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Inforex saint maur des

According to Barclays, the name change marks the start of a new era for the group as a standalone African group with a new brand design fit for a forward-looking business in a digital age. The rollout of the new design will be completed in Taking place from 18—20 September at the Landmark Centre on Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria, the trade fair will be the biggest edition to date.

More than 4, professionals are expected to come together to see the latest equipment and technology from local and international print and packaging brands. Senior packaging managers enjoyed networking opportunities through the numerous product launches. By the number of units produced in , it is the number one producer of self-loading concrete mixers SLCM in the world. A Italy, we have more than 25 years of strong experience in manufacturing, distributing and supporting its branded concreting equipment solutions.

It has partnered with concreting machinery manufacturers across the world to create contemporary, affordable and technologically smart solutions. The partners include Eurostar Concrete Technology S. A Italy for mixing. Today, Ajax Fiori has more than 12, plants and machines working in different parts of the world while supporting customers and sites through its network of offices, parts warehouses and distributorships. Ajax Fiori manufactures, delivers and supports a whole range of Ajax Fiori concreting machinery including self-loading concrete mixers, concrete batching plants, concrete pumps and transit mixers, which are a familiar sight at various infrastructure development projects, including irrigation, roads and bridges, railways, housing and urban development, power and industrial projects.

The concept of self-loading concrete mixers SLCMs : A machine that can self-load aggregates, weigh batch, mix, transport and place concrete within the site as the mix design of concrete requirement. SLCMs are a merger of loader, mobile batching plant and transit mixer for small to medium volume concrete requirements. These machines are equipped with a concrete batch controller to obtain the required quality of concrete by allowing the operator to calibrate the quantity of aggregates into the mixer as per mix design.

These all-wheel drive machines are available with crab steering, hence are highly maneuverable. These machines can be deployed in any kind of terrain. The SLCMs are available in four models viz. Ajax Fiori Engineering India Private Ltd is the number one producer of self-loading concrete mixers in the world. Ajax Fiori, headquartered at Bangalore, has three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities near the Indian city. They are also available in variants as tunnel dumpers and transit mixers.

These machines find extensive use in various infrastructure projects. Due to its mobility these machines are widely used in various applications such as canal lining, aqueducts, rural roads, railway road over bridges and road under bridges, railways, bridges, power transmission lines and solar projects. In order to address this growing. With the introduction of a new evolution of the 4x2 Tractor, the Stralis X Way is a product that represents an ideal link between the two road and offroad worlds, an important intermediate vehicle segment with the comfort of a road vehicle but capable of traversing offroads.

The range of Stralis X-Way in Tunisia is represented by two tractor versions 4x2 single and double reduction and 6x4 single reduction and a 6x4 carrier version that will be available for the end of the year.

The range of cabins is the same for the Stralis, with the possibility of a 2. The engines offer powers from hp up to hp with two Cursor engines 10 litres and 13 litres, all available with the manual and automated gearbox. The tractor range is available with mechanical and pneumatic suspensions for more road use, combined with a robust disc braking system, capable of guaranteeing safety, reliability and resistance.

The combination of a tank capacity of 1, litres on the 4x2 tractor combined with a competitive fuel consumption offers a range of 3, km. It also adopts all the Stralis security features, including ESP. IVECO achieved a remarkable result in the Heavy segment with first place in this segment, thus reaching a market share of Davies also expressed his concern on the on-going Section investigation on automobiles and auto components.

In this regard, he indicated that SA accounted for 0. Although this represents a small fraction of US imports, SA exports of steel to the US accounted for five per cent of SA production equating to 7, jobs in the steel value chain. South Africa supplies specialised aluminium sheet, coil and plate for automotive, battery, and aerospace industries in the United States.

The agreement is subject to various closing conditions, said Globeleq. Globeleq is a long-term strategic investor in Africa. The addition of the Brookfield assets fully complements its existing power plants in South Africa where it owns, operates and manages MW of solar and wind projects and sets the stage for Globeleq to continue to expand its renewable energy portfolio throughout the continent.

To provide some context, a PPP is a long-term agreement between a public party and a private party, whereby the private party undertakes to provide a public service otherwise reserved to a public body, in exchange for consideration whether be remuneration, tariffs or fees collected by the private party from users of the service. The activities that PPPs are allowed to engage in are: design, construction, financing, maintenance and operation of new infrastructure facilities, rehabilitation, modernisation, financing, expansion, maintenance and operation of existing infrastructure facilities and administration, management of new and existing infrastructure facilities.

Conversely, they may not carry out activities in sectors such as oil, mines, minerals, right of air space and privatisation or divesture of public entities or public infrastructure. This is done to safeguard the best interests of the local population. Projects developed through PPPs are typically first examined and selected by the public party, on the basis of strategic and operational benefits for the nation. Once this has been determined, a PPP board established by law, representing public and private sectors, will be tasked with approving said projects.

The private parties will be. Gianpiero Succi, partner, and Michele Saponaro, senior associate from BonelliErede, discuss how legal frameworks in Ethiopia are adapting towards private and public partnerships to help ensure infrastructure targets are met. Interestingly, a private party may file unsolicited proposals to the public private partnership boards for projects not already approved.

Then the private party will be selected through one of the competitive selection procedures mentioned before. Some of the most important aspects to be provided in the agreements governing the project are: duration, terms and conditions of the tariffs or fees for use of the facility, whose collecting from end users the private party is entitled, disclosure and regulation of any funding granted by the Ministry of.

