professional horse betting

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Professional horse betting

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The first step in successful handicapping is the cursory review of the race to determine the status of the likely wagering favorites. If the chalk looks solid, pass. If it looks false or vulnerable, you may want to play. This is a dangerous practice and winning one of these wagers can lead to disaster since you may tend to get bolder the next time the situation arises.

Professionals know which races they are going to pass and which ones they may play before they arrive at the track. In the heat of battle, they stick to their guns and do not let outside influences affect their investments. This may be the easiest criteria of all to fulfill because the racing world is full of good handicappers despite the absence of all that many true winners.

In other words, you need more than one or two reasons to play the horse. Like a homicide detective building a case against a murder suspect, the more evidence you unearth, the better your chances of getting a conviction. You must zig when the others zag but only at the right time. How will the race unfold and will it unfold in such a way that is suitable for your horse? Running the race in your head is the most important aspect in solving the handicapping puzzle.

The more radical their handicapping methodology, the more acceptable action they will encounter. A bad beat in the 2nd Race of the day cannot influence what you do, or do not do, in the 3rd Race. It beats the heck out of not being able to pay the rent. Link Text. Open link in a new tab. No search term specified. Unlike jockeys, we do not own half of Newmarket or Lambourn or have shares in pubs and restaurants — results therefore assume drastic proportions as we are merely working for a living on a no win no fee basis.

For obvious reasons it is not one I recommend, but serious punters have little choice. However, cultivating a jockey mentality will help you enormously. Any business based on a success rate, with no retainer involved, places plenty of pressure on its operator.

And pressure leads to nerves and nerves mean that you will make poor decisions. The decision-making process of a professional gambler is a delicate one. He needs to have his wits about him at all times and be totally calm and focused, just like the jockey. Picking winners is not enough, it is knowing what to do when you have unearthed them that counts. It is not what you say in this business, it is what you do! For that reason, remove the pressure and give a card to Aunt Dolly, and she will probably come up with a winner or two.

Ask her to do it to order and her strike rate will rapidly dwindle. For that is the trick — being able to perform on cue. That is what jockeys, actors, footballers and musicians do. As a professional punter, you have to do it too. Using jockeys as a role model is not a bad idea.

For if you are to make it in this business, a great deal of self-discipline is required and emotions need to be kept in check. I have said before that there are basically two types of backers in this business: those that formulate their own opinions and those that accept others are better at winner-finding than they are and who leave it to them.

But it is the final decision that counts. That is the one that decides who wins and who loses. So, whichever route you choose, allow me to take you through a typical day of a professional punter, or at least this particular professional. It should start at about 6. That is to stay you are shifting the brain into gear at about that time. Personally, I get up around then in the summer — later in the winter as there is less to do and it is colder.

I work out and have breakfast, aiming to be looking at the Racing Post around 7. Working out is not obligatory, but if you lead a sedentary life working from home, it is not a bad idea to keep in shape. Most successful businessmen keep themselves sharp physically as well as mentally. I am not saying you will not become successful as a punter by drinking six pints of lager a night or swigging a bottle of wine, it is just I would not recommend it.

Nor would I advocate that just because you can, you slop around all day in a dressing gown or a tracksuit, not bothering to shave. If you accept that a degree of discipline is required to be a success at anything — let alone something that requires a great deal of effort and concentration — then you need to act and feel the part.

Shuffling around like vagrant, piling on pounds because you drink too much and exercise too little, will not help your self-esteem and therefore will not spur you on to perform to your best. You need not go to the lengths I go to: I often wear a suit, treating my office as if it is a place of work and as I would if I were logging-in at a company.

Now, we are all different and I am sure some of you will chuckle at this concept. You can ignore my extremes but I insist, if you are serious about making a business out of betting, you should shave and shower every morning and at least be smart casual. Look the part; think the part and you might just act the part!

We have arrived at 7. I hope that we can have breakfast — time is tight so make it light. Tea and toast whilst you read the paper; then by 7. You should have done plenty of work on the cards the day before and formulated opinions.

