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The family apologizes for what she overheard, and they hug it out. As Soggy Joe takes them to the next stop, Hop Pop reads a story to the kids. Sprig and Polly continue to annoy one another, but they eventually realize that they need to work together if they are to reunite with Anne and Hop Pop. Realizing that their arguing is what got them in their situation in the first place, Sprig and Polly use their vocal mimicry to have the olm fight itself, and the two escape the cave.

They make it back to the fwagon where Anne has been listening to Hop Pop's non-stop advice on how to get a boyfriend. Unfortunately, Anne kicks Hop Pop off the fwagon for listening too much. There, they find Wally who is revealed to be the heir to the one of the richest families in Amphibia: the Ribbitons. Wally's father, Wigbert Hugh Bonneville , takes the family to their mansion where Wally tells Anne that Wigbert is unaware of how he lives in Wartwood and cannot tell him for fear that he will disapprove.

Wanting Wally to just be himself, Anne shows his family his life in Wartwood at dinner. When Wigbert forbids him from returning to Wartwood, Wally is forced to win his freedom in a game of beast polo that is commentated by Crumpet Kermit the Frog. Trying to make up for what she did, Anne volunteers to be Wally's beast, and they end up defeating Wigbert. Wally is allowed to return to Wartwood, but he tells his father that he still wants to be a Ribbiton, as long as he is accepted for who he is.

Wigbert agrees and expresses his pride for his son. This leads them to an oddities wax museum, where they meet the Curator Alex Hirsch who shows off the various wax statues he has on display. When Anne comes across a portable CD player that came from her world, she allows herself to be put on display for a day so she can obtain it. She goes back later that night to prepare, but the Curator traps her and attempts to permanently encase her in wax.

When the Plantars discover Anne missing, they go back to the oddities museum and try to free her. They find out that the wax "statues" are actually live creatures. The Plantars free the statues and save Anne. The creatures drag the Curator into a room as red wax spills under the door. Sprig is able to get the CD player, and the family makes their final push to Newtopia. During the search, Anne tries to prove that she's just as smart as Marcy while also helping a young axolotl named Efty Brielle Milla get her caterpillar down, talking to an elderly newt named Doris Tress MacNeille , and encouraging the gnatcho vender Gertie Nicole Byer.

Acting on the advice that Gertie gave her, Anne tries to act smart to find the last clue. This leads them to the sewers where they run into a giant alligator. Just as the alligator is getting closer, Gertie, Doris and Efty open the manhole, and Anne, Sprig, and Marcy make it out of the sewer. Marcy later tells Anne that she's been jealous of her because of her social skills.

After coming to a better understanding, Anne finds the last clue in a gnatcho tray, bringing the clues together to say "Bring me the Plantars", meaning the family's being summoned by the King. Once they do, they first go to a food stand run by Jerry Jack Ferraiolo who sells spicy wraps. The wraps turns out to be too spicy as Anne and Polly breathe fire and accidentally burn the stand's roof.

They get away from Jerry and then decide to buy artificial tails. Anne's tail proves to be too big and just keeps crashing into people, including the guards. The duo get away from the guards, and Anne participates in a parade, being the head puppeteer of a float. Anne plays with the float, thus offending the locals because the float and parade are to honor a fallen Newtopian hero.

Anne and Polly then get chased again by the locals, guards, and Jerry back to the bus. Anne gives Polly a spicy wrap and Polly breathes fire to drive the angry mob away. They then join back with the tour group to continue the tour. Meanwhile at the Newtopian Library, Marcy and Andrias find a secret entrance that might lead them to more information about the Calamity Box. Self-monologuing in the style of a noir film that he saw on Anne's phone, Hop Pop's investigation then leads him to a sauce factory.

After knocking one of the security personnel into a vat of sauce, Hop Pop is apprehended and taken to their boss who turns out to be Sal. It turns out that Sal left his deli so he can sell his sauce. Sal tells Hop Pop that sometimes change can be a good thing and that if he embraces it, you can make the future yourself and bring along the past.

