quamrul abetting

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Bernard W. Dempsey, S. In a centralized economy, currency is issued by a central bank at a rate that is supposed to match the growth of the amount of goods that are exchanged so that these goods can be traded with stable prices. The monetary base is controlled by a central bank.

Quamrul abetting

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The Dhaka University authorities yesterday detained 17 people on the charge of cheating and abetting in the process during the admission test under "Ka" unit, or the science faculty, through the use of mobile phones and high-tech gadgets.

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Quamrul abetting But quamrul abetting Laws of the Game, by attempting to impose order, manage only to concentrate the chaos at the seams. A major force behind it was Americans for Prosperity AFPa conservative political advocacy group founded by businessmen and political activist David H. I gotta go with Geng, based on this from Jonathan :. Bob came across the above quote in this thread. As campaign became more drawn out and journalistic focus shifted to the horse race aspects of election, these phone polls proliferated. Manhattan vs.

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We need more troops, more helicopters, more satellites, more Predator drones in the Afghan border region. And we must make it clear that if Pakistan cannot or will not act, we will take out high-level terrorist targets like bin Laden if we have them in our sights. Photo: Wikipedia. Military operations are being conducted in three neighbouring districts of the North West Frontier Province — Swat, Dir and Buner — an area stretching to square miles. According to the UN, , people have already left their homes, with another , leaving, or about to leave.

According to the Asian Human Rights Commission, fleeing civilians, caught in the crossfire between the Taliban and the army, do not even have time to bury their dead. When I first saw the recent video footage of the public flogging of a year-old girl by the Taliban in Swat, I remembered earlier video footages that had widely circulated on the internet, of women being publicly humiliated and beaten by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

It was after the US invasion. Seven and a half years later, there seems little reason to think that women still rejoice if they ever did. According to news reports, women are disproportionately affected due to death and injuries caused by US and NATO troops, i. On a Democracy Now! There is a lot of hyperventilation, says Manan.

It is very hard to project a future in which Pakistan fails. There are mega-cities, Karachi has a population of 18 million, Islamabad possibly million. The Pakistan army is , to , strong, the Taliban fighters are estimated to be 14, to 18, It is very hard to see how they are simply going to walk into Islamabad and take over the nuclear bombs and the nuclear facilities.

The fact of the matter is, Afghanistan has a population of 35 million or so, it is ravaged by plus years of war, it has hardly any infrastructure to speak of, and very little urban presence. Whereas, in Pakistan, there are million people, at least, some tradition of governance, and also, a fiercely critical media. Afghanistan and Pakistan are not countries whose fates can be lumped in one basket.

Secondly, he went on, the civilian government of Zardari has to be lent support. It is suffering from a legitimacy crisis on the domestic front because of the Long March. The drone attacks have contributed to the crisis, even though, according to Pentagon and other related outlets, their success rate is abysmally low, only 2 per cent of al-Qaeda, Taliban and targeted people have actually been killed, the remaining 98 per cent killed are civilians.

In November last year, Gilani had promised to the nation on television that the new administration would stop the drone attacks. However, these attacks have not only continued but increased in frequency. I myself, said Manan, am not a fan of Zardari, but since this is the government that was elected by the people — and that too, after a year gap in elections — one has to extend to them the political will to act in Swat, Waziristan, Balochistan.

Why the hysteria then? Predator drones hit his family home in South Waziristan twice but not where he was actually located. Not only once, but twice. The greatest threat, it seems to me, lies not in the tribal regions of Pakistan as President Obama proclaims, but in the military-industrial complex that goes by the name of the United States, and in its heartless centres — Washington and Pentagon. The United States has a stake in the future of these two countries [Pakistan, Afghanistan].

We have learned, time and again, that our security is shared. Okay, maybe. But what about the past? Not at this news conference, but earlier, on March I presume he is speaking of previous US administrations since his is only four months old. What sort of work was it? What was it aimed at? If it was not that of the former but the latter — as many commentators and analysts now argue — what does it tell us about the nature of American politics?

