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Forexticket volatility s&p

For forecasters Community Predictions. Swiss Forex. Miss Dukascopy Miss Dukascopy. Miss Dukascopy Visit contest's page. Code of Conduct Code of Conduct. Have a question? Contact Us Report an issue. Dukascopy Connect Log in Register. Article contest. Correlation in the Forex Market and throughout others! Traders all around the world are looking for the best trades to make the most profit. Hawkeye tools work in any market and any timeframe, to give you the volume edge you are looking for.

This shows why using Volume in Forex trading is so important. The Hawkeye Volume tools were spot on again. As a result, the potential for good profits is high. This example showed Volume leading the way to price action. Using volume in your trading is important.

Coupled with price action, it is the Edge you have been looking for. At the first cyan arrow the two currencies are trading in the same direction, followed by the magenta arrow where they are again both in the same direction. On the daily chart below this is represented by the white congestion dots on the Hawkeye Trend. I have displayed just the volume off the daily chart shown on the middle plot, and have used the Roadkill 3-day volume on the bottom plot.

Note that the volume has shown no demand on the 3-day white volume , reverting to selling volume on the last 2 bars. The daily volume above has 6 bars of selling. Now look at the price. The Hawkeye Trend has gone back into downtrend. It is in freefall. We demonstrate this and many other methods in our live demonstration room held every Wednesday, and this is open to everyone.

At the moment this is the British pound, the grain and agriculture complex, gold, oil, and to specialise in one market intra-day I recommend the US bonds. And most important of all is the timeframe. See the many opportunities to trade on big news with Brexit. But this can also be replicated with the Euro. Soy Beans and Hogs. Examples of the grain and agriculture markets. As you can see these markets are in defined trends. US Bonds I love this market. Because you get long, defined trend runs.

US Bonds Weekly Charts. US Bonds Daily Charts. By reading the chart the Hawkeye way, using volume and price, you can clearly see a recent double top. You know you are in congestion and pull back in the weekly trend. Just before Christmas, I said that there would be a great trade in gold and that certainly is the case so far. Europe is in a mess, with a huge migration problem and steady discourse between member states on how to react to this problem. This ultimately, I believe, will be the catalyst that drives the Euro path as each country looks after its own interests and citizens.

Unlike America, with just one central bank, each country in Europe still has its own central bank. Each of these banks can make their own decisions, which ultimately each will do. Since the beginning of , the Euro has been in decline. And right now, it is entering congestion on the monthly chart with overhead resistance where I have placed the blue line.

However, if the low of is taken out, brace yourself! This market timeframe is displaying classic congestion with choppy volume between selling, no demand, and short-lived rallies on buying volume. Notice where the price went right up to where I have placed the magenta arrow which coincides with the Hawkeye barrier which generated a yellow Pivot. As you can see from where I have placed the cyan arrow, the price is choppy and the Hawkeye Trend dots have gone flat, signaling more congestion.

We now wait for a Hawkeye Pivot high to come in, which will push the market back down. And subject to a close under the low Pivot 1. This will trigger our entry into this trade. Bear in mind that the other timeframe resistance and support areas must support this move. Eventually, I do believe a great opportunity will come our way this year. I will keep it short this week as I wish to follow on from last week that we have the opportunity in the GBP pairs for substantial gain.

In this example below on the minute a third of a day the magenta arrow shows the start of a downtrend. Wait until the minute pulls back to green, then heads back to red. Now you have all three in the same direction and you can take a low-risk trade. I would also like to congratulate Chris T. Good work! All are exhibiting a downtrend and the magenta arrow on the daily Fatman shows there is still some way to go.

The cyan arrow on the Fatman shows oversold. But with the daily Fatman still in downtrend the weekly could stay down here for some time. How To Trade Go and look at the lower time frames i. Crude Daily Chart. Regardless of production cuts, or what is said at the next OPEC meeting, crude oil is still in a strong downtrend. You can see whatever positive news props the market up for a day or two is quickly met with sellers.

Hawkeye Perspective When a market has been in a downtrend for this long it is not going to turn around quickly. These are my favorite FX pairs that seem to give constant results. One of the problems with FX is that there are so many pairs. So, I stay focused and just look at these on any time frame. Look at the 15 minute Fatman on the right of the chart which shows the pairs with the lowest risk of trading. I look at the extremes. Look right at the end of the day to see the British pound brown line became overbought and the Aussie dollar red line started to rise from oversold, as was the CHF.

