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Bernard W. Dempsey, S. In a centralized economy, currency is issued by a central bank at a rate that is supposed to match the growth of the amount of goods that are exchanged so that these goods can be traded with stable prices. The monetary base is controlled by a central bank.

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Pq mauro betting saiu da band babs

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A rims have been given. Monday 26 April Several strong detonations heard in Sombor on the border with Hungary. No damage estimate yet. Yugoslav army air-defence units are heard firing. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, to ask for his help in resolving the Kosovo crisis. Nato misquoted him, of course.

The Serbian regime responded in shocked silence. Nato was not about to break apart, he told Serbs. It was growing stronger Russia was not about to send squadrons of bombers to rescue Serbia. Even for Yugoslav viewers, this was strong stuff. Whs Mr Draskovic preparing himself to be the interlocuteur vol- atile of Yugoslavia?

The next president, perhaps? So Nato is becom- ing stronger. Romania and Bul- garia will enter Nato - it may even become a kind of world military organisation. The RambouiUet and Paris. That no longer applied But it was his implicit criti- cism of those around President Slobodan Milosevic that will have stung rationalist Serbs. Will Nato break apart? Some false prophets Haim that in a couple of Hays we will celebrate victo- ry over Nato. They must tell us what is the world public opin- ion Let's not lie to the people any more that we are getting the Russian Sukhoi [bomber], or Ss or Ss or military aid or that Russia is entering World War Three.

Words were being misused. Serbs do not roast people. The leader of the democratic movement a couple of years ago. He didn't cry sur- render yesterday. He didn't call for the overthrow of the regime. But his words just might provide a po- litical path out of a war that nei- ther side seems able to win. Albanians in Kosovo By Emma Daly in Kukes ONE OF the few Albanians left in Pristina told The Indepen- dent on a crackling telephone fine yesterday of the terrifying conditions facing Kosovars who have failed to flee in time from the Serb police and paramili- taries who now infest the dty.

I went to his house one day, and it was a mess, totally destroyed. Nobody was left there. We can only buy after the Serbs. If there is anything left, they sell it to Albanians. But you have to show your ID to buy anything, and when they see you are Al- banian. It seems unbelievable, but the authori- ties are making passports in 24 , hours in Pristina's Grand Hotel.

Y'ou just have to pay dinars. My cousin died recently on the way out She was 14; she got sick and they buried her in the hills. Cafe Corea where we used to go for a morning cappuccino, is working, but Tiffany's [a favourite restaurant of foreigners] has been burnt down; nothing is left" Mimoza said that in spite of the terror wrought against the Albanians in Nato's name, she and her family still supported the bombing campaign.

And when she hears bombs drop, she shouts. And you stiH get a free courtesy car. And you still get 30 days cover in Europe. And you stiU get road rage cover. And if you need any extra reasons to caH, give us a cad. Srigle seofcmOTti apply. Civil rights activists said the Government's plan to reform the Race Relations Act after the Lawrence report does not go far enough. They called for immediate action to make membership of far-right groups illegal Combat 18 has claimed re- sponsibility for the two bomb- ings, which injured 45 people.

Asian and Jewish p jb lie figures and organisations re- ceived such threats before the Brixton attack. We are li- aising with the police and other ethnic minority communities in the city Jack Straw, told the Com- mons that hunting the racist bombers was the police's num- ber one task: "Whilst the per- petrators of this violence remain at large there is plainly a risk that they may strike again.

The police are pursuing the investigations of these bombings and protection of the public with the utmost vigour. They also accused the police of being slow to arrive at the blast scene. Shofique Choudhury. I asked the police to come and help and they were happy to do so.

This, the group claims, wfillead to the tar-right's hoped-for race wan Black, Asian and Jewish communities across Britain, in the meantime, are preparing their defences after police warnings that further attacks are My, Suresh Grover; of the Southall Monitoring Group, said volunteers would patrol the west London suburb, which, has a large Punjabi population.

Mr Grover added that moves were under way to organise similar operations outside Lon- don in areas thought to be vul- nerable to racist attacks. We are anxious, we need to know what is going on. The Black Police Asso- ciation boycotted the launch and said the campaign, which deliberately uses shock tac- tics.

The posters, to be displayed at police stations, show images of black and Asian people with racially stereotypical slogans. During the Ste- phen Lawrence inquiry it was most intransigent, defensive and adversarial.

He said that the police service was "confused and divided" over race relations. The posters would challenge passive racism and reassure ethnic minority communities. One of the Police Federation posters. The four people featured in the posters are not police offi- cers but a professional basket- ball player, a dancer an actor and a medical student Real black officers were not used in the pictures because such a high-profile campaign could limit their chances of working undercover later in their ca- reers.

Mr Broughton said. Less than 2 per cent of tbe Bob Puririss, chairman of the legal committee of the Com- mission for Racial Equality said he understood the associ- ation's concerns but still wel- comed the campaign. Mr Bettison said a new task force had been set up to re- investigate more ban cases in which race had been an issue and he hinted that a num- ber of officers could be sacked for their racist views. More than 30 members have quit to set up a rival union. Researchers found that two -thirds of women with anorexia nervosa in two London hospitals also had unstable bladders, said the report in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Her jaw was shattered in a car crash in The singer became Mother Bernadette Maiy at a ceremony held by the breakaway Latin Tridentine church last week. A team led by Harriet Robin- son. The three-year research project experimented with sev- eral types of vaccines and two different ways of delivering them to the immune system. The next stage was to inject a vaccine made from incorpo- rating parts of the hybrid virus into a pox virus, which can in- vade the monkey's cells but does not proliferate.

Results of the study, pub- lished in the journal Nature Medicine, show that the vac- cine successfully limited foe replication of the virus when it was injected three times over a week period The scientists were unable to detect foe virus in the blood of vaccinated animals, in con- trast to unvaccinated monkeys.

Although the findings are promising for vaccine devel- opment, other research indi- cates that it will be practically impossible to eliminate HIV totally from an infected person. Scientists from Johns Hop- kins University in Baltimore have found that HIV can evade anti-Aids drugs by hiding in a dormant state for years within cells of the immune system.

Cabernet Sauvignon grape has particularly Large amounts of the anti-oxidant resveratrol. The longer the grapes stay on the stem, the higher the con- centration of tannins - bitter agents in the wine. He blaraes problems such as cirrhosis of foe liver on over-indulgence ry-r 1 Pi! RseiLGon tents ot starboard r. Official statistics show that this type of trawler is four times more likely to sink than other types of fishing vessel.

They are highly profitable: in the port of Newtyn in Cornwall they ac- count for two-thirds of the catch although they represent only a small proportion of the local fleet A damning report fay the Ma- rine Accident Investigation Brandi MAIB into the loss of the Margaretha Maria, a Dutch- built vessel Grom Newtyn that went down in November with the loss of fouroews raises serious concerns about safety.

Fisherman have been aware that beamers can be unstable at the key moments when the derricks raise the nets filled with fish, but they rely on their skill to prevent accidents. The report, to be published in the summer says that the Margaretha Maria probably sank because of a large weight of debris in her raised nets, which made her unstable.

Shel- ter doors on deck were left open but while this would have made her sink more quickly, it would not have caused the ini- tial capsize. Tonight's Channel 4 News reveals that beam trawlers are four times more likely to sink than other fishing vessels. In , of the 7. Since a total of fishing vessels have been lost, of which 17 were beam trawlers. The Margaretha Maria left Newlyn harbour on a fine No- vember afternoon with four men on board, including John Tbdd and his son Keny Con- ditions were calm and the crew was due to return two days latec But the trawler disap- peared without trace.

Robbie Holmes, was found, but the other three men are thought to lie with the trawler on the ocean bed. Their relatives mounted a campaign for an investigation into the safety of beam trawlers. It's like doing an MoT test in a car without testing the brakes or testing that the wheels are on.

It is the first artificial kidney to use living tissue to mimic the functions of real organs and its development could alleviate the chronic shortage of kidneys for transplant operations. Sci- entists grew the cells taken from a pig's kidney on the inside surfaces of the hollow fibres used in kidney dialysis ma- chines, which filter blood of toxic substances. The cells stuck to the fibre — which is about as thick as a human hair— and proliferated to form a continuous li n i n g of living material through which the filtered blood flowed- The research team intends to test By Steve Connor S cience Editor the device on the first human patients later this year.

The ex- periment demonstrated that the cultured kidney cells se- creted vital substances into the filtered blood of the animals. These compounds are lacking when a kidney patient under- goes conventional dialysis treatment, a shortcoming that is thought to increase the risk of severe side-effects.

Medical researchers believe the study marks an important breakthrough in the attempts to find an alternative to kidney dialysis, which foils to save the lives of more than half the pa- tients who need the treatment after suffering from acute renal failure. David Humes, who led the team at the University of Michi- gan, has applied to the US Food and Drugs Administration for clinical trials in humans, which are expected to start this autumn.

Because the cells were en- capsulated inside hollow fibres they were protected against attack from the body's immune defences, making organ rejec- tion less Likely. Channel 5 announced at the Montreux Television Festival that it would be pitting every- one from glee dubs to teams of accountants against each other in a series of silly challenges, which will remain largely unchanged from the shows heyday in the Seventies. At its peak, the show pulled in more than 18 million viewers and if Channel 5 can get a fraction of that, it will be worth the embarrassment of disinterring a programme that gives the lie to the notion that British television has dumbed down in recent years.

Channel 5 is to keep the show domestic for a year before trying to revive that emblem of pan-European co-operation. Jeux Sans Frontieres. We want all the family to tune in. Review, page 3 UPe covev- When there are so many companies offering life cover, how do you know you're getting the best premium? We sewck You SAve. Call Life-Search direct on Anytime between 8. It wouldn't have been very dif- ficult to predict for instance, that the Conservative Party, as a body, might deplore the murder of Jill Dando but just in case there are voters out there who are in doubt about where they might stand on this matter; Sir Norman Fowler went on the record at the beaming of questions to the Home Secretary.

MPs on both sides of the house then murmured to indicate that they too could be counted among those who were against the gratuitous killing of popular television personalities. Isn't it dreadiuirBut there is a whisper of political calculation too. Dignified silence isn't really an option, given that it can so easily be interpreted as indifference oc even worse, a lade of awareness of what everybody else is talking about.

Jn between these two cere- monies of public utterance Tony Blair offered his own variation on the theme of ritual pronounce- ment with a statement on the re- cent Nato summit. Mr Blair looked rather tired yesterday, his usual flu- ency at the dispatch box replaced by something more hesitant.

