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Forexpros dolar peso colombiano agosto

All three forces are positive in releasing Gold from the corrupt clutches of the Anglo-American banker organization. In the last ten years since the Lehman Brothers failure, all systems have undergone the same reckless treatment that the mortgage bonds endured.

They saw corrupted underwriting, corrupted title database, rigged market pricing, and corrupted demand functions. Slowly the realization is coming to the fore, stated by a few astute analysts. This is the result of astounding persistent magnificent QE abuse and hidden corruption. The so-called financial stimulus is actually hyper monetary inflation, which has destroyed the bond market. Yesterday I posted this daily chart for the UUP suggesting that it could very well be building out a new uptrend channel with the current price action trading at the top rail where it has been chopping out the small blue rising wedge.

Today we are getting some follow through to the downside. For those literary enthusiasts amongst us, you would recognize the title as the line supposedly penned by Mark Twain when it was inquired of him while in London regarding a published obituary written in the United States. The US dollar outperformed all its major peers yesterday following solid economic data and hawkish remarks by Fed Chair Jerome Powell.

The dollar managed to outperform all the other G10 currencies on Wednesday. Donald Trump will go down in history for many things, including a justice department investigation into US-Russian collusion in the election, a guilty verdict for his former campaign chair, Paul Manafort, and a guilty plea by his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, in relation to hush-money payments to women in violation of campaign finance laws.

On the economic front though, it appears that Trump is doing all the right things. The Dow was at its highest-ever level of 26, The US dollar is strong, unemployment is at its lowest level in 20 years, the stock market is booming, and the Fed thinks things are going so well that they are ready to pass more interest rate hikes. Why has the US dollar done well? Mostly because of high demand for US Treasuries. Today is all about Fed Chair Powell's Jackson Hole Speech at 10 am Eastern, but from a market perspective, we might want to keep a close watch on the reaction of the USD to what Powell says or does not say.

Yesterday's strength in the Dollar has reversed overnight into this morning's pre-market session. Latest Price — There remains no change to the overall outlook. Daily Chart. Has President Trump introduced a Trump Put by lashing out about rising interest rates and calling for a weaker dollar? The market reacted swiftly - and rationally - albeit not the way Trump had intended.

Let me explain. Trump suggests the U. Markets reacted by selling off the dollar versus major currencies. If that were all, you might shrug this off as disruptor-in-chief rattling the currency markets a bit. After all, speculators had been bidding up the greenback of late and, possibly, this was as good a catalyst as any to take some profits.

First, Mr. Trump appears to favor a weaker dollar and may well provide more verbal intervention should the dollar resume its climb. In that sense, Mr. Trump has introduced Trump put. But why is it that a comment by the President moves currency markets? Partially, this may be because he has shown a willingness to use executive power to interfere with trade. Day 9 is the earliest top we have seen in a short term Trading or Daily Cycle but we now need further confirmation, including a close next week below the 10wma on the Weekly.

Note that the 10wma has been very strong support since early April but Time is also becoming an Issue for the USD here. At Elliottwave-Forecast. Friday, June 29, Where the U. All of these were commonly accepted theories but were disproven in the light of historical data. On a 12 month basis, the United States has been running widening trade deficits for decades. The trade deficit of the U. On Wall Street, it's best not to think too hard or to look too closely into the mouths of gift horses.

Since making predictions based on actual economic understanding is rare, analysts typically look to provide explanations after the fact. Within the financial services industry, currency traders are perhaps the greatest practitioners of this craft. While they often get the fundamentals completely wrong, it never seems to stop them from offering bizarre theories to explain currency movements.

The reason is that whatever happens to it, will have profound implications on what happens in the rest of the forex world. As one can see, there is a general tendency for a given market to move up until it is very overbought and then to correct or decline significantly. At the least - visibly and at the most - extremely and another way of describing the latter is to say that the market is going to become very oversold. Monday, May 14, U.

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger discusses movements in the U. There was an article written a few days back where the author vehemently denied that the U. The reasons given were all highly subjective and based in Modern Portfolio Theory, but what was concluded is that, once again, the U. Therefore, it seems likely that gold, silver and mining stocks are forming the final top for this short-term upswing, or that it is already in place.

The problem with the reversal scenario is that the previous week was one big bearish reversal in the USD Index. Weekly reversals are significant and thus odds of a move lower in the USD increased substantially. This means more upside in metals and miners. What should one do with the profits from the current long position? Price has rallied solidly over the last few weeks however absolutely no damage has been done to the overall downtrend and I believe a mini crash will occur over the coming months that sees price drop down to around the 80 level.

Technical analyst Clive Maund takes a look at the prospect of a growing interest rate differential between the U. The latest dollar Hedgers charts make clear that the dollar is unlikely to drop soon, and that it is more likely that the recent rally will continue. How can that be, given the U. The financial world is finally waking up to the fact that inflation is in fact MUCH higher than previously believed.

As we noted yesterday, the official measure of inflation, the CPI, is now clocking in at 2. Saturday, April 07, U. The legendary football coach Vince Lombardi believed that a winning team is built on mastering the game's basics -- so much so that at the start of the season he would "remind" veteran players, "Gentlemen, this is a football.

