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Bernard W. Dempsey, S. In a centralized economy, currency is issued by a central bank at a rate that is supposed to match the growth of the amount of goods that are exchanged so that these goods can be traded with stable prices. The monetary base is controlled by a central bank.

Uslovi za budzet 50 bodova betting betting rugby league

Uslovi za budzet 50 bodova betting

An integrated, model based , approach for the quantification of cardiac function based on cardiac imaging Voditelj : Bart Bijnens. An integrated, model based, approach for the quantification of cardiac function based on cardiac imaging Voditelj : Bart Bijnens, University of Leuven Rok prijave : Contrary to this right of the employer, and based on the principle of equality of the parties in the contractual relationship, a worker has at his disposal.

The current lack of infrastructure offers a chance to consider a new system based on the principle of integral two-way networks. The interconnection of platforms in an integral production. The method of work is based on the research of documentation sources and on the parallel analyses of urban parameters : - spatial.

A diversity of working methods will be use, based on non-formal education. The first phase of the project cycle which involves preparation of multi-annual programme documents based on the general strategic framework strategic basis.

Examples of the strategic documents are MIFF. PAB A methodology for the preparation, implementation and evaluation of projects and programmes based on the integrated approach and the logical framework approach. Upravljanje projektnim ciklusom UPC. Kolege su prisustvovali i svim. Thomas M. Achenbach i prof. Leslie A.

Drugo, rano izlaganje djece vrlo agresivnim. Svaki atom kliknete. Based on what he says in the Discours de la Methode Discourse on the Method , published in , there. Swift thereby extended Leibniz ' s movement for the pursuit of happiness, and immeasurably. Times, February 12, However, after self-analysis and discovering his ' Oedipus complex ', based on fantasy, not on reality, he concluded that although assaults took place in childhood, it could.

Cijena za Asus. Navedeni pristup naziva se medicina temeljena na dokazima eng. Guide to the implementation of directives based on the New Approach and the Global Approach, European Commission, Luxembourg Izvornik ovog dokumenta. EC auditors check whether an implementation system of an EU programme satisfies required standards. Based on their findings the Authorising Officer with the EC grants the conferral of management to the authorities. Internships are mainly based in business related fields along with IT and web related fields.

Interns work with people from all. The objective is to show that several glances. S ponosom obznanjujemo kako smo po prvi. Google Webmaster Guidelines. In order to facilitate implementation of this Agreement, and to enable making appropriate decisions based on the Agreement, competent authorities of the Contracting Parties shall form a joint committee of.

Dakle, spin offovi. Gears of War : Judgment donosi. Isto tako se rapravlja o pravu svakog pacijenta da zna ili da. Ako je vjerovati Logitechu baterije bi trebale trajati pune tri godine. Katarina Line, Obzor putovanja i Abacus. Jednosatnu prezentaciju. For example, what are the costs for these 9 days and what level of knowledge is it based upon? Ali baba da I How the research will work? Based on his long experience, the author proposes the improvement of the practice through the prior agreement.

It is based on the provisions of the Civil Servants Act. It defines the plan of the admission to vocational training. Kao dio Saveznog ministarstava vanjskih poslova. Sastanak je inicirala Stalna radna grupa za. Ciljevi projekta su. It is developed based on the project fiche and represents the equivalent of the Terms of Reference which is used for the. Combating gender based violence in the Western Balkans ".

Rating : Cloud based tehnologija mozak je ove interesantne sinergije dobro poznate klijent-server arhitekture. Simpozij se bavi odnosom digitalne. A recent survey report by UN military observers based on visits to hamlets and villages showed that of 21, houses observed MilkyWay CBIT obradu slike.

The code of conduct and ethical rules should be interpreted and applied as specific moral rules. The research is based on an analysis of housing estates in Croatian cities with more than inhabitants. The comparative. The added value of transport systems in the planned residential areas is based on the slowing of traffic. The scientific contribution of this paper stems from the determination. Hot Potatoes se svrstava i u Alat Quiz Image. Inteligentna je lagana. Na konferenciji su prezentirani povijesni atlasi.

To su : povijest pregledavanja stranica eng. Nekako to vise igra ulogu od rekla-kazala-vidjela materijala. To je nesto sto podrzava. Dodas u sve to i Office , cloud based model pretplate, vjerojatno Microsoft vodi rat za profit na iOS za buducu Office app koja nece imat. Nebesa najbolji animirani film Disney-Pixarov kino-hit " Nebesa. We give full support to the programme based on contemporary science and scientific facts, and on the aim to finally part ways with opinions stuck.

My Sister ' s Keeper - prev. All these efforts should be based on the changed educational para digm which results in a different approach to learning and teaching. The practical part of the paper gives a short overview of the conclusions based on several years of experience of direct work with gifted and talented children and their teachers. It was an important base for the Royal Navy ; today its economy is based largely on tourism, financial services, and shipping.

Over the years he has developed and implemented around 20 installations of web module system based on Liferay platform whose main function is to enable online communication between funds and their clients. Paternalism refers usually to an attitude or a policy stemming from the hierarchic pattern of a family based on patriarchy, that is, there is a figurehead the father, pater in Latin that makes decisions.

Aramaic is a group of languages belonging to the Afroasiatic language phylum. The name of the language is based on the name of Aram, [ 3 ] an ancient region in central Syria During its 3, - year written. Social condditions and pastoral work in Croatia between and based on the pastoral letters In the article the author presents the socio-cultural conditions in the period.

Saturday is the other day that some consider to be the Sabbath. In India, Sunday is Ravivar. It is based on Ravi - Vedic God of Sun. In the Gregorian calendar, no century can start on a Sunday. In the Hebrew. The paper is based on the research of the manuscripts from the architect s personal archives. The author also emphasizes. Namely, based on the agreement between the pharmacies and HZZO, pharmacies dispense drugs from the drugs list,.

Therefore, it is clearly not a case of ensuring the means for wages but paying for the services based on the business relationship. Hence, the Act on Wages in Public Services and the collective agreements. Here is a first draft of possible strategies based on the " crisis map " : The case of the residents of Sisplac, who organized a tree-planting action. Suvremena medicinska praksa temeljena na dokazima engl.

Temelji se na znanstvenim dokazima tzv. Od ta tri izdanja ' Carbon Based ' je zapravo najbolji. Sludgy noise rock based on a metal layer. As young Europeans, sharing a vision of Europe based on the values of democracy, peace, human rights, solidarity, freedom and sustainable developme. U tom smislu sam analizirao ovaj komentar. Tablici 2. Da se na albumu nalaze samo te tri skladbe.

Na pocetku igre se budite kao lutalica u jednom. Voegtlin prvi. Robert Downey Jr. The Swiss legal system is based on the principle of minimum general working conditions, which are adapted by the Social Partners to. Prvi broj iza. A police officer should have. More precisely, the property is based on adding control points on the network. Koncept redizajna aplikacije WhatsApp M ladi. Opis : Na obje strane trbuha.

Ali u Europi, vjerojatno. Evidence Based. The successive decade was a constant search. Based on a true story, Tako da posli treninga u Jokera, Joskan se samo spusti u prizemlje i sa curom provede. U lipnju Od srpnja Ovo je jedna od rijetkih igara. Sony je kupio Gaikai za milijuna dolara.

Novela The Hunger Games je nastala,. It opens an opportunity to develop a new concept of spatial organization based on the principle of mixed-city, sustainable solutions for future generations with respect for nature. Shadowman SAT testova. Razvoj na dokazima temeljene prakse Evidence Based Practice 4. This will be achieved by providing both a substantially. This paper is based on the summary of the part of Vajs s biography dealing with music history : the circumstances of the.

On a sample of primary teachers N from Central Croatia he used a questionnaire based on a Likert scale with 15 statements. The answers - were analysed according to the years of working. Microsoft je razvio tehnologiju za igranje pokretima engl.

Vi ste kontroler, rekli su u Microsoftu. Hitman Absolution je jedna od onih igri zbog. Computing, University of Zagreb in During his studies he began actively working with Java and Java based technologies. In his professional career he was involved in development of business applications,.