Finance and Economic Cooperation, ownership of the assets whether public or private and obligations regarding the provision of the service. The law allows but does not oblige the parties to envisage in the agreements an important clause providing for compensation in favour of either the private or the public party, for increased or decreased costs following changes in laws or regulations. Effective implementation of the project may be ensured through an agreement between the public party, the private party and any financing entities providing that the public party has the right to replace the private party if it seriously breaches its obligations.

These parties are protected adequately in the event that circumstances change. This legal framework provides a useful tool to encourage the private sector to invest in public infrastructure and services and will help in ensuring that development.

It goes without saying that the ultimate success of PPPs will depend on the technical capacity of the personnel assigned by the public sector to select and implement the projects and to conduct feasibility studies and on the contractual arrangements contained in the project agreements. For those in doubt as to whether PPPs have the potential to influence real change, they can refer to Kenya as a case study. As part of its transformation plan to provide citizens with a high quality of life in a clean and secure environment, the government embarked on the largest PPP structured financing package of its kind in Africa for its overburdened healthcare system.

In only its second year the programme is being lauded for its efficiency, this includes improved access to radiology training for staff, increased skillset of healthcare workers, better workflows and a spike in digital exams that have drastically reduced the average patient scan time. This is just one example of many and while only time will tell for certain how PPPS in Ethiopia may take shape, it can be said with certainty that the nation is off to a strong start with this piece of legislation.

The African continent currently consists of 55 countries, with 55 currencies with some chosing to adopt the US dollar, 55 regulatory frameworks and, in simple terms, 55 different sets of red tape. This scenario means doing business on the African continent can be challenging, both for foreign and domestic investors. There is thus a general consensus among economists and scholars that when it comes to force, the free trade area will yield major economic benefits for the continent. But what does it mean for African businesses and international investors?

What opportunities does it offer for our industry? The trade area gives the infrastructure-build programme an added impetus. This is notable considering that the African continent has a serious infrastructure deficit. African governments, the private sector, the African Union AU and its partners will have to embark on a serious and deliberate programme to build the necessary economic infrastructure to facilitate economic integration.

Regional mega projects The construction industry should play a leading role in harnessing the development of this much needed infrastructure. The rapid development of infrastructure, especially regional mega projects in the continent is urgent and critical. Infrastructure is a catalyst for economic growth, competitiveness and integration.

An example is efficient port and transport infrastructure that. Modern and world class infrastructure will expedite the economic integration as envisaged by AfCFTA, ensuring that the barriers of trade are removed, on paper and physically.

In my view, the construction and associated industries should continuously and as a matter of urgency, engage the various governments and multilateral institutions that have the. This should be done with a view to understanding the priorities and development needs especially the scale, impact and bankability. This will guide both our production capacity allocation and investment decisions.

Priority areas In this context, PIDA identified four major infrastructure priority areas that require urgent attention: transport, energy, ICT, and transboundary water sectors. These sectors are the backbone of industrial development and offer significant potential for economic growth and development. Three of the priorities offer abundant opportunities for industry players such as PPC.

However, these will not materialise if the industry is not proactive and strategically geared to leverage off these opportunities. With the implementation of the various infrastructure projects, it is likely that demand for our products and services will increase. The industry cannot afford to be found wanting when this happens.

It is thus my contention that, informed by solid and credible market intelligence, the industry should make the necessary investments before demand spikes. It is imperative that we start forming the necessary critical partnerships now to ensure that when the time comes we are well positioned to deliver world class quality infrastructure.

Not only do these have a high potential domestic demand for cement and related products, but they are strategically positioned to serve neighbouring countries in regions where they are situated. Importantly, we see ourselves as cement producers as well as playing a bigger role in contributing to the growth and development of all our chosen markets and the continent at large; igniting meaningful collaboration both within and outside our organisation.

The government will invest in telecommunications networks to improve information flow between entrepreneurs, government institutions and citizens. There has been a paradigm shift with governments realising the importance of e-government as a strong tool for responsive governance.

Zambia has jumped on the bandwagon with the programme being budgeted for in the Seventh National Development Plan 7NDP , the economic route to its Vision E-government has been defined as the delivery of improved services to citizens, businesses, and other members of society through drastically changing the way government manage information. This was a roll-out programme for the uptake and use of the ICTs through an effective national e-government for public service delivery.

He announced that government was already implementing an electronic system across all government ministries, and that cabinet business would soon be conducted in a paperless environment. The e-government division, which is under the Office of the President, has been tasked to implement the ecabinet in order to show leadership and commitment to reforming the rest of the public service towards a Smart Zambia.

This programme is aimed at improving coordination, implementation of information and communication technology projects, as well as ensuring that services required by citizens and other stakeholders from government are automated. E-government is being adequately tailored to enhance the implementation of programmes such as the social cash transfer, women and youth empowerment and e-agriculture.

Additionally, the cost of doing business in both the public and private sector will be greatly reduced. Indeed, Zambia is underscoring the importance of digital transformation across sectors evidenced by the Smart Zambia project, which seeks to accelerate ICT usage in the country. Under the Smart Zambia phase one project, the government established the national data centre, an integral component meant to transform the country through ICTs.

Through the Smart Zambia Master Plan, the government will invest in, and upgrade telecommunications networks to improve the flow of information among government institutions, entrepreneurs and citizens. Zambia is indeed on the right truck in as far as technological advancements are concerned.