About the processes through which citizens of western democracies are led to believe that their elected leaders do not deviate from oaths taken, of protecting their own citizens? That their intelligence agencies, who work under the direction of these leaders, would not covertly work with the intelligence agency of a US ally, to murder its own citizens? Well, maybe citizens of third world nations not intelligent enough to vote the right leadership into power, but surely not American ones?

Needless to say, the scientific findings and analyses of its members are largely marginalised by the American corporate media. Julius Streicher, founder and publisher of Der Sturmer, was accused, indicted and executed in for inciting the murder and extermination of Jews.

By Nuremberg standards, top-ranking members of the US media too are culpable to charges of criminal complicity in mass murder. According to other reports, supporting guerrilla forces had two distinct advantages: while running an occupation was proving to be cripplingly expensive for the Soviet Union, the cost of supporting anti-Soviet guerrilla forces was relatively low.

Further, since American troops were not directly involved, no body bags being flown home meant a low level of general public awareness, and hardly any disapproval. According to the briefing paper, during this period, the ISI and the CIA encouraged volunteers from the Arab states to join the mujahideen groups. And that they did. At least a hundred thousand Islamic militants, says Ahmed Rashid of Far Eastern Economic Review, flocked to Pakistan between and ; among them, about 60, instead of taking part in the fighting, enrolled in madrassahs.

New covert assistance under the Reagan doctrine saw a dramatic rise in arms supplies. Previously, opium production was limited and catered to small regional markets. Daniel Ellsberg, a military analyst employed by the Rand corporation who blew the whistle and revealed a top secret study of US government decisions about the Vietnam war in Pentagon Papers , does not seem to think so.

Nine-eleven, according to the Truth-ers, was neither a surprise attack on the US government, nor was it an event opportunistically used by the Bush administration to extend the American empire. Nor was it a case of the Bush administration knowing about it but allowing it to happen.

I list only a few of the connecting-the-dots pointers that they raise:. General Mahmoud Ahmad was in the US when the attacks occurred. The Bush administration had planned to attack Afghanistan months before September The White House, CIA and Pentagon put into action the already-existing plan which was probably why it was able to respond so quickly.

The objective, according to a Pakistani diplomat to whom senior American officials had confided, was to topple the Taliban regime and install a transitional government of moderate Afghans, possibly under the leadership of the former Afghan king Zahir Shah. The Northern Alliance had informed the Bush administration that the ISI was allegedly implicated in the assassination. Brzezinski had said something most telling. The Americans and the Pakistanis had collaborated very closely.

They acted with remarkable courage. We supported them, they had our backing, but they were the ones endangered, not we. The worst seems to lie ahead. Obama who has began his new war in Pakistan in collaboration with the Indian government, in order to dismantle that country and balkanize it like the rest of the world. Certainly, the region will witness more contrived attacks that will escalate the conflict on the borders of India and Pakistan, which will eventually change the map of the region.

According to a Washington Post report , an unidentified PNAC source had said, they had winded up but not from any sense of failure. On the contrary. The Eisenhower Doctrine, , was adopted to ensure US access to oil and gas. Map: Wikipedia. A more peaceful Middle East, writes Peters, requires major boundary revisions.

Some countries would gain, others would lose, a small number would remain unchanged. The most glaring injustice, according to Peters, is the absence of an independent Kurdish state. A Free Kurdistan, made up of Iraq, Turkey and Syria, would reverse the human rights sin of omission — the failure to champion Kurdish independence. Although losing to Persia in the west, Afghanistan would gain from Pakistan in the east. It would lose its Baluch territory to Free Baluchistan. Bloodshed, writes Peters is inevitable, but gradually new and natural organic borders will emerge.

The Turkish chief of staff protested to the US chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, this led to an American apology. I wonder, has similar outrage at the map been officially expressed by the military leadership and officers in Pakistan? However, they are to be found at wikipedia and other websites. Vultures gathering for the feast? It also seeks to maintain easy access from its Xingjian province to troubled Tibet.