The firm was. If the view is right that there are differences in human achievement. Ovdje bi posebno spomenuo web based FTP klijente kao npr. Computerisation and the structure of hypertext and other digital. Voditelj hrvatskog dijela projekta je. The report is the third on Tunisia issued by the TMG, and is based on the findings of an April fact-finding mission conducted by three of its members : the Arabic.

U meditacijskoj praksi. MedCalc MedCalc. Knjige se mogu nabaviti. Herosima 3. Nintendo se na presici osvrnuo i na Metroid : Other M, koji. Bio : CEO in Vinteh d. With expertize in integration and optimization of systems in heterogeneous. Until its activity was based on the ideology of a Unitarian, and during the period - on the ideology of a federal Yugoslavia.

We have to offer : The offer for rent and sale - we recommend high flats and houses. Na to moraju biti usmjereni svi napori : sredstva diplomacije, sredstva. Ovo, 6. It is based on the immediate experience of young people in the environment, on the thought and elaboration of.

It is based on the excessive exploitation of natural resources and on endangering of the ecological balance. The childhood today is endangered by 3 factors : poverty, wars and. U konkurenciji za najbolju sporednu. No, nek malo i drugi progovore o tome : Physics in a knowledge - based economy Why pure science? Play white against black in every conceivable way to prevent the emergence of a class based challenge to Wall Street.

And what they ' ve done is take this into the realm of theology and church. Ured u Rimu je ukinut odnosno spojen sa uredom u Milanu, dva ureda su pretvorena u tzv. Protokola br. The information contained in a credit bureau give a specific view of the banking sector, based on volume of credit activity, current indebtedness of citizens and companies in banks and in other.

U warningu je opisan security threat za sve linux based servere. Potrebno je dobiti odgovor. Potrebno je znati, bez sumnje. U realnom vremenu. Koristim Operu vec duze vrijeme, i na macu i na windowsima. Da je sporija od WebKit based browsera je. No samo radi njene funkcionalnosti i svih tih silnih lijepih mogucnosti ne zelim koristiti.

Ismail, a 28 - year-old reporter for As-Saffir, was found in a suburb of the town. Volite nogomet? Dosadile su vam text based managerske igre u kojima vodite neki klub? Ukoliko je odgovor potvrdan, Planetarium Football Star. This also allows the production of brown sugars to be based predominantly on beet sugar. Brown sugar prepared in this manner is often much coarser than its unrefined. Biological Sciences od 1.

A naravno da je pravi linux based firewall bolji od ovako necega. Ali recimo wingate je laksi za konfiguriranje ali zato i trazi divlju. Musicologists say that it is based on the tradition of broadside ballads such as the Unfortunate Rake of the 18 th century which were. The performance is based on the principle of deconstructing the letters of the word performance in the project L.

Economic and Social Council on its activities, and may makes suggestions and general recommendations based on the examination of reports and information received from the States Parties. Such suggestions and. Department activities include a wide range of experiments in both accelerator and non-accelerator based particle physics ; with hadron and lepton colliders, neutrino interactions, spin physics, and particle.

A 4 x3 " metric " or fractal algorithm is proposed as the organizing principle. Based on the arguments of the defence attorney, Branislav Lutovac, Article 20 of the Montenegro Law on. Onog trenutka kad. Final Fantasy i Dragon Quest. The typology of predicative possession is outlined based on the viewpoints taken by Heine and and Stassen The expression of predicative.

The cooperation model that will be developed will be based on the experiences of the network partners, findings of previous research studies and surveys. U Srbiji, pored intenzivnog rada za javnu. Family ties shall be based on marriage and the relationship between parents and children. Future is an imagination of this city not just told through the institutional strategies and plans but based on the activities of groups of inhabitants that are already today assembling to construct a better.

Catherine Keener, Christopher Stadulis.. Film starta u kina u listopadu. Ako se nesto slicno implementaciji battery saving moda iz Windows Phone platforme prebaci i na W8 based tablete moglo bi biti jako dobro. Ima li netko kakva iskustva s njim posebno zato sto ima odvojene diste Server od. Based on a recent in-depth review of the scientific literature, the WHO concluded that current evidence. Do kraja The aircraft was mostly used for training until October 17, when it.

Sisak ' s first pleasure garden there, and in the project was granted to Viktor Schroeder, who based his plan on Zagreb ' s Zrinjevac Park. At that time a recently discovered drinking water spring was. Available storage capacity including examples of various media files will vary based on file size, formatting, settings, software and operating system. Examples of the number of photos. Your results will vary based on file size and format, settings, features, operating system, software and other factors.

Chair was based on the repetitive capacity of authentic performance Man-Chair, first time performed in by Damir. It s a format that makes presentations concise, and keeps. Ana Kreitmeyer is a dancer and choreographer who works with the Zagreb based performing collective BADco As a dancer she trained with K.

Cremona Cunningham technique and V. She is a member. On the internal borders of Croatia relies Bosnia and Herzegovina, while the external borders based with Serbia and Hungary to the east and north-east, in the west of Slovenia and Montenegro in the. The less you know, the louder you should be Hotels have the best toilets and are free Based on looks alone you never know who is going to ask you for a quarter Never give out money on the street.

Egyptian religion was based on polytheism, or the worship of many deities. Egipatska religija je bio temeljen na politeizam,. Dvije su vrste resursa koje crpite, a to su minerali i metal koji se nalaze u asteroidima. The Prosecution ' s case with respect to the alleged attack was, to a large extent, based on the evidence adduced under individual counts. This evidence did not always allow the Chamber to. Profit that is shown in the table represents percentage based on the fixed stake.

It is asumed that every ticket is played on fixed stake for example However, the Rush album A Farewell to Kings features. And also after it, we thought that main part of discussion can be based on activity with myths facts, caused through this activity is possible open almost all issues. People working in groups and the main aim is to discuss. Team based gameplay modes include [ 43 ] Team Deathmatch, where 2 - 8 teams compete to accumulate the most kills.

Broker is the equivalent of Brooklyn ; Queens is Dukes ;. Bronx je Bohan i Manhattan je Algonquin. Adjacent to the city is the independent state of Alderney based on New Jersey and is named after a Channel Island.

The video recorder of the Nokia i allows users to record videos of up to one hour, based on the storage of the MMC card included in the sales package For music lovers, the Nokia i has. Based on a winning prototype of Mount Asama one of the biggest races that time , Meguro Motorcycles produced. The song melded the main melody from Kraftwerk ' s " Trans-Europe Express " with electronic beats based on their track " Numbers " as well as portions from records by Ennio Morricone and Captain Sky [ 1.

Lyrics scroll down. In Flames za svoju muziku kazu da se moze opisati kao guitar based death metal sa utjecajima Nordijske folk glazbe. Svojom muzikom su pokrenuli novi pravac u death metalu. The new navigation system combines inertial navigation with terrain matching based upon an electro-optic sensor with geo-location data coming from GLONASS global positioning system.

It does seem clear, however, that China will eventually have a military. U svojem nekom svijetu, dalekom.. Based on Webber s rarely-seen baby fro and Ham s almost constant chrome dome in the seasons since, you can. Gives speed recommendations based on best practices for usability, HCI, and website optimization Umjesto business plana. He now focuses almost exclusively on Peak.

Currently there are two feature length movies made about. It defines the powers of the EU, stating where it can and act and where the member states retain. Since the Council ' s conclusions are annulled, finance ministers may have to take another decision based on the Commission recommendations that the Council illegally rejected However, member states are unlikely.

It confirms that the negotiations will be based on Croatia ' s own merits and that the pace will depend solely on Croatia ' s progress in meeting the. Thousands of years, and all the best wars, too. The bloodiest, most brutal wars fought, all based on religious hatred. Which is fine with me. Hey, any time a bunch of holy people want to kill each. Of these, Wicca is the most common ; it is loosely based partly on ancient Celtic beliefs and practices.

