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Radio podcast on soundcloud behind the bets dukascopy binary options contests

Radio podcast on soundcloud behind the bets

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If we receive an infringement report from a rightsholder, we are required to take down the reported content in order to be in compliance with copyright law. If the infringer is not able to resolve their dispute with the rightsholder, they will be issued a strike. How to promote your SoundCloud tracks. Here are some tips on getting started:. The first tag should be the main genre, ideally taken from the genres shown in the dropdown menu. Once you start monetizing a track, you can use Promote on SoundCloud to give that track a boost in plays and visibility.

Combine your Promote on SoundCloud results with your SoundCloud Stats to get a full view on how your promotion is working. Promote on SoundCloud is a great way to get your monetizing tracks in front of new fans on SoundCloud and drive up those plays.

Remember to keep the link to yourself. The more submissions we get, the harder it is for your music to stand out. Why you should monetize with SoundCloud Premier. With SoundCloud Premier monetization, you can now get paid for those uploads, in a quick and seamless way. When you monetize with SoundCloud Premier, we provide the following things:. You retain all rights for the music you choose to monetize with SoundCloud Premier and are free to make that music available across other platforms.

Note, you have the option to enable downloads for any of your tracks as long as you have the necessary rights to do so. If you choose to make one of your tracks available for download, you will be responsible for any publishing royalties that are due on those downloads.

Who can monetize with SoundCloud Premier. We know you put in the work because creating is your passion, but now all that time and energy spent fine-tuning your latest track will literally pay off — because with SoundCloud Premier monetization, your next payday could start today. To qualify for SoundCloud Premier monetization:. You must have zero copyright strikes at the time you enroll You would have received an email from us if you have a copyright strike.

Learn more about our copyright policies. You must have at least eligible streams in the past month. Monetizable streams come from at least one of these eligible countries listed here. Humans are listening to your tracks bot streams will not be counted. Note you must meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years old or age of majority in your country to get paid.

The more your tracks are played, the more you get paid. How monetizing with SoundCloud Premier works. That means that plays used to calculate payments will differ from the total plays you see in the app. Please note, any money earned on tracks that have been distributed to SoundCloud via a label or distributor will be subject to your label or distributor deal, and should appear in your regular royalty statements from the label or distributor.

It is used when monetizing music, and is required in order to enable a track for monetization. Use the same ISRC for a given sound recording wherever you make it available, across all territories and music services. Ask about ISRCs for your tracks if you:. Just as every rose has its thorn, every song has two parts.

The recording is the sounds themselves as an mp3, or a CD or any other listening format. The composition is the ideas, words and musical structures that make up the framework of a song. Its existence is the composition. Both the recording and the composition have rights associated with them that are worth money. Generally, record labels administer rights in the recordings [Master Recordings], publishing companies administer certain rights in compositions. For public performances of the song, such as when the song was played on the radio or in a bar, the collecting society or PRO that controlled public performance rights in the musical composition was paid royalties by the radio station or bar.

But before you get paid for publishing rights of your song the composition , there are a few things to know. Being a music publisher means you have a publishing company that you use to administer your publishing income streams. There are two basic kinds of income streams for music publishing rights: public performance and mechanical reproduction. How to collect publishing royalties for your composition.

In addition to earning royalties from your sound recordings, you may also be eligible to collect royalties from the compositions underlying your sound recordings if you own or control the applicable rights. In Europe and in other regions around the world there is typically one performing rights organization or society per territory, with a few exceptions.

Mechanical reproduction royalties will be paid to you either directly if you have not signed an agreement with a music publisher or by a music publisher if you have signed an agreement. SoundCloud currently uses Music Reports Inc. MRI to administer payment of mechanical reproduction royalties in the US. Why you should distribute with Repost by SoundCloud.

Uploading a track to SoundCloud is only the first step of your career. In order to be a successful artist, your music should be available anywhere your audience is listening, on SoundCloud and beyond. With special features like Split Pay, pre-save campaigns, YouTube Content ID, and exclusive features that will enable you to optimize your presence on SoundCloud, Repost offers an unparalleled distribution offering.

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Promoting your content on other platforms. Some of the biggest names in music have broken on SoundCloud, using our unique engagement features such as likes, reposts, comments, DMs and more to build their audience. Own your promotion and understand your audience on Spotify and Apple Music by using the tips below.