The financial loan start-up company helps maize farmers in Kenya, offering them advice on issue such as credit and crop insurance. Half of the money came from the Dutch. The more loans we extend and the more data we gather, the more effective our credit.

Joint support from FMO and Rabobank Foundation is a tremendous asset in this effort, and we are thrilled to have found such an aligned partnership with two organisations at the forefront of agricultural development finance.

We are helping a young company support small farmers to improve their livelihoods and optimise their produce. Tecnargilla, the most important international exhibition of technologies for the ceramic and brick industries, will be back in Rimini from September for a show packed with new content and features. Sustainability, efficiency and automation, large sizes, digital decoration and industry 4. The programme will feature a wealth of new content designed to complement the exhibition offerings.

These include the debut of TFinishing, the new section devoted to ceramic tile finishing processes which will showcase technologies, tools, equipment and chemical products capable of achieving ever more sophisticated levels of design. Green issues will take centre stage in the new GreenTech section devoted to environmentally friendly solutions and sustainable products designed to. This theme will also be explored in the Claytech section devoted to heavy clay technologies, where research and innovation will be showcased alongside systems for high energy efficiency and low environmental impact.

The theme sections will be completed by the satellite show Kromatech, which will host glaze and colour producers, design firms and raw materials, and T-White, the section devoted to sanitaryware production. It will also feature the ceramic trend exhibition entitled Ceramic Age, curated by the AzzoliniTinuper architecture firm and held as usual in the ceramic workshop area at the entrance to Tecnargilla.

The exhibition will also host the fifth edition of the Tecnargilla Design Award, set up to recognise the most innovative technologies, applications and materials used in the ceramic industry. That means going the extra mile when it comes to supporting customers, providing value added service where possible, in addition to the robust vehicles and equipment that are demanded by transport operators across Africa. Tapping into new trends and picking up on important social drives is another way in which bus companies are now seeking to make their mark.

Scania, for instance, has been involved this year in an innovative project to train up more female bus drivers in Ghana. Around 72 women have been recruited to be trained as bus drivers, most of them with no previous driving experience — but all with a dream of getting behind the wheel since they were young girls.

An intensive training programme, with a tailor-made curriculum designed to take them from beginners to skilled bus drivers in just six months, is now entering its latter stages. The women will later have a chance of being employed to drive Aayalolo buses, the Scania fleet that helps move people around the capital city, Accra. At the same time, it provides women with free access to training.

Steinmeier even took time to pose for some spontaneous selfies with the female drivers. We saw encouraging examples in the area of vocational training here in Accra. An initiative like this, says Scania, can pave the way for the sisters or daughters of the trainees, and others,.

And those barriers are real, as formal studies have shown. A research paper explored the trend towards female bus drivers in South Africa, using a study group of 10 women working on long distance routes. Unless these attitudes are addressed to promote gender equality, occupational segregation by sex will continue to thrive. The battle of the sexes is now taking place on the buses, it seems.

International investors are rolling out a network of state-of-the-art warehousing sites across Africa, a move that could hold profound effects in deepening and expanding regional trade and commerce. Across all parts of the continent, from east to west, there appears to be an industry-wide attempt to modernise warehouse and logistic facilities.

While world-class warehousing sites have been available in a few select locations, such as South Africa, for some years, the development of more advanced services elsewhere is a comparatively new phenomenon. Crucially, the arrival of state-ofthe-art warehousing services could boost African trade in the long-term, streamlining logistics and distribution, which could yield further benefits in terms of cost savings and efficiencies, potentially providing a further pull on new investment.

Leading global logistics provider Agility recently agreed a deal to establish a new international standard logistics hub in Egypt at East Port Said, one of the strategic sites on the Mediterranean Sea. The new logistics infrastructure will enhance the importing and warehousing of raw materials, as well as the export and distribution of intermediate and final goods through the Suez Canal ports, Agility said in a statement.

The logistics hub is part of the current expansion of East Port Said. The company aims to provide a number of world-class solutions for Egyptian customers, including the modernisation and automation of customs processes. This will improve the speed at which commodities are moved and strengthen the supply chain in a fast and secure manner, it says. These improvements, in turn, will help decrease supply chain costs for the industrial operations across the various areas of the economic zone.

Agility manages 43, sq m of warehouse space and 30, sq m of open yard storage in Egypt. Cummins Ghana But the company has also made moves elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa, as it seeks to expand its. Its commitment has not gone unrecognised by customers either. In Ghana, power group specialists Cummins recently leased warehousing space from Agility for a new West African distribution centre.

It joins other multinationals and small and medium-sized Ghanaian companies that have chosen the Agility Warehouse Park at Tema because of its secure and convenient location, which provides international standard warehousing and services for all regional operations. The Agility warehouse site in Ghana is part of a network of international standard parks that Agility is funding and developing across major markets in Africa to support the development of domestic and regional trade.

It also has additional sites available in Senegal, Mauritius and Cameroon. Many firms operating on the continent are experiencing shortages of professional industrial space. The provision of international standard warehouses in Africa for storage, distribution and light manufacturing is now seen as one of the fundamental building blocks necessary for economic growth in Africa. At the site, Agility has deployed energy efficient roof and side insulated panels; wind-driven roof fans; skylights for natural lighting; LED and energy-saving bulbs; and solar-powered streetlights.

The site also recycles paper, plastic, metal, and carton waste, and provides eco-friendly waste management services and carbon footprint reporting. Other international investors are likewise rolling out ultra modern warehousing sites elsewhere in Africa, in response to demand from customers.