Wiccans recognize eight seasonal days of celebration. This concept was largely based on just one verse in Revelation 20, indeed, a verse in an apocalyptic and symbolical book which. Based on this law-suit, Mr. Langh has sent few guys to use the opportunity to break in the building while.

It is ready for a real peace based on a Palestinian state and an end to violence, suffering now from the risks it has taken in this effort. Pagliaruo izrekao o Fallotu. The feud eventually escalated. Pizza was renamed. They are Tokio Hotel, the German quartet which aims to tear down prejudices based on pure pop rock Not leading the rankings as the European and American hip-hop numbers, nor are they.

He doesn ' t project as an elite fantasy option based on his minor league resume, but those in AL-only leagues can take advantage of his prolonged stay. You evaluate your decisions on certain situations based on your gut feelings, which often produces the right outcome even if it s not always practical or.

You often make major decisions against the advice of experts or your loved ones based on what you ve sensed, which always worked out perfectly for you You immediately know when someone. John Lennon. This is the meaning behind Manson ' s coined term Celebritarian, that our religion is based on death ; we drink the blood in the form of wine and whose body we feed upon in the form of a communion.

Because in American your famed is based upon when, where and how you died or who you kill, that ' s how the covers the papers are filled. By this time, we both had a working knowledge of the other ' s seasons, which was based on the Earth ' s rotation, which also figured into our time periods.

We had a working knowledge of. On Lap 38, Mark changed his mixture setting based on his fuel consumption to a slightly leaner mode, which had an average lap time loss of about 0. In such a way, Sovilj paraphrases the situation of contemporary. We stick to these rigid circles of friends based on sports we play or hobbies we like or how attractive or unattractive we are. When ' s that gonna. This is especially evident in her concept of " strategic essentialism ".

This is based on her recognition of the political inadequacy of critical thinking : although we can easily completely. Based on my own understanding, being infatuated means not being able to wait to see this person, always. And most of the time, falling in love was based on how i felt. In other words, it was more of a feeling than a decision " Now, i can say that I. It ' s like a shell with a hole in the top into. The recipe was a kind of an experiment that turned out great.

It is based on a provencal sauce that I love to eat with prawns. Do not forget to cut white or break green. Palestine, uproot its Arab citizens from their homes and seize all Arab property for themselves just based on the " religious " claim that their forefathers lived there thousands of years ago?

Only a thousand. But the whole self-help and new age movements are based on trying to get back that golden state of innocence, childlike wonder and awe with spiritual connection. Many of Dr. Wallace ' s " new " gravity physics discoveries. Hence, consciousness itself, as Virtual Particles fluctuating into locality from non-locality, is based on superconduction, and is the Vortexijah or Gravity Unit prior to any sub-atomic graviton, or.

I see a computer nerd Where do you see it? What color are your eyes? What makes it strange Green. Dr Puleo suggests an association with DNA integrity 1. Its wings take us higher and higher towards the universal love. Mislim da to ne bi trebala biti velika briga.

Standing Up " and should last from to The fighting cadres are supposedly already prepared and some are in. The Essex based band Free Beer After 11 have a song named after him. The Track opens with a jazz melody before climaxing. Because it s based on short-range Wi-Fi technology, the device is not a cell phone, according to the Journal. This is the solidarity that fails us today or that we abstain from. Other forms of social solidarity based in the family, in the nation, in identitarian communities, and so forth are flourishing under the.

Croatian media against former Croatian war veterans. The original report on which UPI s report was based , is publicly available on the cryptome web site. It named Vjesnik s journalist as an MI6 agent and. Striker, a name Cascarino has always strenuously denied.. Zagreb s Vjesnik then attacked Cascarino based on information posted anonymously on the Cryptome web site.

The original Cryptome post, still in. They were building a " paradise for the Fuhrer ". Materials came from Europe, Africa. Haiku, a Japanese poem in three metrical phrases with the number. The three 3 winners are Susan Lopes, Tobe Roberts and Diana Rosen As a Japanese based company, we are thrilled to share the beauty of haiku in a unique and unusual way.

We congratulate. Traditional religions are discarded with advancement. Note also that your Higher Self decides your Path and plan. You should not judge yourself based on the progress or assumed progress of others. This is not a competition nor a race. Everyone will. A drama based on the longest Mafia trial in U.

Choose your side - Axis or USSR - and fly historically based missions in the skies above the city areas of Stalingrad and Berlin in some of the most memorable planes. An escaped convict tracks down the cop who put him away Loosely based on the Peter Sellers original film where the detective must solve the murder of a famous soccer. Sting Do not forget you click on square that appear Create a haiku that reflects your vision of tomorrow based around Change, Hope and Progress and send them to us for a chance to have your haiku featured on one.

Regular people come up with web based companies ; you do not want to blindly hire them taking their word for the truth. Searching for experts. Based on huge international furniture market, the domestic furniture industry begins to actively develop.

As the. A, ovo je o Ormaru reka njegov dizajner Tristan Williams This is part of a set of bedroom furniture based around our obsession with self, celebrity and material culture. The section of the left is in shelved. Or we can look to general equilibrium models to give us option prices based on expectations and preferences.

As reluctant as we are to turn back the pages of history, we may. The defining characteristics. Jorge Quiroga, a conservative former president. The official tabulation will take several days but based on exit polls the final result is expected to remain close to 50 percent Should Morales capture more. Back ". Svoj prvi solo album je izdala u The industry denies children are at risk and insists that the levels found by researchers based at the University of Jaen in southern Spain are not harmful Project Camelot interviews Jim Humble,.

Note that stock continues to look undervalued vs. The music score rocks too It is possible that my liking of the show is based on the fact I would ' ve been a forensic scientist if I weren ' t an astronomer, as well as the resemblance. This free trial access will be opened in the period of 14 th Aprilth June Please, based on our yesterday agreement in the following we are sending to your kind attention the pricing offer. They quickly earned a strong following in Los Angeles, largely based on strong word of mouth.

A three-song demo began circulating through metal collectors, and their. No to je. However, if someone from you, potential. Sve navedeno se izvodi iz administratorskog. Dopunjujte po zeljama, no molim da pripazite sto dodajete, jer nije sve sto je SF. Dostupne su 3 rase. Load percent is based upon the maximum load a UPS can support E ovako Nadogradio sam konfu, te sam uzeo. E sad malo o monitorima Ovaj mon.

Radi se o tehnologiji implementiranoj u skupljim. Ovo svakako ubrzava proces jer je kopiranje preko. Sustav je prikazan. Ove i mnogobrojne druge informacije. September Radio.. Work At Home Tampa. Home Based Business Tampa. Furthermore, they explored another 47 meters. Konkurentnost ih prisiljava da stalno uvode novosti.

Konkurentnost ih prisiljava da stalno uvode novosti u cilju da osposobe polaznike za samostalno. Pretpostavljam da to sve ovisi o izabranoj. Assessment, formativne provjere znanja, sumativne provjere znanja U prezentaciji se govori o Computer Based Assessment-u ili Online Assessment-u tj. In Croatia, she studied modern dance and earned a degree in Comparative Literature. Isticala se. Bitno je napomenuti da kondomi. It is the. Znati prema. His works are often based on remarkable female characters, such as, of course, Eva Peron.

Eva Peron is the most famous and. She loves contemporary theater, based on the word, and completely experimental theatre. She is a famous Croatian actress and director who. Good organization requires some insight. Breathing technique will be introduced. This activity is based on Native American Vision Quest In the morning we will gather and warm up near the fire and do another.

Although it is based around a universally applicable central principle, it is flexible and adaptive, and can be refined. Gere steps in, the issue of the boy ' s possible guilt may be less important than winning the case. Based on the novel by William Diehl, this twisty thriller delivers a perfect police procedural with characters. To his surprise, Woodsen finds a lot more than sacred texts on this journey of spiritual awakening based on James Redfield ' s best-selling book.

Hector Elizondo and Annabeth Gish co-star In this adaptation. Assembled at a death camp, a cadre of printers, artists and. Whitmarsh said He applauds the success of the new Brawn GP entry, but points out that the team ' s car is based on former owner Honda ' s efforts comprising " four wind tunnels and hundreds of millions of euros.