Repost allows you to send your release to all major music services. But we understand that sometimes mistakes can happen, like an incorrect version of your artwork gets uploaded or a track title is missing a letter or featured artist. If you need to make a change to your release, you can email us at support repostnetwork. Once our team triggers the update, please allow business days for other music services to reflect the change. Using a different DIY distributor? In order to maintain the play counts on your release, enter the preexisting ISRCs for your release when you upload your content to Repost instead of using ISRCs that we autogenerate for you.

Once the Repost version of the release is live, you can take the old version down from your former distributor. So developing an overarching strategy before a release is really important to help you map out a plan for the release while understanding what tools are at your disposal. To get started, hold focused brainstorms for different aspects of your project focused on the release, creative, socials and promotion. You can start with these questions: When is your release going to come out?

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Defining and developing your release. Do you have a place to record? Will there be features on the project? Consider all possible scenarios you might face when recording your release. Building out your visual creative. Your artist brand goes beyond the music. Every release you make will need artwork at the very least, but can also be accompanied by social assets, music videos, behind the scenes content, posters, stickers and even merchandise. Consider using the same artist, photographer or designer for each asset so they have a similar look and feel.

This section of your Strategic Overview should include things like due dates for creating artwork and making GIFs and production timelines for recording a music video, organizing a photoshoot, developing merchandise and anything else related to the visual aspect of your release.

Your release and your creative will come together on the social platforms you use. As we mentioned earlier in the guide, using your socials is a key way to build and grow your audience so think about which platforms you want to use to promote your release and develop a content strategy specific to those platforms. This section of your Strategic Overview should include a content calendar with live dates for social posts, the types and sizes of assets you want for different platforms, development of snippets of audio or video assets, and anything else related to your social platform strategy.

Once your release is out in the wild, you want as many people to see it. Consider developing a press strategy with a target list of outlets you think would be interested in your contact. Most blogs have a submission form, others require you to do some digging on your own. When submitting for press consideration, do your research first. Find blogs and editors who have shown interest in music similar to yours by looking at their other posts. When you reach out, be concise and share your SoundCloud link to your tracks you can even share a private track link if you are sharing before your release comes out.

This section of your Strategy Overview should include your target press outlets, potential playlists you want to be included on and anything else related to the editorial promotion of your release. In addition to distributing and monetizing your music, Repost by SoundCloud lets you amplify your presence through promotional levers like pitching your music to editorial playlists on SoundCloud and Spotify, building Smart Links so fans can find your music on the platform of their choice, and more.

Ready to accelerate your music career? Repost is SoundCloud's invite-only creator services offering. DJ Tools. U pload. Pro Plans. Learning audiences. Learn more I do not accept Yes, I accept. Lil Tecca. Your SoundCloud profile is your introduction to fans, fellow artists and industry reps. Through music, images and a bio, current and future followers can get to know more about you the minute they land on your page.

You can keep your bio general, or use this space to keep visitors updated on your latest accomplishments, recent releases or upcoming shows. You can include your location, contact info, external links to your socials or websites in this section — and can even connect your SoundCloud profile with Songkick to automatically pull in your tour schedule. Type of Accounts. Basic The Basic account is free and gives you three hours worth of uploads, basic stats, and basic embed controls.

Customize your track artwork. Podcasting with SoundCloud. Create an account This is very similar to setting up a regular SoundCloud account with one main difference: activating an RSS feed that will get your podcast out there. Use the name of your podcast for your profile Display Name Check your inbox for a confirmation email to activate your account 2. Complete your profile information Go to your profile and click the Edit button: Upload a profile image that is at least x pixels.

Add a description of your podcast to your profile's bio. This is important because the description will be used as your RSS feed's description. In the Your Links section, add links to your podcast website and any podcast social media accounts. Adjust the content settings On the Settings page, click the Content tab: Choose a category for your podcast. Select the language of your podcast.

Check the Contains explicit content box if your podcast contains what might be explicit content. Select the Upload default settings that you want. You can override these settings on the edit page of any track. If you intend to primarily upload podcasts, enable the RSS feed setting.

