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Bernard W. Dempsey, S. In a centralized economy, currency is issued by a central bank at a rate that is supposed to match the growth of the amount of goods that are exchanged so that these goods can be traded with stable prices. The monetary base is controlled by a central bank.

Exus trust nicosia betting betting horses to place

Exus trust nicosia betting

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Now talking about the minimum bet in JungleRaja, it is almost impossible to determine unless and until you have not selected a table to play. Editorial new era is emerging on our planet. No longer do we occupy just this one observable space-time continuum, for we have now created and occupy another: cyberspace.

It started off as a resource for low-budget activists and came to be known as "the information superhighway". But now, e-commerce has taken over to the extent that if the Internet went "down" tomorrow, we would have total global financial meltdown. The Internet is already so crucial to social infrastructure that the next wars are just as likely to be fought and won in cyberspace, with electronic viruses and super-hackers.

Controlling, disrupting or disinforming an enemy's computers is more cost-effective than carpet-bombing. It's a cleaner way to wage war, with no public outcrysuch as that which results when NATO bombs civilians with so-called "smart" bombs. I believe it will be the Internet that primarily facilitates the ushering-in of total globalisation, through sheer economics"e-commerce", as it is now termed.

Already, e-commerce transcends national boundaries, effectively ignoring the tariffs and taxes of sovereign states. The increasing volume of individuals and businesses trading around the world in cyberspace will ensure that we will buy our way into a new, globalised economic system. It is the only way the global community will swallow a proposed global currency.

It is the most likely avenue leading to a cashless economy. An item in Global News this issue reflects on how the Internet itself is evolving and causing us to evolve with it. A few years ago, many considered the Internet an effective resource tool for communicating and sharing research, for organising logisticsthe information superhighway.

Many of the original, small, Internet service providers ISPs have been bought by transnational media corporationsor have gone bust because they cannot compete economically with the free Internet services on offer by those same transnationals. Another giant merger or two will see virtually all Western ISPs in the hands of just two or three transnational telecommunications giants.

We are gradually realising that the Internet is the ultimate intelligence-gathering tool. Everything you write, everywhere you visit in cyberspace is monitored by computers you don't even know exist. Instead of a person making data entries into your personal file, a computer now does it.

If you visit political activist sites, sex sites, religious sites, environmental sites, UFO discussion groups, an Echelon-connected computer somewhere notes what preferences you are displaying in all these categories. Working at a computer, while alone at a desk, leads many to feel secure and private; people tend to express parts of themselves that they don't usually express to others when faceto-facebut this is just the sort of preferred intelligence information required to make assessments of people.

Just when you think you are not on display, you are more exposed than ever! In the UK, a sinister Bill has been tabled see Global News which amongst other things, makes it a crime to possess and use privacy encryption technology for your e-mail. Significantly, the Bill is part of an international cooperative effort by law enforcement agencies to secure legal access to all electronic communications conducted over the Internet. Australia has already enacted legislation, allowing ASIOthe Australian Security Intelligence Organisationto penetrate anyone's computer legally, any time it likes, to do anything it likes to your computer to cover its e-tracks, for any reason it chooses to invent in the name of "national security".

Cash registers, video surveillance cameras, automatic teller machines, medical equipment, computers, TVs, e-mail, faxes and telephones are allor soon to behooked up to the Internet. They will cross-match your image, whereabouts, medical records, DNA profile, history, spending habits, police records, hobbies, sexual preferences and list of friends and associates with information in databases accessible by law enforcement, taxation and government authorities as well as Big Business.

Many declare that this is happening already; only now, it is just becoming more efficient! Advertisers upon and by lodging material with the Publisher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INDEMNIFY the Publisher and its servants and agents against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of the foregoing to indemnify each of them in relation to defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles, unfair competition or trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulations and that its publication will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the Publisher, its servants or agents and in particular that nothing therein is capable of being misleading or deceptive or otherwise in breach of the Part V of the Trade Practices Act All expressions of opinion are published on the basis that they are not to be regarded as expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents.

Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek professional help for individual problems. Letters to the Editor I have been using America Online AOL for the last few years now and had no idea that it was being used a tool of infiltration and spying until I started associating my frequent crashes, the disappearance of my whole e-mail list and the further disappearance of my last six months of e-mails.

This was happening regularly until I started wondering what my computer was doing when some mail took forever to download far longer than it should have taken for its file size. I lost my whole hard-drive When a savvy privacy expert warned me about the sinister meaning of extended e-mail download times, I started taking close notes.

I also noticed that I would get unsolicited "official AOL software" files in my AOL preferences folder, where they would not get noticed. I have some software that peers into the guts of almost any application or file, and I sawgasp! These people clearly have all my confidential data, addresses, phone numbers, bank account details, PIN numbers, and all the details that one would want to keep privateall 1, or so records with notes and scary details.

Surely this is the security services operating through AOL, but it is a major piece of info that your readers should know. They just need to be able to inspect the files I mentioned to verify it for themselves. How does it work? I mean, how does AOL get into my database? Dunno again. Regards, Denis, DenisCoone aol. Mass media has taken over from religion as the "opium of the masses", since people accept the presented reality without any reservations or second-guessing.

Most of us have become Mind Slaves to the all-knowing TV moghuls. Commercials have been elevated to art status, and we actually watch programs devoted entirely to the screening of ads. I feel that the human race, as far as it has access to Western American luxuries and ideas, is sinking ever deeper into a seemingly deliberately organised dummification.

We have become mindless, consuming and utterly self-centred automatons. The ideal is a human who works 70 hours a week, consumes beyond all reasonability, accumulates massive debts and maintains the status quo. Why do we live the way that we do? Because the system is self-perpetuating. Those in power have the power to preserve that which is, and have absolutely no interest in changing the mindset of their well-maintained herd flock.

We are riding on a train that is fast approaching its last stop and are blithely bickering over the next promotion or dreaming about that large screen TV, while the world we are rushing through is fed at an ever-increasing speed into the all-consuming furnace that powers our civilisation! Thank you very much for trying to disturb our comfortable passage into oblivion.

Cheers, Mecci Oncel, mecci travel. Fifty times a day, drug ads bombard us with the messages that "things" are lurking out there, trying to get us, and that their drugs will protect us. The globalisation of business, the one world order, the proliferation of illicit drugs and the prison systems are all prospering from this constant, hypnotic induction of disease.

All of us are being negatively impacted by these ads and their ramifications will be felt for generations to come. They are eroding the whole fabric of mankind. Help, and thank you. Jamie Love, jamie-love mailcity. NEXUS is a very informative magazine and an enjoyable read. The Government knows about UFOs and may even know where they come from. My job as a 97 Bravo Intelligence Analyst was to catalogue aerial images of North Korea and mainland China images that were taken by reconnaissance aircraft and satellites.

A few times I had to catalogue and classify radar images, information and pictures of unidentified flying objects. I worked side by side with image interpreters, and one time a blurry photo came through of what was possibly an American POW in Vietnam. The year was I hope your magazine will continue to seek out the truth, because the truth is truly out there. Sincerely yours, Paul Dale Roberts, Silhouet9 aol. Surely the fact that fluoride is already in most toothpastes is enough, let alone adding to the daily intake with extra drops!

I have refused to use fluoride drops for both of my children, aged 14 months and five years. The Health Visitor spent ages going through all the benefits of fluoride and telling me how I was damaging my children's teeth by not giving extra fluoride. Both my children have strong teeth and the elder one has not got any fillings. I also ensure that they both use a fluoride-free toothpaste.

When I showed your article to my Health Visitor, she said that publications like these only damage children's health. She just did not want to know! I would have thought that as a health professional she would be interested to look at both points of viewbut not so, it seems. Thanks for your informative health articles; slowly I am managing to change my lifestyle, thanks to your magazine. Susan Grayson, Susan. Grayson lasmo. The following additional information may be of interest to your readers.

Jin, Chief Scientist for Trenergy, Inc. Here are the important facts: A proton ionised hydrogen atom particle accelerator has been shown to transmute high-level radioactive wastes such as spent fuel pellets from nuclear power plants. Overdosing on TV Drug Ads Hello: Though I don't know anything about other parts of the world, America has become rife with the proliferation of prescription drug advertising on the television, and it is making all of us sick.

If you haven't done any articles on this, or if it has been a long time since you have, I wish you would consider something about this problem. We are all being subliminally seduced and conditioned to expect sickness and that drugs are the way to a cure. We are being both drugged and. The author is pointing her finger at the wrong target.

Under this model, medicine relies solely on "hard science" such as the logic of treating cancer with radioactive poisons , and ignores alternative therapy. Funnily enough, all of the treatments these people advocate are highly profitable for example, the pharmaceutical industry.

I Ben Fletcher, b f, subktx could not respond to all the arti- netscape. Firstly, some fair points have ETs and Our Environment To the Editor: I admit to enjoybeen made regarding psychiatrists, shock treatment, drugs and psy- ing reading articles about UFOs choanalysis. However, the actions of these The danger lies in the myth that people does not allow for a blan- anyone in government or private ket generalisation being drawn enterprise has access to some form that suggests all psychologists and of remarkable technology that is going to stop humankind's destrucpsychiatrists are bad.

I'll remind you that many fields tion of the environment. Is this a change its own behaviour, attitude good enough reason to ban all and morality towards the natural environment. We choose a violent chemistry? Many treatments used by psy- path of destruction of nature.