The Tories have canniiy begun to exploit this cir- cumspection on the part of the Prime Minister, with William Hague adopting the line first taken by Michael Howard. This is to ex- press support for Nato's opera- tions but also respectfully to demand clarity on certain issues, in the reasonably secure knowledge that they won't get it and thus be forced to express a binding opinion that they will have to stand by If all goes well in the war they wiD be able to say that they loyally supported it aD along.

If thfogs turn ranod thQ can point to their astute and far- sighted questions, asked but fatal- ly never answered. Chart-topper among those put yesterday was one about whether Russian ships would be intercept- ed as part of the proposed oil em- bargo and what would happen if they declined to pull over to the ma- rine equivalent of the hard shoul- der.

Mr Blair doesn't have a good answer to this question, which is one of the reasons he had returned from Washington without a dear agreement from Ins Nato allies. In- stead. Mr Blair let his exasperation show -. Peter Lilley. He advised the Ton- leader not to "follow fashion" and dismissed claims by his aides that the relaunch was his equivalent of Mr Blair's ditching of Clause Four.

Warning that mere words were not enough. Although the former defence secreuny has normally been loyal to Mr Hague, his comments will he seen as an attempt to distance himself from the Tory loader at a lime when Mr Hague is under increasing nre f bun within his own party Yesterday.

Alan Clark, the veteran. MPand former minis- ter. He admitted on BBC radio that there had been some "lively discussion " in his Shad- ow Cabinet but said: T am not afraid o; controversy. One of the members who criticised it ias: week. Iain Duncan Smith, fee Conserva- tive spokesman on soriai se- curity. He denied that the leadership had performed a U-turn.

Mr Foster will instead rival Menzies Campbell as fee can- didate most dedicated to con- tinuing Paddy Ashdown's strategy of closer co-operation wife Labour. It offers you a guaranteed income right up until 1 May The Bond is strictly a limited issue and will be withdrawn without notice once fully- subscribed. So you must take advantage now. Phone any rime our answering service i. Registered Office: Northern Ruck House. Gosforth, Newcasrle upon Tvne NE.?

I nine un. Mihpn iIk r. Whin rln ij-. InJmJujI-' wli Vhem, HU. M'ltLNN -it. UO11 1 jr. In a Commons statement on his return from the Nato summit in Washington, the Prime Minister said there was no question of compromise with the Serbian leader over the alliance's demands for restor- ing peace to Kosovo. Mr Blair told MPs that what had impressed him most at the summit was the need to protect the frontline states surrounding Yugoslavia. Having taken this action, we have got to see it through.

Talks face summer deadline EFFORTS continued to try to re- store momentum to the flag- ging Northern Ireland peace process yesterday, with politi- cal meetings in Belfast and warnings that the absence of an early breakthrough could spell disaster. Both elements have been critical of the idea, which involves Sinn Ft in promising to leave a new executive if the ERA returns to violence, but both have stopped short of outright rejection.

On the Unionist side it is clear the preferred option is that of the Hillsborough decla- ration which Tbny Blair and the Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, pro- duced earlier this month, en- visaging republican decommis- sioning in the context of an act of reconciliation. The declaration has lost ground because of opposition from Sinn Fein and loyalist el- ements.

Mr Blair and Mr Ahem appear ready to travel to Belfast if the prospect of a deal should appear. In Ligoniel, north Belfast a Catholic woman and her 14 - year-old son escaped unhurt after a grenade attack on then- home. Schools minister Estelle Morris said. But recast as the Saviour of the Scots Nats. Perhaps saving the world was never this tough.

With 10 days to go to elections to the new Scottish Parliament, polls show the Scottish National Party's vote plummeting. That explains why the SNP leader. Alex Salmond. Mr Connery seemed to find the minute wait for his lines excruciating.

But once he took centre stage the old gravel-voiced charm surfaced. And, when he turned on the media, so was the menace of so many screen roles. He was reading his speech, he said, because he was unable to trust his emotions.

But bis attack on the press brought the wildest applause. Last week, Mr Connery, in Edinburgh with a posse of American TV and film execu- tives to promote his new film and the dream of a Scottish film industry, found himself in a rabid, aggressive pose on the front of Scotland's do minan t tabloid, the Daily Record, Tbe headline suggested Mr Con- nery. Mr Connery says the picture was a week old and that he was set up.

He was undoubtedly refer- ring to the negative election campaign run by Labour; a new 7 Connery enemy since the party reportedly denied him a knighthood last year. Yet there is no conclusive evidence that endorsement even by , cuts with the public. In an en- tirely unscientific and narrow four men on tbe street poll conducted by The Independent yesterday. The Bahamas, he pointed out was a long way away, and Mr Connery had been there a very long time.

Even for some party insid- ers the emphasis on Mr Con- nery only exposes the flimsiness of the SNFS election campaign. When party veteran Winnie Ewing was kissed by Mr Connery there were a few gasps. Would Win- nie ever wash again?

The latest I CM poll for The Scotsman newspaper showed support for the bomb- ings waning slightly as backing for a land war increased. The poll also suggested four out of five Scots supported the SNP's pledge to keep income tax the same rather than im- plementing Labour's planned Ip cut But despite this, the na- tionalists still appeared to be heading for disaster in the vote on 6 May. Just 29 per cent said they would support the SNP in the first vote, for an individual can- didate, and 28 per cent in the second, fora party The poll pre- dicted Labour would receive 47 per cent of the vote in the first poll and 46 in the second.

Such a result would leave Labour with 62 seats, three short of an overall majority and two more than suggested by the previous poll two weeks ago. On the Balkan issue. The Scottish Conservative leader. David McLetchie. David Petersen, messed up his nomination form. This Wallace is a mild- mannered family man - despite the blue face paint and leather bodice. CONCERN IS mounting at se- nior levels of the Labour Party that it will fall to win an over- all majority in the Welsh As- sembly amid signs that its leader may be denied a seaL An increasingly anxious party headquarters in Cardiff urged members yesterday to turn out in force on 6 May.

Peter Hain, Labour cam- paign co-ordinator, wrote to 5, members, warning them that apathy was the enemy. He argues that in its analysis of the survey, the tele- vision company failed fully to take into account low voter turnout That would act against. Mr Michael's chances of gain- ing a seat and might mean Labour failed to win Caernar- fon east a key constituency.

He believes all the evidence showed Plaid Cymru would be- come tlie second party in Wales, pushing the Liberal Democ- rats and Conservatives down the pecking order. ViS" Colour. Monitor, US Robotics 56k v. L www. US Robotics k 90 Modem. Subject to status. The InleMnsidi- loj-o. When a Taiwan-born scien- tist, Wen Ho Lee, was dis- missed from his job at the Los Alamos National Laboratory last month on suspicion of spy- ing for China, awkward ques- tions were raised about his wife, Sylvia.

She was also said to have made several trips to conferences in? China, one with her husband. But Newsweek magazine says Mrs Lee was just doing her job - being paid by the FBI to help to keep track of visiting Chinese scientists and com- pile profiles. The magazine said in the Eighties the FBI was thought she might have been re- cruited by the Chinese to spy on her boss at Los.

Alamos, a laser specialist, but decided she was loyal and dropped the inquiry. A New York Times investigation found evidence that China probably stole several secret weapons blueprints including ones for a miniaturised nuclear war- head from the laboratory, and the thefts went unremarked for a decade until C hina start- ed to produce weapons of a de- sign uncannily similar to that of US weapons.

Government officials, intel- ligence officers, defence scien- tists and administrators were questioned and a political storm gathered, which would have caused more damage to the Clinton administration if Kosovo had not squeezed it from the headlines. The Chi- nese denied nudear spying as the Chinese Prime Minister. Zhu Rongji made an official visit to Washington.

Investigators found Wen Ho Lee - who had worked at Los Alamos for 20 years -had been suspected before, but retained his top-level security clear- ance. Last month, he Med a lie- detector test and was said to have stonewalled FBI ques- tions. He was dismissed. But the FBI had insufficient evi- dence to prosecute.

Few details of the Lees' ex- istence suggested a lifetime of spying. They lived in a re- spectable suburb and neigh- bours called them quiet and decent. Colleagues were amazed that Wdi Ho Lee could have been a spy. The sign of peace as , attend a memorial service for the victims of Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado Denver gunmen set out to kill pupils, then hijack a plane THE TWO teenage killers who rampaged through their sub- urban high school in Colorado a week ago intended to kill at least students, and fanta- sised about blazing their way through the neighbourhood, hi- jacking a plane and crashing it on New York City, according to the detailed diary of their plans seized by investigators.

John Stone, the Jefferson County Sheriff! In the end. A large propane bomb plant- ed in the cafeteria kitchen at Columbine high School by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold was meant to go off at the peak of the school lunch hour and start a blaze strong enough to burn down the school.

It is not dear why the bomb, made from a barbecue-type propane canis- ter and a petrol can packed in broken glass, ball-bearings and nails, did not detonate as planned. The diary lists details of bomb-making and gun pur- chases and outlines plans for the final assault. It is not clear how much of the later stages of their schema such as the plane hijacking, was realistic and how much fantasy, but Harris and Klebold certainly did not expect to survive.

Sheriff Stone said an year-old female friend of He- boid was being investigated on suspicion of providing a gun used in the attack, timed to co- incide with Hitler's birthday He did not name hen and investi- gators are still trying to estab- lish if she knew why Klebold wanted the weapon. Uncon- firmed reports say another friend of the two boys might be the subject of investigation and has retained a lawyer The sheriff also blamed the parents ofthe pair for failing to suspect what the boys had been planning.

There was a sawn-off shotgun piece in the bedroom of one boy. Mauro Muscas, aged 17, from Sardinia, finished third m the regional rollerskating, championships earlier this month, and Ms club wanted hnn to continue in qualifiers for the national championship. The current law prohibits mentally disabled people from pra ctising competitive sport except in events reserved for athletes with - handicaps.

Mauro, who is in his third year of high school in Cagliari, is a natural sportsman. He first took up skating at the age of nine, mid spends every spare moment at the rink. The news that he could not go to the na- tional championships has left him perplexed and sad. The law appears to have been passed with the aim of protecting people with men- - tal handicaps from the poten- tial psychological hazards of competitive sport Italy's Health Minister; Rosy Bind!

You can also get agreat rate on. An BA that meets the CAT standards does not mean, however, that it Is necessarily the best investment product for you, nor that it has Government approval. Opening your savings accounts is simple. Speak to your Financial Adviser or call us direct - It only takes a few minutes.

IHepfaroe call, will be nwottafnl 2nd mmted m trip to Impcovr mourner scrrtcc. You can find the book you want in seconds from a selection of over 1. We can even gift-wrap. Our online store is -. Sonia Gandhi has helped the party to improve its standing at state level. Her name and her widowhood help to pull in votes in the countryside.