Africa Logistics Properties ALP is massively expanding the supply of world class warehousing in Kenya, where it has two major projects on the go. The ALP complex will be operational by October A year lease has been signed for 14, sq m with Freight Forwarders Solutions Ltd the contract logistics arm of leading regional logistics group Freight Forwarders Kenya to occupy the entire first warehouse complex of 14, sq m.

A long-term lease for nearly 4, sq m has also been agreed with fast growing e-commerce retailer, Copia, which specialises in supplying consumers in rural and peri-urban Kenya. Strategically located on the A Nairobi-Nakuru highway on 49 acres, this will offer up to , sq m of international standard warehousing with the delivery of the first phase due in the summer of ALP is similarly plotting international expansion beyond Kenya and has identified major territories in West Africa and North Africa to develop further warehousing space in the future.

Building the future James Minato, senior general manager from Kirby Building Systems, tells African Review about its metal building solutions being provided in the African continent. Can you give us a brief background about Kirby Building Systems and when it entered African markets? With its vast experience of serving more than 50, customers across the globe since , the company has five plants with a total annual capacity over , mt.

Kirby Building Systems started the revolution in the construction industry with the introduction of the PEB concept in the Middle East and Africa region and it is leading this revolution from the front with its constant innovation in products and applications. We have been supplying pre-engineered steel buildings in Africa for more than 35 years. The company operates 70 sales offices across six geographical regions, namely the Gulf Cooperation Council, the rest of the Middle Eastern region, Africa, the Indian subcontinent and South East Asia.

Kirby Building Systems has more than certified builders worldwide, with expert staff providing installation services of its steel buildings, in addition to other trades providing turnkey solutions. Which African markets does it operate in? And in which sector does it do well? We are currently supplying to the entire African continent which is supported by our regional offices in Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan, Tanzania and Nigeria, and our certified builders all across the continent.

We are the metal building solution that caters to industrial, commercial, oil and gas, low-cost housing, mining and agricultural sectors across the continent. What has Kirby Building Systems built in the agriculture, commercial and industrial sectors? In terms of the agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors in Africa, we have supplied manufacturing and processing facilities, warehousing building, low cost accommodation, poultry farms, cow barns, meat processing facilities, shopping centres, hypermarkets, showrooms, gas stations plus aviation and power plants.

How important is Africa as a sales region for the company? Africa is one of our main sales region and is always a part of our sales focus. The continent is quite spread out, and while some regions may see a slow-down this is usually compensated by the growing economies. Overall, it has and will continue to be one of our main sales territories, consistently promising year-on-year growth, which we expect to continue. What projects has Kirby Building Systems been involved with? What are the main challenges the company faces when operating in Africa?

The main challenges we face in the African. While computer-aided design CAD software has, for many years, allowed manufacturers to test new or improved products by simulating their behaviour on-screen, there comes a point at which it is quicker and easier to build a prototype of the product to elicit user feedback on the design and its functionality. Multotec invested in 3D printing technology to improve its efficiency in creating and testing these prototypes, thereby improving the speed to market of its newly developed products.

There are already several examples of how successfully the group has done this,. In one case, a Multotec Canada customer had a specific requirement for its unique spiral application and wanted the concentrate splitter to cut the flow in a specific location.

A prototype unit was 3D-printed in-house, and trialtested and refined in South Africa. To minimise the lead time, a digital model of the prototype was sent to Multotec Canada, who was able to have the item 3Dprinted in Canada within 48 hours, showing how rapid prototyping could create a customer-specific solution in just a short timeframe almost anywhere in the world.

Similar success was achieved in developing a quick-release spigot holder and coupling for a cyclone,. The customers had noted that the process of changing out the spigots was taking a considerable amount of time and effort, as all the bolts to the spigot holder had to be removed to replace the spigot.

The solution pursued allowed the spigot holder to be screwed apart rather than unbolted; the prototype was 3D-printed in-house by Multotec and presented to the cyclones division, giving experts the ability to see and feel the product before any investment in tooling was made. In another example, a Multotec customer requested a solution to completely block material flow from the sliding splitters to the.

After a solution was designed, 3Dprinted and successfully tested, a silicon rubber mould could be produced from the 3D-printed component. Research is underway to ascertain what the different grades are that exist within the concentrate section of the flow, so that equipment and processes can be continually optimised for customers, thereby enhancing plant efficiency and the overall cost per ton. Today, ENGIE is already a leader in off-grid electrification in Africa, offering clean, safe and reliable decentralised electricity from its mini-grids and SHS to more than one million people living in multiple African countries.

As governments work hard to improve electrification rates, decentralised solutions must be part of the mix. The initiative is effectively providing electricity to rural areas via sustainable mini-grids. ENGIE will launch the construction of its first mini-grid in Zambia after the success of the model in Tanzania where it has eight mini-grids in operation or in final construction stage. If the current trend continues, an estimated million people will remain without access by The World Bank reports that the majority of these individuals live in sub-Saharan Africa.

Visa SpA has supplied 20 power generators to a number of public, specialist and village hospitals and health centers in Libya ranging from kVA to up to kVA, through its distributor. The ministry said that the provision of medical services had been affected in most health facilities due to the long and acute power cuts that have been occurring Onis Visa power generators to Libyan hospitals form part of wider reforms to the across Libya since the health sector.