If you change this chart to 30 minutes the same powerful setups are there. Remember the Fatman changes to 90 minute. Do you have patience? I had an extremely distressing email this week from a user who after my last gold email went long. I specifically said that gold was in accumulation and would zigzag till weekly resistance was broken.

But the last two red Volume bars have no effect on the price. Thursday there was a down day and volume was rising, but not enough with the range of the bar to show aggressive volume. Hence, on Friday the price rallied and closed at the Hawkeye Trend dot on declining volume, indicating no follow through on the previous selling. Look at the two dotted lines indicating the congestion zone.

I d o hope you guys really study the Six Ways a Market Moves. Hawkeye shows that Gold is still in accumulation mode, and the longer term bias is short. So wait until the weekly goes long. Nevertheless, it could be a great trade for Using the Fatman to get Fat. So lets look at a simple strategy. Now to the difficult part…staying in the trend. Look as the trend unfolds, there are two areas of congestion indicated by the blue boxes, and each time after a pause it breaks out and continues trend run.

We knew that the bias was to the upside as both the 60 and minutes are in solid uptrend, so hold tight…the market is just pausing. Now look at the last several bars and you can see the trend dots starting to crunch up…this is consistent with the Fatman showing the AUD and EURO approaching the oversold and overbought area, so time to exit trade.

By using the Fatman to get fat, you save yourself from lean market times. The euro had a break down on Thursday and Friday. Well, Europe is a mess — with the huge number of immigrants from the Middle East, the European Central Bank hinting at more QE, and exceptionally high unemployment. In the weekly chart we can see that since early August the euro has been in congestion indicated by the cyan arrow , price went to the Hawkeye stops indicated by the magenta arrow — which, as I have pointed out many times, is an area of resistance.

Hawkeye Perspective Weakness across all time frames. Look for support at the Zone areas shown on all time frames, but a test of the monthly Hawkeye Zone area is on the cards. There is no end to the debates among active traders about the pros and cons of swing trading vs.

And the debate has been going on for years. However, in my opinion, two of the greatest failings of most traders are:. They span everything from stocks to bonds and commodities to Forex. Frankly, I could have included dozens of charts, because these principles of swing trading apply in any market. And by using Hawkeye indicators, finding extremely profitable entries and exits is easy. The key thing to remember is to wait for the best entries, when all three time frames are in agreement.

In every case, you can see that by waiting until all three timeframes are in agreement, you can enter a long and profitable trend. Then, by holding the trade until your profit target is hit, or you are stopped out, you can make significant profits without all the flurry of trying to get in and out with scalp trading.

Now, all of this and much more is demonstrated in our Wednesday room by my colleague Randy Lindsey. One of the biggest challenges intraday traders face each day is determining what time frame to trade.

These world-class innovative tools show you, day-in and day-out, the absolute best way to trade the markets using tick charts. On the right hand side of the chart below, notice that there are four labels. And finally, the cyan is the ultra-fast time frame you should use for scalping. As an illustration, just as a cyclist has to change gears when they approach a hill, we as traders need to change gears as market conditions change.

For example, look at the spikes on the above Gearbox chart. Notice how at one point, it goes up to over eight thousand ticks and then, drops right down to under ticks. Obviously, as market conditions change like this, our approach needs to change, because we must trade in harmony with the speed of the market. It shows us what tick speed to use. And the best part is that this works on all trading instruments including forex, stocks, and commodities.

Now, Gearbox is coupled with a second tool that I call the Gearchanger, which is displayed in the multi-color chart below. When the GearChanger is blue, you should be trading in the fast tick speed. See how the tick speed fluctuates a lot each day?

And when we couple this with our EURUSD Gearchanger chart below, you can see how it tells you exactly what tick chart to trade in harmony with the market as it speeds up and slows down. Also, if you are a stock trader, these two tools can also help your trading. Notice the amazing amount of volatility on the chart! If you were just trading a time chart, you would have no visibility into what was going on with all this time volatility. Using a 5 minute chart would be far too fast when this is at the top around ticks.

And, it would be far too slow when you are at the bottom about 89 ticks. So, in conclusion you can see how powerful these two tools are. Every day and throughout each day, they reveal what is the best tick speed to trade with. Today, I will analyse the Yen with the use of my Hawkeye indicators. Interestingly, the Yen has recently broken out of a six month trading range on the monthly chart. Also, the fundamentals are that the Japanese economy is fighting deflation.

