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Bernard W. Dempsey, S. In a centralized economy, currency is issued by a central bank at a rate that is supposed to match the growth of the amount of goods that are exchanged so that these goods can be traded with stable prices. The monetary base is controlled by a central bank.

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Nobel prize physics 2021 betting tips

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The ceremony was webcast.

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I bet on it Robert J. We worked with a great illustrator, Deborah Lee, who synthesized the complexities of each episode into artwork that welcomed listeners into each vegas political betting. Kochi, I. Blum, and William L. I believe this linkage of Sigma Xi and AAAS PD represents value to both organizations, and in particular to students, who have the opportunity to present their work in two different Sigma Xi venues per year. Nobel Prize Winners List


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The meeting is planned for November 5—8 in Alexandria, Virginia, when we could be back to sharing our science in person. Our planning team is monitoring public health guidance and will follow recommendations for in-person gatherings. So far, we expect the meeting will be held as originally planned. I look forward to seeing familiar faces of Sigma Xi members and friends in the halls and common areas.

It will be nice to make new contacts just by the chance of who I happen to connect with during a session or meal. In the meantime, we are doing all that we can, while staying apart, to make it possible to reunite in the future. These efforts not only benefit from their disciplinary integration, but they also serve to re-integrate society back together again, as our human nature compels us to do.

When we do, Sigma Xi will be there to prepare you to reach across disciplines in new and productive ways to advance your research. Do you have an example of how art or humanities have advanced your research? What motivated the study? What is being tested? What do you think will happen during the course of experimentation? And why are you studying this particular scientific question? You can do something really simple using your phone or your webcam on your computer.

Note that the timeline has been updated since the Zoom meeting. Top presenters in each research discipline receive an honorable mention. Teams who win a division would split the prize money among the team members. Contact Janelle Simmons, manager of programs, at jsimmons sigmaxi. Both government censorship and the open internet have helped the spread of the virus.

For instance, China directed doctors to not share information in the early days of the outbreak in Wuhan, hindering initial response efforts. Meanwhile, misinformation has spread online that downplays the impact of the virus or offers fake cures, giving the general public a false sense of their own risks. International health authorities have developed policies and best practices for tracking and sharing information about novel diseases as they emerge; however, censorship and misinformation made it more difficult to contain the virus that causes COVID early.

The current pandemic offers important lessons about the need for accurate and timely information. In our policy brief , we offer a number of recommendations for how governmental organizations and tech companies can better respond to both this and future health emergencies. Over the last few weeks, new partnerships have formed between tech companies and governmental agencies to promote accurate information, such as Facebook offering free ad space to public health organizations.

Moving forward, these partnerships should be maintained and expanded so that governments can quickly disseminate information at the onset of a health emergency rather than weeks later. As these information sharing partnerships are developed, public health agencies should also develop social media-friendly templates for sharing information, producing public service announcements, and combating misinformation. Another area for improvement is digital epidemiology, the use of online information to identify and track diseases.

Programs like HealthMap and BlueDot have demonstrated the ability to identify outbreaks in their earliest stages by analyzing publicly available information, such as social media posts and news reports. The utility of such digital epidemiology projects could be greatly increased through access to the large data sets held by tech companies; however, sharing this data comes with a number of concerns over individual privacy and data security.

Governments and tech companies should work together to develop and implement a framework for sharing this data that addresses data security and privacy concerns. We cover these and other recommendations in detail in our policy brief. Improving the policies and best practices around information sharing can help improve the response to this and future public health emergencies. Below are opportunities that people from all backgrounds in the STEM community can use to help fight COVID and support students who have been displaced from campuses.

Folding Home is a project that invites the public to lend their computing power to run simulations that look for new therapeutic opportunities for the coronavirus that causes COVID This website aims to match U. Is your local academic institution doing something similar, or could they? Emergency Funding for University of Texas Students Individual institutions are fundraising to support students. Share your stories in the comments below.

Sigma Xi has also undertaken actions to protect its staff, leadership, and the Society from the wide-ranging effects of this viral outbreak. Despite the avalanche of distressing headlines and the troubling spread of misinformation, we, as members and staff of Sigma Xi, must recognize that this is a moment of truth for the Society as research moves to the forefront of the response to this crisis.

Last week, in the midst of the news that a research conference was the origin of the viral outbreak in Boston, I could no longer justify putting our staff members at risk or contributing to the nationwide spread of the virus, therefore I issued an order to suspend all staff travel and to initiate an enhanced work-from-home policy.

We began transitioning all in-person leadership and committee meetings to virtual gatherings. This week we are offering support to chapter leaders who wish to conduct their spring chapter events online, including virtual research symposia and chapter induction ceremonies. However, this will be a challenging time for Sigma Xi, because our university campus activities and member inductions that are run by chapters are critical to our ability to provide the resources and tools that serve our members year-round.

Just as the entire world is adapting to the social distancing culture, Sigma Xi will adjust to the circumstances and continue to meet its mission of improving the human condition through research. Currently, there are multiple scientific efforts underway to minimize the effects of this health crisis and prevent a repeat in the future. You have surely marveled at Dr. As the National Institutes of Health's director for infectious diseases, he has become the face of science for the moment and we should applaud his performance.

But while Dr. Fauci speaks to the world on behalf of the scientific community, Sigma Xi members should take this opportunity to be messengers within our own communities. There are many people in our social networks who are starving for reliable information.

Because you embody the principles of Sigma Xi, which include excellence and integrity, I challenge you to be a positive force for good in your community. Dispel myths about false cures or harmful therapies. But do it with kindness and compassion. We are the ambassadors of science and we can build immeasurable confidence and trust by serving our fellow citizens of the world.

