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Martin malyo elantra investments-usa

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Every few years, SCM does an updated F40 pro- file. The last one was in October , p The update is more of the same. Condition is key to F40 value The decline at the bottom end can be attributed to a decline in car quality rather than a softer market. F40s run the spectrum from ultra-low-mileage col- lector examples to well-used drivers.

Both ends of the spectrum are feeling the effects of aging. The earliest cars are now 30 years old. The red seat fabric started deteriorating years ago. Plastic rear windows are getting micro-cracks. Books and tools have been lost, and fresh paint covers small and large incidents.

Million-dollar buyers want the best car, and those with needs have seen a value decline. Maintenance is also a factor in valuation. Engine-out belt services need to be done whether the car is driven or not. High-performance tires should be replaced every five years.

Many new cars are faster than a F40, but none are as rewarding to drive. Air conditioning is the only nod to driver comfort. January Details Turn the key, press the start button and the F40 springs to life. The engine will sound healthy, but with less snarl than more-modern cars.

The car is perfectly docile at light-to-mid throttle, but when you get into the boost, Dr. Jekyll turns into Mr. In first and second gears, on the boost, tire spin is a given. In third gear the tires can break loose in irregular pavement. Pushing an F40 is an unparalleled thrill that has seduced owners to regularly drive a car they intended to be a garage queen. A sweet example Our subject F40 hit my personal sweet spot.

The re- ported 20, kilometers is around 12, miles. It is a European model delivered without catalytic converters and with non-adjustable suspension. The major service needs updating, but the fuel tanks were replaced in , removing that worry for many years.

No one got hurt, and no one won the lottery on this one. The new owners can drive the tires off it without los- ing much money, and I hope they do. Air Force — a collection of eight military Land Rovers was among the early entries. LRDG was replaced, effectively, by Mobility troops of the Special Air Service, whose members are experts in desert warfare — and able to field-repair breakdowns. Moving to Land Rovers was a natural fit after the Jeeps.

In , the Defender came on stream, operating behind Iraqi lines in the and Gulf Wars. In , with the end of Landie production looming, it was announced that the SAS was to stop using Land Rovers after five decades. Marshalls of Cambridge fitted them with extra fuel tanks, smoke-grenade launchers, radios, machine guns, rifles in wing boxes, flare guns, axle guards, water cans and bladders, sun compass, searchlights and even a bead breaker in a wing-mounted scabbard, as crews were expected to be able to repair their mounts in the field.

This one served in Oman, Jordan, Kenya and Belize until demobilized in It was presented well used and very original, complete with two copy General Purpose Machine Guns with current deactivation certificates and festooned with camo netting. Lot , with 31, miles, served in the first Gulf War, Africa and Oman. It was fitted with copy. Like the others, it retains its military registration plates for display purposes. Lot had 25, miles.

This lot included pictures of when it was delivered new to Hereford — and while serving in the Gulf. No combat — but the highest price Interestingly, just where you would expect prov- enance to be everything, the SAS Landie that fetched the most money never saw combat. It is the left-hand-drive prototype built for the American Special Forces in — one of three produced. This one has a 5-speed transmission and was demonstrated in the Middle East — plus at arms exhibitions.

With two copy GPMGs and one copy. Factory V8 spec helps that a lot. What a contrast in sale prices between these combatused desert heroes and the huge sums achieved by the pretend hard-men Defender SVXs from the last two James Bond films. The s and early s were a fertile time for those with the vi- sion, connections and financial wherewithal to create new sports and GT car brands.

These almost always followed a set plan, combining existing, readily available production engines with sexy Italian bodywork. The combination seemed unbeatable — if these modern-day alche- mists could find the sure-fire formula to capture the romance, style and performance of a Ferrari or Maserati for their clientele without the worries of dealing with finicky, expensive and complicated mechanicals, what could be a more secure path to success? That none of them quite worked out as intended, from the fully factory-backed DeTomaso Pantera through the Ghia SS and Intermeccanica Italia to the LMX Sirex , may have been due less to the planning of their makers and more to the unfortunate confluence of increasing regulations and Italian labor unrest.