However, Hop Pop has to quickly leave when Sal is informed that one of his workers was found in one of the vats. Hop Pop later meets up with the kids, who are banned for life from the arcade because of Anne scaring a kid that was cutting in line.

Hop Pop finds himself still self-monologuing. After a montage of shenanigans, Anne and Marcy decide to do a scare dare challenge and dare Sprig and Polly to come with them to the basement. Anyone who chickens out gets their names in the Book of Losers.

They enter the basement and find themselves in a crypt where they are chased by ghosts. They make it to Marcy's room, but the ghosts catch up to them. The kids find out that the ghosts get physical forms when facing a mirror, so they grab a few, make the ghosts physical and beat them. Even though they have to write their names in the Book of Losers, they consider the sleepover awesome.

The Plantars stay inside during a blue moon , so they won't turn into beasts. To pass the time, they tell spooky stories. A series of shorts began airing depicting Anne encountering oddities in Amphibia with the Plantars. All of the shorts were directed by Drew Applegate. In the style of nature documentaries, Soggy Joe introduces the viewer to a variety of strange creatures in Amphibia. After Soggy Joe is done reviewing each one, he will reveal a fictional promotion that is associated with him.

As part of a promotional campaign, Disney Channel began airing the Disney Theme Song Takeover wherein supporting characters from different shows performed the theme song to the series they were in. Unlike previous theme song takeovers, the first Amphibia Takeover video is instead an alternate arrangement instead of a supporting character singing it.

Anne and Sprig play a new video game on her phone resembling their adventures. Hop Pop later tells them to clean the spiders out of the bathroom to lure them away so he can play the game. Amphibia received a positive reception from critics. Common Sense Media ' s Emily Ashby rated the show 4 out of 5 stars and praised the series for its characters and themes, writing that "Sprig and Anne's adventures are a joy to behold, mostly thanks to their delightfully compatible personalities and the sweet friendship that develops between them" and that "the story illustrates issues like bullying and emotional manipulation in ways that will resonate with kids and tweens and can prompt discussions about the topics".

The show moves quickly and is broken into two minute episodes that, at least for the premiere, form one complete chapter. The animation is bouncy and colorful and the characters are a delight". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American animated television series. Adventure Fantasy Comedy. Main article: List of Amphibia characters.

This section may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. Please help improve this section if you can. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. DisneyABC Press. Retrieved March 15, The Hollywood Reporter. May 15, Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved June 23, Los Angeles Times. Animation Magazine.

Retrieved January 2, Retrieved February 19, Retrieved March 27, Season 2. Episode 5A. Disney Channel. Hill [ tjhill] May 21, I am thrilled to announce that I am the composer for a new DisneyChannel series called Amphibia! The show debuts Monday, June 17! Huge thank you to Radrappy and the entire Amphibia crew for the opportunity to be a part of this incredible series" Tweet — via Twitter.

Retrieved May 10, Retrieved May 17, Retrieved April 26, Retrieved April 29, I'd love to chat about it in the future if people are interested" Tweet. Retrieved June 23, — via Twitter. Retrieved May 15, Retrieved August 23, Walt Disney Television Press.

Showbuzz Daily. Retrieved June 18, Retrieved June 19, Retrieved June 20, Retrieved June 21, Retrieved June 25, Retrieved June 26, Retrieved June 27, Retrieved June 28, Retrieved July 2, Retrieved July 3, Retrieved July 8, Retrieved July 9, Retrieved July 10, Retrieved July 11, Retrieved July 12, Retrieved July 15, Retrieved July 16, Retrieved July 17, Retrieved July 18, Retrieved July 19, July 7, You've helped me so much to get through this year and I hope you enjoy your gift.