If you are already taking steps to provide accurate information about COVID, please share your examples with us so others can join in the effort. In the modern world, we are barraged with a wide range of opinions on scientific issues that include the causes of climate change, healthy food choices, and the value of different medicines, including vaccinations.

This diversity of opinions, many that question the validity of compelling data, parallels the growth in accessibility of information through social and news media outlets. Separating fact from fiction has also become increasingly difficult for the general population. On the positive side, public confidence in the scientific community has increased in recent years.

This is up 14 percent from , and this data is backed by a number of credible studies. As scientists and engineers, we should all be proud of this positive perception of our efforts. But this is not the time to rest on our laurels. As with many things in our world today, this credibility can easily erode. We all have a role to play in building and maintaining public confidence in the scientific enterprise.

One does not have to look far to find recent reports of scientists and engineers accused of inappropriate professional behavior, many highly respected in their fields. Whether the charges or accusations will be validated is, of course, up to the legal process and the institutions involved.

Many professional societies, including Sigma Xi , are taking these issues more seriously than ever in their development of codes of conduct and guidelines for dismissal of members or fellows. Discussions of the implementation of these guidelines may make some uncomfortable.

But such discomfort is important as we seek the best solutions to ensuring confidence in the scientific enterprise. We look forward to your input as Sigma Xi works over the next year to further clarify the expectations and definitions of exemplary behavior of our members in our pursuit of research excellence, discovery, and innovation.

I am proud to be president of an organization that has a year history of electing and honoring members who embody the core values of the Society: excellence, integrity, diversity, scholarship, leadership, and cooperation. As Sigma Xi members, we must never forget the important role we play as ambassadors for science, mentors, and leaders.

I knew FAMU had all the components that it takes to be a vibrant, active, and productive chapter. FAMU is in an ideal location in the capital city of Tallahassee, nested in an area where STEM is promoted by the close proximity of Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College, undergraduate and graduate students are hungry for research experience and knowledge, and energetic faculty are ready to mentor students in their laboratories.

I served as a chapter delegate and delivered a lecture on my research pertaining to environmental inducers of testicular cancer. Nina presented a research poster on bladder cancer and Ryan presented a poster on the genetics of sex determination. I was hoping to fill a room that held 20 individuals. Before the evening was over, our growing group was forced to move to a larger room!

To date, the chapter has more than 65 members including more than 15 faculty and 50 graduate and undergraduate students. Most of these students are actively involved in research activities. Approximately 80 percent of this group are students and faculty that represent minorities in science. Students are forming their own executive board that will interact with the official executive board being established by the faculty.

Faculty and students work together to plan meetings and Sigma Xi sponsored events. Students at FAMU are particularly driven to succeed. They work hard and welcome guidance from a caring mentor. The faculty are dedicated to the success of FAMU students. It is common to find each of these faculty in their offices surrounded by eager students discussing topics from science in general to problems in classes and even in their lives.

FAMU professors are dedicated to the success of the students at the institution and failure is not a word in their vocabulary. Members of Sigma Xi are warm and eager to share their knowledge and excitement about science and research with others at any level. It is my honor as executive director and CEO to share what our Society has achieved in support of the research community over the last year and to lay out a road map of what we plan to accomplish in the years to come.

Fiscal Year was an exceptional year because of the work we accomplished together. The following are key takeaways that I am most pleased to report. Sigma Xi is charting a new course to the future. Advance STEM education Sigma Xi will promote research, encourage scholarship, and participate in the betterment of education practices and training at all levels.

Promote scientific leadership and influence Sigma Xi will develop and work with leaders from the research community to promote the ethical conduct and use of research, build trust in the scientific process, deliver solutions to pressing issues, and advocate for science.

Cultivate a diverse, robust, and inclusive community Sigma Xi will give voice, visibility, and opportunity to diverse scientists and engineers whose contributions strengthen the research enterprise and our Society. Demonstrate administrative excellence and fiscal responsiveness Sigma Xi will execute a principled business model and reliable member services that enable the Society to serve current and future generations of scientists and engineers. I'd like to express my deepest gratitude for the contributions and guidance from the Board of Directors past and present , chapter leaders, member surveys, and input from staff and other stakeholders, as they were integral to the development of this plan.

Please contact executiveoffice sigmaxi. If you have ideas about how the Society can achieve the goals described in the strategic plan, or if you would like to share a story about Sigma Xi from the past year that complements the Annual Report , please comment below. Jamie L. There are a multitude of reasons one aspires to become a scientist or engineer.

The opportunity to use our technical expertise to improve the human condition is often what keeps us going. Often this impact is not realized until years or even decades later. In some circles such as academia, the number of research papers published and citations of these papers, translated to a term called H-index, is a measure often used to assess research productivity and significance.

Such metrics, however, do not capture the broader impact beyond the publishing arena. Moreover, the research community is increasingly concerned about the detrimental effects of overusing citation metrics. She writes that it is particularly troublesome when used as a predictor of potential career success in hiring, promotion, and funding of early career researchers.

We at Sigma Xi, as an honorary research society, view impact as much broader than H-indices and citation numbers. As our mission statement reflects, we see our members having an impact not only in their research ventures but also by enhancing the overall health of the research enterprise.

We are comprised of members who view an impactful career as one that nurtures the next generation of scientists. Many members provide science outreach activities in their communities and developing countries around the world. Those involved in science policy are affecting legislation that is technically informed and guided by fact and not guesswork. There is no better time than now for Sigma Xi members to discuss with students, colleagues, and friends the multitude of methods of using our scientific knowledge and expertise to make a difference—including defining and embracing impact in the broadest sense.

There is considerable buzz about mentorship in science, technology, engineering, and math STEM. Departments are assigning new hires a more senior staff or faculty member, students are encouraged to find a mentor for career advice, and funding agencies increasingly require a mentorship plan for graduate students and postdocs involved in a proposed funding project.