Ultimately, the oil crisis of crippled the market for thirsty play 70 Sports Car Market cars. Most of these companies also suffered from insufficient capitalization — the chief reason for the failure of the Apollo. The cars were then sold in the United States. The result was thoroughly suited to the assignment of expressing the combination of U.

Interest continues to build in modern- day hybrids. As the experiential continues to drive collector interest, the appeal of a car that looks great and can be driven with a sense of abandon thanks to inexpensive-to-maintain mechanicals grows exponentially. At the auction block Helping boost this sale was the pres- ence of the first Apollo GT coupe as well. Also on hand was one of the last cars in the series produced, a Vetta Ventura, which was built in Texas by Vanguard Industries with the 4.

However, by the time that particular car was built, Milt Brown was out of the picture. As was the case with so many of these would-be dream cars, two other companies built the last examples. The result whis game. As the experiential continues to drive collector interest, the appeal of a car that looks great and can be driven with a sense of abandon thanks to inex- pensive-to-maintain mechanicals grows exponentially.

However, by the time that par- ticular car was built, Milt Brown was out of the picture. Worldwide did a terrific job of putting the car for- ward. When I saw it on display in January at their Scottsdale sale, I was immediately taken by it. It is, in my mind, the most attractive of all the Apollo cars built and was breathtaking to behold. The color combination was spectacular, showing off the lines of the car to their best advantage.

The Apollo coupe is an attractive car, but the Spider is amazingly beautiful. The auction company steadily stoked interest through the next nine months, and anyone who thought they might want it was on notice that they would have a chance in October. The estimate was not published, but when I inquired back in January, I was given a number that was quite a bit lower than the eventual sold price. I was not surprised at the first figure, which would have been a record price for an Apollo — by a large margin.

Occasionally and appropriately, a seller can prevail in this kind of market, and a buyer can obtain something unrepeatable and therefore correctly bought. Donald Osborne is the principal of Automotive Valuation Services, which advises on car collections, acquisition and sales.

The result was thoroughly suited to the assignment of expressing of his game. The auction company steadily stoked interest through the next nine months, and any- one who thought they might want it was on notice that they would have a chance in October. First registered in Japan in November of , according to the accompanying Japanese Export Certificate, the car remained there until , when it was purchased and exported to Europe.

At this time the car was noted as having 75, km 46, miles on the odometer and was wearing white paintwork. After leaving Japan, the car was shipped to the Netherlands, where it was repainted black. It was purchased by the current owner in October of and refinished in black.

Currently showing just under 77, km 45, miles on its odom- eter, the car presents very well throughout and it would surely be a wonderful addition to any collection of AMG-modified Mercedes-Benzes. It has to have the M 4-cam V8 engine. Our subject car gets its power from an M While it was fragile, expensive and needs a lot of maintenance, it is the ultimate AMG engine.

It was possible to add twin-cam heads to the existing M engine. Both were based on existing designs, the M and the M Introduced in , the M engine offered a reliable, tunable and dimensionally similar power unit that did not leak copious amounts of oil and blow head gaskets. This version, the M It developed hp right out of the box, and with a displacement increase, it reached a comparable hp. Usually installed as a performance option in late and W coupes and sedans, it shows just how similar the two engines were.

Mercedes then went to the unexciting and electrically unfortunate HFM-SFI system, which is known for its awful wiring harnesses. Regardless, when the M showed up, it was essentially the end of the M 4-cam era. Named for the tool used to make it The Hammer was extensively re-engineered to fit the V8 engine, regardless of which V8 was used.

A real Hammer is not just a W with a V8 trans- plant. Extensive suspension, cosmetic and structural changes had to be made. With our subject car, we cannot be sure how much was done, since no undercarriage photos are present, but this wide-body CE meets the visual standards of an Affalterbach Swine. Since being advertised, it has not shown a significant increase in mileage, indicating that whoever purchased it suspected these cars were on the rise and may have identified an opportunity in the market.