Congress rejected the attempt at the weekend to thrust him into the breach and make him prime minister. Controls the Rashtriya Janata Dal party, which could hold balance of power. Congress fared no better. But an important ally that had pledged support changed its mind. Congress had hoped to take power with the support of left-wing and lower-caste parties. Visitors leaving the parliament building in Delhi yesterday as the country faces another election Reuters At state level Mr Yadov's party was locked in battle with Congress and he was forced to renege on his promise.

After Congress admitted fail- ure, the Third Force, which as the United Front ran the pre- vious government, thrust for- ward the West Bengal communist leader Jyoti Basu as its choice for prime minister With support from Congress, it might have worked. But Con- gress decided that even a mid- term election - the 5th such election since was prefer- able to such a messy fudge.

The surprise is that it lasted as long as it did, and that was Mrs Gandhi's doing. From the start, the ptima donna of Tamil Nadu, Jayaram Jay- alalitha, had threatened to with- draw ho-vital 18 MPs if the gov- ernment failed to do her bidding. Mr Vajpayee did what was politically feasible to keep her happy, but her demands were outrageous.

Frustrated, she might have pulled the plug at any moment, but for more than a year Mrs Gandhi gave her no encouragement Only in the past month did Congress ap- parently lose its nerve and tip Ms Jayalalitha the wink. Congress had declined to act before because India was fed up with one election after another, and Mrs Gandhi in- sisted her party cultivate an image of responsibility in con- trast to its former rampant op- portunism. This posture lent the BJP-led government an air of solidity it did not deserve.

Yet in other respects the BJP had earned a turn at na- tional power. For the common man, the new government did exactly the right thing by staging the nu- clear tests last May, soon after it came to power: But their in- experience in operating the levers of government was pal- pable.

Towards the end of the year the price of onions and tomatoes - two staples - shot up. Many believe this was due to hoarding by BJP supporters bent on making money while the BJP sun shone and confi- dent rightly so that the gov- ernment would not dare to act against them. In four key states Congress support is on the rise. For mil- lions in the countryside Sonia, despite her Italian origin, is a Gandhi and a figure around whom the party has united.

That is enough. But almost everyone seemed to know someone who followed the cult The extraordinary demon- stration had dispersed by mid- night, with cold winds and driving rain aiding the police as they gently herded the thou- sands from the area. But while the protest ended as peaceful- ly as it had been conducted, in- side the party leadership compound at Zhongnanhai anx- ious officials must have won- dered how a network claiming 60 million followers could have organised the biggest demon- stration in Pelting for a decade right under the noses of China's security apparatus.

Qigong is a traditional Chinese Police quiz people at the Falun Gong protest Reuters martial art, but Mr Li's version also includes warnings about modern consumer society, as well as enthusiasm for levitation. It appears that through a net- work of Fhlun Gong martial arts teachers, the word was spread that followers should make their way to Peking to show their dis- pleasure. And somehow, the se- curity forces foiled to notice this huge influx of people.

But that is exactly what a group of French wine producers from the Perpignan region wants to do. The vine-growers are furious that Metdo-France, the main French weather forecasters, failed to warn them about a heavy hailstorm that struck the area last Wednesday.

They daim that their harvest has been destroyed - an eco- nomic catastrophe for ft e area - and they are demanding jus- Cu Lilt? If the weathermen can predict that it will rain in Pans at pm, how did they miss this? According to the Chamber of Agriculture, 2, hectares of vines suffered severe damage, and a further 5. Hail has always posed a problem in the area. Tfen years ago, the wine producers in- vested in 72 hail-cannons, which are managed by the group Lutte Contre La Grele Battle Against Hail.

Meteo-France denies negli- gence. I have come with a friend, who organises out- ings for deprived children. The boy beside me is from this group, a cynical 1 1 -year- old called Fedya. The children, and the adults who have rediscov- ered the child in themselves, may be receptive but Kukla- chov is going to have to work hard to win over such sneer- ing near-teenagers. Actually I am rather scep- tical, too. But of course Kuklachov, who has been working with cats for 25 years, knows that and always goes with rather than against their instincts.

The show opens with the down setting out a picnic and the cats stealing titbits. It is nature, but choreographed. A ginger cat enters, seem- ing to push a pram contain- ing a tiny dog. At the end, Kuklachov throws giant plastic balls out for the audience to punch back and forth.

Forgetting his street cred, Fedya leaps from his seat to join in. In his field, Kuklach ov is as great as Rudolf Nureyev was in ballet. The cats are playing for pleasure. Be- cause of British quarantine laws, he could not take his own cats, raised from kit- tens, but he managed with a temporary troupe adopted from the RSPCA.

Homesickness propelled him back to Russia, where he nearly wen tout of business as the state, generous in Com- munist times, stopped subsi- dising the arts. A pet food firm now sponsors him and do- nates tins of meat a day -one for each cat. Kuklachov gives me a book of tricks you can do at home. Iam also carrying an armful of posters signed by the down. The company said these prospects were underpinned by strategic initiatives, including expansion in continental Europe.

United is a possible bidder for SMG, which was put into play last month after Mirror Group sold its Mr Cruickshank, who also chairs the Action millennium bug taskforce and the review of UK banking will spend one day a week at SMG. E0 40 4. B1 Irish Overall B0 -0,11 After the annual meeting in a marquee on a cricket pitch in Bingley.

This is likely to take place within 15 months after members formal- ly approve conversion plans. The society has building society branches, local agencies and estate agents. It also has 7. Last year the society made post-tax profits of G84m. He still believed in the principle of mutuality, but customer service would not be affected. They said the society would have to be more efficient, sug- gesting further cxTSt cuts are llke- ly. They declined to comment on a likely level of redundancies.

After dosing to new savings customers for four months. At the meeting yesterday, angry pro-mutual members ex- pressed disappointment at the vote. Some called for the board to continue its campaign against conversion ahead of the formal vote due later this year. Nationwide Assign to charity 2. Britannia Assign to charity 4. Yorkshire Assign to charity 5: ' Porcman 1 cut-off 6.

Andrew Verity. Mr Major, a modest mainte- nance plumber who works in his home town of Lisburn. County Antrim, attributed his victory to a low-profile campaign. In contrast to Michael Hand- em. Yesterday he said he was beading straigh t back to North- ern Ireland cm foe ferry. MfMWJJ 1. Reltec, and po- sitions GEC strongly in this high-growth market sector. But Lord Simpson pointed out that FORE was in me of the fastest-growing sectors of the market and was increasing rev- enues at 35 per cent a year.

This year the volume of Internet data traffic is fore- cast to outstrip voice traffic, and FORE equipment is used to switch an estimated two-thirds of global Internet traffic. Riccardo Gufiotti, who was going to be chief executive of the enlarged group, wifi have his five -year contract paid up m foil as he steps back to a nonexecutive role.

The numbers are very big. We cant hide from thaL But this is a one-off " The pay-ofls are part of a plan to slim down the board of foe combined company from 14 to 10 directors. Ian Clubb. The choice of Mr Wadhwani, who formerly worked for Gold- man Sachs and lectured at foe London School of Economics for eight years, is a dear signal that foe Chancellor wants to keep the MPC a body experts rather than one representative of industry.

The MPC has been at- tacked by unions and business organisations for paying too lit- tle heed to the needs of industry. In his most recent papa; M Wadhwani argued that UJ stocks were at least 20 per cen overvalued. The Small Cap fared better, finishing Computer stocks, including IBM, recorded sharp increases after a report revealed worldwide shipments of PCs rose 19 per cent in the first quarter.

The Nikkei ended marginally below foe psychologicaliy-important 17, level at 16, The index had spent much of foe day above 1 7, amid strong domestic demand for high-technology and telecommunications shares. The benchmark Hang Seng index finished up Traders said investors were cautions above the I think many people believe that at 13, stocks are overpriced, but selected companies are doing quite wefl. Building society conversion has in truth been little more than a giant con on the British public There is no such thing as a free lunch and there is certainly no such thing as free shares.

There are, of course, many cases of proprietary companies offering keener rates than mutually owned ones. But in the main these are one- off promotions, or loss-leading offers that do not last It also needs to be to fight hard for its continued mutual status, but it shows little sign erf firing just yet Acquisitive GEC Outlook asked whether any of them would exist at all hut lor the competitive pressure that the mutual sector continues to add to the market place.

AO other things being equal the fact that mutuals don't have to pay a dividend wifi always make them more competitive. If even then its directors were unable to stop mem- bers voting for the short-term gain of conversion, what hope for others? Simply producing the kit that powers the Internet age can be enough. By any yardstick that is a mind- boggling price fora manufacturing company, even one in such a fast- growing sector of the market The last time GEC went shopping in the US telecoms industry it snapped up a manirfartnr Prnfarrpgspq nipfTipn t for a modest two times sales.

Then again, there is nothing quite like the Internet phenomenon. This year the volume of data traffic is forecast to outstrip voice traffic, putting GECs latest acquisition in pole position to capitalise on the explosion in cyberspace. Once complet- ed, GEC will be geared for the first time anyone can remember. With interest rates at such his- toric lows, it probably makes sense not to have so much tied up in the bank.

Little more than three years ago it was being written off as dead in the water condemned to a slow and possibly terminal dedine by the antics of a half-crazed young fund manager called Peter Young. Not so today as our news analysis on page 14 demonstrates. Morgan Grenfell is winning new mandates at a rate not seen since its heyday in the mids, and in terms of investment performance, it is once again beating most of its peers. How was this achieved?

One thing is for sure; had It not been for the decision of its parent company. Deutsche Bank, to take the Peter Young affeir fell on the chin, admit fell responsibility and bend over backwards to compensate investors, Morgan Grenfell would indeed have been finished. The whole thing ended up costing Deutsche well in excess cfSOOm.

In most respects, however the gamble has paid off. Morgan Grenfell lost some busi- ness, but given the scale of the neg- ligence involved, surprisingfy little. The group also managed to keep many of its key fend managers in place, notwithstanding a spirited attempt by Nicola Horliek to lead them off to pastures new. That, too, has paid off with a performance that has left many rivals looking askance. Everything in the City is relative, and in truth Morgan Grenfell hasn't hugefy outperformed the market as a whole.

However; set against the extremely poor performance of other leading active fund man- agers, this is impressive. Unlike oth- ers, Morgan Grenfell remained bullish. The approach has paid off hand- somely. Morgan Grenfell deserves its comeback. It would be hard to describe Mr Vfcdhwani as any- thing other than an academic econ- omist and that for many industrialists, trade imirmigtg and politicians, is just what's wrong with the MPC.