Adjust more content settings this is optional Custom feed title: Display a longer podcast title in your RSS feed. If you leave the custom feed title blank, your SoundCloud display name will be used. Your SoundCloud display name will be used if you leave the author name blank. If you're using Blubrry, log in to your Blubrry dashboard and click the 'Getting Started' link in the Podcast Statistics section.

Email address displayed: Some podcast apps require an email address to be displayed in your RSS feed. This is where you enter yours. Add your first track to your RSS feed by uploading or editing an existing recording. Submit your feed to Stitcher. Submit your feed to TuneIn. Charts and what they mean. Share your tracks on social. Tap the share icon on your screen. If you collaborated with other artists, be sure to them.

Share the post to get your followers tuned in. Best practices: Build your brand: We recommend promoting yourself frequently and sharing every time you have a new drop — this helps to build your brand as an artist. Your socials may be scanned by agents and labels, so Highlights are a great way to make sure your high-quality music files are one tap away. Did your track hit plays? Give yourself props and share the news with your followers.

Your fans will respond well to sincerity. Be true to yourself when sharing your music and use our tool set to help send your message. Go ahead and share your new track a few times — but be sure to space out the posts. There are two styles of embedded player: Visual player The visual player puts your artwork front and center. Default player The default player is a customizable option that allows you to edit the color of your player, scale its size, and display or hide comments, usernames, and algorithmic suggestions.

Secret links Click Share on any private track or playlist and copy the automatically generated secret link. Private embed To generate a private embed code that can be exclusive to any webpage, click Share on any private track or playlist. Reposts Reposting a track or playlist by another creator adds it to both your profile and stream and pushes it to the streams of your followers.

Playlists Curate your favorite tracks, show off new songs from upcoming releases, or create back catalog playlists as a way to contextualize new projects. Timed Comments Timed Comments allow discussion and feedback on tracks. Here are some tips on getting started: Make sure your metadata and genre tags are correct: The first tag should be the main genre, ideally taken from the genres shown in the dropdown menu.

When you monetize with SoundCloud Premier, we provide the following things: Leading revenue share: SoundCloud meets or beats any other streaming service. Comes with Pro: The program is accessible to all eligible Pro subscribers at no additional cost. Instant availability: Your uploaded tracks are available for immediate discovery and monetization. Direct access to your fans: Get real-time feedback from our massive global community.

Code to know: ISRC. Music publishing How music publishing affects you. Defining a release. Each individual track in a release has its own ISRC code. Each release has its own UPC code, and a UPC code is required if you are selling your release in a digital or physical store. And follow GTCashConsider. With so much to discuss, their episodes routinely go over two hours, making it perfect for a road trip. ANumbersGame pic. What drives him? Helping sports bettors get better at their craft.

He provides an in-depth statistical analysis of sport betting competitions and gives his advanced unique betting strategies. If you want to number crunch and make informed wagers, tune in. Here we have Fezzik again with former NFL lineman-turned-media pro Ross Tucker — the guy who makes this podcast unique. The two have been going strong three or four years. They welcome guests ranging from media members to bookmakers to politicians to sports bettors before closing every episode by placing bets, making NFL picks, and trying to resist the lure of sucker parlay bets.

New full episodes are still posted weekly at most major podcast providers where it remains one of the few pods that combines genuine betting analysis with gut-busting humor. As the name implies, both men respect analytics as they cover sports betting from all angles: handicapping and analyzing most major sports especially football, college football and hoops, etc.

Two smart guys and a sharp listen. Join sports betting analysts and senior writers Kevin Rogers and Tony Mejia as they talk about the latest sports news, trends, and top picks while breaking down matchups in the NFL, college football, NBA, college basketball, MLB, and NHL with industry experts to help listeners gain an edge.

Brought to you weekly on Thursdays by Pregame. Two opposite personalities and perspectives make The Kelly and Murray Show both informative and hysterical. Kelly Stewart, better known as Kelly in Vegas, is a Bleacher Report contributor, a subject in the Showtime Documentary Action and one of the more high-profile sports bettors in Las Vegas. John Murray, a longtime bookmaker and media contributor, is the Westgate SuperBook director.