While the prices are similar, consider that the Duemila car was sitting for an unknown amount of time, with no maintenance, and was in unknown mechanical condition. Due to their extreme rarity, we have not seen a public sale of a no-stories M 4-cam Hammer coupe in the new, wild AMG market. When that day arrives, we can almost be certain that such a beast will define the upper end of this market. The fact this car has been painted several times may have also held it back, but most buyers seem to prefer this type of pig with a shiny black coat.

Eventually Mercedes did get the message, and in , released the E and the E. Regardless of its power unit, this CE 6. Pierre Hedary, who owns and operates a Mercedes- Benz repair and restoration shop in Titusville, FL, lives and breathes vintage Mercedes. It developed hp right out of the box, and with a displacement increase, it reached a com- parable hp. With our subject car, we can- not be sure how much was done, since no undercarriage photos are present, but this wide-body CE meets the visual standards of an Affalterbach Swine.

Any discussion of American sports cars usually begins with the Stutz Bearcat and its similar-looking rival, the Mercer Raceabout. The model even lent its name to a s television action series. Although it looks like any one of a number of cars of its period, there was something about the Bearcat. Stutz found machines more to his liking than farming. After building his first car at 22, he then designed and manufactured industrial stationary engines.

After moving to Indianapolis, he made the rounds of several firms, learning something at each, all the while taking correspondence courses. A stint as chief engineer, factory and racing manager at Marion convinced him he should build his own car — but not before designing an aluminum transaxle and forming a company to manufacture it. He was just While just outside the money, Stutz was pleased that no repairs were required during the race.

Many of the races were won against expensive imports with larger engines and got a lot of public attention, and the team earned a national following. The racing publicity worked, and the factory was often backlogged with orders. While most Stutz sales were touring cars and coupes, the sporty Bearcat was the star.

Driving an icon No matter how glorious, history is the stuff of books, so what are Bearcats like to drive? You hit the starter and a pounding heartthrob lets you know this beast is all business. Upshifts are smooth, solid and predictable. Photos show it to be in spotless and correct condition; the only deviations from stock seem to be limited to the Stutz script on the radiator and the extra spare tire. Today, most experts assume the factory would paint a car any color desired.

In both cases, the car was rated in 2 condition and had identical mileage. After a century, it still has the power to thrill a new generation of fans. After sampling the Bearcat, Carl Jensen began the restoration of one to park alongside his Porsche.

John Boyle is a retired Air Force officer and award- winning television journalist and has been restoring and collecting cars for the past 21 years. What really amazed me is how rock solid the car is. Passing 65 mph on a track, there was not a shake, shimmy or hint of drifting off line. The car feels like it could lap at speed all day. The biggest shortcoming of the car, and standard for its day, are its two-wheel mechanical brakes. Whereas my Stutz speedster with its four-wheel hydraulics will stand on its nose, the old Bearcat has more go than stop.

It was reportedly found in inside a shipping container in the U. He was then commissioned to build the rest of the body. After returning to the U. In the F1 was sold to a collector in Germany, and he returned the car to the factory in for a series of upgrades to LM specifications. This work included installation of the High Downforce Kit, a transmission cooler, two additional radiators, and a modified exhaust system.

The air conditioning was upgraded, a radio was added to the CD player, the headlamps were changed to gas-discharge units, and the steering wheel was exchanged for a inch unit. The exterior was refinished in the current livery of platinum silver metallic, and the interior was retrimmed with cream leather highlighted by beige and brown Alcantara, cream Wilton carpets and a beige Alcantara headliner. The dampers and springs were also upgraded to race-spec units and adjusted to their softest setting for comfortable road use.

Finally, the standard inch wheels were replaced by special inch GTR wheels mounted with Michelin Pilot Sport tires. In the F1 was acquired by a collector based in Singapore who minimally drove the car over the following three years. In October the McLaren was acquired from the Singapore collector by the consignor, a marque enthusiast based in New Zealand.