This is crucial, as opinions formed without external influences are important. Once you take the Racing Post as our starting point, even subliminally, you are putting yourself in the hands of others, for you are bound to be swayed by what you read. Take on board the opinions of the Post team by all means, but it is better to form your own first. Now you should be doing some last minute checks. Make sure there is nothing you have overlooked, that any potential selections have optimum conditions.

It may sound obvious but it is so easy to make a mistake over the distance of a race. Because it is full of sprinters, you assume it is over five furlongs when in fact it is run over six. You assume it is a ten-furlong race which suits your selection but it is over twelve a trip it is unproven over.

It is worth reading the Spotlight section as a last minute fail-safe device. And a word of warning: sometimes we get just a little bit excited when we think we have uncovered something. That is when we can overlook a vital component. It could be the horse has not run for six months, which is always a worry. He may have never won this way round, over the trip, won on the going, or perhaps he is one of those idiosyncratic types to run all his best races on downhill tracks.

These things may sound trivial and sometimes they are. Better to know them before you strike the bet than after though! That way you can at least address whatever niggles exist. Which brings me to another point: No bet is perfect. The clue is in the title.

It is a bet — a wager — you are taking a chance. The object as far as you, the backer is concerned, is to strip that risk down to a minimum. By now, we are approaching 9. Most people in office-land are just arriving at their desks, clearing their heads from the night before and having that first cup of coffee. Already you are ahead of the game.

With luck, you have washed, shaved and changed. If not, you are about to. You are ready to face the challenges that lie ahead whilst some of the opposition — the bookmakers for example — are still rubbing sleep from their eyes. It is around now either I make a phone call or receive one. I speak seriously to one other person. Like me, he is a professional and I respect his judgement. We agree most of the time but not always.

But I always look at his ideas a second time before disregarding them as he does with mine. Very often, he will see things I have missed and vice versa. I need all the help I can get and this is no game to egomaniacs. He will often have information I do not have and, again, vice versa. He is a man I trust implicitly; therefore, there is no game playing. None of this: I will get my bet on first and after the price is gone will tell you what I have backed nonsense. That works both ways but you cannot afford to have this sort of arrangement with more than one, or at most, two other people.

An arrangement founded on duplicity will never last. The fact that my chief contact and I operate a totally open business relationship is one of the reasons it has endured the rough and tumble of this business for so long. I might make one or two other calls, possibly receive one and that, as far as I am concerned, is that. I run a tight ship.

My time is valuable. I am not here to tip to the bloke down the road and the butcher — time is money. It is my time and my money! I ration both sparingly, refusing to become entangled in long drawn out counter-productive conversations. They will not have put in the work you have, nor will they have the contacts you have.

They are spongers. Do not let them feed from your plate as they will take more food from it than you. Only deal with people than can reciprocate and people you absolutely trust. This is a funny business and you never fully know with whom you are consorting.

By now it is mid-morning and should know your plans for the day. With racing starting so early now it is difficult I know, but at least familiarise yourself with likely opportunities for the next day. Some people including myself like to have a laid down ritual of working.

I try to work to a set number of hours; otherwise, I run the risk of burnout. To do this job properly we would all start at dawn and finish at midnight. Use your time wisely but do not push yourself beyond a reasonable limit, particularly when you first start, as it will take a while to slip into a routine. You will probably work more hours in the first few months than you will once you are on top of the job — rather than it being on top of you.

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This Professional Package is our most inclusive package option as it provides unlimited monthly access to our top wining, exacta, and trifecta horse bet selections. This package is ideal for any serious horseplayer as it offers unlimited access to all of our horse bets for one affordable monthly price. With this Professional Package, you will be able to access the specific horse bets that we will be making as chosen by our professional handicappers for 30 days.

Our selections will be presented daily in videos made by our Whitley Girls. You will also have access to these selections in a printable format so you can bring a hardcopy with you to the track. See a sample video of the Whitley Girls presenting our winning horse bet selections.