We chologists such as cognitive have the free will to choose a difbehaviour therapy have been ferent path. Expecting new technology to shown countless times, in thousands of journals, to be quite solve the environmental crisis is a effective in treating a range of dangerous excuse for continuing problems. The research in the on the same path of material satiaarticle had methodological flaws tion and environmental destruction.

Waiting for aliens to reveal of its own. The article focused convenient- this new technology is a similar ly on treatments that no reason- form of procrastination. Geoff Lamberton, glambert able psychologist would use these days. I couldn't find one scu. In my judgement, the development of this new technology would allow for the on-site transmutation of high-level radioactive wastes into stable elements. Billions of dollars can be saved by not packaging, transporting and storing these wastes in geological storage for 10, years.

Secondly, as for "waiting for aliens", I suggest you actually read the article. Nowhere therein does it suggest we should 'wait'; on the contrary, the 'aliens' encourage and advocate our tak ing responsibility for our planet.

This is the only magazine I have ever subscribed to on a regular basis. I find all your articles interesting and thought provoking. I must say that Laurence's book is a real eyeopener. Who could ever have believed the extent of the treachery and deceit that has been foist upon the unsuspecting general public of the ages? Whilst reading Laurence's book, I experienced feelings of anger, resentment and despair towards the so-called leaders and representatives of our various governments, but also feelings of relief, elation and intense joy that someone has finally helped me to make sense of all the little quirks of history, religion and the Bible that I queried as a teenager.

They say there is no religion greater than the truth, and they are right. Thank you so much. Regards, Dave Dennis, daviddennis one. Products of Society Dear Duncan: Thank you for your insightful magazine. We need to be realistic.

We all know why drugs are illegaland. People, especially the young, will always find a way to get out of it. All you can do as a parent is to educate them and not to alienate them if they do stray. Also, you need to accept the fact that it is not the person on the street who is to blame for his addiction, but the person beside him who allowed it to happen.

All drugs need to be legalised so that we can deal with the problem openly, honestly and finally. Now, I don't sell drugs; I'm not a junkie; I don't even smoke pot. In fact, I'm doing 20 years for killing a drug grower. So I now find myself in a system which makes relatively good people bad and bad people worsea system which promotes ignorance and apathy.

We criminals are not victims of society, we are a product of society. We, like everyone else, are the product of everyone we ever came into contact with: parents, teachers, friends, strangers, TV, etc. I have not yet met a person in prison who, given the right guidance, could not have taken a completely different path. So, ask yourself what you have done to help and guide those around you. Judging and directing blame is easy.

It's about time communities took an active, positive interest in the "rehabilitation" of inmates in "correctional" centres, rather than bitch about and turn your backs on them, on us, on me. I'm doing 20 years for killing another criminal and I probably deserve every day of it; however, eventually I will be back in society, perhaps even in your community. How would you like me back: educated and self-confident, or ignorant and resentful?

Mary Shelley once wrote: "No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks. PPS: Thank you for your permission-to-reproduce policy. It allows me to copy and pass on articles to others. NEXUS 5. Surgeons at Xijing Hospital, in the northwestern city of Xian, inserted a superconductive knife, two millimetres in diameter, into the tumour of a liver cancer patient, the agency said.

By forcing high-pressure argon and helium gas through the knifepoint, they were able to lower the temperature of the tumour to Celsius Fahrenheit. The patient felt no pain and there was no bleeding," the agency reported. Human hibernation could make ultra-long-haul space travel feasible, with crews effectively put to sleep for months or even years. The United States Army, which has been funding the research, is interested in the concept of inducing protective hibernation in battlefield casualties to keep them alive when medical help is not at hand.

Researchers in Britain are also investigating the role of genes in the mini-hibernation of Siberian hamsters, with the aim of triggering similar genes in humans to help people lose weight. But the first use of hibernation technology is likely to be in transplant surgery, where donor organs would be preserved on shelves for weeks or months by putting them into a state of deep sleep. One stops carbohydrate metabolism, which ensures that the glucose that animals have.

The second gene controls the production of an enzyme that breaks up stored fatty acids and converts them into usable fats for fuel. As a result, the animal can tick over on its stored fat. The researchers found that the genes can be made to work in similar ways in humans. The PDK-4 gene, for example, is switched on by starvation, when its job is to conserve glucose.

GL involved any action by that entity. When Australian law empowers the Tax Office to replace the facts with fiction and to rule by that fiction, we are in trouble. What next? The police? One of the main tasks of this group of almost 1, soldiers and officers is to spread "selected information".

US PsyOps personnel use a variety of techniques to influence media and public opinion in armed conflicts in which American state interests are said to be at stake. CNN spokeswoman Megan Mahoney said: "I don't believe that we would employ military personnel; it doesn't seem like something we would normally do. Despite this, the FDA went ahead and approved aspartame anyway. With Coca-Cola's recent announcement that it will soon retrench 6, employees, perhaps the company is hiring a barrage of lawyers instead, to prepare for the avalanche of aspartame litigation that's about to come down upon it.

The documents were unearthed last week under Freedom of Information legislation. This followed a decision by researchers at King's College in London to study suspected links between aspartame intake and brain tumours. It was produced before the artificial sweetener aspartame had been approved for use in the United States. The report states: "We object to the approval of aspartame for unrestricted use in soft drinks.

Thus, it warns, aspartame can affect the workings of the brain, change behaviour and even encourage users to eat extra carbohydratesso destroying the point of consuming diet drinks. Aspartame, made by the multinational giant Monsanto and marketed under the name NutraSweet, is times sweeter than sugar and is used in many popular low-calorie foods and drinks. It has been declared "safe" in a number of studies and has been approved for use in both the United States and Europe.

Conceivably, they would have worked on stories during the Kosovo War. They helped in the production of news. Contract periods vary from a couple of weeks to one year. CNN is the biggest and most widely viewed news station in the world. The intimate liaisons with Army PsyOps specialists raise serious doubts about CNN's journalistic integrity and independence. The military CNN personnel belonged to. Broadcasting at up to decibels dB , this low-frequency sound can travel thousands of kilometres and can injure, deafen and even kill marine mammalsas well as.

GL humanswho are too close to the source. What started in the s as a US Navy project to detect a new class of so-called "silent submarines", remained virtually unknown until , when, with LFA Sonar on the verge of being deployed in 80 per cent of the world's oceans, the Natural Resources Defense Council NRDC became aware of the program and of the fact that the Navy had never filed an Environmental Impact Statement EIS.

NRDC sent a letter to the Navy, threatening to sue because the Navy was violating numerous environmental laws. In and , the Navy conducted tests of LFA Sonar on blue, fin, grey and humpback whales off the coasts of California and the Big Island of Hawai'i in a national marine sanctuary for humpback whales.

Almost immediately, whale-watch boat captains began reporting whales leaving the test area, and these reports were filed with the National Marine Fisheries Service NMFS. A swimmer who was in the ocean at the time of one of the tests was "ensonified" by the LFAS transmission at dB.

Note that since the decibel scale increases exponentially, the proposed dB deployment level is not twice the dB. Tshabalala-Msimang's initiative to convene an international panel to reassess AIDS science is a first. She was diagnosed within an hour of her exposure as having symptoms comparable to acute trauma. The damage caused to humans and wildlife has resulted in the filing of three separate lawsuits and is spurring concerned people from many countries into action.

Debate in scientific circles over AIDS has been raging since the viral cause of AIDS was proposed in , with mainstream science and medical journals consistently refusing to publish articles by the socalled AIDS dissidents, who, in ,. Johnson who was refused permission to make a colour photocopy of his driver's licence to deal with an identification problem with his local telephone company. A Kinko's copying centre worker reportedly told him that making such a copy was "illegal" and that any such copy could be traced to the store through a hidden ID code.

According to a Privacy Forum Digest special report: " But for persons outside of 'the trade', this hasn't been as widely known even though the issue goes back to the early '90s, and the topic has appeared in publications such as the Wall Street Journal. GL obtain facilities to spy on the private e-mail of people and protest groups, and Internet service providers ISPs will have to build "interception capabilities" into their systems.

When served with an "interception warrant", ISPs will be forced to intercept private e-mail and convey the contents to the police or various intelligence services. Refusal to comply with a warrant will carry a maximum prison sentence of two years. This also applies to informing anyone not authorised to know about the interception warrant.

The warrant will initially be served on a named individual within an ISP. That person may inform only those other people whose help they need to implement the warrant; and those people, in turn, will face the same penalties for tipping-off. A separate section of the Bill deals with encryption.

This provides for "properly authorised persons such as members of the law enforcement, security and intelligence agencies to serve written notices on individuals or bodies, requiring the surrender of information such as a decryption key to enable them to understand make intelligible protected material which they lawfully hold, or are likely to hold".

Such an order can be served on anyone who "there are reasonable grounds for believing" has an encryption key. They could face two years behind bars for not revealing the key, and are also subject to the same possible five-year prison sentence as ISPs for informing someone that attempts are being made by the authorities to read their e-mail. This section of the Bill has been widely condemned by civil liberties lawyers as reversing the fundamental right of a person to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, and will almost certainly be challenged using the European Convention on Human Rights.

The British Bill is part of long-term plans that have been in development since , to give law enforcement bodies around the world the ability to intercept and read modern digital communications. The RIP Bill represents a serious threat to the rights of those who use the Internet to campaign on social justice issues, both in Britain and internationally. Anyone who wants to help in this campaign, please contact ir gn.