Offering all the performance of the outrageously powerful and hyper-rare F1 LM at a fraction of the investment, F is an extremely desirable example. The right rear tire Goodyear blew. F was sent to McLaren and came back on a new set of Michelins. The following test drive ended after 50 km 31 miles in the crash, which totally destroyed F, due to a combined lack of downforce and a technical issue while changing tires.

As I was afraid that the drag would reduce top speed, I asked if the raceengine upgrades could be fitted as well, but without air restrictors. This was difficult, because they said that a new engine mapping was necessary. But in the end, it was performed.

It was a great-looking car. But driving it was a different story. The bigger wheels led to a very big turning circle. And the steering was not suited to the inch wheels. So at low speed, it followed every little influence on the tarmac, and the steering lacked response. Sixth was too long to deal with the drag. And there was no way to get another gear ratio. Awkward on a German autobahn with such a machine.

Not like a normal F1, as you know. This did not even try to be a street car, despite being street legal. Driving it on normal roads was like having a wild animal stolen from a zoo, but really exciting and fun. The engine is just stunning. It is nimble and it is good for daily use too. Probably not in Singapore or the U. I actually drove in a three-F1 convoy with the Kiwi owner of F on the first F1 Tour back in And in the future, this will sadly happen ever more rarely.

Changed colors are never a plus. The mileage is average. Total Original list price U. This Karmann Ghia drives well, powered by a 1,cc 4-cylinder engine backed by a 4-speed manual transmission. It features a working original Emden radio, whitewall tires, speedometer, hazard warning system, padded dash, indicator light for dual-braking system, reverse lights and a heated rear window.

Documentation is included. Well, it was a stunning Sports Car Market dress, and VW made almost , Type 14 Karmann Ghias with very few cosmetic changes between and These cars are just now starting to get attention as affordable al- ternatives to more well-known sports cars.

What casual Ghia buyers might not realize is that the curvy-hipped Karmann Ghia that Road and Track found lacking is not the only pretty body to wear that name. The razor-edge Ghia Volkswagen planned to replace the Type 14 with a bigger, faster sporty coupe, and it introduced the Type 34 Ghia in While the. Eventually the car was retired to clear up production-line space for new Porsche models, and Karmann Ghia collectors believe fewer than 3, Type 34s still exist today.

The Type 34 was not available to dealers in the United States, but a few hundred found their way stateside from Canada, so you do occasionally see them pop up at VW meets and auctions. All this brings us to our subject car, a white-and-red Type De Luxe-ury By , Volkswagen was almost done with the Type 34 Karmann Ghia, although it would continue making the Type 14 until the mids.

Some of the things that set the Type 34 apart, such as the 1,cc engine, available semi-automatic, and superior suspension, had The Type 34 was not available to dealers in the United States, but a few hundred found their way stateside from Canada, so you do occasionally see them pop up at VW meets and auctions. A car like this one is bound to turn heads and start conversations. Good buy? This car is mostly original and numbers-matching, which in itself is rare, as it is not uncommon for Type 34 Ghias to get a replacement Type 3 chassis when rust took its inevitable toll.

Elana Scherr lives with a large collection of cars, trucks and transporters in Southern California. The challenge is its reliability. The advanced 5. When it was introduced in the mids, the E60 M5 was the fastest sedan money could buy. A bargain? The E60 M5 enjoys many features and design elements absent on non-M variants of the era. The 3. The E60 had showy quad exhaust and hulking inch wheels.

The E90 came with a new head-up display and active seats with ventilation. Our subject car had 50, miles and was painted in Metallic Silver Blue with a white leather interior. The supplied information included documentation for a pricey new clutch installed within the last 1, miles. This example was a U.

On the positive side, our subject vehicle was a relative bargain given the six-figure list price of the E60 in The bespoke S85 V10 motor is a powerhouse and was only offered during the five-year production run of the E60 M5 — the same V10 was also offered in the M6 — but 80 not in any other BMW model.