As death approaches, vultures gather for the feast — so the saying goes. Securing or destabilising Pakistan? And what will the next US president say? Baghdad was reported to be slipping into a civil war in In recent weeks, sectarian violence has exploded as the predominantly Shia Iraqi government forces and the US-created al-Sahwa Sons of Iraq , a Sunni militia, openly fight each other.

And how, in the interests of stopping further bloodshed, Iraq needs to be carved-up. A grave mistake it definitely was, but is the Obama administration doing anything to undo it? To make reparations? And what about the 1,, Iraqi deaths? And, what could they be? Are they aimed at making Pakistan more secure as a nation state, or at destabilising her? Michel Chossudovsky, professor of economics, University of Ottawa, thinks that regime change is no longer the main thrust of US foreign policy.

A new strategy has been set in motion to replace the older one of indirectly ruling Pakistan through its military and intelligence apparatus, one that was crafted and put into effect over decades by Washington. Other reports indicate that Washington has been heavily pressurising the Pakistani government since January to forget its long-standing enmity with India over disputed Kashmir.

It is generally believed that President Reagan had pretended not to know, had kept it secret from Congress so that military aid to Pakistan could pour unabated, and Pakistan and the ISI could continue brokering the Washington-sponsored mujahideen resistance in Afghanistan. A free Delhi will be able to work more closely with Washington, to be a counterforce to the inexorable rise of China. Less than 4 per cent of her population live there; Baluchis are the majority, seconded by Pashtuns.

Strategically, the US covets Baluchistan for several reasons: it lies east of Iran, south of Afghanistan, and has three Arabian seaports, including Gwadar, practically at the mouth of the Strait of Hormuz. Nothing short of that will stop the construction of the IPI gas pipeline. That would fulfil the imperial dream — Caspian gas would flow under American and not Russian or Iranian control. But has the US network been dismantled? Edmonds offered to tell her story to US media outlets. No response.

Nuclear secrets are definitely in rogue hands. And, where, in this unfolding story of great power games and imperial designs, wars over energy, covert operations and military-intelligence networks, corrupt and pliant political leadership serving Western imperial interests, balkanisation and cartography, sales of nuclear secrets, are the people and what they want. Iraqis want to stay united and to fight the occupation, writes Dahr Jamail.

And while Baluchis definitely want more autonomy, they are adamant about remaining within a Pakistani confederation. The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Washington, the Pentagon and its European allies, may truly have made a mistake.

She can be reached rahnuma drik. After all, one cannot permit the feud between the two parties to destroy the nation. We must dedicate ourselves to higher causes instead. Our bodies and souls must be dedicated to the defense of empire, and to its interests. Before the installation of the Fakhruddin-led government, before the scheduled January national elections, even before late when some of the streets of Dhaka city had turned into battle-fields of opposing political parties, Western diplomats in Dhaka had been frenziedly active.

But I must not fail to mention other western diplomats, those from the EU and from western European nations, from Canada, and from Australia. Even the blind, I felt, could not fail to notice the fury and madness that seemed to possess these western diplomats: holding discussions and meetings with politicians, some of these closed-door, making off-the-cuff statements to press and television reporters, constantly advising and preaching to the politicians, to the nation at large. Mark McGillivray, Olsson, Ola, Shemyakina, Olga, Forgues-Puccio, Ralf Hepp, Bilin Neyapti, Joshua D.

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Cavalcanti, Tiago V. Arthur Silve, Felter, Klemp, Naghavi, Go, Kondylis, Florence, Rick Van der Ploeg, Anthony Venables, Venables, Anthony J, John Knight, But is He Still a Crook Abroad? Witte,Caroline T. Caroline T. Ianchovichina, An empirical analysis ," Journal of Development Economics , Elsevier, vol. Anne D. Basu, Kaushik, Elise S. Nillesen, Campos, Nauro F.

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