Source: GreenNet statement, 22 February , www. After the s ended, I set out to gauge how news coverage of cyberspace shifted during the last half of the decade. The comprehensive Nexis database yielded some revealing statistics: In , media outlets were transfixed with the Internet as an amazing source of knowledge. Major newspapers in the United States and abroad referred to the "information superhighway" in 4, stories.

Meanwhile, during the entire year, articles mentioned "e-commerce" or "electronic commerce" only times. In , coverage of the Internet as an "information superhighway" fell to 2, stories in major newspapersabout half the previous year's level. At the same time, coverage of electronic commerce nearly doubled, with mentions in 1, articles.

For the first time, in the news media's emphasis on the Internet was mainly to tout it as a commercial avenue. The number of articles in major newspapers mentioning the "information superhighway" dropped sharply, to just 1, Meanwhile, the references to e-commerce gained further momentum, jumping to 2, articles.

In , despite an enormous upsurge of people online, the "information superhighway" concept appeared in only articles in major newspapers. Simultaneously, e-commerce became a media obsession, with those newspapers referring to it in 6, articles. In , while Internet usage continued to grow by leaps and bounds, the news media played down "information superhighway" imagery, with a mere mentions in major papers. But major newspapers mentioned e-commerce in 20, articles.

How did America's most influential daily papers frame the potentialities of the Internet? During the last five years of the s, the annual number of Washington Post articles mentioning the "information superhighway" went from to 20, while such New York Times articles went from to But during the same half-decade, the yearly total of stories referring to electronic commerce zoomed, rising in the Post from 19 to and in the Times from 52 to In other prominent American newspapers, the pattern was similar.

The Los Angeles Times stalled out on the "information superhighway", going from stories in to a measly 33 in ; while Chicago Tribune articles went from to Meanwhile, the e-commerce bandwagon went into overdrive: the LA Times accelerated from 24 to 1, stories per year, while the Chicago Tribune escalated from 8 to Five years ago, there was tremendous enthusiasm for the emerging World Wide Web.

Talk about the "information superhighway" evoked images of freewheeling, wide-ranging exploration. The term suggested that the Web was primarily a resource for learning and communication. Today, according to the prevalent spin, the Web is best understood as a way to make and spend money.

The drastic shift in media coverage mirrors the strip-malling of the Web by investors with deep pockets. But mainstream news outlets have been prescriptive as well as descriptive. They aren't merely reporting on the big-bucks transformation of the Internet; they're also hyping itand often directly participating. Many of the same mega-firms that dominate magazine racks and airwaves are now dominating the Web with extensively promoted sites.

Yes, e-mail can be wonderful. Yes, the Internet has proven invaluable for activists with high ideals and low budgets. Yes, Web searches can locate a lot of information within seconds. But let's get a grip on what has been happening to the World Wide Web overall. The news media's recalibration of public expectations for the Internet has occurred in tandem with the steady commercialisation of cyberspace.

More and more, big money is weaving the Web, and the most heavily trafficked websites reflect that reality. Almost all of the Web's largest-volume sites are now owned by huge conglomerates. Even searchengine results are increasingly skewed, with priority placements greased by behind-thescenes fees. These days, "information superhighway" sounds outmoded and vaguely quaint. The World Wide Web isn't supposed to make sense nearly as much as it's supposed to make money. All glory to electronic commerce.

If your hopes for the communications future are along the lines of Microsoft, Amazon. After the war, in the late s, several studies came to light that indicated that there were possible hazards involved with the use of microwaves.

In , two US studies reported a possible link with cataracts and testicular degeneration in dogs. As such, mainly due to a fundamental difference between East and West as there was no interest in funding research that might put a damper to exactly what exposure standards should provide protection on this expanding business opportunity.

It must also be rememagainst. This headaches, brain tumours, heart conditions, conference was sponsored by the Russian etc. This study resulted in the US miliRussian and other Radiation Protection RNCNIRP and tary initiating the first investigation into Eastern European many other Russian scientific organisathe biological effects of microwaves, with tions, in conjunction with the World Health the aim to develop "tolerance levels" for countries' exposure Organization WHO , the International both single and repeated exposures.

This decision, those in the West. As mentioned by Professor Yuri based more on a lack of scientific data than Grigoriev, chairman of the RNCNIRP anything else, quickly gained favour and a senior research scientist in with both the military and industry, An attempt to Moscow: "So far we have entirely as it avoided the unknown issue of different approaches to 'harmonisaother possible non-thermal health 'harmonise' safety tion'.

Western standard-setting organeffects not caused by tissue-heating. Research directed towards health effects bring our viewpoints together, we will have a shorter way to har- other than thermal was not favoured, and any findings especially monise," he said. It was simply bad be raised by military personnel that there may be health hazards for business! Servicemen standing in This situation was well described by Dr Rochelle Medici, a front of the radar antenna soon discovered it was a great way to researcher on animal behaviour, who said: "It is though scientists keep warm on a cold night, but rumours began to circulate that had retreated from doing challenging, frontier studies because this could also cause temporary sterility.

In the s, various such work engendered too much controversy or elicited too much US military and government agencies investigated the possibili- criticism. We are left with 'safe' but meaningless experiments. They all found no evidence of hazards, but The results of such experiments are a foregone conclusion. Force paper on the EPA report stated: "If published, the [EPA] Today, the ICNIRP exposure guidelines thermal only are report will contribute to public anxiety and have serious impacts being promoted as "the best that science has to offer" for an on capabilities and costs of air force programs.

An example of this was in given far more democratic and acaAustralia, where the possible health demic freedom and funding than risks from mobile phone use were their Western counterparts in choosconsidered serious enough to menIn Russia, a vastly different ing the focus of their research tion in the Telstra 2 share offer docpolitical, economic and social efforts, without interference from ument. The document says there vested interests. Now that East and West are talk and funding than their Western While thermal effects are accepting about the standard-setting counterparts Unfortunately, to non-thermal electromagnetic fields.

The reasons why Eastern however, it appears that the current attitude of ICNIRP is that the scientists had more freedom in this regard are as follows: process of harmonisation means total acceptance of the existing The socialist philosophy about protecting "the worker". An incorrect and biased in their interpretation of the Western example of this was the suppression of the US Environmental scientific literature.

Protection Agency's EPA report, "Evaluation of the Now that the large body of Russian literature is becoming Potential Carcinogenicity of Electromagnetic Fields", which was available to the Westliterature which convincingly shows that a review of the scientific literature up to that date. Northern or what it is worth, I am a year veteran of the computer Ireland's peace agreement is falling apart, the Israel-Palestine security community.

I have served in the Navy, National agreement is unravelling, and Russia's new President is putting Security Agency, State Department, Computer Sciences ex-KGB agents in his government, but Clinton has enough time Corporation and RCA, and have consulted on computer security to talk with a group of e-commerce barons, computer security with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, interna- geeks and even one hacker. The whole thing appeared to be tional banks, telecom companies and even firms that manufacture staged and scheduled way in advance.

The whole so-called Internet "hack" smells of a perception While working for the FBI and Naval Investigative Service, I management campaign by the intelligence community. Perhaps put one US Navy official in federal prison for espionage and the system-flooding was coordinated by one group; however, other crimes, and I was involved in US counter-terrorism work in those types of attacks probably occur on a daily basis without Greece and The Philippines.

I think I know how the "spook" being reported by the world's media. It is important to note that community operates and, more imporone of the key components of informatantly, how it thinks. Adams suggested that, for elsewhere. They are now extendcritical infrastructure protection, ing this to cyberspace.

Critical at the European Parliament, certain civil liberties must be forinfrastructure protection is a masthe Australian Stock feited. He also stated that Internet terful ruse aimed at creating the transactions should not be afforded myth of impending cyber-peril. Exchange, banks in the same degree of privacy as the The major domo is a weird chap US mail.

Athens, Nicosia, Moscow, named Richard Clarke, a Dr Hunker was uncomfortable that Strangelove type of character who Johannesburg, Beirut, some people think that scareis Clinton's counter-terrorism czar. That is classified "Trojan Horse" in Silicon Valley.

Net Eraser. None of the participants in the Rehm Show was willFor the past few years, US Government hackers have penetrating to talk about Net Eraser, and some seemed very nervous ed networks at the European Parliament and Australian Stock about discussing it in detail.

Even the use of the acronym against that country. DDOS is amazing. They are instead except for watching re-runs of Hackers and Sneakers using falling into a familiar Pentagon trap of deception and diversion. Who told them to use those terms? Agreement on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards SPS An international treaty that sounds hopelessly esoteric, but only happens to govern the integrity of all of the food that we eat and the risk from all of the diseases we might contract! Within it there lies numerous prohibitions against trade restraints, including a concerted undermining of the Precautionary Principle, thus allowing chemical pollution and diseases to enter our food and agriculture products.

This panel usually consists of three trade lawyers who deliberate in secret without participation from stakeholder groups unless requested. The decision of the three is binding and can overturn laws decided democratically by many millions of citizens. Fair Trade A term for alternative trading rules which might make distinctions that favour responsible and sustainable trade over that which is not. Fast Track Globalisation without representation. A means by which the US Government can vastly limit debate, congressional hearings and the possibility of amendments on international trade agreements and allow Congress only a thumbs up or down on the entire package.