What's needed, contends this lobby is some- one firmly grounded in reality an in- dustrialist with some understanding of the pain being inflicted by high in- terest rates on manufacturers and others vulnerable to the strong pound Instead we Ve gotyet anotha: person with his head in the clouds. Well perhaps, but actually Mr Wadhwani 's expertise and work would seem to qualify him better rather better than most for the im- partial dedstozt-maldng that must lie at the heart of an independent mon- etary policy.

The service, which goes live today, aims to capitalise on Smith's educational heritage by including free access to the Hutchinson fiamjfy encyclopedia and National Curriculum guides as well as revision and home- work tips for students. Smith's plans to donate the 50p fee to educational charities. WHSmith Online will also offer 10 retail sites selling boobs.

CDs and videos. A news service offers features from magazines such as Vogue and The Econo- mist. Ten of these are bring sold on to Primark, the discount rlnt-hing retailer owned by Associated British Fbods. Kingfisher plans to convert four of the stores to its new Big W format. The first Big W is due to open near Edinburgh in June and wQl indude a Burger King restaurant and Peacocks dott- ing range in addition to the usual Wbdworths merchandise.

The shops will continue to trade under their existing for- mats for three months. The sales leave CRS with its supermarkets and funeral parlours and interests in property and car retailing. This is expected to yield millions of pounds in cost savings.

The CRS also announced yes- terday that Peter Rowbotham has stepped down as chairman after a disagreement on strate- gy He had opposed the dispos- als and announced his decision to go at the weekend. Tel: f. Secure underground parking also available Renta!

Classes open to adults. Beginners and Established Students. For further information Call Email: victoriaschool. Itnkn v. Weal birthday gift. Ramenv tar When. Tbt Dated ihn 14th day of April! Morgan Grenfell, the asset management arm of Deutsche Bank, is out- performing almost every other major UK hind manager.

MGAM was reding from the double whammy of Nicola Horlick - the so-called Su- perwoman who left the amid claims that she was plotting to defect to a rival bank- and the Peter Young scandal Mr Young, one of MGAM's star fund managers, was sus- pended after a series of irreg- ularities" were discovered in a number of his funds. The speed of Deutsche's bail- out was one reason why the damage to MGAM's reputation was not as bad as feared But it is only part of the story.

Ac- cording to management at Mor- gan Grenfell there were at least two other reasons why the com- pany was able to come back so strongly. First, internal mea- sures - a lot of time and energy was devoted into persuading MGAM fund managers to stay. And second, solid investment performance. But we didn't" On investment performance.

Morgan Grenfell profited from spotting a series of investment trends its major competitors failed to notice. Unlike many peers. Morgan Grenfell did not pfie into more traditional UK industries, arguing that a combination of ex- cess capacity and low inflation would harm "their ability to gen- erate quality earnings growth. According to Mr Sternberg. Morgan Grenfell has also re- alised the limits of active fund management - the company The high profile Nicola Horlick.

For example, it has re- fused to try to call the markets. Al- though Morgan Grenfell fund managers are allowed a degree nf discretion, the key allocation decision. Morgan Grenfell cannot claim all the credit for their recent solid run. Put sim- ply. Scfaroders - have consistently underperformed. MAM is also struggling with the feilout from its spat with Unilevec which is attempting to sue MAM for its poor perfor- mance in Where does Morgan Grenfell go from here?

It canno: count on continued undeiperfbrmance from its rivals. Indeed, the signs are that Morgan GrenfeiTs com- petitors have already begun to get their act together. The uncertainty caused by the BT deal has caused att sorts of problems in other parts. Publicly, of course, Morgan 4:, Grenfell is confided, themerg- y er will be nothing but good news.

Stephen Byers. Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, is expected to announce shortly that the deal will be examined by Ihe UK competition author- ities and not the European Com- mission's mergers taskforce. The decision will anger the French and Germans, who lob- bied hard for the deal to be ret- ted in Brussels. Senior BAe and GEC execu- tives remain confident the deal will avoid a referral to the new Competition Commission and believe it could be approved by the summer.

Under its terms deal share- holders will receive 1. The merger will create the biggest defence contractor in Europe and the third-Iargest in the world, with combined sales ofS20bn Q2. The report concludes there are some encouraging trends, but warns that new inequali- ties between rich and poor countries are emerging in cyberspace, with little Internet access in the developing world. This has been a crisis of institutions not robust enough to sustain the force of an increasingly glob- al economy.

The Bank warns that it will become increasingly difficult for the international commu- nity to achieve goals such as reducing poverty and infant mortality and universal pri- mary education. For example. GDP per head has grown faster in the rich countries, reaching 2. In the poorest countries, such as Niger. Uganda and Guinea Bissau, more than half the population lives on less than one dollar a day. Income inequality also re- mains extreme in many de- veloping and emerging countries.

In Brazil, for ex- ample. Computer and telecommunications tech- nologies can in principle allow poor countries to leapfrog the old technologies that are still widespread in the industrial countries. For instance, in the Philip- pines' and Sri Lanka there is a much higher ratio of mobile telephones to land lines than there is in European states such as Belgium and France. Some sub-Saharan countries, including Botswana, Djibouti and Ghana, already have fully digital telephone networks.

Even so. There are similar dispari- ties in computer and Internet access. Two in even- thou- sand people in poor countries have access to a personal computer, while more than one in four do so in the rich countries. There is less than one Internet host for every There are exceptions, of course. Among the emerging regions, Latin America boasts by far the greatest computer access.

But the region ranks second to central and eastern Europe in Internet access. South Asia lags far behind in both cases, despite India's reputation for strength in the software industry. There is much else to be gloomy about as the century draws to an end. Increases in life expectancy in sub-Saharan Africa in recent decades h2ve ir.

The growth of the school- age population in countries of the developing world has out- paced primary schooi enroll- ments. Living standards in Russia and Eastern Europe have dived since In an effort to find some rays of hope, the report makes some encouraging observa- tions. India and China have largely escaped the recent crisis, it notes. In general, living standards around the world have risen dramatical- ly over the past quarter of a century But Mr Wolfensohn ends his introduction by striking a more sombre note.

Now those goals are at risk. Although they are deter- mined that the private sector must share the burden in future DIF rescues. This was the first G7 meet- ing in almost two years at which there was a sense that the world economic position had begun to improve, senior officials said.

Although there are fears about over-depen- dence on US growth, ministers were cautiously optimistic that the economic and financi al cri- sis is over European offi cials stressed that the EU was play- ing its part in boosting growth.

The meeting discussed the likely impact of the warm the Balkans. This is not expected to damage the world econorqy as a whole, but the Interna- tional Monetary Fluid and World Bank will begin to plan for the post-war reconstruction of the region. The failure to agree on pri- vate-sector involvement in crises hinged on the question of whether the IMF ought to draw up a set of rules govern- ing private lending to emerging markets, or whether crises should be settled on aease-by- case basis.

However, the US is con- cerned about a possible lender backlash that would further slow the already paltry flows of new investment to emerging economies. Probably a railwayman in the new privatised era, if recent events are anything to go by. One of the major losers was Rail Freight Group, which was offered very little in terms of copperbottomed promises of new money.

But the cover-sheet of a page document from Rail Freight Group attacking Rail- track's plans, published today, scores an own-goal. Originally from Belfast, Mr Coppel joined John Yates, one of tile founding members of the company, in after his own bed factory in Northern Ireland was blown up during the Troubles. Mr Coppel helped Airsprung through its flotation and became chairman in The Yates family still owns 41 per cent of the company, based in Trow- bridge, Wiltshire, which was originally founded in A new chairman will be an- nounced over the next week.

Sales of St George's Day cards have risen from virtual- ly zero back then to more than 60, by last Friday. Mr Rose played for the Var- sity match for Cambridge in and went on to win his first cap in the red rose shirt in He studied land economy at Cam- bridge. Mr Andrew only left when rugby union turned professional a couple ofyears ago, when he was whisked off to play full time for Newcastle.

Martin Landau, the deputy chairman of Development Securities. V: ISO! IH 9 Ae. J Jf 08 j: iri :i? UO BE 97 6. ICUC Uoanrie 0 0 0 0 2 51 1 U9 T3 , DC 6? I2W U. TOO 1 ,-! T SAMI- BU7 nginun zes. MM 1SIM U SKD ,. The building materials group, risen from the ashes of Lord Hanson's sprawling em- pire, cemented a 35p increase to The market believes that the company will this week delight continental investors with a raft of bullish news.

The shares built a Other bolt-on buys could be on the cards. Hanson's field day was completed by speculation that it might bid p per share for Alexander Russell up 40p to lBTfip. The tiny building materials business was in takeover talks with RMC, which owns a 25 percent stake, but the discussions foundered after a disagreement on price. The FTSE had an odd day finishing sharply higher on thin volume. Hie blue-chip index closed The mid-cap was in sub- dued mood, scraping a 4 A rise to 5, The small cap Eared better ending Telecoms were again all the rage among blue chips.

Ru- mours of a merger with France Telecom and of a sale of One20ne continued to circu- late. Orange dialled a 3p ad- vance to p on whispers that the German giants Deutsche Telekom and Mannesmann could bid if they fail to buy One20ne. Colt Telecom fol- lowed the pack, reaping a 44p reward to l,l46p. BT was booked by its in- vestment in Japan Thteeom. In a related secta; Flextech, the broadcast group, beamed 35p higher to a five-year high of 85lp after Investec Hender- son Croswaithe increased its share price target by a whop- ping 27 per cent to p.

Ana- lyst Mathew Horsraan likes the group's interactive shop- ping prospects and anticipates an important deal in digital tele- vision. The Internet worked its magic on a couple of stocks. GEC logged on a p rise to WH Smith, the newsagent, finally announced details of its free web access and delivered a 38p rise to fip.

The rumour mill started churning out names of poten- tial bidders. Tesco took a battering, shedding 5p to Bid rumours swept the un- dercard Ultraframe, a maker of conservatory roofs, reached for the sky, rising 18 p to an all- time high of


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Jacob wollte ihn heilen; allein Ismael gab es nicht zu. Ismaels war von einer Schlange gebissen, da kam Jacob aus K. Ismael gestattete es nicht"'. Er konnte dabei ebensogut, und vielleicht noch gewisser den damaligen Sektenstifter Elxai im Auge gehabt haben. Von 1 Orig. HI, XXX, Genes, rabb. IV, 1,6 u. Diese Auffassung wird auch — wie wir erst letzthin zu unserer Befriedigung gefunden — von dem zu Beginn des XI, 5. So wird uns u. Jellinek Leipzig , p.