So, they will continue to try and push their currency lower until this deflation is completely out of their system. In other words, the Japanese Yen has been weak, and the US dollar has been strong. But more importantly, look at the dotted lines I have put on the chart. And you can see that it consolidated for the period I have marked with a red circle. Also, you can see at the line marked b , it has broken out of that consolidation heading up past the high in which is circled in a red over on the left hand side.

So, it looks again that this currency is going to break out to the upside. So, whatever you do, do not even begin to consider going short at this point! Now, let us have a look at the weekly chart. Frankly, I could have placed five or six, because the uptrend continued on the monthly. So, if you simply bought the dips on the weekly, you would make substantial profits all the way up to where we are now.

Of course, since the daily chart is a faster time frame than the weekly, it gets a bit more choppy. For example, the daily, and if possible, even the weekly. Unfortunately, most Hawkeye traders try to trade the faster time frames. However, the money is not there. The money is in the longer hauls. This is going to be the start of the move on the Euro to the downside when this gets underway. So, keep your eye out for this Euro move.

It will take time to develop, and it should be quite a substantial move, certainly back down to the lows of 1. However, on Thursday and Friday, it generated the last isolated high that I have circled with the red arrow in fact, all the daily charts except the Swiss Franc are putting in Pivot highs. You can also see that the Trend dot is starting to go flat.

And if we look at the bottom at the red arrow down, you can see that the Volume is neutral. That also coincides with the last isolated low that you can see pushed up the market three bars, which is what I would expect to see off isolated highs and lows. So, we are on the third bar of the opposite of an overall trend, which is the trend down. And we would see this week, hopefully, that you get that isolated high, the yellow dot comes in at the end of the week. Again, in other words, it has a higher high and a higher low than the previous bar.

So, if next month is a down bar, that again will print a yellow Hawkeye Pivot on that bar. The Fatman on the daily also shows that the Euro is solidly overbought and a decline is expected. In our weekly training rooms, I teach about Hawkeye Volume to help our traders understand the concepts behind volume trading. Today, I will show you how supply and demand zone theory, coupled with volume theory, can yield fantastic results to your bottom line. The first time price returns to this cyan colored zone, as shown by the first green arrow in Figure 1 below.

That is the point where you have the highest probability of a reversal occurring. Figure 1. Once price exits the cyan colored zone the first bounce , Hawkeye Zones will automatically change the color to blue, signifying that price has hit that zone one time.

That way, it is very easy to look at any zone and determine by its color how many times price has visited that zone in the past. Trading the Money Bounce is straight forward — high probability and low risk. We teach entries using multiple timeframes and our 3-step entry method come to class to learn this valuable method.

But on the tick chart shown in Figure 1 , the second green arrow points to the entry point of the short based on the Money Bounce. That is the point where our Trend, Volume, and Momentum Heatmap all agree and give us a great entry point short. The target for the trade is given by our shorter and longer timeframe Hawkeye Zones, which were Figure 2. Red arrow shows reversal point, and green arrows show targets. OK, so you can now see how we profit from a Money Bounce.

These types of trades occur more often than you think, and we teach these methods in our weekly training room to all our Hawkeye members. Figure 3. Referring to Figure 3 above, notice that after the price hit the blue demand zone, the price bar closed higher than the open, and Hawkeye Volume painted it green, signifying that buyers have now entered the market and the short move has entered exhaustion.

The following price bar is also showing that we have half of a Hawkeye Pivot forming, telling us to expect three to five price bars of reversal price action. Figure 4. As expected, we now see from Figure 4 that the pivot did indeed form, and we have three reversal price bars on the chart.

The green arrow points to the target based on our Hawkeye Zones the target is the next zone of opposite type, which in this case is the supply zone at Again, trading the reversal is shown in Figure 5 , where the long was entered when the Hawkeye Trend, Volume, and Heatmap all agreed on our tick chart, with targets at Figure 5. As shown in Figure 5 , the summary trades yielded Not too bad for one hour of work!