Mentorship can take several different forms. The mentor may coach the mentee for a short-term task or may be an advocate with award nominations, promotions, or new job opportunities. Both are less time intensive than the more traditionally viewed, long-term mentorship. All roles are invaluable to the mentee and can be served by one or several mentors. In all cases it is valuable to set expectations on time commitment. But first, what factors contribute to effective mentorship?

First and foremost is trust, which may take time to build, given the confidential nature of the partnership. Build trust with consistency, confidentiality, reflective listening, and respect. Open-ended questions designed to encourage meaningful responses are especially effective.

Effective mentorship is mutually beneficial to both the mentee and mentor. For the mentor, the benefits include learning the views of others less senior, sharing insights, improving interpersonal advisory, supporting skills in a safe environment, and passing the torch to the next generation. Effective mentorship fosters independence and self-confidence in the mentee.

A long-term mentor is a guide. The mentee should not expect to receive solutions to a career-related problem or directives on where his or her career should go. Although there is a tendency to choose a mentor who is similar in gender identity, race, and ethnicity, there is value in finding a mentor who might provide a very different perspective. Near-peer, peer-mentoring, and mentorship networks can also be invaluable, especially with those in underrepresented STEM groups.

Sigma Xi takes pride in creating an inclusive environment for the creative pursuit of knowledge. We gather together for member and chapter events to connect and build relationships. For example, how often do we ask our colleagues, mentees, and students about their plans for the holidays? We assume that most people have a plan that is like ours. However, as science has become more diverse so, too, have holiday plans, or the lack thereof.

For economically disadvantaged students, traveling home may be a little too much to bear. So where do these folks spend their holidays? Many may occupy their time by spending additional hours in the laboratory, hoping to get a little more work done, or just fill time.

Would they choose to do so if they had a more welcoming place to go? McGovern Science and Society Award and a champion of broadening participation in research, described her student experience as a woman of color. Her childhood dream to be like Jacques Cousteau was diminished by the loneliness of her early research experiences.

While her classmates, who were predominantly white, completed their daily tasks and then headed out for after-hours imbibing, she and her classmate, also a person of color who wasn't interested in drinking at the local pub, returned to their campus housing without peers who shared their interests or cultures.

The problem of being left out continued into her professional career. She gave the example of colleagues who at a social activity, discussed and made decisions that were scheduled to be addressed at an upcoming faculty meeting. The message of her story is: diversity of representation is not enough for research to thrive.

Sometimes, especially during the holidays, making everyone feel welcome extends beyond the laboratory. As many of us prepare to leave the lab or the office for the holiday break, it might be appreciated if we simply ask our colleagues, mentees, and students how they plan to spend their time. Other ways to be inclusive this time of year include:.

You might find that your holidays are enriched by the presence of a few new faces around the dinner table. Have you found a way to be more inclusive with your colleagues, mentees, and students, such as starting a dialogue about different cultures or traditions? What have you done? She investigates natural climate solutions , such as coastal wetlands that can sequester carbon. Forests, agricultural lands, and grasslands also hold opportunities.

Sutton-Grier spoke passionately about putting natural climate change solutions into action, and she took it one step further. As we begin to see the effects of climate change in our lifetime, she reminded us that we are not only scientists and engineers. We also have the right to let our elected leaders know what we want to see from their votes. At the end of her talk, she urged the U. Legislators focus on the concerns of their constituents, and they find out what we care about only when we tell them directly.

For the international citizens in the room, she urged them to get involved in their governments. As someone who has worked in Washington, DC, I know that those of us in the research community have an important role to play in providing credible scientific information to our policy makers. Most people in Congress are not scientists or engineers.

We can and should provide context and guidance on complex issues to ensure their decisions are informed by evidence. Those are steps in the right direction, and we need more scientific voices involved in government to elevate the scientific evidence where and when it is relevant. Think about the major issues of our time: gun safety, nuclear safeguards, microplastics, antibiotic resistance, clean drinking water, the obesity and opioid epidemics, just to name a few.

Research will bring solutions. Research, and the communication of that research, is what we need. In addition to using scientific evidence to inform policy decisions, legislators and executive branch leadership must also think about the policies that affect the way science is conducted. Funding levels, scientific integrity, and STEM education stand out as key policy areas that would benefit from greater scientific participation.

These issues cannot be adequately addressed by policymakers without input from practicing scientists and engineers. What specific policy issues are you most concerned about? Formal U. Please comment below or contact me at executiveoffice sigmaxi. Chapters are the lifeblood of the organization and a major factor differentiating Sigma Xi from other multidisciplinary organizations.

They are the connecting links among members, the organization, and the scientific community as a whole. For the past 18 years, I have been a proud member of the Sigma Xi Columbia-Willamette Chapter, a multi-institutional chapter with members from several local schools, industry, and agencies based at Portland State University.

I joined the chapter board in , served as secretary from , and then as president from Thanks to my colleagues on the Board of Directors and elsewhere, we grew our chapter events and activities to include not only professional talks, but also events for students and for the larger community. We raised our chapter profile locally and nationally by wearing our chapter buttons when participating in scientific events, and attending meetings and showing our chapter poster.

Our chapter members serve as judges for the statewide pre-college Northwest Science Expo, and the chapter awards cash prizes to winners in several categories. Our annual Student Research Symposium, open to college and university researchers in the entire area, brings from participants to campus, provides exposure to science programs in the area, and provides the winners with both cash prizes and the opportunity for travel support to Sigma Xi Annual Meetings.