The show is available at all major podcast platforms and is typically posted in conjunction with each NFL Sunday and intermittently through the rest of the year. Every weekday at least. Jake Williams takes his listeners to both sides of the counter as the Aussie interviews professional sports bettors, the bookmakers they bet with, and industry entrepreneurs, executives and CEOs. Do you play poker or DFS? Past episodes have covered line origination, expected value, analytics, beating the closing number and much more.

They also take lots of reader questions. He focuses on the sports betting industry and legislation. He's an avid sports bettor himself, mainly on NFL and college basketball contests. He lives in New Jersey with his family.

To give you the best possible experience, this site uses cookies.

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Radio podcast on soundcloud behind the bets Reviews of the best online sportsbooks for NHL betting lines. Here are some tips on getting started:. Hope you guys enjoy the content that I post. Business of Betting Podcast About Podcast A podcast about the business side of the betting, wagering and investing world. Choosing accounts. He lives in New Jersey with his family.
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Each week, Sal offers up odds analysis as well as his best bets and brings on celebrities , Vegas experts, and his pack of degenerate friends, who are shameless about discussing their latest wins and losses. Facebook fans These 3 fun hosts like to gamble frequently from Las Vegas to Atlantic City.

About Podcast A sports gambling podcast focused on relevant topics for major sports and smaller ones. Topical for veteran sports gamblers and newbies alike. Recorded live several times a week across Tampa Bay. You can bet that we bet on it. Podcast soundcloud. Feedspot has a team of over 25 experts whose goal is to rank blogs, podcasts and youtube channels in several niche categories. Publishers submit their blogs or podcasts on Feedspot using the form at the top of this page.

Our expert editorial team reviews and adds them to a relevant category list. Ranking is based on relevancy, blog post frequency freshness , social metrics, domain authority, traffic and many other parameters. Doing blogger outreach or influencer marketing and want to connect with new influencers in niche markets? Improve your outreach by connecting with authority bloggers in your domain area.

Feedspot media database has over k Influential Bloggers in over niche categories. Email us us the type of bloggers you want to reach out at anuj feedspot. Top 15 Gambling Podcasts. Do you want more traffic, leads, and sales? Submit Your Blog. Bettor Up Podcast About Podcast Entertaining insight into sports betting with a focus on niche sports like golf, horse racing, tennis and baseball.

Side Action Podcast About Podcast A sports gambling podcast focused on relevant topics for major sports and smaller ones. About The Author. Anuj Agarwal Feedspot has a team of over 25 experts whose goal is to rank blogs, podcasts and youtube channels in several niche categories. For Bloggers Submit Your Blog. For Marketers Doing blogger outreach or influencer marketing and want to connect with new influencers in niche markets?

Submit Blog Do you want more traffic, leads, and sales? Submit your blog below if you want to grow your traffic and revenue. Together with industry high stakes handicappers and sports wagering experts, Gill covers NFL, college football, MLB baseball, golf, horse racing, and more. Listen to this entertaining and informative podcast for a winning edge. About Podcast Matchbook's betting expert's Jesse May and Aidan O'Sullivan are joined by an array of hosts and special guests to preview the best betting action in the coming week's sport and provide a rare glimpse into the world of high-stakes betting.

Facebook fans 2. Each week, Sal offers up odds analysis as well as his best bets and brings on celebrities , Vegas experts, and his pack of degenerate friends, who are shameless about discussing their latest wins and losses. Facebook fans Everything you need for free on the biggest games each week from Pregame. Alongside your host, we have professional bettors Steve Fezzik and Brad Powers, plus more of the biggest names from the world of sports betting.

Twitter followers Ross Tucker will be joined by Pregame. Fezzik is known as an 'advantage player,' a style of wagering that relies heavily upon the use of probability, statistics and other mathematical techniques to maximize the 'expected value' of wagers. Facebook fans 8. The podcast is hosted by Sean Green, and Ryan Kramer, who bring over 40 years of Sports Gambling experience to the airwaves each and every week.

The guys cover the full spectrum of the Sports Gambling universe, including the biggest sports and gambling news stories, fantasy sports previews, handicapping strategy, big game previews, line movement analysis and free picks. Facebook fans 9. Straight from the best gambling city in the world, it's the only podcast around that combines a sports bettor with a bookmaker and they've been friends for over a decade.