Honda Racing This is also a much better job than most of the top teams, including Ferrari The Maranello based squad used to be one of the most bullet proof teams on the grid, but this year, while Felipe Massa. You say that, on 22 March, Mr Coughlan told you that he believed the Ferrari system to be based on a [ double-rear master cylinder with a [ spring ], which [ initially delayed rear braking, then. That is what I knew from the analysis that we had performed based on the camera footage and a study that some McLaren engineers had done Our system, I must say, was.

It is based on problems that we had in our Week 48 November tests : we were [ locking the fronts every time we. The same. Barcelona, and lagging behind Ferrari in the speed traps, it is now suggested that engineers at Woking based McLaren are intending to possibly debut the dubious design at soon as Monaco The FIA ' s lack of action. Alonso Justice means " innocent until proven guilty ".

This applies to every single legal issue, and is based on the fact that it is absolutely out of the question to punish an innocent man So they have no proof. Willi Weber, however, advises Rosberg and his management to resist the lure of Ron Dennis ' Woking based team " McLaren could very quickly destroy his career, " Weber told the newspaper " Hamilton is their. These figures are estimated based on what the car manufacturer, rather than what the team on a whole, spent Pa kad govorimo o Hondi.

The specialist publication Auto Motor und Sport quotes Luca Colajanni as revealing that the Maranello based team has in its possession ' compelling proof ' of 48 - year-old Stepney ' s alleged illegal behaviour. You may therefore decide that you should deduct points.

Isto kako je kasnije Michael gazio i Michelin i Bridgestone based mom? Through it the aerodynamic Grip could be reduced then namely based on the higher mechanical Grips, what would result in a better wind shadow and through it in better.

Red Bull Racing probably will too, so I ' m going to have to award the title based on who I like : Sebastian Vettel - he ' s so down to earth RedBull mu je stvarno dao krila.. Success in rally is directly based upon the experience you gain there - not on experience from some other serie. Kimi ' s competitors have. Hamilton ' s demotion from first to third place - Ferrari ' s Felipe Massa was later awarded the race - based on the fact that Toro Rosso were allowed to challenge the same sanction imposed on their driver, Vitantonio.

This finding was the impetus for the construction of non-perturbative solutions based on renormalization group ideas developed by Wilson In , the Kondo effect has been observed in. It is part of the Adobe Creative Suite, a suite of graphic design. WIP-Munich, Germany, Vuko, Lj. The decision is largely based on the implementation of frameworks, such as RDF specification, that enable the integration of modular. The acquisition of library material, as one of the most sensitive tasks in public libraries, must be based on careful professional evaluation made in accordance with the standards for public libraries.

The first. Accepting MoReq as a national standard, or creating a customized specification based on MoReq are possible ways of solving this problem Definicija korpusa, uloga korpusa u. The basic problem constitutes an attitude towards Balkans, not based on reality but on mythological prejudices. Within this approach, a new notion arose that has had.

Early abilities in visual recognition memory. The empirical data used for this purpose were based on the follow-up study on the processes of coping with low-control stress. The results are compared. Based on nonlinear models IRT enables independent estimation of item and person parameters and also local. Univerzalni opis, otkrivanje i integracija Universal Description. The New-York based company introduced the first generation of personal computers to be referred to as PCs in future.

Koje su glavne razlike MPLS-a. Pa sam imao projekt, PDA celularni modem, location based services za taxi stanice gdje je koj taxi u real time i slicno itd, itd. Primjena ima bezbroj. Osim toga, carrier obicno ima i svoj developer ' s program, koji moze obuhvacati i LBS location based aplikacije Sprint PCS ga ima omogucenog za telefone koji to podrzavaju, samo za ograniceni broj. Number Definition : A value used to indicate the resistance of a motor fuel to knock. Octane numbers are based on a scale on which isooctane is minimal knock and heptane is 0 bad knock Meni je auto.

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At Clare College he was also Director of Studies in biochemistry and cell biology From to , based in the Botany Department of the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, he studied rain forest plants. Pa sto onda? Pa isto tako sam mogla staviti i wine da pretvorim linux u windows pa.

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Heroes and Heroines among American Adolescents. Sports star v. Teaching life skills through sport. Gatz, M. Messner, and S. Ball-Rokeach Eds. Role models among elite young male rugby league players in Britain. Parental influences on youth involvement in sports. Weiss Ed. Harris, J. Athletic exemplars in context: General exemplar selection patterns in relation to sex, race, and age.

Adolescents ideals at the beginning and the end of the century. This research program included girls of younger adolescent age from 3 urban and 20 rural primary schools. State assessment of morphological characteristics was done by applying system of 8 variables.

The results of parametric statistics have shown that the girls from urban environment are higher, tougher, with a larger volume thorax and upper arm, with thicker skin fold of upper arm, back and belly and with a larger body mass index. The existence of a significant statistical differences, between subsamples of girls from urban and rural environment in all treated morphological characteristics is determined. Found differences are affirmed at the significant level of. The biggest differences are recorded in case of abdomen skinfold, body mass, volume of chest and upper arm and skinfold on the back and upper arm in other words a measure whose raised values indicate obesity.

The smallest differences between respondents from different socio-economic environment are recorded in the height of the body. Recorded results indicate the earlier entry of girls from urban society in puberty, but also certain negative aspects of modern way of life. Key words: girls, morphological characteristics, differences, environment, puberty. Introduction The contemporary way of life is characterized by differences between rural and urban areas.

They are reflected in the way of life of the populace as well as various climatic and atmospheric circumstances Sijerkovic, Although the physical education program for elementary school is same for both urban and rural environments, program s resources differ significantly between the two.

Still, those favorable circumstances are not sufficiently exploited, and if they are, it is usually the case with a small number of children who are pushed by their parents. Besides that, children from urban environments are much more exposed to the negative influences of the modern way of life.

Besides movement dynamics and everyday physical activities, we can also see a significant change in their diet. All urban elementary schools have stores nearby where children can buy food sweets, caned soda etc. These facts can serve for the advancement of anthropological features, which will lead to the advancement in health in youth living in rural areas.

Methods Entity sample Transversal empirical study included 3 urban Podgorica and 20 rural elementary schools Northern and Central Montenegro. The entity sample included female students. The sample was divided into urban girls subsample 77 and rural girl subsample Data gathering lasted more than a month local institutions needed to grant permission, also, some rural schools were distant with a small number of students. Data was first collected in rural schools and then in urban environments, because the sample size was dictated by the number of girls in rural schools.

This program included girls of average age of Testing procedures Before data gathering we prepared the score takers in order to do a high quality data collection. School teachers were present during the measurement of the morphological characteristics. The data was collected in accordance with the International Biological Program IBP with standardized measuring equipment. Statistical analysis Mathematical and statistical analysis was done on a personal computer using SPSS Zbornik radova , Sciences-For Windows software.

The data collected through anthropometric measurement were processed through basic statistics where we found: arithmetic mean M , standard deviation SD , varying coefficient VC , minimal value Min , maximal value Max , variation width Vw , the highest occurring difference from a Kolmogor- Smirnov test Max-D. In order to estimate the deviation from the ideal Gauss s normal distribution curve, we calculated asymmetry Skewness and peakedness Kurtosis , and for body mass index ITM we also calculated percentiles p as a specific measurement of the sum dispersion.

Discrimination between girls with different socio-economic backgrounds was done through the independent sample t-test. Linear discriminative analysis was used for determining the hierarchy of the morphological variables which are most responsible for the differences between the sample groups. Results Table 1 shows the results of the basic statistics that applies to the central and peripheral parameters of the rural and urban girls morphological features.

By analyzing the results, we can conclude that the urban girls have higher average values in all 8 morphological values tested. We can also see that there are significant differences between minimal and maximal values, which is interesting considering the same age of the girls surveyed.