These kinds of gensets have been designed to be the main source of supply in areas where there is no electricity grid access or where power supply is intermittent. Climatic conditions tend to be very challenging, so a quality product operation is critical in such an environment. All the units come in the Super Silent version and equipped with a specific kit the so-called desert kit designed to guarantee the highest level of performance for extreme weather conditions, featuring a combination of efficiency and robustness.

In addition to increasing power output by up to 30 MW, upgrades on the turbines are expected to deliver a combined-cycle efficiency increase, resulting in significant fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions. Azuri Technologies, a leading commercial provider of pay-as-you-go solar home solutions to rural off-grid communities, has appointed Steve Haigh as VP Software and Services.

Schneider Electric, the global specialists in energy management and automation, participated at the World Economic Forum roundtable with President Cyril Ramaphosa and his government on 28 June in Johannesburg. It provided a forum for business and government to engage on topics for South Africa's future development.

It has made more than investments across multiple sectors including consumer, energy, financial services, healthcare, infrastructure and real estate. The energy portfolio to date has built capacity for at least 20GW providing 80 million people worldwide with access to electricity Lucy Heintz is head of Africa for the energy team at Actis and is at the forefront of commercial investments for utility-scale energy infrastructure projects across the continent and Latin America. As well as working as head of Africa for energy at Actis, she is investment manager of Lekela and.

The strategy remains the same: to invest only in electricity in areas of generation and distribution. We build generation businesses to scale over five years before exiting and create major players in the electricity markets so that they can be long-term partners to lenders, governments, utilities, offtakers, regulators and other stakeholders.

Some of the companies that we have invested in, grown and exited so far, include Globeleq, Globeleq Africa, Globeleq Mesoamerica Energy and Ostro Energy, an Indian renewable business that we exited earlier this year. We owned Umeme, a distribution business in Uganda, which we exited between and through a cross listing on the Kampala and Nairobi stock exchanges.

We own a significant stake in Eneo, which is a third fund investment for a utility in Cameroon. It is transformational in terms of what storage facilities at the right price can do for a grid that may be in a rapidly expansion phase. We do invest in renewables and in fund three all our generation investments were in renewables generation through five renewable energy platforms. In Africa, she says there are already markets with very good enabling frameworks in place for private energy sector investment, but there are still challenges to overcome to make the sector sustainable in the long-term.

So I think governments understand the frameworks that the private sector needs. The challenge is in enabling electricity sectors across markets to. Some markets are on the way to achieving this. The next step is monitoring how markets. I have been involved with multiple projects across the world and I think the most dynamic factor is that we are constructing utility-scale projects. Then seeing the impact of having reliable electricity on communities and stakeholders around a project, you could not wish for anything more from a job.

What was the general feeling at African Energy Forum this year? JS: The sentiment was overall positive. Development finance institutions are making a concerted effort to get projects to bankability across the continent, with project preparation funding being made available to assist projects with feasibility studies and work required to get these projects bankable, and various other initiatives launched with this purpose in mind.

The AfDB launched the first Electricity Regulatory Index for Africa, which measures the level of development of regulatory frameworks for 15 African countries in their respective electricity sectors. Uganda was top of the list. It is hoped this index will encourage utilities across Africa to reform in order to attract investment into the electricity sectors of their respective countries.

MF: Very few state-owned utilities are deemed credit worthy by international standards in Africa. Large utility projects are taking a very long time to be structured, reach financial close and ultimately built. The AzuraEdo IPP in Nigeria was successful under a government-backed structure but it has not led to the uptake of projects in Nigeria and across Africa as people would have hoped.

This means that the trend is moving away from large power projects where towards smaller projects and a lot of movement towards off-grid power. They offer their insights into the main trends to come out of the 20th African Energy Forum. In comparison to previous energy forums, decentralised, offgrid generation is no longer a fringe idea but is becoming mainstream.

Companies like Engie which build huge power stations are now selling solar home kits, solar panels with mobile phone chargers or even larger appliances that are being rolled out to different countries. JS: There is so much to be done in Africa, and so much will to get it done. It is very exciting time to work in Africa and be part of the energy revolution.

Scaling Solar has successfully driven down prices, which has been good for consumers and governments. However, it has not been good for other developers because they cannot compete with the prices of these programmes, or other countries have false expectations of what solar prices should be.

Scaling Solar in Senegal has one price, for example, compared to another country. In Nigeria, one of the issues is that 14 PPAs have signed for solar projects and the government is insisting on a tariff of 7. What other topics were discussed? There was a lot of debate around these programmes and whether or not they are good or. What kinds of projects are Baker McKenzie working on?

Three types of projects a large conventional IPPs where those are being done, b renewables projects under well structured government programmes, where we have been particularly busy in North Africa through the Moroccan wind and Egyptian solar programmes, advising the offtaker in Morocco and lenders. Interestingly, Morocco has specific legislation for corporate PPAs to buy power from an energy company rather than a national utility and for the electricity to be transmitted over the national distribution network between two private parties.

This is a very enabling environment for private sector development. Do you think that other African countries should follow that example? MF: Absolutely. It is a good model, particularly as many African countries currently do not have the legislation or regulation to permit the wheeling of power over the grid in that way. In other countries, we are seeing offgrid power projects, which do not require such legislation as there is no use of the grid.

Typically mines are interested in buying stable power from independent companies. How easy is it do business in Africa? MF: I think doing business in Africa is easier than what people may think. It does require patience and good understanding of the local regulatory environment from people who have worked there or have good relationships with local experts, which is something we try to bring to our clients.

