eesti laul 2021 betting odds

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Eesti laul 2021 betting odds ripples spread meaning in betting

Eesti laul 2021 betting odds

Last month we revealed all the acts and their song titles, they are: Uku Suviste — […]. The twenty four songs that will be participating in the edition of Eesti Laul, will be revealed this forthcoming Saturday, December 5th. The show will be broadcast at CET, meaning […]. Tomi Rahula, the Estonian Head of Delegation, revealed on Ringvaade this week that a wildcard for was not required, but in fact Uku Suviste asked to be placed within the main selection process.

Eesti Laul has seen a total of songs submitted for the Contest. While only 63 of the songs submitted are in Estonian, the remaining 93 are in English, French, Russian or Spanish. A jury will select the 24 songs that go through to the semi finals […].

After successfully holding the semi finals of Eesti Laul in Tartu, in and , the coronavirus pandemic has sadly put an end to that for now. The two semi finals for will once again come from the ETV studios. Due to Covid, it is also unclear […].

Uku has an automatic semi final spot in Eesti Laul due to ERR holding the annual national selection. The automatic […]. Participation costs will double […]. Heat 1. Heat 2. Heat 3. Heat 4. Heat 5. Semi-final 1. Semi-final 2. Top 3. Did you know The youngest ever winner was year-old Sandra Kim from Belgium who won Eurovision in Finland had to wait forty-four years since their debut in to achieve their first victory. They had only received three 12 points in the history of the contest up to the contest, and none since The shortest song in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest.

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Surprisingly i enjoyed Ivo Linna. Here is my top:. This is a cool news because she will definitely bring fun and positivity to the show! She has a lot of humor but also know how to be serious at the right time, plus she has a 20 years background of hosting various TV shows on the first French channel TF1 which is not negligible! For everyone interested, I translated the Estonian and the French songs, so, a really simplified meanings listed: Magus melanhoolia is about not letting depression getting the best of you, but also owning the fact we all get sad and pensive sometimes.

Wingman is about seduction in a club. Uks oo is about a steamy encounter and dancing with someone. Tuuled is about being ready for a new beginning through metaphors of ever changing winds. A kind soul named joonas07 has already translated most of the lyrics on lyricstranslate. Pretty face? If it wins I think it will fall flat on stage, because Uku is simply not a good performer imo. There are far better options in the line-up.

I cannot stop thinking about Estonia. There is so much talent and work and creativity behind each one of the entries in this selection. They all deserve a fair shot at victory. In recognition of all the artists and also for the contemporary musical culture of Estonia. Regarding the big contest: the more out-of-the-mold and bold entries, the better. Hopefully more juries will appreciate outstanding entries with honest and genuine local artists and composers and lyricist instead of the Eurovision factory-made tunes.

Better results will make other countries have the courage to enter outstanding music. Actually not, Most songs are awful this year. Unoriginal, very similar sounding, forced singning and weak, some are even oldfashioned and instrumentally bland. Something you wont even remember, even Tartu, which was funny at first, is annoying at second listening.

Like most songs in most countries, nothing awesome. Real good songs are missing entirely. I mean not only Estonia, but also rest of the countries. To me this will bring the same kind of result than Victor Crone — maybe worse.

After having a conversation below about how The Lucky One is not a good song, I decided to listen to it a few more times. It actually grew on me so much, and I quit e like it now. My only issue is the production, which is really compressed and feels very restricted.

I still prefer Magus Melanhoolia by miles though. The production is that makes this song that great. I am sure that Uku has this in the bag and I am really happy for him. I would disagr ee. What a low thing to say. Assess your life, Emily, because insulting someone with that degree of confidence is a sign of either immaturity or of a lack of empathy.

If you are below the age of 20, fine. You get a pass for that. Your brain is still developing. If you are an adult, get a life. And by the way, compressed is an actual term in music production. And honestly, I hope you take the time to consider how hurtful your words can be.

Why is honesty hurting you? This song is not compressed. If you find it compressed you are obviously not doing your job well. Are you joking? The song IS compressed. You can tell because of how muddled the backing track is, especially in the chorus. If I may ask, are you a music producer? Just saying, you are acting like a complete douchebag. Compression is not a bad thing in and of itself, but it is being used wrong here. The softer drum sounds such as soft cymbals and shakers are being elevated to the same volume as harder drum sounds such as a kick and a snare.

It is also, as I said, increasing the tails of these sounds. Besides that, Magus Melanhoolia is an auto tuned song, which will easily flop in Eurovision, despite it being a good radio friendly song. Who will win: probably Uku, but I would pay attention to Koit… And since Eesti Laul has a superfinal, what if they divide votes and a third act unites all the people that want a fresh face as a winner? I guess this is the tiny chance of a surprise happening. In general, you are right, I prefer deeper voices, not just for male singers.