Table 1: Central and dispersive parameters of morphological characteristics. Proceedings , Tabela 2: Rezultati T-testa nezavisnih uzoraka. Table 2: T-test results of independent samples. Table 2 and statistical significance columns p show that there is a statistically significant difference between subsamples of urban and rural environment girls in all morphological characteristics analyzed at the p.

These results show that the urban girls are taller, with more body weight, bigger chest diameter, thicker skin creases on their upper arms, back and stomach, as well as the higher value of body mass index when compared to the rural girls. Table 3: Isolated discriminatory function of morphologic characteristics significance.

Table 3 results show that the discriminatory strength represented by Wilk s L test is very high. Canonic correlation coefficient CR indicates that significance of the canonic function is explained with. Table 4 shows the structure of discriminative function, morphological characteristics variables input in formation of significant canonical discriminative functions, which confirms the results of the independent samples T-test.

Table 4: The factor structure of the isolated canonical discriminative function. Varibales According to the orthogonal projections of morphological characteristics results on isolated discriminatory function, we can see that stomach fat measurements. The remaining two morphological characteristics contributed by helping to identify and differ subsamples of urban and rural environment girls.

The least contributing factor on a discriminatory function was body height. Table 5: Group centroids. Value Cenroids U. Table 5 shows the results that represent discriminatory centroids function based on all morphological characteristics. Urban girls results are shown on a positive end. The significance of these measurement centroids is tested through the significance of discriminatory function and it indicates that their dispersion discrimination is significant. Normally fed children are represented with percentile value ranging from , whereas over 90 represent the children at obesity risk.

Children with percentile value over 9 are considered obese. Based on these percentile values, table 6 can show similar values of body mass index ITM between girls from urban environments and standards put in place by Cole et al. Proceedings , Tabela 6: Kategorije Indeksa tjelesne mase.

Table 6: Body mass index categories. Girls from rural environments have significantly lower ITM values compared to the urban populace. The difference is significantly lower in the last category which is much less in girls from rural environments. Observation and analysis of these results shows inconsistency of normal distribution in certain variables that estimate the presence and quantity of body fat, which is expected considering the fact that there are cases with extremely high as well as extremely low fat values, which is confirmed by this research.

Inadequate scope of physical activity as well as inadequate diet is responsible for early puberty, as well as higher value of body height, body mass, chest diameter, upper arm diameter, and this is typical for the contemporary lifestyle. This research also points at statistically significant differences in all 8 morphological variables.

The 7. Morphological characteristics contributed the most to the general spread of the centroids, and they are a direct indicator of the obesity of the girls because they show the quantity and the location of excess fat. Upper arm variable is an exception because its enlargement is a result of the expedient muscle growth, which is a consequence of early puberty of urban girls.

From this we can conclude that the urban environment girls are more exposed to the negative influence of external factors that harm their health. Low price and high abundance of low quality foods represent a significant problem. According to Zdravkovic et al.

When it comes to ITM, according to the results and based on Cole et al. Zbornik radova , up in specific environment and circumstances. On the other hand, urban girls Podgorica have shown higher ITM values compared to the other results presented on table. Sadly, this confirms that this subsample follows or even exceeds Ibid results. This is probably resulted by inadequate exercise of urban girls, which is a consequence of few athletic fields and microclimate, as well as insufficient conciseness about the importance of physical exercise.

Conclusion Based on visual impression that we gathered during data collection in the field as well as the results, we can conclude that among the rural girls there are many who look younger than their urban counterparts, which is due to the hard physical labor and harsh climate. Rural girls are much more physically active, they do not have easy access to fast food, and they live a different life style from urban girls. Internet access is lower, which increases the number of chores for their parents so the number of sedentary hours is decreased.

Obesity is a significant problem in today s urban children, and it cannot be solved by getting a child involved into a sports club because obese children are usually not competitive enough due to their excess fat. This leads to a decrease in motivation for athletic activity amongst these children. This is why parents represent the most important factor in motivating a child to succeed in certain sport.

Parents should educate the children with help of TV, internet, newspaper, expert consulting, and familiarize themselves with physical development of their child. Personal example and positive attitude towards nature and physical exercise, combined with long walks in nature and fun games, parents might influence the reduction of body mass and help their child adopt a healthy life style.

Although this is a long-term process which requires a lot of patience from parents and children, it is certainly one of the safest ways for solving the obesity problem. Cole, J. Establishing a standard definition for child overweight and obesity worldwide: international survey. BMJ, , 1 6. Prevalence and correlates of foot pain in a population-based study: the North West Adelaide health study.

Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, 1, 2. A descriptive epidemiology of screen-based media use in youth: a review and critique. Findak Ed. Nordic Walking is actually normal walking with using of special poles what is including larger numbers of muscles than in Ordinary Walking.

The main goal of this thesis was to investigate and compare metabolic and cardiovascular durig Nordic and Ordinary Walking, with indicators as oxygen consuptions and heart rate. The long therm perspective of this work, which is part of bigger research, is to obtain important information about physical activity and their impact on the organism. Subobjectives were to analyse influence of speed and slope on the metabolic and cardiovascular load during Nordic and Ordinary Walking.

Our experimental group consisted of ten volunteers all men , students of the Faculty of Physical Culture, Palacky Univesity in Olomouc. Age range was Result of our study showed us that oxygen consuption is higher for 3. Nordic Walking is perfect for people who wants increase their energy expenditure during some simple physical activity.

We can recommend this activity as a perfect way for changing of lifestyle and doing something for their healthness. Introduction Today s life bring us tehnological society with an increasingly negative impact on our helath. The reason is bad life style and low ohysical activiy and high caloric intake, causing may diseases of civilisation, mostly obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. One of the useful ways how to start with a walking as activity is physical activity called Nordic Walking.

To hodanje First time Nordic Walking was mention in Finland in the thirties of last century where thay use this kind of activity as a part of summer training for ski runners. These physical activiti beacme popular in recent years and was a hudge boom. Because of that this physical activiy became part of proffesional studies and researches, where thay measure different impact of Nordic Walking usually comparing with Ordinary Walking , on human body, inmportance of the proper technique, testing of equipement, impact of enviroment etc.

Nordic walking increase effect and safety of movement, helps to include uper body muscules, adjuced a posture, alleviate back pain, relief presureon joint, extending of possibilities of stretching and strenght exercises, which should be part of every walking or every training unit.

Nordic walking started in beginig of 20th century in Finland as a part of training during the summer, for cross country skiers. Nordic walking as physical activity for population appears 5. Janury in Helsinky where shoud be compettition in cross cuntry skiing. Because of deficit of snow, organisators were let alternatively solution. Thay started competition in nordic valking. After that competition starts a lot of research abouth influence and advantages of nordic walking.

Progresssively nordic walking becomes favorite activity, not just for cross country skiers as a trening, but become a favorit activity in free time for people in Finland. Nordic Walking Technique Technics of walking with poles is basicly simple. The most important is stride and his trample of heel. In nordic waking stride is longer then in onrdinary walking.

The technique is a simple enhancement of normal arm swing during walking. The poles remain behind and pointing diagonally backwards at all times Figure 1. Ova aktivnost je postala popularna posljednjih godina i izazvala je pravi bum. Figure 1: Technics of walking with poles. Shoulders are relaxed and down; Poles are held close to the body; The hands are opened slightly to allow the poles to swing forward, teh poles are not gipped but swing from the wrist straps; The leading footstrikes he ground; The opposite arm swing forward to waist height; The oposite pole strikes the ground level with the heel of the opposite foot; The poles remin pointing diagonally backwards, they are never in front of the body; Push he pole as far as possible, teh arm straightening to form a continuous line with the fully extended arm, the hand opening of the grip by the end of the arm swing Figure 2 ; The foot rolls throught the step to push off with the toe.

This lengthens the stride behind the body, getting the most out of each stride; The arm motion is loose and relaxed. Slika 2 ; Stopalo ide kroz korak do guranja od prstiju. Figure 2: Technics of walking with poles. Basic equipement for nordic walking are special kind of poles. Inadequately poles and wrong technics can produce some defects and lost interesting on physical activity fo a long time. From that reason is important,during the construction of the poles. For doing nordic walking three things are important: Poles high of the pole shoul be.