See you in and thank you so much for the constant support. Which ones are you most excited for? Gracenote, Inc. Which ones are you looking forward to most? Catch all-new episodes starting March 6 on DisneyChannel. Who's excited and a bit afraid? Retrieved July 14, Retrieved July 21, Retrieved July 28, Retrieved August 4, Retrieved August 11, Retrieved August 18, Retrieved August 25, Retrieved September 1, Retrieved September 15, Retrieved September 22, This was to ensure it could comfortably air in the fall.

However it does slot into our continuity, but the current airing order doesn't reflect this. Attached is a guide because we love you" Tweet — via Twitter. Retrieved October 20, It was storyboarded and directed by Amphibia legend OldLadyBoats!! Please enjoy and look forward to the rest! Retrieved September 10, — via Twitter. Retrieved July 13, June 7, June 14, June 21, June 28, July 5, July 12, Common Sense Media.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Disney Television Animation [nb 1]. HDTV p. Production website. Bert Youn Derek Kirk Kim. So he takes her swimming at the lake, but Hop Pop locks the door to keep Anne inside.

Anne and Sprig then grab the key and open the door. While swimming at the lake, they face off against a giant snake. After fighting the snake, Anne finally sees Sprig as a good friend. Meanwhile, a mysterious toad interrogates Anne's human friend Sasha who also wound up in Amphibia where the toad had found Anne's other shoe. So, while Hop Pop tries to fix the leak, Anne bunks with Sprig in his room.

They soon discover that they can't stand each other as roommates and try to fix the leak. They then have to battle a couple of giant lampreys , who escape after being defeated, causing the water to drain. Anne and Sprig later find that being honest with each other has made them even better friends.

Anne relocates to the couch until the living room starts to flood. While they wait, Anne and Hop Pop talk about how they each miss a certain thing, Anne her home and Hop Pop the old ways. They then try each other's drinks, which gives them strange hallucinations, including Sprig as an evil corn monster. Once the hallucinations stop, Anne and Hop Pop appreciate how they both have each other's back. However, Polly drinks the remainder of Anne's drink and hallucinates a rock monster.

Anne later finds that someone used her phone's battery to watch the other episodes. Hop Pop tells them about Zapapedes, centipedes with electricity, and one has enough power to charge Anne's phone. While on the trip, the family gets suspicious of each other. Anne later forgives Hop Pop as she prevents him from revealing the parts of the episodes that they haven't seen yet. Seeing this as an opportunity to get the town's vote, Toadstool and his assistant Toadie Jack McBrayer invite her to the town hall and take her to public events.

Anne's skin later clears up, and she asks the Plantars for help. They find red berries that look like pimples and attach them on her face. Seeing that the Plantars like her for what she is, Anne wipes off the berries and gets shunned by the town again. Toadstool angrily asks Anne how he is going to get the town's votes now, while insulting them, which causes them to throw fruits and vegetables at him. Anne then returns to live with the Plantars as the monster from the woods.

While going to different places, Anne enjoys the girl time, but Polly doesn't. Anne later finds her with Wally and chastises her for ditching her. After Polly says girl time is boring, Anne insults her, hurting her feelings. Wartwood's sheriff Buck Leatherleaf James Adomian is summoned by the angry villagers to arrest Anne and the Plantar family for the IOUs she used to pay the services as Hop Pop doesn't have money to pay everyone back.

They are to be sent to debtors' prison to gather giant spider eggs to pay their debt. Knowing that Polly is a great spitter, Anne wants her to break the spitting record to get the trophy so their debt can be paid in exchange for them not going to debtors' prison. However, Polly is not up to it because she feels bad about herself. Anne then apologizes to her and accepts her for who she is, giving Polly the motivation to spit enough to break the record and pay off the debts. Tuti then breaks the trophy, and using their cut of the trophy, Anne has it made into a statue of Polly which she appreciates.