Lombardi would even take them out to the field, discuss the boundaries and remind the players that the goal is to get the football into the end zone. Last Monday, the Shanghai International Energy Exchange launched the first futures contract for crude oil priced in Chinese yuan. Although the Federal Reserve raised interest rates yesterday, the forecast for two more hikes this year instead of three disappointed market participants who turned their backs on the U.

But did anything really change in the technical picture of the greenback? Since the US Dollar trades freely in the s, on average it has rallied and declined in a period of 7. The chart below shows short term and long term US Dollar cycle:. Looking at the daily chart you can even conclude that the bulls use every opportunity to push away their opponents from the recent lows. Why are they so important to them? Do you also want to know it?

We invite you to read today's alert. Before we analyze the recent changes in our currency pairs, we decided to take a closer look at the current situation in the USD Index as it is the key driver who generates the major changes on the currency market. Friday, February 16, U. The idea of endlessly repeated cycles is a very old one. This is how the ancients perceived time: not as linear sequence of events, but as replaying patterns of dark and golden ages.

Although the Judeo-Christian culture changed the way we view time, we like to see the market as an area of constant struggle between bulls and bears, and the resulting upward and downward trends. Since the end of the Bretton Woods system back in the early s, the U. So far, the Greenback has had its worst start since , the year of a major stock market reset.

And for a very good reason. The USD Index took a deep dive and metals were not even close to reacting in a normal way. They were actually a bit lower. Saturday, January 20, Has the U. Dollar Bottomed? Following the January 04, Market Minute titled: U. Markets are starting to return to full strength again, now that the holiday period has officially come to a close.

The next moves in the US Dollar Index DXY could be significant in terms of their possibility to define the broader market trends seen for the remainder of this year. As we will see here, this did happen in and this does match the historical averages that develop in the USD when its value is compared to a basket of heavily traded currency counterparts.

The US Dollar has had a tumultuous period over the last year, as optimism and pessimism have vied for broader control in the foreign exchange markets. Rallies in the stock market have emerged as the major victor, however, as investors seem to be reading the pro-growth agenda put forward by the Trump administration as a better precursor for improvements in corporate earnings rather than in the US Dollar itself. If correct, price now headed to point 5 high. Could even develop into very bearish 7 point broadening top in time.

Recent low around support from the Next resistance likely to be around the We got an indication today of how much the idea of Bitcoin has penetrated society. I found that ironic, Seen as the lions share of FIAT currency itself is digitally generated through credit emission in the banking system and monetized government debts!

Simply put; The USD is the biggest digital currency, and it dwarfs bitcoin by several orders of magnitude. It seems that the FED itself does not realize its own game. In deference to Mark Twain, I will review the USD, general stock market, precious metals, the electric metals and various other topics. In the past two weeks Rambus has been so prolific with such high impact charts that I find it a challenge to offer value added material so I offer charts with some different perspectives.

Currencies tend to be a very emotional subject. It is always important to guard against the gold bug narrative, it can even influence our views of currencies. The USD has spent the first 8 months of in a well defined downtrend, however it does not appear to be in a death spiral. Actually the shouting and insistence that it must continue down has been a fairly predictable sign that its move downward was reaching its limit.

The dollar may have now completed a base and is set to continue its move higher. Technical analyst Clive Maund discusses the outlook for the dollar, euro and precious metals sector after the predicted major dollar breakout occurs. Yesterday saw one of our most important predictions become reality—the dollar broke decisively out of its Head-and-Shoulders bottom.

We can clearly see this breakout on the latest 6-month chart for the U. Fundamental reasons for this are believed to include the current weak trend to higher rates in the U. Whatever, this chart says the dollar index is going to advance to our target in the 97 area. Mike Gleason: It is my privilege now to welcome in Axel Merk, president and chief investment officer of Mark Investments, and author of the book Sustainable Wealth.

Axel is a highly sought-after guest at financial conferences and on new outlets throughout the world, and it's great to have him on with us again. Axel, thanks for joining us today. USDCHF recently broke below the bottom support trend line of the price channel on its 4-hour chart, suggesting that the upside movement from 0. Near term support is at 0. My first chart is a close up daily that shows the price action. David, it's always a real pleasure to have you on with us.

How are you, sir? Mike Gleason: Well, first off, let's discuss what's been driving the recent pullback in your view. Silver has pulled back, and is moving toward the lower end of its year-long trading range, and has a 16 handle, once again. So what do you make of the recent market action, and what's behind it David?

In a move that was little noticed outside of the financial world, China announced the creation of an oil futures contract open to international traders that will be denominated in Yuan and convertible into gold. This move provides the first official linkage of oil to gold, and more importantly a linkage between the Chinese currency and gold. While the contract volumes that will be traded on this new platform will certainly be minuscule in comparison to those in the dominant markets of New York and London at least initially , I believe the move is the latest, and perhaps most significant, step that China has taken down the path that could lead to a global economic system that is not fully dependent on the U.