Back in , the E60 had a lot going for it and was considered the state of the art for high-performance luxury sedans. However, despite these positives, our subject vehicle remains a used car. It has 50, miles and a recent clutch replacement. The absence of three pedals places this car at a further disadvantage in the collector market.

Furthermore, despite its unique V10 engine, the E60 has not emerged as a popular collectible M5. From an enthusiast perspective, the E60 does not have the credibility, desirability, or stature of the legendary E28 or E39 M5s. A rough ride I was fortunate to have six hours of seat time in a brand-new E60 M5 in The motor provided continuous usable power, and the exhaust note resembled that of an American muscle car.

However, I can only define the experience as rough and uncomfort- able. By the third hour, I could not find a suitable seating position, and the ride became annoying. Big expenses down the road In this transaction, the buyer certainly benefits from very steep depreciation. However, the thought of owning a year-old highperformance BMW with a highly engineered V10 engine is enough to dampen the legendary optimism of Abraham Lincoln.

The E60 M5 is a tough vehicle to own out of warranty and will likely present the new owner with a long list of expensive maintenance issues going forward. Furthermore, given the mileage, color, SMG transmission, and overall condition, this example has zero upsides as a collectible. The new owner got a deal on paper. However, there is a future of significant expenses with no offsetting appreciation.

This is a real SiR imported from Japan. The SiR was the top model in Japan, with —91 models receiving a B16a 1. It also came from the factory with a glass roof. Many other details on this car make it a great, well-built show car, such as the shaved and tucked all of the holes filled in and painted, along with the wiring concealed engine bay and rear hatch section.

This car was also featured in a Japanese car magazine. When Courtesy of Bringatrailer. Well sold. The only visual differences are the front bumper, hood and rear wing. This car already has the GT-R parts swapped onto it along with some reasonable performance upgrades. Well bought. It was the first Evolution sold in the U. The Evolution line has been the performance model of the Lancer model. When buyers finally got the chance to buy one, they paid well over sticker price.

This car is the next generation — an Evo 9. There are just slight differences between the models — mostly a few visual upgrades and a stronger transmission. Give it some time, and this will be a collectible as well. The folks in Dearborn created the spiritual suc- cessor to the GT40 and let it loose in the market for the model year.

That run of 4, in two years was a massive number of supercars to enter the collector-car scene. What they did next in the market was a surprise to many — they kept gaining in value. But the supercar scene is much different than when the GT40 concept debuted in Just look at the number of cars with horsepower from the factory these days.

The number of hot cars has jumped since New vs. Do prices for the —06 GTs get a boost from the gob-smacking performance — and styling — of the new GT? Or do older GT values plummet as tastes move on to the newer, shinier and more-exclusive GT? The size comparison between the two is within mere percentage points of millimeters, and the new one is only 60 kg pounds lighter.

Ford also limited production to units per year for the andlater models. These numbers were separated to sort out the regular GTs, Heritage GTs and all andlater models into three distinct sets of data. Stronger than the market Now all of this is set against the backdrop of a soften- ing market through , which is off by a third by some measurements total Monterey sales, for instance.

You know, just like the market at large. Despite the handsome pictures, most of these rigs have been run hard and put away wet. The 88 model has an inch wheelbase, while the has a inch wheelbase. While they are quite wonderful to drive I tested one for The New York Times when they were released , hey have no significant competition history and are merely a visual homage to the GT40s that raced at Le Mans.

Buy of the sale had to be the Porsche Still at large, it appears, with some of his wealth intact, having been given a suspended sentence of three years by a French court in Apparently, he got to keep the crystal Michael Jackson glove. Odo: 33, km. One of 17 long-wheelbase cars out of 85 Series IIs. Shiny and restored in Switzerland, early Very bright new leather needs to mellow a bit; new carpets.