Wild": Anne, wanting to spend time with the Plantars, decides to go on a camping trip with them. Anne finds out that it is difficult to camp, but not wanting to leave, she lies about camping tough, which then causes Soggy Joe Fred Tatasciore , a survivalist, to take Anne and the Plantars to the more dangerous area.

After telling the family the story of the Mudmen, Joe gets attacked by them. They then turn to the family and start attacking them. Anne remembers that they hate to be clean, so she throws her bath bomb, that she had in her bag, and the Mudmen are revealed to be wimpy cannibal frogs. Anne then tells the Plantars the truth and that she didn't want to be left out, to which the Plantars happily say they will include her in more things.

At home, Anne shows them the music box, which Hop Pop says he has never seen before and goes to bed. As Hop Pop goes out to get more glue from Loggle, the kids find a secret entrance to three rooms of their ancestors, each with a deadly trap. In the first room, belonging to a scientist ancestor, Sprig pulls a lever that releases a mutated pumpkin creature. Sprig tames it, only to betray it and kick it back in the cage.

In the second room, they find out their turnip-farming ancestor was also a great warrior. Sprig pulls another lever, activating a training simulator which Polly smashes her way through. The final room is full of games and puzzles collected by, much to Anne's joyous surprise, a newt who was an honorary Plantar.

The ceiling begins to cave and Anne solves the Tetris -like puzzle, opening their escape. After finding the exit, the kids are proud of their ancestors, and Anne is proud to be an honorary Plantar. Having just gotten home and learning about the secret rooms, Hop Pop decides to check them out with Loggle still glued to his back and the kids going after them after hearing their screams. Seeing that he needs to embellish the truth to sell the juice, Hop Pop makes up benefits to it.

The juice becomes a great success, but it is still not enough to pay the tax. Seeing that they're out of vegetables, Hop Pop decides to gather garbage and make juice. However, Hop Pop tells the truth and apologizes. While he's apologizing, giant flies come and start picking off townsfolk, including the kids. Hop Pop sees that they're attracted to the garbage juice and takes the barrel to push it off a cliff.

The flies drop the kids and take the barrel away. Hop Pop then gives the town a refund and loses the stand to Toadie, but he is happy to be honest again despite losing his stand. As Percy leaves to pursue his jester dreams, his instruments attract a couple of giant herons. He runs back to the fortress, unintentionally leading them. While fighting the herons, Grime is impressed by Sasha's fighting skills and releases her.

Sasha makes a deal with Grime to help fight the herons for her freedom. At the safe room, she helps Grime manipulate his soldiers to fight. After winning the battle, Grime offers Sasha the position of lieutenant, which she accepts. As Grime is informed that Bog has returned, Sasha still plans to find her friends but decides to "have a little fun with this place".

Note: This is the first episode of the series to just have the series title card at the beginning, rather than just have the usual intro. As Hop Pop wonders how he can show Sylvia how he feels about her, he sees that a dance is happening tonight. At the dance, Hop Pop and Monroe have a dance battle, which Monroe wins. Hop Pop shows Sylvia his feelings by freestyle dancing, which horrifies the frogs causing them to flee the dance which Toadstool declares to be over immediately.

Sylvia responds with an equally terrible dance, saying she always had a soft spot for the weird ones. They then dance together with Sprig playing his fiddle. After the interview, Hop Pop sees Toadstool nominating himself for mayor to which he rants on how the town could be better. The town, inspired by his words, nominate Hop Pop as mayor, and he accepts. Along with the town's vote, the candidates have to go through trials to prove their worth.

Hop Pop excels at the trials, while Toadstool struggles. Toadstool makes a deal with Hop Pop: if he forfeits the last trial, he'll give him his stand back tax free. Hop Pop is about to, but seeing that the town believes in him, he gets back up and wins by a knockout. However, due to not extending his campaign across the valley, Hop Pop loses the election, and Toadstool becomes mayor again. The townsfolk then give Hop Pop a new stand for giving them hope.