Free Trade Lawless trade. Globalisation A global economic model where unbridled capitalism, free trade and the rights of transnational corporations are given value over democracy, sovereignty, human rights and sustainability. Harmonisation An euphonious word for one set of rules. In practice, it is another word for "downward harmonisation", as the deck is stacked against any dreams of upward harmonisation due to corporate dominance within the rulemaking institutions, the consensus nature of international law and the unwillingness of developed countries to assist developing countries in leapfrogging over dirty development.

Multilateral Environmental Agreements MEAs These are international treaties that free-traders feel the WTO should be able to trump, even though they have equal standing in international law. Now there are efforts underway to insert "supremacy clauses" into new MEAs e. Yet other free-traders want to set a limit that only via MEAs can environmental standards and rules be setnot allowing local, national or regional agreements. Both of these ideas spell disaster.

Most Favoured Nation Treatment All countries must be treated equally, no matter how much they destroy the global environment, abuse workers or human rights, and no matter how little economic and political clout they might have to resist unfair investment or trade, or compete with larger countries see Non-Discrimination. Multilateral Agreement on Investment MAI A liberalisation agreement dealing with investment rather than goods and services.

It would grant rights to capitalists, which will dramatically diminish the ability of governments to decide the types of foreign investment allowed in their countries and the terms of entry and operation. This agreement proposed by the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development OECD the club of 29 most wealthy countrieswas put on hold by an outcry organised by a globalised activist movement. National Treatment All foreign business must be treated just like homegrown business, regardless of environmental, labour or social practices of the importing country, and regardless of the need to protect a local economy from foreign investments, imports or trade in problematic substances such as a toxic waste or cigarettes.

N o n - D i s c r i m i n a t i o n A term that in itself is used with great discrimination to allude only to discrimination against a country's right to trade, and not, for example, its right to protect its environment or the global commons. Indeed, the WTO seems to take pride in the fact that it cannot distinguish between sustainable, responsible trade and nonsustainable, irresponsible tradeclearly a lack of a discriminating mind. This term is used as an excuse to lower environmental and social standards to lowest common denominator levels.

Proportionality The idea that an environmental or social measure taken by a government must not impact trade to an extent that is not in proportion to the environmental problem involved. In other words, environmental or social issues can never be considered more important than trade. Protectionism A pejorative term for "protection" the true noun form of "protect" , it implies that economic, social and environmental protections are motivated by selfish interests.

Quantitative Restrictions Bans or limits on trade in substances or products. The WTO disallows "quantitative restrictions", even when the ban or limitation protects the environment or public health. What they are really talking about is lawsyour laws, my laws, our laws.

Trade Barriers Anything that can limit profits made via trade or investment. Trade Distortion Used to describe the effects of "trade barriers". Not used to describe the effects of allowing "distortions" in true economics via externalising true costs to communities and the environment.

Trade Liberalisation Freedom to allow transnational corporations and governments to externalise environmental and social costs to the planet and its people see Free Trade. They are not what happens when the WTO allows countries to sanction one another if they fail to overturn democratic decision-making as is currently taking place between Europe and the US over the beef hormone issue.

Can be used to strip traditional peoples' ownership of rights to their own seeds, recipes, methods and genetic material. Can be used to deny developing countries appropriate technologies e. Rather, the WTO is about giving transnational corporations what they want. World Trade Organization WTO An umbrella organisation designed to limit governmental regulation of trade and investment to one set of rules.

But because these rules have been created primarily by the largest of our corporations, these rules have been established primarily for these corporations. They have become a Corporate Global Constitution and "Bill of Rights" that denies rights to people and the environment. Each year, research on the health effects of soy and soybean components seems to increase exponentially. Furthermore, research is not just expanding in the primary areas under investigation, such as cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis; new findings suggest that soy has potential benefits that may be more extensive than previously thought.

Far from being the perfect food, modern soy products contain antinutrients and toxins which inhibit digestion and block the absorption of vitamins and minerals. The symposium marked the apogee of a decade-long marketing campaign to gain consumer acceptance of tofu, soy milk, soy ice cream, soy cheese, soy sausage and soy derivatives, particularly soy isoflavones like genistein and diadzenhe oestrogen-like compounds found in soybeans.

It coincided with a US Food and Drug Administration FDA decision, announced on October 25, , to allow a health claim for products "low in saturated fat and cholesterol" that contain 6. Breakfast cereals, baked goods, convenience food, smoothie mixes and meat substitutes could now be sold with labels touting benefits to cardiovascular health, as long as these products contained one heaping teaspoon of soy protein per gram serving.

This food not only would provide affordable nutrition, but also would be delicious and easy to prepare in a variety of ways. It would be a healthful food, with no saturated fat. In fact, you would be growing a virtual fountain of youth on your back forty. You could grow this miracle crop in a variety of soils and climates.

Its cultivation would build up, not deplete, the land It's called soy. Farmers have been imaginingand planting more soy. What was once a minor crop, listed in the US Department of Agriculture USDA handbook not as a food but as an industrial product, now covers 72 million acres of American farmland.

Much of this harvest will be used to feed chickens, turkeys, pigs, cows and salmon. Another large fraction will be squeezed to produce oil for margarine, shortenings and salad dressings. Advances in technology make it possible to produce isolated soy protein from what was once considered a waste productthe defatted, high-protein soy chipsand then transform something that looks and smells terrible into products that can be consumed by human beings.

Flavourings, preservatives, sweeteners, emulsifiers and synthetic nutrients have turned soy protein isolate, the food processors' ugly duckling, into a New Age Cinderella. The new fairy-tale food has been marketed not so much for her beauty but for her virtues. Early on, products based on soy protein isolate were sold as extenders and meat substitutesa strategy that failed to produce the requisite consumer demand. The industry changed its approach. Michael Milken, former junk bond financier, has helped product consumed on its own merit in a more affluent society.

Soy milk sales are rising disease and cancer, whisk away hot flushes, build strong bones in Canada, even though soy milk there costs twice as much as and keep us forever young. The competitionmeat, milk, cow's milk.

Soybean milk processing plants are sprouting up in cheese, butter and eggshas been duly demonised by the approplaces like Kenya. Soy serves as meat and milk for a new food and whose people want more meat, not tofu, has opted to generation of virtuous vegetarians. During the Chou and maintain and expand domestic and foreign markets for uses for Dynasty BC the soybean was designated one of the soybeans and soybean products". State soybean councils from five sacred grains, along with barley, wheat, millet and rice.

Agricultural literature of the period speaks frePublic relations firms help convert research projects into quently of the soybean and its use in crop rotation. Apparently newspaper articles and advertising the soy plant was initially used as a copy, and law firms lobby for method of fixing nitrogen. The soybean did not serve as a IMF money funds soy processing food until the discovery of fermentaplants in foreign countries, and free The propaganda that has created tion techniques, some time during the trade policies keep soybean abundance Chou Dynasty.

The first soy foods the soy sales miracle is all the flowing to overseas destinations. At a relentless and global in its reach. Soy later date, possibly in the 2nd century a few decades ago, the soybean protein is now found in most superBC, Chinese scientists discovered was considered unfit to eat market breads.

It is being used to that a pure of cooked soybeans transform "the humble tortilla, could be precipitated with calcium even in Asia. Mexico's corn-based staple food, into sulphate or magnesium sulphate a protein-fortified 'super-tortilla' that plaster of Paris or Epsom salts to would give a nutritional boost to the make a smooth, pale curdtofu or nearly 20 million Mexicans who live in bean curd.

The use of fermented and extreme poverty". Sales are running at a quarter of a million The Chinese did not eat unfermented soybeans as they did other loaves per week. First among them are relations firm, to "get more soy products onto school menus". These inhibitors are large, limit for soy in school lunches. The NuMenu program would tightly folded proteins that are not completely deactivated during allow unlimited use of soy in student meals.

With soy added to ordinary cooking. They can produce serious gastric distress, hamburgers, tacos and lasagna, dieticians can get the total fat conreduced protein digestion and chronic deficiencies in amino acid tent below 30 per cent of calories, thereby conforming to governuptake. In test animals, diets high in trypsin inhibitors cause ment dictates. Asian beverage into a product that Western consumers will Weanling rats fed soy containing these antinutrients fail to grow acceptone that tastes like a milkshake, but without the guilt.

Growth-depressant compounds are deactivated during Processing miracles, good packaging, massive advertising and a the process of fermentation; so once the Chinese discovered how marketing strategy that stresses the products' possible health beneto ferment the soybean, they began to incorporate soy foods into fits account for increasing sales to all age groups. For example, their diets. In precipitated products, enzyme inhibitors concenreports that soy helps prevent prostate cancer have made soy milk trate in the soaking liquid rather than in the curd.

Thus, in tofu acceptable to middle-aged men. Soy also contains goitrogenssubstances that depress thyroid SPI is not something you can make in your own kitchen. Production takes place in industrial factories where a slurry of Soybeans are high in phytic acid, present in the bran or hulls of soybeans is first mixed with an alkaline solution to remove fibre, all seeds. It's a substance that can block the uptake of essential then precipitated and separated using an acid wash, and, finally, mineralscalcium, magnesium, copper, iron and especially neutralised in an alkaline solution.


A well-made crowd pleaser at a terrific price. The palate is crisp and mineral, with a lot of weight and a long, fruity finish. Great for Asian or Peruvian restaurant lists. Linden flowers and straw on the nose, with superb acidity and fruit concentration. A treasure for fine-dining restaurants, particularly at this price. This would be a good match with white trout. A good pairing with oily fish as cicchetti. A gastronomic style that can stand up to rich fish dishes with creamy sauces and aromatic seasonal green flavours like wild garlic too.