Providing their insights on how they see these events playing out. Would you like to make money off these sporting events through 'Sports Investing'? Bolt Brady and his Bro are actual brothers who hail from the West Coast. They've played sports and know athletics inside and out. The guys will cover all the major events, and give Free picks.

Tune in to listen to this podcast. About Podcast Expert betting and tipping podcasts from the world of horse racing, football, golf and more. About Podcast Give us 10 minutes and we'll give you the arsenal necessary to successfully navigate the sports betting market. Las Vegas, Nevada, United States About Podcast The 'Gambling With An Edge' podcast comes from the same-named website, which is home to a variety of experts on casino games, advantage playing techniques, poker, and of course, sports betting.

Las Vegas, NV About Podcast The mission of TheLines is to provide our readers with sharp analysis and opinion from our team of sports betting industry experts. And that's exactly what we do on our sports betting podcast, covering the biggest, most important, and often the most ridiculous stories from the past week. Listen in as Matt Brown and Brett Collson cut through the crap and tackle the topics you need to know about.

Listen to WagerTalk each and every Thursday night as they break down sports from a Las Vegas betting perspective. Each week get free sports picks, sports predictions and betting odds direct from Las Vegas and our team of expert sports handicappers. We also have evergreen broadcasts discussing our time-tested and proven winning angles, systems, theories that go back to the s.

We also interview some of the biggest movers and shakers in sports betting. Twitter followers 9. New Jersey, United States About Podcast Each week, professional sports bettor Bill Krackomberger sits down with co-host Rosalie Michaels and a special guest to break down the latest and greatest sports betting strategies and concepts.

About Podcast Free sports picks and sports betting tips direct from Las Vegas and our team of expert sports handicappers from Sportsmemo. Handicapping experts share their betting tips and advice on the biggest sporting events to help you beat the bookmaker.

From sports betting to casino games, from live play to online action, Gamble On analyzes the latest news and welcomes expert guests to share their perspectives on everything happening in the gambling world. Making smarter bettors and building bankrolls.

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On the college basketball side, Adam and Kiev chatted about some recent plays that Kiev has made in the ACC and about some interesting stats that he has exploited in recent games for Syracuse. Then they talked Big Ten, with a look at Maryland vs. Penn State, Illinois vs. Wisconsin, and a free pick look-ahead for Michigan State vs. The guys started with some talk about the spread and total for Chiefs vs.

Buccaneers and then discussed some prop bets. Adam added two more prop bets and Brian added a couple as well to give us nine prop bets over two days this week on ATS Radio. On the NHL side, the guys talked about a couple of games tonight and how schedule spots are extremely prevalent with this unique season.

Adam and Brian shared some picks for both to round out the show. Brian Blessings is a fantastic guest. Look forward to his NHL picks. Great show, Adam Burke is amazing. For future reference, keep Brian Blessing off the podcast. I listen to this podcast everyday throughout football season. Provides tons of actionable knowledge. Apple Podcasts Preview. Customer Reviews See All. Pardon My Take. Barstool Sports.

The Kurt Angle Show. Dan Le Batard, Stugotz. The Pat McAfee Show 2. Plus, Mike Clay tries to stay hot after a record on prop bets. Doug Kezirian discussed all the intriguing college football lines with oddsmaker John Murray and professional bettor Paul Stone Ohio State is laying 50 points in conference play and lowly Northwestern is laying 40 points.

Also, how much do "style points" factor into handicapping? Plus, Mike Clay looks to stay hot with his props. Plus, oddsmaker John Murray shares plays from behind the counter Plus, Mike Clay offers five prop bets Doug Kezirian visits with professional bettor Erin Rynning for a light college football card, discussing the value on fading teams like Northwestern and Maryland.

Also, oddsmaker John Murray shares play from respected bettors Doug Kezirian previews the upcoming NFL weekend with oddsmaker John Murray, discussing how point spreads continue to be decided by questionable coaching and dramatic endings. Doug Kezirian is joined by professional bettor Erin Rynning to discuss the college football card , and they also preview the upcoming NBA season Plus, oddsmaker John Murray also joins for some sharp college football plays Doug Kezirian is joined by oddsmaker John Murray to break down the NFL card and discuss which teams' power rankings have changed the most.