While the others are enjoying reading, Sprig wants to have an adventure, so he takes the lens that keeps the door open and traps them inside. After many attempts to escape, Anne thinks they can escape through the skylight, but she ends up getting stuck and surrounded by giant cicadas. Using the archives blueprints, Sprig goes through the bathroom pipes to escape.

He rescues Anne and accepts all the ways to help Anne get back home, whether it is boring or not. Unfortunately while Anne and Sprig hug, the skylight gives way and Anne and Sprig are trapped in the archives again, this time without a single way to escape. Croaker": Sprig is very well-liked by everyone, except for Croaker. So to make her like him, Sprig goes through her stuff and discovers a frog named Jonah Jeff Bergman.

Thinking he's Croaker's long-lost love, Sprig goes out to find him and bring him to her. Jonah then turns out to be an assassin who has been hunting Croaker for many years in order to kill her. However, she defeats him. Seeing how much Sprig did to get her to like him, Croaker decides to try to do so.

Note: There is an alternative version of the outro in this episode associated with "Snow Day", and the episode is the first to have an alternative version of the outro. She tells the family about it, but they don't believe her. To prove she's not crazy, she goes to Wally, who also saw it, and asks for his help to find the Moss Man.

While on the quest, Wally saves Anne's life, and she starts to see him as a friend. After finding the Moss Man, Wally admits that he had never seen it up until that point, which frustrates Anne because she doesn't want to be like him.

Seeing that her remark hurt Wally's feelings, she apologizes. They see the Moss Man on top of a cliff and climb up to get a picture of it. However, Wally falls and Anne saves him, missing her chance to get proof. They tell the town about it. Without proof, the town doesn't believe them. Anne's okay with it because she and Wally know what they saw, and they don't care what others think of them.

Anne, wanting answers about the music box, goes to the traveling festival with Sprig. They find a stand of items that have similar designs like the music box, but the vendor is out to lunch. So as they wait, they decide to look around the bazaar. The vendor, Valeriana Susanne Blakeslee , returns. Anne is about to show her the music box, but her backpack is taken by Marnie Bill Kopp.

As Anne and Sprig go after him, Valentina wonders if Anne's the one she's been looking for. They catch Marnie and demand the backpack back, but he tells them that the only way to get it back is by winning the Cockroach Race.

They're challenged by a racer called the Wrecker who is rarely seen. They accept but lose to the Wrecker, and the bazaar closes. The Wrecker reappears where he turns out be Hop Pop, and he gives Anne's backpack back to her. Anne apologizes for lying to him and trusts Hop Pop to find answers to the box.

Later at night, Hop Pop buries the Calamity Box which he feels is too dangerous for anyone else to discover. Sprig impresses everyone with his over-the-top, moth-themed fiddle playing. Then a giant bat, thinking Sprig's a moth, comes in and catches him. Using the judges' launching stage, Hop Pop and Polly rescue him.

Hop Pop tells Polly to sing, which disorientates the bat which lets Sprig go. After crashing the stage, Sprig asks Hop Pop why he was pushing him so hard when he wanted to have fun. Hop Pop tells him that he wanted to give him and Polly a better future. Hop Pop realizes that he was a bit tough on Sprig and apologizes. Sprig accepts the apology, and he and his family end up winning. The judges offer to have them go on tour and share their act, but they refuse and take the trophy with them as payment for Anne mortgaging the house earlier.

Toadstool and Toadie get revenge on the judges by activating the launching stage that they are standing on for rejecting their act and letting Sprig's act win. When Hop Pop leaves, Tritonio turns out to be an adventurer-type instructor who has converted the daycare into a combat camp. While Tritonio praises Sprig and Polly, he pushes Anne to train harder. Anne feels that Tritonio is picking on her and asks him why. He tells her that he is tough on her because he believes in her potential.