There's potential for ageing here. Great by the glass for a casual outlet. Some attractive freshness washes the tannins away for a lovely clean finish, with notes of tobacco and liquorice. This is a complex wine with good structure, and a good finish too.

On the palate it's round, with a lingering white pepper note throughout, and a long finish. There's some ripe white nectarines on the finish. This is mature on the nose and powerful on the palate, with pineapple and clotted cream deliciousness, crunchy acidity and a lingering spiced finish. A lovely wine for food pairing, especially for richer fish dishes and creamy sauces.

A safe bet at this price. This is definitely starting to show signs of development on the medicinal palate, with lovely, really settled tannins. Great value. Great value for money too. Deft winemaking Pretty red fruits with some mint and smoke. Delicious, and a great food wine too. A perfect pairing for polpette di cavallo. A nice replacement for entry-level Chardonnay on a by-the-glass selection. This would do well with food such as prawns grilled with garlic, a touch of chilli and parsley.

A wine that can be enjoyed on its own. This has a wonderful mouthfeel and great finish. A fantastic aperitif that would match with spaghetti with clams too. Very tropical on the nose, with floral rose petal notes too, balanced by some vegetal and lemongrass notes on the finish. Intriguing, complex and long. There are some big flavours here, with a long, clean and mineral finish. There's good texture here, with length and acidity, and a hint of spice to finish. A fresh wine with lively tannins.

Something that will improve with age too. Ready to drink now. A superb match with roast lamb. Well-developed, balanced and rounded. A big wine to pair with equally rich food. A ripe, full and balanced palate has an evolved note of bitter chocolate and mushrooms supported by great fruit dimension and some spices. The texture is soft, inviting and approachable, with overall good balance.

This is drinking well now, but will improve immensely over the next five years too. One the palate it's full-bodied and savoury, with mouthwatering tannins. Some dense tannins, with a fine grip towards the long finish. There is definitely a place for this.

Great concentration and a long finish. Well-rounded, rich and concentrated, with some lifted eucalyptus aromas. A very flashy wine at this price point. The palate is fresh and well-rounded, with a pleasingly long finish. Good value too. Great value for money. A big wine to serve with roasted fish or white meats with a creamy sauce. You could drink a bottle without food, but with a wide variety of dishes too. Very much a food wine, and well worth the price.

Zingy, elegant and persistent. Great with a bouillabaisse. On the palate it's creamy and rich, with fresh acidity and a smooth texture. This would be great with seafood, pork or poultry. The palate is rich, with lashings of oak to carry concentrated fruits, and a waxy, mineral mouthfeel.

Drink it. Love it. A good example of a wine to be enjoyed with food. A really nice wine. An interesting wine. It has a very pure, high-toned character and an elegant, svelte palate. Ripe and juicy, with chunky but ripe tannins. An easy-drinking wine that overdelivers on price. A well-structured wine with good balance - a great by-the-glass option for restaurants, as it would work well with a lot of different foods.

Good for grills, braises and strong cheeses. There's a savoury element here, with a touch of floral aromatics, leading to a juicy palate with piles of redcurrants and cherries, some light tannins and bags of character. A super-refreshing style that's perfect for fish dishes. A balanced, rich and unctuous wine. A warm and really happy wine that would be great by the glass. The palate is fresh and elegant, with a delicate astringency. Great for wine bars - and Japanese restaurants, of course.

Fruity and easy to drink. Great as a complement to seafood. This is lavish and luscious, with underlying oak giving creaminess and depth, yet it remains lively and vibrant. A fresh and vibrant wine with ripe, round tannins, all in harmony.

Earns its price point. Excellent stuff. A balanced and complete wine possessing lovely charm, with potpourri aromas gracefully entwined with subtle minerality, leading to a precise yet playful palate with sandalwood and fine spice.

This will evolve beautifully. A luscious, smooth and warm wine with a long finish. Medium sweetness is balanced well with high acidity, giving a honeyed mouthfeel and a long finish. Perfect for a restaurant wine list, and an excellent choice for food-and-wine-matching flights. Very fine. Fruit concentration, balance and very good length - a recipe for high-quality Sauvignon Blanc. Youthful, textured and smooth. This is very pleasant, and worthy of the price point. This is entrancing, with tight tannins, plenty of acidity and super-concentrated, with integrated oak and a focused, fresh finish.

An expensive bottle, but there's a lot of wine in the glass. Serious Grenache, with an attitude, and the most phenomenally complex aroma of wild berries, pepper, mushroom, gravel and iron. Depth, intensity and generous structure, with wild strawberries and peppery spice, earthy undertones and brooding tannins. Overall a great wine. Its elegant structure makes for a good food-matching wine - this would be lovely with roast lamb.

This is looking for a lightly chargrilled steak with chargrilled vegetables. A bargain. Moderate concentration and a vibrant finish. A lovely colour too! Lots of fig jam and Seville orange marmalade on the palate. Great by the glass in a Michelin-starred restaurant. Clove, orange peel, and a dried fruit medley, leading to a balanced finish that's sweet but fresh.

Absolutely fantastic. Rich, with candied orange, vanilla pod and sweet pastry notes, and some well-balanced acids. It would pair well with a chocolate dessert with raspberry sauce. Superbly well presented, and very long and powerful. Good acidity washes back the sweetness nicely, allowing the herbs and spices to come through on the finish.

This will age well. Really good juiciness on the palate with acidity that carries the flavours. This would be great with duck in a rich sauce. Good for juicy steaks on the grill, and perfect by the glass. Really savoury and earthy, with black fruits and herbal notes. Definitely one for food. Great value, and perfect on pub list by the glass.

Great for stews, braises, roast meats and game birds. Very refreshing for the price, and great as a house by-the-glass option. Very good value. For seafood restaurants this would be a great wine by the glass. Ripe and gently rich. A great match with mussels. Rich and velvety overall. This is a very good value by-the-glass option. Lovely balance. Beautiful balance and integration of ripe tannins. It has lovely linear acidity on the palate, with crunchy red fruit notes and a lively citrus edge.

A mix of seaweed and flinty saltiness lingers in the mid-palate, beautifully dissolving into a zesty finish. A balanced wine with great refinement. On the nose it's floral and summery, and there are lovely light notes of strawberries on the palate.

A great aperitif. It's quite precise and subtle, with an elegant frame. Perfectly balanced with extraordinary freshness stylishly interwoven with minerality. Excellent weight makes this a great food-pairing wine. Great for pubs, brasseries and outdoor dining, with value for money that can't be beaten! This is a great example of a rare and complex style of palo cortado, with a long, lingering finish. A delicate wine that would be excellent by the glass and with tapas.

Luscious and syrupy, with good length. This would be an intriguing option by the glass. A great match for raw oysters. With notes of spiced blackberries, plums, cedar, coffee, Asian spices and graphite, this is tannic, grippy and layered, with a superb finish. A stylish wine. Acidity maintains integrity, while the grippy, ripe tannins are integrated.

Great to pair with fatty meats and bold flavours. This is complex and chunky, with rounded tannins supported by a very fine acidity. One for fine-dining Spanish restaurants. A class act. I'd recommend this to enjoy throughout a meal, with its smooth and velvety texture and ripe tannin structure.

This would be a bestseller in a steakhouse. For this price it's magic. Smooth and rich, with tannins encapsulated by a still vibrant acidity. A great wine to enjoy with semi-soft cheeses. This has lovely weight and complexity - and is very food-friendly too. Great complexity, and a lovely wine to match with meaty courses, especially game, with root vegetables. A well-made wine for the money. A full-bodied wine that needs roe deer with chocolate sauce and roasted root vegetables.

Perfect for a good grilled steak. An elegant wine for roasted meat with baked mushroom. A wine to enjoy with hard, salty Spanish cheeses. One for gastropubs. Very appealing. It tastes older than it is. I'd be pleased to pay that price. Very much a food wine. Great for fatty and complex food. There's chalky minerality on the palate, with a smooth, rounded texture.

A nice bouquet, a good minerality on the finish. There's great acidity that's well balanced, with flavours from autolysis such as fresh bread, but losing none of the fresh fruit character. Some lovely bubbles too. Well structured, with a long finish, and some good potential for ageing.

It's dry, elegant and focused, quite lean and delicate, with a creamy texture and a long finish. There's lovely freshness, with a floral, easy style, but chalkiness too, and a pure and creamy element. This is honeyed, juicy, crunchy and delicious, with great minerality.

Dry and complex, with good structure too. There's superb balance here, with a delicate mousse and a crisp, clean finish. Ideal for aperitifs, or even to accompany a whole meal. A very rich and muscular wine, with good length. N Ganlot. N Gary Platt Manufacturing. S Gasser Chair Company. S GB Media Corporation. N GBI Racing. S Genesis Games Ireland. S Geoffrey Parker Games Ltd.

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Whilst every effort is made to ensure correct information at time of going to press neither the publishers nor organisers can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. Meet us at Stand: N Magnet Gaming develops attractive online slots for real-money gambling operators. Our success in online and mobile casual social gambling has taught us how to attract and retain both casual and core players. ICE is the only exhibition that covers the totality of gaming - both online and offline and with 60 nations and overseas territories represented on the show floor, the only event which provides a world as opposed to a regional perspective on the industry.

Thanks to the imagination and creativity which ICE exhibitors apply to their presentation, ICE has become an adventure where gaming professionals and entrepreneurs discover new suppliers, discover ground breaking technologies and discover those landmark products which have the potential to transform the way the industry does business.