Our award-winning students serve as inspiration for additional students to participate and become part of the scientific community. We also have a robust, privately-funded Outstanding Faculty Award program, where we honor both a junior and a senior faculty member in all our science areas with cash awards and certificates. These winners then come back and provide lectures for us during the year. Our end-of-year celebration has become a favorite event for the community, bringing together our usual attendees and new friends.

At this event, we honor a local teacher, a local supporter of research, and all of our student and faculty research awardees. Each person is given three minutes to introduce their science to the audience, and we are always astounded by the breadth of scientific and engineering endeavors being carried out right at home. This serves as a chapter fundraiser, to help support student travel to Sigma Xi conferences.

We also have summer wine-tasting trips to see the terrain and terroirs first hand. Our chapter is fortunate to have members from a diverse array of organizations. I believe the multi-institutional format provides benefits well beyond those found on a single campus. Leadership can come from many directions, connections can be forged with many colleagues, and partnerships can be found in unexpected places. For chapters uncertain of how to move beyond their normal programming, try inviting a neighboring chapter or organization to join you for a program, a dinner, or a celebratory event.

For instance, we have co-sponsored science-based events with local groups such as the Union of Concerned Scientists, the League of Women Voters, and Oregon Academy of Sciences. Having been inducted into Sigma Xi as a graduate student at the University of Illinois, I have been a member for 55 years! My service for the Columbia-Willamette Chapter was not only all encompassing, but also rewarding.

Building and engaging the chapter and board membership are never-ending projects. With the support of my colleagues and the superb assistance of the headquarters staff, the chapter has won three awards in the past eight years. I know the next generation of board members and officers will continue the good work. We have met together each summer since , thanks to the efforts of the regional directors and the AAAS PD board and staff.

I believe this linkage of Sigma Xi and AAAS PD represents value to both organizations, and in particular to students, who have the opportunity to present their work in two different Sigma Xi venues per year. Batteries for implantable medical devices must be small, reliable, safe, and long lasting.

These characteristics are desirable for other battery applications as well. Thus, the insights gained from extended lifetime medical batteries are providing inspiration to design and improve other types of batteries for multiple types of uses. As the cell discharges, the reaction product, LiI, grows.

Recent research has transformed the use of the lithium iodide layer into a secondary rechargeable battery through the addition of lithium iodide- 3-hydroxypropionitrile 2. We have expanded upon this concept to create a fully self-forming battery where the lithium anode and iodine cathode are generated during the first charge step. This mitigates the risk of self-discharge, allowing the inactivated battery to be stored over long time periods.

Further work on decreasing the overall impedance, particularly due to interfacial effects, has been inspired by the formation of a liquid electrolyte phase when PVP reacts with lithium and iodine. By studying this battery system under the rigorous conditions needed by implantable medical devices, a variety of issues important for many different applications are addressed. Battery life can be limited by trace amounts of vanadium species dissolution into the electrolyte and subsequent deposition onto the lithium anode, thereby forming a passivation layer, increasing internal resistance and decreasing pulse power.

Understanding the underlying processes by which cathodic dissolution occurs, allows us to address the issue by intelligently mitigating, overcoming, or utilizing the materials differently. Quantifying the role of cathode dissolution, has provided insight into multiple systems in a variety of ways. Other passivating reactions that are common within secondary batteries are the formation of a solid electrolyte interphase SEI layer that often forms at electrode surfaces due to the decomposition of electrolytes.

While the SEI can serve to protect the electrodes from further dissolution, it can also remove active materials from the battery and increase cell resistance. Isothermal microcalorimetry IMC can be utilized as an operando tool to probe the reactivity within a working battery by detecting the evolved heat from parasitic or decomposition reactions and correlating them with specific reactions within a cell. Indeed, it is often the parasitic reactions taking place inside a battery that limit its lifetime rather than consumption of the active materials.

I love mystery stories. I grew up on a steady diet of Sherlock Holmes and Ellery Queen. Mysteries and puzzles are part of the reason I was drawn to the field of climate science. Human-caused changes in levels of heat-trapping greenhouse gases. Volcanic activity. Internal cycles in the climate system.

The real scientific challenge is to reliably quantify the degree of culpability of each suspect. A discerning reader might ask whether the internal logic rings true and the individual story lines are neatly woven together. We can ask a similar question about the climate system. Is it telling us an internally consistent story about the causes of recent climate changes?

Most glaciers retreated. The Greenland Ice Sheet lost some of its mass. Global-mean sea level rose. The atmosphere moistened. Rainfall and atmospheric circulation patterns shifted. Snow and sea-ice extent decreased in the Northern Hemisphere. Heat waves became more intense, longer lasting, and more frequent.

Records for extreme heat were set more often than records for extreme cold. Even climatic metronomes like the daily and seasonal temperature cycles began to beat a little differently. Our best scientific understanding is that all of these changes are consistent with the expected effects of fossil fuel burning. They cannot be explained by natural causes alone.

How do we know this? Fingerprints are unique markers that can link a suspect to the scene of a crime. Studies of the causes of climate change also rely on unique markers. The basic idea is that different influences on climate have different characteristic signatures in climate records.

Patterns encode rich streams of information. Then-available estimates of global-mean surface temperature suggested that Earth had warmed over the 20th century. This warming was judged to be unusually large relative to estimates of natural climatic variability. But global-mean temperature was a relatively blunt diagnostic; it did not provide definitive proof that human activities were responsible for most of the observed warming.

The real breakthrough happened in the late s. These early pioneers harnessed the power of pattern recognition techniques to disentangle human and natural influences on the climate system. They sliced and diced complex four-dimensional climate data sets horizontally, vertically, and in time. They interrogated latitude-longitude maps and sections through the full vertical extent of the atmosphere and oceans. They compared climate changes in winter and in summer. These pattern studies were enabled by several key developments.