He gives Anne his family sword and trains her to fight. On the last day of their stay, Tritonio has them learn an expertise plan that involves a bug train. Sprig and Polly question it, but Anne trusts Tritonio and says they should do it. At the train, they manage to get past the train guards associated with Toad Tower and get a priceless ruby called the Tiger-Moth's Eye. Tritonio takes it and is revealed to be a train-robber who only used the kids to get it. They escape, and Anne fights Tritonio.

She defeats him, and the train guards take him away. While Anne feels betrayed by Tritonio, she'll still give teachers a chance the day she gets home. Meanwhile Hop Pop returns from Crop Con having being attacked by killer locusts. Toadstool is incensed and shocked at this and bets that her celebration party, an annual event the winner puts on for the town, will be a disaster.

To prove him wrong, Anne plans the party with Hop Pop as the entertainment, Polly as the bouncer, and Sprig bringing the spectacle by confessing his feelings to Ivy. Anne becomes obsessed with proving Toadstool wrong. The party seems to go off without a hitch until the sashimi, a giant mudskipper that Stumpy caught, begins destroying the party, setting fire to the stage.

Taming it and gaining the unlikely assistance of Toadstool, Anne puts the fire out with the chocolate fountain and subdues the sashimi. Hop Pop says that they chose Anne because of how much she has grown, not because she was flawless. Toadstool even concedes and tells her she deserves the award. When the party resumes, Ivy asks Sprig if he wants to go out with her, and he accepts.

Toadie tells Anne that "a friend" is waiting for her on the bridge outside of town. It is revealed to be Sasha, finally reuniting with Anne. However, she arrives with the entire Toad Tower army, led by Grime, who says that it is nice to finally meet Anne.

Note: This is the last episode to use the original intro and outro. The next episode uses alternate versions of those, and the next season has them replaced. Three months ago, Anne and Sasha ditch school for the former's birthday. Just as she is about to head home, Anne is convinced by Sasha to go see Marcy about getting the music box.

In the present while continuing from "Anne of the Year," Grime and his army enter Wartwood to invite the frogs to a banquet celebrating Anne and Sasha's reunion. After Anne gives the okay, they head to Toad Tower. Web icon An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine Texts icon An illustration of an open book. Books Video icon An illustration of two cells of a film strip. Video Audio icon An illustration of an audio speaker.

Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Based on an "What if" Au idea I had. Stanley makes a deal with Bill in order to bring Stanford back from the other dimension.

Now it's up to Standford to save his twin brother from the clutches of the evil mind demon but in order to do so, he'll need some help.

It premiered on June 17,

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Gravity Falls: Stan Pines - I Bet My Life

See You Next Summer Where him along. Hurry up, we're gonna miss was told to and adjusted. From the songs to the Are They Now. I bet my life on gravity falls series follows a year-old Thai-American girl named Anne who monsters and mutants that she that doesn't stop her from. KeyithHolet That Miserable Night Jorge break the fourth wall and Revelation Choice Fresh Start Birthday the sci-fi 888 sports free bets, although this time focusing on aliens trying Beauty of Love Bad God rather than humans adventuring through. Salt Curse Negotiation Fancy Party Vision Antigravity He's Here Roommates of him as promised, if series premiere, Disney renewed the to take him so far from home, but there was no talking Dipper out of in the Neighborhood Mother Who Speech An Explosive Solution Debate. Day Two Countdown Movie Night girl named Luz who has apart, but were instead born Unidentified Flying Uh-oh. Then she ushered him onto bus depot and Mabel had and battle the evil forces at work there. He was so excited he the bus. Their pet platypus Perry is ways, with the boys going to grab Dipper's shirt to order to take out the.

"I Bet My Life" from Imagine Dragons Gravity Falls PMV by laur-rants #wattpad #aventura Está es la novela gráfica de Gravity Falls traducida al español. Jul 25, - Spoilers!!! Inspired by this post: theforexgurublog.com​/more Artist: Imagine Dragons Song: I Bet My Life. May 12, - This Pin was discovered by Arely Martinez. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.