The initiative, which has been developed in conjunction with. National Casino Forum, involves a wide range of compelling hospitality offers including an American themed Super Bowl party at the G Casino in Piccadilly, a Champagne reception and free to attend poker tournament at Aspers and a complimentary shuttle service from ExCeL, free drink and casino tour courtesy of the Hippodrome.

Looking ahead, ICE will continue to serve the international gaming community in all of its guises and to provide the best possible environment for it to meet, conduct business, network and exchange ideas. In addition, we will continue to run our successful i-gaming events GiGse and EiG as well as our series of regulatory panels in international locations.

Following the acquisition of the Slot Summit business, which was completed last year, we are rolling out two Summits in Eastern Europe and Latin America as well as a programme of tailored training courses. On a personal note, I would like to say a fond farewell to Ron Goudsmit who is leaving his post as Chairman of the European Casino Association. Ron has given huge support to ICE and to me personally. Thank you Ron for trusting me and I hope that that trust was deserved!

Our Live Common Draw Blackjack tables can cater for an unlimited amount of players at each table, while our Live Roulette tables are secured to accept bids while the ball is spinning; ideal for retaining those VIP and High Roller players. For sales enquiries and further information about our Live Casino product kindly contact us at sales netent. ICE under the stewardship of Julian Graves and Kate Chambers has flourished to become the biggest, the most progressive and the most influential gaming event in the world.

It provides a showcase for gaming excellence and a powerful platform for those of us involved in gaming in Europe. This level of success does not happen by accident and everyone involved in the creation and the nurturing of the ICE brand is deserving of our thanks.

I believe that business is about relationships and the relationship that the ECA enjoys with ICE has enabled us to develop the International Casino Conference into one of the stand out events for our industry attracting many of the. ICE is a splendid showcase for the legitimate gaming industry. For many years the ECA has fought against illegal gambling because of the harm that it does to our business and the image of our industry. We are happy to see that Brussels is in line with this and that we are seeing other organisations becoming more vocal on this topic.

Together we should be able to combat the scourge of illegal gambling much more effectively. As my tenure draws to a close I would like to place on record my sincere thanks to my fellow board members for all their hard work and commitment to the ECA and for supporting me as Chairman. As one of the five founding fathers it has been an honour and a privilege to see the ECA grow from strength to strength thanks to the support of all of the members, partners and sponsors, not least Clarion.

Finally, I would like to thank all of the many people who make this hospitality industry so special and in particular to those too numerous to mention, who have given me their support and most importantly, their friendship over the years. I wish Clarion and the ECA every success in the future. CPI has put all of the pieces together. CPI is more than products. It is a one-stop shop for coin, note and cashless solutions that lower transaction costs from the point of sale to the deposit.

The products and expertise that represent these brands will accelerate expectations for automated payment systems. Visit www. It offers a worldclass cross section of products and services covering the casino, betting, lottery, online, street, social, mobile and bingo sectors. Solicitation of business or distribution of materials by nonexhibitors is strictly prohibited. Violators will be immediately removed from the show. Any person found to be registering to attend ICE Totally Gaming using false information or credentials or deliberately with-holding information will have their application automatically denied and may be liable to prosecution.

Without prejudice, the organisers reserve the right to exclude any person s. The organisers reserve the right to deliver the CCTV videotapes to the Police or other competent authority as evidence if requested to do so. The contents of such videotapes may be used as evidence in a court of law. For further information contact the Security Manager. No person under the age of 18 years, including children of exhibitors, will be admitted during the tenancy period.

Canvassing is not permitted. The Organisers reserve the right to exclude or remove anyone from ICE Totally Gaming and ExCeL who does not comply with this policy or who they reasonably consider are likely to break these rules. Official media admission policy 1. In this event the host exhibitor has to provide the organisers with written undertakings to take full responsibility for the behaviour of invited non-trade media.

Exhibitors will be required to collect their invited media at registration, be responsible for their actions at all times, escort them from the show, take receipt of their entry badge and return it to ICE Press Officer Chris Jones. Consumer media must provide written confirmation that all film taken at ICE is the intellectual property of the organisers Clarion Events and cannot be used or broadcast without their prior permission 5.

In the event of a member of the non-gaming media gaining access without the above permission or if they have gained entry using false information or credentials or have deliberately withheld information, they will be ejected from the exhibition 6. Entry is at the discretion of the ICE organisers who reserve the right to exclude any person s without prejudice.

In the event of a member of the non-gaming media gaining access without the above permission or if they have gained entry using false information or credentials or have deliberately withheld information, they will be ejected from the exhibition. Cloakrooms The main cloakroom is located centrally in the boulevard on Level 0. Please note that ExCeL London cloakrooms cannot accept laptops, phones or other electrical goods. The cloakroom will open half an hour before an event opens and half an hour after the event closes.

When the cloakroom has closed, all left luggage and coats are taken to the Security Control Room. In case of an emergency dial T: 44 0 20 For general security enquiries dial T: 44 0 20 If any kind of emergency services are required, please contact our Security Team on the emergency number , and they will call on your behalf. They will arrange to meet with the emergency vehicle on entrance to the ExCeL campus and escort the vehicle to the closest point of access to the incident.

Business Solicitation Solicitation of business or distribution of materials by nonexhibitors is strictly prohibited. All machines accept all bankcards. Car Parking ExCeL London offers on-site car parking for 3, cars, including over 2, spaces directly beneath the venue. All onsite parking is pay and display. The ticket machines are located within the car parks and accept coins, notes and credit cards.

As ExCeL London is a green venue, all pay and display machines will be found on stand-by which will activate as soon as you insert your card or cash. With eight conferences over three days, ICE Conferences provides an unmissable opportunity to access invaluable educational content designed to help businesses learn and develop a greater understanding of the tools required to provide a universal, multichannel and seamless gaming experience for their customers.

Slot Summit Latin America Coming soon in , Lima, Peru The Slot Summit combines marketing insight and innovation, the latest gaming floor trends, real world case studies and new technologies in an intensive yet entertaining format. The Slot Summit is designed to ensure that you have the information you need to plan, invest and implement wisely in your casino, with maximum effectiveness.

The Slot Summit is designed for strategic, operational and marketing management who are responsible for gaming floor profitability and player development. To see the programme for Europe visit the website. The programme for Latin America will be available soon. The Slot Academy The acclaimed Slot Academy, brought to you by Lucien Wijsman, offers both open and bespoke in house training programmes.

For more information and to book a Slot Academy for your business, visit the website. Food and Drink Multiple fully licensed bars, snack bars and restaurants can be found on the central Boulevard. Covering a wide range of topics from gaming in India and Bitcoin to tribal gaming and a master class from International Masters of Gaming Law.

The sessions will give you a chance to hear from leading industry figures on Regulation and the current gaming hot topics. If you don't possess a Radar key please visit our information desks for assistance. The deposit amount is not deducted from the customer card - on return of the wheelchair, the card details and loan form will be destroyed.

Blind and Visually Impaired Visitors Should you require any assistance during a planned visit, please contact us via email at info excellondon. Please note, this service is offered on a best endeavours basis and cannot be guaranteed. ExCeL London retains a small number of wheelchairs available for daily hire from the west information desk.

Wheelchairs are loaned on a first come first served basis and. A First Aid room is located on Level 0 in the Boulevard. The organisers of the exhibition Clarion Events are in no way responsible for statements made in connection with the exhibits or the particulars concerning them, which have been supplied by exhibitors. If items have not been reclaimed within this period, they will be donated to a local charity, disposed or destroyed. Passports, driving licenses, national insurance cards etc.

Unclaimed perishable goods are disposed of at the close of each day this includes any food i. Press Office The press office is located in the Platinum Suite. It is for exclusive use of the press. Photography Photography is strictly forbidden without prior agreement from the organisers Clarion Events and specific exhibitors.

Please go to the press office for press clearance and to get your pass. Post Office There is a post box located at both the West and East of the venue at the taxi drop-off point. Stamps can be purchased from Whistlestop or Business Services.

Totally Connected. Totally Gaming. To source the best suppliers, stay ahead of the latest trends, read how to guides and blog posts from industry experts and be a vital part of the gaming community, visit totallygaming. Gaming entertainment giant IGT will exhibit a full range of games and systems for land-based, online and mobile gaming at the upcoming ICE The CrystalDual cabinet will be making its world premiere at ICE and has been designed to deliver ideal player experiences while additionally giving operators superior levels of serviceability and reliability.

This cross-platform success story will serve as a hallmark moment for IGT and an exemplary model for the industry as a whole. There will also be Prowling Panther, which will take centre stage as it is simultaneously released in the UK across land, mobile and online channels. SIS will also showcase dynamic visualisation in London as a way to present sports in a more engaging way for punters, taking them through the full experience of an event from start to finish.

For horseracing, visual updates can be provided for parading, going down, the race and result, which all helps to encourage betting. GB Media Marketing Services provides a complete communications service. With a management team boasting decades of international industry experience, GB Media is the only company of its type in the gambling space, employing teams of designers, marketers, journalists and business development executives. Scientific Games highlight strength in numbers After its recent merger with Bally, Scientific Games is keen to display the best offerings across a spectrum of brands to demonstrate why the companies are stronger together at ICE The Slovenian firm will also showcase its sCore platforms, which connect terminals from virtually every leading electronic gaming machine to a central server so that these can be monitored and configured in real time.

