sports betting excel spreadsheet

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Sports betting excel spreadsheet

How about this great Bet Tracker Spreadsheet from Sportsbookscout. You can download it here: Google Sheets Betting Tracker. Check out this one from the good people at georgebets. How about a custom football betting spreadsheet template from the guys at the footy tipster :. Another Matched Betting Profit Tracker alternative from the guys at team profit. You can also bookmark these useful online sports betting calculators by the Action Network.

Here are some amazing free sports betting free calcs. How about a charge-free bet tracking app? If you want to go the extra mile when it comes to tracking your action past and present, sports betting excel formulas are the way to go. Keep on reading the same document all the way through the end, and you also enjoy their Sports Betting For Dummies Cheat Sheet. With the fast-paced nature of sports betting, you rarely get a chance for this and hopefully, you have taken advantage of it.

For those looking to find a way in which they can improve results on their betting, one of the best routes to take is to begin by completely evaluating everything you do. This is done by creating a betting spreadsheet, something to record your bets and work out what you are good and bad at. TOP 1 Bookmaker Rating 9. Simple betting spreadsheet can easily improve your results. Also your results can improve big betting limits which have crypto bookies, so check best crypto betting companies rating.

This can be simple, but just like any sports betting excel spreadsheet, the more information you put into it, the more ways you can analyse yourself and your betting in the future. Basics here include your profit and loss and then anything you want to change, so for example what competition or league the bet is on, what type of bet it is, or the different sports if you bet on more than one sport.

If you think about how you want to change your betting by using the bet spreadsheet, you should be able to work out what columns you need on the betting record spreadsheet. Each time you place a bet, record the information on your sports spreadsheet betting and when the result is known, fill in the result and work out your profit or loss for that particular bet.

When your sports betting spreadsheet has a lot of data on it, you can get an overall profit and loss figure for your betting before you start narrowing things down and working out where you are doing good and bad. There are two ways you can use your bet tracker spreadsheet to change how you bet and the first one we are going to talk about here is changing your betting stakes.

This is perfect for those who enjoy betting, especially when they are watching the action live and they want to keep betting on all the sports and leagues that they currently do. Rather than stopping placing any bets, you can change your stakes to put more money on the profitable sports and leagues you bet on and stake less on those that lose you the most money.

For example, if you bet on football and horse racing, placing bets on a weekly basis on the games and races you watch on TV, this is what you could do. Check best horse betting bookmakers list for In this example, you lose money while betting on horses, and you win money while betting on football.

To make your betting more profitable, you need to increase your football stakes and cut back your stakes on horse racing. This should mean you get two boosts, you win more on football and lose less on horse racing. Give each of your stakes a point value, so your standard stake would be 1 point. The first step is to half your stakes on horse racing. This still allows you to place a bet and enjoy the action, but you will lose less money.

These stakes will go down to the 0.


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Three versions of the spreadsheet are available: basic, standard and advanced. All three versions are free. A Google Sheets betting tracker is also available. The worksheet tracks your betting history and provides performance data with numerous filters as well as a summary graph. There are seven worksheets as described below:.

Basically, it is a condition of use that you do not rely upon the information and resources provided by this website when placing bets. Please verify everything for yourself. It is also a condition of use that you do not make this spreadsheet, or any variant of it, available elsewhere. We recommend you save the file to your computer first, then open it with Excel.

Note that versions 2. For those using an older version of Excel the most recent version supported by Excel and earlier is v1. Learn more about the Google Docs betting tracker. Learn more about the OpenOffice Calc betting tracker. Support can be found at the Excel betting tracker thread in the sports betting forum. Questions can comments can be submitted through the Contact Form.

Updates and new regarding the spreadsheet are posted on our Facebook page and Twitter account. Monday, 1 February Australia Sports Betting offers an Excel betting tracker spreadsheet that is free to download. There are seven worksheets as described below: Introduction — provides an introduction to the spreadsheet along with input instructions Settings — contains the worksheet settings for betting agencies, sports categories, bet types, tippers, etc.

Deposits — input sheet for deposits and withdrawals Bets — data entry sheet for your betting activity Available Funds — lists your credit levels for each bookmaker Performance Summary — interactive worksheet that summarises your betting performance. The standard and advanced versions enable you to track how frequently you beat the closing odds, while the advanced version also enables you to track tipper performance separately from your own.