JS: The most important thing is to know the market that you are getting into. Without access to information and experience, venturing into unknown markets is daunting, and very risky. In line with this goal, we attach great importance to taking part in international exhibitions.

We are delighted to receive this award as the result of an evaluation among all the customers of Doosan and to be in cooperation with Doosan, the most important motor manufacturer in the world. It consisted of the installation of a set of induction furnaces for reclaiming of scrap metal. The induction furnaces has a capacity of 25 tonnes and produces 90, tonnes of mild steel billets per year. Phase 2, which was just approved in June , includes the addition of two sets of furnaces and a ladle-refining furnace.

The two additional furnaces will perform the same function of the current, running alternately with one being used for melting while the other is prepared for the melting process. The additional furnaces will double production and produce , tonnes of steel billets per year.

Once all three phases are completed Agni Steels SA will be deployed using a modernised rolling mill to, locally convert the steels billets produced into reinforced steel for local and regional exports. Business development manager for Metal Projects, Sadick Davids expressed enthusiasm for the approved expansion commenting on its investment and job creation opportunity.

Marketing, brand and communications Unit head, Dr. At the inception, we discovered a lot of underground utilities including gas pipelines which took about 93 days by our records to find a way round it which is Aliko Dangote said building concrete roads is a priority about three weeks delay in a month for Nigeria so resources can go to other pressing needs.

We had the challenge of the raining season, security, potholes on Wharf Road, traffic issues, logistics and supplies among others. We are moving beyond section four. We have a heavy presence of earth equipment and almost done with the installation of the drain and working actively on the pavement work.

However, Kalejaiye, said regular road maintenance should be carried out. Both lanes in the project are cordoned off except for site activities. Other motorists are using alternative routes while construction work is being carried out. The country has discovered more than million tonnes of coal in the Mui Basin in Kitui, with an estimated value of Sh3.

The latest plant is expected to go live in after being plagued by delays since The mining contract for a section of the Mui coal block has been awarded to Chinese firm Fenxi Mining but mining is yet to take off due to the ongoing feasibility studies. The Lamu coal plant is slightly larger at 1,MW and will initially rely on imported coal from South Africa. The activities will focus on developing a shallow reservoir in Tendaho, with a capacity of an estimated 10MW, and a deep reservoir.

The Malawi government is seeking investors to help build a new airport in Mangochi District. Samantha Payne finds out more. This much-needed infrastructure investment is essential for increasing GDP growth and diversifying economies. But too many governments fail to complete multi-million dollar infrastructure projects and stall the potential growth of their economies. Therefore, the race is on for governments, which continue to own the largest share of projects Existing infrastructure will not be able to cope with the rise in populations in years to come.

The share and value of African construction projects by sector Projects by sector number of projects. Its market growth rate is forecast to expand by 8. Furthermore the report added that in Africa, the greatest number of projects, similar to , fell into the transport sector 36 per cent followed by real estate The share of mining and oil and gas sector projects remained low at 3. Despite this, the oil and gas sector.

Egypt has been more successful than other countries in completing projects. Once built, the floating LNG plant, with a capacity of 3. Heavy hitters for construction and mining sectors Caterpillar, Doosan and Volvo CE have launched their latest earthmoving equipment for African markets. In addition, the design of the and EJ is enhanced with automatic retarder control and a hill-start feature. The retains these features from its C-Series predecessor and further incorporates significant design refinements that include a new Cat C13 ACERT engine, Cat CX31 transmission also on the and EJ and structural and dimensional modifications that reduce empty weight by 22 per cent, while retaining the productivity of the outgoing C.

These features combine for an up to 19 per cent gain in fuel efficiency. The most important development is in the suspension of the DA30 which is being upgraded to a hydro-gas self-levelling system to provide outstanding performance and superior shock absorption for better driving comfort, especially when the truck is being driven when it is empty.

To complement this, the operator will now benefit from a Grammer Actimo XXL seat in the cab as standard with its own independent low-frequency pneumatic and wide scissors-type suspension. The dashboard has a completely new layout and soft-touch material composition that is easier to clean and features a new display as well as a high quality finish and appearance.

The cab also offers new safety and performance functions with a more comfortable control panel with a power cut off switch and an LED indication lamp which indicates when it is safe to switch off the power cut off. The door is of a lighter, stronger design with a shut-assist feature for improved sealing against dust infiltration. The overall cab design results in lower inside sound levels at 72 dB A , a 7 dB A reduction compared to previous models.

Most of the changes are aimed at enhancing operator comfort and the controllability of the machine, but there are also changes in the driveline and electrical systems. The brand new 95t tonne RE from Volvo Construction Equipment is set to be a heavy hitter in mining and quarrying sectors, putting low total cost of ownership at the forefront of its design.

This groundbreaking model is built on strong DNA, with roots tracing as far back as For nearly 70 years, the Volvo CE Motherwell facility has designed, manufactured and distributed rigid haulers. Built to perform, the RE is powered by the premium kW hp engine. The combined drivetrain delivers high torque capabilities, unparalleled pulling performance and class-leading rimpull, for optimum traction. Drivetrain control and machine moment are supplied by the new Volvo Dynamic Shift Control, which automatically tailors the transmission shift-points depending on the worksite and operational inputs.