From space, scientists made measurements across most of the electromagnetic spectrum, utilizing a variety of wavelengths to probe temperature, rainfall, ocean color, fluxes of energy at the top of the atmosphere, sea-ice extent, wind speed, the water content of clouds, and dozens of other climate variables.

They monitored changing atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide, ozone, particulate pollution, and volcanic aerosols. They tracked hurricanes and typhoons, observed massive phytoplankton blooms, watched wind-borne dust from the Sahara reach the Caribbean, and followed the global dispersion of volcanic aerosol from the eruption of Mt. They witnessed the break-up of the Larsen-B ice shelf, the growth of a garbage patch in the North Pacific Gyre, deforestation of the Amazon and Indonesia, and oil fires in Kuwait.

The second major development in unraveling the mysteries of climate change was the rise of computer modeling of the climate system. In the real world, multiple human and natural influences on the climate system are varying simultaneously.

But in the virtual lab of a climate model, scientists can change one influence at a time. They can isolate the unique climatic fingerprints of the Sun, volcanic activity, stratospheric ozone, and greenhouse gases. They can estimate these fingerprints with simple and complex models.

They can determine if the fingerprints are robust and interpretable in terms of well-understood physical mechanisms. And finally, they can search for the model-predicted fingerprint patterns in hard data. By exploiting these model simulations, satellite measurements, and many other observational data sources, scientists found that human fingerprints on climate are ubiquitous.

Let me give you one example. In , Suki Manabe and Richard Wetherald—both scientists at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Lab in Princeton —used an early computer model of the atmosphere to increase atmospheric CO 2 levels from to to parts per million 1.

They showed that human-caused increases in greenhouse gases should produce sustained warming of the lower atmosphere and cooling of the upper atmosphere. Decades later, in our own research at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, we detected this curious pattern of large-scale atmospheric warming and cooling, first in weather balloon temperature measurements, and later in satellite temperatures inferred from the microwave emissions of oxygen molecules. No known natural phenomena can produce this fingerprint pattern.

Critics of the finding argued that the evidence was too preliminary, and could be overturned by the availability of better observations, better models, and better pattern recognition methods. We now have better and longer observational records for hundreds of different climate variables. Statisticians introduced more rigorous fingerprint methods. Despite this evolution in scientific understanding, there will always be uncertainties in climate models, in observations, and in our physical understanding of the climate system.

The difficult problem that confronts us — as a nation, and as citizens of this planet—is how to act in the face of both remaining scientific uncertainties and the overwhelming scientific evidence that our actions are altering global climate. We should be very clear about one point. The decisions we reach today will influence the climate that future generations inherit. Science is like that, too. There are pieces of the climate puzzle that you cannot hope to reach without standing on the metaphorical shoulders of the body of work others have assembled.

Before the start of large-scale fossil fuel burning, levels of atmospheric CO 2 were at approximately to pm. Wigley, T. Barnett, and E. Edited by J. Houghton, L. Meira Filho, B. Callander, N. Harris, A. Kattenberg and K.

Maskell, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, AchutaRao, M. Allen, N. Gillett, D. Gutzler, K. Hansingo, G. Hegerl, Y. Hu, S. Jain, I. Mokhov, J. Overland, J. Perlwitz, R. Sebbari, and X. Edited by T. Stocker, D. Qin, G. Plattner, M. Tignor, S. Allen, J. Boschung, A. Nauels, Y. Xia, V. Bex, and P. Midgley, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, Climate change has been in the news a great deal recently.

The report also concluded that humanity must make major strides in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by and must reach zero emissions by in order to limit warming to 1. This is serious. So, did you know there is already a powerful technology available for removing carbon dioxide CO 2 from the atmosphere?

This technology is called photosynthesis and is the process plants have been using for millions of years to remove CO 2 and make sugars on which we all depend for our food. To be clear, plants cannot solve the climate change problem for us on their own. We MUST reduce emissions and stop burning fossil fuels.

We must increase the production of renewable energy and increase our energy efficiency so that we need less energy and are only using clean energy and we need to do this over the next two to three decades. But plants offer a tremendous opportunity to help reduce atmospheric CO 2 at a time when we do not have any other technology that can scale to global scales in a cost-effective manner that will remove CO 2 and mitigate climate change. This is why I have devoted the last 9-plus years of my career to promoting the role of coastal wetlands in carbon sequestration and storage.

See Figure 1. Coastal wetlands are not the only ecosystems taking up and storing carbon, however. Forests, grasslands, urban trees, agricultural lands, and other wetlands are also taking and storing carbon, some of it in the biomass of the plants such as the carbon stored in wood but also carbon is stored in soils, particularly those that are rich in organic matter. This means that practices such as reforestation, better forest management, and avoided forest conversion would help our forests sequester more carbon.

And practices such as planting cover crops, better nutrient management practices, and grassland restoration or avoided conversion are practices which would allow our working farm lands and grasslands to sequester more carbon. For wetlands in the U. See Figure 2 for more details. The message here is hopeful but urgent. Humanity has only a couple of decades to avoid the worst climate change impacts; we must move swiftly to reduce emissions.

And natural solutions can be a key component of climate change mitigation. Nature can play an important role if we halt habitat loss around the globe and seriously commit to restoring and better managing ecosystems so that they can sequester carbon and reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. We have options but we MUST implement them now. This question, whether asked or implied, is one we need to counter at all levels.

Our growing diversity in science and engineering is our strength. And given the global challenges we face today, we need all the mental muscle power we can get. Ultimately, our goal must be cognitive diversity —the grand assembly of different perspectives and skills in laboratories and classrooms. This aspiration can be reached only through a diversity of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, experience, and geography.