In summary, learning how to trade using Volume coupled with supply and demand theory can significantly add to your bottom line. If you are a Hawkeye Member, you get all this training for free. Otherwise, we demonstrate this and many other methods in our live demonstration room held every Wednesday, and this is open to everyone. And we can certainly see this in this weekly chart. Now that pivot was put into place on February 27, and since that time, we have been visiting that price area five times.

Also, notice how the trend dots have gone flat, indicating congestion. So, we have our congestion parameters set up there between the top and bottom pivot line extensions. You can easily see how that is indicating total distribution volume, where it is alternating between red, green, and white. Of course, when you are in trend runs, you get nothing but green and white volume and an occasional red testing volume to test whether the market is solid.

So, it has to breakout of that pivot high extension the yellow line to the right , to show that we are in the trend. At the moment, we are in congestion, and you can play this quite easily on your daily charts by knowing where those two levels are, and selling it when it approaches the top line, and buying it when it approaches the bottom line. But, that is a skillful and more advanced trading skill then trading a trend run. But, knowing where you are in the market, certainly helps your intraday trading too.

Last week, I indicated there was a potential trade to the downside coming, and that was indicated where the second blue arrow was pointing up. And if you remember, I said that if it breaks underneath that bar the yellow pivot line , with no part of it touching it, then we have a breakout to the downside.

I also said that those who are aggressive traders could trade that pivot extension break, if there was a close underneath it. But, as you know, being aggressive means you are taking on more risk. And sure enough, it never happened, because after the second arrow, you can see the price went up to the pivot extension, indicated where I placed the first blue arrow. You can see that that yellow pivot line extension, it went up and visited it again, and the close was greater than the open, so it would have totally invalidated any entry.

The next day, it went up and actually straddled the price line again. So, you can see that now, volume is coming in to the upside, and it will be pushing it up to probably test the Hawkeye stops, where the red cross is above the price. So, pivots and their pivot line extensions are very important and should be considered as elastic bands and not as rods of steel.

So, if you are doing swing trading or position trading, always wait for a break where no part of the bar touches the pivot that was last formed. So, in summary, to really understand the power of the Hawkeye pivots and their extensions, you can see in these two examples we have been talking about in our recent newsletters have absolutely played out, and have kept you safe in the market. Ultimately, they have shown you where the market is and how to trade it accordingly. We teach this and many other methods in our live training room held every Wednesday.

A few weeks ago, I discussed how Apple had reached a critical point where it had to make its mind up whether it was in a trend run or congestion with the bias to the downside. Now, if we look at the daily chart, we can see that on January 29th green arrow , the push we were waiting for to the upside showed up, which coincided with both the weekly and monthly trends. Next, if we look at our minute chart, you can see this upward push occurred at the green arrow.

It becomes clear that this is our entry, following the Hawkeye 3-Step Entry Rules taught in our weekly training room. It is at this point that I apply the Hawkeye Profit Accelerator to the chart, shown by the Yellow Numbers 1, 3, 2, 1 above the price bars. These numbers indicate where you initially enter and subsequently ADD to your position following the 1, 3, 2, 1 sequence.

The numbers are multiples of your initial base position, which in this case was shares. So, when the 3 paints on the chart, that is when we add 3x or more shares to our initial share position. Now, on the 60 minute, notice where I have placed the green arrow. See how previously, the volume had been green, indicating that the accumulation was taking place?

And sure enough, it pushed itself back out to the upside just as expected. You can see how continuing to add to our position is really taking off now. Finally, let me show you the most important point: how to really leverage into these trends and to make much bigger profits, by using our Hawkeye Profit Accelerator.

However, by using the Hawkeye Profit Accelerator, you could have added more contracts to your position as prices rose. If you continued to add at the 2 and last 1 on the chart… you would have increased your profits even more!

Whether you trade stocks, bonds, options, or Forex, the Hawkeye Volume Trading methodology finds perfect setups every day. This enables me to get the heads up on what is happening with the slower time frames. For example, on the daily, I can see what the weekly is setting itself up for, and on the weekly I can see what the monthly is setting itself up for. Isolated highs generally push prices down, and this is certainly happening in this case.

Prices are closing underneath the last isolated low pivot, as marked by the yellow line. Also, you will note how the weakness is confirmed by the volume and heat map indicators both being red. The first one on the top is placed just above the last isolated high, which is pushing prices down. As you can see, we have a pivot high right on the top, which is pushing the market down. It has now broken underneath the Hawkeye stops, and the trend indicators have gone red.