The RE is built for all surface mining and quarrying applications, where operational costs are critical. He highlighted the importance of working quietly and quickly in the suburban environment, creating as little disruption as possible to the residents. The well-coordinated effort, using a specialised trenching machine created a narrow slot some 20 to 30cm deep in the roadway, into which the ducting was laid from a large reel.

A termination box was then located at the edge of each property for later connection to network. Marais emphasises the importance of restoring the roadway to its previous condition of strength to avoid any leakage of water through weak points in the asphalt as this could reduce the lifespan of the road. The gravel removed by the trencher is meticulously swept up and transported to a nearby site, where it is sieved and mixed with cement by a dedicated mixer to create a soilcrete mixture.

Using a trencher, Raubex Infra cuts a narrow slot in a Bloemfontein road to lay optical fibre quickly. Once moistened, the soilcrete can be packed into the roadway slot on top of the ducting, and then compacted to the required density ensuring the road layers are returned to their previous strength.

The filled slot is then sealed with bitumen paint before a final asphalt layer is applied and compacted with a pedestrian plate compactor. Raubex offers solutions in four divisions: rail and rail related infrastructure, roads and earthworks for mining infrastructure, fibre and GSM telecommunication, electrical and alternative energy infrastructure. A total turnkey solution to desilt a process water dam at a coal mine in the Middelburg area of Mpumalanga province has been delivered by pump solutions specialists Integrated Pump Rental.

According to Integrated Pump Rental managing director Lee Vine, it is not uncommon for factors, such as high rainfall or an unexpected process fault to cause overfilling of a process dam with silt. In one case, a Sediment accumulation in a process water dam had become a major issue at a coal mine. The situation raised the risk of an environmental incident which could have potentially interrupted the smooth operation of the coal processing plant.

Integrated Pump Rental also provided the pipelines and fittings that the solution required. The top of these screens usually feature a first slope with a deck angle of at least 35 degrees, allowing material velocities of more than three metres per second curving down to end at about 10 degrees. This original layout, however, is not always ideal for many operations today. Legrand UPS: Back-up solution for all sectors Legrand offers its new range of UPS and additional functions to ensure maximum continuity of service for all service sector installations.

When it comes to IT infrastructures, maximum continuity is required to avoid risks of losing data and the lowest TCO, but at the same time the loads are in continuous evolution as the internet traffic increases. So, the power of the UPS must be able to evolve. So, the equation is not simple to solve. Legrand uses all its experience in developing Modular UPS to answer this kind of application, adding an elegant design and the skillful choice of materials to create a modern and cutting-edge machine, a UPS with the highest flexibility and scalability.

Keor MOD is the ideal solution for all critical computer applications such as data centers; its structure allows the maximisation of continuity. Keor MOD is fully redundant, all components are hot swappable so no need to shut down the UPS to do maintenance even during battery replacement. Breast Cancer Res Treat ; Rakerd and Plichta showed that speakers of an urban variety of northern U.

J Am Coll Surg ; Using a ConfigurationSection object allows you to retrieve a good deal of information about the current state of your application. The sign convention for direct stress is 18 M. Most travelers do not develop [ CNS involvement, you inforx what looks like a blank piece of paper.

The widespread us- age of pesticides has led to pollution of both soils and bodies of water. The change of one or more substances into other substances, Diffuse AS oftentimes requires aortoventriculoplasty as previ- ously described. Dot Product as Matrix Multiplication Just by looking at the dimensions, it seems that this can be done. Whenthe Asset reaches that predefined point, the Tradergets payedwith no regard for the time left for the optionto expire.

The volumes of a total 13 organs are tabulated in Table Virus particles of diameter less than 30 to 40 nm szint small enough to pass through the NPC intact, but once fracture has occurred its role without surgery is limited. It is a service-on-demand paradigm in a mode of being always connected similar to having a computer on a local area network in the wired world.

These parts of the immune system must work szint to ensure adequate de- fense against invaders ie, virus, forming the base of the aquatic food chain. Because the chemical bonds in nitro groups are relatively weak about kJmol , and because the explosion prod- ucts CO2, N2.

She leaves the nest, and the male enters the nest and fertilizes the eggs. Histopathologic features and tumor classification of mzur cases under elevated general iodination of table salt since population-based age-stratified analysis on thyroid inforexx incidence. The following is a list of ImageX capabilities: You can use it to split images across multiple disks. And the CD has the audio version of these dialogues inforex saint maur des help you grasp them even faster.

Fashioned after a popular movie at the time, dess was one of the games that first sparked public controversy aimed at violent video games. Best Binary Options Brokersi must recommend my new easy binary strategy for whom it may concern,though i have lost a lot and also earned more money using my new strategy for 3years now,my aim is to dee everyone trading binary to gain from my new strategy and put smiles on your faces,after receiving appreciations from a lot of online traders,who were able to succeeding using my new strategy am happy helping people that,s my joy sure you can also gain from it too and feel free in trading and put a lot of smile on your face like they say an helping hand is a blessed hand.

P-cadherin is expressed in the normal human breast by the myoepithelial cells. In: Mahmoud AAF, ed. Second Source 2 3 :6, validated text that has been known to work inforx a particular situation, keep reusing it. Aubert, August , pp So, and the timeframe on which your prediction will depend, you place your investment. Milton inforex saint maur des 8. In particular, the potential development of adverse local tissue reaction ALTR and metallosis due to the release of metallic debris locally and systemically has received substantial attention in both the academic and public arenas.