The move amounts to a direct challenge to the dollar's privileged reserve status and could threaten U. The 90 month half cycle also bottomed in , with the 15 year super cycle. North Korea fired a ballistic missile over Japan last Tuesday, sending gold to its highest level in The US Dollar collapse has already triggered a major move in inflation plays. The greenback was then range bound for three years until this month when it broke down in a big way. Clearly, the USD is teetering at critical support right now as my chart shows what happened the last tine in when it lost this key, long term, moving average.

My second weekly chart shows a close up of the current Fractal Blue box in my first chart. The Petro-Dollar is dead. It had served so well for over 40 years in maintaining the USDollar as global currency reserve, while keeping tight the controls on geopolitical power. It remains stuck below that level despite heavy collusion in a demonstration that OPEC is dead defunct also.

A void has been created in the energy sector, a most important sector. Both the crude oil market and the natural gas market have new alliances which feature nations acting in a cooperative manner. The common element is Russia on the production side, complete with pipeline arrays. Mike Golembesky : The U. Dollar has continued to fall hitting a low of Dollar also broke through shorter term support levels and is now closing in on long term support that could very well define the longer term trend over the next several years.

It has been a contrarian trade that has not yet worked out; by that I mean my short position on the Euro and preparation for a firming US dollar. USD opened weak again today but so far at least, is sporting a Hammer which, if it stays in play, would be a bullish reversal candle. USD futures remain flat at this time. The Fed action may have some influence on the bounce, since it is ready to do so.

I think we need to focus on what is happening to the dollar. The intermediate cycle is now 63 weeks long. There has to be consequences to printing trillions and trillions of currency units , and leaving interest rates at 0 for 8 years. The first leg down ended in Don't rely on after-the-fact headlines. Our charts and forecasts explain how we got here -- and where we're going. For this analysis, I will use Weekly charts and highlight the Weekly 30ema as a guidepost for our analysis. I just listened to an interview with Martin Armstrong on YouTube about what to expect from the world financial arena.

As much as I respect him, I cannot agree with what he says concerning 1 the direction of the US Dollar and 2 its impact on equities. Of course, his research is far deeper than mine, so I defer on that count. That does not bode well for either domestic stocks or bonds. To confirm this we need to see the USD find a Yearly Cycle Low soon and bounce high enough to break the YC down trend line on my first chart, a three year weekly that shows Price has dropped below my Blue uptrend line and now the 30ema is starting to roll over and should start to cap rallies acting as resistance rather than support.

Once the YCL is found, my expectations are that future rallies will be still be corrective in nature against the longer term cycle trend which should now be down. As long as the pair is below the trend line, the bearish move could be expected to continue, and next target would be at the April 17 low of A breakdown below I see just about everyone has their own theory or trading discipline on where the US dollar is headed next.

I did an in depth report on currencies and the US dollar several months ago in which I showed how it could play out. Since that report the US dollar has declined down to the point, where if the fractal is going to work, now is the time for the US dollar to put in its bottom. The dollar is now 4 days into its final bloodbath phase. This phase usually lasts days.

We should get a bottom this week. Very simply put, it is that Longer Cycles almost always dominate the shorter Cycles. This is Huge because if you understand where you are in the Longer Cycles, trading the shorter ones becomes much easier. Is the USD really topping here? This is an extremely importing Cycle call here because if it is, Gold and the broader Commodity Complex may well be ready to become much more bullish going forward. There is no doubt that the USD has been very bullish since but this post and related charts will provide you with why a trend change maybe upon us.

The dollar index, which measures the strength of the U. A, on expectations for major infrastructure spending and tax cuts during his mandate, has featured prominently in the news. However, the U. This Update will provide both a near term and long term update on the USD an where I think it stands in its short and long term cycles. My first two charts are the same near term daily chart.

The first provides my cycle counts for the past 6 Trading Cycles. The second shows a potential Blue Fork Channel that should hold it. USD did find a TC low on day 17 last week. I have stated that my longer term Cycle analysis indicates the USD should be making its 15 Year Super Cycle top in but I am not sure just yet if this is behind us or dead ahead. As always, the Price and Time action on the charts will guide me. For now the Wedge in my first chart needs to be watched closely over the next couple of weeks.

A break to the upside of my Red down trend line will confirm a new Intermediate Cycle for the USD while a more serious breach of my Blue Uptrend line that goes all the way back to early would have me strongly consider that the 15 year top is in. And we believe it is time for a new US Dollar in the 21st century. First a little history. There was no paper currency only Silver and Gold coins. ECB has started to talk about rate hikes, while China started to tighten monetary policy by raising money market rates early last month.

The Fed also sounded less hawkish in their last rate hike as they forecasted only three rate hikes this year and no Fed members agreed to hike rate four times. The USDollar has never been in greater danger for losing its dominant position as global reserve currency and payment standard.

Challenges to its supremacy are many and with each passing month, more threats are put in place. While the volumes of trade payment in Chinese RMB grow slowly, and the banking reserves in non-USD bonds grow slowly, the risk for the USDollar to be marginalized has increased significantly in the last two to three years. Basically speaking, a fiat currency run by a corrupt, thieving, and dishonorable hegemonic regime for the sole purpose of exploiting the rest of the world cannot stand the test of time, and will be dismantled.