Da lasst man beispielsweise in einem Athem den Gesetzes- iehrer R. Oamaliel, dem Schwager R. Wo ist da die Logik? Uns wenigstens hat es niemals befremdet, dass die talmudischen Quellen des ersten Jahrhunderts von einem Ohristenthum nichts zu berichten wissen. Der einzige Josephus soll, und zwar ein einziges 1 Sabbath. Tode reichende Geschichte schrieb. Dieses Werk ist allerdings nicht mehr auf uns gekommen, aber von Photius Cod. XVIII, 3,3. XVm, 24— Meir und von R. Jochanan betrifft, so kommt es uns gewiss nicht in den Sinn, behaupten zu wollen, dass die Gesetzeslehrer des dritten Jahrhunderts noch keine Kenntnis von den Evangelien besessen haben.

Noch mehr: wir geben sogar bereitwillig zu, dass selbst R. Da stand ihnen wider der Zauberer Elymas — denn also wird sein Name gedeutet — und trachtete, dass er den Landvogt vom Glauben wendete. Dieser 1 Apostelg. Xni, 4— Aber auch diese Auffassung, so sehr sie sich allgemeine Zustimmung zu er- ringen und zum Dogma sich zu erheben verstanden ; sie ist grundfalsch.

Noch weiter geht Celsus, wenn er von den Christen, d. Wendt krit. XXIV, 2, Theodor. VI, 38, Ernest Havet, le Christianisme et ses orig. III, und M. Denn wahrlich, ein guter Ruf ist nicht gering zu achten. Solche Leute kann ich nur tadeln. Denn man muss auf beides bedacht sein : auf Erkenntnis des verborgenen und Befolgung des offen liegenden Sinnes. Denn nur, wenn dieser beobachtet wird, kann man auch die geheime Wahrheit klar erkennen, davon nichts zu sagen, dass man nur auf diese Weise dem Tadel der Menge entgehen kann.

Ihr Antinomismus hat sich aus der Zersetzung des mosaischen Gesetzes durch die Allegorie herausgebildet. Nach den Clem. II, 22 legte Simon der Magier das mosaische Gesetz allegorisch aus. I, Das wird erfolgen, selbst wenn sie eine Stadt und einen Thurm erbauen, dessen Spitze in den Himmel ragt.

Lehrmeinungen, hervorzurufen, 1 ibd. Gewiss doch wieder dieselben , mehr oder minder antinomistisch gerichteten hellenistischen Parteien. Wir lernen da diese verwegenen, zur 1 ibd. Weinstein ff. Ebenso geben die LXX Ps. Ferner wird Ps. Raschi z. Sie sind wie in dem verwandten Ps. Dieses zu beweisen, ist nicht schwer. Diese sollten? Das ist die widersinnigste Vermutung, die nur ausgeheckt wer- den konnte.

Gamaliel II. Es ist im Namen R. Gnosticismus p. Thatsache bleibt es, dass es sich in un- serm Falle blos um eine Anpassung des Gegebenen, nicht aber um eine Neuabfassung handelt. Berachoth 33a, jer. Gamaliel IL in das althergebrachte Ze- dimgebet nur eingeschaltet wurden, berichten ja wiederholt alte 1 Bas.

Taanit II, 2; Tosefta Berach. III, 5. Herzfeld, Gesch. II, ff. Wie wichtig der Gegenstand unserm Autor ist, ist auch an andern Orten ersichtlich. Singer sieht selbst diese Gefahr herankommen ; indem er ihr jedoch scharf ins Angesicht blickt, verschwindet sie. Es ist dort von dem Vergehen Ruben's Genes. Deut 23,1. Kann hier aber Paulus gemeint sein?

Die Gemeinde nahm jedoch keine Notiz davon und duldete den Schuldigen ruhig in ihrer Mitte. Nun wird alles klar. Der Rabbi ergrifif die Flucht, sie aber eilten ihm nach. Wir haben hier keinen vereinzelten Fall vor uns, wie 1. Ismael : Er lebte mit seiner Mutter. Ismael : Er hat es mit seiner Schwester gehalten.

Ismael: 1 Midr. Ismael: Er hat mit einer verlobten Braut gebuhlt. Ismael : Du hast viele Weiber verunreinigt. Ismael: du hast zwei Weiber genommen und sie ohne Scheidebrief entlassen. Ismael: du hast Todten die Kleider ausgezogen. Studien und Kri- tiken p. LV, c. Nam esse illum usqne adeo Christo meliorem, ut icnarmg sit etc. I, 34, Philastr. Die Patriarchen der Urzeit, sie kannten und beobachteten alle das Gesetz. Das Judenthum in der vorchristl. Wien III, 4 ff. III, ff. V, 13 : Pluribus persuasio inerat antiquis sacerdotum litteris contineri, eo ipso tempore fore ut valesceret oriens, profecti Judaea rerum potirentur.

Den Wortlaut der Ueberlieferung lassen sie dessenungeachtet unangetastet. Unsere Be- hauptung , dass hier Josephus , Tacitus und Sueton. V, Qrac. III, Evenerant prodigia Er sagt in Beziehung auf dieselben zu Trophon: Aus Liebe zum Widerspruch sagt ihr aber noch jetzt, Gott habe gesprochen: er nehme die Opfer der damals in Jerusalem wohnenden sogenannten Israeliten nicht an; nur die Opfer derjenigen, die von ihrem Volke in der Zerstreuung leben, ihre Gebete ihm darbringen, die billige er, denn ihre Gebete nenne er Opfer.

In c Und das ge- schah im Jahre 19 v. XXXVI: Externas cerimonias, Aegyptios Judaicos- que ritus compescuit; coactis, qui superstitione ea tenebantur, religiosas vestes cum instrumento omni comburere. Judaeorum juventutem, per spe- ciem sacramenti,' in provincias gravioris coeli distribuit: reliquos gentis eiusdem, vel similia sectantes, Urbe summovit, sub poena perpetuae ser- vitutis, nisi obtemperassent.

Dieser alexandrinische Mosaismus oder, wie er sonst 1 Cf. Auch wenn hier unter Chrestus Christus gemeint, muss man noch keineswegs an Jesus denken. Die messianische, d. IX, II, , Vgl Legat, ad C. II, f. Und doch muss jeder Unbefangene sich sagen, dass der Gnosti- cismus in seiner Vielgestaltigkeit, die er schon bei seinem ersten Auftreten auf christlichem Boden zeigt, eine lange Ent- wickelungsperiode voraussetzt. Sie verehrten die Schlange, weil diese den Menschen die Erkenntnis, die Gnosis, gebracht.

I, 30 ; Epiph. Philaster, c. I, 31,2; Ps. I, 15; Phil. Kain habe mit seiner Herausforderung nichts anderes beabsichtigt, als seinen Bruder Abel zu einem Wortkampf zu locken und ihn durch wahrheitheuchelnde Sophismen zu vergewaltigen. Sie geht dahin, dass der menschliche Geist das Mass aller Dinge sei, eine Ansicht, welche unter den alten Sophisten ein gewisser Protagoras, ein Nachfahr der Verkehrtheiten Kains, aufgestellt haben soll.

I, ; de sacrif. I, ; de posterit. I, f. I, , ff. Halten wir uns hier nur 2 Tim. Der christliche Gnosticismus. Wir kommen nun zu dem sogenannten christlichen Gnosti- cismus. Schon in der apostolischen Zeit sehen wir ihn sich recken und strecken. Gleichwol findet er sich auch schon im urchristlichen Schriftthum mit markanten Strichen deutlich erkennbar gezeichnet. Und alle, die auf Erden wohnen, beteten es an P, 16 f.

Wollen der Schrift Meister sein, und verstehen nicht, was sie sagen, oder was sie setzen. So gross war die influen- cierende Macht des Gnosticismus. I, 7,5. Nach Epiph. XXXI lehrte die gnostische Sekte der Valentinianer , es gebe dreierlei Menschen : geistige , psychische und ir- dische. I, 6, 3. Man sehe nur, wie 1 Cor. Es hat aber nicht Jedermann das Wissen. Sie seien geistig, sagen sie, weil ein Theilchen des Allvaters in ihre Seele gelegt worden sei.

Eben dieser Same habe ihrer Seele Erkenntnis und Vollkommenheit eingepflanzt'. Also, der geistige Geburtsadel von Gottes Gnaden. I, 6, i. II, 19, 8. II, 30, 2. H, 26, i. Darum sagt auch der Apostel Rom. V, 20, 2. Wer sich ihnen aber hingiebt, bildet sich nicht mehr ein, im Himmel oder auf Erden zu wandeln, sondern ins Pleroma eingegangen zu sein und schon seinen Engel umfasst zu haben.

Mit Ziererei und stolzem Gehaben schreitet er ein- her, wie ein Hahn paradierend. XIII, 13 ff. Ebenso Deut. Und 1 1 Macc. Kautzsch II, 39, c. II, 68 c. Da Alex. Jannai spreche. Und auch dem Alex. Er wird die Todten erwecken und viele Zeichen den Menschen thun. XIII, 14, 2. Dazu stimmt der Schluss der talmudischen Ueberlieferung : 1 Orac. UI, Allein unser Dichter versteht unter ihm hier in der weitern Schilderung Werth der sib.

II, — Sie findet sich schon vollkommen ausgebildet in dem zweiten Psalm. Er wird aber einst mit ihnen sprechen und in seinem Grimm sie erschrecken. Wie stimmt Christus mit Belial? Bousset, 86 f. FriedUnder, AnUchrist. V, 25, i : diabolicam apostasiam in se recapitulans, et idola quidem seponens ad suadendum quod ipse sit deus.

Und ibd. V, 25, 5 zeichnet er den Antichrist als denjenigen , qui in se recapitulatur omnem diabolicam errorem. V, 28, 2. Denn er kommt nicht, es sei denn, dass zuvor der Ab- 1 Iren. V, 29,2: Et propter hoc in bestia veniente recapitulatio fit universae iniquitatis, et omnis doli, ut in ea confluens et conclusa omnis virtus apostolica in caminum mittatur ignis. V, 27, 2. Gedenket ihr nicht daran, dass ich euch solches sagte, da ich noch bei euch war?

Passt hier nicht jedes Wort auf Beliar? III, 68 ff. III, 73 f. III, 23, 7 : Quapropter inimicitiam posuit inter serpentem et mulierem et semen eius, observantes ihvicem, illo quidem cui mordetur planta, et potente calcare caput inimici, altero vero mordente et occidente et interpediente ingressus hominis quoad- usque venit senem praedestinatum calcare caput eius — quod fuit partus Mariae — de quo ait propterea : Super aspidem et basilicum ambulabis et conculabis leonem et draconem. Jonathan und Jer.