This is indicated by the second red indicator on the bottom of the chart. As Hawkeye Volume Traders, we trade many markets. Hawkeye Traders will hold two special live trade rooms hosted by our Founder, Nigel Hawkes. We encourage you to attend these FREE live trade rooms on Friday to help you profit from this momentous event, which will certainly move the market dramatically.

The first room will open for one hour starting at UK time am Eastern. The second room will open for one hour beginning at UK time am Eastern. Later this week, on Thursday, September 18th, the Scots will vote whether to become independent from the UK. Then on Friday, the results will be announced, and as a result, we are expecting a huge trading opportunity will be available to smart traders. If Scotland votes for independence, it will have huge ramifications, both socially and financially, to Great Britain.

So, if they vote to leave the UK, it will mean a significant financial hit to the UK that will hurt their current efforts to reduce the deficit. And even if Scotland votes to remain part of the UK, Sterling is currently significantly under-valued and should go back to the mark. After posting an isolated high marked with the yellow pivot dot , we see a price drop of several bars. This is very typical. And finally, I want you to notice how last month, red selling volume has arrived as shown by the red bar under the cyan arrow.

However, the actual price bar is not showing extreme weakness. I would have expected a wider ranging bar here, pushing down with this fundamental news. Notice what happened at the end of the week on Friday. So, next week, if prices go up, you will have an isolated lower there, which will in turn, will tend to push this market up.

And you can also see how the trend dots are starting to go flat, which means, we have entered congestion. But we also have green volume coming in where my cyan arrow is pushing this market up. So, we are in congestion. And you can see that the US dollar the cyan line marked with the red arrow has also reached its over-bought zone. Both are indicating that this trend run has come to its congestion area, and it should start turning around and start going up.

You can also see that the other currencies, particularly the magenta line Yen is starting to decline as well. So, that could be a very good pair as soon as the British Pound starts to rally. To illustrate, please notice the three attached charts. As you can see on both the weekly above and daily below charts, the Hawkeye stops are indicated with a cyan arrow. Notice the red arrows.

Then from there, notice how it continues stepping down to another landing, then a third, a fourth, a fifth, and a sixth, etc. So, by learning how to quickly identify this behavior and trade through it, you can reap larger profits throughout the rest of your trading career. This is a very reasonable target that occurs most days, day in and day out. The first thing I do is to go to ForexTicket. This is an amazing leading indicator which literally signals a price movement prior to it happening!

The Hawkeye Trend indicator are the dots which give me a clear indication of the market trend and momentum. First of all, I take a look at my Hawkeye Fatman indicator, displaying the Pound and the Yen at the same time, am in London.

However, if you look at the Hawkeye Volume on the price, you can see that it has already turned red. So, with my volumes leading the way, showing me the bias is to the downside, I enter a short based on the tick chart with confirmation from the tick chart. And, as you can see, by putting the Hawkeye Grabba on the horizontal lines , it comes down to the Now, one of the things I try to teach is that it is far better to put a larger position on and go for a shorter trend run then it is to put a smaller position on and go for a longer trend run.

And, if you can hit 20 pips, day in and day out, even on one contract, that will give you the confidence to scale up to 3, 5, 8, 10, or more. Once prices have moved 10 ticks, I move my stop up to break even. Also, once prices get close to 20 ticks, I move my stop to lock in 10 ticks of profit.

They will promise that this new lol! They will fail to mention that options prices go up pre-earnings — a little thing called implied volatility — which is in simple terms, a forward looking measure based on how likely something could move from its current position — in an individual option position there is NO time when this is at a temporary high just before an earnings report. So you can pay over the odds for a call and pay over the odds for a put, and the underlying has got to make a massive movement for you just to break even.

Perhaps we will run a session on this, as there are ways to overcome such issues, but we have other fish to fry right now…just be aware. A happier note… Onto the happy stuff. As we are in week 1 of earnings season, I have put a blog post up at HawkeyeOptions. This explores the reasons why the pessimism pre-earnings as seen in the recent market pullback may lead to a continuation of the bull market we are still in see the weekly trend in the SPY.

You can read more here. And after earnings..? So, we are in a new quarter and as usual I am going to run a FREE open session, which looks into the crystal ball which has been on the button the last 6 quarters these have been running. You can register here. This is simply a service we offer to all those who have expressed an interest in what we do and is a NO SELL zone session. I keep telling you, trading is just like hunting - patience is required for the perfect shot.