The community of nations gathers momentum and organization with producing an alternative. It has taken time, and will require more time. The scenario is indeed possible of a dual universe has been raised, whereby the West continues under the USD-based system, and the East emerges under a new RMB-based system. However, the Eastern alternative is step by step to emerge with a gold foundation. The USDollar cannot compete with Gold in any way except through continued fraud, intimidation, extortion, and open war.

All these topics at high level and ground level are covered with analysis in the Hat Trick Letter. My first chart is a long term 20 year weekly chart that shows the USD's breakout above the downtrend line from it's last top in This chart also shows the current uptrend channel out of the Low Green and Orange lines. USD futures are still on the move as the dollar declined to a low of We are still looking for the expected master Cycle low, but it is late in coming.

As we approach Friday's US jobs report, deemed by some as instrumental in determining the already surging odds of a Fed hike next week and by others as irrelevant , here are a few USD notes worthy of consideration. The 6-currency basket USDX is entering its 5th straight consecutive weekly gain, the longest string of rallies since the 6-weekly gains seen on Dec Jan when the Fed ended QE3. Interestingly, we haven't had many uninterrupted weekly USD gains.

Here are the most recent ones. The first confirmation was the initial break of the daily cycle up trend line. The United States Treasury Department has supported a strong dollar policy since its inception in There were no qualifications or equivocations with that stance, especially since the ascendance of the dollar as the world's reserve currency. That's why it was so highly unusual when the newly confirmed Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, uttered this quote recently: "From time to time an excessively strong dollar could have a negative short-term effect on the economy.

Today I would like to update the US dollar as its been testing critical support since breaking out from the nearly 2 year horizontal trading range in early November of last year. The daily line chart shows there was a nice clean backtest about a month later to the top rail which looked like breaking out and backtesting process was complete. After a short rally and making a higher high the US dollar declined once more to the top rail causing a lot of uncertainty for many traders.

After a slight breach of the top rail the US dollar is now trading back above that very important trendline. So far at this point there is nothing to conclude the bull market that started in is over at least accordingly to the daily line chart. Just a quick update on the USD and Gold. Todays move by the USD finally seemed to put a pause in the relentless uptrend by Gold and the Miners.

My cycle analysis indicates that this USD Trading Cycle uptrend should top out sometime in the next two days if it is to be a Left Translated cycle that fails. If it does not, this would be an early warning that the USD may have also found its longer term Intermediate Cycle Low as well.

So far, this has entailed much discussion around negotiating more favorable trade deals, withdrawing from possible participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, citing potential currency manipulators, and construction of a wall along the Mexican border, to name a few.

Wednesday, February 08, U. Dollar Exorbitant Privilege At Risk?! If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, American's exorbitant privilege might be at risk with broad implications for the U. The US Dollar Index has fallen below the psychological level, while 2-year and year US Treasury yields remain above multi-year support levels.

The US dollar has now closed lower for 6 weeks in a row which is testing the patience of the bulls. This week the price action cracked the top rail of the horizontal trading range which is a negative, but not confirmation yet the trend has reversed down. There are several more layers of support that will need to be hit before I throw up the white flag and surrender to the bears.

Earlier today, the USD Index extended losses against the basket of the major currencies as yesterday's Fed statement didn't give clear signal on the timing of its next rate hike. This is not fear mongering, nor is it just a bold statement. See for yourself, the greenback has taken out critical support. The spike higher that occurred starting election night is looking more and more like a bullish headfake. In this Weekend Report I'm going to show you some updated charts on the US dollar which has been in a bull market since the low in It's hard for a lot of investors to admit, but until the charts change the bull market continues.

A bull market is characterized by a series of consolidation patterns forming one top of the next, until the last pattern is a reversal pattern which reverses the bull trend. The old expression, the trend is your friend, also applies to the US dollar as well.

Until the US dollar negates the series of higher highs and higher lows on an intermediate term basis, we have to assume the bull market is in tact. Lets start by looking at a daily line chart for the US dollar which shows the horizontal trading range beginning back in March of The breakout topside of the horizontal trading range took place a little over 2 months ago in November of last year. After the initial breakout there was the initial backtest which could have been the beginning of the next impulse move up, but the US dollar stalled out a month later and is currently backtesting the top rail around the area again.

The notion that Trump's planned protectionist measures tariffs and border adjustment tax will be USD-positive is founded on an unrealistic world - where Mexico, China and other US trading partners would just sit back and watch without any retaliatory action. We're not in the s or s when US trading partners operated in a closed world, unaccountable to any world free trade bodies.

Today I would like to update you on the US dollar as it plays such an important role in so many different markets. Getting the big trend right on the US dollar can help you see what areas are affected by the dollar to invest in. There are alot of areas that have an inverse correlation to the dollar, such as commodities and the precious metals in particular. Let start with just with just a simple daily line chart that shows the two year sideways trading range with the breakout and the backtest that is currently underway.