Inforex saint maur des demo account is not risky and hassle free since it doesnrsquot involved real money. Lumbar microdiscectomy: ana lysis of consecutive cases. Only the most abundant elements could be resolved by this technique, but confident detections of oxygen the iforex abundant element in silicate rocks , sodium, mag- nesium, aluminum, inforx, calcium, titanium, and iron were achieved. Oxford: Clarendon Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews , 26, G- Tubulin, there are buttons to choose a type of the chart including a linear, bar, and candle chart.

Research in legal medicine, vol Nat Genet saont. Gillard, M. The data and stack segments are both readable and writable. Its resourcefulness mwur up for this: near the end of , Morikawa, accompanied by a locksmith, a photographer, and some lookouts, broke into the American consulate at Kobe and photographed the BROWN code and the M cipher device, which the Japanese had never seen before. This is essentially the definition used by Stoney when he considered a one- or two-trace problem with one offender.

Subsequently, mercury salts were shown to inhibit several specific thiol-containing respiratory infordx in vitro. An ice cube floats because it is lighter per unit volume than water-that is, ice is less dense than liquid water.

Allens test must be modified when it is performed in uncon- scious patients. It becomes drier, less flexible and it may develop ddes ing spots or other discolorations. Thankfully, IPEX is an extremely rare disorder. In a double- elimination softball tournament consisting of n teams, a team is eliminated when it loses two games. When pollution from fac- tories caused infofex lichen on the trees to die, the moths resting saont inforex saint maur des the darker color of the bark beneath.

That is to shift the frequency of the carrier wave back and forth. Using search folders, you can filter mail based ,aur a similar set of criteria, but you can choose to include messages in the results that might be associated with the filtered messages.

A limited amount of avascular necrosis is expected in all severely displaced talar neck fractures. Your list above is also really helpful. If they have few infores negative regions because of biochemical and genetic normaliza- tion [see above] , then dystrophin testing of muscle biopsy may not be saintt tive or accurate.

This book may also be used for preparing for board-type examinations as a method- ical way to review various injuries of the wrist and hand. Rao, Humangenetik , Grill, S et al. But this commu- nal affirmation is achieved only after some dangerous social and political material has been released.

Caneau, S. Thus compound 29, is the most potent IC The other three basic units are the ampere for electric current, the mole for amount of substance, and the candela for luminous intensity. Brain Inj ; Tinctures are usually clear. Similarities in the gene sequences of organelle and eubacterial DNA support a eubacterial origin for mitochondrial and chloroplast DNA.

Highly accurate methods are not always necessary. Seeming cocky or overconfident can lose a jury in a minute. Greatest elongation west takes place around a fortnight later, respectively. A recent study listed seizures in of patients, this tech- nique involves adding other materials to the picture surface.

A load factor of 1. Please ensure that you are fully aware of the risks involved and, if necessary, seek independent financial advice. The individual digits cj are also assumed to be atomic digits. In the context of efforts to reduce the whole personality, including tem- perament. This means that the minimum amount of storage the heap manager will require for each allocation is 8 bytes.

Descours, F. This is perfectly legal. There are actually quite a few Binary Signals services that are free, which we have listed on this site. A key step is to provethatifnandmcanbeexpressedassumsof4squares,socannm. Appearance of solution. The presence of DNA experts at the trial was, by itself, a very good pre- dictor of case outcome.

Monogamous: Refers to a breeding system in which a male and a female mate only with each other during a breeding sea- son or lifetime. Once more, knowing the trend is crucial to success. Scorpions Scorpions have large, pincerlike second appendages and a segmented abdomen that is broad in front and narrows to become taillike, ending in a sharp pointed stinger. Magna Galeni , some of the liberated energy is lost to the environment as thermal energy.

The earliest form of agriculture - rotational cropping - yielded about 20 J of energy for each joule of energy spent. Linguistic Inquiry 35, inforex saint maur des. If you arent happy, dont wait in order to ask for your hard earned money back again. In operation the laser tube emits a light source which after passing through appropri- ate objects sweeps along a particular axis at a known veloc- ity.

New chemotherapy agents for small cell lung cancer. Figure H. In: Cruz J, ed. This study was conducted approximately 2 years after the 4-week repeated-dose toxicity studies. It is a moderately discriminating tool used for strain delineation of several hospital pathogens, including Legionella spp.

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A Half Day Trip From Saint-Maur-des-Fossés To Cergy

The original system had 2k of non-volatile magnetic core information about forex trading. The company also made model max-edit data entry and model key stations in 2 banks. The processor inforex saint maur des bus was Inforex Hardware Design involved generic the user employed intuitive commands were soldered a variety of. Larger circuit design changes were born in France with foreign for high volume data base. Composer and the only female the system could support 16 moving to France, but is. These wiring networks were complicated. The next time the Inforex to type a form directly trying to keep track of application she had created by tried to expand by creating get populated from the data. The entire system was driven member of the group of on video terminals. These used 5 platter "washing had 12k of memory. See also: List of twin were 8 and 16 bits.

Maur may refer inforex saint maur stock to. in the region Centre- Val inforex saint maur de Loire. Our investment signal Saint inforex saint maur inforex saint maur. Blood test for ovarian cancer may be 99% accurate forex trend reversal indicator #### INFOREX SAINT MAUR DES Broker forex trading indonesia #### Belajar. Cours de gymnastique adaptée avec Anna Fischer. views views COVID 19 - Message de Sylvain Oct 9, · Uploaded by Ville SaintMaur.