Decent chrome. Modern starter and alternator. Metric speedo, original included. New Blockley tires. Ecurie Bertelli sticker on side deflector. Cond: Odo: 22 km. Older-restored late W with standard sedan body. Good paint and chrome. Nice instruments, veneers. Mirror spotlight, trafficators, and dual sidemounted spares. With original Portuguese registration document. Odo: 3, miles. Unscuffed outside, with seat leather only mildly dented.

No documents, but Equatorial Guinea registered. TOP 10 No. Formerly owned by Alexander Andreadis—a briefly one-time Mr. Christina Onassis. Sold well under estimate but that was far too ambitious. Money paid here is about right. Odo: 1, km. Very low mileage and like-new. Very well sold.

Odo: km. Almost unused and therefore effectively as-new, still with car cover and charger. Registered in Equatorial Guinea. Restored by Horch classic, deleting original sidemount spares. Much new metal. Fabulous paint and chrome. Leather almost unworn, veneers excellent.

Five-speed ZF fitted, original Horch box included. No documents. Imported to Switzerland around Hammered mid estimate. On the money for a nice Speedster, and did well to get there with that weird interior Odo: 26, km. Very original claimed original paint and mostly unrestored.

Chrome okay; a few chips and scrapes in sills. Some surface rust in wheelarches. Quite wonky original leather. Odo: 92, miles. Delivered new to New York although now with metric speedo , recent restoration in original colors by Porsche Zentrum Bern.

Very good all around, though dash roll, door tops and seat details are finished in Louis Vuitton material like the Lambo GT, Lot 44 , which spoils the effect somewhat. With Porsche CoA. Found in Ukraine in Side trim okay. German registered. In this ownership since Odo: 66, km. Restored in the U. Leather lightly shiny and lightly wrinkled at edges. Swiss registered.

Two owners, both in Switzerland. Sold right where expected. Odo: 40, km. FIA GT2 homologation special, one of made. In race trim with harnesses, buckets, plumbed extinguisher and air ducting. Repainted but otherwise said to be unrestored. Looks like a really nice buy—if no stories. Odo: 76, km. Tidy, refurbed in Rear seat bases unusually baggy too, but perhaps just poor re-covering.

Spacesaver unused, still with all tools. In Switzerland from new. Delivered new in Switzerland and used for club racing. On the money. Odo: 9, miles. Manual transmission Excellent all around, low mileage. Cond: 2. Still on the money for a Euro Carrera, which are joining the DB5 as a constant in classic value.

Odo: 14, km. One of 80 or perhaps Windup windows, no airbag. Original and unrestored, very good all around; wheels and chin spoiler unscuffed. Leather only lightly creased and wrinkled. Still with all original paperwork including sales contract, plus Certificate of Authenticity. Delivered new to Saudi Arabia, imported from Kuwait in Offered at no reserve and possibly the bargain of the sale, let go at around half the estimate.

Odo: Sports Car Market. Number of made. With cover and charger but no books. Catalog said the rear damper factory recall will have been attended to by sale time. Chrome good, polished Borranis sparkle. Series I taillights. Swiss delivered. Nice car presented well in an attractive color, but expensive: This is what happens at auction when more than one person wants it.

All this technological amazingness is very impressive, but a weighs 1, kg Odo: 3, km. One of 63 short chassis built. Older restoration only completed in No bumpers, rest of brightwork all good, shallow but large ding in left front fender behind wheelarch. Recent-looking leather. All knobs and dials present and correct, extra water-temp gauge under dash. Not original engine. Originally supplied to the Middle East, to France in and to Switzerland around Sold mid estimate for much more than a Maserati Sebring, and around the same as a fair DB4.

Odo: 71, km. Good paint and fiberglass only about the first GTBs were plastic before they changed to steel. Body good with no cracks in glass, decent paint. Baggy, shiny leather, steering-wheel rim worn and shiny, plus some wear to edge of instrument binnacle. Aftermarket exhaust. Swiss registered, but no books. Delivered new to Switzerland. Sold a bit behind estimate, but right for condition and history.