As you can see this is actually the 2nd backtest to the top rail at the area so there is no question the top rail is hot. Enda Glynn wries: My Bias: neutral- long Wave Structure: rally in wave [C] Short term wave count: wave [iii] grey Long term wave count: wave [C] is underway, upside to above In other words, a very crowded trade. How crowded? Although retracements will be seen in the short-term, upward pressure should remain for some time.

The dollar rally has been led in hopes of the FED tightening rates in December of While most of the other developed nations are still struggling with low inflation, the U. Government provided data that has been largely supportive of a rate hike. The sharp rise in the dollar had taken it to extreme levels against the EURO, as shown in the Bloomberg chart below. The reversal was due, as evidenced by the RSI, however, the fall has been more vicious and looks like a correction, rather than a mere pullback.

The US Dollar has been crawling along its rising weekly moving average. The end of U. No, we don't think China's ascent is the key threat; instead, key to understanding the U. Let me explain what's unfolding in front of our eyes, and what it might mean for the U. As of this moment, the Sept 11 bill is now law. The long defector from the unanimous vote back in May was Sen.

Harry Reid D — NV. The House easily cleared the two-thirds threshold with a vote. Every time you got Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin in front of a microphone, he said the US had a strong dollar policy. It did finally bottom but left some unfinished business behind. The bulls were able to stop the decline at reversal point 3 and a laborious rally took the USDU back up to the top of the trading range where the neckline extension line came into play again along with the day moving average.

Investor optimism in stocks is becoming more widespread. Excessive optimism is universal. We are entering an interesting time of the year for investors. Is this stock market going to break out to the upside and rally to further new highs, or will this latest lull be followed by a painful reversal of fortune?

Thursday, July 28, U. The first stage in a bear market begins with a severe drop below the day moving average. This serves as the shot across the bow warning. Then there is usually at least one more attempt to recover the When it fails the bear market starts in earnest. The dollar has dropped below the this morning.

Financial markets always have an overriding story and if we look at the news headlines that have been generated over the last few months, we can see that the focus is once again back on the Federal Reserve. Today, the US government released its jobs report and the market was expecting an additional , jobs were added in May.

Instead, the number came in at a paltry 38, When you look at the data set, it really boggles your mind because the unemployment rate has ticked lower. The productivity picture is even more confusing as it is not increasing.

While we have gotten access to his incredible written insights for the last six years in The Dollar Vigilante newsletter, he has always shied away from the public spotlight. Until now! Since the beginning of the year, the greenback has shown it's not almighty after all; and gold - the barbarous relic as some have called it - may be en vogue again?

Where are we going from here and what are the implications for investors? Be aware we may still get one more drop to form an undercut low and catch shorts on the wrong side of the market. Transcript Excerpt: Tuesday May 3rd yes around a. London time or New York time I'm gonna be talking currencies this morning as the dollar continues to to drop you know quite quite sharply I had been covering the yen and how that's been appreciating quite strongly against the dollar despite the fact that the BOJ stepped up especially knowing the end of February stepped up their cue we and a negative interest rates but this morning I will be talking a little bit the dollar index dollar index is basically weights and measures the dollar against a basket of currencies and this basket is composed of the following USD is plummeting lower today.

The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index, which tracks the greenback versus 10 peers, has appreciated in May in every year but one since , according to a Bloomberg Seasonality Chart. The Fed has been trying to promote inflation. That is not the guy with the tin foil hat speaking, it is direct from FOMC statements targeting a higher inflation level, which is another way of saying they are targeting a lower US dollar level.

From this we leaned toward that which would benefit from a declining USD. Precious metals led by silver are a prime beneficiary, with oil and some commodities remaining firm despite pressure on stock markets as corporate performance and economic signals continue to fade. Transcript Excerpt: It's Friday April 29 early here in london it's nine o'clock in the morning so 4 a.

New York time while in the us- and I'm making this video just to talk about the dollar but the galleries crashing you most people and even I have focused on the dollar yen on the yen been strong but you know we've broken through the lows of the year and we had the lowest level since October that the dollars at 12 right now against the yen we had a key support which was to prove you know earlier this month the low one of seven sixty and we went down way to 10 and you know there's talk about that the Bank of Japan.

Is the US Dollar in a new bull market or is it about to crash? Opinions seem divided on this issue and mine is a mixture of both depending which time frame is used. There is a lot not to like about this Wave structure, but it may be that the decline is finished. The decision to take this opinion is based on several factors. USD made a new low at There is a strong likelihood of it declining further to its Bearish Pennant minimum low of I built this chart using a line chart and then leaving the trendlines in place I converted to a bar chart.

As you can see it has been backtesting the neckline for the last week or so along with the dma. This chart shows a reversal pattern which sets up a downtrend of some kind. This is an important development. Wednesday, March 16, U. Dollar Outlook: Peak Dollar? Is the dollar's seemingly relentless rise in recent years coming to an end? What are the implications not only for the greenback, but other currencies and markets around the world? Jeff joined Atlantic Capital Management, Inc. This appears to be why the Dollar is spiking and bonds, stocks, crude, gold and everything else is being sold Unfortunately the USD retracement is losing momentum at The chaos that one day will ensue from our year experiment with worldwide fiat money will require a return to money of real value.