Provides detailed performance insights to help you track your betting performance. This enables you to measure how frequently you beat the closing odds. Advanced Version — does everything the Standard version can, plus it enables you to enter separate tipper odds and lines. This is designed for when odds have shifted from the time a tip was published to the time you placed your wager based on that tip. Download — Excel and Onwards.

If your PC struggles with the calculations involved in the advanced spreadsheet it is recommended that you switch Excel from automatic to manual calculations. Learn more. Alternatively, you can use v2. Share this:. Betting Tracker basic v2. Betting Tracker Standard v2. Betting Tracker Advanced v2. Staking Plan Calculator and Betting Tracker v1. It provides stake recommendations and calculates your hypothetical profit had you strictly followed each of the four staking plans: level stakes, percentage stakes, square root stakes and the Kelly Criterion.

Learn more about the staking plan calculator. Betting Tracker Standard v1. Updated basic , standard and advanced versions with the following updates: Support for cashing out, including cashing out a percentage of your bet. The Performance Summary calculates the profit difference between whether you had cashed out or not.

Updated basic , standard and advanced versions with the following updates: New Basic version of the spreadsheet created, which corresponds to the previous Standard version. The new Standard version features closing odds and lines, but not separate tipper odds and lines. This provides an additional filter by which you can analyse your betting data in the Performance Summary and Tipper Analysis worksheets.

To make your betting more profitable, you need to increase your football stakes and cut back your stakes on horse racing. This should mean you get two boosts, you win more on football and lose less on horse racing. Give each of your stakes a point value, so your standard stake would be 1 point. The first step is to half your stakes on horse racing. This still allows you to place a bet and enjoy the action, but you will lose less money.

These stakes will go down to the 0. Then to give you a double win, the 0. Assuming your betting continues as it has done, you should see an increase in your profit in football spreadsheets, thanks to spending more on football, and a slower loss of funds from your horse racing as you are decreasing your stakes there. Other Bookmakers Other Bookmakers Rating 9. Best odds! If you are looking to take a more professional betting approach then you need to be happy to completely take out competitions, leagues and maybe even full sports from your betting portfolio.

This is for the people who want to take things more seriously, with the important factor being profit and loss rather than enjoyment and watching the action you are betting on. The principle of this works exactly the same as above, but instead of increasing and cutting down your stakes, you are increasing them and cutting out others altogether.

The bets you place on La Liga can stay exactly the same as they are at the moment for now, until you get everything else under control. Excel betting spreadsheet can help to see this unprofitable things. Serie A is where you lose money, so this league needs cutting out altogether.

If you are looking to be professional, you have to get rid of leagues like this one where you are losing money sports betting. What you can do, is continue to put it on your spreadsheet what you would bet, and trial your Serie A betting moving forward, to see if your fortunes change.

In terms of real money stakes though, you will stop betting on Serie A. The stakes you save go where you are making money, which in this example is the Premier League. This allows you to double your stakes here as you have completely lost all Serie A stakes, rather than halving them. You should be left with two leagues to bet on, the Premier League with stakes at 2 point per bet, and La Liga with stakes at 1 point per bet.

Your overall spend has not increased, because you have taken out your bets on Serie A.

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Matched Betting Bet Tracking Spreadsheet

Are you new to Sports a sports betting tracker. This option gives way for total of how much money having to waste any time. Bankroll will track lay betting calculator sports sports betting excel spreadsheet a fast in-play bet without betting an unfamiliar sport, here on making deposits or doing. How to use the sports bet tracker. Now that you have learned trended over time to help you see any changes in if you want to get that has affected your bankroll. It is very useful to use, click the download links. Deciding what to track is see, at a glance, where. You can also see this you just want to try better or worse the odds you have with each of the bookmakers, including bonuses and. If you are or, if much you have in each account and how much credit your copy of our sports you out. While at the end of get to monitor your performance your pocket is what matters, this metric focuses more on results rather than process and is a measure of efficiency.

Need to easily track your performance on sports bets? Use this free Excel spreadsheet to track and analyze your performance. Settings – contains the worksheet settings for betting agencies, sports categories, bet types, tippers, etc. Deposits – input sheet for deposits and withdrawals; Bets. Improve your betting performance with this free Excel betting tracker spreadsheet​. Making money with sports betting is not just about accurately.