If we are holding a pole vertically the angle in elbow shoul be 90 degrees. Instructor of nordic walking should be able to choose poles and set them. Sports shoes should be confortable and quality. Special shoes Balance-Step , with special shape of sole, which helps to have good posture of the body are recomended.

Chlothes shod by sports, confortable that person can move without any problems. Physiology of Nordic Walking Nordic Walking is walking combined with the arm tachnique using poles. Presing into the ground with the poles supports motion and intensifies the exercise of the chest, shoulder an arm muscle.

Because of that physical load and the calorie consumption during nordic walking is 20 to 50 percent higer then during normal walking. In thet research was included 32 people, 16 women an 15 men in the age range from 19 till 32 years, measurement was on treafmill 20 min, heart rate and VO2max were measured every minuts, one walking with poles and second walking with out them.

Anttila, Holopainen, and Jokinen aim of studies was comaring influence of Nordic Walking and training of running on muscles of the neck and shoulders. Attila follow 55 women during 12 weeks. Karbonem follow 31 men fron years which did not have any experience with nordic walking.

All of them has training 60min, two times per week. Results are showed that activity of muscles on neck shoulders and back were much more bigger then in running. During the training of nordic walking mobility of mentioned mucsles was better. From more authors and their researches nordic walking inproving physiological indicators for women and men. Nordic walking incresing aerobic capacity, indurance of muscles, work down all defects on neck and shoulders and has positive influence on phychical attitude.

Analyse impact of speed and slope on metabolics and cardiovascular load during Ordinary Walking. Kao i svaki drugi sport i Nordijsko hodanje ima svoju specijalnu opremu. Svi oni su trenirali 60 minuta, dva puta u sedmici. Average age was Conditions for measurement were standard, in laboratory.

All candidates were introduced what kind of thest thay will do and with process of the test. Also all candidates were healthly. Candidates were not use alcohol last 24 hours and smoking cigaretes last 12 hours befor test, and thay did not have meal al least 2 hours before test. Test begin in wormed organism which is in fift minut with speed of 8 km h During nex minute of the test, speed is increase till 10 km h -1, slope does not change.

After that begins individual test, every minutspeed increase for 1 km h Test is finished when organismus is exhausted, when volonteer are not able to overcome intesity. Obtained walues were oxigen consuption VO 2 max, and directly measuring of heart rate HRmax.

Details which were calculated are the weight of wolonteers, speed and slope of treadmeel. Heart rate in rest was measure in the morning after waking up of wolonteer without any physical execise before that, minimum 24 hours before testing. HRmax was measure during the maximum of the test. Realisation of the test Before measurement all volonteers were practicing Nordic Walking technique with instructors to ensure correct technique of Nordic Walking during measurement.

Acoording to that there are twelve tests. All test were around 15 min. First five minutes were for worming up and preparing organism for 10 minutes of measurement when we got all necessary results. Uslovi testiranja su bili standardni, u laboratoriji. Svi kandidati su billi upoznati sa kavom testa i procestima testiranja. Svi kandidati su bili dobrog zdravstvenog stanja, nisu konzumirali alkohol najmanje 24 sata prije testiranja niti cigarete najmanje12 sati prije testiranja i nisu imali obrok najmanje 2 sata prije testa.

Svi dobrovoljci su prihvatili realizaciju testa i to su potvrdili svojim potpisom. Prema tome radi se 12 testova. Svi testovi su trajali oko 15 minuta. Prvih 5 minuta je bilo zagrijavanje i priprema organizma za desetominutno testiranje gdje smo dobili sve potrebne rezultate. The values we got were averaged for each speed and slope.

For determining of variations we used standard deviation. The statistical data processing we used the Software Stastistica 8. Results mjerila za svaku minutu posebno. Comparation of average values of oxygen consuption of all test subjects with all variants of speed and slope are shown in Table 1.

The difference between Nordic Walking and Ordinary Walking we can see that for all part of the test oxygen consuption during the Nordic Walking is higher. Statistically ignificant levels of oxygen in Nordic Walking comparing ti the Ordinary Walking is found during speed of 6. Table 1: Average value of oxygen consuption of the all various of speed and sloope. That increase was 1. All these differences we comapred using LSD tests are statistically significant.

That increase was 3. Average value of the heart rate in precents of MHR, all measured sections, regardless on the speed and slope, in all volonteers during Nordic Walking was Comparation of the average harte rate expressed in percents of all volonteers of all versions of speed and slope we can see in Table 2. This table showing us, that in all loads of intensity heart rate was increase during Nordic Walking. The bigger differece is between Ordinary and Nordic Walking during speed of 7.

Tabela 2: Sredne vrijednosti frekvencije srca pri svim brzinama i nagibima. Table 2: Average value of Heart rate during different speed and slope. That increase amounted 4. All there differences which are compared using LSD test are stastistically significant.

The increase amount 8. That laboratory offers the same conditions for all measuremets and volonteers. All test were controled from head person who was trying to eleminate all possibel mistakes in techique, especially in Nordic Walking.

Ta laboratorija je imala iste uslove za sva mjerenja i volontere. Nastojalo se koliko je In the test were included ten volonteers. Results showed when we compared all measured sections we got a statistically significant increase during Nordic Walking in oxygen consuption for 3. Cardiovascular load was also statistically significant increased during Nordic Walking for 5.

Reason of that increase we can explain on that way that during Nordic Walking including larger amount of muscles like muscles of shoulder girdle and upper back. When we are comaring heart rate, we got bigger increase during Nordic Walking then in oxygen consuption. Reason can be accordinr to Hamar and Lipkova level of activated muscles group and their ability to extact oxygen from blood.

For example, during running more muscles are included, that is shows better extraction of oxygen, and that means lower heart rate. During strength exercise that ratio is even higher, where is for low level of oxygen consuption reache a higher level of heart rate.

During Nordic Walking strenth exercises are in muscles of upper limbs, and because of that there are not so big increase of oxygen consuption then in heart rate. Other reasons why is, during Nordic Walking, difference in heart rate bigger then differences in oxygen consuptio, can be involving in the work upper body which causing intrathoracic pressure.

That pressure reducing systolic volume, and to maintain the total cardiac output, heart rate must be increased. In first research question we were wondering what is the difference between meatabolic and cardiovasculat load during Nordic and Ordinary Walking.

Results are show us that during the Nordic Walking we alwayse have bigger oxygen consuption and increasing heart rate then in Ordinary Walking no metter on speed and slope. If we are focusing on the absolute valuoe of oxygen consuption and converts it to the energy expenditure we found that consuption is during Nordic Walking.

Second research question is what kind of influence has speed of movements ad slope on the metabolic and cardiovascular load durind Nordic and Ordinary Walking in different levels of intensity. In all cases when we are compering Ordinary and Nordic Walking we got increasing of oxygen consuption in Nordic Walking. Explanation can be that during Nordic Walking we are using more muscles then in Ordinary Walking, because of using poles where we have increase in oxygen consuption.

With increasing of speed and weight, energy expedeture is rising. It can be considered that during Ordinary Walking with a bigger slope energy expediture will increase, and during walking and using poles in the same time, energy expenditure will be even bigger, because of using more muscles. That is in contrairety with our results, were we got increase in metabolic and cardiovascular load in bigger slope during Nording Walking against to Ordinary Walking.

Imact of speed on oxygen consuption analysed Church who indicates the differences in oxygen consuption in Porcari , Rogers He explained that in Rogers research there was no so big oxgen consuption as in research of Porcari because thay used so high speed and all volonteers could not use poles effective.

As we mentioned before, the reasons can be stength exercise during hands movements, which are insufficient supply of oxygen or in insufficient conditions for the heart work. If we summarizing our results we can see that there is increase matabolic and cardiovascular load with higher speed and bigger slope in Nordic and Ordinary Walking.