Da heisst es: ,,lTnd Feindschaft will ich setzen zwischen dir und dem Weibe, zwischen dem Samen deines Sohnes und ihres Sohnes, und es wird sein, wenn die Kinder des Weibes die Gebote des Gesetzes beobachten, so werden sie dich aufs Haupt zu schlagen trachten, wenn sie aber die Gebote des Gesetzes verlassen, wirst du zielen, sie auf die Ferse zu schlagen.

Sie jedoch werden geheilt werden, du aber wirst nicht geheilt werden, und jene werden Busse thun am Ende der Tage des Messias. Eine einfache Ver- menschlichung jenes alten Drachenmythos scheint mir nun die Sage vom Antichrist zu sein. Der Pseudo- 1 Bousset Sie tritt ihr als die Zusammenfassung aller Apostasie entgegen.

Das Band der nationalen Einheit des Gesammtjudentbums ist durch diese antinomistischen Sekten zerrissen worden; waren sie doch so- gar soweit gegangen, sich mit dem Feind gegen ihr eigenes Volk und gegen den Tempel zu verbinden! Diese Metamorphose vollzog sich, wie gesagt, noch als der Tempel stand. Paris V, Sermo IX in secund. Domini ad- vent. Antichristi 2: Magnum, fratres, tunc cunctis hominibus, maxime vero fidelibus erit certamen in diebus illis quando signa et pro- digia in magna potestate ab ipso Dracone perficientur : quando rursus seipsum ut Deum ostentabit Er bestrebt sich listiger Weise, allen zu gefallen, um sich schnell bei allen be- liebt zu machen.

Atque inter haec omnia editurus est signa por- tenta atque terrores in potestate magna. Astu doloque placere conabitur cunctis, ut cito populi amorem atque benevolentiam sibi conciliet. Mu- nera non captabit , cum iracundia non loquetur , moestus non apparebit, sed omnino hilaris; et sub specie religionis, quoad regnaverit, decapturus est mundum. Quando autem multi e populo ac plebe tot tantosque eius virtutes aspexerint, ipsumque potentia adeo praestantem, cuncti pariter in eandem sententiam descendent, summoque cum gaudio illum sibi regem proclamabunt dicentes ad invicem ; Numquid reperiri poterit alius vir tan- tus adeoque benignus ac justus?

Und als gar sein Antinomismus und mit diesem auch die schweren Folgen zutage traten, da floh es entsetzt vor ihm, ihn in den Synagogen verfluchend. Diese Ueberlieferung ist umso bedeutsamer, als sie sich an die Schriftworte anlehnt, welche Dan mit der Schlange identificierea '. Bousset V, 30, 2 : liieremias autem non solum subitaneum eius ad- ventum, sed et tribum ex quo veniet, manifestavit, dicens : Ex Dan audi- vimus etc.

Jochanan sagte, als' jener Fromme bei Dan anlangte, liess seine Kraft nach. Genes, rabb. Deuter, rabb. Aehnliches in der christlichen Tradition. Adsonis ad Gerb. Nunc quoque nostro tempore multos Antichristos novimus esse. Ernst Sackur, Sibyll. Texte und Forsch, p. Da er ihn aber sterben sah, da sprach er: Auch dieser starb!

Est autem hie de Tribu Dan, secundum prophetiam patriarchae Jacob, qui dicit: Dan serpens in via et accubans in semita momordens calcaneum equi et cadet ascensor retrorsum. Salutarem Domini sustenens equus igitur et veritas et pietas istorum. Calcaneum vero novissima dies et hi sancti, qui in eodem tempore super equo, scilicet super veram fidem, equitantes perse- cuntur a serpente, sive filio perditionis in calcaneo mordentur videlicet in ultima die in phantasmatis et in mendacibus signis quae fiunt ab eo.

Faciet enim tunc signa et prodigia multa super terra inercia vel invicillia. Ceci nainque respiciunt, claudi ambulabunt, surdi audiunt et daemoniosi curantur. Dominus autem continuo prefatus est dicens , si fieri potest etiam in errorem ducere electos. Ingredietur enim hie filius perditionis in Hierosolimam et sedebit in templo Dei sicut Deus homo cum sit carnalis ex semine viri et ex utero mulieris de tribu Dan discendens.

Texte 94 f. Von Ps. Jerobeam aber hatte nirgends in Israel Anklang gefunden, ausser bei dem Stamm Dan. Hippolyt de Antichristo c. Von diesem Schlangenzeichen berichtet die Apokalypse Joh. Nach Targum jer. Fs war oben schon darauf hingewiesen, dass hier gerade ursprunglich die Ueberlieferung vom Antichrist zu Grunde ge- legen hat. Si- quidem praesides quidam populi duri atque immites per loca constituen- tur, qui illos duntaxat paululum ciborum eorum scilicet quales tunc inve- nientur, sibi coemere permittent, qui signaculum Tyranni secum in fronte vel dextra praetulerint.

Eleazar b. Zadok — der ersten tutamina suo portabant et portant in pectore, quae dominus ubiqui in lege vetuerat fieri, quia paganae caecitatis haec erat impietas. Schimeon b. Eleazar in den Mund. So sagt R. Nathan , ebenso die Halachoth gegen Fremde und Dienende, sind dem Moses au!

Koheleth rabb. Welcher Art diese Inschriften waren, wissen wir bereits. Hatte sich doch schon R. Was thut der Vater? XXII, z. Das Signum serpentinum lebte also in Wirklrcbkeit, und wurde mit demselben allenthalben Idolaterie getrieben. I, 60 Kaibel, Inscriptiones graecae, Italiae et Siciliae N. Zeller , zur Vorgesch. Der Talmud spricht auch von Kemeoth auf Metallplatten. Letzterer sucht dem Juden Tryphon und seinen Genossen klar zu machen, wie es ge- kommen, dass Gott, der doch die Anfertigung irgend eines Ab- bildes verboten, selbst wieder durch Moses eine eherne Schlange errichten und als Zeichen aufstellen Hess, durch dessen Anblick die von der Schlange Gestochenen geheilt wurden.

Die von Gott von Anfang an verfluchte Schlange soll also damals das Volk gerettet haben! Dieses Zeichen sollten wir nicht auf das Bild des gekreuzigten Jesus anwenden? Irin "' "mmiciend 't" In Far uu,. I I clean, 'emal lIons. Convocatoria AirgIx. Laid Masfurf- ,. Implal 8ruil,. Ali,,- Al-undide GnllgI; dricrud. In La Holondif. I GI- Ipp drop. Ica traidejadorex aluentic.

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Na tela Vs. Desses seis, cada jogador pode preencher tres. Power Golpes em vermelho - golpes Potential Power barra em P. E o C pode ser defendido, pois e ligado com uma linha tracejada. Tambem nao pode ser cancelado com golpe espedal, pois e vermelho.

Power ou P. Em ambas as versoes, para o P. Station e N64, a bola rola redondinha. Para comecar, como e Copa do Mundo, nenhuma selecao vai dar mote e e exatamente isso que acontece. Na defesa ele poe tres para marcar e no ataque os caras da maquina estao fazendo mais gol do que nunca. Os jogadores estao bem detalhados, com a fisionomia e as caracteristtcas bem definidas.

Na narracao, os dois ingleses ainda continuam dando sono nos jogadores. Voce, com certeza, vat sentir falta daqueles berros dos locutores de radio brasiieiros, que botamfogonojogo. Quando estiver apanhando, escofha um esquema bem ofensivo. Station San Francisco Rush estreou no Arcade em grande estilo, ganhou uma boa versao para Nintendo 64 e agora derrapa nas curvas do P. Station, Esta e, sem duvida alguma, a pior versao do jogo e so o faz de conta que rola durante as corridas vale a pena.

Mas os fantasticos absurdos - que dao graca ao jogo - nao param ai. E possivel saltar de rampas com aituras incrfveis, pularde um lado da ponte para o outro, entrar em canos de esgoto e ate escalar edif kios.

Para fazer todas essas maluquices, voce tern quatro carros. Cada um vale apenas para uma categoria: Begginer, Advanced, Expert ou Extreme. Caso contrario, voce ira explodir no muro DICA: essa e a parte final da pista. Mas o jogo e bom do mesmo jeito Com graficos e jogabilidade alucinantes, Airboarders e urna especie de snowboard sem gelo e futurista. Existem tres modos de jogo: Training, Normal e Coin. No Normal, voce sobe na prancha e percorre as pistas num campeonato.

Mas mais interessante e o modo Coin, parecido com Donkey Kong. Nele, voce deve coletar as moedas da fase para passar. No percurso, voce tera de executar urna serie de manobras radicals. Tente o seu strike! Ha 10 personagens diferentes: alguns mais fortes, outros com mats tecnica. Nao escolha seu jogador pela aparencia. Jogue no modo manual. Nao use continue. Nao leve nenhum "down". Ganhe pelo menos 2 lutas com os golpes descritos na tabela abaixo.

Assim, Oboro vai aparecer. Derrote-o, entre na tela de selecao e escolha Bishamon com o botao L pressionado. Shadow: coloque o cursor em? Despause o jogo e voce vai estar invisivel. Faca-as rapido para dar tempo. Carnificina: mova o cursor para Chun Li. Carnificina e mais rapido que Venom e faz combo de 6 botoes no chao. Mas sua resistencia e bastante baixa. Lilith no corpo da Morrigan: mova o cursor para Chun Li. Roll: mova o cursor para Zangief.

Bastante parecida com MegaMan, mas e menor que ele e mais dificil tomar combo. Coisa: mova cursor para Chun Li. E urn Hulk mais fraco e sem super armor. Tern urn pouco mais de velocidade. Shadow Lady: mova cursor para Morrigan. Os golpes diferem bastante dos da Chun Li e tern mais forca, Mas esta mais dificil ligar para Hyper Combos.

Escolha seu assistente Escolha a sua dupia e mantenha apertados os botoes indicados ate jogo definir assistente de sua preferencia. Mais opcoes de carros Aperte na tela de selecao de carros. Carros bonus Aperte para baixo na tela de selecao de marchas apos conseguir as condicpes necessarias: Muscle car: ache 4 chaves em qualquer uma das pistas.

