a line of Lakers If a Doc's handicapper has reason to believe the Lakers are much more than 4 points better, his pick against the spread would be to take the Lakers This is how all bets on the spread work unless bookmakers consider both teams to be evenly matched, in which case the line is a pick, AKA pick'em.

At Doc's the majority of our NBA selections are against the spread. However, there can be outstanding value on betting NBA totals. The pace of the game, as well as which team dictates the pace, is a key factor when handicapping basketball games. NBA total lines are usually well above in today's NBA making them harder for the betting public to find value. For example, the Detroit Pistons team was very consistently within 5 points of the 90 they averaged.

In today's NBA, greater scoring means greater variance. However, professional basketball handicappers can use this to their advantage as the sportsbooks also try to keep track of the higher scoring NBA totals. Doc's sports NBA total picks are some of the best in the business and our total prediction write-ups are insightful.

Along with offering our NBA expert picks, we provide free selections that are intended to help bettors with their handicapping legwork. Parlay picks are sucker bets they say! Never bet and NBA parlay they say! Bettors that speak in these absolutes clearly haven't learned how to find value betting basketball. Sure, the payout on parlays at most sportsbooks have gone down to the point where putting two of your picks together for the sake of winning more is not a good investment.

But what if your parlay picks could be made on the same game? That is called a correlated NBA parlay. Many sportsbooks offer the ability to make NBA bets against the spread and total in the same game. So if you have a great read on a game and expect one team to quit and fall behind, you may decide to make an NBA parlay prediction. At Doc's our experts will offer a free parlay pick in rare cases. It is not common because we need to find value for our customers on both lines before they move.

If our parlay prediction is indeed on the same game, we need to confirm there is value regardless of the fact that you can't line shop the odds on a parlay. Both bets in a parlay must be made at the same sportsbook. If there is a free selection on the total over of and under it was offered knowing that those lines can be found at most Las Vegas sportsbooks and online.

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