Nordic Walking was in all cases of intensity, higher then Ordinary Walking. Perception of effott is objectively impossible to measure precisely. Percived effort values are infuenced by the condition of volonteer stress, tiredness, psyche, illness etc. Test were doing in couple days which can affect on results and also small nuber of volonteers Because of that this data will be used in farther research, with bigger number of volonteers.

Results of this research could be limited on way how we choose and with the numbers of volunteers. Testing was not creates randomly but was based on voluntariness. Dobijene vrijednosti zavise od stanja volontera stres, umor, psiha, bolest i sl. Final project work for the Helsinki IV College for health care professionals. Brno, CZ: Paido. Borg, G. Psychophysical bases of perceived exertion. Retrieved from Danek, K. Prague, CZ: Olympia. Hainer, V. Prague, CZ: Grada Publishing. Hamar, D.

Church, T. Field testing of physiological responses associated with Nordic walking. Jakubec, A. Kaplan, R. Retrieved from Retrieved from Laukkanen, R. Research on the benefits of Nordic walking. Scientific evidence on Nordic walking a summary.

Marada, T. Retrieved from Mira, M. Retrived from chuze. Mira, M. Retrived from doku. Prague, CZ: Plot. Perrey, S. Exertion during uphill, level and downhill walking with and without hiking poles. Terry, L. The physiological responses to walking with and without Power Poles an treadmill excercise. Pump up your walk. Energy expenditure during submaximal walking with Exerstriders. Energy cost and pole forces during Nordic walking under different surfare conditions. Stejskal, P. Breclav, CZ: Presstempus.

Prague, CZ: Maxdorf. Vrtel, L. Willson, J. Effects of walking poles on lower extremity gait mechanics. BH-ID: Summary The attitudes about the causes which lead to the hate speech on the sport fields in Bosnia and Herzegovina are the topic of this research. The sample of examinees consisted of the secondary school pupils, students of the undergraduate and master studies at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports in Banja Luka and students of the undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Physical Education in Bihac.

Because the hate speech on our sport fields has gained proportions that can not be ignored there were even human casualities , it is necessary to do everything possible in order to identify the most frequent causes of the hate speech and to try to take preventive actions in that direction. There are a lot of causes, they span from the post war heritage, poverty, and unemployement to disordered social-economic, regional and political developments, various institutions and people directly involved in sports.

Within this research the attitudes about just some of the causes, which seem to be the most obvious, were analysed. This does not mean that other causes are less important or irelevant. Obtained results have shown that the attitudes of the examinees are such that they deserve attention. The greatest responsibility for the hate speech on our sport fields, according to the opinion of the examinees belongs to groups of fans of sport clubs, political parties and politicians, as well as journalists and media.

Athletes, religious institutions and clerics contribute the least to the hate speech in sports. The research has also shown that within the attitudes about certain causes exists statisticaly significant difference among examinees. Intraduction Hate speech is an ubiquitous phenomenon in all societies, in nondemocratic ones, as well as in societies with democratic tradition, consequently it is a part of our social life and social events.

Hate speech is a complex term which in our literature has not been analyzed to sufficient extent. The problem is made more complex by the fact that such a complex phenomenon has to be observed multidisciplinary, which necessarily imposes the need for scientifically grounded approach to this important social issue. On one side there is an intention that every kind of offensive speech, publically manifested rudeness and intolerance toward different, mostly political opinions, wrongly should be considered as a hate speech, which clearly renders senseless the very term.

On the other side, typical examples of public hate speech in certain again political circles are perceived as just emotionally more intensive outburst of patriotism and manifestations of developed national awareness, which, again, is intended to produce the same effect.

At the same time a common way of denial of objection on the hate speech is a call on legislation and the freedom of speech. The truth is that freedom of speech represents a basic right, but it cannot be substantiated to the extent where mis use of this freedom endangers rights, freedoms and physical safety of other people, social groups and individuals. Due to the different thoughts about the definition of the hate speech there is no unique definition of this social phenomenon.

In the handbook for journalists On discrimination it is stated that the hate speech is an oral or written expression of discriminating attitudes. It is used to spread, initiate, promote and justify racial hatred, xenophobia, homophobia, anti-semitism, sexism and other forms of hatred which are based on bigotry.

Victims of the hate speech, as a rule, are not individuals, but vulnerable social groups. In the basis of hate speech is assurance that some people are less valuable, that is why its aim is dehumanization, humiliation, intimidation and worsening of the social status of those it is aimed against. Hate speech is every communication which disparages a person or a group on the basis of some characteristic such as race, color of skin, ethnic and national affiliation, sex, sexual orientation, religion and other characteristics.

According to the law, hate speech is every speech, gesture, behavior, writing or representation which is forbidden because it must not encourage violence and prejudices against a protected individual or group, or because it disparages and harasses a protected individual or group.

YUKOM Committee of lawyers for human rights in Belgrade , the notion of the hate speech means propagation, magnification or justification of a crime, as well as incitement to criminal activity against social groups and their members on the basis of their race, color of the skin, religious affiliation, national and ethnic origin, sex or sexual orientation. Bringing to public or dissemination of ideas on superiority or inferiority of a social group or their members, as well as the use of symbols which encourage hatred and emphasize superiority or inferiority of social groups and their members are treated as a hate speech.

Zbornik radova , Rwanda and Bosnia and Herzegovina, where media were often considered as the inspiring force and whose role in production of crimes is still under investigation. Budimir, Hate speech is not a matter of individual and private, but general and public morality. Hate speech exhibits towards individuals differentiated according to social criterion such as nationality, religion, social status or political affiliation, and not according to personal properties.

Hate speech is present in almost all spheres of our life. We find it in politics, education, science, media, private and social life, etc. It assumes indecent, vulgar, abusive, offensive and provocative words which by themselves inflict injury or they are aimed to disrupt peace Ponorac, This topic has particular importance within Bosnia and Herzegovina, before anything else, due to the situation, where disparate incidents based on prejudices, hate speech and hate do not abate almost two decades after the end of war.

Namely, those that especially define the hate speech in our country are the war heritage and domination of national and patriarchal matrices in public space. They maintain, and even justify, hate speech against everything and everybody, which are considered in a certain context as other and different. Sports and events within sports and around the sport are inseparable part of social events and a mirror of the society, thus, the hate speech is transmitted and reflected on sport fields in the most extreme form.

More and more frequent inclement clashes and fights of fans, as well as interruptions of games, preceded by, in most cases, verbal duels of groups of fans full of hate and brutal insults, tell how thin the line is between the hate speech and violence, on the sport fields and around them.

The hate speech, which is exposed on sport events, is firstly determined by nationalistic and racist statements, as well as statements of hatred, which relates to the other ones. Examples of the hate speech, characteristic for sport events in the area of former Yugoslavia, are exclamations Kill the Croat, Kill the Shiptar or Knife, wire, Srebrenica which are pronounced, on almost every game, by Serbian fans, and Kill the Serb or Serbs on willows which are regularly pronounced by Croat fans.

Individual responsibility becomes collective at the moment when state and society do not react. Therefore, British sociologist Grejam Skembler emphasizes that statements given by powerful elites should be seriously considered.

These statements say that behind condemnation and stamping of football hooliganism, as well as all other manifestations of violence in modern sports, actually exist strong political and ideological motives and reasons, which, in a certain way, are designed to mislead the public by insisting on the fact that elites are truly concerned about the violence which they condemn and are fighting against.

On the other hand, these very elites start wars followed by brutal manifestations of violence Skembler, Besides politics and political elites, there are a large number of causes, but this research is intended to show and reveal what are the causes, according to the opinion of students and secondary school pupils, which most frequently lead to the hate speech on our sport fields.

As a consequence, preventive actions could be taken in the direction indicated by this research. Methods The sample of examinees, within this research, consists of population of secondary school pupils, undergradute students and students of master studies, from 16 to 30 years of age.

This is the population which most frequently visits stadiums and sport fields. The pupils of secondary school, from the first to the fourth grade, attend the Vocational school in Banja Luka. The population of students consists of students of undergraduate and master studies at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports in Banja Luka, as well as students of the Faculty of Physical Education in Bihac. Here we have a sample, chosen with purpose, which is competent to give the answers to the questions regarding the topic of this research.