This is the starting point of collaborations to develop new products and features that can help land-based and online operators build unprecedented player loyalty. This is why we are now even more ambitious and eager to find out what is yet to come. As technology drives vast changes in the way players experience gaming content in the casino, at home and on the go, casino operators and gaming equipment suppliers must work closer than ever before to ensure they meet these evolving needs, while realizing their own business goals.

Entering as a wholly transformed, diversified, global supplier of gaming entertainment and technology products and services, Scientific Games will demonstrate, for the first time at ICE , the benefits of its recent combination with Bally. Our expanded product portfolio and service capabilities make our company Stronger Together and enable us to deliver new benefits to our customers. Betradar to bring its one-stop-shop to ICE A leader in the provision of sports data and digital content, Betradar will show off its complete range of solutions designed to give clients everything they could ever need to run a successful bookmaking operation.

The Swiss firm will be at ICE to show off its full range of services designed to give customers everything they could ever need to run a successful bookmaking operation such as fixtures, results, odds compiling, trading tools and in-running and front-end content services alongside live streaming and innovative gaming solutions. The previous twelve months has seen Betradar introduce managed trading services alongside new live channel online and betting software while further developing its virtual gaming solutions with the addition of an innovative remote game server.

Betradar will be showing all this and more including its comprehensive and reliable live odds and scouting services. In total, this coverage amounts to over 18, live events in 18 sports around the clock each month and providing over unique odds types. A lot of new games will be shown for the first time in London, alongside other games developed during , which have already proved successful in the field. E-gaming latest version of the online platform will also be on show during the exhibition, which is available in.

It has a variety of casino table games, poker and of course complete library of video slots from e-gaming. With this new, flexible platform it is also possible to offer third parties game content so that online casino operators have the choice to add games from most of the developers. All video slot games can be played on laptops, PCs, tablets and smartphones. On the stand, GLI will shine a spotlight on its auditing services, which contain a critical package of services ranging from WLA compliance to IT security.

These services help regulators, operators and suppliers to improve governance, risk and compliance processes across the entire operation. In addition to auditing, GLI offers its clients an extensive portfolio of services, including lottery testing, gaming device and systems testing, online gaming systems and security testing, rule writing, consultation and professional services.

Abbiati lay full portfolio on the ICE table Abbiati Casino Equipment will exhibit its complete product portfolio at ICE including a range of new table games alongside chips and playing cards with added security features. The Italian firm is also due to introduce visitors to its portfolio of chips, plaques and jetons complete with new casino security features designed to prevent counterfeiting while satisfying even the most demanding clients.

These innovations include RFID Turin-based Abbiatti Casino Equipment is an. Alongside all of these will be turnkey solutions for live online casino operators such as dedicated tables and GLI certified American roulette wheels incorporating patented Class 1A invisible laser technologies.

Abbiati Casino Equipment stated that these wheels come complete with open protocols and can be connected to online gaming terminals and winning number displays. Continent 8 to announce expansion plans Continent 8 Technologies to discuss data expansion and international growth at ICE. Blaze is a sophisticated illumination system designed to add excitement and entertainment for players while also increasing casino floor security.

It features a slim-line and energy efficient LED matrix fitted below the cloth surface of a gaming table. TCS John Huxley revealed that attraction sequences, winning number highlights and dynamic light displays are fully customisable and can be integrated with e-FX displays and Gaming Floor Live.

In fact, much of the established portfolio such as the benchmark Chipper Champ 2, Saturn roulette wheel and e-FX display products are now technology-enabled to connect to the new platform. The Isle of Man-based internet services supplier said that, despite expansion to support the growing client base in and , it finds itself nearing capacity again at several locations and has implemented immediate additional expansion plans to support this growth.

Having recently opened new data halls in the Isle of Man and Malta, the firm is once again embarking on the provisioning of new data halls in Gibraltar, a second and geographically diverse location in Malta, and hosting partnerships in New Jersey with a mid-term plan to open a dedicated and privately owned Continent 8 data centre within the next 12 months. Continent 8 Technologies has also expanded its network reach to New York, New Jersey, Central and South America and Asia, with a full suite of solutions available at all locations.

During ICE, and the run up to the show, Continent 8 will be announcing the launch of new services and locations which will complement its range of networking, managed services and hosting solutions already on offer across three continents. New additions to the e-FX range include a inch punto banco display, inch portrait and landscape displays and a multi-table display that can simultaneously show statistics, game results and animations for up to four tables on one screen.

Advantech-Innocore will show off its complete range of industrial computing platforms for gaming machines in London with more innovations up their sleeve. This innovation is a high-end but cost sensitive follow-on to the previous generation C series Connectbus boards and will be available as a board level solution with a motherboard and backplane or as a system level with the enclosure and cassette. We are more efficient across the board and we have leveraged off a wider pool of technical expertise from Esterline.

Advantech-Innocore is dedicated to providing advanced gaming solutions, ranging from standard and customized gaming boards, systems, peripherals and software services. Understanding the environment and regulatory constraints of a gaming machine allows Advantech-Innocore to add features that solve problems before they arise. Optima confirmed that it has signed 30 clients worldwide for their Sportsbetting and Gaming platform during the second half of the year And with a host of announcements planned for ICE, this year is looking to take them from strength to strength.

Super Soccer Oddsfeed improves GPS service Bookmakers can now further enhance their sportsbook with a range of new goalscorer markets. MGS instant common wallet integration framework allows multiple poker, bingo, casino and games from any independent game developer to be promoted and managed under the same platform in a common bonus strategy spanning across channels and brands or suppliers.

Optima Certified Partner Network includes a number of game developers - the catalogue makes thousands of titles available in the MGS platform ready for a pick and release exercise. All of these are now delivered via a single API with Abelson Info handling the comprehensive resulting with most markets settled in-running.

An improved algorithm allows clients to take either a margin-free or margininclusive price for all markets while the goalscorer data feed is also bespoke with tailored settlements according to each individual client's rules. GPS is used by some of the most successful and well-known. We have invested heavily to expand our software and services catalog for the e-gaming industry by acquiring MarginMakertm Sportsbook platform support, development and commercialisation rights from GTech.

We develop a wide variety of slot games for online gambling operators in regulated markets. Our aim is to offer the most engaging, cross-platform, casual gaming experience. When Denmark deregulated we were the first homegrown supplier to be granted a real money licence.

Our plan now is to take that onto the international stage. We have very low churn rates at Magnet Gaming. We are also very careful to analyse player journeys and their playing habits to make sure they continue to enjoy the experience. That is critical in any market, but particularly so in an established one like the UK where competition is very stiff.

Magnet Gaming places a high emphasis on creating cross-platform player experience? We take cross-platform development very seriously. We are exclusively focused on HTML5, which allows us to deliver on a cross-channel platform with simultaneous launches on PC, mobile and tablet. Our games are the same on a variety of devices, with optimisations only to user interface to suit specific ways of playing on devices. ClusterTech International is the firm behind the King Roulettes brand of automated roulette wheels but will be at ICE also exhibiting a new range of manual machines.

On the surface, there has never been more choice for online casino players. More companies are producing more games than ever before. But below that surface there is a lot of uniformity, which is turning people off. Many slots games now have very similar maths models and are formulaic.

There are also a lot of aggressive, volatile games that do not suit everybody. Operators need to cater for all-comers. Many are female and come to casino from bingo and lottery products. Finding new revenue streams like this will be crucial to operators in The Croatian company stated that it is exhibiting at ExCeL in London so that industry professionals from all over the world can see the reliability and attention to detail of its products along with their overall competitiveness.

The GEN2 Universal family of printers is compatible with existing gaming platforms. GEN2 Universal printers offer compatibility with existing games on the floor. TableXchange brings the convenience of TITO to the table by both accepting and paying out with TITO tickets, allowing full two-way transactions compatible with existing casino TITO systems, increasing convenience for players and streamlining operations by virtually eliminating the need to replenish chips at table games.

DNA empowers operators and regulators with real-time health and event monitoring of all peripheral components used inside EGMs, on table games or inside redemption kiosks, utilising either a wired or wireless connection to a local server. Peripherals that DNA can monitor are practically limitless and include bill validators, ticket printers, card readers, digital displays and coin acceptors.

Booming Games is especially excited about presenting its Slot Builder innovation, which is an online build-ityourself toolkit that enables clients to remotely construct their very own slot whenever they desire. As the client, you pick all the features the slot consists of, from the number of reels, the graphics and sounds, to the conditions of the regulated pay-out ratios and hit frequencies, all by simply pointing and clicking. Swissbet offers fresh solutions under fresh new name Stripping off its Betting.

The Switzerlandbased company prides itself on delivering the best Swiss-made iGaming solutions for its global clients while developing a strong understanding of individual business needs. Although it continues to innovate and develop new technology, they are primarily focused on the benefits they deliver to customers, rather than on the technology used to deliver those benefits. The solutions company provide front end to back end turnkey solutions for the sports betting industry alongside full spectrum iGaming and mobile gaming products.

Considering the market overly commoditised and complicated in terms of iGaming software for operators, the company undertook a detailed review at how the online gaming market was developing from a software and technology supplier provision. This modular approach to a scalable and flexible architecture allows for the speedy customisation and localisation of products and features for the gaming operator.

Microgaming is soon to introduce a big screen comedy classic to the world of gaming after securing a lucrative licensing deal from Universal. The plot centres on thirtysomething Annie who finds her life turned completely upside down when she takes on the Maid of Honor role in her best friend Lillian's wedding. In way over her head but determined to succeed, Annie leads a cast of bridesmaids on a wild ride down the road to the big event.