Also, Mike Clay weighs in with his best prop bets Doug Kezirian is joined by professional bettor Preston Johnson to break down Week 8 of the college football season and also preview the upcoming NBA season with plays on win totals, futures and season prop bets. Doug Kezirian visits with oddsmaker John Murray, handicapping the entire NFL card and discussing how questionable kicking decisions impact betting lines.

Oddsmaker John Murray also joins the show to offer plays from behind the counter Doug Kezirian breaks down the Week 5 card with oddsmaker John Murray. Also, Mike Clay offers four prop bets for the primetime games Also, oddsmaker John Murray offers plays from behind the counter, and analytics guru Brad Edwards shares what he found with a deep dive into some of the nation's top teams.

Doug Kezirian previews the Week 4 card with oddsmaker John Murray, highlighting two undefeated teams as home underdogs and whether the Cowboys will pass their first true test. Plus, Mike Clay with seven props. Plus, oddsmaker John Murray shares sharp plays from behind the counter. Doug discusses the historic spreads with the Dolphins and Jets. Doug Kezirian is joined by Phil Steele as they break down a handful of games.

Plus, oddsmaker John Murray joins to discuss questionable coaching decisions and which teams have received early sharp action. Which teams warranted the biggest adjustments? Doug reacts to week 1 with oddsmaker John Murray and previews week 2. Plus, Mike Clay offers up 5 prop bets. Doug Kezirian visits with professional bettor Paul Stone to break down this weekend's college football card. Also, oddsmaker John Murray shares some sharp plays. Doug Kezirian breaks down the Week 1 card with Westgate oddsmaker John Murray and offers his top plays Mike Clay also shares his 5 best prop bets for the opening weekend Doug Kezirian breaks down his favorite NFL bets for the upcoming season.

Mike Clay also offers his top plays and John Murray of the Westgate shares insight from behind the counter. Doug Kezirian offers his best College Football bets for the upcoming season. Doug Kezirian and Preston Johnson take on NBA season win total bets, giving us the teams to avoid and the ones with value.

How does the injury impact the odds for Game 6, the NBA Finals series price, free agency and the championship odds? Doug Kezirian and Preston Johnson preview the NBA Finals, discuss how they're handling the Kevin Durant situation and how that factors into their decision making process. Doug Kezirian is joined by Brian Windhorst and professional bettor Preston Johnson to preview both NBA conference finals and Doug has picks for the series and opening games.

Plus, Doug visits with longtime bookmaker Johnny Avello about the Kentucky Derby and they discuss optimal betting approaches for this field Plus, they break down the NBA post-season with plays for series prices They explain why the Raptors offer great value in the East, why the Sixers still have giant question marks and why Denver is unfairly being dismissed.

Doug Kezirian is joined by Westgate golf oddsmaker Jeff Sherman to discuss The Masters, handicapping the value of certain players to win it, assessing the favorable matchups, and why Tiger Woods has an advantage in certain situations. Plus, the Bear does a Masters deep dive And they also explain how a pedicure can lead to a free T-shirt. Doug Kezirian visits with professional bettor Preston Johnson about his new role on "Daily Wager" They also break down the conference tournaments with futures and specific games Plus, they have plays for tonight and this coming weekend.

Doug Kezirian convenes with professional bettors Erin Rynning and Preston Johnson to discuss NBA betting storylines for post All-Star break, including the Lakers' odds to make the playoffs, the futures market for the Warriors, "market correction" on pricing for individual teams and how to handicap "tanking" teams. Doug Kezirian recaps the Super Bowl with oddsmaker John Murray to learn why the house only had a modest win and which prop bets provided the biggest losses.

Doug Kezirian welcomes three guests for a stacked Super Bowl preview. Odsdmaker John Murray shares what prop bets have drawn action from pro bettors Bill Barnwell offers his insight and also shares some props that have caught his eye Doug Kezirian hosts from Las Vegas ahead of the giant prop bet unveiling.

He visits with SuperBook oddsmakers on how props have grown, good value this year, and what do expect from the Super Bowl point spread. Plus, VSiN's Mitch Moss joins to discuss an insanely profitable hockey betting trend, and the two also go down memory lane They discuss some value plays and how media interviews can help with handicapping.