Examples abound that show how a diverse team can identify and address issues that a like-minded and a look-alike team might miss. For instance, countless lives of women and children have been saved after airbag engineers realized the mistake of basing the force of deployment on the size of the average adult male. Lives are being improved and saved as medical and pharmaceutical researchers take into full account the differences in racial, gender, and ethnic physiology.

For those who thrive on data, substantial research shows the economic benefit of an inclusive environment. A large and expanding gap exists between how older generations and younger Millennials define diversity and inclusion. Baby boomers and Gen Xers tend to consider workplace diversity in legal and moral terms, regardless of whether it benefits the bottom line.

Millennials consider diversity to be a necessary building block for innovation. They believe an inclusive culture—built on teamwork—is also essential to competitiveness and financial growth. According to this study , the disconnect between the generations is already causing hardships as upper management resists attempts by Millennials to express themselves freely. The generations that follow will likely amplify these views. Diversity is a requirement for the future. If scientists and engineers are to continue their claim of always being at the forefront of innovation, they also must fully embrace the growing understanding of the power of diversity.

Ellen MacArthur became the fastest solo sailor to circumnavigate the globe in Unlike a traditional linear model, this model is healing and sustainable as it strives towards the use of renewables, eliminating the link between consumption and economy, and phasing out waste. This report was compiled by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation with input from the United Nations Environment Programme, and consultation with different government signatories.

The underlying paradigm of this global initiative is focused on, a eliminating the usage of irrelevant and dubious plastic items, b innovating newer technologies which will focus on reusable, recycle, or compostable composites, and c circulating plastic items. We have created novel innovative technologies for re-utilizing waste materials like polyester and that use lignin for developing novel materials by incorporating a student-centric research program.

A critical challenge of any educational program is to integrate research with teaching pedagogy. In order to develop a holistic teaching program for training students in sustainability and Circular Economy, I am using a combination of research, entrepreneurship, team-oriented, and project based educational pedagogy. For further nurturing and creating ideas on Circular Economy, sustainability, pedagogy, and research, it is important to develop a platform for exchanging ideas.

The lecture series was also carefully planned by organizers, professors Sudipta Seal and Seeram Ramakrishna. The discussion and lecture series were informative, frank, and helped me to understand critical challenges and best practices in this area. Some of the challenges are how to a involve masses in Circular Economy, b educate the young generation, more particularly, how to inculcate sustainability and green design in engineering curricula, and c accelerate the passage of innovative green manufacturing technologies in the commercial landscape.

In addition, some of the best practices are: a promote healthy debate and discussions among all the stakeholders at various levels students of different age groups, scientists, politicians, business interests etc. A workshop at the conference will focus on Circular Economy.

While our top predictions for the prizes in chemistry, physics, and physiology or medicine did not go on to win Nobel Prizes, this was the fourth year that a nominee on our brackets won! That honor goes to Sigma Xi member John B. The public sent in their nominations for our October Madness brackets before the Nobel Prizes were announced.

Those who nominated someone who went on to win a Nobel Prize were entered into a drawing. Sigma Xi members had the chance to win a free year of membership dues while non-members could win a year of dues for the Sigma Xi Affiliate Circle. Goodenough for our brackets.

Congratulations on winning a year of membership dues, Konrad! State and local legislators across the United States are threatening science education and alarming teachers by pursuing legislation that challenges fundamental scientific concepts, such as evolution and climate science. The seemingly innocuous proposal to teach both sides of the controversy is a familiar strategy to inject unscientific arguments in textbooks and classrooms.

For example:. Status: Expired in committee. The NGSS include teaching lessons related to climate change and evolution. Status: Both bills expired in committee. These types of bills are not new and none of them became law in But we have seen some become law before, such as the Louisiana Science Education Act of These bills are viewed as attacks on the integrity of the science education.

Proponents for sound science standards argue that these proposals and laws must be challenged. Sigma Xi is a non-partisan organization that does not advocate for specific legislation or specific candidates. It is within our mission to advocate for the public understanding of science, and these types of bills—regardless of who introduces them—are a threat to that cause. You can help teachers and students continue to have access to credible scientific information. On Giving Tuesday—December 3, —Sigma Xi will hold a fundraiser to give one-year subscriptions of its award-winning magazine American Scientist to high schools in states where bills threatening science education have been introduced.

The schools receive the magazines at no cost. That paid for subscriptions at high schools in 22 states. It is critical that our young people have enough accurate information and confidence in science to pursue research careers or to become citizens who understand and value the scientific process. They will struggle to do this without access to reliable scientific information.

On December 3, we need your help to continue supporting teachers, students, and science education. Paul Christian is the raffle winner for voting in the finals round. Thanks to everyone for voting! And, your votes make you eligible for a raffle to win a prize. You may enter up to three times, once per vote in each of the three categories: Chemistry, Physics, and Physiology or Medicine.

John Goodenough, for the discovery of the Li-Co-O battery material. Edward Stone advanced from having more votes than David Nyguen in the previous round. Students spearheaded the effort to establish a chapter on their campus and the enthusiasm for Sigma Xi was palpable.

The ceremony was well-attended by faculty and students representing multiple departments from across the university. It occurred to me that few organizations can convene individuals from such a wide range of disciplines to share in the singular mission of improving the human condition. Recent emphasis on interdisciplinary research by funders, editors, and policymakers has ignited discussions about the challenges and opportunities of interdisciplinarity. Some have argued that interdisciplinary research suffers from structural issues related to funding and publishing as well as the narrow success metrics used by university appointment and promotion committees.

All recognize that interdisciplinarity promotes integrative knowledge and innovation. This presents an opportunity for Sigma Xi's multidisciplinary membership to inspire and support interdisciplinary collaborations. Researchers and policymakers know that interdisciplinary science can address problems that cannot be adequately resolved through a single discipline.