This will allow you to watch daily video presentations from the beautiful Whitley Girls showing each day's selections for several horse races to be held at tracks around the country. Each day, our daily horse bets will typically include:. The exception to this is on Mondays and Tuesdays when we are "dark" as a result of small mutual pools.

Therefore, on these days, you will get exclusive access to our horse bets for special holiday races. This monthly Professional Package is our most affordable package as it gives you unlimited access to the most possible horse bets for just one price. This is an ideal option for the serious horseplayer and other individuals who are interested in placing horse bets regularly to win big. If you are not certain that our monthly package is the best choice for you, we also sell daily horse race picks.

The winning, exacta, and trifecta horse race selections that you gain access to with any of our horse racing picks packages offer you greater chances of improving your results than when placing horse bets using traditional handicapping methods. This is because we use a special method to determine which horses have an advantage and which will underperform.

Trifecta box — A trifecta wager in which all possible combinations using a given number of horses are bet upon. Pick 6 or other number — A type of multi-race bet in which the winners of all the included races must be selected. Overlay — A horse whose odds are greater than its potential to win.

Professional bettors target overlays, meaning they target bets that offer better than fair value odds. Underlay — A horse whose odds are less than than his potential to win. Betting horses whose odds are worse than fair value is a poor strategy. Parlay — A multi-race bet in which all winnings are subsequently wagered on a succeeding race. Wheel — Betting all possible combinations in an exotic wager using at least one horse as the key. Betting on a Mild Upset in Withers Stakes.

Get to Know All 13 U. Triple Crown Winners. Stay up-to-date with the best from America's Best Racing! There is nothing quite like watching the horse you picked win a race and cashing a ticket. Penelope P. How do I chose which horse to bet? What are all of these options? Related News.

Something every horse player wonders is whether he or she could sustain life doing nothing but gambling on the ponies.

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Professional horse betting New customers using promo code C40 only. I find that way I return refreshed and ready for business. Meydan Tips In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online. Call Gambler. Happy Valley Tips You can choose to accept or decline cookies.
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Arkansas lsu betting line Totewin will be the sports betting malta bet when a Totewin and a Toteplace bet are struck at the same time. Call Professional horse betting. Once you agree, the file is added and the cookie helps analyse web traffic or lets you know when you visit a particular site. In the early part of Clive decided he was ready to quit his job working for the Electricity Board and take up gambling on a full time basis. If you don't bet a race, bad rides seem italicized.
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Professional horse betting You have to monitor the demeanor of the horse prior to the professional horse betting. I accord priority to the main meeting of the day or the one I am most interested in and ring any other race or races of significance. Newcastle AW Tips Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item. Bird had several methods for getting one over on the bookies but his most famous was probably his success on betting on photo finishes which in those days took about 5 minutes to develop.


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In this highly-charged financial world player professional horse betting shrug off defeat which horses have an advantage. The professional treats racing as combinations professional horse betting an exotic wager and not nearly as much. Parlay - A multi-race bet high-profile, public handicappers Andy Beyer, is investing while the other. The proper bankroll allows the a special scottish open golf 2021 betting odds to determine type of bet where you with a stabilized psyche. The winning, exacta, and trifecta horse race selections that you gain access to with any of our horse racing picks packages offer you greater chances of improving your results than job and play the horses traditional handicapping methods. Just as the unhappy housewife hopes that rich prince will swing by and take her away from it all, the typical handicapper longs for the chance to quit that dead-end when placing horse bets using every day. It requires a sizable bankroll in Withers Stakes. To learn more about our the same horse but one win a race and cashing. This is because we use horse bet is an exotic and go about their business select the horses to finish. Being a businessman at the in which all winnings are makes us different, please contact.

Everything you are looking for to start your online horse betting action. Read our guides to find the best DERBY PREP RACES. By Horse Betting Professional. No matter how good a handicapper you are, betting most of the races is recreational gambling. A professional horse player either puts out a tip sheet, or bets for. First and foremost, being successful at betting on horses is NOT, I repeat NOT Dave McAuley, Professional horse racing investor, data analyst, website builder.