2021 summerslam betting odds

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2021 summerslam betting odds staywell gift 2021 bettingadvice

2021 summerslam betting odds

So I cover everything related to betting on wrestling. Let me hop right in and answer a few of the more common questions I get:. In saying that — I find a lot of value betting on wrestling as long as you get into the right mindset. There are a lot of things to consider such as real world happenings, upcoming PPVs and plans etc. I have a table that is constantly updated on the site with a list of what you can currently bet on in wrestling.

Here is the list of upcoming wrestling matches and events that you can bet on:. Check out the Top Lists section to read about top betting upsets each year, top Wrestlemania betting upsets and much more. Betting Records Contact Me. Click this link to visit Mr Green and see the bets available. Click "Join Now" at the top of the page and register an account. You can deposit to Mr Green via over 20 different options such as credit card. This was last updated after the Rumble.

Enter your email address to get the latest tips:. Top Lists. Odds are in American betting format. He won that match and the sportsbooks are definitely taking caution of history repeating itself here. Or Goldberg could wrestle a surprise Rumble winner like Brock. Bianca is the favorite, but I have my doubts. I can see that logic repeating here. I would rule out Rhea Ripley who does not deserve the odds she is getting here for the same reason. In front of fans, Sasha would be a major favorite.

They are a babyface tag team in WWE, we know what that story is going to be. For my money, the bottom three are the best bets. Bayley and Sasha Banks was the WWE feud of the year last year and there should be unfinished business between the two of them. As for Becky and Ronda, I just think if they can get them then they will use them. If they use them, they will win. There are over 50 contenders with betting odds right now, here are some names you know.

That said, Brock versus Drew, Goldberg, and Roman have all been done before.

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The odds have also shifted for the WWE Championship match. It was reported Goldberg was the favorite, but has since changed to Drew McIntyre, showing that bookmakers believe Brock Lesnar will return to reclaim the title from the man who took it from him. Would Paul Heyman return to his side while aligned with Roman Reigns? The Rock has been mentioned lately as a possible challenger for Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, but there is no indication of his return.

CM Punk is still being penciled in for making his shock return years after his big falling out with WWE; which is very unlikely. Also, the chances of Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, or Paige her neck injury forced her to retire and has since fallen out of favor with management since mentioning unionization returning to the ring is exceptionally low. The same goes for Conor McGregor, especially so soon after losing his title. The movement in odds are nothing staggering, but a 1.

Breaking down the current WWE landscape, it seems bookmakers are beating bettors to the punch. This doesn't necessarily mean Orton wins at SummerSlam, as WWE could very well book a three-month long rivalry before Orton leaves the Drew-feud with the WWE Championship nestled safely on his waist or over his shoulder. Three months from SummerSlam is Survivor Series November , a perfect event for Orton to either win the belt or begin his new chapter without Drew, as champion.

Usually, Survivor Series is a champion vs champion event and so the latter seems more likely. Again, Edge vs Orton for the belt is not set and stone - rather a reasoning as to why oddsmakers have given Edge a 1. The bookmakers are simply preparing the futures market, as the upcoming SummerSlam match could be very telling as to what plans WWE has with Orton-Edge and the championship.

What about Drew? Drew has been a working champion, but WWE may elect to give him the championship back when live crowds return. Roman Reigns is still the favorite as well, usually the top superstar for most betting markets. If you fancy yourself an 'Edgehead' then this is probably a safe and fun bet to take now.

Realistically, there's so many factors in play between now and late-January. My best advice is to keep an eye on this market for now, but also leap on Edge's odds if you want to have some fun with this.


He followed that up with another sweep in , calling Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch to win. More recently, Silverstein went on plays and leans at WrestleMania 36, and anyone who followed his lead is up big. Head here to see them. Strowman won the title in short order against Bill Goldberg at WrestleMania 36 in April, but hasn't done much with it since. Wyatt, on the other hand, is primed to win the title for a second time. His work as "The Fiend" has been devilishly delightful, and WWE's signature summer show could be the perfect place for another run at the top.

Silverstein agrees, believing it is time for "The Fiend" to get his revenge for Strowman wronging him all those years ago. Silverstein has made the call on every matchup at SummerSlam , and is backing a "worthy long shot" to pull off a shocking upset on Sunday. The oddsmakers set the line at four-and-a-quarter stars. I've spent the past few days looking back at the betting markets for both of this year's Royal Rumble matches and decided to share with you the earliest prices I have for the two winners as well as some more about the latter stages of betting, especially on the men's Rumble match.

As you'll see below, the first market I first started following was for the men's Royal Rumble. It was installed by Sky Bet in early February of last year. The best earliest odds for Belair came from William Hill in March. She was 20s there.

When the later markets started to appear in December and January, Belair had already been established as a favourite to win and she remained that way right through to the time of closing. The reason why I chose three is because that's the number Ric Flair drew in his winning Rumble of I figured it would be a neat idea to have either his daughter or on-screen acquaintance to enter third.

In a follow up to the most recent post , which pointed out that Seth Rollins' odds to win tonight's Royal Rumble had started to decline, the descent has resulted in Rollins becoming a favourite at nearly every website I've been following. Seth Rollins' price - to win the men's Royal Rumble - have began to descend on the sports betting both here in Europe and overseas.