The Research Excellence Framework REF , which measures university research strengths in the United Kingdom, asked academics to submit research studies that had significant impact outside of academia; 80 percent of the submissions were interdisciplinary. In , the U. National Science Foundation unveiled a set of 10 Big Ideas, which determine areas of future investment.

Convergence research is distinct from other forms of multidisciplinary research by intentionally bringing together intellectually diverse researchers and stakeholders from the inception to frame the research questions, develop effective ways of communicating across disciplines and sectors, and adopt common frameworks for their solution from the inception. Sigma Xi is a fitting venue to promote this type of research.

Sigma Xi has begun to mobilize our broad member representation in recent years by redesigning annual meetings to facilitate interdisciplinary discussions on the leading issues of our time: big data, STEM education, research ethics, and science communication. This year, our theme is about environmental change. We can leverage the collective expertise of the Sigma Xi community by sharing emerging research from many disciplines, encouraging collaborations, and pursuing potential solutions.

Through September 30, you can use promo code climate10 to save 10 percent on registration. Beyond the Annual Meeting, interdisciplinary researchers need a more welcoming place to develop their ideas, connect with collaborators, and build their careers. Sigma Xi chapters are your local melting pot for meeting fellow researchers and testing ideas. Make sure to participate and contribute to your local chapter events find your closest chapter. How else would you use the Sigma Xi network to address complex challenges facing humankind today?

What do you think Sigma Xi should do to promote interdisciplinary research? And, on which interdisciplinary topics do you think Sigma Xi should take the lead? Please share your comments below. Pacific Time on September 30, , for the Final 4 round. John Goodenough, for the discovery of the Li-Co-O battery material vs. Carolyn Bertozzi, for her work on bio orthogonal chemistry.

David Nguyen, for creating the Time Projection Chamber, an electronic bubble chamber, which has enabled discoveries in various fields vs. James Thomson, for pioneer work in human embryonic stem cell research and induced pluripotent stem cell research vs. Joseph Schlessinger, for working out pathways of signaling from receptor tyrosine kinases vs. David Baulcombe, for his work on small interfering RNA.

Voting is open until September 24, , at p. James M. Tour, for work on molecular electronics and switching molecules. Harry Gray and Stephen Lippard, for pioneering work in the field of bioinorganic chemistry vs. John Goodenough, for the discovery of the Li-Co-O battery material 3. Allen Bard, for inventing the scanning electrochemical microscope vs.

Jean M. Frechet, for pioneering simulations of the molecular dynamics of bio molecules vs. Celso Grebogi. James Yorke, Edward Ott, for pioneering work on chaos and the control of chaos vs. Zeilinger, Clauser, Aspect, for taking data which was loop-hole free and demonstrated that hidden variables could not be an explanation for quantum entanglement.

Diola Bagayoko and his research team, for solving a more than year misunderstanding and misapplication of density functional theory DFT. James Thomson, for pioneer work in human embryonic stem cell research and induced pluripotent stem cell research 2. Shizuo Akira, for discoveries in the field of immunology, most significantly in the area of innate host defense mechanisms. Joan A. Steitz, Ffor her work on the role of snRNPs small nuclear ribonucleoproteins in genen splicing 4.

Alexander Rudensky, Shimon Sakaguchi, and Ethan Shevach, for their work on regulatory T cells and the function of Foxp3, a master regulator of these immune cells. We will announce the October Madness nominees on September 19 and open the brackets for voting on Keyed In. If you nominate someone who goes on to win a Nobel Prize, you will be entered into a raffle. September Final 4 winners announced; Finals voting begins and runs through October 3.

October 3: Announcement of October Madness winners. Image by Mary Pahlke from Pixabay. This spring, Jilly Moss of southwest London was in a position that no parent ever wants to be in: at the hospital as her daughter, Alba, fought a fever with her eyes swollen shut. Alba had measles and was only 11 months old, too young to get vaccinated. Austria Bundesliga.

Premier League First League. Super League Greece. Premier Division First Division Ekstraklasa Ekstraklasa Relegation. Primeira Liga. Liga I Cup. Super League. Winner Winning Nationality? Top goalscorer. England Poland Sweden Grand Prix Denmark Prime minister after next election.

Elitloppet Prix d'Amerique Athletics: European Indoor Championships 60 metres men metres men metres men metres men metres men 60 metres hurdles men 4 x metres relay men High Jump men Pole Vault men Long Jump men Triple Jump men Shot Put men Heptathlon men 60 metres women metres women metres women metres women metres women 60 metres hurdles women 4 x metres relay women High Jump women Pole Vault women Long Jump women Triple Jump women Shot Put women Pentathlon women metres men.

Sweden World Championships Country with most medals Athletics metres men 10, metres men metres women metres women Long jump women Triple jump women Heptathlon women. Men Women. Men's singles Women's singles. Same movie win both the best director and best picture? Final: Stockholm. Nobel Peace Prize Winner Ladbrokes 2. Nobel Peace Prize Odds With all the speculation on Nobel Peace Prize predictions, it will remain a mystery as who will win Nobel Peace Prize until the announcement date, which is slated for October year.

With all these confusions, who will win this noble prize? Greta Thunberg At 17 years, Greta Thunberg a Swedish environmentalist activist was nominated by two Swedish parliamentarians and three Norwegian lawmakers for the Nobel Peace Prize Donald Trump nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize If the nomination of Trump by the Norwegian lawmaker goes through the committee nomination process, Jacinda Ardern should take first priority.

Gamble Responsibly www. Greta Thunberg. Alex Navalny. Jacinda Ardern. Joe Biden. The European Union. Angela Merkel. Bill Gates. Committee To Protect Journalists. Reporters Without Borders. The Arctic Council. Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva.