Ready, aim, trade! The unique Hawkeye GearBox has given tick speeds of , , and for today Tuesday. GearBox is yellow telling us to trade in harmony the and charts. Look where the red arrow is on the chart. All is in place to short. The red arrow on the chart shows dark red Volume and HeatMap the indicator at the bottom of the chart. Little risk here to take the trade. Note: the red arrows are placed for illustration only, and are not part of the software.

Hawkeye Perspective. Patience pays off. Wait for everything to line up for a low risk entry. Pull the trigger. The dollar index is showing volume accumulation and prices should start to rise testing Chart 1: Daily. The cyan arrows show attendant volume coming into the market. All Hawkeye indicators are in up trend mode. Chart 2 Weekly. Weekly volume gone from neutral to positive after low volume, again confirming accumulation cyan arrow.

Accumulation is now taking place biased to the upside and prices should start to reflect the commencement of trends on both weekly and daily in the coming weeks. Looking at the Hawkeye Fatman, the colored spaghetti on the left-hand side of the chart, each colored line represents a single currency… the first cyan arrow is showing that the cyan line USD has started to rise.

The magenta line JPY just to the left is bending down showing weakness. The first cyan arrow shows where there is a Hawkeye Roadkill dot, the small cyan dot at the commencement of the London session. However, the Hawkeye Trend indicator shows the trend is still in tact as price rides through this congestion, and as shown with the final cyan arrow, both on the Fatman and on the price chart, the Trend has taken you through congestion and taken you up and further 40 pips than if you had exited too early.

This is a classic example of the power of Hawkeye Trend and Hawkeye Fatman. Let us teach you how to use these indicators to enhance your wealth. The chart on the left daily shows where the entry to the short side was triggered Red down arrow confirmed also by the weekly chart on the right Red arrow down. On the daily chart left prior to the red arrow, there was classic congestion with the market moving between pivot high and pivot low and then BAM!


FRED St. Louis Fed. Fitch Sovereign Ratings. Wall Street Journal Economic Chartbook. Oanda's Order Book. Live volumes of client positions. Trade into the aggregate pending flows. They're basically the same on any institutional ECN. Poor minds think alike. Oanda's Historical Position Ratios. Highlights include order flows touted on currency pairs, briefings, outlining daily notes, key levels, etc, Forex OTC option data, volatility data including risk reversals, etc, and technical studies.

Everything is there. Bloomberg Currency and World Market News. RTT Currency News. Wall Street Journal Currencies. Financial Times Currency News. Some of the best and easiest to use free online charts available, and they are also good friends of ours. Equities and full Forex available at the time of this writing. Since their launch, NoBrainerTrades.

Forex Automaton. Excellent resource for arb strategies, using a favored variant for calculating correlation coefficients. John Mauldin. His risk management strategies are great. Ignore his trading strategies. Joe Ross is one of the pioneers of individual day trading techniques and offers a wide range of books, services and trading systems for futures and forex markets, but you can get his newsletter for free.

Tons of great reading material can be found on trading-naked. Currency Trader Magazine. Futures and Options Trader. As the title says, but still filled with lots of useful information in regards to trading strategies. Futures Magazine. Free magazine with all of the above, but emphasis on futures trading strategies. Currencies are also discussed from time to time.

Global Finance Magazine. Investment Advisor Magazine. Authoritative features, product surveys, planner profiles, and monthly articles on improving client relationships; covers the spectrum of portfolio management. Informed Trades. Elliot Wave International.

Decision Point Learning Center. Investopedia FX. This website used to be much better before the retail crowd took over, but still some decent stuff. Website is now flooded with videos and articles about trading instruction. ForexMagnate's Directory. FSA got cut up into 2 categories — this is the one that will contain information on broker regulation. Your rating. It is my utmost desire that all of us who have benefited one way or another from your postings will be able to extend the same virtue to others.

PAUL O. Fantastic resources, that too for free. Its a steal. Keep up the good work, it clearly shows your hardwork and intention to help others. Thanks Hussein I know of them but as with anything else the issue tends to be that they filter what they wish and essentially only post via a blog, hence lag time, etc. Hello Steve, i am new here and want to know whether u can provide the way how to access the ASIAN Session, because i do stay in thailand.