Rocket Car: ache 8 chaves em outras pistas. Onibus: ache todas as 16 chaves. Carro de policia: termine o modo GP com 1 jogador. Taxi: termine o modo Circuit com 1 jogador. Carros secretes Selecione urn veiculo qualquer. Depois de escolherotipo de cambio aperte o botao ate a corrida comecar: L1 para corrercom urn minicaminhao; R1 para satr de role com urn buggy; a para arrasar com urn ovni. Pistas em reverse Para ganhar esta opcao voce precisa veneer o Circuit Mode.

Modo Stunt Race Primeiro venca o modo Circuit. Entre de novo no jogo e passe as opcoes de clima ate encontrar o Stunt Race. Ohs: so funciona para a pista 1. Quando encontrar o coelho, nao o coma, siga-o. Ele vai puiar e entao desaparecera. Entre no local em que ele sumiu para encontrar estrelas e uma vida. Porta secreta No quarto estagio do segundo mundo, va para a extrema direita da sala, onde caem as bolas pretas. Entre na porta real e va para a ultima plataforma que nao tern porta.

Pare no meio e aperte para cima. Cada pista liberara outra. Serao oito ao final. Assim a tela fica com uma animacao melhor, mas os detalhes ficam perdidos. Voce pode aciona-lo tanto no Quick Arcade como no Gran Turismo.

No Quick Arcade - Termine as 8 pistas no nivel de dificuldade hard e com as tres classes de carros. Assim o modo GT Hi-Fi estara aberto. Nao usar Continue. Nao perder round. Veneer cinco vezes o round com golpes P. Power ou sete vezes com o S. Segundo a SNK, Alfred e urn personagem exclusivo do computador e nao vai ser possivei usa-lo. Agora voce precisa acionar o minigame "4th Survivor".

Para isso, voce vai precisar pegar a gatling gun. Para isso, faca o seguinte: no segundo cenario de ambos os personagens, termine o jogo em menos de duas horas e meia. Durante o jogo, salve apenas uma vez e nao use nenhum spray de primeiros-socorros. Apos a tela dos creditos e dos rankings, uma nova tela vai aparecer descrevendo sua recompensa, a gatling gun, que vai estar em qualquer bau. Com ela, a tela vai escurecer indicando que voce acionou o minigame "4th Survivor".

Depots da tela dos rankings e creditos do sexto jogo, uma outra vai aparecer, dizendo: "You can play another scenario if you make a new save data". Salve e, quando carregar, voce vai poder jogar urn outro minigame, chamado "The Survivor". Neste jogo, voce e urn pedaco gigante de tofu armado apenas com uma faca e deve atravessar os poroes da delegacia e chegar ate o telhado. Filme D escondido Entre no S. Office, no segundo andar da delegacia, e reviste a escrivaninha ate achar o filme.

Em seguida, va para a sala escura no primeiro andar e revele-o. Voce vai descobrir uma foto da Rebecca Chambers, a personagem do primeiro jogo. No menu principal, selecione Circuit e no menu seguinte, selecione Just Play.

Quando ela comecar, deixe o tempo acabar e va para a tela Select Car. Se fez certo, voce vai ouvir urn trompete, Quando estiver no menu Select Track, voce vai ver a pista 7: Alcatraz. Despause o jogo e voce vai estar com vidas infinitas. Despause o jogo e um relogio vai aparecer no canto mostrando ha quanto tempo voce esta jogando. Dentro dessa sala, aperte simultaneamente L1, 12, R1, R2 e A. Termine o jogo selecionando Quit e, ao retornar a tela titulo, voce vai achar a opcao de selecao de fase.

Se fez certo, alguns personagens extras vao aparecer, incluindo Jaws, May Day e outros viloes. S3 Vasculhar. Esta e principal estrategia para quern quer chegar ao final de Quake. Para encontrar as chaves e itens que vao ajuda-Io a cumprir sua missao, ande muito e procure nos cantos. Voce tera problemas dentro d'agua e em algumas cavernas, que f icaram muito escuras.

Els a principal diferenca entre as versoes para o Saturn e o Nintendo 64 em relacao ao original do PC: os graficos. De resto, a lera do videogame tera tudo igualzinho a sua i isposicao. Sao as mesmas fases e a mesma jogabiiidade. Fique esperto, pois ao abrir a porta voce tera de matar algurts inimigos Ha duas maneiras de acertar os Nao passe por cima da luz no inimigos no alto da tela; pule e chao nesses corredores, pr'- atire ou levantea arma com o assim voce acionara os botabCf N Ao aciona-lo surgira um inimigo na tela: Use os portais p atto da tela pelo lado contrario da caverna para nao ser sugado.

Caso caia, voce tera de matar um K Procure uma port Com ele, voceaumenta - inimigo Acione os dois switchs laterals para as tones descerem. Ai ative o switch central para mandar o raio. C buraco e encon; Caindo na agua voce encontra uma passagem secreta Chegando nesta janela, caia na plataforma e siga pela esquerd para pegar a armadura Para acabar com os zumbis de uma so vez, -idas Atire nas duas imagens grudadas na parede.

Depois siga peta plataforma e pelas escadas que surgirao The Vaults of Zin five esse switch e corra para o lago. Siga por esta escada e entre na porta r Acione esse switch para descer a Nesta plataforma. Assitn, voce podera bifurcacao comece peia direita ir para o segundo andar usando acionando o switch.

Depots va 'aforma central para a entrada a esquerda, onde ha um soldado. Ative o switch nessa sala. Depois disso para ca, a ponte mudara posiqao Na janela nao tente pular para o outro lado, caia bem rente para chegar a esse tec ' Suba por essas caixas para descer e pegue a chegar aqui e achar uma Rune. Depois va pelo portal passagem secreta. Lo Caia na agua e siga por esse de ponto. Seja muito rapido, pois o term comeca a desabar The Palace of Hate 1 9 ' voltar a rampa, erttre no portal Depois venha na fumaca e, na pontinha da rampa, aperted botao de pulo paraakancar o outrolado IjMfiW subir quando eia parar.

Na pele da tambem sensual Aya Brea, voce enfrentara criaturas tao horrlveis quanto as de Resident Evil. Mao vai ser tao dificil, alem do mais com urn Detonado destes. Parasite Eve e dividido em 6 dias e voce deve gastar umas 15 horas, no maximo, para terminar os 2 CDs. Mas Parasite guarda surpresas no final Casta BPpara aumentar 1 ponto desses atributos.

Voce ganha SP sempre que aumentar de level e 6 inversamente proporcional a soma dos danos sofridos no periodo, Isto i, quanto menos porrada tomar, maiorseri o ganho de BP. Tern B slots e boa potincla. Prlmeiro retire o "x2" com uma chave Inglesa espedal. E coloque os atributos: double hand, tiro acido, tranquilizante, fogo, geio e first attack.

Para o colete, a base 4 o B Jacket com 4 solts. Assim sendo, o tirreo e o primeiro andar, o To. No meio da opera, as pessoas vao entrar em autocombustao. Siga para o backstage parte de tris do palco, corda e desca peto buraco. Hi varias portas nesse local, algumas trancadas Va a Ultima sala a esquerda, verifique o defunto e pegue a chave.

Agora da pra abrir as outras portas, menos a do fundo. Quando ela for soltar o raio chegue perto e pare. Depois mande bala. Caia pelo buraco. Slga pelo esgoto e encontre a menininha lourinha. Ela vai abrir uma passagem lateral Ao lado da porta trancada hi urn interruptor 1a.

Ele faz essa porta abrir. Vi em f rente, fale com Eve e enfrente o crocodilo Bata urn papo com o vigia e entre no museu. Anote seu nome no livro de visitas que fica no baicao central. Suba as escadas e fale com o Dr. Hans Klamp. Aproxime-se da parte de tris e de tiros no rabo. Desca as escadas e vi para o deposito de armas.

Fale com Torres e ganhe o rifle M1SA1. Depois, vairolar uma entrevista coletiva no departamento. Na gaveta hi a chave que abre os portoes trancados. DICA: a cama tambem pode ser removida e assim verifica-se o armario.

DICA; a chave libera outra parte do zoologko, cheio de item. Agora da pra chegar ao local do concerto e encontrarz Eve. Apds outra tragedia, saia do local e siga a garotinha ati o backstage. Eve vaise retirar. Saia do palco e siga a menina.

Ela indicara o caminho. Mas tern uns itenspor ali Depots da ponte voce ira detonar as minhocas gigantes EVE: espere pelo ataque da erupc. Voce estara 1 menos suscetivei aosseus ataques Prossiga. Agora Eve esta numa carruagem. Entree enfrente-a 60 Va ate a ioja de armas e Daniel ira baiear a porta. Volte para o carro da policia. Vi para a sala do seu chefe e verifique o corpo do policial morto. Mexa-se sem parar para fugir das mordidas e do raio. Fale com Maeda Siga para o ciiadouro de dies e fale com o guarda.

Vi ao segundo e terceiro andares e enf rente Cerverus. Use o elevador a esquerda e Eve ira cortar os cabas. A forca tambem se apagara, entrando a energia de emergencia ao painel de forqa e coloque os tie's fusiveis. Verifsque o painel e adone a segunda opcao, Verifique de novo e entre com a primeira opcao. Use o eievador e volte ao I Q andar. Siga para o ambulattirio e fale com a doutora Siga para o consultorio e verifique a gaveta. Pegue a chave do necroterio Mais adiante esta a enfermeira que dara o cartao do codigo verde.

Use-o e siga para a sala com a ameba gigante Siga para o necroterio e ache o cartao do codigo azul com o cadaver Feche a valvuia e use o elevador da direita. Siga para o 13 s andar e entre na sala Ache os 3 fusiveis. Urn esta no necroterio, outro no estoque de remedios e o outro numa saia depots da porta trancada com o codigo azul No final dela hi uma mesinha ocuitando o botao para iiberar a porta lateral Na sala com urn telefone esta", entre outras coisas, a chave do elevador.

Use-a e va ao terracp. Chegue perto e atire. DICA: atris do portao tem urn item. Entre na casa e siga para a direita no segundo btoco. Li tem uma chave no chao. Mas 6 jogo duro. Ative a maquina e aperte: la. Ative novamente: la. De novo: 2a. Atire sempre pelos lados. Esta saia e perto do elevador e ali voce sera tiancado Va peia janeia quebrada e desca para o 2- andar de novo Entre e siga o carinha vestido de branco ate ele trancar uma porta.

Se forenvenenado, use o Detox. Va ate a saia das cabecas. DICA: por tras dos computadores ha urn elevador que o leva para o 4 1 andar, cheio de itens. Agora ja da prausaro elevador etodas as escadas. Va para a area logo acima da saia das cabecas e use a salda de emergencia. Depots de destroqar a cabega o dinossauro vai usar mais o raio.