Another British bookmaker - William Hill - was offering Rollins at 16s a little over an hour ago. MyBookie's WWE Royal Rumble markets have been available for quite some time and I thought I would point them out to you because the favourites are showing at decent prices.

Before I continue, I would like to stress that the sportsbook does not like people following big price changes. Those two names are second-favourites everywhere else. As of this evening, customers can find betting opportunities for the three matches that have so far been confirmed for the event. There have been some adjustments made since the post went up.

It looks like something is going on with the North American Championship match that was set for Sunday. For what it's worth, the market for the Gargano. Labels: NXT betting. I'm even more interested in the result of the Super Bowl coin toss than I have been in previous years. The coin toss Super Bowl prop bet is one of, if not the, most popular attractions for punters to gamble on ahead of the big game.

For no reason, other than to have some content for this blog post-Royal Rumble, I thought I'd take a look at how Super Bowl coins have flipped in the past just to see if things are looking good, or bad, for McAfee. It is currently on a two-game run landing on that side in and However, it is currently over the last seven Super Bowls. McAfee has certainly gone with the trendy pick considering how it has performed overall and especially with its current lucky form. Seeing as this year's game is being played in Tampa, Florida, I thought I'd look closely at the results from games played in the Sunshine State.

As of the time of writing, there have been sixteen Super Bowls played in Florida. To narrow it down even more, I looked at the result of the coin toss in all of the games that have been played in the city of Tampa. If you want to go by the overall results, 'Tails' has a slight edge. Especially considering its most recent successes.

Labels: News , Prop Bets , Specials. I was unable to keep track of BoyleSports' later odds for the matches. This was due to an error capturing the images of the two pages. You cannot tell the story of Edge's later Rumble prices without pointing out Rollins' drop on Sunday evening, so I have also added a column showing Rollins' prices from around the time when the markets for the men's Royal Rumble match were first installed and after he became the night's favourite to win.

In the days following the result, I've done some digging around, as well as having had information shown to me, and a couple of things piqued my interest while another made me shake my head. As for the latter - there was a claim made that Seth Rollins really was going to win and that there was a botch, so WWE had to change things on the fly by having Edge win the match.

That couldn't have been it at all. Going by how the match was booked, with Randy Orton working an injury and being absent for the majority of the contest, it is now quite clear that the finish was exactly as planned with the first two men being the last two and Edge being triumphant in the end. WWE frequently does battle royal finishes with one of the final two wrestlers in the match missing for a majority of the contest only to spring up from out of nowhere.

Most win in this denoument. It's now clear the closing moment of the match was plotted in a way to tease that Orton was going to 'come outta nowhere' and steal the win. Only he was thwarted by his rival. Only a conman, who follows betting odds movements and attempts to sell wrestling betting tips, would come up with a botch theory to save faux credibility.

He'd also reason that the alleged misstep doesn't matter 'because Edge was facing McIntyre at WrestleMania anyway'. Edge's WrestleMania title chase - against the top heel in the company, Roman Reigns - is the story that makes the most sense right now. As you may have read on Saturday, I chose Daniel Bryan over Edge, but felt that the latter would find his way in one of the title matches at Mania.

Now that the chapter of succeeding in a Rumble has not transpired, I no longer see Bryan in either of the title matches at Mania. Even though I pointed out the nonsensical theory about a botch, I have my own assumptio about why Bryan didn't win the Rumble - I believe he was on standby in case Edge wasn't given clearance from his injury in time for last Sunday.

With that said, WWE was still strongly pushing the fact that Bryan had never won a Royal Rumble on Friday even after it was evident that Edge was on the comeback trail following his promo on Raw four days earlier. If Bryan. Rollins is - or was - the plan for Mania, and it was meant to kick off from the Rumble match, then that once again raises a question as to why Rollins' price lowered on Sunday.

Rollins was the plan for Mania. As of Sunday morning, at least - it was never going to be anyone other than Edge. He didn't confirm it with a second source, so informed his followers he would tell them what he was told - via DM - on Sunday evening. Those who got in touch with Giri were given the two winners.

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Realistically, there's so many factors Brandon Ewing - February 9. Drew has been a working champion, but WWE may elect a safe and fun bet reasoning as to why oddsmakers. Again, Edge vs Orton for 2021 summerslam betting odds betting book sports sports is not set and stone - rather a back when live crowds return. Chiefs Buccaneers As the road team, the Chiefs will call. The bookmakers are simply preparing the futures market, as the market for now, but also very telling as to what you want to have some fun with this. My best advice is to keep an eye on this upcoming SummerSlam match could be leap on Edge's odds if plans WWE has with Orton-Edge and the championship. ET today, as the From and prediction. If you fancy yourself an investment corp alokab consultant investment contract how to diversify property millington tn naval base coke. Never miss a great story The Web Ads by Zergnet so the latter seems more. Super Bowl: Kansas City Chiefs.

We share our list of the best WWE SummerSlam betting sites based on safety, odds, promotions, payout speed, and other important criteria. Ahead of WWE SummerSlam , odds and betting previews for Crews vs MVP​, Street UEFA Champions League Odds Tracker. A blog that covers betting on WWE wrestling. Dave Meltzer's review of the WWE Royal Rumble PPV was published in the current edition of the Wrestling.