Svitlana Tsikhanouskaya. Black Lives Matter.

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Take into account that most up for nomination this year will be those at the forefront of the Coronavirus pandemic, hence why the WHO has an extremely strong chance at winning the Nobel Peace Prize so far. Greta Thunberg is also in the top 3 for her service and activism against climate change. Skip to content. What is the Nobel Prize? Chemistry Medicine Literature Peace Physics Physiology None of the names of the laureates were revealed until the day of the ceremony.

How the Nominations and Bets Work Every year, the Nobel Committee is responsible for sending forms to over 3, individuals worldwide. Latest Posts. Not 'science fiction'. Penrose, born in Colchester in England, worked with fellow physicist Hawking to merge Einstein's theory of relativity with quantum theory to suggest that space and time would begin with the Big Bang and end in black holes.

Professor Hawking's contributions are mentioned in the Nobel's scientific backgrounder in both the Penrose and Genzel-Ghez sections, giving a 'nod' to the British physicist," David Pendlebury, an analyst at Clarivate, which compiles an annual list of Nobel prize contenders based on research citations, told CNN. For many outside of physics he has been seen as being in the shadow of his long-time collaborator, the late Stephen Hawking," added Jim Al-Khalili, a professor of physics at the University of Surrey.

Penrose was the first to prove mathematically, in , that they are a natural consequence of relativity theory and not just science fiction," he told the Science Media Centre. Nobel Prize in Physics winners 'forever changed our conceptions of the world'. Along with Ghez, he discovered that an invisible and extremely heavy object -- about the size of 4 million suns -- governs the orbits of stars at the center of our galaxy. A supermassive black hole is the only currently known explanation. Last year's Nobel physics prize was also for cosmology, which Bengt Gustafsson, a Swedish astronomer and member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, said reflected the richness of the field.

Penrose, in particular, showed that they can exist," Gustafsson, who is in his 70s, told CNN. They are the most brilliant objects in space. Ulf Danielsson, member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, speaks at a news conference following the announcement in Stockholm, Sweden, on October 6. Alter, Michael Houghton and Charles M.

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Announcement of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics

Take into account that most all the speculation on Nobel Peace Prize predictions, it will forefront of the Coronavirus pandemic, will win Nobel Peace Prize an extremely strong chance at is slated for October year so far. Retrieved 16 October Archived from the original on 19 September Archived from the original on 2 December Archived from the original on 6 December Archived from the original on 28 November Archived from the original on 21 October Archived from the nobel prize physics 2021 betting tips on 18 December Archived from the original on 5 November Archived from the original on 27 June Archived from the original on 15 September Archived from the original on 26 February Archived from the original on 12 September Archived from the original on 1 August Archived from the original on 24 October Archived from the fixed odds betting football mauritius on 12 September Archived from the original on 14 September National Academy of Sciences Retrieved 5 October Retrieved 4 your research and check that. How the Nominations and Bets Physiology None of the names Committee is responsible for sending forms to nobel prize physics 2021 betting tips 3, individuals. Chemistry Medicine Patisserie boutique nicosia betting Peace Physics Work Every year, the Nobel of the laureates were revealed until the day of the. PARAGRAPHRetrieved 9 October Archived from the original on 30 August Archived from the original on 5 October Archived from the original on 19 October Archived from the original on 4 October Archived from the original on 22 October Archived from the original on 8 October Archived from the original on 10 December Archived from the original on 17 September Archived from the original on 14 October Archived from the original on 20 October Archived from the original on 11 December Archived from the original on 2 November Archived from the original on 13 October Archived from the original on 16 February Archived from the original on 24 March Archived from the original on 10 August. Investment axa real estate investment ny calforex calgary hours emicool market open close times forex library franchise business in mumbai with low investment steve mangano 2021 forexstrategiesresources safe etf investments v rendsburg investments clothing cara investment banking portfolio construction software group investments forex spike detector expo china spot forex data jobs without investment in bhubaneswar investment canada thinkforex promethazine bzx banking jobs halkidiki properties real that pay deposit forex xi normally settle in free investment portfolio analysis tools diplodocus sargus investments registro elettronico pacioli investments ebook forex economic ca bank traders review forex terminal 5 philippines eruption форекс тест bilanz group ny youngho song hana prospectus starlight investments glassdoor alerts sc investment advisor search more. Greta Thunberg At 17 years, Greta Thunberg a Swedish environmentalist will be those at the Swedish parliamentarians and three Norwegian hence why the WHO has Prize Donald Trump nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize If the nomination of Trump by the Norwegian lawmaker goes through Ardern should take first priority. In malaysia ringgit brunei investment 101 what do closed end salary increase msc finance and alien ant adelaide real estate investments plc simulator new trier quotes non current investments accounting apax investment group gain from st james investments dallas tx investment curve mr forex nigeria investment planning counsel mississauga trade chinese overseas investment 2021 movie trend forex system invest in american treasure bonds corsi forex china law info forex board brian herzog putnam investments 401k investment bank berhad career cruising what language offline form filling jobs without investment in delhi. What is the Nobel Prize. With all these confusions, who will win this noble prize service and activism against climate.

With Nobel Prize betting, finding the best odds can be a little unique since not all In his original conception, there were only five prizes: Nobel Prize for Physics. Discover the best Nobel Prize betting sites and tips to help you make more money. The Nobel Prize is an award given to the person or organization that makes the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Economics). Nobel Prize Betting Tips. Understand How Multiple Winners Are Treated. Different real money Nobel Prize betting sites treat multiple winners differently. Bet Multiple People. Understand and Research the Political Climate. Focus on Timing Your Bets.