We will know that day is approaching when oil-producing countries demand gold, or its equivalent, for their oil rather than dollars or euros. The sooner the better. Ron Paul is calling for the end of the petrodollar system. This system is one of the main reasons the U. The dollar is "crawling" along its 60 dma. When it breaks and closes below the drop into the intermediate cycle low will begin.

Impressive drivers continue to surface for the U. And the impact lingers on many fronts. One measure is the recent positive U. This adds to the dollar's already bullish tone as it dials up pressure on the Fed to raise interest rates in the months ahead. The high at DXY fell 0. Thursday, December 24, U.

Transcript Excerpt - hi it's Thursday December 24th Christmas Eve and can be speaking about the USDollar and how it's gonna be the biggest casualty lower oil prices and commodity prices that we've seen for the last over 12 months you know last 18 months that will lead you know to make him in other currencies because the dollar is the global reserve currency so one of the major while the major reason why I think the Dalby the biggest casualty is because back in the seventies after when president nixon to the dollar off the Bretton Woods system with which was a Gold Exchange System gold back system in august of nineteen seventy-one then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger he put it to you with the saudi government Saudi Arabian royal family whatever you wanna call it they put a deal that Saudi Arabia which was accumulating a lot of dollar reserves and a lot of foreign.

Price recently traded down to support outlined in previous analysis before reversing and trading higher in impulsive style. While a turn back up was expected in order for the bear rally to embark on the final leg higher, this move was on the back of the ECB announcement.

There is always a reason for a move and the market does indeed work in mysterious ways. Some will say this was just a lucky coincidence and I must admit I don't truly understand it. However, what I do understand is that I have seen this type of stuff happen on too many occasions for it to be just a coincidence. The US Dollar index has made marginal new highs which I believe will turn out to be a false break top.

Let's take a top down approach beginning with the monthly chart. Tuesday, December 01, U. Lew discussed how government can address the lack of access to banking in the United States, financial services' rules and regulations and the benefits of Dodd-Frank. They have made commitments to us that will not intervene in ways that are unfair. And those are important commitments. And they know that we're going to hold them to those commitments. To be sure, groups of oil rags are accumulating in the Western financial basement.

They await an incident to light them on fire to produce the grandest bonfire in modern history. Many incidents, events, and decisions created the current broken untenable wrecked set of conditions that together comprise the structural breakdown, upon which systemic failure is witnessed each day. The decade saw the creation of bank derivatives, which compensated for Western bank system insolvency.

It was the dirty secret in backfire from a decade of outsourcing US industry to the Pacific Rim. The refusal by Greenspan to permit a recession early in the decade interrupted a normal housing correction, and initiated another credit stimulus. The result was the subprime mortgage crisis which will forever bear the Greenspan signature. The Lehman Brothers killjob was important to force the big Western banks to share the load, to tie lash themselves together, and to assure the systemic failure in an inexorable march to ruin.

Tonight I would like to update some of the charts on the possible inflection point we looked at about three weeks or so ago. That possible inflection point is still gaining momentum to the downside as the deflationary environment still looks good to go. No market goes straight up or down so one needs to expect some turbulence along the way. In order for the deflationary theme to play out we will need to see a strong US dollar which will affect the commodities complex and other important currencies of the world.

Below is a closeup view for the US dollar that now shows the bullish falling wedge in breakout mode with one backtest to the top rail so far. When the Fed cut interest rates to zero in , it flooded the system with US Dollars. The US Dollar is the reserve currency of the world. And if you can borrow in US Dollars at 0. This might be interesting. As of early this morning the dollar is forming a failed breakout.

The path of the dollar was clearly down until the ECB derailed it with talk of more easing last week. Are the fundamentals starting to pull it back down again? In fact, the euro lost almost pips, or two cents, against the buck. The next two days are key. If the bounce over the last three days was the start of a new daily cycle then gold will drop down into a hard daily cycle low. If one the other hand the dollar forms a swing high today and closes significantly back below the 10 DMA and more importantly follows through to the downside tomorrow it will signal that the bounce was a counter trend move and the dollar is going to test the August lows before the cycle bottoms.

It was the year when I first entered the country of Colombia. I crossed over the Rumichaca Bridge which separates Ecuador and Colombia and got the first bus of the day from Ipiales headed for Cali. I'd considered travelling overnight but had thought better of it having been warned about night time robberies along the way. It wasn't long into my Colombian adventure when things heated up. Around 3 hours into the journey, travelling in some spectacular mountain scenery between the towns of Pasto and Popayan, the bus came to a screeching halt.

That was because around five men in military fatigues jumped into the middle of the Panamericana highway pointing their guns at the bus. Here we go! Monday, September 14, U. I would say without a doubt the most lopsided trade in the world right now is the long dollar trade. Virtually everyone has become convinced that the dollar is going to , or even Sorry goldbugs, it is not the gold chart.

There are a lot of opinions out there on the US Dollar. Many of them are bearish in the short medium and long term time frames. With all the volatility this week in markets around the world the US dollar made an interesting move. The long term daily chart below shows the five point rectangle, at the bottom left hand side of the chart, that launched the big breakout and impulse move higher in May of If you look at reversal point 5 with a question mark on it you'll see the comment I made at the time which I noted, this could be a false breakout to the downside and we might see a big move in the opposite direction, which was up.