It will be a five reel, multi-level bonus game, available online and via the browser of mobile devices, featuring all the main characters, as well as side-splitting clips from the movie. The storyline, characters and genuinely hilarious stand-out scenes combine to make it one of the most successful comedy films of all time. Especially for some of where. Omni-chanmeet needs very quickly and at lownel, however, is viewing the cost.

We will be live with a website experience through the eyes of your on Keystone in March. Omniwhat they do best and suppliers are channel anticipates that customers better at understanding what those may start in one channel and move needs are and how to service them. But the firm also has. Playing card manufacturer Copag will be in London to show off its impressive ranges of plastic and paper products. The company received its ISO certification over 15 years ago while also holding ISO environmental and SA social responsibility qualifications and implements strict quality controls throughout every production stage before selling its cards to clients all over the planet.

Enhanced further by cutting-edge security features unavailable anywhere else, our newest plaque innovations transcend the rest. To see our new plaque advancements firsthand, visit us at ICE booth S When it comes to gaming operators and foreign exchange and binary option brokers, this necessity is brought to a whole new level. Despite showing the core Digitote product Xturf Wallet and Sportsbook for shops, mobile and self-service machines , Digitote has invited special guests to help promoting their products to customers.

Sport1 is the leading sports multimedia brand in Germany with its TV, online, mobile, radio and social media offers. Sport1 stands for premium live sport, proven sports expertise and high-quality, entertaining reporting. In London Sport1 has teamed up with Digitote to showcase its content at ICE and what offers are available in the German market for gaming and betting companies.

Sport1 representatives will be present during these three days at the Digitote stand and they are not the only ones. At the Digitote stand he will sign autographs from pm after which he is going to show his extraordinary darts skills. Gasser chairs occupy that lofty perch where fashion sense and common sense intersect.

A Bet A is a leading supplier of betting systems to retail bookmakers, call centres, and online sportsbooks. We provide robust, reliable, and costeffective transactional and operational software to fixed odds and pool betting operators in the UK and Ireland, as well as markets overseas. Ease of transaction will feature prominently for us at ICE , when we unveil new products and services designed to make life easier for punters.

The first such innovation is the new Smart Screen display which brings to life betting data in a way that engages customers and promotes betting activity. It also prevents latency issues that have plagued retail bookmaking for years, finally removing the discrepancy between the odds shown on shop tills and customerfacing screens, a persistent source of dissatisfaction.

Other system benefits include cutting out the need for in-venue graphics control hardware and expensive installations. Operated by the in-shop. EPOS terminal, the Smart Screens prevent data relay and can be delivered over a wide-area network to licensed end users. The new platform will provide an ultra-portable, allencompassing mobile EPOS solution for emerging markets at an unbeatable cost. Our secure, in-shop EPOS system is the most fully functional product on the market.

It is now used in traditional shops, modern betting lounges and kiosks around the world. It can be used as a standalone device or linked back to a head office site for liability control and event management. Operators can also configure it to control their credit business within a shop environment as a small call centre would. Working in tandem with this system is our BetMaker device, a pre-authorised betting slip creator, a unique and valuable addition to betting shops.

Customers can browse and compile their own bets on the shop floor before bringing them to the counter for validation. In addition, we offer selfservice betting terminals that provide a full range of sports betting opportunities, including virtual sports, inrunning betting, and traditional fixed odds. The casino equipment manufacturer said that these characteristics will be on full display at the London exhibition, where it will showcase its modern STD, DWS and HD cabinet and jackpot series Dragon.

The DLV team said that it has a lot of ambitious plans in place for its 20th year and ahead, and will be delighted to share them with all interested ICE guests. The specialist supplier has partnered with broadcast and distribution provider Vermantia to set up the first ever pan-African satellite service dedicated to its content.

It will be launched in the first quarter of in three betting shop estates in Uganda, including that of Gaming International. The country will then be joined by Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya within the first 12 months of operation. We believe the Africa Virtual Games Channel will be a big hit with both oper-. It requires no internet connection to operate, making the product cost-effective and suitable for retail premises in even the most remote locations. According to Spartinos, another positive is its adaptability.

It is also a lot cheaper than an expensive in-shop render. Sadie Guymer, head of sales gaming at Callcredit Information Group, talks about how customer analysis can boost business. Online gambling has transformed the gaming industry over the last two years largely thanks to the growth in sports betting and the rapid increase in customers using both mobile and tablet devices.

In a fast paced sector where growth is key, we understand the importance of player acquisition, retention strategies and risk management. As such we offer the gaming sector a suite of solutions that help to find the most profitable players, provide insight in to how to keep them, reduce the risk of fraud, whilst at the same time helping operators to meet regulatory requirements.

However, as the industry becomes a more heavily regulated market, the key focus for Callcredit throughout will be to help gaming operators increase the level of insight held on customers in order to meet enhanced due diligence requirements,. We aim to do this through our dedicated consultancy team who will optimise the insight we provide to operators not only through offering guidance on industry best practice and benchmarking but also by having the knowledge to create bespoke models and strategies using operators existing player performance data.

This will enable operators to better understand the characteristics of their customer base not only to identify high-value players but also to make it easier to identify any abnormalities and identify possible fraud throughout the customer lifecycle. Gaming Partners International puts its cards on the table Casino table games and equipment manufacturer and supplier Gaming Partners International GPI will be exhibiting its large portfolio of product at ICE including its recently expanded range of gaming chips and plaques.

Designed to offer an unprecedented variety of configurations so that operators have more currency options, this is an American-style chip composed of a stronger and more durable injection material formula. The V-Series also includes the ChipShield antimicrobial substance as standard that inhibits the growth of stain-causing mildew and offers a cleaner and more sanitary chip surface. Customers ordering the V-Series with four or more color shots will also be able to take advantage of a standard infrared security feature exclusive to GPI.

These new choices are available in both transparent and opaque options to extend the design possibilities even further. As part of its commitment to providing customers with options to protect their money, GPI has additionally developed two new currency security feature options that can be layered with most of its existing offerings. The 3-In-1 UV it is a security taggant that remains invisible under standard ultraviolet wavelengths.

Since it is added to plastic injectionmolded chip materials, this taggant offers quick validation when placed in stacks or racks while it also offers a trio of authentication levels including forensic verification using scanning electron microscopy. There is also SecuriFilm, a new decal security film featuring a semi-transparent hologram-like effect for quicker authentication. SecuriFilm can be easily authenticated at a table and includes an additional covert security feature for higher levels of validation.

The Gemaco-branded line includes two paper stock and two plastic card types with GPI showing off its full catalogue of table game products via tables stocked with all of the essential products required for a live game. G Amatic Industries will have a selection of new games on show at ICE including Hot 81, Square Fruits and Red Chili titles while its latest gaming cabinets and electronic roulette wheels are sure to please. The Austrian firm will also exhibit its new Grand Arc slant-top cabinet, which features a curved design that is especially prominent in a three-monitor configuration.

This will be joined at ExCeL by the V24 AWP cabinet alongside the latest innovation from its Premier series, the C24 upright with both offering a trio of inch monitors. Rutzenmoos-based Amatic Industries will moreover be on stand S to promote its Solitaire electronic roulette wheel as well as its Roulette Grand Jeu 22WS live electronic live roulette innovation, which is available in five, six, and eightplayer configurations, alongside its ten-seat Roulette Grand Jeu Double.

We were also able to gain a stronger position in several European countries by, among other things, building a more efficient distribution and service network. European gaming market. Patir is known for its innovations and trend-setting designs and staying true to the German values of quality and service has seen us obtain the trust of clients and enjoy a reputation as a global leader in our field. Live gaming has developed significantly and its potential is recognised by everyone, not least Net Entertainment.

Having yielded impressive results across multiple field trials, SCR will be released to the European AWP market in the first quarter of SCR is the latest extension of the SC product line, which has achieved an installed base of more than 1. Two note recycling drums also provide SCR with the capacity to meet the needs of diverse applications within a small footprint.

In games that traditionally pay jackpots in coins, SCR virtually eliminates hopper starvation by paying out higher value notes instead — using the same notes it accepts and stores on its recyclers from previous transactions.

As a result, SCR requires less maintenance and can run for longer periods of time, lowering the overall cost of operation. The CashCode one and Money Controls Ardac Elite note acceptors will be on display, along with SC Advance and its portfolio of modular extensions — including the Easitrax Web cash management system and a variety of cashbox sizes.

There are a wide range of features that ensure the company differentiates itself from its competitors, including integration capabilities, scalability, strong promotions and bespoke in-game features. RNG games still deliver the highest revenues to online casinos.


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nicosia@theforexgurublog.com 6th Floor, Lamda Tower, 1 Dimofontos Street Nicosia, Cyprus Tel: + Fax:+ close-envelope. Exsus Trust provides services from tax, legal, accounting, auditing, and corporate administration, migration services to corporate and private clients. Complete overview of the Nexus vs. Asia/Macau, Asia/Magadan, Asia/​Makassar, Asia/Manila, Asia/Muscat, Asia/Nicosia, Asia/Novokuznetsk, Asia/​Novosibirsk, Asia/Omsk, Asia/Oral SKADE WILL WIN WHOLE EVENT TRUST ME ON THIS. i waited this match for like 3 days to bet on my boys skade:x.