Doug Kezirian recaps a thrilling Wild Card weekend, and oddsmaker John Murray explains why the favorites might provide the value for the Divisional Weekend Plus, John explains how Clemson would not be favored in a rematch with Alabama Stanford Steve and the Bear discuss the National Title game including their money line picks, individual player prop-bets and much more.

They also recap a wild bowling season Plus, the playoffs are here and we have three home favorites of less than a field goal They brainstorm the various playoff scenarios and how they uniquely impact the point spread Doug Kezirian is joined by Phil Steele to discuss picks for the main stretch of bowl games Doug Kezirian visits with John Murray of the Westgate SuperBook to discuss how oddsmakers handle games with playoff implications and those with quarterback injuries.

Stanford Steve and the Bear go through the second week Bowl games offering picks and sound advice through the Christmas holiday. Doug Kezirian visits with Phil Steele for picks and analysis. Also, John Murray shares sharp action for bowl games through the Christmas holiday Stanford Steve and the Bear discuss the first week of Bowl Season offering some picks and sound advice. Plus, answer some of your Twitter questions. Doug visits with oddsmaker John Murray to preview an intriguing NFL card, discussing line moves and sharp plays.

Plus, Phil Steele offers picks for the first day of bowl games How is the sportsbook positioning itself with certain NFL bets this weekend ? Stanford Steve and the Bear get you ready for Championship weekend with picks and a super condo-steamer.

Plus, discuss the CFP rankings and make predictions. Stanford Steve and the Bear get you ready for the Thanksgiving Day games and the entire Week 13 slate with picks and parlays. Plus, Brad Edwards joins. Doug previews the CFB season's final weekend with Phil Steele, who offers 5 plays and analysis of the marquee rivalry games. Plus, the SuperBook's John Murray shares the perspective from behind the counter They also anticipate line movements on a few games.

Plus, Mike Clay breaks down 8 prop bets Plus, Week 12 picks. Doug Kezirian chats with John Murray of the SuperBook to recap how the house got housed on Sunday, while also discussing how NFL coaches should learn from crisis negotiations. They then look ahead to the Week 10 lines.

Plus, Fantasy Insider Mike Clay weighs in on prop bets Doug Kezirian gets 5 plays from Phil Steele and they also break down other high-profile college football games. Plus, John Murray of the SuperBook shares plays from wise guys And is Duke basketball beatable? Plus, they both look to make a big move in the Baby Bankroll Bonanza Plus, Mike Clay gives out 5 props Plus, the Bear offers a Breeder's Cup deep dive. They also break down the Week 8 card, which potentially features a "square dog" Plus, Fantasy Analyst Mike Clay weighs in on the prop bets Plus, week 8 picks and stories from Pullman.

Doug Kezirian is joined by Phil Steele, who gives his top 5 college football picks Plus, they break down the 3 ranked matchups on the card. Also, John Murray of the Westgate shares early action from professionals but also the danger of "headfakes" They participate in a "fantasy draft" and choose over or under for all 30 teams.

Doug Kezirian recaps a fun middle with Westgate oddsmaker John Murray and looks ahead to the Week 6 slate Why are the Patriots favored over the Chiefs and why will that game have a reverse line movement? Plus, Fantasy Insider Mike Clay returns to continue his success with prop bet analysis Doug Kezirian breaks down the Week 7 card with Phil Steele, who offers picks and analysis for the weekend Plus, analytics guru Brad Edwards assesses the weaknesses of Alabama and Georgia, while sharing optimism on Michigan Plus, week 7 picks including a true condo steamer pick.

Doug Kezirian is joined by John Murray of the Westgate. They recap a compelling Week 4 and look ahead to the Week 5 slate. Plus, Fantasy Analyst Mike Clay discusses prop bets that are catching his attention Doug Kezirian welcomes Phil Steele to break down his 5 top plays Plus, the Westgate's John Murray shares plays from professional bettors Then, make their Week 6 picks including the Red River Showdown.

How will Stanford and Oregon each respond? How are oddsmakers handling Alabama's new-found offensive explosion? They discuss some unusual spreads, such as the Browns as favorites and the Bills as point underdogs Plus, both try to bounce back in "Baby Bankroll Bonanza" Plus, this week's picks and Bear's travel plans.