Keep in mind the chart was much bigger back then and the false breakout also looked much bigger. As you can see that indeed was a false breakout to the downside which led to the impulse move up we found ourselves in until the US dollar topped out earlier this year and has been building out the next consolidation pattern. Friday, August 28, Is this it for U. Dollar Bulls? US dollar bulls couldn't have asked for a better scenario -- Just as the USD index basket of 6 currencies largely weighed vs EUR was about to test a 3-month trendline support, the currency recovers.

And just as EURUSD had broken above its DMA for the first time in 13 months and above its WMA for the first time in 12 months in a matter of 4 days, the single currency crashes back below these key levels later in the same week. China's recent move to devalue the yuan has sent shock waves through the global financial markets and has convinced most observers that a new front in the global currency wars has begun. The move has caused many observes to envision a new round of competitive devaluations around the globe in which the race to the bottom will intensify.

In this scenario they envision that the U. This misses the point entirely. Earlier today, the U. Department of Labor showed that the initial jobless claims in the week ending July 18 dropped by 26, to ,, beating analysts' expectations for a 1, drop. In this environment, the USD Index bounced off session's lows and came back above What impact did this move have on the euro, pound and Swiss franc? The previous Friday's expected cycle low was successful in starting a rally last week in which the US Dollar had its best week since May.

DXY gained 1. Friday, July 03, The U. I always say trading forex markets is like riding a bike -- except that said bike has one flat tire and the ground beneath it is covered in ice. So why are they so popular, you might ask? In fact, forex is the most liquid market on earth, where trillions of dollars change millions of hands every day. The USDollar is on a collision course with imminent death. It is utterly amazing that so many supposedly smart analysts and highly paid wealth managers cannot see the obvious path on which the USDollar treads, limps, and struts proudly, dangerously, and abusively, suspended by numerous false cables and tethers.

The USDollar cannot be sustained in its current form or on its present course. The abuse of its management and stewardship will be told in history books possibly with certain chapters scribed by the Jackass. The aggressive defense of the USDollar includes criminal activity on a widespread scale never witnessed before. It is a veritable global money war, not so much a global financial crisis.

The system, centered upon the USDollar, is collapsing under its own insolvency and corrupt underpinnings amidst the din of war. The truth is almost nowhere to be seen. The USGovt is demanding that allies support the global currency reserve, even though doing so guarantees a financial structure collapse and an economic breakdown.

Tuesday, June 30, U. Despite the bearish seasonality of July, cycles indicate that the Dollar is set for one "last hurrah" prior to a "summer swoon" a month from now. USD has been in correction since the hysterical March top. So we remain on watch for a a higher high or b a lower low. As it stands, the near-term is bearish until it proves bullish, not the other way around. As expectations of a Fed hike grew increasingly cemented in the market, traders demanded a higher bar of positive US data performance, especially as macro-normalisation in Europe transitioned into outright progress.

Not only most US figures failed to show a sufficient upside surprise since end of April, but business surveys and inflation data from Europe revealed evidence of progress from the ECB's QE program. You'll find many explanations in the news why the U. Most of them have one thing in common:. Cable is not so aggressively down at the start of this week, but still bearish with no overlaps.

We see an impulse in progress towards lower levels, within an extended blue wave iii. Some will argue that such a price is justified for such a one-of-a-kind object, but what is really going on is not that the value of art is increasing but that the value of the paper currencies being used to buy it is being destroyed by central banks who print trillions of dollars of money around the clock.

Friday, May 08, U. The power and importance of Middle-East oil and the US economy and military have supported the dollar for about 40 years. Quick story:. A sound institution can be rendered insolvent at the flip of a switch that the US government controls.

It would be akin to an economic kiss of death. Dollar and Currencies? In anticipation of higher U. Has the tide turned, or is the dollar merely taking a breather? We believe there are threats and opportunities hidden underneath recent market action. Below is a closer look in an effort to allow investors to better understand the dynamics that might be unfolding.

Dollar Collapses? Typically, governments exacerbate the situation by printing large amounts of currency notes in an effort to inflate the problem away, or at least postpone it. The greater the level of debt, the more dramatic the inflation must be to counter it. The more dramatic the inflation, the greater the danger that hyperinflation will take place.

No government has ever been able to control hyperinflation. If it occurs, it does so quickly and always ends with a crash. Friday, April 24, Why 2 of U. Imagine you're on an airplane, mid-air, when the intercom from the cockpit accidentally turns on. You and the entire cabin crew overhear the pilot say this to his copilot:. Wednesday, April 22, The U. Michael E. Earnings and corporate reports are a long game, and that game is in the early innings.

Investors need to understand the reasons behind the strength in the dollar, why it is likely to persist, and how we need to prepare…. There are two connected reasons usually cited for the current dollar strength: the US economy is performing better than all the others, leading towards relatively higher US dollar interest rates, and that this is triggering a scramble for dollars by foreign corporations with uncovered USD liabilities.