And I adored Eugent Bushpepa. Fair enough. I tend to like all of vocal types equally, I just judge on whether it sounds good to my ears. We have no disagreement, I prefer deeper vocal ranges because in general they sound better to my ears. But there are exceptions. There are people who can make a smoother transition between registers than others, though, and some have a smoother quality to their head voice. It depends highly on subjective perception if you think a vocal tone is pleasant or not.

And sometimes an unpleasant vocal tone even goes well with a particular song. Agr eed. All good! By the way, Sevdaliza and Arca — we seem to find some common musical ground outside of Eurovision. I am still rooting for Juri to win this and avenge himself from , but MM is an even riskier song.

No disrespect to Laura, but with that song it was tough to succeed. So, yeah, it would be risky. Koit as either of those two getting into the superfinal will win the public vote. Are they popular in Estonia? It could be a surprise. Good to know. As Briekimchi wrote below, the song gets better each time I listen to it. While only 63 of the songs submitted are in Estonian, the remaining 93 are in English, French, Russian or Spanish.

A jury will select the 24 songs that go through to the semi finals […]. After successfully holding the semi finals of Eesti Laul in Tartu, in and , the coronavirus pandemic has sadly put an end to that for now. The two semi finals for will once again come from the ETV studios. Due to Covid, it is also unclear […]. Uku has an automatic semi final spot in Eesti Laul due to ERR holding the annual national selection. The automatic […].

Participation costs will double […]. Email Address:. On the web since — never better than it is now. Eurovision Apocalypse The weird, wacky and wonderful from National Finals from Roy Delaney Meanwhile in Europe A perspective of our contest for viewers and listeners across the pond. Europe in a Day Tips and info for Continental travel with plenty of Eurovision trivia thrown in! Join 40, other followers.

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Discotheque sounds like a winning entry to me, but it has got to get there first. Speaking as one who thought Italy could not possibly lose! It was a great value bet to make. Yeah that is a beautiful song. I still listen to that today. Sad that pop-opera could never please everyone.

Gambling ruins lives — by even supporting these conscience-less people, there is a problem. You lost your money. That is not great value. You were lucky to have lost, though — winning only encourages the gambler to try again, thinking they have a talent…only to lose, again and again. The odds will be interesting in May during and after the rehearsals not before. I mean if the artists ignore the eurofans it doesnt really matter. The contest is decided by casual fans and the juries, theres zero reason the roop need to lose sleep over some 14 yr olds hate comments on twitter.

Bets are easly manipulated you guys. We all remember how Bulgaria was first until their song in Akin to Poland when everyone was hyping over Margaret, and Michal ended up winning sending its odds plummeting. The only one in Lithuania with a chance of dethroning The Roop is Gebrasy, especially if he outright wins the jury vote and does fairly well in the televote.

And Malta on the understanding that Ira Losco would win locally with one of two songs neither of which ended up in Stockholm! This is not surprising to me. I actually think it has a mass appeal. I see a lot of people, older especially liking a good old french chanson — afterall Edith Piaf was Europe-wide known and not just in France. Not especially the older, look at the youtube reactions they are all young people who connect with this song too. Were you happy with the final French result, Esc addict?

Disappointing result for Terence. I meant that at esc older people are going to prefer this song over many others because of the nostalgia. Tornike served last year, surprising most of the people positively and I really hope that his new entry will be just as good.

Iceland was in the first place until January 22 and then papa Roop overthrew them on January Neither Iceland nor Lithuania did pick a song yet, while Lithuanian selection songs are already known. So yes, Iceland may rise once again. Or it may flop, just as any other contestant, including Lithuania, but it will depend on the mood in May and the songs which are released.

Way too early with just one song and two ongoing selections Lithuania and Norway but I am very happy to see Romania in this top 9. Finally some positive recognition — whatever those odds mean. We have three songs! France, Israel and Albania. Oops — I was refering to one song France out of the nice countries I saw in the picture with the odds. And to the two ongoing selections. I did not include in my comment the countries whose songs have been released but with no selection shows started per se.

If I remember correctly, Poland was a big favourite to win in the betting odds when everyone thought Margaret would win the NF. Only for the odds to tumble after Micha? Szpak pipped her to win. I think this year will go back and forth in the odds.

Will be very strong year. Good luck to people betting LOL. Honestly, it was the same in Some people were saying it was due to a weak year, but I say it was the other way — it was supposed to be a very strong year with many contenders to win.

It seems like might be just another rollercoaster year, yay! View this post on Instagram. Pin it. Austria Bundesliga. Premier League First League. Super League Greece. Premier Division First Division Ekstraklasa Ekstraklasa Relegation. Primeira Liga. Liga I Cup. Super League. Winner Winning Nationality? Top goalscorer. England Poland Sweden Grand Prix Denmark Prime minister after next election.

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