Ao tentar avancar mais, o triceratops vaijoga-lo para o J a andar, no meio da confusao, onde esti o tiranossauro Rex erupcao. Fique longe e de f rente para o bicho. Dois desses bastam. Depots Wayne ira cumprimentar Aya. Escolha uma arnia e urn colete para renomear. Eles serao as armas que poderao ser levadas para o EX round, a ser explicado depots Forma 4-se estiver com uma armadura boa, o tiro nao tirari energia.

Ande em drculos para desviar dos tiros. Acerte o bicho umas 8 vezes. Depois Faniel vai entregar a bala especial a voce. Faca a mesma coisa com os raios em forma de bumerangue, mas e" difkil desviar de todos. Se Eve avancar, corra para o mesmo lado. Mande tiros com armas tipo M5Q0, que atingem varios alvos. Mas as mitocondrias de Aya comecam a reagir e Tern 77 andares recheados de itens. Boa sorteili h? Os graficos e a jogabilidade das conversoes nao chegarn nem perto da versao para Arcade se hoje isso e dificil, imagine em 94!

Por outro lado, o estilo do jogo e o mesmo, com todas as enterradas atucinantes que fizeram a fama de NBA Jam. Ha 27 times da liga americana de basquete. Cada time tern apenas dois jogadores. Tambem os modos de jogo sao apenas dois: Tournament ou Exhibition. Fique de olho nas legendas e nao deixe de relembrar as jogadas incriveis deste classico da bola. Dai pressione X as iniciais Al. Jabaquara, Lj. Marvel vs. Capcom arcade. Lopes e Jose Heitor C.

Representantes: Helena ra R, de Andrade, r. Agamenon Magaihaes,, apto. Jeronimo Coelho, , si. Paulo, SP, tel. Ao fazer sua assinatura. Impressa na Globo Cochrane Grafica. A selecao esta em campo, o Zagallo no banco - ai meu Deus! Chef in ho aqui, como atestam minhas chuteiras ha muito tempo, e craque na materia e so nao vai comentar a Copa ao vivo porque SGPi uma revista de games. Mas, para V' compensar, organize! E tambem, como nao pocteria deixar de ser, damos uma tabela para voce marcar o resultado dps jogos.

Todos os dias as Z3h. Melhor Jogo da Rodada As duas melhores partidas do dia serao retransmitidas na Integra a tarde e a noite, em horario que era variar de acordo com os jogos, Fif a TV Programa produzido pela Fifa que mostra as novidades no mundo do futebol. A primeira vai ao ar as 12h e a segunda as 22h Golago Informa0es gerais sobre a Copa, perfil dos jogadores e os gols mais importantes do futebol mundial. Nos dias 6 e 27 de junho as 23h. Dia 5 de junho as 23h Futebol Mundial Revista semanal sobre futebol com as melhores jogadas, gols mais bonitos e noticias.

No dia 5 de junho as 20h e nos dias 19 e 26 de junho as 19h No caso dos jogos da ultima rodada da fase classificatoria, quando os times de mesmo grupo jogam no mesmo horario, o jogo principal passa no Sportv e o outro sera transmitido em outro canal Globosat, ainda por definir. Alem dos jogos, o canal tera um satelite a disposicao 24 horas por dia. Mesa Redonda Tradicional programa de debates da emissora, apresentado pelojornalista Chico Lang.

Convidados diferentes a cada edicjo. Domingo as 22h. Alberto Helena Jr. Boletins direto da Franca durante a programacao, sem horario definido. Todos os dias. Marcio Bernardes Flashes ao vivo da Franca durante a programacao, sem horario definido. Para completar, estreia em junho o programa Papo de Copa, com o polivalente Armando Nogueira - que estara tambem na programacao da Bandeirantes - trazendo convidados especiais a cada edicao.

Outro destaque e a exibicao do filme Todos os Coracoes do Mundo, feito durante a Copa de 94 e dirigido por um brasileiro, Murillo Sales. RECORD Ratinho Livre programa sera transmitido ao vivo da Franca, na linha de defesa ao consumidor, trazendo os problemas dosturistas brasileiros, Segunda a sexta as 20h Segunda a sexta as 13h.

Transmitido ao vivo da Franca aos domingos, as 22h. Essa sera a tonica da cobertura da Rede Bandeirantes de Televisao, que leva uma equipe de maisde80 pessoas para a Copa, sob Armando Nogueira mostra o outro lado da Copa: os prazeres da vida na Franca Record nos Esportes Segunda a sabado as 12H Cidade Alerta Segunda a sabado as 17h Jornal da Record Segunda a sabado as 19h1 5.

Jornal Onze e Meia Segunda a sabado as 23h. Grandes Momentos do Esporte programa tera espaco especial para a Copa com reportagens, resumo da o comando de Luciano do Valle. A emissora permanecera no ar, ao vivo da Franca, desde 1 hora e meia antes da primeira partida ate o final da ultima. Especiais completam a programacao. Um deles ja esta no ar. Nele, Armando Nogueira, ojornalista brasileiro que mais cobriu copas do Mundo, faz, em seu proprio dizer, "uma visitinha de cronista ao cotidiano da vida francesa".

Muitas curiosidades sobre um paischeio de encantos. Sabados as 14h. Cobertura diaria nos telejornais: 60 minutos Segunda a sabado as 12h. Jornal da Cultura Segunda a sabado as 22h. Metropolis Segunda a Sabado as 23h. A equipe tambem tera entradas em outros programas da emissora. Jornal Nacional ibopeq ueas ate o termino da Copa. Globo Esporte Segunda a sabado as 12h Jornal Hoje Segunda a sabado as 13h Jornal Nacional Segunda a sabado as 20h.

Jornal da Globo Segunda a sexta, horario variavel. Esporte Espetacular Aos domingos as 10h. Fantastko Domingos as 20h. Duracao de 30 minutos. Faixa Nobre Resumo e melhores momentos do dia. Tambem apresentara materias especiais sobre fatos da Copa, Com uma hora de duracao, vai ao ar todos os dias as 20h Apito Final Mesa redonda com o time de analistas da emissora, comandada por Luciano do Valle.

Participam Armando Nogueira e os tricampeoes mundiais Gerson e Rivellino. Ratinho usara seu programa na Franca para atender os turistas brasileiros ou moradores que tern reclamacoes. O apresentador tambem deve participar das transmissbes dos jogos.

Ele fara o papel do telespectador, interrompendo o locutor para, se preciso, xingar o juiz, os jogadores, oZagallo, tudo naquele estilo sem estilo. Serao transmitidos 35 jogos: urn por dia durante a semana e dois por dia nos fins-de-semana. O programa Com a Bola Toda sera transmitido da Franca e reunira os jornalistas da rede para urn resumo da semana e analise dos principals jogos.

Bienvenue a Paris Pequenas cronicas sobre a cozinha, os vinhos, os costumes, enfim, a cultura francesa de modo geral, assinadas pelo jornalista Armando Nogueira. Ate o inicio da Copa o programa mantem o nome de Franca em 3 Tempos.

Tres entradas diarias, sem horario definido. Sem jogos ou horarios definidos. Boletins Flashes ao vivo da Franca durante toda programacao. A emissora vai estar 24 horas no ar durante o torneio da Franca e, segundo seu diretor de jornalismo, o popular Jose Trajano, torcedor do Ameriquinha, sua principal marca deve ser o "volume de informacao com qualidade, sem o maldito ". Todos os 64 jogos serao transmitidos, 56 ao vivo e 8 Trajano, da ESPN: "informaqao sem o maldito em videotape.

EmVT passam apenas os jogos da ultima rodada da fase dassificatoria, quando as partidas acontecem no mesmo horario. A emissora tera programas antes e apos os jogos e varios especiais em diferentes formatos. A emissora investiu tambem em seus profissionais. Toda a equipe teve aulas de arbitragem e de trances. A pronuncia dos nomes de cidades e jogadores foi padronizada, evitando que cada urn interprete a entonacao da lingua a sua maneira.

Da equipe de Trajano fazem parte cobras do jornalismo esportivo, como Antero Greco, Helvidio Mattos e Luiz Alberto Volpe, alem do mais sobrio e dassico comentarista da TV nos dias de hoje: o tricampeao Tostao. Se voce quer uma dica dequais seleooes podem surpreender no mundial, Trajano da a dica: "a Nigeria, pela expectativa criada apos as Oiimpiadas; a Franca, pela tradicao e por ser o time da casa; e a Holanda, que e sempre urn misterio".

Urn Tostao de Prosa: o tricampeao esbanja conhecimento sobre futebol um historico dos confrontos entre os do is pai'ses, aspectos caracteristicos da cultura das nacoes e os destaques de cada selecao. Prorrogacao Bate-bola que vai ar logo apos o encerramento de cada partida, com participantes no Brasil e na Franca.

Comentario de lances do jogo, sempre com um convidado especial nos estudios brasileiros, 30 Minutos Resumo dos acontecimentos do dia e pequenas reportagens. Vai ao ar as 20h, com reapresentacao a Oh e as 7h do dia seguinte. Nos dias de jogos do Brasil, tera duracao de 1h30 e ira ao ar as 22h. Um Tostao de Prosa Programa curto em que o tricampeao mundial Tostao tece comentarios sobre as selecoes e os craques da Copa.

Ate 10 de junho tera 4 apresentacoes diarias. Apos o inicio da Copa naotera horario nem periodicidade definidas. Herois da Copa Serie de 50 programas com 3 minutos de duracao com um breve relato sobre os craques que fizeram a historia dos mundiais, como Didi, Fontaine, Eusebio, Maradona, Garrincha, Puskas, Banks e Bob Moore, entre outros. Especial Ronaidirtho- video contando a trajetoria do craque desde os tempos de crianca ate os dias de hoje.

Narrado pelo proprio jogador e por seus pais. Reapresentacao no dia 9 de junho em horario a definir. Deja vu- pequenos programas, baseados em imagens de arquivo, relacionando fatos ocorridos na Copa da Franca com episodios similares de copas passadas. Insercao sem definicao previa de horario.

Contudo, poucos saem do esquema noticia-historia- resultados. Um destes poucos e o Trix, que durante a Copa passa a se chamar Trix - Rurmo ao Penta e ganha novo visual. Antes e depois dos jogos da selecao Traz noticias, calendario complete e historia da Copa. Site produzido na Alemanha. Em ingles. Argencard Francia 98 www. Ha muitas informacoes sobre a selecao, historia da Argentina nas Copas e noticias. Band FM www. Basta baixar o havera pesquisas e chats. Precios espocia- dotr itoa riiie rn di e pae is psltai ai i iiads los, ayer y hay amente.

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