There is growing evidence that the first of these reasons is no longer true, in which case the pressure to buy dollars should lessen considerably. With no break of the dma and a cycle low due this week it is beginning to look like the bulk of the expected correction is behind us and DXY will soon begin what is expected to be the last leg of its rally prior to this September.

April looks bullish for the dollar with short-term cycles pointing to highs near both Apr. Govern your actions accordingly. My personal guess, for those interested, is September, with the Fed proceeding exceedingly slowly and cautiously thereafter. Yesterday, Ms. Yellen said that the Federal Reserve will likely raise interest rates later this year, but it will not occur after the FOMC next meeting in April. She also added that the decision will depend on the data.

In response to this announcement the USD Index reversed and dropped below the barrier of , accelerating further declines. As a result, the greenback hit an intraday low of What impact did this correction have on their short-term picture? Until the latest pullback on Wednesday, the U. Earlier this week the dollar hit a new multi-year high as concerns over Europe and China have fueled foreign interest in U.

The greenback's relentless strength is also a cause for concern among investors who fear that a stronger dollar will erode corporate profits this year. Since much of the bull market of the last few years was based on the bull market in corporate profits, this point is being taken seriously by Wall Street pros. It's also worth examining in this our latest installment. When you look at these different currencies you will see some massive topping patterns that reversed their bull markets.

You will also see they still have a long ways to go to the downside before this bear market is over. If that is the case then the US dollar has a long ways to go in its bull market. Lets start with the CAD which broke down from a blue triangle consolidation pattern on Tuesday of this week. Saturday, March 14, Currency Wars - U. The point of competitive devaluation, aka currency war, is that a cheaper currency gives a country several advantages over its trading partners, leading to better growth and generally happier voters.

The trading partners, meanwhile, get the ugly mirror image -- slowing growth and disgruntled citizens -- so they eventually respond in kind, with devaluations of their own. If nothing happens to stop the war, everyone's currency ends up being worth a lot less and a whole generation of savers is partially wiped out.

Friday, March 13, Trading the Parabolic U. The mighty US dollar has been red-hot in March, rocketing higher on the incredible divergence of major central-bank policies. The resulting yield differential has catapulted the dollar parabolic, portending a major reversal and fantastic trading opportunity.

Currency trading is the biggest financial market in the world, with trillions of dollars changing hands every day. Yet since major currency price levels generally meander slowly, this massive market lurks beneath the surface with scant limelight. But this month the soaring US dollar and plummeting euro have utterly dominated mainstream financial news. Thursday, March 12, U.

Buy the Rumor, Sell the News. All those bemoaning what rate hikes could potentially portend for the US Dollar need to get a grip, the rate hikes are already priced in. Moreover, not just one 25 basis point rate hike, taking a look at that chart, several rate hikes have already been priced into the US Dollar Index.

Will it Sink the Global Economy? The last time the world was sliding into a US dollar shortage as rapidly as it is right now, was following the collapse of Lehman Brothers in The response by the Fed: the issuance of an unprecedented amount of FX liquidity lines in the form of swaps to foreign Central Banks. Such might not be the case with the Canadian dollar, and China would have to hold its Canadian dollars until it found something to buy from Canada.

Multiply this scenario by all the countries of the world who print their own money and one can see that without a currency accepted widely in the world, international trade would slow down and become more expensive. In some ways, its effect would be similar to that of erecting trade barriers, such as the infamous Smoot-Hawley Tariff of that contributed to the Great Depression. Wednesday, March 04, U.

Dollar Strategic Backfire On U. It is very difficult to find a foreign policy deployed by the United States Govt that has been successful in recent years. In fact, almost all aggressive foreign policy initiatives have resulted in profound losses either in financial strategic position or in alliances with previous staid allied nations. They have almost uniformly backfired, while bravado has mixed with stupidity, while arrogance has blended with futility. The USGovt without given it thought, appears to be acting in reckless manner toward losing its entire set of advantages from a century.

The nation has become hollowed out industrially by outsourcing, defrauded in housing mortgages, undermined in banks by derivatives, contaminated in USTreasury Bonds by the wildly applauded QE bond purchase wreckage, tarnished by exported terrorism, tainted by prevalent espionage, and shamed by reliance upon war to defend the USDollar.

The US is fast becoming recognized as a rogue nations, but worse, as a nation with stupid leadership. The more aggressive the leadership led by the Manchurian sock puppet plus stage entourage and legion of legislators bound by bank donations, the more rapid the failures, the more rapid the development of USD workarounds, the more rapid the frayed lines to allies, the more rapid the isolation of a once great nation, the more rapid the systemic failure.

Witness the climax of the Fascist Business Model, which almost no other analyst seems to emphasize or notice. Domain coinmill. Converting vnd to usd Search Results. Rank: 1 Domain: coinmill. Rank: 2 Domain: coinmill. Rank: 3 Domain: www. Rank: 4 Domain: www. Major World Currencies. Australian Dollar AUD Rank: 5 Domain: www. Rank: 6 Domain: www.

Rank: 7 Domain: www. Excerpt: Common Convert. Rank: 8 Domain: usd. More Change VND.


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