Odo: 97, km. The th of Series III cars. Just about reached lower estimate. Nice to see one on its proper tall tires. Fair both ways. Odo: 47, km. Twin-mirror car delivered new in Switzerland, tidy and well kept, with books. Dash plastics good, leather only lightly rippled.

No January 97 coupe. Odo: 90, km. May really be , as there are two s. Originally blue. Last painted late s and still good and shiny. Pedal rubber unworn. Odo: 4, km. Quite well bought. Looks okay from the outside but—like a few of the older cars from this collection—it was a bit of a shed. Instrument panel missing, as are books, so no idea of mileage. Leather well creased. Equatorial Guinea registration papers.

Cond: 3. Canadian-market car, number of produced. Run away! Odo: 2, km. Good, low mileage, unscuffed, seat leather unworn. Yellow brake calipers. First serviced at 2, km, only 64 km ago, in Equatorial Guinea registration. Odo: miles. Very low mileage means it still looks basically unused Odo: 9, km. Good order for a racer; mouse-fur dash good and intact.

Recent new clutch and gearbox, and belts done 20 km ago. Almost looks sensible compared with the other hypercars in this sale. Bought new at Pozzi in France. Offered at no reserve, hammered mid-estimate. You can buy s cheaper see Lot 72, following but not with this package and so few miles— though it will need some precautionary recommissioning. Odo: 22, km. Good all around. Red calipers. Last serviced in March at 22, km. Could be made back into a road car without too much trouble.

Delivered new in Doha, Qatar, May First serviced including timing-belts change in by Servizio Rosso in Los Angeles. Serviced again November at miles by Modena Cars in Geneva, unused since. Odo: 1, miles. From the shed end of the spectrum in this repossessed collection. Interior not too bad and could do with a good clean. Equatorial Guinea registration and customs docs. Offered at no reserve and sold incredibly well, as this money gets you a reasonable runner anywhere else.

Another almost unused and basically as-new hypercar. Essentially an Aventador with added appendages. Unused and like new, save for a scratch noted on one rear wheel. Delivered new to Germany. Sold new in Switzerland. VAG-era Diablo successor, one of though the planned production run was Equatorial Guinea reg. How very silly: Like most of these hypercars not actually used as an automobile, but an ego booster. As they say: Find another. Tdf is the one with rear steer to calm down its inherent instability.

One of built —17, km, as-new apart from color change to wheels. Equatorial Guinea registration papers, but on a temporary Swiss plate, with duty still to pay if it stays in the country. Offered at no reserve, sold mid estimate for market price.

All these almost unused hypercars are going to need a very thorough service before anybody uses them, so that needs factoring into the cost. One of 80, and one of 14 with a factory hard top. One of six. One:1 refers to 1 hp per 1 kg.

Cond: 1. Offered at no reserve and sold massively, exactly double the high estimate. Delivered new in Italy. Price when new in the U. Sold at around twice that, neatly splitting the lower and upper estimates. This is faster One of made. Almost as-new with minimal mileage. Still with tools and charger. Why ruin a perfectly good Mustang?

I predict a future mini-industry putting these aberrations back to standard. Eleanor Mk II tribute. Presumably thought cool by people who like little crocodiles on their shirts, or print up their own jackets for the Mille Miglia. White-faced dials. In a city so surreal, the Barrett-Jackson auction is something to behold. Corvettes were plentiful 11 early solid-axle and mid-year Corvettes were offered from the Jim Osterman Collection , as were celebrity cars, resto-mods, custom builds and amazing restorations of almost every stripe.

Vintage Fords, multiple Mopars, and some mob-worthy vintage Cadillacs proper for Sin City filled out the bill. All vehicles on offer were sold — a very impressive achievement. Odo: 26, miles. Paint is covered with a clear bra on the nose, but still shows a black rub mark in center of front bumper. Black leather interior is piped in yellow, and shows minor wear on the seat bolsters. There is a yellow-painted insert in the center console around the shift boot.