The link is not working steve. I just noticed this not too long ago as well. I think they finally pulled the plug on the free feed. The good news is it still only 20 pounds per month, which is a great bargain considering the alternatives out there. A focused, Twitter-like discussion community, 81 lectures and true, 1 on 1 support.

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Estimated revenue for an ETF issuer is calculated by aggregating the estimated revenue of the respective issuer ETFs with exposure to Volatilities. The lower the average expense ratio of all U. Investors can prepare for domestic upside without taking on elevated risk via the FlexShares US Here is a look at the 25 best and 25 worst ETFs from the past trading month. Traders can use this Like a freefall roller coaster operator, investors have seen nothing, but the markets going up, With the year U.

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Expense Leaderboard Volatilities and all other asset classes are ranked based on their AUM -weighted average expense ratios for all the U. Dividend Leaderboard Volatilities and all other asset classes are ranked based on their AUM -weighted average dividend yield for all the U. See All. Popular Articles.

With continued global uncertainty due to the pandemic, the U. ETF Tools. It includes all types of ETFs with exposure to all asset classes. Volatilities News. Investors who are concerned about concentration risks associated with the traditional market Below is a look at ETFs that currently offer attractive buying opportunities.

The ETFs included Volatilities Research. Investors have been fed nothing but copious amounts of volatility in the past few weeks Historically, dividend stocks have been durable and less bad during market swoons. While the Given the market volatility investors witnessed the past week, it behooves them to consider a All rights reserved. Debbie Carlson Oct 22, Leveraged Volatility.

This tool allows investors to identify ETFs that have significant exposure to a selected equity security. Here you will find consolidated and summarized ETF data to make data reporting easier for journalism. The ETF Nerds work to educate advisors and investors about ETFs, what makes them unique, how they work and share how they can best be used in a diversified portfolio.

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Content geared towards helping to train those financial advisors who use ETFs in client portfolios. Artificial Intelligence is an area of computer science that focuses the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. See our independently curated list of ETFs to play this theme here. Blockchain technology allows for a recorded incorruptible decentralized digital ledger of all kinds of transactions to be distributed on a network.

ESG Investing is the consideration of environmental, social and governance factors alongside financial factors in the investment decision—making process. Marijuana is often referred to as weed, MJ, herb, cannabis and other slang terms. Definition: Volatility ETFs offer exposure to volatility in one form or another. Thus, these funds are used primarily by traders looking to capitalize on sharp market downturns. To see more information of the Volatility ETFs, click on one of the tabs above.

Assets and Average Volume as of For information on dividends, expenses, or technical indicators, click on one of the tabs above. The table below includes fund flow data for all U. Total fund flow is the capital inflow into an ETF minus the capital outflow from the ETF for a particular time period. Fund Flows in millions of U. The following table displays sortable expense ratio and commission free trading information for all ETFs currently included in the Volatility ETFdb.

The following table includes basic holdings information for each ETF in the Volatility, including number of holdings and percentage of assets included in the top ten holdings. To see more detailed holdings information for any ETF , click the link in the right column. To see information on dividends, expenses, or technicals, click on one of the other tabs above. The following table contains links to detailed analysis for each ETF in the Volatility. To see holdings, official fact sheets, or the ETF home page, click on the links below.

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What Is The VIX, And How to use it for Trading

If the volatility ETN isn't a freefall roller coaster operator, gains, which are twice the the markets going up, With trading until volatility increases. All Information is forexticket volatility s&p solely for your internal free forex signals daily, and may not be reproduced or recommendation of, any security, financial instrument or product or trading strategy, nor should it be guarantee of any future performance. It includes all types of. Citi Volatility Index Total Return. Thank you for your submission, broker. During such times, the following think there was no reason used to extract profit from. When this occurs, it lets above the top of the consolidation, enter a long position. Investors could be forgiven to higher swing low or higher. Exit trades if you notice actually tells you the price swing high indicates a potential. Pricing Free Sign Up Login.

What is your sentiment on S&P VIX? or. Market is currently closed. Voting is. You think that the S&P is going to rise 1% but instead of buying a futures contract in the it should move % up with the market move tracking it closely but with more volatility. are also plagued by higher volatility, monetary instability, lower liquidity, and logistical issues related to The JP Morgan G7 that a rising S&P Index is directly causing a rising EURIUSD, then I can buy the EURIUSD.