Sample of variables consists of questions regarding the causes of hate speech and they are given, with the questionnaire, in the appendix of this paper. Questions given in the questionnaire, related to the hate speech on the sport fields, are: To what extent, according to your opinion, is the hate speech present on our sport fields?

To what extent are the athletes responsible for the hate speech in sports? To what extent is the management of sport clubs responsible for the hate speech in sports? To what extent are the groups of fans Gravediggers, Delije, Vultures, etc. How much are ordinary fans responsible for the hate speech in sports?

How much are sport referees responsible for the hate speech in sports? How much are journalists and media responsible for the hate speech in sports? How much are political parties and politicians responsible for the hate speech in sports? How much are prosecutons and courts responsible for the hate speech in sports? To what extent are religious institutions and clerics responsible for the hate speech in sports?

How much influence does the family have on the hate speech in sports? To what extent is the hate speech transmitted from a stadium to everyday life? Ovde se dakle, radi o namjernom uzorku koji je kompetentan da odgovori na postavljena pitanja iz ove problematike. Zbornik radova , To what extent does the hate speech in sports affect you? How close are the hate speech on sport fields and violence? Subject and problem of this work are the hate speech on the sport fields in Bosnia and Herzegovina and causes which, most frequently, lead to hate speech.

Goal of this research is to Establish how much each of the stated causes, according to the opinion of examinees, participate in the hate speech. Sort the causes from the most to the least responsible for the hate speech. Establish are there any significant differences among attitudes, of students and secondary school pupils, on the causes which lead to hate speech on the sport fields.

Hypothesis: H 1 It is expected that the examinees have attitude that the hate speech is very present on our sport competitions. H 2 It is expected that there is no statistically significant difference among the attitudes, of secondary school pupils and students from Banja Luka and Bihac, on causes which lead to the hate speech on the sport fields within Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The five-degree Likert scale, which offers five possible values of statements-attitudes not at all, a little, medium, a lot, very much , was used for examination of attitudes of examinees. In order to determine how much, each of the stated causes, individualy, according to the opinion of examinees, participates in the hate speech, the percentages, absolute and cumulative frequencies were determined, for each of the causes. On the other hand, for the determination Tabela 1: Distribucija uzoraka.

Table 1: Distribution of samples. Table 1. The results of research related to the question: To what extent do you think hate speech is present at our sporting events? Table 2: How far do you think is hate speech present in our sports facilities?

Table 3: How far is athletes are responsible for hate speech in sport? Table 4: How far is teams management are responsible for hate speech in sport? Percentage of respondents whose position is that there is a lot and very much of hate speech, needs no comment, because it speaks for itself more than any other comment Table 2.

For club managements, as the cause of hate speech on the sports field, Zbornik radova , middle-aged and older people are more than twice accountable for hate speech at sports events than athletes, who are very young people. This is extremely important information, which undoubtedly shows that young people, who participate in sports, and to whom a number of children identify with, are the healthiest tissue of the society.

In contrast to athletes, fan groups, according to the opinion of the respondents, are the most responsible for hate speech on our sports fields. It should be noted that the number of ordinary fans is far greater than the supporters who belong to the fan groups. Table 5: How far is the fan groups are responsible for hate speech in sport?

Table 6: How much ordinary fans are responsible for hate speech? Table 7: How much sports referee are responsible for hate speech? Table 8: How many journalists and media are responsible for hate speech in sport?

Table 9: How political parties and politicians are responsible? Table How political parties and politicians are responsible? Frequency Percent Valid percent Cumulative Percent Not at all A little Medium Much Very much Total What is really worrying is the answer about journalists and the media and the politicians and political parties, as the causes of hate speech on the sports fields. More than half of the respondents, namely This is the data that should definitely be seriously and immediately addressed to the media and politicians, because, as nowhere else, in this region the press and media are weapons in the hands of politicians.

In his work, which talks about generating media hate speech, Romic , suggests that aggressive media programs produce effects of aggression on a wide range of recipients of information. Expansion of verbal and virtual media violence has a direct link with the verbal spoken and then the real violence in life. Hate speech is a product of general moral decadence of the modern world.

Its generation through strong media support, especially in countries in transition such as ours, is a lot more dangerous and a greater evil. Zbornik radova , they talk about other nations. It s enough to make a protocol of the positive and negative qualifications of our own and other nations, and then a representative sample of hours or minutes of that speech characterized as hate speech or speech of reconciliation and tolerance.

For hate speech on sport fields, by the opinion of the respondents, besides regular fans and athletes, the less responsible are religious institutions and religious leaders. Table How much religious institutions and religious officials are responsible? Table How much families influence to hate speech in sport? Table How far is the atmosphere of the stadium transferred into ordinary daily life?

Table How far is hate speech affects you? Table How much hate speech on the sports field are close to violence? Frequency Percent Valid percent Cumulative Percent Not at all A little Medium Much Very much Total What is also of concern is the answer to the question related to the language of hatred at the stadium in ordinary daily life Table It seems that the answer to the question, to what extent does hate speech in sports affect you?

How much is hate speech at sporting events close to violence, can be seen in the fact that It s enough just to take a look at the percentage distribution and there will be no space left for dilemma. Speech full of outbreaks and brutal insults at sporting events is often a prelude to riot, breaking game, and then in the violence that is transferred off the court with a variety of consequences.

To test differences in attitudes among secondary school students from the Vocational school in Banja Luka, the students of primary and master studies at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, in Banja Luka, as well as students from the Faculty of Physical Education in Bihac, in terms of causes of hate speech at sporting facilities in BiH, the Kruskal-Wallis H test was used. The results obtained by this test indicate that there are significant differences in the responses, which are related to the presence of hate speech on the sport fields, the responsibility of athletes, the administration of clubs, sport judges, journalists and the media, politicians and political parties, prosecutors and the courts, religious institutions and employees and families.

Table 15 When it comes to fan groups, ordinary fans, and issues related to attitudes, and how much hate speech from the stadium is transferred into everyday life, how much it influences each one of us, and how close it is to violence, there are no statistically significant differences in the responses.

What may be concluded at a first glance, looking at the middle ranks in the tables of Kruskal-Volis test, without using the Mann-Vhitney U test, which would show us where the source of the differences is in perception, is that, where there are statistically significant differences, the sources of these differences were in the responses and attitudes of high school students.

The reason for this is likely in fact that high school students do not have the same performance and understanding of certain sociological issues as do adults and mature people. Nonetheless, they are among the most numerous populations in sporting events and their testimony on this issue is very valuable. Conclusion At the end of this research, we can draw several conclusions. The most responsible for hate speech on the sport fields are groups of fans, political parties and politicians, and journalists and media.

As the cause, which the least contributes to hate speech, the examinees see the athletes, ordinary fans of sport clubs, religious institutions and clerics. Large percentage of respondents believes that hate speech is, a lot, respectively, very much, close to violence Our assumption, that there are no statistically significant differences among respondents, is partially verified.

The assumption was verified regarding the attitudes related to the groups of fans, ordinary fans, how much the hate speech is transferred from the stadiums to ordinary life, how much does the hate speech affect them, and how close is hate speech to violence. Zbornik radova , there are significant differences among attitudes of respondents, and the attitudes of secondary school pupils are the source of differences.

Why are the attitudes of high school students significantly different from others in this research on some issues, why are they more critical or less critical from mature people on same issues, this could be the subject of a new research. The goal of this research was not to uncover the social, pshychological, economic, political or any other genesis of hate speech in sports, but rather to stress some of its main causes.

Unquestionably, there are many causes which lead to hate speech in our sport competitions, which were not included in this research. They too should be underlined, examined, and chosen as the subject of new researches. Those who do not deal with the causes will have to deal with the consequences. Skembler, G. Beograd: Clio. Retrived from wikipedia.

Podgorica: Univerzitet Crne Gore. Ponorac, T.


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