Factory alloy wheels show no signs of wear or damage. Again, this may just be a correction. This was a fantastic buy for someone. Odo: 57, miles. Paint has high gloss and looks to have been done with a sharp eye toward quality.

Chrome shows some light buff marks, with trim atop the windshield beginning to show very light pitting. Stainless also shows buff marks and some minimal patina. Interior presents well, as both seats and door cards appear fresh. Gauges are beginning to show signs of age. Hard top is included in the sale. Floors are covered in rubber mats, but freshly painted beneath. Speaking with the owner and restorer of the pickup, I found he had dragged this one home two years ago.

The work here was solid, with obvious care in craftsmanship. The owner took great pride in showing me all the little touches he had done along the way. With and window variants absolutely out of touch, this one was a cool way to stand apart from the crowd without having to involve your mortgage banker.

A solid buy. As a smaller manufacturer, Lotus often had to source some of their components from others. As a result, the transmission used in the Esprit came from Renault. It was robust enough to contend with the 4-cylinder turbo engines, but when Lotus built the V8 turbo, the fragile second gear was revealed. Anyone considering an Esprit V8 would want to consider this modification. Stunning, glossy black paint presents beautifully, with only a few light swirl marks to detract.

Light buff marks on the stainless rear-deck surround. Odo: 21, miles. Paint looks to have been well prepped and executed. Color-matched hubcaps have small scratches. Chrome bumpers have light pitting, buff marks. Stainless trim around the convertible decklid is scuffed and scratched.

Chrome trim at the decklid latch is scratched, shows light pitting. Door sills are scuffed, dirty. Seatcover piping is wavy at the seat backs. Convertible-top headliner is dirty. A little detailing would go a long way. Perhaps there is more apprehension in this segment of the market than others.

A freshly finished restoration of a solid DoKa DoppelKabine or double-cab pickup. Two-year-only shade of Velvet Green paint has had good prep, showing only minor orange peel. Bed is covered with a canvas-and-leather cover over oak bows on a metal frame. Truck bed has oak strips applied with double-sided tape to avoid putting screw holes in the metal. Spotless engine bay houses a 1,cc flat 4 running through a Freeway Flyer 4-speed.

After a meteoric post-recession run-up, Pagoda SLs have experienced a softening market of late. This may have been just part of a broader market correction, or it could have been indicative of something more. Time will tell. Odo: 63, miles. Shiny Lotus White body with black roof presents well. Brightwork is shiny, but likely original. Chrome shows light patina. Seats and door cards appear to have been recently re-covered, but the balance of the interior shows light fading.

This Corniche was the ninth of the final 56 to be built at the Rolls Crewe factory. It was obviously a special automobile, and was beautiful in the flesh. Hubcaps are shiny, tires are new. The big Karmann or European Ghia. United Kingdom. Asia Martin Advisor. But the Secured Mastercard from Capital One has some unique attributes that make it stand tall amongst its peers.

The card comes with no annual fee. Plus, your security deposit They tried student-friendly products like checking accounts with little-to-no fees, but they were missing a fun online banking experience. Enter Wallit—the mobile banking app that gamifies your saving goals As such, the card is ideal for those trying to pay down debt. Without a rewards program, however, the card is not ideal for everyday purchases. A college education is expensive and getting more so every year.

Americans have been using plastic credit cards since when American Express Now, a spate of new All this variety and advancement has banks competing to In honor of Earth Day this year, it called on consumers to move their money from big banks New cardholders can earn a welcome bonus of and the card earns up to 5x Membership Rewards points on eligible travel purchases.

It also comes The culprits: a better economy and less attention being paid to credit factors You might find yourself with a low score for any number of reasons. You could have fallen on hard times and made a few late payments or maybe you took You find an online bank with a great rate to stash your cash. Then a week later you stumble upon another online financial institution In fact, American businesses have been using various customer loyalty programs for well over a century So she was delighted last fall to discover that her FICO credit score had risen to just three The card also offers up to 6x points and one free night award each card anniversary.


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